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BLEMISH ( Jungkook x Taehyung/V )

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His hands slid along the curve of the wooden desk he hunched over uncomfortably, The tips of his fingers absentmindedly running along small cracks and chips within the polished piece.

He found solace in the imperfect surface the furniture provided, the bumps and scratches almost relatable to himself, being the broken and discardable individual he was. Covered in nothing but pre-use damage and scars that no one would willingly buy in such a condition

He hummed quietly, thinking about the age of the piece- how likely the insides were beginning to rot and decay away, inevitably splitting at the seams and crumbling into nothing on the floor.

Admittedly, he was trapping himself slowly- gradually- and painfully within a box of his own thoughts and disdain. No matter how many times he had tried to push and shove at the collapsing walls to escape, he only felt the security grow tighter and tighter, added chains weighing down his already heavy and exhausted limbs as blindfolds with hidden meanings of niavity numbed his senses to the outside world

He knew there was something wrong with him, at a single glance at his peers happily chatting idly about nothing in particular- glowing at the voices of fellow friends and others surrounding them, he knew he would never feel happiness as such on his own- yet he found himself consistently distancing himself away from others who even so much as looked in his mere direction

He needed help.

he was so painfully aware of his own depressed pit and endless mind, yet no one else did

He didn't blame them for their blindness towards his well-being. It was his own fault, after all, he wore long-sleeved shirts ever since the beginning of high school to make it seem almost as a norm for him. As if it was what he was only comfortable in, and to an extent- it was true, but he did long for the freedom of a tank top or thin collared shirt every so often. But due to his own and others actions, the right to wear such attire was stripped from his list of privileges.

The scars, the bruises, the burns, and numerous other injuries-

he was a canvas for pain, both emotional and physical

Fake smiles, false teeth, and rosy tear-stained cheeks. That was his school life, his social life, and anything in-between. He refused anyone who came towards him, not that he disliked the social interaction, but rather the fact he knew these so-called 'friends' he'd make from such interactions would only be temporary. A short high of euphoria until everything went south and he was sent spiraling further into his own darkness. left alone, vulnerable and shaking

Thinking about such things made him realize how truly disgusted he was with his own mind, with his own self and with the others that surrounded him within his private life at home.


He couldn't be happy. He doesn't deserve such a blessing




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Beep- Beep- Beep-

His eyes gradually fluttered open, the sleep stuck in the crevice of his inner corners stubbornly forcing his lids shut as if it were glue. His body felt heavy, heavier than usual- perhaps it was last nights interactions with his family that had worn him out so much.

Reluctantly, he raised the back of his hand to his eyes and rubbed at them furiously- forcing the yellow chunks to flake away and dust along his cheeks as he groggily opened his eyes to peer at the blurry sight of his textured white rooftop. the ringing from the alarm that had previously woke him up blasted through the entirety of his rather small and plain room, clearly being a rather monochromatic minimalist from the bland milky white wooden desk with accented black knobs to the matching wardrobe on the opposite side of the room, even his covers masked in a soft charcoal black that never failed to keep him engulfed in comfortable warmth.

Sitting up, he slipped his hand from beneath the quilt and trailed it along the white night-stand besides him. blindly slapping at the surface until he managed to feel the familiar cool vibrating metal touch of the clock and slip his fingertips along its side, flicking numerous buttons until the deathly loud ringing within his ears fell deathly silent

wearily sighing, he grasped the corner of the comforting quilt and slipped it free from his naked body. exposing his naturally golden-toned flesh to the raw humidity within his room that had managed to force his body to break out into a soft sweat.

he felt disgusting, sweaty- sticky- and he thought he smelt rather horrid as well. So, with a small grunt, he slipped his own body free from the delicious confines of his own bed and stumbled along the wooden floor. his body subconsciously walking closer towards the wall in case he fell like usual as he approached the white door on the left-hand side, knowing a steamy shower awaited him

quickly, he reached the door and twisted the knob accordingly. walking inside the room and looking towards his left to make sure he had a towel to use afterward before stripping off the little clothes he had on and withdrawing the shower curtains to reach inside and let the water begin to pour out.

Immediately the room began to fill with thick clouded steam as he leaned against the bathroom sink and gazed at his own reflection within the mirror. Must to his dismay, although not surprising him- his mirror image revealed a large number of blossoming purple flowers mixed along with yellow and red stems that traced the curve of his lower waist and rib cage. a familiar jagged bite-mark residing inches away from his thatch, almost a sickly green hue from the amount of pressure that had been placed on his skin

pursing his lips, he let out another exasperated sigh and let his head hang limply from his shoulders as he gazed down at the marble sink his fingers curled around for support

One, two, three... four, five, six... more, more, more...

How many marks would he be left with tonight? how many more than the previous. he had made it a routine to count the splotches painted along his skin. At first, it had only a few- possibly one or two, making a bold appearance. But as time went on and as he grew older and older, those marks became deeper, layered and layered until he felt his body would hold onto them permanently.

which sometimes it had

He continued with his morning routine, stepping within the shower and scrubbing himself clean of all the filth he had been exposed to- not once, not twice, but three times. scrubbing and scrubbing until his skin felt completely raw from the boiling waters seductive licks along his lower back and blushed shoulders

by the time he had stepped out of the shower and began drying off, he no longer smelt of the sin and sweat that had inlaced itself with him. instead, he smelt of deliciously tempting shower gel and soothing shampoo that calmed his senses and made him relax ever so slightly

running the rough fabric along every crevice and curve of his own body, he soaked the dripping water within the towel and began drying his hair messily- tussling the strands and strangling them within the cloth before throwing it to the side and onto the end of his bed

he began getting dressed. black underwear, navy blue trousers, and a longsleeved white dress shirt with his school's emblem embroidered rather elegantly along the left side of his chest and directly over his heart. he paused, fiddling with the stray colorful yellow strands that came off of the embroidered piece before resuming and fastening his two blue toned tie around his neck

Only recently had he moved within Seoul, previously living within Daegu for the past seventeen years of his life- he had found the change rather stressful and uncomfortable unlike most. Here, everyone kept their line of sight straight ahead of them- avoiding any physical contact within the streets as possible while in Daegu it was odd to roam the sidewalk without being greeted by at least several strangers along the way

in a way, he was happy for being rid of the unwanted social interaction- but in another, he disliked the judgemental stares and disgusted expressions he received on a daily far more than the latter

glancing himself him the mirror, he checked that he was wearing the uniform appropriately and as wanted before slipping out of the door of his room and within the hallway- immediately feeling the cooling breath of the aircon wash over him as he began sneaking along the steps in order not to wake his parents

nearing the end of the stairs, he made the effort to peer around the corner and confirm no one else had been awake before relaxing completely and making his own way through the living quarters and within the kitchen where an assortment of fruits and snacks waited for him patiently within the basket on the bench.

effortlessly, he picked the smallest apple available and a rather bland packet of chips no one in the house liked before walking towards the door and grabbing his black bag to slip them both inside

sitting down, he tugged the clean pair of socks out of his school shoes and slipped them both on one at a time before climbing back to his feet and slipping the shoes on effortlessly

placing his bag over his shoulder, he lifted his wrist and slipped down the sleeve that covered the watch he peered at curiously

6:27 am

he gulped and walked along the entrance and towards the door, twisting the knob to reveal the dark night sky still hovering over the cities head as well as the slightest sliver of sunlight peering along the hills within the distance

"I'll have to waste time for an hour or so.." he murmured to himself, his voice still laced with the thick of sleep as his stomach rumbled ever so slightly at the thought of food





"I-I'm sorry Daddy, forgive me" 

the younger male struggled to choke out as his father's dark shadow hovered along his naked and exposed body.

Even without the heavy chains restricting his limbs, the boy was aware he held no strength to fight the older- and he had realized such from his earlier attempt at disobedience

"You were a very naughty little boy taetae.." the elders voice almost purred out as he hunched down to his own level, his dirty charcoal sleeves curled up just above his elbows to reveal his aged yet muscular forearms adorning the smallest of bitemarks where he had bitten him in a struggle earlier. "you promised daddy you'd make him feel better, didn't you?" he asked, although clearly expecting no answer from the shivering teenager sat in front of him. "but you hurt daddy, so what does that mean?"

with a strained gulp, he felt as if his throat had subtracted to the size of a straw at his own father's malice laced tone.  but again, he knew if he didn't manage to choke out the several words he wanted to hear, he would regret it for the next week.

"T-That daddy.. has to hurt me too.."



Slipping out from the alleyway along the side of the school premises, he checked his watch and raised his gaze to the pool of students walking along the sidewalks and making idle chatter.

7:05 am

nipping at his own lips, he felt his chest flutter with a small sense of anxiety and checked the cuffs of his own shirt- making sure to hide the ringed bruises wrapped intricately like vines around his wrists and forearms before stumbling within the crowd and following the never-ending flow until he began to approach the familiar black metallic gates at the entryway that others funneled through contently
twisting his feet, he considered putting off school until the last minute rather than get swarmed with students such as this. but decided that it was already too close to school and he still had yet to be assigned a locker to place his belongings in

He took his time and began taking in his surroundings, the school he was going to attend this year and the years to come was nothing out of the ordinary. nothing incredibly extravagant about it, but he held an air of maturity and old-fashioned conservationism about it that unsettled him somewhat

choosing that it was better for him to ignore the others around him, he lowered his line of sight to the pair of walking feet in front of him and trudged along the pathway and towards the front office to report in and get the necessary information





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stepping through the narrow corridors, he kept his head bowed towards the floor. watching his every step as the leather heels of his shoes caused echoing clicks to circle around his approaching figure, somehow managing to distract him from the occasional glances he received from future peers.

It was odd for him to be receiving so much attention at once, but knew as to why it was. He was new here... fresh meat for predators to stalk and eventually pounce on.

Despite his relatively tall stature and broad shoulders, he was much slimmer in comparison to the rest of the male students. he wore no toned muscles upon his skin nor threatening scars and that alone was enough for them to sniff out his weakness. of course, the way he carried himself with his shoulders hunched and head lowered in submission wouldn't help all that much either

But besides that, when it came to the females around him. he knew they gazed at him for a different reason, a reason of sin that he was all too familiar with.

From his chocolate brown locks and soft mousy high-lighted curls to his natural honey-dew complexion, he was aware he was beyond average within this school at a simple glance. A mere five seconds of eye contact with his deep cinnamon orbs had the majority of girls blushing underneath his gaze despite not wanting that effect whatsoever

raising his line of sight for the first time in several minutes of aimlessly walking, he read the numerous small wooden plating hanging along the tall classroom doors.

1-A, 2-A, 3-A... ah, 4-A

standing rather awkwardly in front of the door to his future classroom, he felt a sudden swarm of anxiety pool in his gut- uncomfortably spinning and dancing to the choreography his heartbeat provided.

This was where he'd learn from here on out, this was where he'd meet his fellow peers and future hunters.

Pursing his lips rather childishly, he poked his tongue out of his mouth momentarily and ran the wet muscle of his tongue along the crescents of his lips- nervously moisturizing them in the process. He felt the familiar tightening of his throat as his fingers shook along his sides.

Breathe... In- Out- In- Out...

with a heavy gulp, he reluctantly raised his hand towards the door in front of him- his vision spiraling ever so slightly as the cool metal touch of the handle sent a jolt through his incredibly sensitive and aware body

One... Two... Three...

He paused for several moments after the counting within his head, attempting to calm himself down to a relatively manageable point before he slowly tugged along the body of the doorway, sliding the large chunk of wood in the process and revealing a silhouette directly in front of him that took him by surprise

"Oh fuck-" the voice of the alien murmured momentarily as it jumped within its spot, taehyung following suit and jolting ever so slightly as the stranger's dark brown iris's widened at the closeness they shared

The male in front of him was rather short compared to his own towering height, possibly Five nine at most the other stood at as he creaked his neck backward and shuffled several steps away

looking at him slightly longer than he probably should have, he realized the male was almost his polar opposite. Short in stature, relatively muscular but still held a thin lower torso, tussled blonde lengthy locks as well as incredibly pale skin that almost blinded him from the reflecting sunlight

"Sorry-" the stranger chuckled out and raised a hand towards the back of his neck, stepping completely out of the way to let him through as he gingerly began to rub at the spot on his skin as if it hurt. followed by his rather awkward actions, was an incredibly beautiful smile that spread across his lips and curled to reveal his pearly teeth hidden underneath- a single front tooth ever so slightly crooked

Deciding that maybe he should respond, he swallowed the uncomfortable lump in his throat and returned a rather forced smile to the stranger as he spoke- his voice wavering and tapering off towards the ends as he chose to peer around the room instead to find no other students within it

"No, it's fine. I'm sorry too, I must've startled you..." he murmured before bringing his feet further within the room and making his way towards the desks, noticing that the male hadn't exited like he was originally planning too

"Hey, are you new around here. I haven't seen you before-" his sweet voice called out after him, trailing petite footsteps echoing in the room to contrast against his almost elephant stomps. Looking behind himself, he paused and placed his bag on the surface of one of the tables towards the back- giving him a sheepish look as the male continued to speak without a problem in the world. "-I know almost everyone in our grade, I'm the school representative of our level" he explained, leaning against a nearby table and crossing his arms over one another, forcing his exposed muscular forearms to tense ever so slightly under his ivory skin

rather than voice himself like before, he settled for a shy nod and traced along the curve of his chosen desk while retracting the seat with a quiet screech.

"You're not very talkative are you?" he pouted as he furrowed his eyebrows together and filled his cheeks with air, clearly pursing his lips to prevent them from deflating as Taehyung sat down within his seat and raised his head timidly towards the others childish expression

"No... sorry..." he trailed off again and lowered his vision towards his desk, his hands overlapping with one another as he nervously began picking at his own whitened knuckles to ease his nerves.

sparking something within the other with his submissive behavior, the stranger softened his expression and instead lifted himself off of the table to approach him. skidding out the chair directly beside him and sitting down in it slowly in order not to startle him

"It's fine... so..." he spoke, his voice changing ever so slightly to a softer tone as he rolled his small hands in front of him. searching for the others name as he peered at his untagged belongings

"Kim... Kim Taehyung" he spoke in response and raised his head again, watching the other seemingly glow in excitement at gaining a new name to add to his collection

"I'm Park, Park jimin. but I answer to anything in reason-" he giggled, flashing yet another crooked tooth and perfect smile as his eyes squinted so small that he could hardly see them "-So Tae.. if that's alright for me to call you, where are you from? you have a bit of an accent"

blinking several times he thought about his own pronunciation, hoping that it hadn't sounded as guttural as his parents.

"It's alright, and... Daegu-" he spoke more confidently, finding the presence of the other not incredibly comfortable- but knowing that he clearly held no malice or ill intentions for now. "-I was born there"

as time went on and students slowly began filling the room's empty space, their conversation continued as well. Pointless topics never seeming to stop pouring out of his discovered elders lips, which forced him to do the majority of the speaking which he didn't seem to mind a single bit

during such time, he managed to discover small things about his new associate. That, similarly to him- he hadn't originally been from Seoul, but rather Busan. a relatively small area compared to such a large city such as this- and that the other frequently tortured his hair with an assortment of dyes and bleaches, apparently at one stage even forcing his locks to go a bright rosy pink that he had thought made him appear relatively sickly towards the end

he also discovered that the other did indeed know the others names, greeting every single body that had entered the room and indulging in a short conversation about their hobbies before returning to taehyung like a puppy begging for attention from his owner rather than strangers

of course with a personality as such, taehyung couldn't help but find the elder rather endearing of sorts and he'd even go as far as to say he was cute with his behaviorism's. No, it didn't mean he was willing to let his guard down so quickly, but it meant he didn't particularly mind his company like most



"I want to cave in those petit little fucking ribs of yours and soak up every inch of those whore fluids" he grunted into his sons ear as he pressed the palms of his hands firmly against the youngers exposed chest, his index fingers tracing along the curve of his prepubescent nipples as the tent within his fathers pants becomes disgustingly obvious

rather than stir, rather than move and rather than do anything other than weakly smile in an attempt to flatter his own father. he stayed still, his fingers intertwining with the chains of the provided cuffs that kept him strapped along the firm wooden plank they had treated as if it were a bed

the elderly man hunched over the youngers thighs and grunted in delight at the sight of his tiny flaccid cock, waiting patiently despite being fully aware of the torture it was about to experience.

lightly, he pressed his lips against his lower stomach and brought his hands along his son's sides to run along the curves of his prominent rib-cage and petite waist, till eventually, they landed on his hips and squeezed firmly as if to state his dominance.

licking, kissing, slurping and sucking-

the odd sensations sent a ripple of displeasure running along his face paired with an unsettled wince.

"You taste so fucking good Taetae" he whispered against his reddening flesh, the stained yellow teeth of the other painfully nipping at his plump thatch and he struggled to force a smile again when his bloodshot eyes returned their gaze to his face

"I don't think I taste like anything Daddy..." he whispered, forcing the other's brow to quirk "but as long as you enjoy it, I'm happy"



"What class do you have next?" Jimin questioned curiously as he tilted his head towards taehyung, his chin contently resting within the palm of his curled fist. "I'll walk you to it, I have a free period for a meeting with the other members of the student council" he smiled, his lids ever so slightly fluttering along his own face as he peered at taehyungs lips for a brief moment

stuttering ever so slightly at Jimin's wavering eyes, he turned his head away and fumbled with his diary. tugging out the small booklet and flipping along the pages until he found his provided table listing his classes throughout the day

"En... English..." he murmured, scanning several more of his classes before hearing the familiar screeching of metal chair legs skid along the wooden floor beside him- indicating that jimin had risen from his spot and expected him to do so as well

Nodding, taehyung packed his belongings and stumbled after jimins fading figure. watching him calmly walk within the hallways sent an odd thrill through his own spine, seeing how naturally confident and how powerful of an aura he really held made him helplessly doubt his own self-consciousness

several silent minutes later of relatively comfortable silence between the two, jimin guided him towards his classroom and bid his farewells to Taehyung before continuing to trudge along the halls to find what he assumed was the meeting

gulping, his hands shook less now than before. the fluttering of anxiety and his tight lungs felt softer as well and far more manageable thanks to jimins kind demeanor. So much so- that he slid the door open without a second thought, his head tilted to the left-hand side to peer down the hall as he did so

before he could think- before he could inhale the breath he had just let slip past his lips. He felt a large blunt object collide with his torso- sending a relatively painful shock-wave cascading along his body as he stumbled back several steps and clenched his eyes shut. his ribs falling inwards at the extreme pressure, winding him even further to the point he felt as if he was going to suffocate

suddenly, the objects full weight pressed against his body and he lost his footing beneath him- his heel catching on the marble flooring of the corridor and inevitably, sending him tumbling towards the ground with an excruciating thud



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widening his eyes, a flash of dulled silver blurred across his vision- momentarily blinding him as he felt the familiar touch of warm skin press against his body as well as the freezing marble floor against his back

wincing, he clenched his eyes shut before reluctantly fluttering them open only split seconds later- his gaze falling on a brown mess of curls that stirred on top of his torso uncomfortably

"Fuck... shit, cunt...?" the brown mass murmured into his chest, two alien hands reaching up slowly to cup at the curve of their head as they lifted themselves groggily off of his own chest. "Sorry, i-"

his eyes met with a similar pair of chocolate sparkling orbs and he couldn't help but gulp in mere response at the male hovering above him- one particularly slim yet muscular limb propping himself in what would be considered a rather erotic missionary position if taken out of context.

the boy above him was nothing short of mesmerizing, similarly to jimin however- his complexion appeared to be almost made out of tinted paper, the only color being a soft curl of blue veins hidden under his skin along the tendons within his neck and the soft gradient of coral pink blessing his plump- yet thinly curled lips that held a startled frown

"Sorry, sorry" he repeated in a rather gravely tone before pushing his full weight off of taehyungs body, kneeling between his bent legs momentarily as he glanced around him quickly. Stumbling to his feet in a rather clumsy manner to reveal his towering height- he almost matched taehyung's own.

"Here" the stranger offered as he ruffled his short brown locks with his left hand, extending his right down towards his position to assist him

moments went by and neither of them moved, taehyung still somewhat shaken by the odd and violent encounter that had just occurred when he finally took the others hand- curling his legs underneath him and helping him lift him to his feet once again, although it seemed he was strong enough to do so himself

"Jin-Hyung, you sent me flying into a random" the other suddenly snapped, his eyes not leaving taehyungs profile when a dark humanoid shadow loomed close towards the door, placing a ginger hand on the other's shoulder as a rumble of squeaky laughter echoed from his lips

"Sorry kookie" the voice said rather sarcastically and he finally shifted his focus on the other stranger that had appeared behind him. Straight coconut styled brown hair, relatively tanned skin and not to mention the fact he was taller than Taehyung- he was most definitely an elder judging from his mature appearance that seemed to contrast with his youthful tone of voice

Pursing his lips, the stranger he now identified as 'kookie' entered the classroom behind him- shrugging off the hand the elder had placed on his shoulder in the process

"Sorry about that" he chuckled, straightening his posture while placing a hand on his relatively thick torso- his leg cocking to the side as he sent a warm smile his way "We were roughhousing before the teacher came, we usually do... although this is the first time anyone's been almost killed by it" he said in a matter of fact tone and taehyung looked away nervously, feeling odd about the strangers need for small talk after the apology

"You new here?" he asked, stepping to the side to allow taehyung inside which he gratefully did "How old are you?" he asked, sliding the door shut behind taehyungs frame as he peered inside the room to see several other males crowded around the desk, followed by a few strewn out students that seemed to not want to socialize with one another

"01 liner.," he mumbled, Jin nodding in response with a growing smirk on his face as he abruptly approached his swaying figure- wrapping a comfortable and rather thin arm around taehyungs shoulder in the process while looking down at him

"00, I win" he smirked, "Looks like I'm your Hyung too, even though you look my age". deciding to take it as a compliment, taehyung responded with a shy but genuine smile and peered over at the group of boys- Jin-Hyung seemingly noticing as he extended a pointer finger out towards the four boys

"The one that knocked into you, on the seat- is Jeongguk, but he goes by jungkook and cookie. You're his Hyung" he began, causing taehyung to peer at him momentarily out of the corner of his eye "the one sitting across from him is Namjoon, he's your Hyung as well"

following his finger, he scanned across the mousy brown male- his plump lips spread rather wide which caused a dimple to form in his left cheek. his skin was also tan, almost darker than Taehyungs in a sense and he held a familiar build to jin-hyung except his chest seemed much wider in width compared to the almost scrawny build jin held

"The black haired one beside him, the small one sleeping, is Yoongi. another hyung"

the one he was referring too did, in fact, seem as to be sleeping- not entirely giving him the best view of his facial features but knowing that he was deathly white and the dark contrast of his hair only made it even more extreme. He seemed to be jimin's height, if not slightly smaller

"And finally, the one who's dancing with the red hair is Hoseok. again, a hyung"

the almost ruby haired male flailed his hands in a rather dramatic manner, seemingly singing along to the tune of a song taehyung hasn't heard as he swiveled his hips around in a suggestive manner. his lips spread into an almost love-heart smile as his eyes crinkled in the corners and he laughed about god-knows-what

"I'm Seokjin" he smiled eagerly, ever so slightly tightening his grip on his own shoulder as he began soothingly running his fingertips along the outline of his prominent shoulder bones- the sensation forcing a tingle to run along his spine as he shifted his gaze towards his elder and nodded slowly




Think- think- thinking...

recall- recall- recall him. what he did to you, how he touched you, how they made you do it. what they did

remember it all

his throat felt itchy and swollen as he raised his gaze to the elderly man seated in front of him, a rather broad-shouldered woman alongside him giving him a pitying gaze at his own squirming figure

No, don't tell them. They'll hurt him, they'll hurt everyone, they'll hurt 0!$&!%%!

"I understand you're scared currently, and I'm aware you don't want to speak about what had happened to you. such traumatic and horrible things, happening to you so early in life" the elderly man spoke, his voice so low that it caused a small hollow grumble to stir in his chest "but you need to know that we can't know what really happened without your help"

think about others. think about those who didn't want to be involved, about those who were roped in against their own will- thinking that they were helping


"Fuck off"




the palm on his lower back felt warm. warmer than it should- almost tipping on boiling as they leaned across his body and grabbed the small piece of paper that had been sitting on taehyungs desk silently

"You haven't done anything yet" Jimin pouted towards him, flashing him a rather stern glare that seemed more playful than he had intended. "Do you not understand it? I can help, Namjoon-Hyung is also good with English" he offered, retracting the steadying hand from taehyungs lower back as he shifted uncomfortably in his own seat

That's right. moments after jin had introduced him to the group of rather strange individuals, jimin had returned- thoroughly scolding himself for getting the meeting times mixed up with tomorrow. Taehyung had discovered that jimin was also friends with the other five males, almost intimately

so as you would expect an extrovert to do- he practically adopted taehyung, pulling him forcefully within the ring of friendship which seemed to cause no stir at all. Namjoon and hoseok had seemed rather ecstatic in reality while Yoongi seemed indifferent, still politely introducing himself before resuming his nap- however, as it would seem, Jungkook didn't particularly like the thought of a stranger mingling with them even if taehyung kept to himself

it was almost a jealous aura that surrounded him as he watched Jimin and jin show a definite liking to him immediately. Staring at him unblinking and never taking his gaze off of him even for a moment unless another student and or the teacher spoke to him

reluctantly taehyung nodded in response to jimins earlier offer, calling over namjoon from several tables in front- he scattered over and welcomed him with the familiar dimpled cheeks and puffed lids as he began speaking in fluent English to Taehyung, translating each and every word for his better understanding until they finally finished the piece of work

"Thank you.." Taehyung curtly mumbled, a thin layer of blood rushing to the surface of his cheeks to flush them slightly which seemed to flatter namjoon in response. forcing him to smile even further and respond with similar rosy expressions

"No problem, you're not that bad at English. next time I'm sure you'll understand it better" he spoke, earning a smirk from jimin as he squirmed on the side and chuckled at his elder's awkwardness "Ah- that reminds me. Jungkook-ah" he called over, earning a perked brown head from the corner of the room where he had previously hunched over his table silently

with a curling motion of namjoons fingers, Jungkook slid from the chair beneath him and clumsily stumbled around jin- his feet dragging along the wooden planked flooring as he spared a glance towards taehyung almost as if he was a threat

"Yeah...?" jungkook questioned, stuffing his hands in his navy blue trousers as he spread his feet shoulder width apart- his stance making him look rather intimidating as he spoke casually to namjoon

"Since jimin has to stay a tiny bit longer since he missed out on the beginning of class, could you show Taehyung where his next class will be since that's the class you share with him" As he spoke, taehyung noticed jungkooks immediate fall in expressions. A hidden grimace gracing his perfectly moisturized lips as he tilted his head to the side

"Can't you or Jin-hyung do it? I'm hungry.." he grumbled, brows furrowing. Rather than respond as he expected him too, namjoon simply furrowed his brows and sent him a rather intimidating glare "fine, let's go. hurry up so I can get some food" he spat in taehyungs direction and if it hadn't been for his elders urging on, he most definitely wouldn't have followed after him so quickly

stumbling after the younger, he ran out of the room and settled with a regular pace behind him- choosing that he felt more comfortable out the male's sight rather than alongside him. it felt as if it was an action only those on equal grounds could share, which Jungkook seemed to make obvious wasn't what was between them

after several deafening minutes of silence, taehyung began to wonder if the younger had even realized he was behind him and following him and was about to speak and bring his attention to him when suddenly jungkook did exactly that

"History next?" his familiar gravely yet rather high-pitched voice called out, a song of youth intertwining within his words subconsciously and taehyung assumed he had been speaking to him, so in return, he answered with a quiet and submissive 'yes'.

Pausing in his footsteps momentarily, jungkook peered over his shoulders and glanced at taehyung- taking him by surprise by his wandering eyes and forcing him to tilt his head in the opposite direction to avoid eye contact

When taehyung had thought jungkook was beginning to walk again, he tilted his head back in his direction- becoming surprised when jungkook had rather turned around completely to face his body. his toes pointing directly at him as he began speaking with his captivating voice


"What's wrong with you"