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“Stay within reach.” Tony’s whispered words brushed against Steve's ear as they waited for the elevator to go downstairs and join the gang for movie night. His collar rested on the table in their entryway, Tony’s hand on top of it. Steve watched his fingers caress the leather and vibranium before sliding his hand into his pocket. Tony cleared his throat, and Steve looked back up, catching his eye, giving Tony an easy grin, because maybe he wasn’t in subspace anymore, but he definitely felt relaxed and at ease.

“Did you hear me, love? Stay within reach…” Tony trailed off, considering, his smirk turning devious and his eyes narrowing with mischief. “Or I’ll make you regret it.”

Steve bit his lip against a grin, aware that a threat like that shouldn’t make him excited, but he knew he wasn’t the only one affected that way.

The elevator chimed, and they walked into it. Tony stood just close enough for Steve to feel his warmth seep into his side. How could Tony think he’d even want to be out of reach? It did make him hyper-aware of him, though, and Steve wondered if that side effect was just as intentional.

Next to him, Tony pulled out his phone. “Pepper texted that she couldn’t make it,” he informed Steve as he scrolled through the notifications he’d likely missed while they were in the shower and before that, when his lips wrapped around Tony’s cock. “I think everyone else should be down there by now,” Tony continued, and Steve shook his head. He needed to get his thoughts out of the bedroom, because in hardly any time at all, he and Tony wouldn't be alone anymore.

But he’d still be within arms reach.

The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened. The team was dispersed around the room, Bruce and Clint on either side of the large sofa, Clint fidgeting with the tv remote while Bruce was turned towards Thor near the window. They were having a conversation about something that made Thor bark out a laugh and Bruce’s small smile appear. Near the attached kitchen, Bucky and Nat were having what appeared to be mugs of tea over a table of disassembled weapons.  

Tony stepped out of the elevator; Steve followed.

Everyone greeted them, and it was easy to stay close to Tony, natural now, for them to walk around the couch and slide in the space between Clint and Bruce. Nestled by Tony’s side was where he belonged, and his team knew that. Within arm's reach of Tony was so normal not even Natasha raised an eyebrow at them when she and Bucky joined them.

No one knew that he was following an order Tony had given him.

Steve turned to look at Tony, and knowing brown eyes were already on him. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but still Steve felt his cheeks warm, making Tony smirk with satisfaction, the way he always did whenever he made Steve blush.

Tony leaned in close until his lips brushed against Steve’s ear, whispering a low, “Good boy.”

No one noticed.

And then Tony was pulling away, shifting back against the couch and asking Clint what was on the schedule for movie night. Bucky and Nat had settled on the loveseat across from the sofa, still arguing over what appeared to be the best route out of the city with least risk of detection.

“If anyone wants drinks or snacks, now’s the time,” Clint announced. “Then it’s time for some Point Break!”

“Never seen this one,” Steve murmured, more to himself than the group but the rest of them turned to him nonetheless.

Clint, with a cheshire style grin pointed at him and said, “You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don’t.”

Since that made absolutely no sense to Steve, he looked towards Tony who winked and mouthed, “A quote.”

“Too bad my beer won’t get me drunk, if you’re going to be quoting the entire movie, Barton,” Bucky joked, standing up to presumably get himself a beer before turning back to look at Natasha. “What can I get for you?”

Steve watched her press her lips together, warding off a smile. “You playing bartender?”

Bucky shrugged.“Was one, once or twice. Effective way to poison someone.”

Steve flinched, but the words had the opposite effect on Natasha, who threw her arms over the top of the loveseat and laughed before managing to reply. “Let’s keep it simple, then--Vodka soda.”

“Comin’ right up.”

Tony’s hand rubbed up and down Steve’s spine. “Did you want to go get us something?”

The question made Steve still under Tony’s touch. He’d been ordered not to move outside of Tony’s reach, so it was obviously a trick. Steve licked his suddenly dry lips. “Only if you come with me.”

Tony’s mouth curled into a smug smirk. “Can’t bear to have me out of your sight?”

The words were a tease and, in light of the order, one he had no ability to dispute. But Steve wasn’t one to shy away from a challenge, especially the ones Tony levied at him. So he decided to lean into it. “Nope. Can't bear it at all.” He stood, reaching a hand out for Tony. “I just love the sight of you so much I can’t stand to lose it for a single moment. You’ll have to come with me.”

Bruce chuckled, Natasha narrowed her eyes, and Clint gagged, “Gross,” making Thor laugh from the kitchen.

Tony, though, Tony blushed, and Steve felt corresponding heat grow in his chest and far, far lower.  It made him lean in when Tony stood and kiss him on the cheek, right there in front of everyone. “You’re a menace,” Tony whispered, leading them out of the living room.  

Steve followed, and when they were out of hearing range, he leaned in close so he was tucked along Tony’s back, lips pressed against Tony’s ear.  “I’m just doing as you ordered.”

Tony spun in Steve’s grasp, his eyes a dark smoulder of challenge. “I might just have to punish you, anyway.”

Steve’s breath caught as his blood rushed south, Tony’s words full of promise, and there was only one way to reply, because there was only one thing Steve wanted: Tony. To have Tony touch him and kiss him, wherever, whenever, and however Tony wanted.

Steve dropped his gaze and licked his lips. “Whatever you want, Tony.”

“Showtime in five!” Clint shouted from behind them.

Tony smirked. “Let’s just start with you making us some popcorn, and we’ll move on from there.”