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Lando stood at the bar, seemingly enjoying his drink alone, but actually listening to the gossip around him. He was hoping to hear about any Sabacc games that might be happening and was shocked when he heard his name come up in conversation between the bartender and an angry looking bounty hunter.

“Calls himself Calrissian.” The bounty hunter stated.

“Never heard of him. There a bounty on his head?” The bartender asked, interested in the promise of possible credits.

“No. This is a…personal matter. But there’s some credits in it for you if you have any information.”

Lando stood silently as this conversation, his back to the bounty hunter, having turned away as his name came up, as he racked his brains to think of how or when he had recently pissed off a guy like this. Without turning around, he only had his voice to go on and he didn’t recognise that.

“Sorry.” The bartender muttered. “Can’t help you.”

“Are you sure? Captain Calrissian. Tall, brown hair, cocky. Usually has a Wookie with him.”

Lando breathed a sigh of relief, before getting really annoyed that Han was apparently using his name to cause chaos.

Turning to the bounty hunter, he flashed his friendliest smile, “I’ve seen that guy. He was leaving though, for the Abrion system.”

“Kriff. Thank you.” The bounty hunter fished a few credits out of his pocket and handed them to Lando, before rushing off far away on what he was going to find out was a wasted journey.

Han arrived a while later, slipping into the booth that Lando had taken up residence in with a wink and a grin.


“Ah, Captain Calrissian.”

Han’s smile froze. “What?”

“Yes. What is a good question. An excellent question in fact. I would like to know what the hell are you doing using my name to piss off bounty hunters?”

“I….I didn’t-” Han spluttered, eyes wide. But it was useless, Lando was staring at him with that I’m-annoyed-and-not-going-to-believe-a-word-you-say face. Besides, it was clear that, somehow, Lando already knew. “Okay, fine. It was once and it was only because yours was the first name I could think of.”

Lando gave a short, sharp laugh, and shook his head. “Just don’t do it again. Ever.”

“Ever? I’m never allowed to use your last name?” Han nudged Lando’s leg with his own under the table and slid closer along the seat.

“Why would you even-” Lando stopped. “Oh. Oh.” He stared at Han. “Why do I suddenly have this image of you practicing saying ‘Han Calrissian’ in a mirror?”

Han rolled his eyes, “I’m not proposing marriage here but y’know…in the future, if we’re still together…might be nice to share something other than a bed.”

“That’s….” Lando smiled as he searched for the right word.

“Don’t say sweet.”

“What would you prefer? That’s ‘very cool and badass’? Does that fit your image better?”


Lando laughed, placing one arm behind Han’s shoulders on the edge of the booth. “Never thought you’d be thinking about anything like this. But I like the idea of sharing my surname, as long as you don’t cause any trouble.”

“Or we could share mine.”

“Lando Solo? No…that sounds terrible.”

“You could shorten it. Lan Solo.”

“That’s just basically your name. And ‘Lan and Han Solo’? It’s ridiculous.”

“Fine. When we come to it…I’ll be Han Calrissian.”

Lando leaned in for a kiss, running his free hand up Han’s thigh.

Han kissed back for a few moments and then pulled away. “What happened to the bounty hunter by the way?”

“I sent him on a little adventure to the Abrion system, told him I saw you leaving for there.”

“Thanks.” Han smiled, leaning in to place a soft kiss on Lando’s cheek.

“Anything for you, Captain Calrissian.”