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What the Heck? I Gotta Be With You

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“ROMEO: Amen, amen! But come what sorrow can,

It cannot countervail the exchange of joy,

That one short minute gives me in her sight,

Do thou but close our hands with holy words,

Then love-devouring Death do what he dare;

It is enough I may call her mine.”


Saturday soon came and at 6:40pm Philip put his plan into action. He slipped James a crisp $5 to begin screaming and calling for Alex and Eliza distracted them, and the secret service agents too. It was part of their job to come running when any of the kids started screaming like that. While the adults were all distracted he grabbed his car keys and left the house, he waited until he was outside the house he was picking Theo up from to text Eliza.

Philip: Hey mom, sorry to just up and leave but James’ screaming was giving me a headache, I needed some quiet and have a project to work on with Virginie anyway so I’m headed to their house. None of our SSAs with me but they have enough security there

   Eliza: I Wish you would’ve told me before you left, and all your books are still here…

Philip: It’s all online and besides, Virginie has her books I’ll only be gone a couple hours mom

   Eliza: Okay, home by 11 please

Philip: Will do, thanks mom

Philip put his phone away as Theo knocked on the door to the car, her hair was down and while Philip didn’t know a ton about makeup, he didn’t think it was much, not that she needed it. He unlocked the car and she got in. “Hey.” She smiled.

“Hi, ready to go?” Philip asked.

“Sure am.” She smiled.

He nodded and began driving. “Where do your parents think you are?”

“Sleepover at my friend’s house.”

He nodded a bit. “Told my mom I’m working on a project at a friend’s slash my uncle’s house. It’s pretty much the only place I could tell her I was without her freaking out about a secret service agent. That uncle is the French Ambassador so there’s secret there 24/7.”

“So one of those ‘uncles’ that’s only an uncle because your parents are good friends with the guy?”


Theo nodded in understanding. “Lafayette is an alright guy I guess. Dad mostly only dislikes him because him and your dad are so close.”

“Does your dad actually like anyone?”

“My mom and me.” Theo chuckled.

Philip laughed. “I see you followed the dress code nicely.” Philip smiled. He was in a white and grey long-sleeve baseball t-shirt, with light wash jeans and grey vans.

“Everyone knows you gotta wear light colors for black light anything.” Theo chuckled.

Philip smiled.


They soon got to the mall and got into the minigolf place. Theo murdered Philip, who swore he let her win, but they both knew he just really sucked at it, but it was alright because they laughed about it. After they wandered hand in hand to the food court.

“So what kinda food are you thinking?” Philip asked 

“Whatever is the least messy, with my luck I’ll end up getting something on these jeans.”

Philip just looked at her, then down at his shirt, then back at her.

Theo chuckled. “We’ll just get lots of napkins. I usually go for Subway.”

“I usually go for burgers.” Philip said. “I think subs are a little safer than burgers though, with all that paper they’re wrapped in,” Philip chuckled.

They ordered their subs and Philip tried to pay but Theo stopped him. “You got the minigolf, I got the food. I think it’s more than fair. I like to split things like that, if we’d have gone to a movie if you would’ve gotten tickets, I’d have gotten snacks. If we’d gone on one date where you paid for everything, I’d pay for everything on the next one. You gotta break even ya know?”

“The gentleman in me is saying no but the feminist is yes.” Philip chuckled.

Theo tapped her card and paid before Philip could stop her.

“Too late now. The feminist is happy.” She giggled.

Philip smiled and carried the tray to a nearby table and sat down.

“This has been fun so far.” Theo smiled.

“It has.” Philip nodded.

“My dad sometimes makes it sound like your entire family is made up entirely of gremlins.” Theo admitted. “Basing my expectations of that, so far you’ve been amazing.” Theo smiled.

Philip chuckled a bit. “In your dad’s defense, when my dad is real bad, he kinda is comparable to a gremlin.”

“What do you mean real bad?” Theo asked.

“He doesn’t do it much anymore but in his college days he’d go days, on end without sleeping or eating. He’d run on coffee and like, sheer determination. Mom has got him to be a lot better about it but he still does it sometimes when work is stressful or whatever.”

“Makes sense.” Theo nodded.

“The only thing I don’t get is why he doesn’t value sleep more.” Philip chuckled.

“Sleep is like, the best thing ever.” Theo agreed.

The two talked and ate and then Philip drove her back to Nathalie’s but she hadn’t left the car yet.

“I guess this is it.” Philip said.

Theo nodded.

“Do you think there’ll be another date?”

“Do you want there to be one?” Theo asked.

“If you do.”

“I guess we’re going on another one unless, you don’t want to.”

“I’d like that very much.” Philip smiled.

“Good, and here’s my phone number. My phone wasn’t actually on the fritz, I just didn’t want to share incase it ended poorly.” She said and handed him a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

“Thanks.” He chuckled and smiled brightly.

“Goodnight Philip.” She smiled and kissed his cheek then got out of the car. All Philip could do was smile and wave.


Philip drove off once Theo was safely in the house, and decided to stop at a convenience store on his way home. He was at the slurpee machine when someone came up to him with their phone camera on. 

“Alexander Hamilton’s son?” The woman asked.

Philip ignored her and continued with his business as he was coached to do in these kinds of situations.

“Is it true that your father had unholy homosexual relations with long-term friend John Laurens?”

Philip rolled his eyes a bit and continued to ignore her.

“There’s substantial evidence that says it’s true, photos, emails, what do you have to say about it? Is your father gay? Is his marriage to your mother a scam? Many people don’t believe that their marriage is one formed from love. Some even believe you’re the son of John Laurens, is that true?”

That hit a nerve. “All I have to say is that my parents are Alexander Hamilton and Elizabeth Hamilton, formerly Schuyler, and that they love each other very much. No further comment.” He said, paid for his slush and left.

Unfortunately he knew that the woman was still recording as he got in his car and drove off. Now he needed a new paint job and license plate. Explaining that to his parents would be fun, almost as fun as reading Romeo and Juliet or pulling teeth.