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Aizawa Shouta is 100% Straight

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Aizawa Shouta had gone through twenty three years of his life and three short lived and disastrous relationships before he decided that the whole notion of romance was utterly illogical. For most people, they served as an outlet for one’s messier emotions and sexual frustrations, but seeing as Shouta had good friends he knew he could trust with his feelings and was content with taking care of his urges by himself, there was simply no need for him to get involved with women.


That was the other thing. Shouta is the only one of his friends who is straight, despite what his friends may (jokingly) claim.


Now, this doesn’t mean Shouta doesn’t know how attractive his friends are. Shouta doesn’t think there’s a person on this Earth who could look at someone like Tensei, with his thick biceps and thighs and his kind face with eyes that always seem to sparkle, and call him ugly. It’s the same for Nemuri, although he doesn’t personally find her attractive, but if her sales are based off of her sexiness (which they definitely are), then there are a lot of people who find her very attractive.


And then there’s Hizashi.


As Present Mic, he’s definitely not what someone would call conventionally attractive. However, if one looked closer, they’d see how his “leather pantsuit”, as Nemuri so lovingly calls it, clings to his body perfectly, showing off his lean muscles but at the same time gives him a practical amount of space for flexibility. If his signature sunglasses were knocked from his face, they’d see ringed eyes as green as a grassy field on a sunny day, his spirit shining through them like a star. When Hizashi washes the gel out of his hair and allows it to flow naturally, it looks like golden threads, and when he dresses casually he tends to look more like a model rather than someone who fights for a living.


And then there’s his voice. His quirk, of course, allows him to amplify it, but what most people don’t know is it also allows him to change the pitch. From his highest, most bell-like pitch to the ones so deep they just sound sultry, Hizashi’s voice is simply beautiful. Hizashi’s body may be gorgeous, but it’s his voice that really draws people in.


Shouta recognises all of these things, but he still knows he’s straight. His friends may tease him and claim that he’s “as straight as his curly hair”, but Shouta knows he is. He may not like women much, but that’s because he’s antisocial, and he may picture his male friends when he masturbates, but that’s just because he cherishes them. Why wouldn’t he want to think of them?


Hizashi lets out a loud snort beside him, drawing Shouta out of his thoughts. He glances over at Hizashi, soaking in the beautiful way his laughter lights up his face, before focusing on the movie he’s supposed to be watching. The rom-com is what got him lost in his own head in the first place, the main character in a similar predicament to his.


Except now it’s implied that he just slept with a man, both asleep and tangled up together in bed. He wakes up slowly, not processing the man beside him at first, but when he does he sits straight up, the blankets falling away to reveal he’s shirtless as he panics.


An arm stretching out behind Shouta’s shoulders startles him, but he isn’t surprised. Hizashi always wants to cuddle during movies and he knows Shouta doesn’t mind. So Shouta leans into the man beside him, pressing himself up against his side and getting comfortable. Hizashi lets out a pleased hum, his arm curling around Shouta in a half hug. The completely and utterly platonic affection makes Shouta feel warm, a small smile curling onto his face as he stares up at his friend. Shouta finds his eyes drawn to Hizashi’s mustache and his lips as he idly wonders if the facial hair feels ticklish when Hizashi kisses someone.


Hizashi chuckles at the screen. “I know you’re straight, but you have to admit-” He turns and freezes when he catches Shouta staring at his lips. Shouta looks away quickly, heat rising to his cheeks.


The arm curled around his shoulder unwraps itself, much to Shouta’s disappointment. But then he feels Hizashi gently tucking away the stray strands of hair in his face, his fingers ghosting over Shouta’s cheekbones. Shouta finds himself unconsciously leaning into the touch, chasing the warmth of Hizashi’s hand. The sound of his heartbeat drowns out the sound from the movie as he turns to face Hizashi.


Hizashi stares down at him, his eyes full of warmth and a little bit of surprise. Shouta glanced at Hizashi’s lips, watching them bend into a small smile. Shouta looked back up to Hizashi’s eyes, the surprise from before replaced with a glint of confidence. He felt himself leaning closer, and he definitely didn’t miss the way Hizashi shifted his arms, pulling Shouta closer. Hizashi’s nose bumped into his, his warm breath making Shouta shiver in anticipation.


He isn’t sure who closed the gap, he doesn’t really care. Hizashi’s lips are warm, and Shouta eagerly pushes against him. Hizashi indulges him, kissing sweetly and with enthusiasm. Shouta tugs him closer, shifting and feeling Hizashi’s mustache brush against his nose.


Shouta’s question’s been answered: his mustache is a little ticklish in a kiss.


Shouta breaks away from the kiss for air, but quickly finds himself drawn to Hizashi’s neck. It’s always covered by a speaker, and Shouta so rarely sees it. He looks back up into Hizashi’s lovely green eyes, cupping his cheek as he presses his lips to the side of Hizashi’s face, trailing his kisses down to his neck before sucking a bruise into his skin. Hizashi lets out a stuttered breath, before pulling Shouta up as he stands, pressing their lips together again as he pushes Shouta backwards. Hizashi led him down the hall, peppering him with kisses as they made their way to the bedroom. They stumbled over to the bed as Shouta continued to kiss him, slowing his pace as he pressed him against the headboard and straddling his hips. Shouta opened his eyes a crack, taking in the way Hizashi’s hair gleamed in the pale moonlight, gently taking off Hizashi’s glasses and putting them on the bedside table. Hizashi looked up at him, his green eyes sparkling as he closed his eyes again and deepened their kiss, making Shouta moan out in appreciation.


Shouta could feel himself hardening, and if the way Hizashi would occasionally buck his hips was any indication, he was hard too. For some reason, Shouta didn’t feel any panic at the development. If anything, this was the most comfortable he’s felt in a sexual situation in a long time. Their bodies interlocked perfectly, and Shouta couldn’t stop himself from thrusting forwards, moaning into their kiss. As he shifted his hips downwards, Hizashi groaned and thrusted up against Shouta’s ass, running his fingers through Shouta’s hair before pulling himself away. Shouta grumbled in disappointment, but he didn’t mind it that much. Getting to see Hizashi’s chest heaving and his bright green eyes blown and filled with lust wasn’t so bad.


“Can I fuck you?” Hizashi asked, voice a little rough. Despite being slightly breathless, he still had the audacity to give Shouta a devilish grin, as if he was the one on top. He gently ran his fingers along Shouta’s thighs, staring at Shouta’s tent before looking back up at him. “Or would you rather fuck me instead? I wouldn’t mind doing either, unless you have something else in mind.”


Shouta chewed on the inside of his cheek, an odd sort of fear crawling at his throat. He wasn’t sure if he was prepared to try anything… like that, but he didn’t have any other ideas for them and the last thing he wanted was to sound disinterested. He was very, very interested.


Luckily for him, Hizashi seemed to know exactly what to do. “Do you just want me to take care of you?” He asked, looking down and tugging lightly on Shouta’s jeans. “I could give you head, and then rub off against you? Does that sound alright?”


Shouta nodded, feeling relieved. He slid off Hizashi’s lap, immediately missing the warmth beneath him. However he quickly decided the sight of the blond kneeling down and unbuttoning his jeans was better. Hizashi smiled at him seductively before moving closer to the bulge pressing against Shouta’s underwear, tracing the outline of Shouta’s cock with his eyes.


“You’re pretty thick…” Hizashi murmured, before kissing Shouta’s tip, sucking a wet spot onto the thin layer of fabric. Shouta bit back a moan, his hips twitching forwards involuntarily. Hizashi looked up at him with half lidded eyes and grinned, before repeating the motion. Shouta’s hand instantly was tangling itself in Hizashi’s hair, his eyes falling shut and his head falling back. Hizashi continued to lick at his clothed length, leisurely sucking and kissing as Shouta felt himself growing needier.


The layer of fabric suddenly shifted, and Shouta gasped as his cock, already weeping, was freed into the cool air, his grip on Hizashi’s hair tightening and his eyes flying open. Hizashi looked up at him as innocently as one could with their fingers ghosting over the base of a dick, before slowly wrapping his lips around his tip and taking him in. Shouta moaned as he watched Hizashi’s mouth stretch around his cock, resisting the urge to thrust forwards and be inside him completely. Instead he let Hizashi take his tortuously slow time, his knuckles going white as he continued to tighten his hold on Hizashi. Just as Hizashi reached the base of his cock, he began to pull himself off, licking a stripe from Shouta’s base to his slit as he goes. Hizashi leisurely strokes Shouta’s length before leaning forward and smoothly sliding back on. Shouta unconsciously tugged Hizashi forwards as he groaned, but the blond seemed to like it, his eyes lighting up at the motion.


They quickly fell into pace, Hizashi bobbing his head dutifully while Shouta voiced his appreciation through slight tugs and stifled moans. Hizashi pulled off and flicked his tongue over his slit a few times, but he mostly chose to stay on his length and let Shouta appreciate the warmth and wetness of his mouth. The only issue was that Shouta was getting dangerously close to cumming, and the way Hizashi was looking up at him wasn’t helping. He tugged Hizashi’s hair back, and he slid off Shouta with a frown. “Is everything alright? I thought you were-”


Shouta cut him off with a kiss, tasting his own precome and moaning his thanks. Hizashi’s eyes widened for a moment, but they quickly slid shut as he took a seat on the edge of the bed beside him. Shouta kept his eyes open as he fumbled with Hizashi’s belt buckle, smiling a little into their kiss as he succeeds in undoing it. He quickly frees Hizashi’s cock, stroking it idly as Hizashi moaned into his mouth. He was a little longer then Shouta, but Shouta’s girth was wider. Shouta closed his eyes as he brought their cocks together, using the wetness of his precome and Hizashi’s spit to slick up the other length, then squeezed down on them both, making them both groan. Hizashi moved his hands towards them, helping Shouta pump their cocks as Shouta rubbed the rough callus of his thumb over their slits. Heat was quickly building up in Shouta’s stomach, and he soon moved his head down to Hizashi’s shoulder and bit down to stifle his cry as he came, releasing his grip on both Hizashi’s shoulder and dick as he let his body collapse onto the bed, panting.


“Shoutaaaa,” Hizashi whined, “I was close.” Shouta lifted his head up and took a look at his friend, immediately seeing how stiff he still was.


“I’ll take care of you.” Shouta promised, regaining his breath as quickly as he could and sitting up. Hizashi let out a whine as Shouta slid off the bed, quickly silencing himself as Shouta took his place between his legs. Looking up at him, Shouta noticed his messy hair, the stripes of Shouta’s cum painting his shirt, the needy look in his eyes, and the way his cock throbbed. If Shouta hadn’t just spent himself, the sight alone might have made him come. But as Shouta gently takes ahold of the base of Hizashi’s arousal, he realizes something.


“I haven’t really, uh- done this before…” Shouta mumbles, “I probably won’t be able to take you deep.”


Hizashi simply smiled at him, caressing his cheek as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear. “Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable, I’m sure I’ll love it.”


Shouta nodded, leaning a little closer and eyeing the drops of precum at the edge of Hizashi’s slit. The least he could do was try it, right? He leaned forwards and flicked his tongue over the slit, testing Hizashi’s musky flavor, before licking from his tip to his base and back, tracing veins. Hizashi tangled a hand in his hair as he moaned, gasping when Shouta took his tip inside. Shouta slowly adjusted his jaw as he slid down, his gag reflex drawing it’s limit when he’s three-fourths down. He bobs his head slightly, easing himself a little further, before sliding up and hollowing out his cheeks, sucking on the tip. Hizashi groaned, his head falling back and his eyes sliding shut. Shouta just stared up at him, amazed that he could elicit such reactions from the man before him. Determined to draw out more noise, Shouta began to bob his head up and down Hizashi’s length, jerking off where he couldn’t reach to compensate. Shouta reached down with his other hand and massaged Hizashi’s balls, earning him a soft moan. Hizashi’s hips jerked forwards a bit, but otherwise he stayed still as he panted and moaned out praise, tightening his grip on Shouta’s hair.


“Shouta,” Hizashi groaned, making Shouta look up. Hizashi’s pupils were blown wide, and they seemed to darken as Shouta stared up at him, his lips still stretched around his cock. “ ‘M gonna come soon.” Hizashi warned, taking in a sharp inhale as Shouta slid further down his length.


The news made Shouta quicken his pace, but he knew the final straw was when he sucked on Hizashi’s tip whilst he ran his tongue over the slit, feeling Hizashi tense up above him. “Ah! I’m-” Hizashi keened as he came, gasping Shouta’s name as he spilled into Shouta’s mouth. Shouta had been prepared for it, but he overestimated how much he could take. He only managed to swallow about half of Hizashi’s load, the rest of it mixing with his spit and running down his chin. Shouta pulled off, an obscene wet sound echoing across the room. He wiped the cum from his chin with the back of his hand, looking up at Hizashi’s half lidded eyes.


“Was that ok?” Shouta asked. Hizashi’s eyes widened.


‘Was that ok?’ That was great!” Hizashi beamed at him, before pulling him up into a kiss. Shouta stiffened for a moment, not really expecting the sudden affection, but after a second he melted into it, letting Hizashi do most of the work since his jaw was sore. Hizashi didn’t seem to mind, his smile still dancing on his lips as he pulled Shouta closer. Their kiss almost seemed to last forever, leaving them both in desperate need of air, although once they broke away Shouta instantly longed for more.


“Wanna cuddle? You tired me out.” Hizashi chuckled. Shouta nodded in response and bright grin split Hizashi’s face as he patted the bed space beside him. They crawled into bed, ignoring the mess and tangling their legs together, holding each other close. Soon enough, Shouta started to drift off, the blond’s heartbeat lulling him to sleep.




Shouta awoke alone, the space of the bed cold beside him. He shifted towards the nightstand, a note waiting for him.


Sorry to leave while you’re asleep, but I have a few publicity events my agency is making me attend and I’m going to be late!”


Shouta scoffed to himself, rolling his eyes at Hizashi’s forgetfulness. When he reached where Hizashi’s signature should have been, he couldn’t help but smile.


Love you~”


A warm feeling curled around his heart as Shouta read over the note a second time. It took reading the note a third time to realize that maybe his friends were right about his sexuality after all.






Shouta stopped walking and stood outside of the staff workroom door, debating if going in would be a good idea or the death of him. Nemuri’s squealing certainly wasn’t helping him make his decision. Unfortunately, Shouta had papers he needed in his desk, which sat directly across from Nemuri’s, and unfortunately, he needed them immediately. He took a deep breath as the noise from inside died down, thanking the stars silently as he stepped inside.


Before Shouta could even look up, he could feel Nemuri’s eyes on him. Hizashi sat at his desk across from her, his face bright red. Snipe, the only other staff member in the room, quickly left, muttering about how “insufferable” they were under his breath. The door clicked shut behind him, and Shouta continued his staring contest with Nemuri, who was vibrating with excitement.


“... So why are you screaming at 10 am?”


Nemuri didn’t acknowledge Shouta’s question. “When did you finally admit to yourself that you have the hots for Mic and why didn’t you tell me?” A grin spread across her face as Shouta’s face began to burn, and grew even wider as Shouta hid himself behind his scarf.


“... Nemuri, you do realize we’re teachers in a school. A school which not only has an immensely high reputation, but an equally high amount of gossip among students?”


Nemuri’s grin widened impossibly further, her eyes gleaming with an evil glint. “I am well aware, yes.”


Shouta just stares at her. “So could we maybe talk about this another time?”


“Eraser,” Nemuri said, her tone stern, “As your sister figure and friend, I’ve been waiting for you to admit that you aren’t straight for years. So yes, we’re going to talk about this now.”


Nemuri quietly cackled as Shouta narrowed his eyes at her. Of course she doesn’t care. Shouta glanced towards Hizashi, looking for help, but the blond had ducked behind his desk barriers, his tower of hair sticking up awkwardly. Shouta sighs and buries himself further into his scarf, trying to think of a way out of this, but coming up with nothing. Shouta felt his lip jut out as he pouted, heat spreading across his cheeks. He didn’t really want to admit that he only really knew after he slept with Hizashi, knowing the mockery for that would be far worse than what he was currently getting, so he didn’t bother to fight against it, taking a seat at his desk beside the voice hero. When Nemuri’s laughter died down, Hizashi leaned towards him.


“So who was your gay awakening?” Hizashi whispered, an evil grin on his face, “Was it me?”


Shouta pointedly ignored him, gathering his papers for the next class and standing.


“WAIT!” Hizashi yelled, still loud despite his quirk not being activated. He waited for an awkwardly long moment, before loudly whispering again, “Did you only figure it out the night we sle-”


Shouta definitely didn’t tip Hizashi’s chair over and he definitely didn’t laugh when Hizashi fell to the ground with a squawk.