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What the Heck? I Gotta Be With You

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“MONTAGUE: Not Romeo, Prince, he was Mercutio’s friend;

His fault concludes but what the law should end,

The life of Tybalt.

PRINCE: And for that offence

Immediately we do exile him hence.

I have an interest in your hate’s proceeding.

My blood for your rude brawls doth lie a-bleeding;

But I’ll amerce you with so strong a fine

That you shall all repent the loss of mine.

I will be deaf to pleading and excuses;

Nor tears nor prayers shall purchase out abuses;

Therefore use none. Let Romeo hence in haste,

Else, when he’s found , that hour is his last.

Bear hence this body and attend our will.

Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.”


Aaron got home and was in a bad mood when he did. “Theo?” He called out.

“In the kitchen dad.” She called back.

He set his bag down and came into the kitchen. “Theo where were you Saturday night?” Aaron asked.

“Answer the question Theo.”

“I was at Nathalie’s.”

“Were you there the whole time?”

Theo was quiet.

“Today at work Alexander Hamilton came up to me and thanked me for not biting his or his son’s head of for his son dating you, Theo. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“He’s not a bad guy dad, he’s sweet and kind and caring. He’s, a proper gentleman. You wouldn’t be acting like this if he had a different last name.”

“You lied to us.”

“It wasn’t a lie! There’s a difference between lying and holding back the truth dad. You would know.”

“Give me your phone Theo.” Aaron held out his hand for her phone.

“What?!” Theo exclaimed.

“There’s literally hundreds of boys at your school and you had to choose the one who belongs to an entire family of assholes. I’m doing this for your own safety. I don’t want to see you get hurt.”

“Philip would never hurt me!”

“He’s his father’s child. I don’t believe it for a second.”

“He’s also his mother’s child and Eliza is an angel. Give Philip a chance.”

“No. I give you everything you want and it’s still not enough. Phone. Now.”

“It’s my phone! I got it with my own money!”

“I’m not fighting with you on this Theo. Give me your phone. You can keep your computer long enough to do homework which you’ll do down here, and you’re grounded for two weeks. And you are not to see the Hamilton kid again.”

“Dad! This is ridiculous.”

“I’m not asking for your phone again Theo.”

Theo stared at Aaron. “I hate you!” She said and threw her phone as hard and far as she could before running to her room and locking herself in.

Theo immediately used her computer to lock her phone, using a website to report it as missing so it couldn’t be unlocked until she went back on her computer and declared it found. It the thing even still worked. She ensured all her important files were on a thumbdrive, and she factory restarted the thing. She then set it outside her room for her father before relocking herself in her room, doing her homework, and going to bed without saying anything to Aaron or eating.


The next morning Theo snuck off to school early without being seen by anyone. She waited near the doors to the student lot for Philip, who soon entered the building.

“Philip!” She got his attention.

“Theo! I was kinda worried last night. I texted a bunch.”

“My dad took my phone. He found out about us and was really mad. He even snapped at mom.”

“Shit, I’m so sorry.”

“He told me he doesn’t want me seeing you again but I’m obviously not going to stop. Mom is supportive and dad will just have to learn to live with it. In the meantime we will have to keep things on the down-low though so my dad doesn’t kill you.”

“That would make one hell of a news headline.” Philip chuckled a bit.

“I mean it though, we can hang out at school but for the next week or two no actual dates, I couldn’t go anyway. Dad grounded me.”

“Damn. I’m really sorry Theo.”

“Don’t be. Besides, it’s worth it. I really do like you Philip.”

He smiled. “I like you too.”

She went up on her tip toes and kissed him.

He smiled and kissed back.

“Let’s head to your locker so you can get your books.” She smiled and fit her hand in his, lacing their fingers together after pulling away. 

He smiled back and held her hand tightly, but not too tightly and lead the way to his locker.


After school Aaron was waiting in the living room when Theo got home.

“Theo, we need to talk.” He said.

Theo ignored him, as she was giving her father the silent treatment.

“Theo, I’m talking to you.” He paused, realizing this was the silent treatment. “Theo I get that you’re mad but you must understand why I’m doing this.” Aaron insisted.

“When am I getting my phone back? It should be now because this is ridiculous.”

“Why do you need it?” Aaron asked.

“To talk to my friends.” Theodosia

“You can do that at school.”

“Not on weekends I can’t.”

“You don’t need a phone to survive in this world Theodosia.”

“Actually, I read an article, children that don’t have access to technology usually end up isolated from their peers which can lead to loneliness and even depression.”

“It’s not like you’re gonna throw yourself off a bridge after two weeks with no phone.”

“No, but two weeks without a phone is enough to damage friendships. And what about my friends Martha and Mary Jefferson! My main form of contact with them is email! Look at it this way, could you survive two weeks without a phone or computer?”

“Kids 100 years ago didn’t have any technology and they were fine! Besides, I’m a senator, I need it for work.”

“I need my computer for school and senators 100 years ago didn’t have any technology and they were fine.” Theo said.

Aaron took a deep breath and sighed. “Fine, but you unlock it. I want to go through it and you hand it in at 10pm each night for the next two weeks.”

“I need my computer to unlock my phone. I locked it with the phone protection site.”

“Fine but same rules apply to the computer as to the phone.” He said and went to go get them.

Theo was glad that she had all her stuff on her SD card and could factory reset everything and blame it on the website. She didn’t need her dad reading her texts with Philip.