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Jimin loves it - the smell of bacon frying and coffee brewing on the counter, the way the sun shines through the pale curtains, painting the room in a soft light that makes him feel warm inside. He loves waking up in Taehyung’s bed, their bed. Loves the smell of them on the sheets.

He wipes his chin free of drool and nuzzles against the silk sheets before he yawns and pushes himself up, hair a mess and sticking out in all sorts of directions. Sliding his feet off the edge of the bed, he stands up and stretches, arms high in the air, toes wiggling against the fluffy rug Taehyung bought last Christmas.

He can hear him rustling about in the kitchen, singing that song he loves so much but can never remember the name of and he smiles to himself, imagining him swishing his hips and snapping his fingers the way he does so often, when he's happy and can’t hold it in. Jimin's glad he gets to see it just about everyday.

He pads towards the kitchen after a few moments, passing by their discarded clothing on the floor, feeling light and well rested, happy. His heart nearly bursts from his chest when he sees Taehyung, hips swaying just like he imagined, a pretzel stick hanging from his pouty lips, so focused on the bacon frying that he doesn't hear Jimin walk up behind him.

“Oh-!” he startles, hands quick to place themselves on top of Jimin's where they rest just on his waist. “Min, you're awake! A-and still naked..”

Jimin smirks against his shoulder blades, placing a kiss there in the center. “Morning,”

He pulls Taehyung closer to him and rests his chin on his shoulder. He smells so good, like them, like their bed. He can hardly stand it. “You didn't wake me,”

“I wanted you to sleep. You looked like you needed it,” Taehyung quips playfully, thumbs brushing gently over jimin's knuckles, and Jimin hums in response, snaking his arms around Taehyung's middle.

Taehyung reaches forward to turn off the stove, giving his full attention to the man clinging to him like a koala. He smiles shyly to himself, cheeks growing pink as he can feel something poking against his back side. “You're naked,” he says again.

“Mhm,” Jimin hums, fingertips gliding along the soft skin of Taehyung's stomach and he shivers under his touch, suddenly feeling a bit too hot.

He doesn't say anything, just let's Jimin nose at his neck, let's him plant kisses on the bruises and bites he left the night before. The color in his cheeks deepen as he remembers, blood rushing in his veins.

His heart skips a beat when Jimin finally speaks again, in that tone he knows so well, voice gravelly and deep against his ear.

“Last night was fun,” he says, planting a kiss to his shoulder. “My back is still sore..” Another. “..all the scratches you left.”

Taehyung gasps, only partially scandalized, more so flustered because he can feel jimin growing more excited behind him, can feel his breath hot against his skin.

“J-Jimin..” he sighs, voice wavering in his throat and he swallows, everything suddenly so dry, and licks his lips.

“You had fun, right?” Jimin asks, hands moving to grip at his waist again. He doesn't give Taehyung a chance to answer before he's pushing him up against the counter, nails biting into his soft skin.


“Of course you did,” Jimin interrupts.


“You'll let me fuck you against the counter, TaeTae?” He asks, cock now fully hard and thick against Taehyung's clothed ass and Taehyung shudders against him, dick twitching with interest in his shorts. He has no objections to the idea, actually, and come to think of it, it's been a while since jimin's fucked him against an even surface.

“You should still be loose enough to take me,”

He pushes against Taehyung's back so he's leaning over the counter, bare chest flat against the top, and Taehyung spreads his legs for him unconsciously, shivering as his nipples rub against the cold surface.

Jimin doesn't waste any more time; he pulls Taehyung's baby blue boxers down his legs and from around his feet, Taehyung's dick finally free from its confines and throbbing against the counter and before he knows it, one of his legs is being lifted off the floor and placed onto the counter top.

“Lube?” Jimin asks, pumping himself as he leans over Taehyung, knuckles brushing against his ass with every stroke.

“No-no just - fuck,” he swallows as Jimin mouths at his neck and shoulder. “I still have your cum inside me, just-”

“Hm?” Jimin hums with an eyebrow raised, a question, and without warning his pushes two fingers inside of him and Taehyung moans at the feeling, still so sensitive. He flushes at the noises, becoming more breathless as jimin coats his walls with his own semen, at the squelching sound of his fingers pumping inside of him.

“Fuck Jimin, please- just fuck me.” He urges and moans once Jimin finally pulls his fingers out, coating his cock with the cum on his fingers. He starts to line up at his hole, still red and swollen from all the abuse it took only hours earlier and Taehyung holds his breath, waits to be filled.

Jimin groans, the head of his cock pushing past the ring of muscle as he slowly guides his length inside. “Shit-”

The grip he has on Taehyung's hips tighten as he pulls him down on his dick and Taehyung moans loudly at the feeling of jimin's cock sliding along his tender, semen coated walls. He's still sensitive after being fucked so hard so many times last night, his hole pliant enough that it doesn't hurt too bad ( and besides, he doesn't mind the burn).

Jimin groans loudly, making shallow thrusts to test the waters. After four rounds last night you'd think he's had enough, but here he is, fucking into Taehyung nice and slow first thing in the morning. He's nearly insatiable, but he knows Taehyung doesn't mind. He's just as bad as he is.

“You're still so tight,” Jimin huffs, more to himself than to Taehyung. He pulls out and pushes back in slowly, watching as his dick gets swallowed up by Taehyung's pretty hole. “Fuck-”

“Jimin,” Taehyung breathes, turning his head to find Jimin's eyes downcast, clearly somewhere else. “Jimin, hurry up and fuck me.”

“Yeah,” Jimin says and then he's looking Taehyung right in the face as he pulls him down on his dick hard and fast, thrusting up into him. Taehyung can tell by the look in his eyes that he won't be going easy on him and he shudders as he turns back around with a lazy smile on his face, excited. He scrambles for something to hold onto but fails, opting to reach back to latch onto one of Jimin's biceps instead to steady himself.

When jimin gets like this, it's his rules and his way only, Taehyung is nothing more than a hole for Jimin to fuck and that makes his heartbeat triple in his chest. He likes the idea of that very much.

He whimpers when Jimin's hand finds its way around the back of his neck, pushing him flat against the cold surface of the countertop, fucking into him relentlessly.

“Gonna make you cry,” Jimin mutters in between breathy moans, spreading Taehyung's cheeks with his free hand to get a better look. “Fuck you good, yeah?”

“Ah, fuck Jimin-” Taehyung whines, cheek pressed against the cold granite surface and he lifts his leg up higher, changing the angle. “Ngh, shit-”

“Ah!” Taehyung yelps at one particularly hard thrust to his prostate, his toes curling, fingers tingling. “Ji-Jimin!” He yells, nearly choking on his tongue when Jimin does it again. And again. And again.

“Fuck you nice and raw. My nut as lube, that's so fucking hot-”

He then grabs Taehyung by the throat abruptly, bringing his back flush against his chest and wraps an arm around his torso to keep him upright and still. He groans into his ear. “Ruin that tight little hole-”

Taehyung's heart races, blood rushing in his ears. He can hardly breathe with Jimin's hand around his throat and he's beginning to feel lightheaded the more Jimin presses against his airway but it all feels so good. Jimin fucks him so good. Always fucks him like he means it.

He busies his hands by reaching back and threading his fingers into Jimin's hair. He doesn't dare touch himself, not when jimin is like this, not without his permission. Before he can even begin to process anything else he's being pulled up and off jimin's dick and onto the kitchen floor, where jimin directs him to straddle his lap. “Ride me.” Jimin says, looking up at Taehyung with fiery desire in his eyes and Taehyung whimpers, a moan leaving his throat as he grabs jimin's cock and lines himself up.

“Oh, God-” he whines as he sinks down and takes him in inch by inch, filling himself until there's no more to take. He throws his head back, circling his hips. Jimin isn't as long as Taehyung, maybe two inches shorter but he's thicker, and God does Taehyung fucking love that.

Jimins hands are on him again, caressing him. His thighs, his hips, his chest, everywhere on him and Taehyung can feel the goosebumps forming in his wake, can feel his stomach twist with every pass over his nipples.

“Move, baby.”

He bites his lip and does as told, lifting himself up and sinking back down to meet jimin's enthusiastic thrusts. “Ah!”

Placing his hands firmly on jimin's chest, he picks up the pace, cheeks pink as he watches jimin watch his cock disappear inside of Taehyung, a thing he does so often. He likes to watch. Taehyung smirks lazily to himself as Jimin bites his lip hard enough for it to bleed, his brows furrowed in determination.

“oh fuck- shit!” Taehyung yelps, his arms trembling. His cant keep himself up any longer but Jimin catches him and lets him fall onto his chest, planting his feet while Taehyung moans into his neck.

It doesn't take long for Taehyung to cum untouched with jimin fucking into him at jackrabbit speed the way he is, hitting his prostate every time, thick cock dragging along his walls, making him see white. He lets out a drawn out moan as he shakes and empties everything out onto jimin's stomach. Tears brim his eyes because jimin hasn't stopped or slowed down, he keeps his pace and only thrusts harder, chasing his own orgasm like a frenzied dog.

Taehyung cries into his shoulder, hands in Jimin's hair as the feeling if pain and pleasure bombards him, making him dizzy. He can no longer think straight, he chokes on his own words, breath getting caught in his throat. Every sharp thrust from jimin has him roughly rocking forward, makes his want to scream out, it's all too much.

When Jimin finally cums its with a throaty groan, his body shaking beneath Taehyung as his cock throbs inside of him, coating his walls once again with his cum. His breathing is erratic as he pulls out, his toes curling into themselves against the cold tile of the kitchen floor, his eyes screwed shut. “God,”

It takes a few minutes of whines and soft curses before their breathing and heart rate slows down, another thirty before Taehyung can make use of his arms again. He shifts, lifting himself up and stares down at Jimin who stares back at him, eyes no longer clouded with lust but with something else, something softer. He has the sweetest smile on his face, the lazy smile that Taehyung adores so much and his heart skips a beat at the sight.

Jimin brings a hand up to cup Taehyung's face, taking in every detail, every bead of sweat that travels down his brow and temple, the pink in his cheeks. He brings him back down to kiss, taking joy in the way Taehyung shivers when their tongues meet.

The kiss is sweet, passionate. Jimins lips are enchanting and makes Taehyung's heart ache in his chest but Jimin pulls away before they can go any further, pressing their foreheads together, noses brushing.

“How am I so lucky to have you?”

It's a rhetorical question, Taehyung knows but that doesn't stop him from smiling wide and kissing Jimin again, Jimin wrapping his arms around him to hold him close. They're both giggling when they pull away again and Taehyung kisses his cheek with the fondest gaze Jimin has ever beheld.

“Guess what?” Taehyung smiles at him playfully.


“You're finishing breakfast.”

“Wha-” Jimin begins to protest but Taehyung places a quivering finger to his lips, shutting him up.

“You interrupted me to fuck and besides, I don't think I can stand for too long after that.” he says, shaking his head with a smirk and soft blush which Jimin mirrors, averting his gaze.


“Don't pout, pretty.” Taehyung teases him.

“M’not pouting!” he counters but Taehyung only laughs, smiling into his neck.

Jimin loves it - the sound of Taehyung's sweet laughter, the feeling of him on top of him. Loves watching Taehyung stuff his face with bacon and eggs, loves bathing him, loves showering him with kisses as they cuddle in their shared afterglow.

He loves loving Taehyung. He feels as if he was always meant for it.