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War of Kisses

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Can couldn’t understand why a rich kid needed to stay in the dorms but he wasn’t about to judge a guy for that, he will however judge a guy for being a stuck up asshole who spoke down to Can at every opportunity. The only guy that seemed to be friends with his roommate was another rich guy that Ae had all the luck to be roomed with. Pete seemed like a nice guy and him and Ae got alone extraordinarily well unlike Can did with Tin. Can had asked Pete once how he could be friends with Tin and had gotten an answer that left him with more questions.

“He wasn’t always like this, we have been friends since we were kids and he used to be really kind and giving. But something happened and he changed when he was fifteen”

Tin had then shown up so Can couldn’t ask any more questions and unfortunately that little tidbit did nothing to change Can’s opinion of his roommate. After three months of Tin calling him an idiot and telling him to clean up after himself Can was ready to snap, the final straw had been when Tin had told Can he wouldn’t be back for the night so Can had set himself up to relieve some of his frustrations with a good long wank. Tin had walked in just as Can had wrapped his hand around his stiff shaft, Can had expected him to say sorry or turn away embarrassed but Tin scoffed, grabbed his wallet and left again. Can spent the rest of the night contemplating murder, his wank completely forgotten.

Deciding that murder wasn’t worth it Can settled on messing with Tin instead. One of the first things he did was replace Tin’s hair mousse with a bleaching cream but even as his hair got to a ridiculous blond colour he seemed unfazed and his popularity wasn’t changed. He had even cut one sleeve off Tin school shirts at different lengths and somehow it ended up becoming a fashion trend. Can even thought about deleting Tin’s assignment but he couldn’t bring himself to be that much of an asshole and this was a personal problem, there was no need to messes with his academic standing. But he would however mess with his dating life and right now was a great opportunity.

Sitting in the corner of Can’s favourite café was Tin and one of the hottest girls Can had ever seen in real life. Knowing there was no way she would pick him, a poor sports science major over the rich international college student Can decided to try a different tact. Getting closer he could hear her laying out her date plan of dinner, a movie and a walk through the park. Can could have sworn that he had seen Tin roll his eyes but he wasn’t going to miss the chance to mess with Tin’s chances with this girl.

Sitting his iced coffee down Can headed over to Tin’s table and smiled at the fact that Tin had chosen the couches because it would work into Can’s plan “baby! You should have told me you were coming here” Can dropped into Tin’s lap and kissed him. Just as Can pulled away Tin seemed to wake up to what was happening to him “Oh look at the time” Can said looking at his empty wrist “I’ll call you later” jumping back up he spared a glance at the girls shocked face and ran off.

Can celebrated his success with a bag of snacks, but there was one thing that hadn’t sat quite right. He could have sworn that when he pulled back from the kiss Tin had followed him, shaking that thought off Can continued to his dorm room happy in his triumph.

Tin however sat in the café smiling to himself despite the throbbing pain in his cheek from the slap he had been dealt, Can had kissed him. He didn’t care why, he was just happy that it had happened after months of pining after the idiot.



Getting back to their room Tin found Can sprawled out on his own bed playing games on his phone, Tin’s heart swelled a little knowing that he had gotten Can that phone he just had to pretend that it was an old one he was going to throw out to convince Can to take it. Can insisted on paying him back which was how Tin got out of doing his own washing “so do you want to explain what that was earlier”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Can said offhandedly never taking his eyes off his game.

Can stiffened when he felt the bed dip at the added pressure of Tin’s weight but he refused to lift his eyes until Tin took the phone from his hands. Tin had placed himself on his knees over Can straddling his thighs “this is what I am talking about” Tin bent down pressing his lips to Can’s who was now the one to be frozen in shock.

Climbing off Can’s bed Tin discreetly adjusted himself then turned back around with a smirk at Can’s cry of “what the fuck was that?”

Tin just shrugged “I don’t know what you’re talking about” it hadn’t been his original plan but two kisses in one day was something he wasn’t going to pass up.



The next morning ended up being the best wake up Tin had ever received, apparently on his way to the shower after his morning run Can decided to get his revenge. By waking Tin with a kiss, after the initial shock Tin sat up and watched as Can paused at the bathroom door “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Tin hadn’t said anything.


A couple of days later Tin kicked their battle up a notch by grabbing Can on his way out of class and kissing him in front of the students in the hall. Tin almost faltered when he felt Can giving as much as Tin was but when he pulled away a forced his voice to be even “I don’t know what you’re talking about”


It took Can twenty-four hours to get Tin back but that was because he had to wait for the right time and place. Time: the middle of their lunch break. Place: the IC canteen. Can had spotted Tin sitting with Ae and Pete for lunch and without hesitating Can crossed the crowded space only stopping when he reached Tin who looked at him confused for a second before he realised what was going on. Can’s grabbed the back of Tin’s head and pulled him into brutally hard kiss that ended after Can ran his tongue across Tin’s bottom lip “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. Tin smiled as he watched Can speed walk out of the canteen almost knocking over some students on his way.

Turning back Tin was met with the shocked faces of Ae and Pete “he started it” Tin exclaimed before either of them could say anything.

“What exactly has started?” Pete asked with an arch to his brow that was very reminiscent of Tin.

“I don’t know, I guess you could say it’s a war of kisses” Tin looked like a chastised child under Ae’s glare and Pete’s curiosity.

“I’m going to need you to explain it to me” Pete said obviously amused despite Ae’s pointed look.

Taking a deep breath Tin pushed the last of his lunch away “at the end of last week I got cornered by that annoying girl from our French class”

“You mean that really pretty one” Pete said trying to narrow down annoying girl in Tin’s spectrum.

“I guess, does it matter? She’s annoying” Tin looked at the table trying to work out how to word the situation “so I got cornered at the coffee shop and Can must have come by and decided to play a joke on me because the next thing I know he is calling me baby and sitting in my lap and he kissed he then run off.”

“Seriously, what did the girl do?” Pete asked leaning forward like it was his favourite drama; even Ae seemed to have budged up a bit.

“I vaguely remember some yelling and then she slapped me, I was a little distracted” Tin blushed, Ae couldn’t believe his eyes and even took a photo with his phone to be sure.

Putting his phone in his pocket for safe keeping Ae then leveled Tin with a stare “how did that get to a war”

“Well when I got back to our room Can was playing on his phone and I asked him to explain what had happened and he just told me ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ so I kissed him and told him the same thing, I thought that would be the end of it but now we keep trying to one up each other and I don’t know when it will stop” Tin kept his eyes on the table not wanting to see the way Ae and Pete would be looking at him.

“You could stop it” Ae deadpanned expecting some bullshit excuse as to why Tin couldn’t do that, Ae was strangely surprised by Tin’s actual answer.

“I don’t want to”



Ae and Pete had been absolutely no help in the war efforts and Tin was now determined to win because their very public kiss in the IC canteen had done nothing to scare off the girls and now he was getting propositioned by boys. The perfect opportunity came up when he had overheard Can on the phone the night before telling his sister that she had to come to his football match because he would be playing. So Tin waited by the players drink station and just as he thought Can had been too distracted by the roar of the crowd and his team mates to notice Tin.

To late did Can spot Tin coming towards him and in his efforts to back away he tripped and would have gone crashing to the ground if Tin hadn’t caught him. But now it was worse because it looked like Tin had purposely dipped him, the deafening silence of the crowd made Can all too aware of where they were. Though Can wasn’t about to complain about the kiss that followed especially when Tin’s tongue invaded his mouth and drew a moan out of him. Pulling back and straightening up Tin let a soft smile fill his face “for luck”

Can watched Tin walk away “I don’t know what you’re talking about” he yelled to Tin’s retreating form.



After the game Can came barreling into their room out of breath and covered in sweat “you changed you rules”

Tin looked up from his assignment confused but turned on by Can’s disheveled appearance “what rules”

Can crossed the room dragged Tin out of his chair and threw him on his bed, Tin blinked up at the ceiling and a second later he was blinking up at Can as the slightly shorter guy covered Tin’s body with his own before devouring Tin’s lips. Sucking Tin’s bottom lip into his mouth Can gave it a short sharp bite before letting it go and pulling back to look down on Tin “you didn’t say the line”


“Without the line it’s real, it’s a real kiss with real feelings and I don’t know how to handle that” Can looked a little lost and worried.

Determined to ease the boy’s worries Tin grabbed the back of Can’s head and pulled him into a soft sweet kiss “I like you Cantaloupe”

“I like you too Tin”


They spent the rest of the weekend rolling around on their beds together ignoring the world and everyone that came knocking. When they surfaced for classes on Monday they were both covered in love bites and actual bites that they both wore with pride but when anyone asked about them they only responded with “I don’t know what you’re talking about”.