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Mistletoes are a stupid Muggle tradition anyway (but i really wanna kiss you)

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The first time Namjoon talked to Jin was in his third year. Which is weird honestly, since Namjoon shared two mutual friends but never got around to talking to him. Namjoon had no idea who Kim Seokjin even was for the first two years at Hogwarts. In his first year, Namjoon hadn’t bothered to “get to know” anyone outside his own house, he was too busy focusing on his homeworks and classes. He remembered his mother telling him that it was crucial for him to make a good first impression on his teachers, and that is exactly what he did.
In his second year, he heard people talking about Kim Seokjin; Hufflepuff, second year, smart and extremely liked.
He was apparently very popular but Namjoon didn’t pay much attention. He didn’t have the time to. But then he became friends with Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi.
Jung Hoseok, the embodiment of the sun, was also another very popular
second year student. And Namjoon just couldn’t help but hide his confusion when the Hufflepuff boy sat next to him followed by rather grumpy looking Slytherin.
Hoseok smiled at him, (wow, it was blinding) and introduced himself, ignoring the grumpy cat-like boy’s complaints about wanting to sleep. Namjoon didn’t even realise he had become friends with the two until the ending quarter of his second year, blatantly realizing that he was hanging out with the two way too much.

He heard about Jin from Hoseok and Yoongi a lot, and he learned the duo were friends with Kim Seokjin too, but despite that, Namjoon never got around to meeting him that much. He knew what the boy looked like, he was very handsome, Namjoon could give him that. And he carried himself in such a confident manner, which Namjoon envied and admired at the same time. He seemed like the type of person that would never become his friend, let alone even want to talk to Namjoon.

But then he did talk to him. In his third year, during potions. And one would think it would be a normal meeting, maybe bumping into each other, or meeting at a library. But this was Kim Namjoon. Everything that happened around him was a not-so-normal disaster.


Namjoon stood in his Potions class, stunned as he saw Seokjin enter the room, huffing and out of breath. What was he doing here? Last time Namjoon checked, Seokjin definitely didn’t take Potions with him. But then he had to facepalm himself because today was the first class of the new year, and yes, Hufflepuff had potions with Ravenclaw.
“IQ. 148 my ass” he muttered to himself.

He stood watching with wide eyes as Seokjin made his way towards him with Hobi trailing after him waving at Namjoon excitedly. He watched helplessly as both of them placed their stuff on their desk and even as Hobi turned towards Namjoon, to smile at him, all Namjoon could focus on was Seokjin's shoulders as he took out his cauldron and set it on the table.

Merlin's beard, how wide were they? He was half tempted to take out a measuring scale and see exactly how wide they were.

Seokjin moved and Namjoon immediately looked down at his potions textbook, blushing. Thankfully Professor Slughorn had entered and was now writing down the ingredients that were needed to make the Sleeping Draught they were making today.

His partner Jihoon was now adding ingredients to their shared cauldron and he handed him a vat of valerion which he absently added. The only thing that had alerted him to the fact that something was wrong was a sudden hiss and without warning the the inside of the cauldron started bubbling fiercely, aflame.

A loud cracking sound caused everyone to let out a collective gasp and Namjoon saw Seokjin's eyes widen before Namjoon stumbled back and fell on his ass. He shuffled his feet frantically towards himself, trying to get away from the lava-like contents of the cauldron that were spilling down the table.
Namjoon squeezed his eyes shut. He had no know idea what happened next, but all he knew was that the warmth from the hot and uncooked potion was suddenly gone and he cracked one eye open to see Seokjin with his wand out muttering a spell under his breath. The potion flew back into the now sealed cauldron.
Namjoon let out a deep breath and just stared as Seokjin hastily put his wand back, ignoring Slughorn's cheery remarks and stopped to sit next to Namjoon
“Are you okay?” He whispered and Namjoon knew his eyes were wide. But it was justified.
The first time Namjoon really really saw and talked to Seokjin, he thought he was a Greek god.


Three years later, 6th year~


Namjoon dragged his hand over his face and groaned, shrugging off Jin’s arm over his shoulders.
“Hyung! Please, I need to concentrate on this! I won’t have time to study later, because I’m meeting up with Lysander and Roxanne to discuss plans about the Ball.”
Jin huffed and Namjoon forced himself to not spare his best friend a glance. "If you ignore him maybe he’ll get bored and leave you alone". He thought to himself before he started flipping through his book again. He felt Jin glare at him before finally giving up and bringing his cup of pumpkin juice upto his lips.
Hoseok giggled in front of them, “You two really need to kiss or something to break this sexual tension.”
Namjoon froze and Jin choked on his pumpkin juice, coughing repeatedly, violently. Namjoon quickly patted the elder’s back as he rolled his eyes at Hoseok, “So original Hobi, why don’t you go giggling about all this to your tea-party friends?”
“Hey. First of all, I don’t always giggle and gush about you guys to the Hufflecookies, and secondly, I was joking anyways I don't get why you have to be so serious-”
Hobi got interrupted as Yoongi suddenly flopped down beside him, looking tired and worn out as usual. Hobi let out a happy screech and enveloped Yoongi in a hug. Hobi clung to Yoongi who looked mildly annoyed, but Namjoon knew better and he bit down his smile, observing the colour rising up Yoongi’s neck.
Namjoon concentrated and as if on cue, a voice flowed into Namjoon’s head- Yoongi’s voice:
Oh Merlin, he’s hugging me, he’s touching me, he’s- okay calm down Yoongi you’re blushing, he’ll notice- fuck Namjoon is listening isn’t he-”
Yoongi looked up and caught Namjoon’s gaze. He glared at him but Namjoon just gave him a knowing smirk.
Suddenly Hobi extracted himself away from Yoongi, and got up, adjusting his robes, “Anyways, I need to go, need to meet up with Minseok.” He winked at the rest and practically skipped away. The way Yoongi’s shoulders slumped at the mention of Minseok didn’t go unnoticed by Namjoon and he frowned. He couldn’t do much about it, so he got up, “I’m going too, I have to meet the heads, we’re discussing the details of the Winter Ball.”

Jin looked up at him, “This is gonna help you with the headboy position, isn’t it?”
“Yeah, hyung.” Namjoon grinned and Jin smiled at him nodding, “You’d make an amazing headboy, Joon-ah, you know that right?”

Namjoon blushed slightly, as he tried hiding his smile in the sleeve of his robe. Namjoon had always wondered how he and Jin had come around to become best friends. They were completely different from each other, but at times like this, Namjoon couldn’t help but be grateful for Seokjin. His hyung really always knew the right thing to say. If it wasn’t for Jin, he never would’ve even thought of becoming headboy- he was laying down near the Great Lake with Jin, wondering about how they were only two years away from graduating, and then Jin had told him that he’d probably be the headboy. Namjoon had scoffed but then had to sit through a twenty-minute lecture about he was the perfect headboy.

He didn’t know how he had become best friends with Jin. But he knew one thing: he really didn’t regret it.




“So, Yoongi, have you decided who you're going with?”
“Not really, Hoseok-ah, I'm not in the mood. Maybe I'll just sleep it out.”
“But you can't miss the Ball! It's going to be epic!” Hoseok exclaimed.
“Don’t you have half the fifth and sixth years lining up to go with you, Hoseok?” Namjoon added, and earning a light kick from Jin who glared at him.
Hoseok's nose scrunched as he rolled his eyes, “They are, but I'm not taking any of them.”
Namjoon sighed, “You should be grateful, I haven't been asked by anyone, and when I talked to Lisa and Jisoo about it, they just laughed as if I should've expected it!”
Hoseok chuckled and Yoongi smirked lightly. Namjoon looked to his left and caught Jin looking at him with an unreadable expression. But it was quickly replaced by a mischievous glint,
“You know I could always take you Joonie,”
Namjoon rolls his eyes and scoffs, “Why would you want to go with me, hyung?”
“Why wouldn't I?” Jin tucked his chin in the palm of his hand leaned over, closer to Namjoon, “You're cute Joon-ah, and you're hot, I mean, you're totally my type.” Namjoon felt heat rise up his neck and his whole body tensed as he slightly leaned away from Jin. He knew the older boy was joking, many students often joked about the nature of his relationship with Seokjin, but it usually ended up with Namjoon being mildly flustered and annoyed, and Jin closing the space between them, throwing his arm around Namjoon and basically just acting like the confident dumbass he is.
But right now? This was new. Jin volunteeringly “flirting” with Namjoon just for the sake of a joke? This
Jin was smiling at him, his eyes shining with mischief, and something else Namjoon wasn't able to identify. He cleared his throat subtly, “Why would I go with you?” He managed and Jin's smile faltered slightly. The Hufflepuff opened his mouth to speak but Namjoon beat him to it,
“I mean, hyung, no offense but I really wouldn't want to go with you, I mean- uh” he was struggling with his words now, everything he was saying was coming out wrong. He tried laughing it off, but his laugh came out as choked. He knew the moment the words left his mouth he regretted it, and the way Jin’s smile dropped, he felt his stomach drop with it. He stopped talking and turned in his seat so that he was now facing Yoongi and Hoseok. Both of them were quiet, Hoseok looking disappointed and Yoongi frowning as he just played with his fork. Namjoon glanced back at Jin and the older boy was now looking at his own food, smiling.
“Well I’m gonna go to my dorm, you know how I am about my beauty sleep.” He said with a smile that was clearly forced- Namjoon had known Jin long enough to be able to tell when the older was masking his emotions- and right now he smiled at everyone with a smile that wasn’t quite reaching his eyes.
Namjoon watched as Jin walked away from the table, and his shoulders slumped. He turned to see Hoseok suddenly get up and bolt after Jin and he frowned and turned to Yoongi.
“Are you happy now, Namjoon?”
“What? Why-”
Yoongi cuts him off, scoffing.
“I can’t wait to see how you’ll fix this one.” He says and gets up to trail after Hoseok.


Namjoon knows Jin is upset. Jin still talks to him, but he knows he’s upset. He still talks to him, as if nothing happened but whenever Namjoon would try to bring up the fact that Jin still seems upset, the older would just quickly change the subject. This would often lead to Yoongi glaring at him and Hoseok just frowning and shaking his head disapprovingly.
“Apologise.” Yoongi would say and Namjoon would sigh and turn to Jin to do just that, but Jin would never give him a chance.

Fuck, this was frustrating.


Namjoon slipped into the bath, sighing. The bubbly, soapy water tingled against his cold skin and he hissed slightly as he let the warmth engulf him.
He was frustrated, angry and upset. Jin wasn’t being himself, Hobi and Yoongi were mad at him and the heads had decided it would be best for Namjoon to practically manage the whole Ball. He rolled his shoulders and brought his hands up to his head, brushing his fingers through his hair.
Why was Jin mad at him? Did it really hurt his pride that much that Namjoon said no to going to the Ball with him?
Why was Jin so frustrating?- Namjoon groaned as he buried his face in his hands- Why was this affecting him?- Namjoon flinched slightly as he felt a twinge in his chest- He was frustrated, he was just frustrated- Namjoon’s hands disappeared into the water, tugging at the waistband of his boxers as he slipped them off to his ankles. He hissed as his hands wrapped around his length.
“This is the prefects bathroom, Namjoon,” He reminded himself, “Anyone could walk in, it’s, it’s-”
Somehow that made him stroke even faster.
Namjoon threw his head back as he ran his hands stopping at the tip where the precum was slippery, he huffed, breaths uneven.

Fuck. Fuck.

He was so damn frustrated and no one had touched him so intimately for months now and this felt so so good.

He threw his head back against the head of the bath, using some of the soap to make it smoother and- “prefects bathroom, Namjoon, don't-”
He bit down on his lip to stop himself from moaning.
“Fuck.” He muttered, “Oh, fuck.”
"Just a bit more, just a bit more, just a bit more-"
A loud clatter sounded in the room and Namjoon whipped his head up, his hands letting go of his dick.
Panic flushed through him as he just realised what had happened and he quickly pulled up the boxers, water rippling around him.
Someone cleared their throat from somewhere near the entrance.
And then Jin entered the bathroom.


Jin is the first to speak: “Hey,uh- you done in there?”
Namjoon stares at him before quickly turning to grab the nearest folded towel. “Uh- yeah I’m- I was just leaving.” He gets out of the bath, quickly tying the towel around his waist. He glances back at Jin who suddenly averts his gaze from the younger, and goes back to placing his fresh set of clothes and robes on the rack near the bath. Maybe, he didn’t see anything?
Namjoon quickly disappears into an empty stall. He hears the titles and metal shift as Jin drains water from the bath, and then the taps squeak as fresh water starts filling it up. Once enough time has passed, Namjoon allows himself to exit the stall. He dries his hair in front of the sink and mirror, and subtly enough, watches Jin in the bath. The elder is washing his hair and maybe if he could-
He concentrates, aligning his own thoughts, focusing on a preoccupied Jin.
For a millisecond he’s certain he actually got past Jin, and that he could finally hear the elders thoughts, but his hopes are crushed as he is met with solid black silence. Dammit.

“Stop trying to read my mind Joon-ah, you always try and it never works.”
“H-how’d you-”
“You had that weird concentrating face on.”
“Oh.” Namjoon says, blushing slightly, “Sorry, see you later, hyung”

He decides leaving Jin alone for a while is the best solution but, the little voice inside his head, (which coincidentally sounds a lot like Yoongi) keeps telling him to: “Get his head out of his fucking ass and face the stupid fucking problem head on.”

So he stays outside the bathroom, standing there at first, but then slumping against the wall, because Jin really does take so fucking long to take a bath.

Namjoon waited for another half hour, ignoring the weird looks he was receiving from other students. He had almost given up, when he heard a metallic screech from inside the bathroom, indicating that Jin was done. Namjoon straightened himself and when Jin came out of the bathroom, his wet hair sticking to his forehead, Namjoon smiled at him. Jin stopped and looked at Namjoon his eyes wide with confusion, “Namjoon-ah, I thought you left about an hour ago,” He brought his hand up to his hair, brushing his bangs out of his eyes. Namjoon gave him a tight smile, “Yeah, I know, I said I was but… surprise?” He waved his hands for effect. Jin did not look amused. “Namjoon. What is it?” Jin had his arms crossed in front of him, an eyebrow raised slightly.
“Hyung, I- I’m sorry.”
Jin’s expression softened the slightest bit, and Namjoon watched as his tongue slipped out to wet his lips, He seemed to be waiting for Namjoon to explain, so Namjoon inhaled sharply, “I shouldn’t have said that I wouldn’t go with you, it was mean and um- I just… you’re my best friend hyung, and I know it was totally uncalled for-”
“Namjoon-ah stop, you’re blabbering, it’s embarrassing.”
Namjoon shut his mouth promptly, eyes widening ever so slightly in anticipation.
Jin sighed, “Joonie, I forgive you, yes it did kind of hurt me- but that’s not important. The important thing is that we can both go to the Ball now with this stupid, er- fight behind us.”
“Wait- really? We're okay now?” Namjoon asked, eyes wide, Jin nodded.
“That’s- Thank you Hyung! I wow- I missed you.”
Jin smiled, “I missed you too Joonie,” and Namjoon ushered them to start walking.Heading towards their dorms, and Namjoon felt an unfamiliar giddiness in his stomach; Jin was finally talking to him again and it felt nice- and wow, he really did miss the older boy, "So Jin hyung, speaking of the Ball," he started and Jin turned to look at him, a questioning look on his face, "Roxanne and Lysander both thought it would be hilarious to give me almost all the duties that night-"
Jin scrunched his nose, "Ouch. That sucks, Joon-ah."
"I know, and I worked so hard too," he pouted and Jin gave him a smile and they continued walking down the hall. Jin sighed as they climbed another set of shifting stairs, "Well, did you manage to ask someone to the Ball?" He spoke carefully and Namjoon felt heat rise up his face, still feeling like it was a sensitive topic to talk about, right after they had just made up.
"Um-" Namjoon started, "No, I think I'll be going alone," he chuckled, "Besides I'll be busy all night so..."
He felt Jin give him a side glance, "Hyosang asked me to go with him." Namjoon felt his whole body freeze up. He turned to look at Jin.
"So, um- you going with him?" Namjoon asked him, hating how his voice was betraying him.
"Yes, I am." Jin answered matter-of-factly and hopped off the stairs and Namjoon followed dumbly, not daring to speak another word. Jin stopped and his eyes met with Namjoon's. Namjoon felt his heart pace quicken under his hyung's heavy glance, as if Jin was searching his face for something and Namjoon just pressed his lips into a thin line, praying his features didn't give anything away.
"I'm gonna go now, Hufflepuff dorms are that way." Jin said, finally breaking the silence, as his lips curved upwards into a smile.
"Yeah, yeah for sure-" Namjoon added dumbly and forced a smile back. He waited till Jin rounded the corner to the common room, giving Namjoon one last smile before disappearing, and then Namjoon bolted, running towards the dungeon.




"Yoongi. Hyung. Wake up!" Namjoon whispered into a sleeping Yoongi's ear. Yoongi rustled but didn't budge, so Namjoon shook him slightly, "Hyung please-"
"What the fuck? What is it?" Yoongi hissed as he turned to Namjoon, glaring.
"Move over," Namjoon mumbled and Yoongi gave him one last death glare, before shifting in the bed ever so slightly. Namjoon slipped under the covers, beside Yoongi.
"Seokjin and I made up today."
Yoongi scoffed, "Took you long enough. Did you apologise?"
"Yeah, and he forgave me. I m-missed him."
Namjoon thanked Merlin that the dorm was dark so that it hid Namjoon's pink-tinted cheeks well.
"I knew that already." Yoongi said and turned over in the bed, so that his back was facing Namjoon.
Namjoon played with his fingers, "Hyung?"
He heard Yoongi sigh before he hummed in response. "Hyosang. He um- he asked hyung to the Ball?"
Yoongi hummed again, in affirmation.
Namjoon sighed, "Oh."
Yoongi shifted again, his neck turning as he glanced at Namjoon, frowning, "Why'd you ask?"
"Hyung, do you um- know the guy?"
"Jin Hyosang? Not really, he's a year older. I've heard he's had his eyes on Jin for a while now."
Eyes on Jin.
A while now.
Namjoon felt his breath hitch, "Oh."
"Namjoon, are you jealous?"
Namjoon choked on his own spit.
"No." He answered when he had calmed himself.
Yoongi gave him a look, before turning over again. He hummed. "I wasn't okay with it, you know?" He mumbled and Namjoon looked at him confused, "Hyosang has this- er- reputation? I mean- let's just say he's not the kind for Jin hyung- unless he’s got a thing for one-night-stands that we don't know about." Yoongi's voice was now fading and Namjoon could tell he was falling asleep.
Namjoon frowned, he had a bad feeling about this Hyosang guy from the moment Jin had mentioned him, but now?
He bit his lip, trying to suppress a yawn before slipping out of the bed and making his way towards his own dorm.
He decided to ignore the way Yoongi straightened himself before muttering a small "fucking finally".




A night before the Ball and Namjoon is twisting and turning in his bed. It's an anxious feeling that has been eating him up since yesterday; the night before yesterday. Namjoon feels like ants are crawling over his skin. He didn't dare speak to Jin about his intuition about Hyosang after his talk with Yoongi. He knew better than to get Jin to be upset at him (again).
"Yah, Hoseok?" He muttered and Hoseok hummed in response. Namjoon could see the Hufflepuff from where he was laying, his eyes scanning over the homework he was trying to complete.
"Do you think Jin likes Hyosang?"
Hoseok looked up from his work. "I don't know, Namjoon. But isn't that the point of bringing new people to Balls and stuff? To see if you might like each other?"
Namjoon gulped. "I guess, yeah. But don't you think Hyosang might not be taking it too seriously? I mean what if he ends up hurting hyung? Or-"
"Joon-ah. Stop overthinking. If you really wanted to take care of Jin you could've gone with him. Too bad it's already too late.”
"I- I never said I wanted to take him." He mumbled and Hoseok rolled his eyes.
"Sure whatever you say, Joonie."
Namjoon scrunched his nose in disgust.
"Don't call me that."
Hoseok laughed, “Sure. Of course you wouldn't want anyone to call you that. It's so cringey. But eh it's totally okay for Jin to call you that.”
Namjoon didn't reply, and instead rolled over, stretching out his legs and making sure to kick Hoseok.
He pulled the covers over himself to hide the blush that had bloomed over his cheeks.



Hyosang sat with Jin hyung that morning. Namjoon was pissed. He didn't like Hyosang. He didn't like the way Jin laughed at his jokes. He didn't like the way Jin ignored the fact that Hyosang was practically devouring the Hufflepuff with his eyes. He didn't like Jin bashfully looking down at his hands as Hyosang brushed some of the hair out of
Jin's eyes. He didn't like the way Hyosang called Seokjin, "Jinnie". And when he got up and left, Namjoon couldn't help but glare at the Slytherin's retreating figure.
At this point Namjoon didn't even care that he was being too obvious. He was jealous. Sue him.
He was still trying to figure everything out. He didn't know where he stood, or where Jin stood. He cared for Jin. Of course he did. His best friend, Jin. And maybe it got him all thinking, the endless taunts, the assumptions about the nature of their relationship, maybe it wasn't exactly something he was afraid of-

When Hyosang got up to leave he turned to Jin immediately.
"Hyung? Are you sure you want to go with him?"
Jin turned to him, eyebrows raising. He searched Namjoon's face for a while, before sighing. "Yes, Namjoon. I want to. And even if I didn't, it's too late now. The Ball is tonight and I definitely for one do not want to show up alone."
Namjoon frowned but nodded stiffly. Not your place. He reminded himself. Fine.

"Joonie where are you going?"
"Gonna get some sleep before I need to start working."
"You just woke up though!" Jin stated, his eyes wide, concerned.
"I- uh- didn't get much sleep last night." He wasn't lying, and he spun fast on his heel, trying to get away from the Ravenclaw Table, before Jin could ask him why.

He really had all the intentions to go to his dorm and get some well deserved sleep. But he just couldn't. Not after he saw or rather heard Jin Hyosang, in the direction opposite to the Ravenclaw Tower. Not after he very unmistakably heard the word "Seokjin" slip off the Slytherin's tongue.
He followed the older boy down the hall and stopped just before they rounded a corner. They weren't too far away from the Great Hall and Namjoon wondered if Jin was with Hyosang.
Except he wasn't.
Except Hyosang wasn't with Jin, but with some other nameless guy.
Except Jin wasn't there, but Hyosang was talking about him. They were laughing.
"Nope- he's an easy, but good catch. I mean I'll have him in bed with me by the end of the night. Probably even find out if he really is like everyone says he is-- like a slu-"


Namjoon saw red.

He didn't process as he had stomped around the corner and grabbed the boy by the scruff of his collar. He didn't process when he had thrown a punch in the Slytherin's face, pushing him to ground.
"You fucker!"
He punched.
"Stay-" he grabbed the collar again, pinning him down, "-the fuck away from Seokjin!"
He might've thrown another punch, he couldn't tell,
"Keep his name out of your fucking mouth..." Someone was trying to pull him away, "Or I will end you, you fucking bastard!"
"Namjoon! Get off him!" It was Yoongi, one arm curled around Namjoon's waist, one under his arm.
Hyosang looked horrified and only when Yoongi was successful in pulling Namjoon away did he realise they had had an audience.
Namjoon tried blinking away the blurriness, and realised he had teared up slightly.
Yoongi pressed him against a wall, and Namjoon could only slump against it. He looked around, breaths uneven.
Hyosang had gotten up, hands over his face as his friends simply helped him run away from Namjoon. Panting, he leaned his head against the wall.
"Joon what the fuck?!"
"Namjoon what were you thinking?!"
He looked up, his eyes meeting with Jin's.
Jin dropped to his knees beside him, and brought his hand up to smack the younger's head.
"Yah! What were you thinking?! Getting into a fight like that! Do you r-realise- your position- you-" he was faltering, he didn't know who to blame, Jin was like that when he was angry and trying not to cry.
"He almost- hyung he- he almost called you a slut."
Jin went silent.
All three of them did. Namjoon just sighed, brought his head back to his knees, looking away from everyone.
"He was going on and on about you being an easy catch and I don't know I just- I lost it." He mumbled, but it was loud enough for them to hear.
He looked up at Jin again, who was staring back, eyes searching Namjoon's face for some kind of explanation.
Instead, Namjoon just looked up, at Hoseok and Yoongi both looking like they were in deep thought.
"What?" He snapped at the two.
Yoongi just sighed as Hoseok shook his head.
He threw his arms up, before shaking his head, "Whatever," he got up, "I'm gonna go to the library to study before they call me to make sure the Ball is being set up adequately."
"But I thought you were tired..." Came Jin's small voice, he was still sitting on the floor and Namjoon noticed that the hem of the fabric of his robes was between the older's fingers.
Namjoon looked at him for a second, maybe he even froze for a bit. But then he shook off the feeling, "I'm not tired anymore." He saw Jin open his mouth to argue, but Namjoon cut him off immediately,
"I'm- I'm fine hyung." He assured him, "Just um- please just dump that asshole."


And he quickly shuffled away.






Namjoon, with a little (a lot) help from Hoseok, had been able to dress up pretty decently; a pale gold dress shirt with a black robe over it. Hoseok told him to slick his hair back and when he did, he realized he actually did look pretty decent. His hair was more of a faded ash brown, and Namjoon made a mental note to dye them soon.
Hoseok had given him an approved nod before he had started fixing his own deep purple robe.
"Do you wanna wear the gold chains too?" He asked pointing to his own jewelry.
"Merlin, Hobi, no, I already feel like I'm overdoing it."
"You look good, Namjoon stop it!"
Namjoon rolled his eyes as Hoseok skipped over to the common room.
He heard Hoseok call out for Seokjin and Yoongi.
"I'm done, Jin is still inside though."
"Jin hyung get out here we're going to be late!" Hoseok bellowed, banging on the older's door.
Yoongi grabbed Hoseok by the scruff of his collar, pulling him away, smacking the back of his head.
Namjoon smiled and opened his mouth to laugh at the two, but the laughter died in his throat immediately. Jin walked out the dorm room, and Namjoon almost choked on air.
The older was wearing a soft pink dress robe.
And his hair was blonde.
There, in front of him Kim Seokjin stood, with blonde hair, pushed back, exposing his forehead, instead of his usual light brown hair and bangs. He was wearing no jewelry except for a silky looking white choker which somehow made Namjoon's knees feel weak. The first two buttons of his white dress shirt were open and the shirt itself hugged his figure accentuating his tiny waist.
Oh. Oh fuck.
"Let's- Let's get going." Namjoon managed, turning fast on his feet, so that he finally took his eyes of the older. He ignored the way he almost tripped on the carpet, causing Jin to laugh out loud.



Namjoon looked around the Great Hall that had been transformed. The usual long tables had been removed and instead there were several round tables with an expanse of floor in between for dancing. There were numerous statues of sculpted ice and there were snowflakes gently falling from the ceiling which had been transfigured and depicted a breathtaking starry night. There was a long table at the back which would later have a huge buffet which had been prepared by the house elves with the help of many students ( a lot of Slytherins had been affected by the S.P.E.W).
The others seemed to have been enjoying themselves too, because whenever Namjoon would look over to them he'd see Hobi dancing wildly, and Yoongi and Jin smiling at him. He would occasionally catch Jin swaying to the music and Namjoon couldn't help but find it adorable.

The music blared and filled the Hall, everyone was dancing. Namjoon walked over to one of the tables, pouring himself some punch. His eyes immediately fell on his friends; Hoseok had been joined by three fifth years- two of which were dancing with Hobi, while one seemed rather shy, glancing around, smiling bashfully. Yoongi stood behind Hoseok and Jin sat on one of the benches, a small tight smile playing on his lips.
Suddenly, the air in the room shifted and Namjoon felt suffocated. The loud music seemed to fade away and, as if he's being pulled, he started walking towards his friends-- towards Jin.
He walked past Hoseok,Yoongi and the three friends, ignoring their questioning but warm looks. He stopped in front of Jin, and was suddenly aware of how stupid he looks, blankly and awkwardly just standing there.
He croaked, robotically extending his arm to hand one of the cups to Jin.
Jin looked at the cup, then back at him, before smiling, accepting it.
"Thank you, Joonie."
He sat next to the Hufflepuff, awkwardly shifting around. Jin glanced at him and then playfully swiped at the younger's shoulder.
"I thought you were going to be busy tonight. Didn't expect you to make time for me."
Namjoon let out a breathy laugh, but didn't say anything. Instead he looked over to the rest of his friends, Yoongi looked unamused as the three maknaes tried talking to him.
"Yoongi looks like he's having fun." He stated and Jin laughed before his eyes scanned over the mass of dancing students. Namjoon noticed the elder’s forehead crease and brows furrow.
"Hey, why's Hoseok looking at us like that?"
Namjoon followed the elder's gaze, and his eyes landed on Hoseok staring back at them. He had a weird look on his face and when Namjoon's eyes met his, he smirked.
And then he left.

What the fuck?

“Well he's gone now.” Namjoon spoke up looking back at Jin who just nodded, bringing his cup to his lips. He sipped and swallowed and Namjoon turned his attention towards the students again.
Aish. I came here to have a good time!” Jin whined suddenly, flexing his legs out.
Namjoon chuckled but before he could reply there was a sudden halt to the upbeat music. There was a scratching of vinyl and the music started again; only this time it was slow and sensual. There was a instant change in the Hall's atmosphere as students started scrambling around dividing into pairs.
“Now they're just mocking me.” Jin mused and Namjoon turned to find Jin watching the students, his lips in a small pout, but his eyes wistful and in deep thought.

Maybe… he could…
Namjoon concentrated but before he could even do something, Jin's neck snapped as he turned to him,
“Stop trying to read my mind, Joon-ah. What part of me being skilled at occumulency, don't you understand?”

Namjoon averted his gaze from the elder, embarrassed and suddenly without knowing what he was doing, he got up.
“Jin hyung.” He started and Jin looked up at him, startled.
“Let's dance.” the words were out before he could stop them and he felt himself grow nervous with every passing second. He ignored the urge to look away as he saw Jin's eyes widen.
He was ready to turn around and leave before Jin took his extended hand, leading him to the dance floor.

Jin smiled up at him as Namjoon instinctively grabbed ahold of the elder's waist. They swayed to the music, Jin leading the two.
“You look really nice today, Joonie.”
Namjoon gave him a small smile, as they took a step to the left, “Thanks hyung. You- uh- you look really good too.”
Jin laughed, “You also look very cute when you're embarrassed. Reminds me of the time I caught you jerking off in the bathroom.”
Namjoon blanched, “W-what? You saw?!”
“Didn't see, just heard.” He answered, winking and Namjoon blushed furiously.
“Please never talk about this again.” He groaned and Jin just laughed. They continued dancing, and Jin sighed,
“Namjoon, I never thought you'd ask me to dance tonight.” he said, tense atmosphere evaporating immediately.
Namjoon smiled a dimpled smile, genuinely enjoying the way he twirled Jin around before placing his hands to his waist to sway around again.
“Neither did I, hyung, but I owed it to you.”
“For what Joonie?” Jin questioned, voice curious but eyes sparkling with a knowing glint.
“I just- I think I wanted to make sure you had fun tonight.” He whispered, and suddenly was aware of how close he and the elder were. They were now just swaying in place, Jin's hand firmly on the younger's back.
He looked up to meet Jin's eyes, who was staring right back. And, wow, Namjoon hadn't seen Jin this close before.
“I am,” Jin whispered back,
“I am enjoying myself,” and Namjoon swallowed as he felt Jin's hand move along his back through the thick fabric of the robe.
The spell between the two broke suddenly as Namjoon noticed a few whispers from around them.
What the…
He looked up and his eyes met with a grinning Hoseok's. He looked around to find Yoongi- the Slytherin stood next to Hoseok and his gaze was fixed on something over Namjoon and Jin's head.
He almost sprained his neck due to how fast he snapped it to look at the ceiling.
And there it was.
A fucking--

"Mistletoe." Namjoon heard Jin whisper and he looked down back at him, eyes widened.
"Jin I-" his words caught in his throat and his palms turned sweaty as he let go of Jin. The older just looked at Namjoon, blinking.
They backed away from each other, leaving a distance of two feet between them.
Namjoon glanced at the mistletoe as it shook slightly.
“I mean it’s just a stupid muggle tradition-we don’t have to-you know-”
And then it screamed.

Fuck Hoseok. Fuck Hoseok and his wide knowledge of stupid fucking charms. The scream was loud. Louder than the music and it was so so high pitched. Namjoon covered his ears in agony and he might've moved further away from the mistletoe because it got louder.
“Namjoon! It's charmed!”
“Yeah, no shit, Hoseok!” Namjoon screamed back, his hands over his ears.
He glanced up and took off one of his hand reaching out to grab Jin and pull him close.
Above them the mistletoe shook happily and Namjoon glared at it.
“You need to kiss.” Hoseok told them calmly as if it was obvious.
“What-I-What” Jin sputtered, as his eyes danced from Hoseok to Namjoon.
“Joon-ah, you don't have to if you don't want to. I'm sure we can reverse the charm or something!”
Namjoon looked at Jin, and he bit his lip.
Here goes nothing.
“I don't mind.”
Jin's eyes met his, immediately, shocked.
“I said I don't mind, hyung. If you don't want to then it's fine…”
Jin shook his head, “I'm not- I don't- but Namjoon are you sure? I mean you know I'd never force you to do somethingmph-”
Namjoon had closed in, placing his lips on Jin’s and honestly he was going for just a peck, but the second he closed the space between himself and Jin, he couldn't back up and Jin’s lips felt as his soft as they looked. He made a noise at the back of his throat and the hand that was previously at his back was now slowly, deliciously sliding up and he just couldn’t back away- not yet.
And then Jin was kissing back, his hand now on the back of Namjoon's neck, the other in his hair.
Namjoon circled the older's waist, pulling him closer. Jin sighed against Namjoon's lips and the younger swiped his tongue against Seokjin's bottom lip. Jin gave him access and fuck Namjoon was so not okay.
It felt like eternal bliss and he was kissing Jin and Jin was kissing back and they were just-he didn’t know what the fuck was happening only that it felt amazing, and he knew people were watching and he knew the charm was already broken but he just couldn't bring himself to pull away. It felt so good.
His mind had shut down and all he could think about were Jin's lips on his own.
And just-
Jin was beautiful. Jin was amazing. Jin was… pulling away?
Namjoon couldn't help himself as a whine of protest escaped his throat.
Jin was breathing heavily, his pupil dilated. Namjoon noticed as he gulped, looking at anything but Namjoon .
“I… uh”
Namjoon frowned, “Hyung-”
“I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.” He muttered and realising that Namjoons arms were still around his waist he gently removed them and bolted out of the room.
Namjoon just watched him, confused and a little bit disoriented.
Did Jin not like it? Did he feel disappointed about Jin not liking it?


“Alright! Nothing to see here, go back to your dancing.” Yoongi's voice rang through the Hall and people started shuffling away.
Namjoon felt someone touch his shoulder. It was Hoseok.
“Go after him.” He whispered into Namjoon's ear and Namjoon did just that, hightailing his way out of the Hall.





In all his years of knowing Kim Seokjin, being his best friend, Namjoon had learned that Seokjin was quite good at masking his emotions. At first Namjoon had learned to just leave him be. But then as time past and he and the Hufflepuff grew closer, Namjoon started realising that reading the elder's emotions wasn't that hard.
Sure, Namjoon had tried reading Seokjin's mind at first, and had to learn the hard way that Seokjin was skilled in occumulency.

He could tell when the elder was feeling sad at times, and he realised, as they became closer friends, that he would do anything he could to help him feel better, even without knowing the reason behind the sadness.
It was simple; be there for Jin, don't ask questions.

Right now, however, Namjoon felt nervous. Nervous because he didn't know why his hyung was upset. Nervous because he didn't know why he was nervous.
And when he finally did find Seokjin, huddled in a corner of kitchens eating what looked like chocolate chip ice cream, he felt his whole chest grow warm.
Jin looked up at him with wide eyes and slightly red rimmed. His cheeks were blotchy and Namjoon’s heart stopped beating for a few seconds as he realised the elder was crying.
"I- Namjoon, hey." He whispered before filling his mouth with more spoonfuls of ice cream.
"Jin. Are you alright?"
Jin looked away.
"Jin you need to talk to m-"
Namjoon felt his heart drop, "What?"
"I said n-no. I don't want to talk about it."
Namjoon searched Jin's face, frowning. The Hufflepuff curled up further, eyebrows furrowed. "Be there for him. Be there for Jin."
"Okay, but I'm staying right here," he whispered, shifting into a more comfortable position beside Jin.
A few beats passed and then he heard Jin sigh loudly.
"Yes, hyung?"
Namjoon saw how he gulped, "Just do it Namjoon."
Namjoon's eyes widened.
"D-do what?"
"What? No! No, just- I- just read my mind!"
Namjoon felt his mouth go slack and he had to wait a few moments to process what he had just heard.
"I uh-"
"Namjoon. Shut up."
They sat in silence for a while as Namjoon contemplated on what to do. Should he-
"Oh for fuck's sake, Joon-ah!" Jin exclaimed and then-
Seokjin's thoughts flowed into Namjoon's mind as if they were liquid. Namjoon blushed at the thought of finally being able to read his hyung's mind but he quickly shook it off and concentrated.


"Embarrassed... embarrassment... stupid Seokjin...stupid stupid stupid..." Namjoon frowned, but continued listening, "it felt so nice... Namjoon... He looks so hot..." Namjoon gulped, blushing. "Why did I deepen the kiss...he probably thinks I'm-... why did I have to do that... embarrassed myself.... stupid...stupid...kiss... namjoon... please."
Namjoon blinked, turning to Seokjin.
"Jin hyung...were you embarrassed that you deepened the kiss?"
Jin turned his head completely away,

"Maybe." Namjoon heard him say in an almost inaudible whisper.
"B-but I told you I didn't mind and I didn't mind it at all, hyung. There's nothing to be embarrassed about."
His mind went back to the thoughts he had just read. Why would Jin be embarrassed? Was it because Jin thought Namjoon didn't like it?
But why would Jin...
(IQ 148 my ass)

"You like me." It came out as a statement rather than a question and Namjoon didn't mean for it to sound like that at all but Jin's head snapped sideways as he looked at Namjoon.
Several beats passed and after what seemed like forever, Jin spoke up again.
"I do."
"You like me?"
"I do."
"You like like me?"
"Yes. I like like you." His tone seemed more annoyed now and Namjoon just stared at him. Jin liked him. Kim Seokjin liked Kim Namjoon.


"You can leave, you know."
Namjoon frowned. "Why would I leave?"
"I just confessed, Namjoon."

"You didn't exactly confess-"

"Shut up! Leave, just- just don't answer okay? If you rej-"

"Hyung wait! Why- what makes you think that I don't like you?"

Seokjin stilled as he stared at Namjoon.
"What did you just say?"

"I- fuck, Jin I don't know. I have no idea what's been going on with me. I got upset because you weren't talking to me, I got jealous of Hyosang because he asked you to go with him and you said yes. I got jealous when that asshole started getting comfortable with you and I beat the shit out of him because he almost called you a slut. I panicked when I saw you walk out wearing...well that! Because you looked so good and amazing. And I wanted to make sure you had the best time because you deserve it. You deserve everything and then we kissed and hyung, it was, it felt so good and I don't know if this means what I think it means, but yeah fuck I like you too."

Jin stared at him, his lips parted. "Namjoon..."

"Wait. I need to say one more thing, I think I've liked you for a while now, hyung. I might be too dumb to notice it, and admit it but I think I've always had, you know, liked you, I-I mean."


"Is that all you have to say?"

"No,wait- Namjoon?"


"Would you kiss me again?"

Namjoon grinned as he leaned over, slotting his lips against Seokjin's. He heard the older sigh into the kiss and Namjoon only pressed harder. They moved their lips against each other's, savouring it. This time it was slower, more sensual, less awkward and hesitant, maybe because of the fact that they knew no one was watching or that there wasn't any mistletoe pressuring the two. It felt perfect. Namjoon thought. It was perfect.
They parted, out of breath. Namjoon leaned his forehead against Jin's.
"This should have been our first kiss." Jin whispered, his breath tickling Namjoon's skin.
Namjoon hummed. "Hyung?"
"You looked really fucking hot tonight."
Jin laughed, "Thank you, Joonie. You looked amazing as well."
Namjoon smiled as he pressed his lips to Jin's again before getting off the floor. He held his hand out to help Jin up. "Let's go. The others would be wondering where we went." Jin nodded and they walked out the hallway.



"Huh. Guess the party's over." Jin muttered.
"You know Hoseok, he's probably having an after party in the Slytherin common room." Namjoon stated and Seokjin chuckled, "You're right. You up for some more dancing?" Jin asked as they started walking towards the Slytherin dorms. Namjoon took Seokjin's hand, intertwining their fingers.
"Sure. But only if I get to cuddle with you after. Not to mention, Hoseok. I’m sure if I want to hit him or thank him that nosey fucker"
Jin laughed but Namjoon didn't miss the blush that coloured the Hufflepuff's cheeks.

He was so so not straight, and so so falling in love with Kim Seokjin.



The party, as they had expected, was in fact moved to the Slytherin common rooms, but it looked nothing like a party. All the Slytherins were huddled together around the fireplace glaring at Hobi who was whooping and dancing with the two fifth years screaming “Namjin!Namjin!” like a fucking cheerleader.

Yoongi sat nursing a Firewhiskey (which had undoubtedly been snuck in by Hobi, as a prefect he ought to say something but he was tired) in his armchair near the fireplace, staring at Hobi with one of his soft, rare smiles that he would later deny.


He would normally tell Yoongi to grow a pair and confess to Hoseok but he now knew how hard and nerve wracking it was and all wanted was for his Hyung to someday be able to do something about the feelings he had harboured secretly for so long. Hobi had to know, he wasn’t that oblivious. All he could hope for was that Hoseok would let the down the elder gently.

“I’ll be back in a minute”, he told Jin, motioning towards Yoongi. Jin nodded and understandingly squeezed his hand before letting go.

He made his way to Yoongi, who had changed out of his robes and was now drowning in a huge black hoodie with Holly curled up on his feet.

“Hyung” he said gently.

Yoongi looked up and smiled at Namjoon.

“How did things go with Jin-hyung?” he asked.

“Just as they should have.” Namjoon replied and looked back at Jin who had now grabbed Hoseok by his collar and was shaking him.

Yoongi grinned before looking back at his firewhisky.

“Hyung, you know that these feelings won’t suddenly vanish till you do something right? And I know that when you fall for someone, they’re your everything, I know that it’s hard, hyung and that you’re terrified but you have to learn to either let go, or just finally admit that you’re in love with Hoseok. But you’re hurting right now, I know you are and it hurts me too but this is the only way.”

Yoongi stared at Namjoon, deep in thought.

“And what if he doesn’t love me back” he said his voice slightly wavering.

“Then... it is not the end, I guess.”

Yoongi opened his mouth to reply but before he could a certain red haired flung himself on top of him screeching.

“Yoongles come dance with me please! I want to introduce you to Tae and Kook!” Jung Hoseok pouted.

“What the fuck Hobi, get off, I can’t breathe. Do you even know what personal space is, you dumbass?” Yoongi growled but let himself be dragged up from his beloved armchair.

“Hyungiee, I know you’re so soft for me”

“Am not, you asshole.”

Before Hobi could drag him away even further, Yoongi stopped and looked at Namjoon.

“Thank you Joon” he said softly, “But know that if you hurt Jin-hyung I’m going to rip off your head.”

Namjoon chuckled as he saw Yoongi being dragged off by Hobi and then-

“Oof-” he heard a soft, high pitched voice squeak.

He looked towards the source of the sound and saw that Yoongi had bumped into a soft looking junior with bright pink hair apologizing fervently as Hobi told the boy that he was sorry for “Yoongi-hyung being an old and cranky man who was way past his bedtime and had to be forced to dance.”

Namjoon noticed the way the pink haired boy was looking at Yoongi, his lips slightly parted as he stared while Yoongi looked determidly at his feet.


But then he saw Jin who was talking animatedly to the fifth years and walked towards him, determined to get his promised cuddles and spend more time with his new boyfriend.

Boyfriend. Namjoon almost giggled at the thought but quickly shook it off.
Hoseok was finally rubbing off on him, wasn't he?


Bonus~ two and a half weeks later; winter break.


The dorm was quiet and thankfully empty as Namjoon snuggled up closer to Jin.
Winter break had finally rolled around and Namjoon and Jin had decided to stay back this time while the rest of their friends had left for home. But this felt nice, Namjoon thought. This felt perfect.

"Jiiin" he whined and Jin sighed, closing his book, "Yes, Namjoonie?"
"Cuddle with me."
"We're already cuddling, though!" Jin giggled.
"Not close enough." Namjoon whispered and he could practically feel Jin's amused look.
"Never thought you'd be so adorably cling- ah"
Jin gasped as Namjoon attached his lips to the Hufflepuff's neck, kissing it softly. "Namjoon we're in the common room anyone could walk in!" Jin exclaimed but he leaned his head back, giving Namjoon more access to his neck. Namjoon smirked as he licked at the skin, pressing soft kisses all over, before pulling the Hufflepuff on to himself, so that Jin was now straddling his lap. Jin sighed as he pulled his neck away and then placed his lips on Namjoon's, arms around his neck.
Namjoon kissed back aggressively, heatedly, lightly biting on Jin's bottom lip, to which the elder gasped and Namjoon took the opportunity to slip in his tongue.
Jin moaned against Namjoon's mouth and he felt a warmth spread in his chest and lower region.

"Jin, baby"

Jin gasped a little as he grinded down on Namjoon's lap.

Namjoon sighed into the kiss, before his hands roamed over to Jin's thighs, he pressed his palms to them and picked the elder up to lay him on to the couch, so he could tower over him.

He captured Jin's lips again, but whined when Jin suddenly pushed him away.
"Bedroom dorm... Upstairs... now."


Namjoon made sure the door was locked as Jin checked around the room, making sure there wasn't anyone else inside.
Once they were sure, Jin attached his lips to Namjoon’s again and Namjoon automatically placed his hands on the older's waist. They walked slowly, not leaving an inch of space between them, and fell on the bed.
And then Namjoon was suddenly very aware of what they were doing; Namjoon on top of Jin, his pants extremely tight, (he realized Jin was in the same state). He pulled back and Jin looked up at him, cheeks flushed and lips swollen.


He asked his lips parted, and Namjoon looked down at him, licking his lips, "Uh. I-"

"It's okay if you don't want to do this right now, we can wait."

Namjoon shook his head vigorously, "No! It's not that, Jin! Believe me, I really really want to do this. It's just I haven't really done this with a guy before..."

He admitted, smiling a bit sheepishly.
"Oh. I can guide you, but only if you're sure that you want to do this right now and with me."
Namjoon looked at him, staring into his eyes,

"I'm sure. I really want this, Jin"

Jin smiled before pulling him by the neck into another passionate kiss."You're gonna top, yeah? Since it's your first time?"
Namjoon nodded and Jin laughed, "Great, because I really want you to fuck me."
His hands made their way to Namjoon's shoulders and he slipped Namjoon's jacket off, before reattaching their lips.
"Ngh, too many clothes." Jin muttered in between kisses and Namjoon chuckled as he pulled back, undoing the buttons of his shirt. Impatient, Jin grunted as he tugged on Namjoon's shirt, practically tearing it off. Namjoon undid his jeans as Jin quickly shuffled out if his shirt and pajamas and as soon as the two were stripped to their boxers, Jin pulled on Namjoon again in yet another intoxicating kiss, Namjoon felt himself getting dizzy.

"Lube" Jin gasped as he pulled away, "we need lube. And a condom." Namjoon nodded,

"Do you have any?"

"I- uh- yeah, in my trunk."

Namjoon left a half naked Jin on the bed as he quickly went over to Jin's trunk. It took him an embarrassingly long time to find what he was looking for (so he had to accio it) and when he got back to Jin, he climbed on top of him, pressing a kiss to his temple.

"Tell me what I need to do." He asked but to his surprise, Jin pushed him back, and propped himself up against the headboard, "Nothing." Jin replied, "Just watch."
Jin's finger tugged at the waistbands of his boxers and he slid them off, and threw them to the floor.
Namjoon gulped as Jin flicked open the small bottle of lube, coating two of his fingers with a generous amount of the liquid.
Namjoon watched as Jin opened up his legs, bringing his fingers down to his hole, teasing it slightly. Jin inhaled sharply as he inserted one finger in. Namjoon bit his lip as he just sat there, watching as Jin carefully inserted another one, and then another, slowly bringing them out only to insert the digits back in. The breathy moan that left the older's lips, didn't go unnoticed by Namjoon and he swallowed down his saliva. He was so painfully hard. And just watching Jin fuck himself open wasn't helping. He desperately wanted to reach out and do something, he desperately wanted to touch Jin.

"N-namjoon" Jin breathed out as he threw his head back. "Namjoon do you- ah- do you want to?"
Namjoon hurried over immediately, leaning over to pull Jin into a kiss.
"Hands away." He ordered and Jin complied as he pulled his fingers out, whining.
But Namjoon didn't give him time to adjust and slipped in two fingers at the same time. Jin gasped.
He twisted inside him, "Hyung, should I add another?"
"Joon-ah please. I can- ah- I can take it."
Namjoon obliged, pushing in further.
Jin moaned gorgeously squirming under him. He continued to fuck Jin with his fingers, pulling them out and pushing it back in. He twisted them around and Jin bucked his hips, his hand finding Namjoon's and he guided the younger, while pushing himself further on to Namjoon's fingers, craving for more.
Namjoon breathed heavily, pressing a kiss to his lips one more time before pulling out his fingers. Jin whined at the loss of contact.
"Is that enough, are you ready, hyung?"
"Fuck. Yes, yes, yes I'm ready Namjoon. Now."
Namjoon kicked off his boxers, hurriedly, freeing his hard member. Jin handed him the condom which he quickly rolled on.


They pressed their foreheads together, “How do you want to do this?” Jin asked looking at him through dark, long eyelashes.

“Jin, I just want you to enjoy it and-”

“Do you want me to ride you?”

Fuck, do you want to ride me?”

“Namjoon I just want your dick in me, I really don't care how we do it.”

Namjoon let out a breathy chuckle, “Okay.”
Jin propped himself up, pushing away from the headboard, and grabbed at Namjoon's shoulders. He swapped their positions so that Namjoon was now on his back, with Seokjin over him.

Namjoon reached over to grab the bottle of lube Jin had thrown away. He flicked it open but Jin snatched it away. “Let me,” he whispered, pouring some onto his hand. He reached between their legs and found Namjoon’s dick, and slid lube all over it. Namjoon’s head fell forward and he gasped as Jin touched him.

“Fuck Jin, get on top of me already.”

Jin bit his lip, amusement shining in his eyes, he got on top of Namjoon straddling him.
He placed the palms of his hands on Namjoon's chest, as he pushed himself upwards. He hovered over Namjoon's dick, so that the tip was touching Jin's stretched entrance.

“Ready, Joonie?”

Namjoon nodded, his hands on Jin's thighs and he gasped as Jin lowered himself his dick, penetrating through the Hufflepuff. Namjoon thrust upwards, watching Jin’s face for any sort of reaction. Jin lowered himself slowly, inch by inch taking in Namjoon's size and Namjoon watched as he closed his eyes.
He rubbed his thighs,

"A little."

He felt Jin clench around him, and he bit back a moan, “Relax, baby” he told Jin, who nodded,
“I'm fine. Just give me a second.”
Jin rolled his hips as moved on Namjoon's dick, to which Namjoon let out a choked moan.
“Ah, Jin?”
Jin placed his hands on Namjoon's shoulders as he started moving, tentatively, the movements sending shocks of pleasure through Namjoon's body. He leaned forward and kissed him once, twice, before pulling out so that the tip of Namjoon's dick was barely touching his center and then slammed back down and started moving his hips up and down.
“Fuck Jin you feel so good around me.” Namjoon let out a loud moan, “Jin fuck you look so good like this, so fucking beautiful.”
Jin mewled on top of him, arching his back and Namjoon bucked his hips, smirking. "You like that, Jinnie? Like it when I talk to you like that?"
Jin nodded, gasping, throwing his head back, over his shoulders.

Jin rolled his hips, his hands on Namjoon's shoulders, nails digging into the skin, but Namjoon didn't mind. Namjoon was close, ready to lose his mind over the sensation of Jin around his dick. That, combined with kissing his lips, hearing his moans and tasting him- it was all too much.
Namjoon curled his fingers around Jin's own length, and stroked it, causing Jin to cry out.
Jin bounced on him eagerly, bringing his hand placing it over Namjoon's,

"Ah, Joonie, please, please Namjoon."

Namjoon bucked his hips, grunting, "Beautiful, Jin, you look so beautiful."

"Namjoon-ah please, I'm so- I'm so close-" he rolled his hips again- the friction becoming too much for him and he thrusted upwards, harder.

Jin came with a cry, all over Namjoon's chest, and Namjoon followed after him, shortly.
Jin rocked his hips over Namjoon's dick, riding out his orgasm and Namjoon moaned loudly as he too released into Jin.

Panting, Jin got off of Namjoon and Namjoon closed his eyes. He felt Jin brush a cloth over his chest, cleaning him up and then he chuckled when Jin plopped down on him.

He circled his arms around Jin's back, and rolled him over so they both were laying on the bed, facing each other.

"Was that nice?" Jin whispered and Namjoon brushed some hair out of his eyes.
"Nice doesn't even begin to describe it, Jin, it was fucking amazing."
“Better than whatever you were doing in the bathroom that one time?” Jin asked smiling cockily and Namjoon groaned, “You're never letting that go, are you?”
Jin laughed, shaking his head no and Namjoon kissed his lips, smiling nonetheless.
Jin sighed as he snuggled into his chest, legs entangled, Jin's fingers in Namjoon's hair, "I love you." Jin whispered.
"I-" Namjoon's arms were around Jin's waist, tightly holding him close. His now brown hair was tickling Namjoon's face and Namjoon pressed a kiss to his head. He craned his neck and glanced at Jin's face, illuminated by the dim lights, his features soft and slack, his eyes closed and his breathing even. He leaned over, placing a kiss on both his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose and then his lips again.
"I love you too."


They woke up to a loud banging on the door. Namjoon groaned as Jin shot up in the bed, scrambling around and shaking Namjoon awake.
“- don't be rude, Wonpil.”
“But it's our dorm too! Hey! Get up already, we need to sleep too, assholes.”

Jin scrambled off the bed, grabbing the first shirt that he could reach for before slipping into boxers,
“Uh, j-just a minute!” He called out and Namjoon groaned scratching his head.

“You better clean up after yourselves too!” came the voice from outside.
What? I'm serious! What if it was your bed, Dowoon?”
“Just shut up.”

“Namjoon hurry up!”
“I don't want to, hyung.”
“Kim Namjoon, I swear- put these on” he handed Namjoon boxers which he slipped on.

“This is so embarrassing.”
“You didn't seem embarrassed when you moaned my na-”
“Sorry I'll stop” Namjoon grinned, not missing the blush that bloomed over Jin's cheeks.

They quickly opened the door, shuffling past the still arguing Hufflepuffs. Jin ran off, and Namjoon laughed,

“Goodnight.” He added cheerfully to the two boys watching them (one of them gave him a small smile while the other glared at him) and he ran off, following Jin.

“That was so embarrassing, I'm never sleeping in the Hufflepuff dorms again.”
Jin mumbled into his hands and Namjoon laughed, “You can always join me in the Ravenclaw dorms, you know.” He wiggled his eyebrows to which Jin hit him playfully, but smiled, scrunching his nose to stop his laughter.

They walked further down the corridor, hand in hand,
“Or you know, when you become Headboy, we could just hang out in your dorm.”

“Ah, nothing better than solid motivation on becoming Headboy.”




Summer, before their last year~


“Yes, Namjoon?”
“They chose me,”
“For what?”
“I'm Headboy, hyung.”
“That's nice- wait what?!”
“I'm Headboy!”
Jin stared at him, mouth slack.
Namjoon chuckled nervously, “Why do you seem so surprised? Were you not expecting me to become- mph”
Jin's lips crashed on to his and Namjoon startled just for a second before he regained himself and started moving his lips. But just as he tried deepening it, Jin pulled back, “I'm so proud of you, Joonie!” He kissed him again and Namjoon smiled, blushing. “I'm so so so proud, baby, I knew you could do it. I love you so much-” he kissed him again and again and again. “I love you. I'm so proud. I love you. I'm so proud.”

Namjoon felt his heart going haywire, if he knew he was going to get this kind of reaction from Jin he would've tried even better. But, right now, he could just kiss him, so he kissed him, his boyfriend, his Seokjin.

“Hellooo? We're right here?” Namjoon heard Hoseok say and he was tempted to turn to him, flip him off and tell him to shut up for once.

Yoongi beat him to it, “Shut up, Hobi, let them have their moment.”
Namjoon smirked into the kiss, curling his fingers around Jin's neck pulling him closer.

He wholeheartedly agreed.

This was their moment.