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Glacial Ashes

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Crowned Prince Todoroki Shouto, loved by his people, by his mother, by his friends, his siblings.

Crowned Prince Todoroki Shouto of the Endeavor kingdom, son of His Royal Highness King Todoroki Enji and Her Royal Highness Queen Todoroki Rei.

Todoroki Rei, a beautiful, ethereal creature rumoured to keep magic coiled in her veins, in the slate grey of her eyes - buzzing in gentle fingertips and a softly beating heart.

Todoroki Rei, who is founded of treason by her husband - the very man who legends say stole her from her iceland home. Mountain ranges covered in snow and glittering crystal, winds so bitter that they whip at travellers faces, leave them bloody and disoriented.

A home of ice and magic. Where the people of Endeavor only had rumors, Shouto had truth. He had whispers, breathed into his bi-coloured hair as his mother would cradle him to her chest, murmured where prying ears couldn't hear as she rubbed salve into wounds and bruises and - "Please, he's just a child!"

But sometimes, even the softest of whispers may be overheard. Especially when they involved stealing the heir apparent away from the tyranny of his very own father.

Shouto had truth in soft snowflakes drifting from his mother's fingertips, in how tears froze upon her face even as she stood with her head held high at the gallows. Shouto had truth in the curse she had warned him of - one of a fire that burns so hot that it can numb. That it can freeze.

A curse that overtakes Shouto the day he watches his mother die.

The kingdom watches as their Queen falls, and the kingdom watches as Shouto becomes a monster.

A child who always burned so brightly - passionate, vibrant, a smile for the commoners and a laugh for his friends.

A heart that could burn and burn - and then suddenly turn to ice.

The kingdom and King alike watch as Shouto becomes disfigured, a maw full of needle like teeth - almost icicle like in their length and sharpness.

The kingdom and King watch as half of Shouto's body becomes a mountain range, craggy and cracked - peaked and sharp and painful to the eye. They watch as snow permanently etches itself along the peaks, along the nooks and niches and proves to them - magic is very, very real. And so are curses.

The kingdom and King watch as Shouto screams, shaking the very foundation of the balcony under his feet as he falls to his knees, human hand and ebony claws alike coming up to cover his face.

When the fire is taken from a soul, all that is left behind is ice.




Todoroki Shouto has become the vision of the curse his mother had warned him of.

"Never hate, Shouto. Never burn yourself too brightly, my beautiful boy. You will never be without my love."

She lied.

Every curse can be broken, his mother whispered one quiet, spring day. Shouto is young, young enough still to curl upon her lap as she brushes cold, cold fingers through snow white and crimson tresses.

"Love, my son. Love burns brighter than anything, and can melt even the coldest of hearts. Can shatter even the harshest of curses. And you will always have mine."

Todoroki Rei is dead, and with her, her love and Shouto's very own flame.

For who aside from his very own mother could love such a monster?