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Jimin just needs a break.

Don’t be mistaken, Jimin loves his job, he really does. Sometimes the pressure just becomes too much and a short break away from it all is required for him to remember the reasons why he’s doing it.

Modelling was never Jimin’s dream job. Well, truthfully, he never really had a dream job. After graduating from college with a master degree in business, Jimin had no idea what he wanted to do next. Then one day, he was scouted by a modelling agency and before he could really think about exactly what he was getting himself into, he was one of Korea’s rising young models.

This profession had crossed his mind from time to time during his teenage years though, but never did he think he could actually pursue it. So when he signed with his current agency, he really couldn’t believe it.

It’s been a little over a year now and Jimin can’t quite grasp how quickly his name has become known all over Korea. He’s still not used to it – paparazzi, interviews, people recognizing him on the streets, sometimes asking for a photo and or an autograph. Jimin loves his job, he’s just not used to it yet. Maybe he never will be.

Being famous is an odd thing. You’re still yourself, the person you’ve always been, but somehow it’s different because people who don’t know you think that they do, and new versions of yourself that you haven’t claimed are created.

The attention is not something that bothers Jimin, it’s just very different. Amongst everything that has changed in his life for the past 13 months, that has been the most drastic one. It’s okay though, Jimin manages, because he’s doing what he loves.

The people around Jimin help him stay grounded, making sure he doesn’t get too drawn into the world of fame. They all care for him deeply, and that plays a major part in how Jimin handles this life. Yoongi, his manager, has become more like a friend. Jimin would even call him his best friend. When he was assigned to the agency, Yoongi was the first one to make him feel at home. Jimin will always be grateful for that.

Jimin loves his job, but sometimes he needs a break.

It’s almost 9 pm, and the sky is beginning to darken. It’s the end of August, so even when the sun had gone down, it’s still light outside for a long time. Jimin has rolled down the windshield of his car and he has his left arm resting on the edge, the warm summer breeze slipping through his fingers as he sticks out his hand through the window.

He’d left the city without calling Yoongi. As of now, his schedule is cleared for the next six days, but that could change any minute. As much as a phone call and Yoongi will have him booked for another photoshoot or another meeting. For now, Jimin has time and he just wants to get out of the city for a while. He will call Yoongi, but for tonight, he just wants to escape.



Jimin’s been driving for almost 1,5 hours when he makes an exit from the highway, seeing a sign that reads Bed & Breakfast. He hadn’t planned to go far, just far enough to be outside Seoul City. He grew up in Busan in a house close to the water and the forest. He’s gotten used to the big city now after going to college there for four years, but he comes from the countryside and that will always be home to him.

The road he finds himself on is small and enclosed with trees, and it very much reminds him of the roads from back home. It’s long too, and it takes him another 15 minutes before he finally sees a light up ahead.

The house that he eventually reaches is a lake house. It’s bigger than regular sized, square frame and two floors. There are stairs leading up to the entrance, and on the side of the house is a lawn with an outdoor storage shed and one open woodshed.

It’s dark outside now, and there’s only light in one of the rooms. It’s almost 10 pm and Jimin only now realizes that maybe it’s closed. Even though he hadn’t planned on going far, he’d still packed a bag and intended to find a hotel or something to stay at for a few days.

Hoping luck will be on his side, he parks in the small parking lot that looks more like squares in the grass, and shuts of the engine. Retrieving his bag from the backseat, he gets out of the car and walks towards the entrance.

It’s quiet outside, grasshoppers and the occasional whistling of the wind being the only sounds Jimin can hear. There is no bell on the door, so Jimin knocks twice and waits.

To his complete surprise, the person who opens the door is not an old lady. It’s a very young, very handsome man. In fact, he looks about Jimin’s age. He has light brown hair that is just long enough to touch his eyelashes, big brown eyes and pink full lips. He’s taller than Jimin, but only by an inch or so, and when their eyes meet, he gives Jimin a smile in the shape of a square. Suddenly, Jimin struggles remembering how to use words.

There’s a brief moment when the boy just looks at him, more accurately, observes him. Jimin is used to that, people giving him an extra scan to try and remember where they’ve seen him. But it’s gone as quick as it came and the boy breaks the silence. “Well hello,” he says, leaning against the frame. He’s wearing pajamas, and Jimin thinks that maybe he got the wrong house.

“Um, hi,” he manages and the boy waits. Jimin clears his throat and goes on. “Is this the bed and breakfast?”

“Indeed it is,” the boy says smiling. “Guests usually call before they come so sorry I’m greeting you in my pajamas.” The boy laughs and Jimin smiles too.

Jimin fiddles with the hem of his shirt. Why is he so nervous? “That’s fine. I didn’t plan on coming here. I just… found it.”

“I see,” the boy says, and again, he looks at Jimin like he’s searching for an answer. “Well, you are very welcomed. You’re lucky cause there are no other guests staying here at the moment, and I only have three rooms.”

“Oh, okay.” Jimin wants to ask more, but he’s not sure how he would phrase his questions.

“Well,” the boy says after a moment. “Come in, please.” He bends down to take Jimin’s bag, and Jimin’s too distracted to protest.

They walk inside and when the door closes behind them, Jimin realizes how weird this actually is. He’s alone in a house with a stranger, two hours from home and he no one knows he’s here.

“My name’s Taehyung by the way. Kim Taehyung,” the boy, Taehyung, says.

“I’m…” His name is on the tip of his tongue when Jimin stops himself. Taehyung doesn’t seem to have fully recognized him yet, but if he tells him his name then the penny might drop. “I’m Yoongi,” Jimin says before he can stop himself. If he was going to be here for a few days then Taehyung will probably figure out who he is, and the lie about his name will be really embarrassing. But it’s too late.

Taehyung just smiles at him though. “Nice to meet you.” He drops Jimin’s bag by the stairs, and that’s when Jimin first takes a look around. Everything seems to be made out of wood, different shades of brown in every corner. It’s modern, but still has charming details that makes it feel like a home. It doesn’t feel like a bed and breakfast at all frankly.

“So, some information,” Taehyung says and gestures for Jimin to follow him. He takes him on a little tour of the house as he speaks. “I run this business by myself during the summertime, May to September. I live here too, on the ground floor. The three guest rooms are upstairs. I’ll give you a key to your room so you can lock it when you want to go out. Breakfast is served between 7.30 am and 9 am. There’s a small dock by the water where you can swim, or read or do whatever you like. The only room in the house that is off limits is my bedroom. Other than that you are free to hang out wherever you’d like. Further down the road are a couple of cafés and a small shop, and then there’s a little town a couple of miles away. You can borrow a bike from the storage if you want. If I’m not here or in the courtyard to give you one, you can just take it.” Taehyung beckons for Jimin to follow him before climbing the squeaky stairs up to the second floor.

“You’re not allergic to dogs are you?” Taehyung asks as they reach the top of the stairs.

“No,” Jimin answers, accepting the key that Taehyung gives him.

Taehyung smiles. “Okay good,” he opens the door that he took the key from. “This will be your room. It’s the only one with just one double bed. It’s late so you can sign the papers tomorrow. How long are you planning on staying?”

The room is not too big and not too small. There is one queen sized bed in the middle with two bedside tables on each side. It has a big closet and a desk, and there’s even a small bathroom connected to it. What Jimin likes the most about it is that, just like the rest of the house, it has a homey feeling to it.

“I’m not sure how long I’m staying,” Jimin replies and drops his bag on the bed. “For now, I’ll say five nights.”

Taehyung nods. “Okay, no problem. Like I said, no other guests are staying here right now, and my next booking isn’t until next week.”

“Great. Thank you. This is perfect by the way,” Jimin says and looks around the room.

“Glad to hear so,” Taehyung answers with another one of those boxy smiles of his. “Do you have any other questions before I leave you to it?”

Jimin has about a million questions, but all of them are personal and too nosey, so he shakes his head. “Not right now.”

“Okay then, I’ll see you in the morning. Breakfast from 7.30.” Taehyung turns to leave but stops when Jimin does ask him a question.

“Do you make the breakfast yourself?”

“I do, yes,” he says. “I make dinner for my guests too. There’s a menu you can choose from.”

For some reason, Jimin does not like the idea of Taehyung serving him. Not because it’s him, but because Taehyung shouldn’t have to. But it is a Bed and Breakfast, so maybe Jimin should just accept it.

“Nice service.” Jimin grins at him, and for the first time since he arrived, Taehyung seems shy.

“Yeah, well, it’s the job.” He laughs nervously and walks backwards out of the room. “See you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight,” Jimin says before Taehyung closes the door.

It’s been a long day. It doesn’t feel like Jimin did a photoshoot earlier today before he left. His body can feel it though, and it’s begging him to lay down on the bed. After brushing his teeth and washing his face, Jimin obeys his tired limbs and crawls under the soft covers. His mind is too busy for him to fall asleep right away though. There are things he has to sort out for work, but that’s not what keeps him awake though It’s the shape of one particular smile.



When Jimin wakes up, it takes him a moment or two before he remembers where he is. When he does, there’s a sudden heat on his cheeks. He’s in a house far away from the city with a stranger who is ridiculously hot, and he’s staying here for six days.

Modeling meant early mornings, so Jimin has developed an inner alarm clock that always wakes him up before 8 am. So when he looks at his phone, it indeed reads 7:47 am.

He gets out of bed, putting on his slacks and a t-shirt and heads downstairs. The kitchen is quiet, and when he walks through the open door, the first thing he sees is his own face.

Taehyung is sitting at the table with a cup in his hand, and a magazine in the other. On the cover is Jimin, his latest feature and first ever feature on Vogue Magazine Taehyung is quick, but not quick enough, and he slams the magazine down on the table when he sees Jimin in the doorframe

“Good morning,” he says. “I didn’t hear you come down the stairs.” Taehyung looks guilty, but he has no reason to be.

“I’m sorry I lied,” is what Jimin says when he sits down on a chair opposite Taehyung.


“I know you know who I am. I wasn’t sure yesterday because you seemed doubtful, so I lied about my name, and I’m sorry.”

“Oh,” Taehyung gives him a questioning look. “Well, I wasn’t sure. But I did recognized you, and when I looked through my magazines this morning, I saw this and that’s when I realized.” He slides the magazine to the other end of the table. “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have pried.”

“No, it’s fine. I mean, I don’t blame you.”

Taehyung exhales, and he seems relieved. “Okay, well I don’t blame you either. I understand why you lied. I mean I don’t- I understand why didn’t want to say your name.” He shrinks in his seat, looking embarrassed.

Jimin smiles at him. “Well, at least that’s out in the open now. I thought you’d figure it out eventually anyway.”

Taehyung chuckles and swallows down the rest of his drink, which to Jimin looks like tea. “I have to walk Tannie, but breakfast is on the counter. Help yourself to anything you’d like.”

Jimin’s stomach growls in response. He hasn’t eaten since lunch yesterday. “Tannie?”

“Yeontan. He’s my dog.”

“Oh. Is that why you asked if I was allergic?”

Taehyung nods and stands up, leaving his cup in the sink. “Yeah. He stays in the house so if you were allergic you’d feel it.”

“I haven’t seen him.”

It’s true. The house was dead quiet yesterday and this morning there wasn’t any sign of a dog anywhere.

“Yeah, I kept him in my room when you came yesterday and now he’s out on the courtyard.”


“Yeah, he’s a good dog. He knows he can’t leave without me.”

Jimin coos. “Aww, that’s cute.”

Taehyung stops for a second. “Do you want to come with us? I can wait until you’ve eaten.”

“Oh, sure I’d love to. But you can go if you need to, it’s fine.”

“Tannie can wait for another half hour,” Taehyung insists. “We’ll wait for you outside in the back. Take your time.” He flashes one of those smiles that possessed Jimin’s dreams last night and leaves the kitchen. Jimin eats quickly, looking forward to talk more with Taehyung.



It’s warm outside, and Jimin goes up to his room to change into shorts and a red-black striped shirt after finishing his breakfast.

There’s a patio on the back of the house and more stairs. The backyard is big and it stretches all the way down to the water where, just like Taehyung said, there is a small dock. There are also three tables placed on the grass, each with four chairs. Different kinds of bushes are growing here and there, some with berries and some without.

Taehyung is sitting in the middle of the backyard and there is a tiny dog running around him in circles, barking occasionally and crawling up in Taehyung’s lap before jumping down again. Taehyung’s changed out of his pajamas and now he’s wearing long black pants, and a white t-shirt that hugs his upper body tightly. Jimin swallows, and Taehyung looks up.

He waves and gets up, pulling the little pup with him.

“How was breakfast?” he asks as he reaches the stairs where Jimin is standing.

“Delicious,” Jimin answers honestly, because it was. “Is this Tannie? Yeontan?”

“Yes,” Taehyung says and scoops the puppy up in his arms. “His names Yeontan but I call him Tannie. Everyone does.”

“He’s adorable,” Jimin confesses as Tannie licks Taehyung’s cheek. Taehyung giggles and Jimin melts at the sight.

Taehyung puts Tannie back on the ground and lets him walk up to Jimin. The pup seems to have no problem with their new guest, letting Jimin pet him and stroke his back. He even lays down to expose his tummy and Jimin chuckles.

“He likes you,” Taehyung says. “He’s not like this with everyone he meets.”

Jimin looks up to see Taehyung watching them fondly. He has that look of an owner who’s completely head over heels in love with their dog. Jimin can’t blame him – Tannie is really, really cute.

“Shall we go?” Jimin suggests and stands up. Tannie huffs when Jimin stops patting him, but is quick to his feet and excited again when they start walking towards the road.

Taehyung suggest they walk the path in the forest, claiming the sun is too hot and that the trees will give them some shade. Jimin doesn’t argue. The path is narrow, so they walk behind one another, Tannie first, Taehyung in the middle and Jimin last. They don’t speak at first, it’s kind of hard when Taehyung is facing the other way and Jimin can barely hear him. Eventually though, the path gets wider and the two of them walk side by side.

“I hope you don’t me asking,” Taehyung says, but Jimin knows he’ll answer any question Taehyung might have. “Why are you here alone? I mean, it just seems kind of random. Don’t take it the wrong way.”

Jimin chuckles. “No it’s fine. It’s a good question.” There are many reasons, many complicated reasons to why he’s hear, but there is one simple answer. “I just wanted to get away for a few days.”

Taehyung nods. “I guess I can understand that.”

“I love my job, I do. Things can get hectic sometimes though, and once in a while I get too wrapped up in things and I forget to take some time off. I haven’t had many free days since I started, so I wanted to take this opportunity and just leave the city for a few days.”

He’s not sure what it is about Taehyung that makes Jimin feel comfortable with sharing such personal things about himself, but it doesn’t feel wrong. Taehyung seems comfortable too, because their conversation comes easily and they share all kinds of personal stories between each other.

They learn that they are both the same age. They both went to college in Seoul, but at different schools. Taehyung was a photography major and now he has his own business where he gets all kinds of bookings, everything from weddings to birthday parties. He tells Jimin about one time when he was hired for five days to come with two couples on a trip and be their personal photographer.

“It was so weird but they paid everything for me so it was worth it.”

The image of that situation makes Jimin laugh with his entire body, having to stop walking and bend over because his stomach hurts. Taehyung laughs too, and Tannie jumps around them, barking. Jimin guesses that is his way of laughing.

“You have a cute laugh,” Taehyung says as they calm down.

Jimin ducks his head, embarrassed and mumbles a shy thank you.

After half an hour, Taehyung says they’ve walked halfway. Apparently the trail they’re on leads back to Taehyung’s house; correction, the bed and breakfast. It’s weird but it feels more like Taehyung’s home than a place for guests to stay. Maybe that’s because it’s only Jimin staying there right now. When it’s a full house he supposes it’s different.

Jimin also learns that Taehyung is not from Seoul, but from Daegu. Their hometowns are not too far away from each other, and they get into a conversation about accents and laugh together as them make impressions of different dialects. Taehyung grew up on a farm. He says he likes Seoul, but that he enjoys living here during summertime. Like Jimin, it reminds Taehyung of home.

“So, how did you get into photography?” Jimin asks, wanting to know even more about Taehyung. The boy fascinates him – he’s energetic, talks a lot and smiles all the time. He has a way of speaking that makes anyone who’s listening interested in what he’s talking about. He radiates passion and enthusiasm, and Jimin could listen to him talk all day.

“I’ve just always loved capturing what I see and keeping it as a memory. The mind can forget, but a photograph is everlasting. And the human eye can take in a lot more than a camera lens, but that’s what I love about photography. You capture the one thing that catches your eye, and then it can be interpreted in so many ways. I have my vision, but others might have a completely different one. I think that’s really cool.”

Jimin almost zones out during Taehyung’s little speech, but only because Taehyung himself is very distracting. He pulls himself together enough to say, “I think that’s cool too. I also like photography.”

“Well, obviously,” Taehyung jokes, but then he looks at Jimin with wide eyes. “I meant since you’re a model… I mean, not that I just assume- I just… I’m sorry-”

“Taehyung, relax,” Jimin chuckles, putting his hand on Taehyung’s arm. “You didn’t offend me or anything if that’s what you think.”

Taehyung seems to relax a little. “I just didn’t want you to think I assume I know things about you just because… you know, you’re famous.”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it, okay?”

Taehyung nods, and thankfully, their conversation continues to be as smooth as it was prior. Taehyung is easy to talk to – he has an opinion about everything, but he’s a good listener and he likes to have conversations where he learn things. Jimin does too, and he really enjoys their discussions. They cover many topics and they’re all interesting to Jimin, Taehyung making them even more interesting with his perspectives and thoughts.

Their conversation last all the way back to the house and it doesn’t come to a stop until Jimin’s phone rings as they walk through the door.

Jimin looks at the screen and hesitates, because it’s Yoongi. If there is anyone he should have told where he was going, it would’ve been Yoongi. He’s the one person who knows basically everything about Jimin, as a manager and as a friend. That includes Jimin’s whereabouts.

“Take it,” Taehyung says. “I have to give Tannie some food anyway.”

Taehyung disappears into the kitchen with the pup, and Jimin regretfully slides his thumb over the display.


“Jimin, hey. How are you today? Feeling good after the shoot yesterday?” Yoongi is always calm, and he levels well with Jimin who has a tendency to be more frantic sometimes.

The photoshoot yesterday included a lot of skin. In other words, it was an underwear commercial shoot. It was Jimin’s first and Yoongi had made sure that he was 100% comfortable with it before agreeing. “I’m good. Feels good.”

Jimin is a terrible liar and he can only hope that Yoongi won’t ask where he is. He usually does. “That’s great.” There’s a pause and Jimin knows exactly what will come next. “Listen, I know you have the rest of the week off, but I just got a call from BARE and they have an interview they want to book you for tomorrow. I might be able to push it until Monday, but I thought I’d at least check with you.”

There’s a loud crash from the kitchen and Jimin can hear Taehyung swearing. He must have dropped something. Apparently it was loud enough for Yoongi to hear, because he asks. “What was that?”


Then, Taehyung is coming out of the kitchen with Tannie in his arms. He smiles apologetically at Jimin, mouthing a silent I’m sorry before he tip toes down the hallway and into the his bedroom. Jimin looks after him with a smile on his face. Taehyung is just as adorable as Tannie.


Jimin remembers Yoongi on the other line, and he clears his throat. “Sorry, I dropped a bowl on the floor… But yes, can you please book it for Monday? It’s only Tuesday, I haven’t even had half a day off yet. Please Yoongi?”

Sighing into the phone, Yoongi says, “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” Then, he asks the one thing Jimin so badly wanted to avoid answering. “Where are you by the way?”

“At home,” Jimin says too quickly, and he knows Yoongi will be suspicious.

“Okay… Can I come over later today? I have the papers you need to sign for the BARE photoshoot.”

“No!” Again, Jimin is too hurried when he answers. “I mean, I won’t be home then. I’m… I’m leaving the city.”

“You’re leaving the city? For how long?”

“Until Sunday.” That’s what he’d told Taehyung, and he’s not planning on changing his plans. Jimin wants to stay here until Sunday, even though he’s only been here less than 24 hours so far. He wants to spend more time with Taehyung.

“You’ve already left haven’t you?” Yoongi knows Jimin well, too well. He knows how to read him, even through the phone.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” Yoongi sounds disappointed, and Jimin thinks he can hear a hint of hurt in his voice too.

“I’m sorry, I thought you’d tell me I couldn’t go.”

Yoongi sighs into the phone. “Jimin, I care about you. Of course I understand that you need time off. I don’t want you to feel like you can’t admit things like that to me.”

“I’m sorry,” Jimin says again, because he is.

“It’s okay. I’ll make sure not to book anything for you until next week.”

In this moment, Jimin’s never been more appreciative of Yoongi as his manager. “Thank you hyung!”

“Sure.” Another pause. “So… where are you?”

Fuck. “I’m… I don’t wanna say.”


“I’m sorry, I just want enjoy my time here, without anyone knowing where I am. Please understand, hyung…”

“Are you with someone?“ Yoongi asks, voice curious.

“Hyung! No!” Jimin insists, panicked.


“I’m not! I went alone, I promise. I gotta go now. I’ll see you on Monday.”

He hangs up, and his heart is beating really fast. Jimin never lies to Yoongi, and he feels bad. But then Taehyung comes out of his room and Jimin forgets all about his guilt.

“No Tannie?” Jimin asks and slides his phone into his pocket.

Taehyung shakes his head. He looks sleepy, his hair messy as if he’s just woken up. “I just put him to sleep. I have to lay with him for a while so that he calms down.”

Jimin laughs. “He’s like a baby.”

Taehyung giggles, and nods in agreement. “He’s my baby.”

Again, Taehyung has that fond look on his face that he gets when he looks at Tannie. Jimin can tell how much he loves him.

“I have a booking in an hour, for a friend. But I was just about to make some ice tea. Would you like some?”

“Sure,” Jimin agrees with a smile.

Taehyung makes them both a strawberry ice tea and they walk out to the back patio. It has two comfy outdoor sofas and they settle on one each. They sit in silence for a while, enjoying the clean air and their fresh drinks. Nature is a lot more quieter than the city, birdsong being the only sound they can hear. Jimin loves it. It’s nice to get away from the busses and the trains, the busy streets of Seoul. It’s amazing how much of a difference there is.

“So, what’s the booking for?” Jimin asks eventually.

“For my friend?”


“Oh, it’s for his birthday. The party and his actual birthday is next weekend but he wants a photoshoot before that.” Taehyung chuckles. “I don’t know, Jungkook’s weird like that.”

“That’s his name?” Jimin asks, curious about what friends Taehyung has. He knows a little about Taehyung’s family, but not much about his life now.

“Yeah, Jungkook. He’s two years younger than us, so he’s starting his senior year in college next month.”

“I see. So when you do shoots for friends, do they pay you?” Jimin asks before he takes a second to think about it, and unsurprisingly, Taehyung looks a little astounded.

“Not really,” he says, laughing nervously. “I tell them they don’t have to, but sometimes they insists. I guess it depends on what it is.”

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, it’s fine. Don’t be sorry,” Taehyung insists. “I don’t mind you asking. I was just surprised you did,” he laughs again, but this time it sounds more relaxed.

“So what kind of camera do you have? Or do you use different ones?”

The question seems to light up Taehyung’s face entirely. He eagerly puts down his tea cup and stands up. “I can show you. I’ll get them. Wait here.”

He skips into the house like a happy pup, much like Tannie, and comes back within a minute, carrying two different cameras.

“Wow, are both yours?” Jimin says as Taehyung offers him one of them.

“Yeah! I’m saving up for a third one.” He points to the one Jimin is holding. “That’s a film camera. It’s my favorite, and I use that the most. But sometimes,” he continues, holding up the camera in his own hands, “I use this digital one. For some bookings, people don’t want film photography. It doesn’t fit everyone’s style so then I’ll use this. I use film for my own personal projects mostly.”

“That’s so cool, Taehyung. You have to show me your photos sometime,” he says before thinking of what it might suggest – that they’re two people who are going to see each other a lot in the future. They’re not. Jimin’s only staying here until Sunday, and he’s just paying for a room in Taehyung’s house.

Taehyung smiles nonetheless. “Sure. Maybe I can show you later tonight?” he says shyly. “Unless you’re doing something else?”

“I’m not,” Jimin assures him, handing back the film camera to Taehyung.

Taehyung looks at in his hands and then at Jimin. He holds up the camera with both his hand, leaving the digital one on his lap. “Can I?”

It takes a moment for Jimin to understand that Taehyung is asking if he can take his picture. “Sure,” he says, before the silence between they stretches too far.

“I mean, you don’t have to,” Taehyung adds, lowering the camera again.

Suddenly, Jimin really wants Taehyung to take a picture of him. “No! I mean, I want to. It’s fine.”

After doubting for a couple more seconds, Taehyung holds the camera to his face. Jimin has never been camera shy, especially not since he’s a model, but there is something about Taehyung being the photographer that makes him nervous. Not really sure what to do, he leans back against the patio wall and gives the camera a small smile.

Taehyung takes one photo. Jimin is so used to at least ten pictures being taken at once, so he’s naturally surprised when Taehyung lowers the camera again after one snap.

“Thank you,” he says and his cheeks are pink. “I just started this roll so it’ll be a few days before I develop it.”

“That’s fine,” Jimin assures him. “I trust your skills.”

Taehyung blushes even more at that. “I’ll show you my photos tonight and we’ll see if you still trust me then.”

Jimin laughs. “Fair enough.”

“I have to get going,” Taehyung says and stands up. “I’m taking Tannie with me, so just… you know, do whatever you’d like.”

Jimin nods and Taehyung smiles before walking inside the house again. Jimin doesn’t know how long he’ll be gone, probably for hours, so he’ll have to find something that will keep himself busy until then.



When Taehyung comes back, it’s almost 10 pm. Jimin is in, what Taehyung called, the living slash dining room. There are three dinner tables placed against the right wall, but then there are also bookshelves, two couches, two armchairs, one entertainment unit and one tv. One of the walls is made out of stone, and in the corner there’s a fireplace.

He’s reading a book when he hears the front door open and close, and only seconds after, Tannie is rushing into the room and throwing himself on Jimin. He’s a small dog, but he still kicks the air from Jimin’s lungs. Jimin coughs and laughs as Tannie licks his entire face.

“Tannie! Collar!” Taehyung yells from the hallway, and the dog is gone again.

Jimin manages to wipe his face and sit up before Taehyung comes into the room. He’s noticeably tired, camera in hand. He slumps down in one of the chairs opposite Jimin, exhaling dramatically.

Jimin chuckles. “Tired?”

Exhausted,” Taehyung corrects, putting the camera on the coffe table in between them. “Jungkook’s my friend, but he can be a pain in the ass sometimes. He just wanted, more, more, more. Can’t believe I actually got out of there.”

“Did you get good photos at least?” Jimin asks.

“I think so,” Taehyung answers with a shrug. “He was satisfied when I left.”

“Well that’s good then.”

Taehyung looks at him for a few seconds before answering. “Yeah.”

Taehyung has a way of looking at people – well, a way of looking at Jimin. Or maybe it’s for everyone, Jimin wouldn’t know. But anyhow, he has a way. A way that suggests all his attention is on the person he’s with, and sometimes it makes it a bit harder for Jimin to breath properly.

It’s late, and Taehyung does look exhausted, but Jimin doesn’t want to say goodnight yet. “So… are you too tired to show me some of your pictures?”

“Never,” Taehyung insists and gets up from where he’s sitting, grabbing Jimin’s hand and pulling him with. Taehyung’s hands are big and his fingers long. Jimin’s the opposite, but their hands fit together well. He looks down at their locked fingers as Taehyung drags him to the other side of the house. There’s a door that Jimin hadn’t noticed before. Taehyung opens it, and inside there’s a staircase leading down to what Jimin would guess is a basement.

“Is this the part when you take me down do your secret lair and chop me into little pieces?”

“You’ve watched too many horror films, Jimin-ah,” Taehyung chuckles and starts walking down the stairs. It’s pitch black and Jimin honestly doesn’t know how Taehyung’s brave enough to walk down there.

He stays atop the stairs, and waits for Taehyung to call him down. He really can’t move on his own. Then the light in the basement goes on, and Taehyung calls his name. As Jimin walks down the squeaky stairs, he’s still scaring himself by imagining things.

“Relax Jimin-ah,” Taehyung says as he joins him. “My darkroom is down here. Nothing else. I’ll protect you.” Taehyung winks and walks over to another door that seems to lead to a smaller room, almost a closet.

Taehyung’s darkroom is filled with what must be at least a hundred pictures. They are of people, of sceneries and of everything you can think of.

“Wow,” is all that Jimin can say when Taehyung closes the door behind them. There is so much to look at, and Jimin wants to see them all. One thing is for sure, Jimin decides after seeing just a few, and that is that Taehyung is really talented. He was right to trust his skills.

“These are incredible,” Jimin declares, scanning as many photos as he can.

“Thank you,” Taehyung says behind him. “I have a few photos I need to develop. Do you want to see?”

“Of course!” Jimin says eagerly, turning around to face Taehyung.

The boy grins, extends his hand toward the light switch, and then everything is red.

“Okay, this is creepy,” Jimin says, taking a step closer to Taehyung who’d promised to protect him.

Taehyung just laughs. “I need this light to work.”

Jimin watches as Taehyung develops the photos. He’s barely understanding exactly what it is Taehyung is doing, but he does love the part when the blank paper in the water slowly becomes a photograph. It’s like magic.

Taehyung develops six photographs, and they are all of different sceneries. He seems to like taking those the most, and he’s really good at it too. Even though almost none of them includes a person, they’re still interesting to look at. Jimin thinks that must be hard to accomplish, but Taehyung certainly can.

There is one particular photograph that Jimin finds himself drawn to. There are mostly clouds in the photograph, but there is one single tree in the middle, surrounded by what looks like a deserted wheat field. It’s simple, yet it speaks to Jimin in so many ways.

“Do you like that one?” Taehyung asks.

Jimin nods, eyes still analyzing the photograph. “I do, yeah.”

“Do you want it?”

Jimin spins around to look at Taehyung, expecting him to say he was joking or something. But Taehyung just smiles at him. The room is small, and they are standing very close to each other. Taehyung leans forward and takes the photograph from the counter behind Jimin.

He takes Jimin’s hand and lays the photograph in his palm. “It’s yours.”

“Taehyung, I can’t-“

“But you can,” Taehyung interrupts. “I want you to have it.”

“I… thank you.” Jimin looks down at the photograph, finding it hard to accept the gift. It’s so beautiful, and Taehyung is just giving it to him. He doesn’t feel like he deserves it. “Really, Taehyung, thank you. I love it.”

When he looks up at Taehyung, the boy is watching him. It feels like they are even closer now, and if Jimin took one step forward, his chest would touch Taehyung’s. If he did, Taehyung would probably feel the way Jimin’s heart is beating fast against his ribcage. It’s loud in his ears, and maybe that’s enough and Taehyung can even hear it too.

For a split second, not able to stop himself, Jimin’s eyes dart to Taehyung’s lips. He wonders what it would be like to taste them.

The moment ends when Taehyung takes a step back. “Um, we should go upstairs again. It’s kind of late.” He reaches for the light flicker and the red goes away.

“Okay.” Jimin ignores his obvious disappointment and takes a step back too. He holds the photography in his hands as they leave the darkroom.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Jimin says when they reach the main floor.

Taehyung nods, but he’s not looking at Jimin the same way he did earlier. “See you tomorrow.”

Before walking up the stairs to the second floor, Jimin thanks him again for the photograph. Taehyung shrugs it off, saying it’s no big deal, but to Jimin, it is.



The next morning at breakfast, Taehyung suggests they ride bikes to the little town a few miles away. When Jimin had come down at 8:15 pm, Taehyung had been his normal self. It was like the awkward moment between them yesterday hadn’t happen. Jimin was glad, because the last thing he wants is for things to be uncomfortable between them. He hasn’t even spent a day and a half with Taehyung, yet he finds himself wanting to be around Taehyung as much as he can. It feels like he’s on a timer and that his time with Taehyung is temporary. It’s odd, because even though they just met two days ago, Jimin feels like he’s known Taehyung for longer. What’s even more odd is the fact that Jimin is staying in Taehyung’s bed and breakfast, and usually, the guest and the host don’t spend any time together.

Taehyung has a total of eleven bikes, and Jimin’s jaw drops when he sees them all.

“It’s for guests,” he argues when Jimin claims no one needs this many bikes. “And some of them are old and rusty. Some I even got for free.”

Jimin just shakes his head laughing and he leads out the bike that looked the most put together. Taehyung has his own one, which makes sense since he doesn’t seem to have a car. Jimin asks exactly that.

“I do, but it’s parked in a garage further down the road. Out here during summertime, I like to ride my bike instead,” Taehyung explains, and it’s endearing.

“That’s nice,” Jimin says as he settles on the bike. “Lead the way.”

Taehyung flashes a smile. “It’s really just down this road.”

Taehyung decided to leave Tannie in the house. He can be alone for about four hours, but if they wanted to stay longer, Taehyung said he had someone who could walk Tannie for him.

Four hours is a long time, but Jimin’s noticed that time seems to fly by quickly when he’s with Taehyung.

Riding a bike reminds Jimin of home, as many things have since he came here two days ago. When he was little, his school was close enough for him not having to take the bus, so he always rode his bike. This reminds him of those times, the warm summer wind blowing his hair back as they pedal down the gravel road.

It takes them about fifteen minutes before Jimin sees the first little house. Several follow and eventually the road split into two asphalt ones. The town is small indeed, and Jimin and Taehyung seem to be in the center. There’s a square in the middle and there seems to be a food-market there. Around are smaller shops and cafés, a grocery store and all around are groups of people.

Taehyung leads them to where they can leave their bikes. He claims no one steals anything here, but he’s always extra careful so he still has a lock for each of the bikes.

“Okay, you’re the guide today,” Jimin says as they leave their bikes. “I’ve never been here.”

Taehyung gives him a boxy smile. “Of course. You can count on me”

And indeed Jimin can. For the next two hours, Taehyung takes him to every corner of the square, every tiny shop. Taehyung enthusiastically tells him about all the places they go to; some of their history, his own memories and experiences there and he even introduces Jimin to some of the owners. Many of them seem to know Taehyung well, and Jimin’s not surprised because Taehyung is easy to talk to and Jimin imagines that he’s easy to befriend. Only on his third day with him, Jimin feels like Taehyung has befriended him.

On their little tour, Taehyung takes Jimin to a small photography gallery. Everything around here is small and has a domestic feeling to its space, and Jimin really likes it. He loves Seoul too, but these outskirt places will always have a special place in his heart. The gallery is not very big either, but there are photographs everywhere on the walls which makes it feel larger than it is. The man behind the counter greets Taehyung in an informal way, and Taehyung introduces him to Jimin as well.

Much like in Taehyung’s darkroom, Jimin is captivated by all the photographs hanging on the walls. They are mostly film, and many of them remind Jimin of Taehyung’s own work, especially one pair of photographs. These are also of a scenery, and it looks almost exactly like the place in the one Taehyung gave him.


“Read the sign,” Taehyung says next to him.

Jimin does, and underneath the two photographs, there is a small sign that reads, Kim Taehyung, Scenery.

“You took these?”

“I did, yeah. It’s from the same day as the one you have.”

Of course they are. No wonder they were familiar to Jimin. These two are of the same landscape he can see now, but still different.

“The colors are beautiful,” Jimin comments as he looks at the pictures thoroughly.

“I think so too.” Taehyung points to one of them. “Especially that one. I love the contrast between blue and orange.”

Jimin nods in agreement. “So did you sell your photos to this gallery? Or are they just up here temporarily?”

“I actually gave them for free to the owner, and he decided to put them up. It was just a gift.”

“That’s awesome though. People can see your work here.”

Taehyung scratches his neck and tells him, “I actually have my own gallery in Seoul.”

Jimin whips around to look at him. “You do? How come you haven’t told me that yet?” He hits Taehyung’s shoulder playfully, and Taehyung laughs.

“It just never came up.” He shrugs and turns around. “Come on, I want to show you where I bought my digital camera.”

They say goodbye to the owner and walk back out in the sun again. It’s not as hot today, so they’re not burning up like they country has this entire summer. Jimin thinks this year must have been some kind of record. It’s been real torture.

Jimin’s surprised that there’s a camera store in this town, let alone one that has a collection this large. Stretching along the walls are dozens of shelves with all kinds of different cameras. Jimin’s always been in front of the camera and not behind it, but after Taehyung showed him his and how he develops his photographs, Jimin wants to know more.

Taehyung shows him several ones, both digital and film. He tells Jimin that this is where he buys his film rolls during the summertime. Of course Taehyung knows the owner here too, so he introduces Jimin to her as well. Jimin’s noted that Taehyung addresses him as a friend every time, not his guest. Jimin hasn’t said anything about it yet, and neither has Taehyung. It just feels natural, because Jimin doesn’t consider himself as just Taehyung’s guest.

They look around by themselves for a while, and later Jimin finds Taehyung in one of the store’s corner. There is a spinning display rack with camera straps in different colors and patterns. Taehyung is holding one in his hands, multi-colored and vintage looking.

“That one’s nice.” Jimin comes to stand next to him.

“Yeah, but look at the price,” Taehyung says. Jimin agrees, the price is a little too much for a camera strap. Taehyung puts it back and turns to Jimin. “Wanna get ice cream?”

Jimin grins. “Always. I’m just gonna use their restroom. Wait for me outside?”


When Taehyung is out of the shop, Jimin takes the camera strap from the rack. He pulls out his wallet and pays for it at the cashier. The lady smiles at him. Jimin had gotten some looks during the day, but no one had come up to him. It’d been nice. It almost felt like he was back in college. This owner doesn’t seem to recognize him at all, and when he’s paid she says, “You’re a good man. Taehyungie is lucky.”

The lady had obviously misinterpreted the two of them together, but Jimin doesn’t say anything. He returns the smile, bows and leaves the store.

Taehyung is waiting outside in the sun, his face angled toward the sun with his eyes closed. Jimin stands in the entrance for a few seconds, watching him. Taehyung is beautiful, there is no denying that. Jimin had thought so the other night when he first met him.

“Ready?” Jimin must have zoned out because he didn’t notice Taehyung turning to look at him. He laughs. “Jimin?”

“Yeah, sorry.” Remembering the bag, he holds it out for Taehyung to take. “Here.”

“What? What’s this?”

“You’ll have to open and see.”

Taehyung retrieves the little package from the bag – the lady had insisted to wrap it – and looks at Jimin quizzically. He more or less tears it open, and when he’s holding the camera strap in his hands, he looks at Jimin with wide yes. “Jimin…”

“I think it will suit you really well.” It’s true. Even though his time with Taehyung has been short, he still has a pretty good sense of Taehyung’s style.

Taehyung shakes his head. “I could have bought it myself you know.”

“I know, but I wanted to.”

For a second, it seems like Taehyung is about to pull him in for a hug. But he doesn’t. “Thank you Jimin-ah, really. I love it.” Instead, he takes Jimin’s hand. “Come one, let’s go get ice cream.”

They buy their ice-cream, and Jimin has his usual chocolate and vanilla – boring but still the best. Taehyung brought his film camera, and he snaps a photo of Jimin just as he’s about to take a bite of his ice cream.

“Taehyung!” Jimin laughs and covers his face, but the picture has already been taken and they giggle together as they sit down at one of the tables outside.

Taehyung has a really cute laugh. He always shows that boxy smile of his, and sometimes scrunches his nose in an adorable way. His giggles are contagious.

“What?” Taehyung questions when Jimin has been staring at him for too long.

“Nothing,” Jimin lies and eats another mouthful of ice cream.

Taehyung squints at him playfully, and to avoid a possible interrogation, Jimin does something instinctively. He shoves his ice scream in Taehyung’s face, instantly wishing he hadn’t when he sees the look of pure shock on Taehyung’s face. Surprisingly though, Taehyung doesn’t get mad. Instead, he laughs and before Jimin can react, he has Taehyung’s own ice cream smeared all over his face.


“You started it!”

They end up a giggling mess as they try to cover each other’s faces with more ice cream, failing desperately because they are both laughing too hard.

“You’re a mess,” Jimin says when they’ve calmed down. He takes his napkin and leans forward to wipe the ice cream off of Taehyung’s face. Taehyung watches him quietly, his breath getting caught in his throat as Jimin wipes his thumb over his lower lip.

“All good,” he says as he wipes away the last of the melting sugary paste from Taehyung’s cheek.


Jimin finds it slightly difficult to speak when Taehyung is looking at him like this, but thankfully, Taehyung dives into another story that mostly requires Jimin to listen and nod along. Nodding along he can do, but the listening part is harder. He’s too distracted watching Taehyung speak, sometimes looking at his lips and having the same thoughts he had last night in the darkroom. Besides, Jimin’s heart is beating too loudly in his chest for him to even hear what Taehyung is saying.

Being here with Taehyung feels like another world to Jimin. It’s like he’s is in an isolated bubble where he’s not a famous model whose face is everywhere. Here, there is only him and Taehyung. The boy is an expert at making Jimin forget all about his hectic life in the city, and that’s exactly what Jimin had been looking for when he left two days ago. A part of him will always want to go back to his job, because like he has said, he loves it. But he needs times like these too, because they are also a part of him.

“Do you hear that?” Taehyung asks after finishing his story that Jimin thinks was about how Taehyung once got double the amount of money for a photograph series he sold.

“No? What?”

“Someone’s singing.”

Taehyung’s right. Someone is singing in the distance. It’s not just music, it’s a live performance, Jimin can tell.

“Wanna go check it out?” Taehyung asks.

Jimin agrees and they leave their table. On the other side of the square behind a small kiosk, there is indeed a girl standing with a guitar and a mic. As they stand among the small crowd that are watching her, she starts another song. Jimin recognizes it instantly as the song his mother used to sing to him when he was little, all though he can’t remember what it’s called.

“Little Star,” Taehyung says quietly next to him.

Jimin smiles at him. “Thank you,” he whispers, thinking that Taehyung probably saw him mentally grasping for the song’s title.

”When I first met you, you were really dazzling
When I first saw your smile, it felt like I had the whole world”

Jimin sneaks a glance at Taehyung’s profile, the boy’s attention fully engaged with the singer. Taehyung has a pretty profile. The slope of his nose is nothing less than perfect, his lashes are unfairly long and his lips full and heart shaped. He’s smiling, and his cheeks are roundly squished, and Jimin wants to poke one of them, or maybe both.

When Taehyung turns his head to look at him, Jimin blushes and looks away. Stupid, he thinks, but Taehyung just smiles. Then he does something that has Jimin’s heart drastically pick up its pace. Taehyung laces their fingers together and turns his attention to the performance again. Jimin looks at their interlocked fingers for a few seconds, and then decides that it feels right. He gives Taehyung’s hand a gentle squeeze and turns to watch the rest of the performance.

When the song is over, they let go of each other to give the singer applauses. Jimin immediately feels the absence, missing the way Taehyung’s hand felt in his.



When they got back to the house, Taehyung made Jimin dinner. Jimin had told him that he didn’t have to, but Taehyung insisted, saying it was included in the guest services. There had been something in voice though that indicated the gesture wasn’t just because Jimin was a guest.

They had been gone for a long time, and the person who Taehyung had called to walk Tannie had taken the little pup with them for the night. Taehyung said that they sometimes did that when he had to spend the night somewhere else. That was how Jimin had awkwardly asked if Taehyung had a partner which the latter had laughed at, then confirming that no, he didn’t have a partner.

It’s late now and the sun’s been replaced by the full moon in the dark sky. It’s a clear night, still warm outside, and they are watching the stars out on the back patio. Jimin can barely see Taehyung’s face in the darkness as he talks about the different constellations. It’s okay though, because just listening to Taehyung’s voice is enough.

It’s well after midnight, but Jimin is not tired. He has an energy that he doesn’t quite recognize, an excitement he’s not sure what’s for.

The water down by the dock is almost completely still, the moon creating a shimmering reflection on its surface.

“Wanna do something crazy?” he asks Taehyung.

He doesn’t see Taehyung’s smile, but he can sense it in his voice as he answers, “Always.”

“Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”

Taehyung is quiet for a few seconds before saying, “No, have you?”

“A couple of times. It’s fun.” Taking a chance, Jimin adds, “ Do you wanna?”

Another pause. Jimin’s heart is slamming against his ribcage as he waits for Taehyung’s answer. The question hangs in the air between them for a couple more seconds before Taehyung speaks again.

“Okay, sure.” Taehyung chuckles. “I’ve always wanted to try.”

Jimin finds that endearing. He stands up and pulls his shirt off of his head, knowing he has to make the first move. It really is pitch black, so he can only see the outline of Taehyung’s body as he also stands up, starting to undress himself.

Their clothes end up in two piles on the patio, and they take each other’s hands as they run down toward the water. The stillness of its surface breaks as they enter the water, waves moving away from their bodies. The reflection of the moon shatters and cast beams of light onto their skin. Now, when they are not under the roof of the back patio, the light of the white moon illumines them just enough for Jimin to see Taehyung’s features.

Taehyung’s face is not just lit up by the moon, but also by his smile. He’s breathing heavily, floating on his back and looking up at the sky full of stars. Jimin is completely mesmerized. Taehyung’s skin is sparkling, small drops of water covering his chest and neck where the surface isn’t reaching him. It reminds Jimin of crystals – beautiful, expensive, desirable diamonds.

The water is not deep, only touching Jimin’s shoulders where he stands. Taehyung is looking at him now, and his eyes look like diamonds too.


Jimin can see more than hear his name leaving Taehyung’s lips. He counts to three.

One. Taehyung edges closer to him.

Two. Jimin wraps his arms around Taehyung’s waist.

Three. Their lips touch.



The taste of Taehyung’s lips is just like Jimin had imagined: sweet and addicting.

At first, he’s too caught up with the fact that he’s finally kissing Taehyung that he forgets to fully endeavor himself into it. It’s when Taehyung pulls him closer that he snaps out of it, deepening the kiss by parting his lips. Taehyung wastes no time, slipping his tongue inside to meet Jimin’s. The water around them is colder now, but Jimin can’t feel that when Taehyung is kissing him like this.

Turns out, Taehyung is an amazing kisser. He pays so much attention to Jimin’s lips, first dragging the tip of his tongue along his upper one, then capturing the lower one between his lips, sucking, then biting down with his teeth while pulling. Jimin groans into his mouth, grabbing the back of Taehyung’s hair with his hand. Is this really happening?

There was no denying the instant attraction he had for Taehyung the second he first saw him. That had only grown stronger when Taehyung actually prompted them to spend time together. He’d thought about kissing Taehyung since that first night when he couldn’t fall asleep. But Jimin didn’t know Taehyung, not in a way that makes it easy for him to read him. He couldn’t tell if the feeling was mutual of not. Then, today, Taehyung had taken Jimin’s hand in his when they were watching the live performance at the square, and after that Jimin felt encouraged.

Now they are kissing, and Jimin is painfully aware of the fact that they are both naked and wrapped in each other arms. Taehyung is kissing him in a way that has Jimin feeling dazed, and he’s having a hard time keeping up. Every time Taehyung pulls away for just a second to breath, Jimin is whining and pulling him back. The boy’s lips feel too good, taste too good for them to not constantly be on Jimin’s.

Jimin is captivated, he can’t think and there is no thought in his mind that tells him that maybe they should get out of the water. At least there isn’t one until Taehyung wraps his leg around Jimin’s hip, and their midsections rub together. Jimin gasps, pulls away and drops his head to rest on Taehyung’s shoulder. He needs a moment, but Taehyung has other plans, taking this opportunity to lick Jimin’s neck. His tongue is burning hot, and only then does Jimin realize that he’s not just shivering because of Taehyung, but also because he’s freezing cold.

“You’re cold as ice,” he hears Taehyung say, and a moment after, he is being pulled out of the water by the hand.

They don’t stop kissing as they hurriedly make their way toward the house. They ignore their piles of clothes that won’t be needed anymore tonight, and stumble through the back door. Somewhere along the way, there’s a towel in Taehyung’s hand and he’s attempting to dry them off. It’s too much of an effort though and he gives up almost right away, both of them still slightly wet.

Taehyung is walking him backwards, and only when they cross the threshold does Jimin realize that Taehyung has led them to his bedroom – the only room in the house that is off limits.

Jimin cracks an eye open to look around the room, which is hard because Taehyung is being very distracting. The color palette of his room includes mostly brown and beige shades, and much like he’d expected, there are photographs covering the walls in many places. There are also several paintings, some that Jimin recognize as famous ones. Before Taehyung pushes him down on the bed, he notes a wooden tripod with an empty canvas. Much more than that he doesn’t have the time or interest to look at, because Taehyung is hovering over him, naked, and Jimin wants so much.

Taehyung’s lips on him are eager, kissing every part of Jimin’s bare skin. He’s leaving a trail of kisses down Jimin’s chest and stomach, and though it feels so good, Jimin wants them on his lips.

He grabs Taehyung’s neck and pulls him up again, crashing their mouths together. Taehyung lets him and lowers himself, their chests touching. He reaches for Jimin’s legs and places them around his own hips. There are so much skin against skin now, and Jimin can very much feel that in the lower part of his body. He gasps as Taehyung rolls his hips against him, a gasp that Taehyung swallows with another open mouthed kiss.


Taehyung sits back up on Jimin’s hips, hands sliding down Jimin’s bare wet chest. They aren’t soaked, but wet and Taehyung’s thighs are gliding against the sides of Jimin’s legs.

“Tae, please… touch me…”

Even in the heat of the moment, Taehyung takes another moment to make sure this is what Jimin wants. “Are you sure?”

Jimin exhales harshly. “Yes, I’m sure. I want you.”

Taehyung swallows, obeys, and connects their lips once more before continuing his eager kisses down Jimin’s body. He skips the area where Jimin needs him the most, placing a kiss on each side of Jimin’s inner thighs.

“Can I?” he asks then, hovering his lips over Jimin’s pelvis.


When Taehyung finally wraps his beautiful lips around Jimin, the sensation of it is too much. That and the buildup to this very moment has Jimin yelling out loud as Taehyung swallows him entirely. He proves again that he’s an expert at making use of his mouth in the best way possible, earning every kind of moan from Jimin as he sucks and licks up and down his length.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Jimin is gasping for air, because Taehyung is too good.

It’s a mixture of lips, teeth and tongue. Taehyung is precise yet ruthless, making a wet mess that summons heat to the lower part of Jimin’s abdomen. He swallows all the way down, stays there for a few seconds before sucking upwards, letting go with a loud pop. It takes almost an embarrassingly short time until Jimin can feel the heat swelling inside of him, and with a warning that Taehyung dismisses, he is coming into Taehyung’s mouth. Taehyung is a champion and he swallows every drop, kissing Jimin after so he can taste himself.

“I want to fuck you, Jimin.”

Jimin is still coming down from his orgasm, but oh he wants that so much. He’s wanted it for days now. “Do it,” he says, because there is no way he could manage a longer sentence to express how badly he needs Taehyung to fuck him.

Taehyung nods understandingly, moving to retrieve something from the bedside drawer.

For Jimin, it’s been a while since he had sex. He’s internally shocked when he realizes that it’s actually been over six months. After that last time, Jimin’s schedule had picked up and neither time or energy had been on his side since. He supposes that is why he’s acting so deprived now, more or less begging for Taehyung as he slicks his fingers with lube.

Taehyung shushes him as he pushes the first finger in, propping one of Jimin’s legs over his shoulder. At first, it stings because it’s been so long, but Taehyung lets him adjust and soon, he’s begging for more. Jimin is practically sobbing by the time Taehyung has three digits inside of him, and Taehyung is kissing his lips to calm him down. When he curls his fingers, Jimin can’t help but cry out in pleasure. The sensation only makes him want, need, more, and he tells Taehyung exactly that.

They are both moving hectically now, Taehyung pulling out his fingers quickly as Jimin drops his leg and crawls further up the bed, pulling Taehyung with him. Jimin doesn’t waste a second, spreading his legs as Taehyung preps himself.

That night, Jimin learns that Taehyung fucks like water, smoothly and with perfect rhythm. Jimin drowns in it, gasping for air as Taehyung thrusts into him again and again. He’s clutching at Taehyung’s shoulders, his body wanting to let go but his mind wanting to stay like this. He’s longing for something, but he’s not sure what. Taehyung is right here.

His second climax builds up slowly, but Jimin doesn’t want it to end. It’s too perfect to end. Taehyung is beautiful, he’s glistering with sweat and he’s repeatedly saying Jimin’s name as he pushes both of them toward the edge.

Jimin sobs into Taehyung’s mouth as he kisses him again.

“It’s okay, Jimin. I’ve got you. Let go.”

Jimin does.



Jimin wakes up the next morning by the sound of a camera shutter.

He shifts and his sore body immediately reminds him of last night.

“Good morning,” a soft voice tells him.

Jimin opens his eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the bright light of the morning. He’s lying on his back, his lower body covered by the bedsheet. Taehyung is next to him, lying on his side, watching Jimin. He has his film camera in his hands, and his face is flushed.

“Morning,” Jimin answers, then laughs at the sound of his own voice, thick and hoarse.

Taehyung holds up his camera. “Sorry, I had to. You looked so cute.”

Jimin smiles, closing his eyes again. “It’s okay.”

They are quiet for a few moments, and Jimin thinks he might fall back asleep. What keeps him awake though are the memories of last night. He remembers the moon and the water. He remembers Taehyung’s lips on his, and the feeling of Taehyung inside of him. A giggle slips through his lips.

“What’s so funny?” Taehyung asks beside him.

Truthfully, Jimin is not sure himself. All he knows is that he’s happy, so that’s what he tells the boy lying next to him.

Taehyung blushes, and says shyly, “I’m happy too.”

Jimin opens his eyes again, rolling over and pushing Taehyung down on his back, draping himself over his body.

“You were amazing last night,” he says softly and draws circles with his finger on Taehyung’s chest. There’s really no other way for him to word it. Taehyung had taken the lead yesterday, Jimin too desperate to do anything, and it’d been amazing.

“So were you,” Taehyung says when they pull apart.

Jimin laughs. “I was horny as fuck and you had to do all the work.”

“Jiminie,” Taehyung says, and Jimin’s melts at the new nickname. “It was my pleasure, really. I don’t know if you noticed but I was also horny as fuck.”

They both laugh for a long time after their absurd conversation, and eventually Jimin is wiping tears off of Taehyung’s cheeks. The gesture is more domestic than anything they’ve done so far, and Jimin’s heart skips a beat.

He bends for a kiss which transitions into a lazy and drawn out make out session. Taehyung’s lips are addicting and Jimin relishes in the fact that he gets to taste them.

“I’m obsessed with your lips,” he says between kisses, because obviously Taehyung should know that.

“They’re all yours,” Taehyung says back, and they continue kissing.

Only now realizing that he’s wearing a t-shirt, Jimin pulls back with a puzzled look on his face. “Wait, how did I end up in this shirt? I remember being very naked when I feel asleep.”

Taehyung chuckles and removes a strand over hair that’s fallen across Jimin’s face. “You don’t remember? You woke up in the middle of the night saying you were cold, so I dressed you in this. Then you insisted on cuddles too, so I gave you that as well.”

“I have absolute no memory of that.”

They laugh together, and shortly after their lips meet again for more kisses.

It’s past noon when they finally manage to get out of bed. Too lazy to go upstairs and get his boxers, Jimin borrows a pair of Taehyung’s. He washes up in the bathroom while Taehyung makes breakfast. He offered to help but Taehyung had refused.

As he plashes water onto his face, Jimin tries to analyze the unpredictable situation he’s found himself in. Nothing about this is something he could have seen coming. When he left the city on Monday, he’d expected to stay at hotel for six days, alone, not doing anything but sleep and eat. What he had not expected was ending up in a remote house with a gorgeous stranger who’d become someone Jimin deeply cares for. What he had not expected was to have the best sex of his life.

More memories from last night comes to mind and he blushes at his reflection in the mirror, remembering how Taehyung moaned his name at least twenty times.

In three days, he has to go back to the city. Go back to his life that this place has somehow made him forgotten about. A part of him doesn’t want to. A part of him wants to stay. Maybe that’s stupid. He’s only known Taehyung for four days. He just can’t shake the feeling that this week with him won’t be enough. Honestly, he already knows it won’t be. And he’s scared – scared of how quickly he’s gotten used to Taehyung, scared of how intense his feelings have become after such a short amount of time.

Jimin finds Taehyung in the kitchen, standing at the stove making something that, to Jimin, looks like pancakes. There is a can of whipped cream on the counter next to him, as well as a bowl of rinsed strawberries. There’s a sweet, sugary scent in the air and Jimin is reminded that he hasn’t eating anything for over twelve hours.

It doesn’t seem like Taehyung noticed him entering the kitchen, so Jimin stays in the door opening for a few minutes, watching Taehyung as he pours some batter into the pan while whistling a melody.

Taehyung is not wearing a shirt, only shorts. The muscles in his back moves as he works, and Jimin is practically drooling. The itch in his fingers to touch Taehyung eventually becomes too strong, and he creeps closer. When he’s close enough, he snakes his arms around Taehyung’s body from behind, nuzzling his face into the crock of Taehyung’s neck.

Maybe Taehyung had known he was there, because he doesn’t get startled like Jimin had expected him to. He only hums softly and leans back into Jimin’s embrace. Jimin plants an innocent kiss on the skin below Taehyung’s ear.

They stay like that for a while, Taehyung frying the pancakes and Jimin holding him while he does so. But when Jimin kisses his skin again and he can feel the way Taehyung’s body reacts, the following ones aren’t as innocent.

Jimin leaves several open mouthed, wet kisses along Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung sighs, angling his head to give Jimin better access. He loves the taste of Taehyung’s skin, not just his lips. Taehyung’s natural scent his sweet and reminds Jimin of vanilla. Not able to help himself, he takes one hand from Taehyung’s abdomen and moves it lower, cupping Taehyung through his pants.

Taehyung gasps, his hips bucking backwards and into Jimin.

“Jimin…” he says with a warning tone. “I’m making us pancakes.”

“Mmm, you’re so kind babe.” Jimin didn’t mean to use a petname so early on, but Taehyung doesn’t seem to mind. Frankly, it seems to turn him on,


One second Taehyung is making pancakes, the other he’s facing Jimin, kissing him full on the mouth. He flips them around and lifts Jimin up on the counter next to the stove, reaching to turn off the griddle.

Taehyung places his hands on Jimin’s thighs, rubbing circles into the skin with his thumbs. “I can understand yesterday, but what’s got you so needy today?”

“You,” Jimin answers honestly.

Taehyung clicks his tongue, and reaches for a strawberry in the bowl. “You need to eat something. Open up.” He holds the strawberry against Jimin’s mouth, and Jimin obeys, parting his lips and accepting the berry. He does that a few times, and Jimin lets Taehyung feed him. You’d think it’s Taehyung’s host instincts, but knowing him better now, Jimin knows that Taehyung is a genuinely caring person.

After the fifth one, Taehyung adds cream. He sprays it on the strawberry that he pops into Jimin’s mouth, and directly after, he connects their lips. The kiss is delicious and Jimin purrs into Taehyung’s mouth before pulling away. After that, Taehyung places the cream-covered strawberry between his own teeth, gesturing for Jimin to take it. Jimin does, leaning in to suck the berry into his own mouth. In return, Taehyung sucks his lips.

What Taehyung does then is just playing unfair. He takes the bottle of whipped cream and sprays a stripe of it on his own collarbone. He doesn’t say anything, just looks at Jimin with sultry eyes. Jimin understands what he wants though, and he bends down to lick the sugary paste off of Taehyung’s skin. Once it’s all gone, Taehyung grabs his neck and pulls him into a hot, messy but sweet kiss.

Jimin moans into his mouth. He’s getting hard, painfully so and Taehyung making him lick cream off of him doesn’t exactly help. Jimin knows he started this, but Taehyung took control straightaway and the uncertainty of what’s to come next is a massive turn on for him. Adding to it, Taehyung knows exactly what he’s doing. He places himself between Jimin’s legs, wrapping them around his own waist. His hands come to grab Jimin’s ass, pulling him to the edge of the counter.

“Want me to lick cream off of you instead, Jiminie?”

Jimin almost chokes. How could Taehyung say things like that with a straight face?

“Please.” Jimin doesn’t ask which part of him Taehyung plans on covering with whipped cream, but the way Taehyung is sliding his hands up his inner thighs gives him an idea.

After Jimin’s answer, Taehyung moves one of his hands to grace the growing bulge in Jimin’s borrowed boxers. Jimin’s breath hisses and he looks down as Taehyung’s long slender fingers pushes the fabric aside and wraps around Jimin’s length. He’s not fully hard yet, but he’s not exactly soft either. When Taehyung starts moving his wrist, it doesn’t take much time before he’s completely hard, leaning back on his hands and moaning Taehyung’s name. He’s noticed that his body reacts quickly to Taehyung, ignoring Jimin’s pride all together.

Much like Taehyung’s mouth, his wrist can also do wonders. He switches between fast paced and slow strokes, using his thumb to rub against the slit and using the precum to smoothen his movements. Jimin is whimpering with every stroke, telling Taehyung to go faster every time he slows down, even though he loves the teasing.

Taehyung licks into Jimin’s mouth, and then he grabs the bottle of whipped cream again. Jimin had totally forgotten about Taehyung’s suggestion, and he gasps when Taehyung sprays the cream along the length of Jimin’s dick.

Bending down, Taehyung uses his tongue to lick the cream off. Jimin’s breath hitches and he grabs onto the kitchen counter for support. Taehyung repeats the process again, using the tip of his tongue in a way that has Jimin shivering.

He does this several times, and Jimin is close now. Taehyung seems to know too, because this time he takes Jimin into his mouth instead, leaving the whipped cream to the side. He moves fast, swallowing all of Jimin and for a second Jimin thinks he might choke. Taehyung is skilled though, and Jimin’s whimpers turn into sobs as Taehyung sets a rhythmic pace as he sucks him off.

Heat settles in his lower abdomen and it’s only a matter of seconds now. “Tae… Tae, kiss me.” Jimin grabs for Taehyung, twisting his fingers in his hair and pulling him into a wet kiss. He tastes himself on Taehyung’s tongue along with the sweet flavor of the cream. Seconds later, he cries into Taehyung’s mouth and cums under the touch of his fingers. Taehyung continues to stroke him, gradually slowing his movements.

They stay still for a moment, letting their breaths and hearts slow down. Jimin runs his hands up Taehyung chest, smiling sheepishly. “So… pancakes?”

Taehyung smacks his arm playfully. “I can’t believe we just did that in my kitchen.”



The next three days go by too fast.

They don’t leave the house once, only to go outside to the backyard for some fresh air. Other than that, the bed is where they spend most of their time. Taehyung had made a call and Tannie was staying with his friend for the rest of the week. Jimin had argued saying that wasn’t necessary, but Taehyung said he wanted to give all his attention to Jimin, and who was Jimin to say no to that?

They take time to familiarize themselves with each other, physically and emotionally. Their conversations never end, both of them always wanting to know more about the other. Sometimes it’s back and forth questions about smaller things, and other times one of them shares a longer story. Jimin shares with Taehyung how he got into modeling, and Taehyung tells him in return about his photography career so far.

At one point, the topic of Jimin’s celebrity status comes up. It’s been something that Taehyung seem to have avoided, and he’s not entirely sure why. Truthfully, Jimin hadn’t thought about it himself. He’s only ever reminded when he works, or meets people outside who recognize him. When he’s with Taehyung, he’s no longer Park Jimin: young and famous model. With Taehyung, he’s himself, the same person he’s always been and will always be. Taehyung makes him feel grounded in a way Jimin’s needed ever since he got into the modeling business. What Jimin has found in Taehyung are things he’s been searching for for a long time.

“Is it hard?”

“Sometimes,” Jimin admits. They are laying in Taehyung’s bed, Jimin on his back and Taehyung curled up against his side. “I love my job, I do. The hardest part I guess, is the… celebrity aspect of it. It’s just so different from when I was in college.”

Taehyung plants a soft kiss on his shoulder. “Do you sometimes wish you’d chosen something else?”

Jimin’s thought about it sometimes, but he never wishes for something else. He answers honestly with that.

“Then the hard parts will become easier,” Taehyung tells him. “If you truly love it, the future will be easier as you move forward.”

“I guess you’re right.”

Conversations between them are easy. Between sex and talk, they eat and sleep. It’s crazy to think they only met this week. Jimin finds it impossible to believe and sometimes he has to ask Taehyung to pinch him, needing to know that this is real. No one is this lucky. No one finds someone so perfect who wants them back, and then get to spend several days with them, and only them. The attraction Jimin feels for Taehyung is stronger than anything he’s ever felt before. It’s a force within him that he knows will develop into a form of guidance. He knows it will lead him to make both good and bad decisions.

They don’t bring up the fact that Jimin has to go back to the city until late Sunday afternoon. They are prepping dinner together after what must have been half an hour of Jimin convincing Taehyung that he shouldn’t make dinner for them by himself again. “Enough with the guest services,” Jimin had said. Taehyung hadn’t given in easily, but eventually he did.

Jimin is by the stove steering a pot with rise, and Taehyung is sitting by the table peeling carrots. They are laughing about a discolored part of the wall that happened once when Taehyung was cooking and things didn’t go his way. As their giggles start to settle, Taehyung says something that leaves an unsettling feeling in Jimin’s stomach. “I’m gonna miss you.”

They haven’t touched that subject once. The time they’ve spent together has been amazing, something that Jimin can’t compare to anything else. So when Taehyung utters words that remind them both of the fact that he’s leaving tomorrow morning, Jimin feels numb and overwhelmed with emotions at the same time.

It’s not that they won’t ever see each other again. It’s a two hour drive to Seoul from here, and in the middle of September, Taehyung will move back to the city.

The problem for Jimin is that he knows it won’t be the same. Maybe it will be better, he can’t predict anything, but he’s still scared of the inevitable change that will happen.

He’s not sure where Taehyung stands exactly, and once he leaves and they won’t see each other every day, Jimin will definitely not know where either of them stand. And when Taehyung comes back to the city, they will have to keep their whatever-they-are a secret, or go public. There’s nowhere in between.

The celebrity scene loves to gossip, especially when it comes to young, rising stars in the entertainment business. Jimin is a model, but there are still tabloids that write about him. He’s even had a couple of dating rumors since his name got well-known, both with girls and both untrue. If he’s seen with Taehyung, things will escalate and rumors about them will circulate around the internet. Jimin already hates the idea of magazines writing about Taehyung. There isn’t a single part of his pure soul that deserves that.

The thing is, they’re not even dating. Jimin has no idea of what him and Taehyung are to each other. They’ve never discussed it, never talked about the two of them together beyond the walls of this house. So if he would bring all of this up with Taehyung, it would suggest that he wants more. Jimin can admit that to himself – god, of course he wants more. How could he not when he’s found someone as perfect as Taehyung? Admitting it to Taehyung himself though, is harder.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to ruin the mood.”

Jimin turns around to look at Taehyung, and he looks sad. Jimin can’t have that, not on their last night. “Babe, don’t be sorry.” He walks over to sit on the chair next to Taehyung, interlocking their fingers. “I’m going to miss you too. I’m going to miss this.”

Taehyung nods. “Do you wanna talk about it?”

“Not really. Do you?”

“Maybe later?”

“I’m fine with that.”

They leave the subject for now, promising to have that discussion later. Instead, they pretend like everything is fine, like Jimin isn’t leaving tomorrow and that they have several more days like this to come. Over dinner, they talk about everything between the sky and the earth. It’s obvious that the both of them are avoiding one specific topic, but they both deny that fact. They just want to enjoy this last night.

After dinner they end up cuddling on the couch, watching an English tv-series that Taehyung recommended. He’s studying English, and even though it’s not perfect, he’s much better than Jimin. They can’t have a proper conversation without both of them bursting out laughing at Jimin’s broken English. Taehyung says it’s cute.

When the fourth 20-minutes episode starts, Jimin is no longer paying attention. His mind is fully occupied by the way Taehyung is patting his hair, the way he softly laughs every time someone makes a joke on the television.

Jimin’s impatient. It’s the last night – he reminds himself for the hundredth time today – and his desires for Taehyung are stronger than they have been previously. He has an undeniable longing for the boy’s body to be naked, for him to squirm underneath Jimin until he cums while screaming Jimin’s name. Just the thought of it has Jimin hot, and bothered and he shifts uncomfortably in Taehyung’s hold.

“You okay?” Taehyung asks, eyes still on the television but a hint of a amusement lacing his voice.

“M’fine,” Jimin breaths. He’s not fine. He won’t be fine until he’s inside Taehyung.

Jimin explores the idea by sliding his hand up Taehyung’s thigh slowly, looking up at him to see if there is any type of reaction. Taehyung is still smiling, but he’s not making any signs of removing his attention from the tv-series.

Changing his tactic, Jimin angles his head to kiss Taehyung’s neck. He groans with frustration when Taehyung doesn’t cave. Jimin knows that Taehyung is aware of what he’s doing, but it seems he’s feeling playful.

Jimin is not. He just wants Taehyung, now. Wants to make him feel good, feel wanted. God, Jimin just wants to fuck him. So far, Taehyung’s been the one taking the lead every time. That has Jimin surprised because he likes to top too. When being with Taehyung though, he completely falls under his spell and he loves the way Taehyung controls him. It’s just that tonight, Jimin wants to be in control.



“Can you come with me?”

Surprisingly, Taehyung shuts off the television right away and lets go of Jimin. “Okay,” he says, and lets Jimin lead him to the bedroom.

Before they settle on the bed, they undress each other. They take things slow, wanting this moment to last for as long as possible.

When Taehyung lays down, Jimin admires his body as he stretches out on the bed. There are still love marks left on his body from earlier, and Jimin feels proud knowing he’s the one who put them there. Taehyung is beautiful, and tonight, he is Jimin’s.

“I’ll make you feel good, okay Tae?” Jimin says as he crawls to sit on Taehyung’s thighs. Before Taehyung can answer, Jimin leans down to whisper into his ear. “Tonight, I am fucking you.”

Taehyung moans next to him, and Jimin captures it with a kiss. He knows, once their lips touch, that there will be no more taking it slow.

They kiss for a long time at first, because like every time, Jimin can’t get enough of Taehyung’s lips. They share a few slow kisses, tasting and devouring each other properly. Jimin licks into Taehyung’s mouth, bending his neck to further deepen their kisses. Taehyung swallows every single one, occasionally moaning between them whenever Jimin bites and pulls at his lower lip.

Hands in Taehyung’s hair, Jimin holds him in place as he controls the rhythm of their mouths moving together. Taehyung is completely at his mercy, letting Jimin sweep into his mouth, capturing and sucking his lips however he wants. There’s an urgency in their kisses now that wasn’t there a minute ago, and Jimin leaves one more kiss on Taehyung’s mouth before working his way down his jaw and neck.

Jimin’s heart pounds in his chest. He’s not nervous per say, he just wants this to be perfect. He wants to be perfect for Taehyung. He sucks at Taehyung’s neck for a long time, wanting to mark him up even more. Taehyung is panting heavily underneath him, hands roaming Jimin’s naked back, breathing his name repeatedly.

When he feels finished, Jimin continues down Taehyung’s body, stopping to suck one of his perky nipples into his mouth. Taehyung reacts by arching of the bed, breath hitching and body shivering. His hands end up in Jimin’s hair, threaded between the strands and he pulls with his fingers every time Jimin pulls with his teeth.

After tending Taehyung’s nipples and leaving another love mark on his chest, Jimin continues his way down, the ringing in his ears getting louder the lower he gets. There’s an exciting anticipation in his entire body, but there is something about the way Taehyung looks at him as he kisses down his body that makes Jimin’s chest tighten. He doesn’t notice he’s trembling until he sees his hands, but he tells himself to calm down. Taehyung has noticed too though, and he reaches to grab the back of Jimin’s neck, pulling up to an eye level.

“Jimin, what’s wrong?”

Jimin shakes his head, because nothing is wrong. Everything is right, at least it’s supposed to be – if he could just stop shaking. “I don’t- There’s nothing wrong…” That is true, but there’s a stupid, terrified part of Jimin that is telling him otherwise. He wants to be in the present, be here with Taehyung, but his mind has already set off into the future.

Maybe Taehyung can read minds, because his answer is exactly what Jimin needs to hear. “Jimin, I’m not going anywhere.”

A sob that Jimin can’t control escapes from somewhere deep inside of him, from a place he’s been keeping isolated for so long. “Do you promise?”

Taehyung reaches up with one hand, caressing Jimin’s cheek with his thumb. “I promise.”

Jimin nods, gaining a new sense of determination as Taehyung pulls him down for another kiss. He is here now, with Taehyung, and tomorrow can wait.

He sits up, catches Taehyung’s wrist and brings it to his mouth. “You’re beautiful,” he murmurs, planting a kiss to the back of Taehyung’s hand. “I promised something too. I’m going to make you feel good, remember?”

Taehyung nods, and watches Jimin as he reaches for the bottle of lube. Settling between Taehyung’s leg, Jimin spreads them apart and lubes up his own fingers. He leans forward on his knees, wanting to see Taehyung’s face as he opens him up. Jimin reaches down between them just as Taehyung hooks one leg around his waist, and then he pushes the first finger past the rim.

As a diversion, Jimin kisses Taehyung with all that he has, his other hand coming to wrap around Taehyung’s erection. The boy gasps into his mouth, and Jimin swallows every tiny breath, working another finger inside when he feels Taehyung is ready.

Taehyung clenches tightly around the two digits, and Jimin releases his lips and dips his head down to kiss along the inside of Taehyung thigh. Before he takes him into his mouth, Jimin can see Taehyungs’ hand gripping the sheet with his fist, knuckles white.

Jiminie,” Taehyung breaths as Jimin mouths along his length before sliding his lips over the head. Taehyung arches off the bed, head thrown back and a long, drawn out moan vibrating between the walls of the bedroom.

As he adds his third finger, Jimin sucks Taehyung farther into his mouth, using his teeth and tongue to distract Taehyung from being stretched so far. He adjusts quickly though, and when Jimin’s fingers find the right spot, Taehyung’s moans transition into sobs.

“M’ready Jimin, I’m good, I’m ready for you,” Taehyung rambles on as Jimin continues to massage the sensitive nerve inside of him.

Jimin pulls out his fingers and reaches for the condom sitting on the bedside table, but Taehyung stops him, catching Jimin’s wrist midway. “No.”


“I’m clean. Are you?” Taehyung asks, voice laced with urgency and certainty.

“Yeah…” Jimin answers. “I mean, I got tested a couple of months ago, and there hasn’t been anyone-“

“Okay, then no,” Taehyung interrupts, pulling Jimin’s hand back to his chest. “I want to feel you. All of you.”

Jimin can feel Taehyung’s heart beating in his chest, not racing like Jimin’s, but still beating fast. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jimin can only nod before he leans down to kiss Taehyung again.

They adjust themselves – Taehyung on his back, legs pulled up against his chest and Jimin on his knees behind him. There is no other way tonight, because Jimin wants to, needs to, see Taehyung’s face.

When Jimin pushes himself in, Taehyung’s mouth falls open, a high-pitch moan slipping through.

He starts off with slow, drawn-out thrusts, relishing the way Taehyung is squirming underneath him – just like Jimin has dreamed of. It’s amazing, the way Taehyung feels around him, the way their bodies melt together as one when Jimin is fully inside and they are as close as two people can be. Jimin watches how Taehyung’s mouth twitch every time he hits the right spot, how he desperately tries to keep his eyes locked with Jimin’s even though the reflex is to shut them close.

Eventually though, Jimin cannot hold back any longer, completely losing any sense of self control. The rolling of his hips become quicker, his breath more labored and skin slick with sweat. Taehyung is begging him for more, to go faster and Jimin wants nothing more than to give him everything he wants.

He’s found the perfect angle, and Taehyung is loud, yelling his name every time he thrusts forward. Spreading Taehyung’s legs wider, Jimin leans forward to kiss him, but they are too far gone to coordinate any type of kiss, only their lips moving against one another’s as they pant into each other’s mouths.

Getting to fuck Taehyung is an entirely different satisfaction than getting fucked by him. Jimin absolutely worships the way Taehyung is coming apart underneath him and knowing that he’s the reason why.

“God, you feel amazing,” he pants, licking along the underside of Taehyung’s jaw before sucking his earlobe between his teeth.

Taehyung shudders, reaching behind Jimin’s back to grab his ass, pulling him even closer with every thrust. Jimin groans, slipping his hand between them to wrap around Taehyung’s length, pumping his wrist in synchronization with the movements of his hips.

“Jimin, Jimin, I’m…ngh-” Taehyung’s attempt at forming a sentence gets cut off by a silent moan as his climax comes closer.

Jimin knows what he’s trying to say though, he can feel it too. He touches his lips to the shell of Taehyung’s ear and whispers, “Cum for me, Tae.”

It only takes a couple more thrusts before Taehyung’s body gives in, and when he does, it’s together with Jimin. Their senses get lost as they both fall off the edge, and Jimin scrabbles for Taehyung’s hand, interlocking their fingers.

They ride out their highs slowly, holding on to each other without letting go. As Jimin pulls out and lays down next to Taehyung, they don’t let go. As they fall asleep later that night, they don’t let go, staying in each other’s embrace until the sun rises again.



Jimin’s phone has been on silent for days, so of course he doesn’t wake up when Yoongi calls him for the seventh time at noon the next day.

Jimin is woken up at 1 pm by Taehyung pressing a light kiss to his lips.

“Hmm, good morning,” he purrs, wrapping his arms around Taehyung who is hovering above him.

Taehyung hums, leaning down to kiss him again before answering with a soft, “Morning.”

It takes a couple of minutes for Jimin to fully wake up, and when he does, he registers that Taehyung is straddling him, legs on either side of Jimin’s thighs and hands caging him safely. They share a few lazy morning kisses, slow and harmless at first. But when Taehyung move his hips against his thighs, Jimin can feel that Taehyung is on a mission.

Jimin pulls back a little. “Tae?”


“How long have you been awake?” Jimin has spent enough mornings with Taehyung now to know that he’s not one to wake up easily. In fact, Jimin’s been the one who is awake for at least an hour before Taehyung, trying and failing many times to wake him up before he eventually does.

Taehyung grins, leaning down to capture Jimin’s lower lip, pulling it before answering. “Not that long.”

Jimin cocks an eyebrow. “And how come you woke up by yourself today?”

Taehyung knows Jimin’s on to him, but like always, Taehyung is being playful. He nuzzles his face into the crook of Jimin’s shoulder. “Na-ah, you woke me up.”

“I did?” Jimin smirks and brings up his hand to pet the back of Taehyung’s head. “But I was fast asleep?”

“Jiminie…” It seems Taehyung doesn’t want to spell it out for him, but Jimin has no intention of missing an opportunity where Taehyung has to use his words.

“Yes, Tae?”

Taehyung draws back to look at him, pouting as he says, “I’m hard for you.”

The smirk already on Jimin’s face grows wider. Taehyung’s adorable, perfectly lid up by the sunshine that’s slipping through the curtains.

But wait.

The sun… is up?

Jimin whips his head to look at the bedside clock. 12:11 pm. “Oh, fuck.

Clearly sensing the change in Jimin’s mood, Taehyung withdraws a little more to properly look at him. “What is it?”

“My interview… I was supposed to be there two hours ago.”

It’s Monday, and today Jimin had his interview with BARE at 10 am. He’d texted Yoongi saying he was coming back to town this morning and that he’d be at the given address in time.

Why hasn’t Yoongi called? Jimin scrabbles for his phone seated on the bedside table, and Taehyung rolls off his hips to lay down next to him.

Yoongi-hyung, missed call (7)

Well, apparently his manager has called him. Frustrated, Jimin turns off his silent mode. He doesn’t rush out of the bed, because he’s already two hours late and that’s also how long it will take for him to drive back to Seoul. He fucked up. Yoongi had been doubtful when Jimin said he wanted to come back on Monday morning instead of Sunday night, but Jimin had insisted. Yoongi had already re-scheduled this interview for him once, and now he’d fucking missed it.

Jimin brings his hands to cover his face, groaning into them.

“I’m sorry.” Taehyung’s voice is low and uncertain, and Jimin had honestly forgotten about him for a second or two upon realizing his big fuck up.

Jimin props himself on his side, touching the palm of his hand to Taehyung’s cheek. “No, Tae, don’t be sorry. It’s not your fault.”

“But I distracted you from-“

“Tae, stop. I chose to stay another night, and I should have set an alarm. It’s okay, I’ll deal with my manager once I get back to Seoul.”

Taehyung nods, fidgeting with the hem of the sheet. “Okay.”

And get back to Seoul, Jimin has to do right away. He doesn’t want to explain himself to Yoongi over the phone.

Jimin leans in to kiss Taehyung one more time before throwing the sheets to the side and getting out of the bed. Even though it’s August, the room is cold because that’s how Taehyung likes it, and the air is chilly against Jimin’s naked skin. He slips on his boxers from yesterday, deciding to take a quick shower before he leaves.

Taehyung sits on the bed, his back resting against the headframe. He watches Jimin as he gathers his clothes from the floor, and there is no mistaking the sad look on his face. Jimin wants to kiss it away but he knows he won’t be able to – he has to leave.

After showering quickly, Jimin packs his bag in his guest room that he only stayed in for two nights. It’s bizarre how things have changed and how he’s found himself in this situation over the course of just seven days. He had an obvious attraction to Taehyung the first night, but never did he think it would escalate to what they have now. Even after the first night that he fell asleep in Taehyung’s arms, he still believed it was only going to be that one time. But then the next morning, they had kissed again and he saw in Taehyung’s eyes that it wasn’t a one-time thing.

Being in this house with Taehyung has felt like a dream, almost too good to be true.

And now Jimin is leaving.

It’s not necessarily the end, but in some ways it feels like it. It won’t be like this again.

“Jimin-ah!” Taehyung’s voice calling him from downstairs startles him a bit, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Come down, will you?”

Taking one last look around the room, Jimin grabs his suitcase and walks down the stairs. When he reaches the ground floor, he freezes.

In the open doorway stands Yoongi. In front of him is Taehyung, looking absolutely terrified. Oh no. Jimin prays with all his heart that Yoongi didn’t say something to scare him off.

“Hyung,” Jimin says, walking to stand next to Taehyung. “How did you find me here?

“That’s doesn’t matter,” Yoongi says, and he’s scolding him. “What matters is that you missed your interview this morning. Your interview with BARE Jimin. What were you thinking?”

“I know, I’m sorry. I slept through my alarm.” It’s partly the truth. With Taehyung standing next to him, he really doesn’t want to go into any details. Besides, the boy himself is keeping his lips firmly shut.

Yoongi rolls his eyes. He looks from Jimin to Taehyung, from Taehyung to Jimin. The tension is painfully apparent, Yoongi is smart and Jimin knows he’s perfectly aware of the situation. For some reason, he doesn’t comment on it though. Instead he says, “I’ll wait in the car.”

“I have my own car here, hyung...”

“I know that, but I’m gonna drive after you to make sure you actually go back to the city.” With that, he turns on his heels and shuts the door behind him.

Jimin immediately turns to Taehyung, bringing his hands to rest on Taehyung’s shoulders. “He didn’t freak you out did he? I know he can be scary.”

Taehyung seems a bit more relaxed now that Yoongi is gone. “No, it’s fine. I was just worried because all he said was, Is Park Jimin here? I got this strange instinct to lie.”

Jimin laughs. “Maybe you should have.”

Smiling, Taehyung pulls him into a hug. “You have to go back Jiminie. The world is waiting for you.”

Jimin doesn’t cry very often, but now tears are forming in his eyes, threating to spill down his cheeks. His throat tightens, and god, why does it hurt so much?

“I’m really gonna miss you,” he says, closing his mouth again because he knows that if he says anything else, the tears will fall.

Taehyung laughs dryly. “You’ll be fine. You’re probably going to forget all about me once you’re back in Seoul.”

Frowning, Jimin pulls back to look at Taehyung. “Tae, that’s not true. Don’t say that.”

“It’s okay, Jimin.”

“No, no it’s not.” Feeling hopeless, Jimin’s own emotions fail him and the first tear spills, followed my several more. “It’s not okay, Tae. I have to leave, but I want to stay here with you, but I can’t and I already know how much I’ll miss you and how much it’s going to hurt.” A sob ripples through his throat, and Taehyung attempts to shush him, rubbing his thumbs across Jimin’s cheeks to wipe away the tears. “I don’t… I don’t want to leave you.”

“You’re not leaving me, Jimin. You’re just going home.” Jimin shakes his head, but Taehyung continues. “I’m going to miss you too, so much, but this isn’t goodbye okay? We’ll see each other again.”

Taehyung pulls him close to his chest again and Jimin sniffles into the embrace. “I just- I won’t be… it won’t be the same.”

“Maybe it will be better?”

Jimin wants to believe Taehyung, he really does. When he gets in his car and drives away, more tears spilling down his cheeks, Jimin tries to convince himself that he does believe it. He has to.



Three weeks pass in a blur, and Jimin hasn’t seen Taehyung since he came back. They haven’t even talked. They never gave each other their phone numbers, and Jimin has honest to god no clue why. Maybe because they were with each other all the time, and when Jimin left he was too sad to remember. Of course he could have gotten it somehow, but he’s not lying when he says he’s been busy 24/7 since he got back.

Each day went by so fast, work consuming him completely. A part of him thinks Yoongi might have packed his schedule on purpose because he missed his interview, but he also knows Yoongi would never do something like that, out of spite. He has a kind soul, and he always looks after Jimin.

Yoongi brought up Taehyung three days after Jimin came back. Just because he’s been busy doesn’t mean Jimin hasn’t thought of Taehyung, and Yoongi could tell.

“What are you moping around for?” he asked one day.

Jimin had shrugged it off but Yoongi already had an idea.

“Is it because of that guy?”

From there, there was no way Jimin could lie to him. He’d told Yoongi everything, and he’d been supportive. He even encouraged Jimin to reach out to Taehyung again.

And frankly, Jimin isn’t sure why he hasn’t. Yes, he’s been busy, but he would most likely have been able to reach at some point during these three weeks. It’s just that Taehyung hasn’t contacted him either, and maybe Jimin is waiting for that. Maybe he’s afraid that Taehyung lost interest, won’t contact him and turn him down if Jimin reaches out first. Taehyung had promised they would meet again, but Jimin is still not sure.

One thing he’s sure of though, is that he misses Taehyung, so much. He misses waking up by Taehyung’s side, being held in his arms and sharing soft morning kisses. He misses their conversations, the ways they made each other laugh and sometimes even cry. Taehyung has a beautiful heart, cares so deeply and hopes with all his heart. He’s curious, and brave and he’s so full of love that sometimes, it made Jimin dizzy. Dizzy because it gave him ideas of one day maybe loving Taehyung wholeheartedly.

There is also the aspect of potentially getting into a secret relationship. First of all, Jimin doesn’t even know if it’s a relationship that Taehyung wants, if he even wants something. They never ended up talking about it. Secondly, if he does, how would it work? Would he even be able to keep Taehyung a secret? Would Taehyung want that?

Jimin is asking himself all these questions when really, the only person who can answer them is Taehyung. He’s having too many thoughts, too many concerns and the one person he wants to talk to about it all is the one who isn’t here.

Throughout his teenage years, Jimin had two relationships. The first was with a girl, and they only dated for a couple of months. The second was with a guy from his college during freshman year. They dated for almost year. Since then, Jimin’s been alone. He’s had random hook ups now and then, even a fuck buddy for a month when he just got into modeling. It never meant anything to him though, and when he met Taehyung, he realized how much he’d missed feeling this way about someone.

Taehyung wasn’t just someone. When he dared to, Jimin sometimes thought that Taehyung was the one. It’s scary to think about, especially when he has no idea where Taehyung stands. They spent seven days together, a lot of things happened and many words were said. Jimin’s never felt so close to someone as he did with Taehyung, physically and emotionally. Taehyung made him feel so good, in more than one way, and Jimin can’t see himself throwing that away.

Whether Taehyung wants him or not, Jimin needs to honest.



It’s Saturday and Jimin is just finishing up his photoshoot. Yoongi had apologized when booking something on the weekend, but Jimin was fine with it. The distraction was good, even though what he distracted himself from was what he wanted the most.

“Perfect! That’s amazing! God Jimin, you’re so sexy!

Some photographers are more verbal than others, and Jimin doesn’t usually mind. In fact, he likes the praise he gets. Sometimes it becomes a little too much though, and Jimin wants to laugh at how enthusiastic some of them are.

“Alright, we’re all done. Great job Jimin, really!” The photographer walks over to him and shakes his hand. “Pleasure working with you again.”

“The pleasure’s all mine, Hoseok-nim.”

Hoseok gives him a sunshiny smile and as the crew starts packing up, he walks over to Yoongi standing on the side. He says something that has Yoongi blushing, something that doesn’t happen very often. Hoseok has shot Jimin a few times now, and every time he ends up flirting with Yoongi. It’s hilarious, the way Yoongi’s face turns red every time and how he stutters when he tries to speak. With a blow kiss, Hoseok leaves Yoongi looking like a deer in headlights, drooling just a little bit, and Jimin walks over to him.

“Maybe you should just ask him out, hyung?”

Yoongi jerks his head to look at him. “What? Who? Hoseok? No, that’s not- It’s not like that.”

“Hyung, it’s pretty obvious,” Jimin declares. “He’s into you too.”

“You think so?” Yoongi is usually all talk, head held high with lots of dignity. But he looks innocent, shy even and it’s so cute.

Jimin winks. “I know so.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but Jimin can see that there’s an interest there. “There’s a car waiting for you by the entrance. You’re free to go home if you want to.”

Jimin sighs happily. “Thanks, hyung.” Before he leaves, he adds, “Ask him out, hyung. You won’t regret it.”

After changing out of the clothes for the shoot, Jimin slips into his own, comfortable tracksuit. In the car, he tells the driver his address and luckily, they are there within 15 minutes. Today was a morning shoot, so it’s only 3:30 pm. Jimin has all day to hang out in his apartment, maybe read a book or watch a tv-series.

He tips the driver and walks through the entrance of his apartment building. In this industry, money is not a problem if you’re successful, so his place is really nice, located in the more expensive part of Seoul. Jimin never really had much money growing up, just enough to get through each month comfortably. In college, he was just as poor as any other student. So now, when he has more money than he ever could have wished for, he tries to not let it get to him. He saves a big part of his deposits, and he also sends money home to his family. They are doing more than okay, but he still wants to give them something. They are a big part of why he is where he is.

Jimin lives on the 21st floor, and his view stretches far over Seoul City. When he walks into the foyer, his postman is standing by the mailboxes.

“Mr. Park!” he says, smiling. He’s always in a great mood, which Jimin appreciates. They’ve had some nice chats. “Nice to see you.”

“You too, and please, call me Jimin. We’ve been over this.”

The mailman laughs. “As you wish, Jimin.” He holds out a stack of envelopes. “I was just about to put your mail in the your box, but since you’re here-”

Jimin accepts the mail, gives his postman another smile before excusing himself. He’s exhausted and he can’t wait to shower and lay down in his bed.

Getting into the elevator, Jimin starts flipping through his mail. There isn’t that much – most of his work mail is delivered to Yoongi. He reads their labels, nothing interesting, but then he reaches the last one, and his heart (almost) stops.

His address is written by hand, and on the back is a name he hasn’t dared to speak out loud since he came back to the city three weeks ago.

Return to: Kim Taehyung

The elevator comes to a stop at his floor, and Jimin hurries over to his door and unlocks it. Once inside, he throws his bag and the rest of the mail on the large kitchen island.

He flings himself down on the leather couch in the middle of his living room, opening the envelope with his finger.

In the envelope are three photographs – Jimin remembers every single moment. One is from the back patio of Taehyung’s house, taken on the first day they spent together. Taehyung had simply asked if he could take a picture of Jimin. The second one is when they went to the little town and had ice cream. Jimin remembers Taehyung’s laugh after he caught Jimin just as he was opening his mouth to take a bite.

Jimin looks at the last one, and his heart sinks in his chest. It’s the one Taehyung took of him sleeping, the morning after they first spent the night together. Jimin had woken up by the sound of the shutter, and he’d opened his eyes to see Taehyung beaming down at him. He’d claimed Jimin looked cute, and that’s why he took that photograph.

There is also a letter.

Jimin takes a deep breath before unfolding it. He reads:



I’m sorry it took me this long to contact you. Don’t ask me how I got your address.

How are you? I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re not working too hard. I remember you telling me that sometimes you forget to take care of yourself when things get hectic, but can you please try? For me?

The house is empty without you, even though I’ve had a few families and couples staying since you left. It’s just not the same.

I miss you… Jimin, I really miss you. I miss you every day. I miss talking to you, I miss listening to your stories and I miss laughing when you say or do something silly. I miss hugging you, I miss kissing you, I miss our sex. God, I miss your body!  

I wish you were here with me.

I’m moving back to Seoul next week. I really want to see you, but I don’t know if you want to see me. I know we haven’t talked, and I’m sorry.

Jimin, Jiminie… I hope you’ll meet me.

PS. My Seoul address and my phone number are on the back.

PPS. I miss you!

// Taehyung



Jimin’s not sure when he started crying, but now he can’t stop.

Taehyung misses him. Taehyung wants to meet.

Jimin needs to see him.

Grabbing his bag and car keys, he hurries out of the apartment.



The drive takes him only 1,5 hours this time. He’s driving past the speed limit, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t want to waste another minute away from Taehyung.

He comes to a stop in front of the lake house. He doesn’t have a plan, there might be guests staying here now.

Not bothering to knock, Jimin rushes through the front door.

“Taehyung! Taehyung-ah?”

Jimin looks in every room, the kitchen, Taehyung’s bedroom, the living slash dining room. He even calls for Taehyung down the basement, but again, no answer.

Finally, he goes through the backdoor and onto the patio. That’s when he sees him.

Taehyung is sitting down by the dock, facing the water. Tannie is lying next to him. Taehyung’s wearing a simple, white tee and red loose pants. Jimin can’t see his face, but he already knows he’ll look beautiful.

For a moment, Jimin just stands there. Taehyung is here, physically here and if Jimin walks closer he’ll be able to touch him. For a split second, fear swells in the pit of his stomach. He’s not sure why, because Taehyung said in the letter that he misses Jimin too. Maybe he’s afraid of taking this step. No matter how much they like and want each other, Jimin knows it won’t be easy, and he doesn’t want to screw this up.

Before Jimin manages to say anything, Taehyung stands up and turns around. He stops in his tracks when his eyes land on Jimin.

Jimin sucks in a harsh breath.

Taehyung is quiet. He looks surprised more than anything, possibly too stunned to smile. Jimin doesn’t blame him.

Swallowing, Jimin opens his mouth to speak. It’s he who came here, so he needs to speak first.

“I got your letter.”

Taehyung is too far away for Jimin to be able to analyze his face expression. He can only see if he’s smiling or not, and Jimin thinks he might be seeing a tiny smile.

“I’m glad it came through. I wasn’t sure your address was the right one.”

“And I won’t ask how you got it,” Jimin says, grinning.

Now Taehyung is definitely smiling.

Hesitantly, Jimin asks, “Can I come closer?”

“Of course you can,” Taehyung says, holding out his hands as reassurance.

Jimin takes one slow step, and then another. But his legs live their own life and Jimin ends up running into Taehyung’s open arms, Taehyung catching him securely. Jimin clings to him, holding on as if his life depends on it.

Maybe it does.

“I can’t believe you’re here,” Taehyung breaths, hugging Jimin as close as he can into his embrace.

Jimin nuzzles into his neck. “I got your letter and I… I had to come.”

Taehyung pulls back to look into Jimin’s eyes. Jimin sees then that he’s crying. “You came,” Taehyung sniffles.

Jimin reaches up to brush away the tears. “I came.”

Taehyung lets out a stuttering breath, and Jimin kisses him hard on the mouth. Their lips touch, and everything falls into place.

“God, I’ve missed you so much,” Taehyung says between kisses. “Three weeks Jimin…”

Jimin tangles his fingers in Taehyung’s hair, kissing him deeply. “I know, I know,” he whispers, breath heavy and quick. “I’m sorry, I should have reached out.” He kisses both corners of Taehyung’s mouth before capturing his lips again.

Taehyung shakes his head in tiny movements. “I should have reached out sooner.” He moves his hands to the small of Jimin’s back, pressing him closer. “God, we’re stupid.”

“So stupid,” Jimin agrees, licking into Taehyung’s mouth.

They kiss for what feels like hours, and Jimin swears his floating. All that matters now, is Taehyung. Taehyung’s lips on his, Taehyung’s arms around his shoulders, Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung. Everything will be okay, Jimin’s sure of it.

A loud bark is what makes them eventually pull away from each other.

“Tannie!” Jimin had forgotten about the pup next to them, and he crouches to shower him with love.

“He’s missed you too,” Taehyung says fondly.

Jimin snorts. “Tae, he saw me for like one day.”

“So? You’re a magnet Jimin. Everyone is drawn to you the second they meet you.”

“Oh yeah?” Jimin grins, and stands to face Taehyung again. He wraps his arms around Taehyung’s neck. “Were you drawn to me the second you opened the door that first night?”

“Of course I was. Well, to be fair,” Taehyung puts his thumb and finger to his chin as if to show he’s thinking. “I already recognized your face from magazines.”

“Tae!” Jimin hits him playfully in the side, and Taehyung squeals, pulling Jimin into another hug.

“It was your personality that got me head over heels for you, Jimin,” he says softly, and shrugs. “I just can’t imagine not knowing you.”

Jimin sighs, pulling back to kiss Taehyung’s lips. Looking at the boy in front of him for the first time in weeks, Jimin feels impossibly overwhelmed by his own emotions. He says, “I want to say something, but it’s so soon and it would be weird if I said it.” He looks down at his shoes shyly. “Except maybe it wouldn’t, because it’s true.”

Taehyung nods and leans forward, touching his forehead to Jimin’s. “It’s true for me too.”



eight months later


Jimin looks at himself in the hallway mirror one last time. “Babe, are you ready to go?”

“Two minutes,” Taehyung yells back from the bathroom.

They’re going to a wedding, and not just any wedding. Today, Yoongi and Hoseok are getting married. After Jimin’s advice, Yoongi had asked Hoseok out on a date – one week later they were dating, three months later they were living together, and today they are tying the knot. They really are perfect for each other, and although Jimin was a little surprised when Yoongi told him they got engaged, he isn’t anymore. They are meant for each other.

It’s half past noon, and they are leaving for the venue soon. The grooms have rented out a hotel for their ceremony and reception. It’s only ten minutes away but Jimin and Taehyung are supposed to be there early to help with whatever’s needed.

Taehyung is living with Jimin now. His lease was about to expire when Jimin had asked him, and there wasn’t much consideration needed. The lake house is still his, but Taehyung decided to close the bed and breakfast when his photography business started to show great progress. It’s been really successful lately, and Jimin is so proud.

They went public with their relationship not long after they got together, and Jimin has slowly eased Taehyung into his world. It was hard in the beginning, but they’ve both accepted and grown comfortable with it at this point. They’ve been living together for four months and have developed a domestic feeling to their home and with each other. It came very naturally for them.

“Tae, it’s been five minutes now. C’mon, we gotta go.”

“I’m coming,” Taehyung calls back, and a second later he steps out of the bathroom, shutting of the lights behind him.

Taehyung still manages to take Jimin’s breath away, and he probably always will. He’s wearing a tight fitted black suit, a white open-collared shirt underneath with a few embraided flowers. Jimin licks his lips.

“Damn, my boyfriend looks hot.”

Taehyung hums, stepping closer to snake his arms around Jimin’s waist.

“Funny, I was just about to say the same thing.”

Jimin grins. “Cliché.”

“You know I love them,” Taehyung winks, pressing his lips against Jimin’s.

They get a little carried away, as always, and Jimin has to place his palms against Taehyung and slightly push him away.

“We really need to go.”

Taehyung pouts. “Okay… but during the reception after we need to have hot wedding sex.”

Jimin frowns. “Hot wedding sex?”

“Yeah, you know, couples having sex at weddings.” Taehyung blinks, and adds in a confident tone, “It’s a thing.”

Wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s neck, Jimin leans in closer so that their lips are almost touching. “Is that so?”

Taehyung nods. “It’s a thing,” he repeats, moving to connect their lips again, but Jimin pulls away.

“Alright, then we’ll just have to wait until then.”

Taehyung pouts again, but he complies and detaches himself from Jimin. It’s May, so they don’t have to wear any jackets on the outside of their suits. Taehyung calls for Tannie (who of course also moved in) and dresses him in a black collar with a bow. Jimin coos.

“One more thing,” Taehyung says, retrieving his camera from his bag.

“Tae…” Jimin whines and hides his face in his palms.

Taehyung makes a displeased sound, peeling Jimin’s hands off of his face. “Since when are you camera shy?”

Jimin groans, but he lets Taehyung take the picture. He always does. Taehyung has a separate collection binder for all his photographs of Jimin and of things they’ve done together. The first three are the ones Taehyung sent him eight months ago, along with the letter that Jimin still has - it's placed safely in his bedside drawer. Sometimes he takes it out and reads through Taehyung's words - the words that led them back together.

Taehyung puts the camera back into his bag and reaches for Jimin’s hand. “I can’t wait to marry you one day.”