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Bite Me

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It was almost two in the morning when Matt opened the door to his shared apartment. The light from the hallway filling what was supposed to be a darkened room, but instead was also illuminated by a lamp standing next to the couch.

Matt closed the door slowly so it wouldn’t make a sound, as he locked the front door he finally heard a voice pipe up from the couch. “It’s two in the morning Matt.” It almost whispered with a tired tone lacing through it.

Matt sighed, “I know Jay, but can’t exactly trust Mason to get home drunk on his o-”

“I called Mason,” Jay’s voice piped up again, anger boiling just beneath the surface. “He didn’t know where you were. I called Eric, Toby, Cam...None of them knew where you were!” He almost screamed, fully prepared to have this argument despite the time. “So...where were you?” The phrase was a statement, Matt didn’t have a choice but to answer.

But he didn’t answer, instead choosing to stare at the sitting form of his boyfriend, who hadn’t looked at Matt once. The silence was so thick you could choke on it, but instead Matt just stood there, trying to think of some type of excuse to tell his boyfriend. As he opened his mouth, Jay stood up and started to walk towards their bedroom. “Just...leave Matt. There’s no point in coming up with excuses,” Jay reasoned aloud, though it was more so to try and coerce the conversation into ending.

As Matt realised what conclusion Jay jumped to, he quickly ran over to him. “Jay, it’s not like that-” He mumbled out before he was met with the face of his boyfriend contorted in anger. “Then what the fuck is it Matt?! What else could it be?! No one stays out until two in the morning just wandering around alone!” He screamed out, tears streaming down his face.

The two stood there in silence. The only sound in the room being Jay’s heavy breathing as he just continued to cry. It took another moment before Matt reached out to rest his hands on Jay’s shoulders, squeezing them lightly. The Kiwi didn’t flinch or try to run away from the touch, which was a good sign.

“Jay, I promise you on my life that I wasn’t out just...fucking another person,” The bit of irony flew over Jay’s head, but he remained silent as a way to tell him to continue, “I could never do that to you. Instead I…” Matt didn’t know how to explain this out loud without sounding absolutely insane.

Jay grabbed both of Matt’s hands, lightly pulling them off of his shoulders so he could hold them instead. “Instead you were?” He sniffled out, squeezing the American’s hands lightly.

“Can I just show you instead please?” Matt mumbled, looking up at his boyfriend with a hopeful look on his face. Jay just nodded, a small smile appearing on his face.

Another beat of silence filled the air as Matt opened his mouth, but instead of his words filling the air, a faint tink filled the air. “Are...are those fangs?” Jay mumbled, clearly a bit disoriented by the fact he just watched a set of fangs protrude from his boyfriend’s mouth.

“Yeah...I thought if I told you right off the bat that I was a vampire, you’d immediately run for the hills instead of agreeing to a date.” Matt chuckled, squeezing the other’s hands lightly as he tried to avoid his gaze.

“Well, that’s a discovery,” Jay mumbled, obviously still in disbelief that his own boyfriend was something straight out of a horror novel. “And as much as this discovery is a new field, it doesn’t very well answer where you were.” He finished off, the back of his mind still assuming that Matt was cheating on him.

Silence filled the air for a second as Matt thought of his answer. “I need to eat Jay, can’t exactly live off of your shitty cooking for all eternity.” He chuckled, eating him a swift punch to his upper right forearm.

“So you were just...eating a person?” God that sounded wrong, but it was technically the right phrasing considering the situation.

“It’s called draining, but yes, I was sucking the blood out of somebody Jay.” Matt said flatly, clearly not phased by the thought of killing someone for food.

The pair starred at each other for a minute, the tips of Matt’s fangs protruding over his bottom lip, which Jay paid way too many glances towards. “ you kill somebody when you drain them?” Jay mumbled out softly, so much so that Matt almost didn’t hear it. But he did hear it, and now a large grin was going across his face.

“Does somebody want to be bitten by a vampire?” Matt chuckled, nuzzling his face into his boyfriend’s neck, feeling him shudder. “Because I don’t have to kill you to drain you.”

“That-that’s not what I meant!” Jay stuttered out, grabbing onto the American’s shoulders tightly. A harsh red was crossing his face and ears, and he was thankful that the other couldn’t see it.

“Are you sure?” Matt mumbled, nipping softly at Jay’s neck, which earned him a high pitched whine. “Because I could just…” His words faded out as he bit down on the Kiwi’s neck, breaking through the skin and immediately tasting blood.
Another high pitched moan emitted from Jay as his grip on Matt’s shoulder tightened, fingernails digging into his flannel. Blood dripped down Jay’s throat a bit, staining his pale yellow shirt slightly.

Matt pulled away from Jay’s neck, licking his lips of any drops of blood before looking Jay in the eyes. “God you need cut out the sugar just a bit.” He chuckled, the other only nodding in reply.

The pair starred at one another, the silence of the apartment now gone and instead replaced with Jay’s panting. A sense of awkwardness started to thicken in the air for a split second before Jay pushed himself forward to kiss the other, groaning loudly as he tasted his own blood. Matt stood there in shock for a moment, that shock quickly turning to satisfaction as he kissed back roughly; nipping at Jay’s bottom lip a little, a soft moan eliciting itself from Jay’s throat at the action. Eventually they pulled away from the kiss, each of them breathing heavily as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“I’m sorry that you thought I was…”
“It’s...It’s fine. Just tell me the next time you’ll be out late for a little bite out.”
“Oh my fucking god. I’m breaking up with you.”