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Better than Me?

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Jungkook kisses down your neck, licking and sucking bruises on delicate skin. The rough hands that were tangled in your locks are freed to make their way down your spine and dig into your bare ass, roughly kneading your supple flesh in his palms.  

“God, she’s perfect,” he groans into your shoulder, biting down until he gets you to whine. “I really get to fuck her, Taehyung?”

The other man hidden in the shadows, lounging on the plush chair, hums in agreement, “This was her idea. Why don’t you ask her?”

It’s true. You confessed your boyfriend, Taehyung, that one of your many fantasies was getting fucked by one of his best friends, mainly Jungkook. You didn’t necessarily have a crush on him, you just enjoyed the thought of Taehyung watching as he fucked you. How would he react? Would he be jealous enough to rip you from Jungkook’s arms and show him how it’s done?

“You really want this?” Jungkook asks, dogging his fingers into your thigh to hike your leg up around his waist.

“Yes,” you murmur, grinding your hips against his clothed crotch, feeling the slightest amount of relief from the friction of fabric rubbing your clit. “I want you.”

Jungkook pushes you down onto the bed, following after to climb on top. As he hovers over your bare figure, eyeing your curves hungrily. His hands slide from your navel to your breast, kneading and rolling your hardened buds between his two fingers.

As you squirm beneath him, arching your chest into his hands and whining. His knee parts your legs, finding its home between your thighs and pressing against your clit. You try pushing yourself against his thigh, wanting some relief for the fire burning at your core. Once he hears your needy whimpers, he smirks, “Do you wanna ride my thigh?”

You nod frantically, clinging to his shoulders as he pulls you back up. As he settles back against the headboard with his legs spread, you scramble to your knees and sit on his thigh.

He gives you an affirmative nod before you begin to rut against his thigh, moaning and clenching your eyes shut, head thrown back in pleasure. As you move against him, pressing yourself closer for the added pressure, he flexes his muscles beneath you. As the pressure builds, your hips move faster, fingers digging into the grey duvet.

“Slower,” Taehyung orders. You didn’t even notice that he had moved from the chair to the side of the bed, stern eyes gazing down at your bare body rubbing against his best friend’s thigh, absolutely wrecked because of it.

You begrudgingly comply with his wishes, slowing to an agonizing pace as you feel the pressure in your core slowly slipping away. You open your eyes, throwing a pout Taehyung’s way, silently begging for him to let you come. He’s in control here.

“You’re so pretty,” Taehyung says, hand moving to stroke sweat-matted hair out of your face. His finger delicately traces the line of your jaw. “Do you like fucking yourself on Jungkook’s thigh?”

“Mhm,” you moan, still grinding against Jungkook.

Taehyung slides onto the bed, kneeling behind you as his hand softly grazes your neck. The feeling of his fingers pressed against your throat send a shiver down your spine, shooting straight into your core. Slowly he begins to curl his fingers around the column of your throat, cutting off your airway.

Your movement against Jungkook falters as the air escapes your lungs. Your eyes flutter shut as you begin to feel lightheaded, gasping for air.

“Do you like him better than me, sweetheart?” He murmurs in your ear, hot breath fanning across your cheek. He slowly releases your neck, fingers still pressed against your marked skin.

Your hips momentarily still against Jungkook as you inhale greedily, feeling your chest expanding as air floods your lungs.

“Answer me,” Taehyung demands, “Do you think Jungkook can fuck you better than I can?”

There is an air of jealousy in Taehyung’s voice, hidden beneath the gruff and dominating tone. He doesn’t like the way you whimper and moans against Jungkook. Those should be for him only. He wants to take you back, Jungkook will just have to be the one watching.

“N-No,” you stutter, as his fingers begin to enclose around your neck again.

“You think he can make you come better than I can?” Taehyung whispers menacingly into your ear.

Jungkook’s hands come to grip your hips, moving you along his thigh again. “I think I can,” Jungkook challenges, raising his gaze to Taehyung. As the boys exchange a heated staredown, your hand sneaks down to your clit, hoping they’re too distracted to notice.

Before you can rub yourself, Taehyung grabs your hand. “No touching yourself,” he growls, “Get off his thigh. Now.”

You do as he says, forcing your shaky legs off Jungkook, leaving a wet patch behind on his thigh. As you settle back onto the bed, Taehyung wastes no time in spreading your legs apart and diving down to devour your soaking cunt. His tongue starts on your slit, lapping up your juices.

You cry out as his teeth graze your clit, the sensitive bud sends waves of pleasure through you. Your fingers entangle in his faded strawberry blond hair, holding onto the roots for dear life as his tongue works on you relentlessly. Taehyung’s tongue prods your entrance, plunging into your core.

“Ah, fuck,” you cry, arching you back off the bed.

“Holy shit,” Jungkook gapes, watching you rhythmically move your hips against Taehyung’s face.

You can feel Taehyung smirk against you, quickening the pace of his tongue. His mouth moves to your clit, curling the nub with the wet muscle. He then eases one finger into you.

You feel the hot, burning sensation begin to form again. You want to come, having already been interrupted when you were on Jungkook’s thigh. “Please, Taehyung,” you whimper, bucking your hips into his mouth.

“Not yet,” Jungkook says, mesmerized by the beads of sweat forming on your temple and the way your fingers grasp onto the sheets of the bed. “She can’t come yet.”

Hearing the younger’s request, Taehyung pulls back completely, letting his finger slide out of you with a pop. You cry out, whining for him to go back down on you. Taehyung only smirks, traces of you still wet and glistening on his lips.

“Tae, no,” you moan, trying to push yourself back up to grab onto his shirt but Jungkook stops you in the middle. He pushes you back down onto the bed before taking Taehyung’s spot between your open legs.

“God, you’re dripping,” Jungkook groans, leaning down at eye level with your pussy. He glides two fingers to your wet slit, gently easing them in to test the waters. You moan, trying to move your hips lower. Jungkook’s fingers slide into your heat easily thanks to the preparation from Taehyung.

Jungkook drills his fingers into your cunt, putting all his force into ruining you. Your screams ricochet off the walls, whimpers and pleas for him to keep going.

“Is he better than me?” Taehyung interrupts your haze of lust. His hand wraps around your locks, tugging your head to face him and demanding an answer. You can’t give him one, not when Jungkook’s tongue meets your swollen clit. “Answer me.”

“N-No!” You moan, hoping to please your boyfriend.

After hearing that, Jungkook is even more determined. He adds a third finger, stretching you further. His lips wrap around your clit, sucking the bud into his mouth.

Your back arches off the bed as you gasp, moaning his name. You clench around his fingers, feeling your abdomen tighten as fire trails through you.

“I-I’m close,” you announce, fingers intertwining with Taehyung’s as he whispers for you to release in your ear. The coil in your stomach bursts and all you see is white as you come all over Jungkook’s fingers, a sharp cry falling from your lips in the form of his name and a garbled mess.

Jungkook quickly replaces his fingers with his mouth, lapping up your mess. You shudder as his mouth continues licking you clean after you’ve come down from your orgasm. Taehyung cuts in when you begin to squirm from the overstimulation, grabbing Jungkook by the collar and hauling him back.

“She tastes so good.” Jungkook licks the remnants of you off his lips. “Can’t wait to feel her wrapped around my cock too.”

“Wait a little, alright?” Taehyung says, letting you catch your breath. He wants you to take a break before they both take turns fucking you, even if they’re both painfully hard.

“No,” you say, still out of breath but loud enough for them to hear. You reach out to grab their hands, tugging them back down to you. “I want you both now.”