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The thing about Ezra Bridger is that though he loves animals and he’d like to work as a vet at some point, he doesn’t really like working.

And no, it isn’t the animal aspect of it that he doesn’t like; it’s the paperwork aspect.  And the science aspect.  And the student loan aspect.  And the getting-into-college aspect.  And the not-skipping-class aspect.

Basically, it boils down to the fact that Ezra Bridger just doesn’t like school.

The thing is, he could do well (maybe not great, but decently) if he tried.  But he hasn’t really tried since he was in...elementary school?  Sixth grade? Whenever it last was, it was a while ago.

It’s not Kanan’s fault, either, the man tries his best.

Especially for being a blind ex-cop whose service dog (conveniently named after the AP class system, as if Ezra needs more reminders about his AP Lit grade) is more hindrance than help.

And besides, it’s not like he does his homework in Braille, so it’s not like Kanan could read it to check if he did it even if he tried.  And AP can’t read, either. (Sabine swears he can, but Sabine also swears about a lot of things, like Thrawn’s classes.)

That’s the other thing.  See, if Ms. Pryce could maybe actually stop literally trying to kill her students with the amount of work she assigns, then maybe he’d be more amenable to doing it in the first place.  Does she? No, no she doesn’t. Another week, another poem, another F. Does Ezra bother to try and memorize the next week’s poem?  No, no he doesn’t.

See, it’s the perfect system, a lose-lose for both of them (Sabine’s also convinced that Pryce views it as a win).

It’d also help if the Mattin kid could maybe stop hitting on Sabine and stop bothering Ezra about where he went to middle school (why does that even matter?!), but according to Kanan, one detention for punching him is enough for a semester.  And there’s still a little less than another quarter left before the next one.

Also, if the guidance counselors (okay, just Tua) would stop getting on his case about his grades, that’d be great, because two extracurriculars are surely enough to get into any decent school (kriff Leia and her six million).  And in college, he won’t have to deal with annoying freshmen (read: Mart Mattin), and he knows for a fact that Jai also wants to go to Lothal U.

Now, however, he’s only focused on convincing Aresko and Grint that he’s not late, they just forgot it was daylight savings time (or was it that daylight savings ended? they’re too dumb to notice either way, hopefully) so he’s really actually early, and then he can just skip and stop by Hera’s class to say hi to her and Chopper before heading to his actual first period.  And besides, who knows, maybe Pryce won’t notice him slipping in this time?

(She does.  And he gets detention.  Again.)