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Good Vibrations

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Alex straightened Kara's bow tie as the younger sibling fidgeted. “Is this how you felt when you and Lucy got married?”

“Nah, but I’m a badass so that’s to be expected.” Alex joked. “I still can’t believe it took you guys three years to finally tie the knot. You bought the bracelet after your first date.”

The blonde turned and checked her makeup in the mirror. “It’s because of those stupid bets. We wanted to make sure there was enough time to purge all of the damn wagers.”

“That makes sense. I don’t regret that chat because it’s a lot of fun, but it did get a bit out of hand.”

“Just a bit?” Kara asked with eyebrows raised. “Oh! I almost forgot. I got you something.” Kara pulled a small jewelry box from her pocket and opened it to reveal a platinum tie clip with sapphire stones embedded in it.

Alex gasped. “Kara, it's beautiful!”

“Look at the back.”

Alex flipped the clip over and read the engraving. Tonight we eat, drink, and be married. Bestest Man. The older sibling rolled her eyes while also dabbing the tears from them with her sleeve. “You’re so stupid.”

“And you love me for it,” Kara said as the siblings embraced.

A knock came from the door and Kelly popped her head in. “Kara, it's time for us to make our way to the back. Jess is waiting for you upfront, Alex.”

“This is it!” The Super took a deep breath. “I’m marrying my soulmate in front of everyone that I hold dear. No big deal, right?”

“You got this,” Alex says before walking out of the room.

Kara followed Kelly out of the room and the two made their way to the front of the precession aisle. Kara to the left in the traditional groom spot and Kelly in the middle facing the crowd.

“Breath Kara. Or you're gonna pass out when she walks in.” Kelly whispers.

Kara takes a deep breath and looks out into the room. It’s not a very big ceremony, but the room holds the couple's whole world in it. Nia gives a big enthusiastic thumbs up from her seat in the front row next to Brainy. Kara smiles and before she can even respond, she picks up Lena’s heartbeat getting closer. The procession music started to play. Her eyes snap to the door at the end of the aisle. Hoping to get a glimpse of her bride.

The doors open and Alex and Jess walk out arm in arm. They slowly progress up the aisle as the doors behind them close again. After they make their way to the front, Alex steps beside Kara, and Jess mirrors the action to the place where Lena is supposed to stand.

Kara is very tempted to break her no x-ray vision promise. She knows Lena is on the other side of the door looking amazing. She resists and waits patiently for the moment.

The music changes and the crowd stands and turns to the doors. A few heartbeats later, the doors open again revealing Lena Luthor in a magnificent white dress. Simple, but elegant. Her hair was pinned into an updo with flowers weaved into the design. She is holding a bouquet of Plumerias in front of her. Kara can see her glowing from here.

Lena and Kara lock eyes and all her nerves go out the window. How could she ever be nervous to proclaim her love to this woman?

Lena slowly made her way up the aisle, never taking her eyes off her partner. When she reaches the top of the aisle Lena hands her bouquet to Jess and turns to take Kara’s hands.

Regrhahsiv?” she whispers to her betrothed.

Zhindif,” Kara whispers back.

“We are gathered here today to witness the union of some of the most important people in all our lives.” Kelly begins.

Kara knows she should be listening, but she can’t take her eyes away from her beautiful bridge. She is aware enough to repeat her vows and say I do in the right places. But all she can think about is wrapping her wife in her arms and kissing her for the first time as a married couple.

“You may kiss the bride,” Kelly announces.

That’s all the permission Kara needs. She reaches for Lena and dips her low all while kissing her and holding her close.

The participants cheer. The music begins for the procession as an explosion rocks the city. All the superheroes in the room begin to move on instinct, except Supergirl. She hesitates.

“Go ahead my love. I will be here waiting for you. Be safe.”

“But it’s our wedding day.”

“You’re still my wife. At least the bad guys waited for the end of the ceremony. Go get em’ Supergirl.”

“I’ll be back soon Mrs. Danvers-Luthor.” With that, she took her glasses off and the nanobots went to work changing her from her formal suit to her super suit. She kissed her wife on the lips and led the charge against the poor souls who picked the wrong day to attack the city.

Lena is sitting over a computer at the fortress tapping her heel against the floor. She has never been so nervous. At least she wasn’t alone in her nervousness, Alex was pacing the floor waiting on similar results.

“Alex! I need you to stop pacing. I’m nervous enough as it is. I don’t need your nerves as well. That’s why we sent Kara and Lucy away. It was too much chaotic energy.”

“Ok.” The redhead stopped her pacing and calmly walked over to the bench where the other woman was waiting. “How sure of this working are you?”

“We each have a 98.53% success rate. Once Kara finally told me about Kalex, it opened up a whole world of Kryptonian tech to be respec'd using materials available here on Earth. I’ve been studying the birthing Matrix for two years now. With the help of your medical knowledge and Brainy’s braininess, I think we are in good shape.”

“Did you just say braininess?”

Lena shoots Alex a burning look.

“I’m just as nervous as you are. I can’t believe we may get to tell Hunter about getting a new sibling. I thought our family was complete, but to bring a piece of Lucy and me into this world is amazing.”

“Any news yet?” Kara called from the opposite side of the room. Lucy popped her head in right beside her. “You sent us away hours ago.”

Alex glances at the screen. “We should be getting results back any minute.” She glances at her sister-in-law, who nods at her. “The brain says you two knuckleheads can come back IF you behave.”

“Oh come on. It was totally Kal’s fault for leaving the ball in here. How was I supposed to know how fragile the portal device was?” Lucy said.

“Yea Kal knows how much Lucy and I enjoy Earth soccer. He left that ball in here as payback.”

Lena rolled her eyes and was about to retort when the computer flashed the results across the screen.

Alex Danvers Status: Confirmed Positive
Lena Luthor-Zor-El-Danvers Status: Confirmed Positive

“We’re gonna be mothers!”

Kara and Lena sit on the porch holding each other. Just this morning they had packed Leylani up to head to Harvard for her first year of college. She had refused to have her mothers come along for the first day. Insisting she isn’t a baby anymore and she was bulletproof so more than safe on her own.

“You can still hear her heartbeat right?” Lena asked her wife.

“Of course. You will be the first person to know if that changes, but it’s only college. She is durable and resilient just like her mom. She will be fine.”

“As if she doesn’t get her physical strength and literal resilience from her Jeju.” Lena gets up from her spot on the swing. “I’ll be right back. I have something for you.”

Kara pouts as her wife walks into the house. Taking a moment to zero in on her daughter. She is on the phone chatting away with her friend talking about how they can’t wait to get to college. Kara turns her hearing away before she hears too much. She always promised Leylani that she would always have her privacy.

Just as she is focusing back on herself and her wife the door opens to see Lena carrying a big wrapped box. “What’s all this?” the blonde askes.

“I was feeling nostalgic with Ley leaving and I took a little trip down memory lane. I wanted you to be included.” She hands the super a card.

My dearest Zhao,

It’s been 24 years since the day this all began. Who knew a little Aldebaran Rum was all we needed to launch ourselves into this Epic Life.

I love you always and forever,


“Lee, this is so sweet. I’m very curious about what's in the box.” The Kryptonian didn’t even bother with the wrapping, she just ripped the box in two.

Inside the box sat a 3D printed model of an extremely family shape.

“Did you really keep the model of your vagina for 24 years?”

“Of course Darling. You love how extra I can be.”