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The Perfect Fit

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Uraraka Ochako had what she’d consider a normal sex drive. She didn’t need it every day, but a few days without at least rubbing one out made her hangry for an orgasm. For that, she could pull out her trusty Hitachi. Or she could go to her phone and swipe right on a no strings attached one night stand and be on her merry way.

There was this one thing that occasionally bothered her though. She could only cum from her clit. No matter what she tried: experimenting with her fingers, riding a slew of different partners, purchasing all sorts of vibrators and dildos… she could never cum from having someone or something inside of her.

That is, until one clear summer night when she found herself entangled in the arms of none other than Bakugou Katsuki.

Her old classmate popped up on her radar out of nowhere. She was seeing him in the news a lot lately, capturing villains nearly every day. He was steamrolling his way up the rankings and, knowing his admirable drive and determination, he wouldn’t stop anytime soon. He’d do whatever it took to get to the top. How had he slipped her detection after all these years of knowing him? Either way, she was noticing him now.

After a day of work, the two pro heroes unexpectedly ran into each other after their respective patrolling shifts.

Little did he know, she was going on at least two weeks without any sort of sexual satisfaction, solo or otherwise. So it could have been the horny goggles, but he looked especially delicious in his form-fitting ripped jeans and a simple black tee. She felt the heat radiating off his chiseled body, still humming from an intense day of wrangling villains.

It was her luck that she was dressed in a flowy mini skirt and lacy blouse, as opposed to her typical post-patrol outfit of faded sweats. He waltzed right into her plans to snag a lover for the evening, or better yet, the weekend.

A brief catch-up conversation led to dinner. Dinner led to late night coffee. Late night coffee led to the door of Bakugou’s apartment. The door of his apartment led to making out in his kitchen. He hoisted her onto his dining room table, and her legs parted for him to stand between her knees as his lips ravaged the skin of her neck.

“Were you always this soft?” he murmured the compliment as his fingers tickled the skin under her blouse.

“You’ve been missing out,” she joked, running her own hands up his chest to rest them on his shoulders.

“Fuck yeah, I have,” he chuckled before diving in for another smattering of kisses. “How did I miss you after all this time?”

She blinked up at him. Her hands moved to stroke his sides under his shirt, suddenly struck with the urge to touch him everywhere. “I thought the same thing,” she admitted.

Tightening her knees against the sides of his hips, he stepped closer to press his body against hers. He grabbed her by her plump bottom and slid her to the edge of the table so she could feel his hard length bulging through the thick denim. Her insides twitched in response and she instantly ground back against him, stimulating herself as much as she could through the layers of clothing.

It had been two weeks too long since she felt like this.

“You’re so goddamn cute,” he said, then placed a kiss on her temple and nibbled on an earlobe.

Make that her whole life too long. He was doing things to her that caused her insides to quake in ecstasy like never before.

She reached for his zipper impatiently.

He leaned away at the feeling of her fumbling around near his crotch. “Already? Someone’s eager,” he said with a quirked eyebrow. He tucked back some of her hair behind her ears, tresses wild from his hands running through and grasping at them.

“Hm?” She dropped her hands. “I can wait.” She really couldn’t wait, but he didn’t have to know that.

“Well, I can’t,” he growled at her. Hah, so he felt the same way. She grinned at his genuine response. Then he practically whined at her, “Will you hurry the fuck up already?” He grabbed her wrist and brought her fingers back to the waist of his pants.

It awed her that she could turn the Explosive Hero into a pile of marshmallows in her hands. She was certain he was showing a side of himself he very rarely showed anyone else. Or maybe never has shown anyone else. The thought intrigued her. How far could she take it?

Uraraka wanted this formidable brick house to crumble into a sweaty, heaving, sugary-scented pile of Bakugou rubble because of her.

She tugged and loosened the button, then lowered the zipper. She slipped her hands into the waistband of his boxer briefs and tugged down both the jeans and underwear to reveal his erection. He did the rest of the work by pulling his clothes down to his ankles and then kicked them across the kitchen floor so he was left standing naked from the waist down.

Meanwhile, she bunched her skirt above her waist and touched herself through her damp panties.

He turned to the kitchen and pulled open a drawer. After a bit of rummaging, he was able to fetch a condom and came back to stand between her legs.

“You keep a stash of condoms in the kitchen?” she asked, flabbergasted. “Who are you?”

“I’m always prepared,” he shrugged, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She should have expected no less from him, and wondered where else in this apartment did he hide piles of contraceptives.

He tore open the package and rolled the rubber onto his large cock.

She pushed her underwear to the side, sticking a finger into herself and swirling it around to bring out her natural lubrication. Then she added two more fingers and pumped in and out to help stretch herself out to take him. Looking at his thickness, she was going to need it. Her hips circled in place and she quietly mewled as she serviced herself.

“You good?” he asked as he slowly jerked himself over the condom while watching her.

She looked down at his dick, standing at attention and ready for her. She needed it in her as soon as possible. “I’m great.”

He stepped forward and lined himself to her slit. She shivered at feeling of his head nudging at her entrance. She ran her bare feet up and down the backs of his legs with excitement. He looked down at her and captured her lips with his again. Her tongue licked back, wanting a taste of his smolder. He slowly pushed himself into her, then pulled back out, and pushed back in to gradually get deeper and deeper, inch by inch.

Once he had completely sheathed himself in her folds, she clenched down on him. Hard. She broke off from their kiss and threw her head back to moan loudly, clutching at the fabric of his shirt.

Just the right length. Just the right thickness. Just the right curvature. He was touching her at just the right spot. A spot that she tried to find for years, to no avail. But literally one stroke in and Bakugou, of all people, was chasing her to the edge.

She laid back on the table, fingers grasping at the edge of the wood beneath her. Her legs went up, thighs wide open, knees bent, and rested her heels against the front of his hips. She was almost hyperventilating, heart bouncing around erratically in her ribcage, and he hadn’t even started thrusting yet. Her whole body vibrated with pleasure at the feeling of him filling her. She had planned to make him lose control, but she was a quivering puddle with him towering over her.

A low groan bubbled from his throat. He stabilized himself by gripping her thighs.

“Goddamn Uraraka, you’re so tight,” he whispered. He pulled out and slammed back into her. A yelp escaped her lips.

He set a steady pace, her back rubbing back and forth against the wood of the table.

Shiiit, you feel so good,” he praised. He reached down to touch her clit, but as soon as he had a thumb on her, she did something she had never done during sex before. She swatted his hand away, preferring the sensitivity of his cock against her walls.

“I wanna feel you inside,” she insisted, bucking her hips towards him to grind the skin of their most private parts against each other. She reveled in this new sensation.

He increased his pace and her world went stark white. Her brows furrowed and eyes closed as she concentrated only on the feeling of the way their bodies fit together.

“Harder,” she pleaded. “I want it harder.” Her nails dug into his forearms.

She felt him grip the flesh around her waist as he fucked into her relentlessly. How is he doing that? A tugging deep down in her belly roiled and rose in her. Higher and higher. The tingles crawled all over her body. Her wetness dripped out of her with every thrust. He started to grunt from the effort of helping her reach her orgasm first.

“Yes, right there. Yesyesyes,” she encouraged. Her hips pushed back to meet him halfway, putting extra pressure on that one spot. “Keep going.”

She peeked through her eyelids to see him chewing down on the corner of his bottom lip. The expression on his face was mesmerizing, eyes sharp as he glanced back and forth between her face and where their bodies smashed against each other. He doubled over, hovering over her, gasping and panting. He was getting close, too.

She put her hands on the sides of his face, rubbing his cheeks with her thumbs. “Almost there,” she whimpered. “Almost, almost.”

Her right leg wound around him she dug her heel into the small of his back, her left heel lowered to push into the back of his thigh.

Closer and closer and closer.

“Cum for me. Cum for me. Cumforme,” he desperately exhaled.

And then it boiled over.

Her orgasm sent her body into uncontrollable trembles around him. Her toes twitched and curled and her fingertips went numb as the aftershocks ran from her core through her limbs.

His thrusts went full tilt and the sounds of their skin smacking filled her ears as he approached his own peak. One, two, three, four, and she felt him shudder as he unloaded into the condom inside of her. He collapsed on her. Labored breaths wafted across her chest, and the delicate lace of her blouse fluttered with each huff.

Once he recovered, he pulled out of her to dispose of the soiled condom in the trash.

“Well, damn. That was a good first time,” she said once she caught her breath and sat up.

He perked up in alarm at her comment and returned to where she sat on the table.

“What the hell? You were a fucking virgin?!” He immediately cupped her face and repeatedly kissed both cheeks back and forth. The contrast between him aggressively yelling in her face but physically handling her with the gentlest of care amused her. “Why didn’t you say anything?! What the fuck, Uraraka? What the actual fuck?!

She burst out into sputtering laughter.

“Hey!” He clutched her to his chest like she was the most precious thing in the world. “This ain’t fucking funny!”

“Bakugou, wait. Let me explain!” She gave him a peck on the lips. Who knew he could be so freaking cute? “I’m definitely not a virgin.”

“Oh, thank fuck.” He breathed out a sigh of relief and gave her another hug. “What is it then?”

She paused. “It’s just…” She felt a little bit embarrassed admitting this. She leaned forward to rest her forehead on his shoulder. “It was my first time cumming like that. I’ve never cum with my vag before. Just my clit.”

“Hah? You serious?”

She nodded against his shoulder.

“Hm. So what I’m hearing is,” he smirked as he leaned back to look her right into her very red face, “I’ve got the perfect dick for you.”

She rolled her eyes and lightly punched his shoulder. “Oh, stop it.”

“Hey, I don’t mind. I’ll help you cum as many times as you want.” He topped his statement off with another kiss on the cheek.

“Is that so? This going to be a regular thing?” she teased.

“Sure, why the fuck not? I’m down if you are.” He touched his forehead to hers.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was serious. “Well… Okay then.” Somehow, she found herself easily agreeing to his proposal. The thought of Bakugou routinely inserting himself into her life made her exceedingly giddy. “I’m down, too.”

“Alright.” He kissed her lips again.

“Sounds good.” She kissed back.

“Fuck yeah.” Kiss.

“Mmhmm.” Kiss.

“...Wanna go again?”

She smiled at his suggestion. “Bedroom this time?” She pulled her blouse over her head and tossed it behind her, then reached behind her back to unhook her bra and take it off. He followed suit with his shirt, adding it to the pile.

He effortlessly scooped her up into his arms and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked them down the hallway. “Wherever you want, Pink Cheeks.”

Oooh. Nice throwback.” He chuckled lowly at her remark. She could feel the reverberations in his chest against her own as they entered the bedroom. It was like music. “Call me that again, I like it.”

“I’ll call you whatever you want all weekend, Cheeks.” He kissed her on the skin just below her ear. She was realizing how much he enjoyed putting his lips on her: a lot, and he’d never catch her complaining about it. “Don’t have patrol until Monday.”

Her eyes lit up at the news. “Same here.”

“Hell yeah. Let’s bother the neighbors,” he said, as brought them down onto the cushy mattress.

She giggled and flipped them over to straddle his hips. “Let’s.”

Uraraka never thought Bakugou was the dateable type, but in just a few hours, he was quickly changing her mind.