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Hand-Delivered Letters

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To start reading a volume part, click on an item in the bullet points (e.g. to read the first part of "All Dogs, Ducks, and Hunters Go to... Smash?", click on the bullet point with "Part 1" underneath the volume boldly titled "All Dogs, Ducks, and Hunters Go to... Smash?").

  1. All Dogs, Ducks, and Hunters Go to... Smash? (Featured Game(s): Duck Hunt)
  2. A Spark of an Idea (Featured Game(s): Gen. 1 Core Series Pokémon; alternatively (and more accurately) Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen) 
  3. New Donk, New Donk (Featured Game(s): Super Mario Odyssey)
  4. Pac-Man is Missing! (Featured Game(s): Pac-Man, Pac-Land, Other Arcade Games)
  5. The Pokémon Battle Revelation (Featured Game(s): Pokémon Battle Revolution)
  6. One More (Featured Game(s): Persona 5)