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What the Heck? I Gotta Be With You

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“ROMEO: I fear, too early, for my mind misgives

Some consequence, yet hanging in the stars,

Shall bitterly begin his fearful date

With night revels, and expire the term,

Of a despised life closed in my breath,

But He hath steerage of my course

Direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen!”


Theo stuck around for a couple of hours and when Alex arrived, he’d apparently just missed her.

“How’s he doing?” Alex asked Eliza as he sat down and took his son’s hand.

“They just took some blood for testing, his temperature is up a bit so they want to make sure it isn’t a sign of an infection. They’re hopefully gonna let him wake up for a little while.” Eliza told Alex.

Alex nodded. “You guys have been there 24 hours now. You should head home, clean yourself up a bit, go get the kids from Laf’s.”

Eliza bit her lip. “Will you call each time the doctor comes in so that I can hear everything?”

“Of course Betsey. There’s no need to worry. I’ll be right here with him all night and he’ll be fine. I don’t gotta worry about being well rested, I spoke with Washington, he knows what’s going on and doesn’t expect me to come into work until Philip is at least out of the ICU.”

Eliza nodded. “Okay. Try and sleep though. We need to be strong, for him and our other kids.”

Alex nodded.

Eliza and Angelica left.


A half an hour later the doctor came in. “Mom and aunt went home huh?”

“Yep. It’s my turn now, I’m just gonna call mom, she wants to hear this too.” Alex explained as he pulled his phone out and called Eliza, who answered and was put on speaker. 

The doctor nodded. “I’ve got good and bad news, the good news is we’re stopping the sedatives so he can wake up, bad news is, it’s because he’s showing signs of the beginning of infection and we need to know how he feels, which is why we’re stopping the sedatives.”

“I thought you guys were giving him antibiotics to make sure that didn’t happen.” Alex said.

“We are giving him antibiotics yes, but there isn’t one antibiotic that can kill every form of bacteria, we give antibiotics to fight the most common infection causing bacteria, but sometimes it’s a different bacteria. We’ll be able to get a clearer picture of what’s going on once he’s awake.” The doctor explained. He fiddled with one of the various IVs. “Now that the meds are stopped it shouldn’t take long, just press the call button when he starts to show signs of being awake, and if we aren’t in here by the time he’s alert enough to move around, don’t let him sit up too quickly, we don’t need him tearing stitches.”

Alex nodded and the doctor left the room.

“I shouldn’t have left.” Eliza muttered over the phone.

“ ’Liza, you were here for almost 24 hours, I doubt you’ve eaten anything half decent and there’s no way you got a solid sleep. Not taking care of oneself is my job. Don’t feel bad.”

“Okay. I’m just getting to Laf’s now so I gotta go. Call me when Philip wakes up?”

“Of course. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

Alex hung up and watched his son like a hawk. It didn’t take long for his head to shake a little, then for him to scrunch his eyes closed and relax then do it again. Alex stood up and pressed the call button, he continued holding Philip’s hand but leaned over so that he could pet Philip’s hair. It would also prevent him from sitting up too fast.

“Hey bud, it’s dad.” He spoke gently.

Philip’s eyes slowly opened his eyes. “Dad?” He croaked out.

“I’m right here buddy.” Alex promised.

“What happened?” He asked, seeming confused.

“You were shot, the bullet entered in your right side, it damaged two ribs, which they put plates on to repair, damaged your liver, your right kidney, came out your back and lodged into your left wrist. You were brought to the hospital. They did surgery to repair the damages and now you’re in the ICU.” Alex’s voice was steady and calm, despite his words telling a scary tale.

Philip nodded a bit.

The doctor then came in. “Welcome back Philip. How ya feeling?” He asked.

“Like I was shot.” He mumbled.

Alex smiled at Philip as he called Eliza again.

“Wanna give me a break down of what that feels like for you right now?”

“Headache, I feel kinda cold, and in pain.”

“The headache is probably from the meds that were keeping you asleep, and we’ll get you another blanket. And we’ll start some stronger pain meds of course.”

“Does that line up with infection symptoms at all?” Eliza asked.

“It could, but it could be coincidental too. We won’t know until the lab reports come back.” The doctor answered.

“Alright.” Eliza said.

“A nurse will come set up those pain meds and bring a blanket. I’ll be back when those lab reports are.” The doctor told them and left.

“Hi Philip.” Eliza spoke loudly over the phone.

“Hi mom. I’m sorry for wandering off in the mall…”

“It’s alright Philip, I’m not mad, you’re alive and that’s what matters.”


Philip talked with Eliza for a little bit until Eliza’s phone was almost completely dead and she had to go.

Philip pulled the blankets up higher and snuggled into them.

“Still just cold or is it getting worse bud?” 

“Feels like it’s getting worse but it’s probably just still the same, only feeling worse because I’ve felt cold for so long.”

Alex nodded a bit.

Theodosia then came in with an IV bag and a large blanket. “Your other nurse left, so I’m your nurse now until the end of my shift, I’d introduce myself but we’re already acquainted. How ya feeling Philip?”

“Could be worse I guess.”

Theodosia nodded as she wrapped the new blanket around him. “Theo was here for a good portion of the day. You only missed her by an hour or so.”

“How is she?”

“Worried about you, but glad you’re doing okay, and , not going to Peddie.”

“She’s not going?” Philip asked excitedly.

“I put my foot down after she came home covered in your blood. I couldn’t bare to ship her off, and I made Aaron understand that.”

Philip nodded a bit and smiled. “I’m glad she’s not going.”

“Me too. If you need anything just press the call button. And have fun with Socks there. Theo left brought him from home for you.” Theodosia told him, pointing out the stuffed monkey next to Philip, who looked down at it and smiled.


Philip was in a fairly good mood, so it only made things seem worse when the doctor returned less than an hour later saying that Philip’s labs show signs of septicemia, despite him already being on antibiotics. That wasn’t good at all, and it put Philip, Alex, and pretty much everyone, in a bad or saddened mood, and rightfully so.