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Crossover of a Lifetime

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Hello! My name is Charlotte, let me give you a brief rundown on what's happening. I'm from Earth, in a different reality, and I was transported into a different reality where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is indirectly in the same universe as Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and a few others I haven't discovered yet, they just don't talk to each other. Nirn houses The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and the Game of Thrones universe and as far as I know, that's it, and Nirn is located in a galaxy in between The Milky Way and the galaxy Star Wars takes place in. It's actually weird how close they are really. I mean, they are RIGHT THERE! So, I landed my ass on Nirn because the Divines and the Et'Ada needed to find a dragonborn because all possible dragonborn on Nirn died before the events of Helgen. After that fiasco, I'm in Riverwood, waiting for dragonborn from other realities to come here and train me. Which is fucking confusing, because why not get them to be the savour of Tamriel, they've done it before! Why me? I think that question won't be answered anytime soon.

Anyway, the Et'Ada Magnus, The God of Magic, explained that, get ready, that he planted the tree of Yggdrasil to connect evolving planets, but abandoned them with other Et'Ada to create a planet of their own because of Lorkhan's proposition. The whole creation thing happened, but Magnus and Hafleni, the one the people of Dragon Age know as ‘The Maker’, created Thedas to house Magnus' kids, which is different. Hafleni became one of the Aedra, while Magnus withdrew and stayed an Et'Ada. Events in Tamriel occurs as recorded, but the differences are that the Ayleid, at the end of the Human Slave Revolt, immigrated to Thedas, and named the last children born at the cities that immigrated, after said cities. They became known as the Elven Pantheon worshiped by the Dalish centuries later. The only one that didn't know of their true origins was Fen'Harel. Then the Dwemer and Chimer War occurred, the betrayal of Nerevar happened, blah blah blah. The Dwemer could only take adults to where they were going when they struck the Heart of Lorkhan, so their children were left behind to die. A noble Dwemer house locked their son away in a room that was, using a spell, suspended in time for 4,000 years, that comes into play later. Meanwhile in Thedas, Fen'Harel created the Veil, and in turn, The Fade, that blocked Magnus and what was left of Hafleni from watching over Thedas. Hafleni, centuries later, chose Andraste as his champion, and gave her the last of his power to connect her to Aetherius, to make her a more powerful mage so she can effectively spread his memory and influence. She died, and became an Et'Ada, taking the place of Hafleni in Aetherius. Now it's time to move on to The Nerevarine and the Champion of Cyrodiil.


The Nerevarine is a dunmer woman named Kile Torst, she joined House Tel'vanni, became Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, but is just a member of the Fighter's and Mage’s Guild. 198,4E, Kile found the Dwemer locked away in a Dwemer ruin that was recently discovered. Then raised him as her son, Aaron Torst. Right now, Aaron would be 2.

The Champion of Cyrodiil is a breton woman named Rose Sarwell, she joined the Dark Brotherhood, and became the Gray Fox. Though she never joined the fighter's guild, and did not remain as Arch-Mage of the Mage's Guild, she instead became an instructor of the School of Illusion. She had an affair with Martin Septim before he died. She then became pregnant with his child, although she had a miscarriage soon after. She then travelled to the Shivering Isles, where she ended the Gray March, and became Sheogorath. Though when she finally became him, she managed to retain most of her sanity with the help of Meridia, and her mortal form was kept. Well, isn't that interesting?

I'm not done yet! So, the Ministry of Truth never fell on Vivec because of Rose, I mean Sheogorath, but the Red Mountain did erupt, though it was 5 years after it was supposed to, and the damage wasn't as bad as it was supposed to be, so that's nice for the Dunmer, isn't it? I don't know what's happening over in the Game of Thrones world, but it's not my concern as of yet. Before they get here, I should tell you who these dragonborn are. First, there is Gennie Wara, an Imperial. Then, there is Minerva Wreave, a Dunmer. After that, there is Tyrin Evaal, a Bosmer. Next, there is Sarene Death-Hand, a Breton. Finally, there is Wolf Coleen, a "Nord" who is actually Asgardian. Akatosh told me when and how they died here. Tyrin was stillborn, Wolf starved because she was left to die, by her parents, and her adoptive father never found her, Gennie was murdered with her parents and was never taken hostage, Minerva died when Red Mountain erupted, and Sarene's parents never actually met, so I guess she didn't die, she just was never born.

Oh look, Tyrin just arrived with Gennie. Well, here goes nothing.

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"Hello", I say, "You're looking for me, I believe." "How do you know we're looking for you?" Asked Tyrin, her gaze hidden beneath her mask. I whispered, "You're looking for the Dragonborn, Akatosh said so." Gennie looked at me from under her hood. "Did he? You could be lying, or a Daedra in disguise, meaning to trick us or something of the sort," She said, her face showing her distrust quite clearly. I sighed, very loudly might I add, and said, "Gennie Wara, Vampire Hunter. Beware Tyrin Evaal, Vampire Lady." Tyrin responded with an "Excuse me?" while Gennie responded with a, "I knew something was off about you!", which was aimed at Tyrin. Then the door of the inn opened, revealing Minerva and Sarene.

"See something off about them too?" I asked Gennie, which she responded with an 'are you serious' look on her face. Minerva raised an eyebrow, "You were expecting us?" "Yep, now we have to wait for one more, then we can leave to tell the Jarl about the dragon that flew over Helgen," I answered, looking around to see their reactions. I couldn't see Tyrin's, but Minerva was surprised, Gennie looked pissed, and Sarene looked like an emotionless log. "Or we can go now, and hopefully avoid a bat fight?" I continued, nervously. Minerva wiped the shock off her face, "Don't you mean 'Cat Fight'?" she asked. "Nope, bat fight," I said, "Get it? Because you're Vamp- you know what, nevermind."

Unsurprisingly, Sarene turned around and left to wait outside. Tyrin and Minerva followed while Gennie stayed inside to talk to me before we left. "You knew they were vampires." She stated. "Yeah, you're the only one who didn't choose Harkon." I said. “Does that include you?” She asked, wary of my answer. “I have no intention of being a vampire, and I was actually planning to- I should probably tell everyone my plan at once, shouldn’t I?” “That would be wise.”

When we went outside, Sarene, Minerva, and Tyrin were speaking with Wolf Coleen, who ended up arriving while Gennie and I were speaking. “We should start with proper introductions,” Wolf started, “I am Wolf Coleen.” Then a chorus of; “Name’s Minerva Wreave,” “Sarene,” “I’m Gennie Wara,” “My name is Tyrin Evaal,” erupted. “Sarene what?” Minerva asked. “Death-Hand,” She replied. “You don’t talk much, do you?” Inquired Minerva. “No, talk is cheap,” She said. I can’t tell if this is them getting along, but if so, I’d hate to see Sarene when she despises someone. “So, I have a game plan, if you’re all ready to hear it,” I said. “What is it?” Asked Tyrin. “Tyrin and Gennie will go join the Thieves Guild. Minerva will join the Companions, Wolf will join the Dark Brotherhood, Sarene will join the College of Winterhold, then meet up with Gennie when the Vampire Problems happen, and you all will train me ‘cause I’m shit at fighting,” I explained, looking between them, I asked, “Any objections?” They looked at each other, and Tyrin said, “I don't believe we do, let us be on our way. Shall we?”

Gennie, Tyrin, and Sarene left together, as they were headed in the same general direction. Minerva, Wolf, and I then left for Whiterun. “What type of training do you desire from me?” Minerva asked. “I need to learn how to fight with a blade, a shortsword preferably,” I answered. I can’t help but feel excited, granted it will probably be a grueling process, but it is a necessary one. Minerva uses her family sword, an enchanted stalhrim shortsword, that is why asked to be trained by her in this regard. “I’d be honored to teach you,” she says, her smile is filled with childlike glee. I can’t help but think she’s a bit too excited to teach me, but time will tell if it will affect her teaching abilities. “Hey Wolf?” I ask. “What is it?” “Can you teach me how dual-wield? Or how to fire a bow?” “Hey! I can teach you how to fire a bow!” Exclaimed Minerva, looking mildly offended. “I am certain you can, but she asked me, not you.” Said Wolf. “I want to learn something from Wolf too, I meant no offense Minerva.”

Minerva thought over my words for a moment, then said, “Fine, I understand, but when Wolf has to join the assassins, I’ll take over.” “That makes sense.” I said. Well, at least she’s not upset, I mean, it would be ridiculous if she was. “Minerva, you remember that giant the companions were trying to kill?” I inquired, turning to the woman in question. “Yes, what of it?” “Look!” I exclaimed, and there it was, some of the companions were fighting the Giant. “Go help them Minerva! Make a good impression!” Minerva then left to join the fray, and helped them kill the giant. Wolf and I watched from afar. I assume they asked Minerva to join the Companions when they spoke. Then Minerva came back over to us.

“Let’s go,” she says, then we travel the rest of the way to the gates of Whiterun. A guard stops us, then lets us in when we tell him about the dragon we saw. I once wondered what Whiterun would look like in real life, it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. “Now, to the Jarl,” I say, mostly to myself.

Here goes nothing….

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This world’s dragonborn is very unique. I don’t have a definite opinion on her yet. Gennie has a clear bias on vampires, and Sarene and I are vampires, so the following time together is going to be a bit awkward. Our route will take all of us to Windhelm, where we will stay for a night. Then Gennie and I will separate from Sarene, as she is going to Winterhold. “So, what do you both think of this world’s dragonborn?” Asked Gennie. She’s fine, but could be better,” Answered Sarene. “You don’t like anyone, do you?” Asked Gennie, “Well, I think she’s taking it better than I did. Unlike me, she has multiple people to guide her.” We walked in silence for the next 10 or 15 minutes. Then we were attacked by bandits at Valtheim Towers after we refused to pay a ‘toll’. We picked their corpses clean of gold and arrows, then continued onward to Windhelm. “Can we detour? We should clear out some of the ruins we pass,” I suggest as we left the towers, looking down the path to my right. “You want to explore Hillgrund’s Tomb? That’s the only ruin nearby,” replied Gennie. “No,” said Sarene. “No? May I ask why not?” I question, looking over to Sarene. “It’ll be a waste of our time,” She says. “Perhaps, but we should keep our skills sharp, should we not?”

Gennie and I managed to ‘convince’ Sarene that we should go to the tomb, which took 10 minutes at least. We left and then met Golldir. “Ah! Oh, by Kyne you startled me. There's a necromancer around here so watch yourself. Can you help me? He's in the tomb doing Gods know what with my dead relatives.” said Golldir, who looks rather concerned. “Who’s in the tomb?” Gennie asked. “Vals Veran. My family has never really seen eye to eye with him and he has finally gone off the deep end. He's gone in to defile our family tomb by using our ancestors for his filthy dark elf necromancy. My aunt went in after him, but she hasn't come out yet and I don't think I can take him by myself.” replies Golldir. Sarene raise an eyebrow, “You let your aunt go in there by herself?” He sighed, “I'm not proud of it. I'm terrified of that place and Aunt Agna knows it. My Da locked me in there in a drunken rage when he left us, three days in there eating the offerings left for our dead before Aunt Agna found me.” “Let’s go kill that necromancer then,” I say, readying my sword and shield. (Auriel’s Shield and Harkon’s Sword). “Great! I'll unlock the door and meet you inside, then you can lead the way.”

Once inside, Golldir says, “We should get after Vals Veran before he does more damage here.” “It doesn't bother you that we're killing your ancestors?” Asks Gennie. “We're not killing them, they were already dead. We're helping them back to Sovngarde.” We pushed onward, killing draugr and such, then we come across Golldir’s Aunt’s body. “No! Aunt Agna! Talos, why didn't I go in with her? He's barred the door. Gods only know how he's…. defiling the bodies of my ancestors in there! Agna once told me there is a secret room deeper in where they buried disgraced members of the family. Maybe that will get us into the main chamber” Golldir say, though obviously distraught. I would be as well, were I him. “Where is this secret door?” Sarene inquires. “I'll tell you more about it when we're nearby.” He responds, then we continued onward.

“Careful, there's a pressure plate around here. I've triggered it before and got pelted with darts” Golldir says, looking around for said pressure plate. “Yes, I see it,” I reply, and I then gracefully danced around it, Golldir behind me, and Gennie and Sarene followed behind him. “This looks like the area Agna told me about. She said that the bear would show the way” “And the way will lead to the secret door?” Gennie asks. “Yes, it's somewhere around here, Agna said to look to the Bear to find the way.” Then we looked to the bear, and in turn, found the door. “You've found it! The passage goes through the sarcophagus, I don't like this, but we'd better keep going.” He says, and he definitely looks nervous. We continued on, and approached the main chamber. “Okay, I think this door should lead to the main burial chamber where Vals is holed up. Let's get in there and put an end to this.” Golldir exclaims, drawing his weapon.

We then fought and killed Vals, and Golldir thanked us. “What will you do now?” Gennie implored to Golldir. “Whatever I can to put my family here back to rest. After that? Probably just stick around here. Saw some good game on my way here, and I'd like to stay close for a while.” We then said our goodbyes and I wished him well, and returned to the main road, which lead us to Windhelm, we were in there for about an hour I believe. “No more detours,” Sarene growls. “Yes, yes, no more detours.” I reply, and we then made our way to Windhelm by Nightfall, and spent the night.

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We are now entering the Whiterun market, and I see Nazeem boasting about his farm to Carlotta Valentia. “This man never stops bragging about his farm, does he?” I ask, but it was more rhetorical than anything. “I don’t think he does, no matter what universe we’re in.” Wolf answers. “Okay, Wolf and I will go talk to the Jarl while you go join the Companions,” Charlotte says, “Then we will meet each other in the Inn, and then spend the night.” “Sounds good to me, let’s go.” I respond, as it is a good idea for me to get a good reputation as a Companion. I then make my way to Jorrvaskr, where I will join the Companions, again.

When I enter Jorrvaskr I here Skjor say, “Those two at it again?” as he runs over to watch Athis and Njada Stonearm’s fighting. Oh, this’ll be good, but instead I make my way down to see Kodlak Whitemane, and that brings me a sense of unease. It’ll be strange to see him again, alive, it still boggles my mind. When I begin to approach them, I here that conversion once more, and as much as I don’t wish to admit it, it pulls at my heartstrings.

“But I still hear the call of the blood.” Vilkas says. “We all do, it is our burden to bear, but we can overcome.” Kodlak responds. Vilkas then says, “You have my brother and I, obviously. But I don't know if the rest will go along quite so easily.” Kodlak then nods, and says in response, “Leave that to me.”

I then had a brief conversation with Kodlak, and Vilkas brought me outside to, ‘test my mettle’ as it were. After years of being within the Companions ranks in my world, I knew what Vilkas’ tells were, and that knowledge seems to apply here. I beat him quickly.

“You have a good arm,” Vilkas says. I’m surprised is isn’t being more of an ass, but then he ruins that by continuing with, “For a whelp.” Then he tells me to go bring his sword to Eorlund Gray-Mane for sharpening. I then go find Aela to deliver her shield back. Then i’m formally introduced to Skjor and then to Farkas, who then gives me a tour. “Thank you, is there anything I can do to help out?” I ask him, knowing that there is. “Yes! I was just about to ask if you wanted to do a job,” Farkas responds, “There is a group of bandits held up in Shimmermist Cave, we’ve been hired to clear it out. Bandits should be easy for you based on what I heard from Vilkas.” “What did you hear?“

“Well,” He started, “He said you beat him in a sword fight, which means you got to be good.” Then some sort of realization dawned on Farkas. “Oh, I need go, good luck at Shimmermist!” He said, and in a hurry he ran past me. Huh, that never happened to me in my world. Anyways, I introduced myself to Njada, Athis, Ria, and Torvar, and left Jorrvaskr. I then met Carlotta Valentia, and agreed to take care of Mikael. I then saw it was quite late, and went to meet up with Charlotte and Wolf at the Inn.

“You must be Minerva, two women said to meet them in Riverwood at Midday tomorrow.” Hulda says.”Ah, thank you.” I reply, and walked straight up to Mikael. “You need to leave Carlotta alone.” I say, menacingly. “I'm sorry, but that fiery widow is mine. She just doesn't know it yet,” He replies, a cheeky smirk on his face. I give him a ‘really?’ look, and say, “She’s not yours, stop this nonsense.” He sighed, and said, ”Maybe you're right. I guess I just didn't want anyone to think I couldn't handle one Nord lass. On my honor, I won't bother Carlotta ever again.”

Before I left, I said to him, “You do know she’s an Imperial, right?” He then said, “Oh,” and I then shrugged in reply. I then left for Shimmermist. The trip there was uneventful, the trip to Riverwood however, was a different story. I ran into a vampire fighting the Vigilants of Stendarr, I helped the Vigilants kill the vampire. “Thank you friend, take this for your troubles.” Then gave me a cure disease potion, and walked off.

I then headed towards Riverwood, but stopped by the river and made camp to fish and bathe. I cleaned and polished my glass armor, Spellbreaker, and my family sword. I wonder if my family made it out of Vvardenfell alive, or if they ever existed. I recharged the blade, sharpened it, and slid it back in its hilt. While I had the chance, I cut my hair a bit shorter. I then prepared the fish I found, and boiled the mudcrabs. One of the two mudcrabs I killed had apparently swallowed a pearl, which was nice.

I set wards and summoned a flame and storm atronach to protect me while I slept until morning, which was only a few hours. I then packed everything, sent the atronachs back to Oblivion, dispelled the wards, and made my way to Riverwood.

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After a small, one-sided discussion, Wolf and I headed up to Dragonsreach. “So! When will my lessons start?” I ask Wolf, I can’t help but feel a bit giddy, despite how nervous I am. “After we speak to the Jarl,” She replied. We then went up to the Jarl, but Irileth stopped and asked why we were trying to approach the Jarl. We told her about the dragon attack at Helgen, and the Jarl told her to let us approach let us approach. “So. You were at Helgen? You saw this dragon with your own eyes?” Jarl Balgruuf asked. “The dragon destroyed Helgen. And last I saw it was heading this way.” I replied. Then Balgruuf exclaimed, “By Ysmir, Irileth was right!” He then turned to Preventus, “What do you say now, Proventus? Shall we continue to trust in the strength of our walls? Against a dragon?”

After the rest of their conversation, Jarl Balgruuf turned to us, “Well done. You sought me out, on your own initiative. You've done Whiterun a service, and I won't forget it. Here, take this as a small token of my esteem.” He gave me a chestplate. “It looks like you’ll need it young lady.” He said, a small warm smile plastered on his face. “There is another thing you could do for me. Suitable for someone of your particular talents, perhaps. Come, let's go find Farengar, my court wizard. He's been looking into a matter related to these dragons and... rumors of dragons.” We made our way to said court wizard.

“I'll introduce you to Farengar. He can be a bit,” Balgruuf paused, attempting to find the right words, “difficult. Mages. You know.” We then enter Farengar’s lab, and Balgruuf says to Farengar, “Farengar, I think I've found someone who can help you with your dragon project. Go ahead and fill her in with all the details,” Balgruuf’s face morphs into one of worry, “This is a priority now. Anything we can use to fight this dragon, or dragons. We need it, quickly. Before it's too late.” Wait, I looked around, and I couldn’t see Wolf. Where did she go? Balgruuf abruptly turned his attention to me, “Succeed at this, and you'll be rewarded. Whiterun will be in your debt.”

I then was told by Farnegar to get the dragonstone and such, and was about to leave Dragonsreach when Wolf appeared behind me with a dagger at my throat. “Lesson one, always be aware of your surroundings. It took you more time than it should to discover I was no longer with you.” Wolf said, and removed the dagger from my throat “Well, not all can be masters of stealth like you.” I replied. Wolf chuckled, and sheathed her dagger. “While we’re here, we should meet Danica Pure-Spring. Do good deeds, yes?” Wolf didn’t leave me time to reply, and walked out the door to Whiterun.
Wolf and I went into the Inn to ask Hulda to tell Minerva when she arrives to meet at Riverwood, as Minerva would have things to do from the Companions. We then talked to Danica, and set off to Orphan Rock to retrieve Nettlebane. I stayed back while Wolf took care of the Witches and Hagravens. We took Nettlebane, and as it was getting late, we set up camp.

Wolf used this time to teach me how to light a fire, with and without magic. So now I know the ‘flames’ spell, so that’s cool, or hot in this case. She then went out to hunt, and to set up wards arounds our camp.

When she returned, she taught me how to skin and flay a rabbit. Which was fucking disgusting, by the way. Wolf then taught me how to cook said rabbit. She took the bloody organs and ate them, raw. It was gross, but she is a Vampire, better those than me.I ate my dinner and Wolf taught me how to clean and sharpen a blade after. She also showed me how to mend clothing, and helped me fit in my new chest piece from the Jarl.

“I’m going to make you better armor than this, but at least it’s leather, well, mostly leather anyways.” Wolf said. After the armor ‘fitting’, we went to sleep, well I went to sleep anyway, I’m not too sure if Wolf did.

I awoke to Wolf shaking me, “Time to get up,” She said. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, and it was still dark out. “You sound like my Mom.” I responded, frowning. She laughed, “Well, I’m not that old a mother then, am I?” I slowly got up, “I’m not a morning person,” I mumbled. She smiled in response, “I can tell,” her face then turned serious, “but it’s time to train in how to use a weapon, I won’t always be here to protect you.”

I learned how to use a dagger, which happens to be Nettlebane, fitting, I suppose. She then taught me how to fight. I got the basic form down when it was time to go meet Minerva in Riverwood, and in turn, go to Bleak Falls Barrow, the ruin where we will find the dragonstone.

“I hope Minerva got our message.” I say.

“I hope so as well, I don’t want to hear her whine once more.”

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When I awoke in Candlehearth Hall, Sarene and Tyrin were already awake. Vampires, you can never truly trust one. I discreetly checked my neck for fang marks, and got up. “How long have you both been awake?” I asked, my voice rough from sleep. “Not long, but Sarene got up before I, so I don't know when she woke up.” Tyrin answered. It's the first time I've seen her face. She's a Bosmer, with short slicked back black hair, and it reached just above her shoulders. Her skin could be compared to a rich caramel. She wears a black tunic that I assume she wore underneath her Nightingale Armor, but at current she is putting on said armor, and in turn her beautiful features will be covered.

Sarene is a fair, red-headed Nord, crimson warpaint trailed down her cheeks in a way so that they appeared as tear tracks. Misty, pale blue eyes met mine as I looked upon her face. She then stood from the chair she sat on, and said, “I'll get supplies for our journeys, meet me at The White Phial when you two are done.” She then left the room, and Tyrin and I are now alone.

I began to get dressed while Tyrin was adjusting her cloak. “There is an apple tart on the nightstand if you’re hungry.” Tyrin said. “Thank you,” I responded. We finished getting dressed, and I ate the tart on our way to The White Phial. We passed by the smith on our way and Tyrin told him she will find Queen Freydis’ Sword for him. “Why do that? You don’t support the Stormcloaks, do you?” I ask Tyrin. “I don’t support these bigoted bastards, but make friends where you can, they may help you later,” She replied.

We entered The White Phial and Sarene greeted us. “I suppose I’ll retrieve that potion bottle for the old man, you know, the one that this place is named after.” She says, in a slight condescending tone. “Of course we know what it is,” I said. “Good, here are your supplies, send me a letter when you’re in Riften,” Sarene says, “I will also send you both one when I get to Winterhold.” She turned and left at that, what a bitch.

I checked my pack and slid in the cure disease potions, Tyrin doesn’t have a need for them. We then split the healing, magicka, and stamina potions. Tyrin packed some bread and cheese for rations, and we headed out to Stony Creek Cave to find that ancient sword. On our way there, bandits ambushed us on the road, and we dispatched them easily. We took the unenchanted weapons for me to smelt down into ingots and continued on. We took an hour to reach the cave in total, and it took another two to clear out the cave. I took the sword while Tyrin took a Stone of Barenziah.

I took a pickaxe and mined the moonstone and found a few gems, I gave said gems to Tyrin because she tells me she crafts jewelry. The both of us then leave and head back to Windhelm. We the approach the blacksmith and give him the sword, and he is grateful. As he can’t teach anything new to us, he gave us full use of his forge, which I quickly made use of. I clean and dismantled all of the iron and steel weapons we recovered together, and Tyrin melted them down. We turned them into ingots, and as we can’t carry them with us, we sold them to the Smith. It is now midday, and we then start to make our way to Riften.

After a few hours of us walking, Tyrin decided to make camp, and I protested, “I may be human, but I can travel for longer than this!” “Maybe, but has been so long since I was mortal, and my endurance far surpases your own, I merely don’t want to overwork you,” She replied, and she didn’t sound condescending, she just sounded concerned, and it makes me uncomfortable.

“Fine, we’ll make camp here, but we leave at first light.” I say, and with that, we made camp. I spent my time setting wards around the camp, and summoned two Frost Atronachs to protect us, or me, when we sleep. Tyrin went out to hunt, and brought back an elk. “We can’t eat all that in one night!” I exclaimed. “I will dry most of the meat for rations, the rest we will use for dinner and breakfast,” she said, not looking the slightest bit startled by my outburst. I grumbled, and I cut out the elk’s antlers, and ground them into a fine powder for potions. Tyrin gutted and prepared the rest of the elk. She set aside the bloody organs for herself, and cut many strips of meat and hung them over the fire to dry out. I took a few cuts and prepared dinner. I ate the cooked elk while Tyrin ate the raw organs. We cleaned our gear, then went to sleep, and I dreamt of Tyrin’s bloody lips, curled into a cruel smile after she sucked me dry of my blood.