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Jungkook prefers texting, always has. He supposes it's his shy nature, always getting tongue tied when expected to string together real sentences, but perfectly at ease and able to better articulate his thoughts when he has time to organize them. He's never really given much thought to what other people prefer, assumes his stance is pretty normal. Thus, he usually sticks to texting the other members rather than calling them. Even when he could easily just raise his voice to ask Hoseok if he knows where his laptop bag went.

The same applies with Jimin, who he's come to find he texts most often. Little things, mostly, but sometimes long drawn-out conversations that keep both of them busy late into the night.

yeah I know they added a new healer to Tera, which i really like

 oh really? It's about time haha

Jimin always humors him even when Jungkook knows for a fact that he's not really interested in the subject matter, and perhaps that's one of the many reasons he always finds himself choosing their text conversation over all his other contacts. It just. Makes him feel warm, cared for.

He tries his best to extend the same courtesy to Jimin, notes the marked improvement is his social skills thanks to this, able to make small talk for hours when before, he could barely keep his head above water with this kind of thing. And it's not hard, either. Jimin makes even the most mundane things interesting, always charming, even through text.

they have the best slushes, I got this mango one that is to. die. for. 😍

wow ur so cute

That's another thing. Jungkook feels a lot bolder when texting. He doesn't have to watch the other person's reactions to the sometimes ridiculous things he says, and they don't have to see the blush that most often decorates his face when he does.

😀😀 is the response he gets. He smiles to himself.

They've taken to flirting like this. Well, at least Jungkook thinks it's flirting. Secretly hopes it is. There's just something about Jimin, always has been, that makes people want to be close to him, and Jungkook thinks that even if it never amounts to anything, he's happy to be another victim. Never really even stood a chance, if he's being honest with himself.

So yeah, with the way things have been going, Jungkook is surprised when one night he gets an incoming call, right in the middle of one of their texting sessions, at 3 in the morning.

He panics, but he's swiping to answer before he can stop himself, instantly recognizing Jimin's contact photo, the two of them smushed together in front of the white sands of Saipan, smiling from ear to ear.

"H-hello?" He clears his throat, dry from disuse at this hour.

Familiar giggles crackle at him like bells from across the line.

"Hey, Googie. I'm tired, didn't feel like typing anymore. This is okay, right?"

And. Is it? Jungkook doesn't know, just knows it should be, that Jimin hasn't done anything wrong by phoning him and that he needs reassured of that. Now.

"Yeah of course, hyung. Why wouldn't it be?"

"Oh, I don't know. We always text, and besides, it's late."

"It's really fine, Jimin, I swear."

"Ya, where's your manners? Use your honorifics, brat!"

Jungkook laughs, genuinely, and he relaxes knowing things are normal, just like they always are.

"Yeah yeah, you know you love it, " Jungkook tries cheekily, endeared when he hears Jimin sigh in defeat. "So uh, where were we?"

"Mm, I think we were talking about how awesome a Black Widow movie would be. But I'm bored of that now."


"Yeah, let's talk about something else, Kookie."

He tries his very hardest not to sound like every straight white skeezball when he utters his next sentence, but he doesn't think he succeeds.

"Like what?"

Jimin seems to like it though, giggles again, his voice rougher in the wee hours, always slipping into that half-satoori he does when he's talking to Jungkook.

"Like... hm, I don't know. Do you like anyone, Jungkook?"

He's taken aback, to say the least. Sure, maybe they've crossed into this territory before, after nights of copious drinking, but it was always through text. It always felt safe.

"W-what do you mean?" He swears he tries to keep the waver out of his voice, but there it is anyway.

"Dont play dumb, brat. Like, who are you crushing on? Do you still like that one girl from EXID? What was her name again, LE?"

Jungkook feels his face heat. That was so long ago, when Jungkook had confessed to finding the rapper/songwriter attractive. It was back when they first debuted, so he's suprised Jimin remembers.

"That was so long ago, hyung. How do you remember that?"

"I remember everything you say, Jungkookie," he replies, like it goes without saying. "And that doesnt answer my question."

Jungkook gulps. Should he tell him the truth? That he hasn't thought about LE or anyone else besides Jimin for a very long time? He pauses for a long moment in deliberation, but eventually decides to go with another tactic. Test the waters, so to speak.

"No, uh. I'm actually kind of intrigued with Minho-hyung at the moment."

Jungkook holds his breath, and in the time it takes Jimin to respond, he imagines every way in which he just fucked things up. He misjudged things, and now Jimin hates him. Stupid, stupid-

"You... Minho?" Jungkook relaxes, but only slightly. While Jimin doesn't sound angry, he still sounds surprised.


"That's..." Jimin giggles then. "I like him too, though I like Key better.

Jungkook feels his eyes bulge out of his head.

"Y-you.. you're serious?"

"Mmhm. I don't think I'd ever date him though, he seems like a bit of a diva."

Jungkook hears himself laugh, distant and ringing in the quiet of the room. What. Well. This. Is unexpected.

"S-same," he finds himself saying, the reality of what they just indirectly admitted still not fully sinking in.

"Hey, Kook?"


"You wanna know why I really called you?"

"W-what do you mean, you said you were tired of typing-"

"I lied. It's your voice, Kook. I love the sound of it. It's so soothing to me, and I knew it would help me fall asleep."

Now Jimin sounds like the nervous one, and Jungkook can't possibly imagine why he would be when that's kind of everything he's ever wanted to hear and more.


"Dont make me say it again, brat." He has a feeling Jimin is blushing. He knows he is.

"So... what kind of things did you want me to say, hm? To uh, calm you down." The smirk in Jungkook's tone is evident, and he hears a huff across the line. Jimin's not the only one who knows how to tease.

"Shut up," he hears, but it sounds tight, pained, like Jimin is more affected than he's letting on. "I'm going to sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning, Kook."

And with that the line goes silent and Jungkook is left with nothing but the sound of dial tone.

Not realizing how exhausted he actually is, what with all the previous excitement, he decides he better turn in as well.

Just as he feels himself drifting, he hears the ding of a text notifacation. He reaches blindly for his phone and tries to make out the notif through his tired eyes.

this isn't over, kook. same time tomorrow?