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The Amell Family Tree

At this point in time, the Hawke family has only just settled on the outskirts of Lothering, Gamlen still resides at the Amell Estate as Lord Amell, along with his lowborn wife, Mara, and his cousin Revka and four of her five children (Firmin, Erasmus, Arminda, and Daylen). Her eldest, Delfina, was taken to the Circle as a young child. Revka’s brother, Damion, was frequently in trouble with the law. Although he has since passed, his troubles drained Revka’s father of their finances, leaving Revka and her family to live off of Gamlen’s charity. Revka’s mother, Verena, is sister to Viscount Perrin Threnhold. Not content to live off Gamlen’s hand-outs, she plots to raise her family’s fortunes once more.


The Vael Family Tree

The death of Old Prince Godfrey Vael the previous year has shaken the family to its core. His son, Ambrose, has finally succeeded to the throne. Without his grandfather looking out for his interests, Sebastian finds himself an outcast among his family. His mother, Sophia, is hardly any more accepted. It is well known that she has lost favor with both her husband and her eldest son (though the particulars remain a mystery to Sebastian) and now spends most of her time alone, keeping to herself. Jerome has seemingly lost all patience with Sebastian as his father grooms him as his heir. He has recently married a Fereldan noblewoman from a minor branch of the Cousland family and is already expecting their first child together. Basilius, disliking the changes that are happening to his family, has left Starkhaven to study in Antiva with his grandmother’s family.