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Keebie POV

After the ritual, a select crowd was invited to one of the more private rooms within the abbey. There, along with the Nameless Ghouls all three Papa Emeriti, Cardinal Emeritus, members of the clergy and select members of the congregation, gathered for a more relaxed atmosphere, and if not, to indulge in the needs that the ritual had left them searching for.

Off-center of the room, I stood; having been invited to the gathering for the first time, I wore my more traditional outfit of a black dress that came just below my knees, buttons lined the front of it, from my collar down to the hem, and with it I wore my veil along with a pair of black heels.

I looked around the room for my Papa, who had promised that he would meet me immediately after the ritual. My searching eyes found the familiar sight of his mitre. Even from afar, I could spot him, his movements so distinct I could spot him in a crowd, even when he was among the group of his Father and brothers.

As quickly as the smile appeared on my face as I spotted him, so did it fade as I saw his companions. He was surrounded by three or four sisters, all gathered and fawning over him. I watched them, their hands all over him, on his arms, on his shoulders, probably admiring and complementing what a wonderful ritual it was. I felt my face surge hotly, a feeling that I didn’t usually encounter, bubbling over me. I watched Papa as he took one of the sisters’ chin in his fingers, tilt it up and press his cheek against the side of her face, surely to whisper something as the woman’s face changed, her eyes widening, cheeks flushing and her mouth falling agape as she clutched her chest.

Papa moved his head, clearly a devilish smirk on his lips, as he observed the woman’s face before him.

I felt the emotion slowly take over my entire body, seemingly boiling over to the brim. Suddenly, I felt fingers touch my arm and I snapped out of my trance.

“Good evening, Sister.” I turned my head to find  Cardinal Emeritus III standing next to me. I glanced at his black cassock and biretta before glancing back into his eyes.

“What a pleasure it is for you to join us.” He said, a slight smile in his tone. “But, may I ask,” the Cardinal shifted his eyes around me, “are you alone?” he looked back at me. I did not answer, but only looked back towards the direction of Papa II. The Cardinal followed the direction of my stare.

“Ah si, fratello mio," he chuckled. “Don’t mind them Sister, I suppose they’re just a little excited. Adrenaline still in their veins, the ritual tends to have that effect on people.” The Cardinal's hand now moved from the my arm to the small of my back, but I did not seem to notice as I continued to watch Papa interact with the group of sisters.

“Sister, may I offer you a drink?” The Cardinal finally said, slightly tilting his head in my direction. His hand also slightly pressing against my back.

I looked at his mismatched eyes. With Papa choosing to keep himself occupied with other people’s company, I didn’t see any reason why I can’t do the same. I smiled at my handsome companion.

“Yes, I would like that very much.” I said, taking the hand he had offered me and making our way to the bar.


Papa POV

From across the room I was still preoccupied, having been surrounded by a group of eager sisters, but a momentary glance around the room left me more than distracted. From where I stood, I saw the Keebie sitting at the bar with my fratello piccolo, who stood next to her, a hand positioned dangerously low on her back. I felt my ears grow hot as I watched their exchange.

Mi fratello now sat opposite her, his legs easily overlapping with the Keebie's, their knees now touching. I separated myself from the crowd, much to the disappointed cries of the sisters once fawning over my. I kept his eyes on them, I watched how she laughed in my brother's company, her hand playfully landing on his thigh as they continued to chat.

It was as if every fiber of my being was set alight by the exchange that I saw happening before me. How their hands practically touched on the bar where they held their drinks, most especially when he brushed away a lone strand of hair from her face, and somehow, in my opinion, having his hand linger a little too long before retracting it back.

As I approached them, the familiar sound of the Keebie's voice met my ears, laughing away at whatever the idiota had told her. I cleared my throat.

They broke from their bubble and turned toward me.

“You made it.” I said to her while covertly eyeing my brother at my side.

“Well, I was invited wasn’t I?” Keebie replied, taking a sip from her glass.

“I see you’ve met my younger brother.” I said, landing a hand on his shoulder, and squeezing it, hard.

My brother cleared his throat and shot me a look, clearly not pleased.

“Well, yeah. I was on my own for a bit while you were surrounded.” Keebie turned to me, “Why didn’t you tell me that your younger brother is so funny! He is very nice to chat with.” She said, smiling at my brother before eyeing me then placing her hand on his thigh and kept it there.

I looked down and sighed silently. “Funny. Right. I didn’t even know that you were capable of laughter, brother.” I said the last word through gritted teeth.

“Si, well, I suppose that side of me only ever comes out when I particularly enjoy the company.” He smiled at Keebie, fingers trailing close to her hand on his thigh.

There is a lull as I looked from him to her.

“Shall we go?” I finally said, clearing my throat.

“Oh? Are you finished entertaining that very eager crowd you had before?” Keebie said to me, her hand still on my brother’s thigh.

“Well, I imagine they’re more than satisfied now. Even if it’s just to give them a little something to think about. Isn’t that right, brother?” I landed a hand on his back, once again with rather excessive force, causing him to cough.

Keebie shot daggers at me, before forcefully gleaming a smile. “Fine.” She said and got up.

“It was a pleasure talking to you.” She said to my brother, holding out her hand for him to shake.

“The pleasure was mine.” The bastardo said before placing a kiss on her hand instead, his eyes staying on hers.

She let out a quiet sigh, as the sides of her lips slightly curved upwards and I finally escorted her away. We exited the room to a dark corridor where I guided her back against a wall.


Keebie POV

“What do you think you’re doing?” Papa whispered furiously, his brow furrowed.

“Excuse me?” I replied back, shaking away Papa's hands that tightly held my shoulders.

“You know what I’m talking about, I saw you with him.”  He said accusingly, his eyes, quickly filling with anger, searching mine.

My eyes widened, the same anger bubbling inside me. “I could say the same for you!” I said, hitting his chest with my palm.

Papa’s eyes narrowed. “Wha-?!” But I cut him off.

“Oh please!” I exclaimed, throwing my hand in the air. “I see how they flock to you, how you speak to them.” I said, poking a finger at his chest.

He scoffed. “Pretty words, empty promises!” I opened my mouth to reply, Papa continued to speak, “But him!” He pointed towards the general direction of the private room, clearly pertaining to his brother, “he will take you away from me any chance he gets and I will never let that happen.” He stepped towards me, driving me further back against the wall. His face inches from mine, through gritted teeth, he said, “You are mine.”

I counter the intensity of the his emotion, adjusting my body to its fullest height,  body now pressing against his. “I think you forget, it was you who was so entranced by me. It was you who came to me. You are mine.” I said, my breath against his face.

We stood there for what felt like an eternity, our pride not letting us back down from each other, because in our minds, we both knew that we were both right about each other. Our breaths in sync, and our bodies pressed together, the tension in the air thickened. The assertiveness of the other igniting the fire in each of our bellies, and quickly enough, Papa crashes his lips against mine, which I welcomed.

Our tongues danced, each battling for dominance of the other. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his hands move up my thighs, the skirt of my dress coming with them, and then separating to catch our breaths.

“Well, it looks like jealousy and greed are the only things holding us together.” I commented, slightly panting.

“I could think of something else.” Papa murmured before colliding our lips once again.

We made our way back to the Papa's quarters, where we recommenced our passionate, tension-filled kiss, not being broken until we reached the center of the room. With his arm around my waist, he pulled off my veil causing my hair to fall down my shoulders. He pulled on it, tugging my head back.

“Now, don’t think your little stunt back there is going to go unpunished.” Papa said, his voice so low it was barely audible. I looked at him, my breath hitching as he said those words, his threats sending hot waves across my body and in between my thighs.


Papa POV

I pulled her away from my body and eyed her as I did, her breath caught as she waited in anticipation for my next move. Without warning, I tore at her dress, sending the buttons flying to the floor and leaving her only in her lingerie. Keebie could only gasp, and I watched grow ever wanting.

I stepped away from her and examined her. I saw the change in her breathing, how her hands were balled into fists as she constrained herself. I smiled to myself as I made my way around her, to the bed where I sat at the edge.

“Come here.” I said firmly, my palms on my thighs. Keebie gulped, with the tone of my voice, she only knew to well what was to happen next. She took a few steps and stood before me.

“Now,” I started, “what am I to do with you?” I caressed her cheek with a gloved finger, trailed it down her neck and slid it beneath the strap of her bra. “Take this off.” I said, pausing it in position. She obeyed, taking a single hand to her back and unhooking her bra. She slid one strap off her shoulder while I hooked my finger and slid off the other, letting it fall to the floor. “We’ve been quite naughty tonight, haven’t we?” I said, gliding my hand over the her breast, my leather clad palm gently grazing over her peaked nipple, causing her to shiver. I smiled to myself.

“And do we know what we do to sisters that have been naughty?” i looked up at her as she gazed back at me knowingly, biting her lip as she knew full well what I wanted her to do next.

She nodded.

“Good girl.” I remarked, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. She then slid off her shoes as I adjusted myself in my seat. Keebie climbed onto the bed and laid herself face down across the my lap. As she settled herself, I gathered her hair over her neck, away from her face so as to better see her face before removing my gloves and tossing them aside.

“Such a good girl,” I said, running my now bare palm from her neck and down her exposed back, “but it still doesn’t make up for what you did before.” My other hand moved up on the inside of her thighs, the side of it gently grazing the cloth between her thighs. She exhaled slowly. I must admit it was moments like this when her resolve was truly tested. Nothing was more torturous than when I was in command like this.

“I really don’t understand why you’ve been acting this way,” I chided as I lifted the hem of  her underwear, tucking it in the crack of her backside. “Have I been too lenient? You know I try not to be..” I caressed the globes of her perfect ass, and with each movement of my hand, the anticipation only continued to build. “But I suppose, it still falls to me, and now it’s going to change.” Keebie gulped as she braced herself and thus the first strike hit her flesh hard, pulling a cry from her throat. I landed another a smack on her flesh, this time on the opposite side; a wet moan escaped her lips as the sensation traveled throughout her body and further down. I continued to deliver her punishment, and with each cry she made, so did my own desire grow.

I stopped momentarily, my hands caressing the tender flesh. “Oh shush, you know this is what you deserve. Look at you,” I said, my hand going between her thighs, “a wet, moaning mess.” I massaged her soaked flesh, covered only in the thin material of her underwear. “You like it when it’s tight like this, don’t you?” I said, pulling on the her underwear, the delicate cloth tightly covering her cunt. Keebie's breath came out in a shivering sigh as I continued to massage her through the cloth. I bit my lip and stifled a groan as I felt her wetness start to soak through the cloth.

“Now, I want you to apologize.” I said, taking my hands away from her, much to the her disappointment, I knew. When she didn’t answer, my hand once again found her flesh, her only answer once again being a cry.


Keebie POV

“I want you to say you’re sorry.” He ordered.

I gulped, but still did not answer, the only sound in the room being my steady pants. From the corner of my eye I saw Papa raise his hand once again, to which I closed my eyes to brace herself. But no strike came, instead I heard him laugh, and I turned to him, to which Papa then unexpectedly smacked my ass catching me off-guard, my moan louder than the ones before.

Papa laughed once again. “Perhaps, a bit of positive reinforcement is needed.” He said, as he palmed my reddened skin.

He then guided me off his lap, and made me kneel in front of him instead. With my hands on my thighs, I  eyed the hardened bulge now tenting his chausible. Papa saw this and said, “You can touch me.” I was a little surprised, but pleased nonetheless, so much for being ‘punished,’ I thought as I began to help him remove the cloth from his upper body and open his trousers while getting back on my knees.

“Go ahead.” He said as I pulled out his hardened cock. I looked up at him as I took him in my hand still as if to ask for permission, but Papa didn’t say anything and just continued to watch me as I finally put my mouth to work. I closed my eyes at the taste of him, wanting nothing more than to have his cock now, to have him inside of me, for me to have him then and there. I moaned into him, causing him to loll his head back, and just as quickly he looked back down at me. “Touch yourself.” He murmured, and I didn’t even need to think twice as I dipped my fingers into my underwear, into my wet slit where I trailed my fingers around my clit. Quickly, I found my rhythm, matching the movement of her my with the way I worked his cock and slowly I began to feel a familiar pressure.


Papa POV

She moaned into my cock and noticing her rhythm, I could tell she was starting to feel the early build up of her orgasm.

“Stop.” I breathed, but Keebie only moaned into my cock again, her hand still between her legs.

“Fanculo,” I shuddered, “I said stop!” I said again, louder this time and grabbing at her hand. Keebie sat back panting and letting my cock slip out of her mouth.

“Do you honestly think that I’m going to let you come without doing what I’ve asked you?” I scoffed. She could only look at me, her brow furrowed in frustration. “Get on the bed,” I said, letting go of her hand. “And take those off.” I pointed at her underwear.

Keebie got to her feet and dropped her underwear before crawling onto the bed. “Keep facing forward.” I instructed, as I stood and finished undressing myself. I watched her, her hips swaying as she crawled on her hands and knees towards the head of the bed, and stayed in that position, waiting for my next move.

I climbed up behind her,  the mattress sinking slightly under us. I let her feel my cock press up against her as he leaned over her. I pulled her by her hair, lifting up her head, and with my face next to hers, I spoke to her, letting her know of my brewing emotions.

“I’m going to fuck the brattiness out of you, do you hear me?” I hissed. Keebie could only gasp. “I decide what’s going to happen, and what I’ve decided is that you are not going come. You are not going to come unless you apologize to me, and remember who you and that tight little cunt of yours belongs to; is that understood?”


Keebie POV

I nodded ardently, the tone of his voice quickly igniting the flames within her once again. Papa then let me go, straightened up and quickly thrust himself into me with ease, eliciting a loud moan from my throat.

I felt him fill me up, tightening my walls around him, savoring every inch of him. He wasn’t lying about what he said about how he was going to fuck me, his pace was unrelenting, his fingernails digging into my flesh; but just as the I was reveling in the feel of him finally inside of me, he stops.

“Now I’m going to ask you again,” he said, slipping himself out of me, leaving me empty. I dropped my head down, and glanced behind me to where Papa knelt. “Are you going to apologize?”

My breath heaving, I gave no answer. Pride was one of the great sins; but so was lust, and it was all too deliciously painful for it to stop now.

He sighed at my stubbornness. “Turn around.” He said rigidly, punctuating his words with a hard smack on my bruised ass. I yelped in pain, which only turned to desire as the sensation traveled to my cunt. I could feel myself dripping down my legs as I adjusted my position. I lay on my back, my shoulders leaning back against the head of the bed.

“Hands where I can see them.” Papa ordered, to which the I proceeded to wrap my fingers around the the iron finials that lined the center of the headboard. “And fucking keep them there.” He added, as he spread the my legs, bending my knees up.

“I don’t understand why you’re making this so difficult.” He moved closer to me, lining himself between my legs. “Aren’t you tired?” He touched my face, lightly caressing my skin with his fingertips.

“Frustrated?” His hand moved down, “your body is aching,” trailing down her neck and between my breasts, “..begging me.” He continued, his fingertips rolling over my breast, over my sensitive nipple, I caught my breath and whimpered at his touch as he said these words.

“Just say the words and it shall be true..” He trailed his fingers under the curve of my breast, moving down and tickling my stomach. He lowered his face to mine, his voice against my ear as his fingers reached my mound. “I’ll.. make.. you.. come..” He whispered, his fingers finally meeting my clit as he let the head of his cock press against my entrance.

Papa's voice against my ear was enough to send goosebumps across the my entire body. I found myself breathing loudly against his touch, my body screaming for release, my hips slightly moving on their own, sweat dripped down my forehead; but I maintained.


Papa POV

I clicked my tongue against my teeth. “Very well,” I said and took away my fingers, only to replace them with my thumb, pressing and lightly moving it over her clit. Keebie gasped, strained moans escaping through gritted teeth. I chuckled at her writhing form; and as I watched her, I moved the head of my cock between her soaked lips, gaining another frustrated moan from her. I then dipped myself inside of her, slipping in only the head of my cock.

Slowly, I began to move, my thumb and my hips in time with each other, agonizingly slow and careful not to bury myself inside of her. Keebie cried out from beneath me, her hips moving towards me, trying to feel more of me.

“Stop it.” I commanded, the palm of my free hand hitting her thigh. “You will earn your reward.” She whimpered as she stopped moving her hips, sighing back in defeat. My chest rumbled with a dark laugh. “Come on, just say the words, say you’re sorry and this will all be over.” As I said those last words, I press on her clit, gaining another strangled moan from her.

"Don’t you want me to go deeper, faster?” I tempted her, my voice pouring over her like honey. “Don’t you want me to plunge my hard, aching cock into your hot, wet, cunt?” I hissed. She wailed beneath me, my words enticing her as I knew they would.


Keebie POV

I knew Papa was beginning to feel more disgruntled with each passing moment as his urges were slowly becoming too strong for him to control. But soon, with each precise and slow movement he made, I began to feel my orgasm starting to build. I shut my eyes, my eyebrows drawing together, I focused my mind on the pressure building between my hips. More and more, my lips part and began to quiver, my breathing growing more shallow, until..

Papa stops.

My eyes flew open, pure agony washing over me, and before he could say anything I cried out, “Please-! Please don’t stop..!”

My body had now completely betrayed me, having been so close to the edge, the anticipation and the longing was far too much for my mind to handle, and finally I gave in. Papa's eyes were blown in surprise and arousal as he stared down at me.

“Please, I’m-I’m sorry,” I panted, “Please, I want to come.” I urged him, pleading him. My grip on the headboard tightening with frustration.


Papa POV

Keebie's cries further fueled and reignited the passion within me. “Say it again.” I growled, my free hand digging into the flesh of her thigh.

She moaned again, her hips writhing beneath me. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.. Please.. just fuck me.. I want to come.”

I lowered myself over her, slowly plunging my cock into her. “Good girl.” I whispered in her ear, trying to conceal the tremor in my voice.

Then I began to move again, my hips thrusting into her, burying myself to the hilt, earning a loud cry from her. I quickly found my pace, and with each thrust I buried myself deeper, hitting the sweet center of her. Finally, I gave her the orgasm that she was so repeatedly denied and grinned as she was unable to contain herself any longer and her hands left the headboard. As her orgasm crashed through her, she  placed her hands on either side of my face.

My eyes widened as they met hers. “You-you are so good to me.” She gasped, her voice getting caught in her throat. I was completely transfixed with her words and finally felt my end coming as well.

Keebie saw this, and just as quickly, she lifted her head and crashed her lips to mine. I shut his eyes, gripped the back of her head, and drowned myself in the kiss. As I finally reached my climax, I broke the kiss, gasping for air. I rested my chin on her shoulder, grunting loudly as I spilled my seed deep inside her. She screamed for me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my hips, her muscles contracting, milking me as I bottomed out in her.

Exchanging breaths and sweat, we lay there a while, still joined and recovering. I turned my lips to her ear. “You belong to me.” I breathed.

“And you belong to me.” She whispered back, squeezing her arms around me.