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Child Inquisitior

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Name: Aries Daniel Hawke-Lavellen 
Nickname(s): Ari, Danny, Baby Hawke(By Varric), 
Age: 5
Race: Human (Elf-blooded)

Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Male 
Class: Mage
Looks: Aries is four feet five inches tall and weighs thirty-five pounds. He has shoulder length raven black hair that with silver tips his left eye is jade green in color while his right is a light blue. 
Weapon(s): A short staff
Height: 4'5"
Personality: Aries is bit of a trouble marker he likes to cause trouble for people. He will get into all sorts of trouble as a child though he is mellos out more as he gets older but will still cause trouble. Aries is playful he likes to play around 
Bio: Aries is from our world he was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia for the first fifteen years of his life until he was killed. He has no memory of how he had died or how he ended up in the fade in Thedas. Aries has memories of a life he lived in Thedas and it confuses him greatly his mother is Daniel Hawke while his father is Soren Lavellen. He is surprised to learn that his mother Daniel is a true hermaphrodite with both male and female organs he was born in Kirkwall in Hawke manor with help from Anders he was born safely. Aries was raised by his mother with the help from his godmother Aveline and his Godfather Sebastian whenever his mother had to do something that was outside of the city. He was raised in Kirkwall until was three almost four years until he kidnapped from the manor one night while he was asleep when he woke up he had no idea where he was at. Aries was found crying sometime later by his father's clan he was taken in by them he was then raised by his father Soren and his partner Savin. From the age of three until he was five years old when Soren took him with him when he went to the conclave since his father did not trust the clan as he had seen the way some of them would treat him. Aries would wander off once they had reached conclave his father had left temple to look for him which is what saved him from being killed. He would survive the explasion at the conclave only to end up in the fade well the kid did Aries himself ended up in his body and was the one to walk out of the fade the kid had died and he was to replace him. 

◆ Being read to (As he is now five)
◆ Snow
◆ Rain
◆ Dragons
◆ Animals
◆ School 
¤ Heights
¤ Blood Mages  
¤ His own magic 
▪ The dark
▪ Storms
▪ Blood
▪ Sudden Noises
▪ Liars
▪ Traitors
Love Interest:

Extra Information:
- Aries has two set of memories they are crystal clear expect for his death in his own world
- He was not a mage so it confuses him a lot he is starting his lessons with Solas and a few other mage while in Heaven and then while they are in Skyhold 

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I'm going to rewrite this chapter I do not like the way it turned out