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Shape of You

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“Ms. Wardwell?” Sabrina hovered in the doorway to her office, hands twisting together nervously.


Lilith smoothed her dress and slowly turned around. She had been hoping Sabrina would seek her guidance in light of her trial and here it was, her opportunity.


“Sabrina! What a pleasant surprise! What can I do for you?”


Sabrina bit her lip before shutting the door behind her, “Can I, uh, can I ask a really big favor of you? Normally I’d ask Roz or Harvey, but they all have the own problems and I don’t want to bother them.”


“Of course! Why Sabrina, I hope you know you can come to me with anything, anything at all,” said Lilith, stepping closer but still maintaining a distance. Their interaction in the bathroom had been intoxicating but best not to startle her again.


“This is going to sound weird…”


“Oh I’ve heard some pretty strange things.”


“Well, all Spellmans are said to have a very specific birthmark and I need someone to help me check to see if I have it?” Sabrina bit her lip, “I know it sounds really weird but I just really need to know if I have it.”


The witches mark, she was looking for it, or rather, she wanted Lilith to check her for the mark. The mere idea of it was delicious, the thought of Sabrina’s smooth, pale skin on display as she trembled helplessly before Lilith. Mmm, yes she could help with that.


“I believe I can help you with that,” she said, “But you may want to lock the door.”


“Yes, right,” looking slightly surprised, Sabrina quickly locked the door then bounded towards Lilith, stopping just in front of her. She dropped her book bag and her sweater to her feet.


“Thank you,” said Sabrina, taking a deep breath and began unbuttoning her blouse. Lilith’s breath caught in her throat as she watched Sabrina shed her blouse, then turn around and unfasten her bra.


Gently, Lilith ran her knuckles along the back of Sabrina’s neck and down her spine. She traced the edge of her shoulder blades with her fingertips, watching as Sabrina seemed to realize under her touch.


“I don’t see anything here,” Lilith said softly, leaning in so Sabrina would feel her breath on her skin. Sabrina shivered.


Letting her bra drop to the floor, Sabrina tied off her shoes then, still with her back to Lilith, unbuttoned her skirt and let that fall as well.


“There no need to hide,” whispered Lilith, “It’s just us girls.”


Sabrina shivered, “Sorry I just, it’s just um, been a long week.”


Her socks were next to join the growing pile of clothes. Lilith watched in fascinating.


“Nonsense,” she said as Sabrina turned, blushing furiously, to face her, “There nothing wrong with a little modesty, but you don’t need to hide anything from me .”


Sabrina’s eyes were dark and Lilith bit back a grin as she watched her blush spread down her neck and across her chest. She could smell it on her, the innocent- the virginity- and the arousal.


Taking Sabrina’s right wrist in her in hand, Lilith held her gaze for a moment too long before examining the palm of Sabrina’s hand. She slowly checked her wrist, her arm, the tender underside.


“Can’t be too thorough,” Lilith said with the slightest lilt to her voice.


She repeated the process with the other arm. Lilith could feel Sabrina watching her, but she didn’t meet her gaze again. Instead, she gently pushed back Sabrina’s hair, checking around her neck. Lilith could feel Sabrina’s quick pulse, and the warmth of her skin.


She was overwhelmed by the yearning to lean in, to smell her hair. Lilith’s teeth were sharp and as much as she’d normally want to leave a map of bruises and bite marks across Sabrina’s unblemished skin, in this moment Lilith longed to gently kiss the curve where neck met shoulder. She wanted to feel the flutter of heartbeat under her lips, wanted to hear Sabrina sigh.


With no warned, Lilith knelt down in front of Sabrina, making her gasp. Sabrina pulled away but couldn’t go very far with Lilith’s hands circling her hips.


Gently, gently now, Lilith mentally reminded herself, loosening her grip. Not too rough, don’t scare her, don’t bruise.


“Are you alright my dear?” Lilith asked, looking up innocently.


“Yeah, yeah I- you surprised me,” Sabrina said breathlessly, moving closer again.


Still looking up, Lilith ran the pad of her thumb across the underside of Sabrina’s breasts. Lilith hummed to herself. Beneath her hands she was delighted to feel Sabrina tremble.


Finally, Sabrina glances down, meeting her gaze, flushing a brilliant bright red. Lilith licked her lips, knowing what a memorable image she made on her knees before the young half witch. Fingertips grazing the top of Sabrina’s underwear, Lilith tilted her head, raising an eyebrow in question.


Sabrina nodded and ever so slowly Lilith slipped her fingers under the waistband of her panties, sliding them down her legs so they lay in a pool at Sabrina’s feet. Just as slowly, she ran her hands up the outsides of Sabrina’s bare legs, eyes following and settling a little too long on the dark curls at the apex of her thighs. One small hand rested on Lilith’s shoulder as Sabrina steadied herself.


Hands circling her waist, Lilith carefully guided Sabrina to turn around. Then she wrapped a hand around her ankle, lifting it to check the sole of one foot, than the other. She glided her hands up Sabrina’s legs, coming to rest on her ass.


She drew a gasp as she spread her apart, checking every curve. Sabrina was trembling, but managed to stay on her feet.


Lilith turned her back around, and swiftly lifted one of Sabrina’s legs, resting it on her shoulder. Sabrina wobbled.


“You’re doing so good,” Lilith murmured, “Almost done.”


The softest whimper escaped Sabrina’s lips, as she watched Lilith on her knees.


With careful fingers, Lilith spread Sabrina’s slick folds. Sabrina’s breathing was heavy, and Lilith was delighted to find her so aroused by her touch, but she bit back both her smirk and comments. It would be better to leave her thinking she was merely performing a thorough examination. How easy it would be, she mused, to lean in and kiss her, to taste her, to give her her first touch of pleasure.


But there was no witch’s mark to be found, not between her legs nor on any inch of Sabrina’s pale skin. Setting Sabrina’s foot back on the ground, Lilith steadied herself by placing both hands on Sabrina’s slim waist and looked up at her.


“I don’t see a birthmark, my dear,” she said, “and I believe I was quite thorough.”


Sabrina had a glassy look in her eyes, and she watched unblinkingly as Lilith stood and stared back. The air was thick with pheromones and unspoken desire. They remained like that for a long moment before Sabrina seemed to realize where she was and what she wasn’t wearing.


“Oh!” She scrambled to pick up her clothes and hastily began to dress, “Thank you, Ms. Wardwell, I- I don’t know how to explain-”


Moving forward, Lilith reached out, grabbing the front of Sabrina’s unbuttoned blouse. Sabrina froze, mouth agape. But Lilith merely began buttoning her back up.


“No need to explain, my dear. It seemed oh so important to you, which makes it important to me as well. Thank you for trusting me enough to come to me for help,” She smiled, knowing her grin was one that suited a lioness about to pounce and not of a concerned teacher and mentor.


Sabrina’s breathing had gone shallow again but after a long moment she gave a short, jerking nod, and darted towards the door, fully dressed but shoes in hand.


Slowly, Lilith paced around to sit behind her desk again. Her face was just as hot as Sabrina’s had been, the memory of Sabrina’s soft skin still lingering on her fingertips.


It wouldn’t be long now...