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Child Inquisitior

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Aries let out a sigh running his hand through his hair he was so very confused. He had no idea what had happened he knew where he was but no idea how he got there. Standing in one spot for a bit he had no idea where he should go from there he pushed his hair out of his face. Eventually, he started to move he could barely see anything at all. In the fade his right hand was sparking every now and then as he moved to where the light was.As he moved through the fade he felt like someone or something was following him so he picked up his pace.

When he got to the cliff’s edge he started to climb up it he had to be careful as he had noticed that he was smaller. Though as he got closer to the top he started to move faster. Reaching the top he reached out to the hand that was stretched out to him. The next thing he remembers being pushed through the rift that was at ruins of Heaven. Aries was able to stay awake and on his feet he would walk in a random direction.

The mark on his hand was sparking as the breach above him grew bigger he would let out small whimpers. Eventually he would sit down on the ground to wait for the soldiers to find him. Aries noticed that he was wearing a shirt that was three times to big for him. It looked like the shirt he had been wearing when he was playing with his friends and no pants or shoes. Aries didn’t have to wait too much longer for them to find him he waved to them from where he was sitting at. Getting to his feet he walked over to them as they are surprised to find a child as the only survivor.

Copplasing at their feet not able to stay awake much longer. It would be five days before he finally woke up he had no dreams. When he finally woke up he found himself in a cabin rather then the dungeons like in the game. Looking around himself as he sits up slowly in the bed he felt weak and very tired as he did so. Aries looked down at himself, he noticed that he was no longer wearing the shirt but now in clothes that fit him. Turning his right hand over as he saw it spark like it did when he was in the fade it was a bit strange since someone had changed his clothes.

Letting out a whimper as it sent a wave of pain went through him clenching his fist. Still looking down at his hand he heard the door open but still didn’t look up. When heard someone try to speak to him he looked up confused seeing Cassandra and Leilana standing in front of the bed. He could not understand Cassandra at all “I’m sorry I do not understand you,'' he said softly since it did not sound like English.

Though from the looks on Leilana’s face she can understand him. He hoped that she would translate for him until he can speak and understand what everyone else was saying. “We mean you no harm child, but we need to know what you remember”,Leilana told him gently. Aries let out a sigh of relief when he could understand what she was saying he had to think of what he did remember. “I don’t remember much at all except for women helping me”, he said quietly which was a lie since he remembered a lot.

Looking down at his hands as he heard Leilana translate what he said to Cassandra. He was startled when he was picked up by one of them as he hadn’t noticed they were no longer talking. Aries looked up once more to see that Leilana had picked him laying his head on her shoulder as they left the cabin. As he was still tired since the mark was draining him as the breach grew he hoped that would stop once he stopped the breach from growing. Listening