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Durmstrang Champion's Sweetheart

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Hermione knew she shouldn’t be out after curfew.  But she had fallen asleep in the library and curfew had passed when she woke up and realize.  She had to don her cloak and hope it was dark enough to cover her in the night as she rushed to the Gryffindor tower.  She ran on her toes to make less sound since everything echoed in the halls.  She rounded a corner and bumped into a tall, hard figure.

She gasped sharply and almost fell, but large hands caught her.  She looked up to see the Headmaster of Durmstrang Institute.  Igor Karkaroff.  He was a tall man, with bony features and dark hair to his shoulders and framing his mouth and chin.  His teeth were a little yellow and more than a little crooked.  And she knew that he had been a Deatheater during the first war.  Named names to get a reduced sentence.

Hermione instantly starts trying to stutter out an explanation, “I’m so sorry, sir.  I fell asleep in the library, and by the time I woke up, it was already so late!”

“Girl, girl, shh,” he shushed her quietly.  “I understand.  These things happen.  I am not your Headmaster.  And I can be discreet.”

Hermione instantly sagged in relief, “Thank you so much sir!”

“Oh, do not even think of it,” he waved his hand, accent thick.  “Besides, I could not get my champion’s sweetheart in trouble, could I?”

Hermione blushed at the mention of Viktor Krum.  They had just gone to the Yule Ball together the other night.  And it had been a wonderful night before Ron ruined it with his jealousy.  “Still – thank you, sir.”

“I know how you could thank me, girl,” Karkaroff leered before he placed his hand on her shoulder and leaned in to press his thin lips to hers.

Hermione instantly squirmed away, gasping, “Sir, no!”

“You don’t say no to me, girl,” Karkaroff growled.  “I am Headmaster of only men.  It has been too long.”  He swiped to grab her but she ducked, about to turn and run the other way.  But then he whipped out his wand and muttered a certain spell, “Imperio.”

Hermione froze.  The most wonderful feeling washed over her.  She felt like she was floating as every thought and worry in her head wiped away like the ocean waved over her.  All she felt was a vague happiness and immense relaxation.

“Come here, girl,” Karkaroff ordered from behind her.

Hermione slowly turned around and made her way over until she was standing in front of the Durmstrang Headmaster, face blissful.  She said nothing.  She couldn’t unless he ordered it.

“Follow me,” he snarled, turning on his heel and stalking off.  Eagerly, Hermione followed.  She couldn’t possibly not.  He led them down a few corridors until they found an alcove and he grabbed her arm roughly, tossing her behind the pillar before looming over her.  He pressed her against the wall.  Hermione stood there like a softly smiling zombie as his bony fingers started to explore her body over her uniform.  If she’d been able to feel her true emotions, she’d been horrified as his hands felt up her breasts under her sweater vest and squeezed, finding her nipple under the layers of fabric.

He grunted under his breath, “Oh… your little body is fantastic, girl.  I must see it.”  He backed away from her just a step, “Strip.  Everything just your socks and shoes.”

Readily, Hermione started stripping of her clothes.  One by one, each article of clothing fell into a pile at her feet.  Her robe, her vest, shirt, bar, skirt, knickers.  Karkaroff’s lecherous eyes trailed every inch of revealed skin, licking his chapped lips as he barred his teeth at her naked body. 

“It’s been so long since I had someone so young and… pure,” he leered.  He mused to himself for a moment before finally muttering, “Spread your knees, lean back against the wall, and pinch your nipples for me.”

Without a sound, Hermione leaned back against the wall behind her and gingerly spread her knees apart, baring her untouched pussy to his dark eyes.  She then reached up her slightly shivering torso and twisted her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers.

“Moan while you do,” he barked.

Hermione started letting out shy little mewls as she turned her fingers over her tightening pink nipples while Karkaroff watched.  It made her happy to follow his orders.  She felt light as a feather.

“Now use your fingers to spread your pussy lips,” he rasped, his thick accent making the words cacophonous.  “I need to see that cunt up close.”

Hermione almost muttered ‘Yes, master’ as she reached own and tucked her fingers into the folds of her pussy, tenderly pulling them apart to fully reveal the hole hiding in her slit.

Karkaroff bent over in front of her and Hermione could feel his breath on her open pussy due to how close his face was, and his eyes bore into her pink hole.  Then he reached up with his hitchhiker’s thumb and rolled the knuckle against her shy little clit.  “Moan when I touch you, you dirty little slut!”

Hermione obeyed immediately.  She let out small little moans with every swipe of his knuckle against her clit.

“Yessss,” he hissed.  “This is turning you on.  Tell me how aroused you are.”

Like his words made it true, she whimpered, “So much!  You’re making me so wet.”  She wasn’t sure how she knew what to say.  She’d certainly had never said such things before.  But somehow, she knew what he wanted to hear.  And she was only so happy to do so.

“You want me to keep going,” he told her.  “You want my fingers inside your virgin cunt, don’t you, whore?”

“Yes, yes!” she keened.  “Fuck my pussy with your fingers, sir.  Please, please!”

With a low groan, he did so immediately with two bony fingers.  She involuntarily winced at the light feeling of stretching as his long fingers dipped into her.  His knuckled poked out and rubbed at her inner walls that weren’t quite wet enough to lube his journey.

“Rub your clit with your fingers, slag,” he hissed at her.

She reached down with her fingers and rubbed little circles into her clit.  She had touched herself there before.  Even given herself an orgasm or two on her own.  But she’d never been penetrated and certainly never exposed to someone else.  Luckily, she felt herself become wetter and warmer the more she messed with the little bundle of nerves.  Which made the vertical jerking of Karkaroff’s fingers inside her cunt easier and faster as her fluids started leaking down onto his hands and her inner thighs.

“That’s good enough,” his voice sounded ragged as he yanked his fingers out of her and stood over her.  He quickly undid his trousers and pressed them down his thighs.  He skinny cock loped out of his pants, his hand slightly wet with her juices aggressively sliding up and down the shaft until it inflated.

“Turn around, hands on the wall, ass bent out towards me,” he ordered roughly.

Shivering, Hermione did so, but the cloud was starting to lift over her head.  “Wait… no, this is wrong…”

Karkaroff cursed and picked up his wand from his robes, waving it over her and whispering, “Imperio,” once more.

And once more Hermione felt as if she was on a cloud instead of stuck inside one.  Her smile returned to full force as she pressed her palms into the stone wall and stuck her butt out towards him.

Karkaroff licked his lips and teeth as he eyed her perky ass and puffy pussy lips.  “You’re the perfect little slut.  I’m sure Krum will enjoy my seconds.”

Hermione said nothing but let out a little yelp when his hand suddenly smacked across her ass cheeks.  He grinned and groaned to himself as he grabbed them in his hands and squeezed roughly.  “If I had the time, I’d get into this ass too.  But as it is,” he stopped talking as he abruptly and forcefully rammed his cock into her tight little virgin cunt in one fell swoop.

Hermione couldn’t help but let out the pained shriek at her virginity literally being savagely torn away by his dick.  Tears welled in her eyes and spilled over her cheeks.  She could nothing but try to stop her body from being smacked into the stone wall as he started fucking into her from behind.  His skin smacked against the skin of her ass, the sounds echoing in the little alcove as he rutted her, grunting like a boar.

She had to rest her elbows and forearms on the wall as he rocked his hips into her hard and harder.  So hard she almost smacked her head on the stone.  He gave no care to her comfort, and she felt no pleasure.  Just the unbearable stretching of his cock invading her pussy with a smack and squelch as her juices and a little blood squished over him.

“Moan for me, slut,” he ordered in a choked-up gasp.

Unwillingly, Hermione let out a high-pitched moan when his cock slipped into her and breathed when his cock retreated, the process turning into a cycle.

“Tell me how good my cock feels,” he hissed, nails digging into the flesh of her sides.

Again, somehow knowing what he wanted to hear, she started gasping out, “Oh, your cock feels so good in my little pussy.  So big.  I’ve never had anything so big inside of me before.  You’re going to make me cum so hard.  I want to feel you fill me up with your hot cum!”

Karkaroff let out a sharp exhale as his body slammed into her and froze.  With a vague happiness that should have felt like horror, Hermione felt her unprotected pussy flooded with hot jets of his sticky cum, pumping into her until he softened with a groan and slipped out of her.

Quickly, he tucked his cock away.  He held his wand out and muttered a few spells.  She felt herself suddenly clean and dry, bruises gone.  He then spat at her, “Get dressed you little whore!”

Shaking, she quickly pulled on layer of clothing until she was once again bundled up.

The last thing she heard was the whisper, “Obliviate.”