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Re: Rise and Shine!

Hi Casey,

Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I last saw you. It feels like just yesterday I got on my ship headed for the Far, Far Range. I still miss you, though.

The range is beautiful. Beautiful and scary. My first day here, I nearly fell into the Slime Sea! But the vastness and beauty of nature makes up for that.

The stars are so different from the ones back at home. Well, I suppose they’re the same, just from a different angle. If I look closely enough, I can just about spot the little yellow sun I left behind.

Unfortunately, you’re right. I am busy, so I can only take a few minutes out of my day to email you before my slimes start getting restless. Already, I can hardly find the time to sleep!


The big storm

I’m glad you took my cactus, Casey. Hopefully he can keep you company in my absence. Hopefully you won’t kill this one ;-)

Do you remember that day, not so long ago, when we got caught in the rain? Well, I should be more specific, since we get caught in the rain more often than the average person. I mean the time when we escaped the rain by running into that coffee shop. I remember we had so much coffee, I could hardly stop my hands from shaking. But that wasn’t a bad thing. We just talked, and talked, and talked the hours away.

I think about that when I miss you. When I miss earth.


the… VAN

Sorry I missed your last email. I’ve been so consumed with taking care of my new stock of boom slimes. The second you get close to them, well, you can guess what happens next.

You exaggerate. I was a little tired. And a little sweaty. But I was wearing really good deodorant. Really, when I asked if you wanted to go on a hike through the wilderness, what did you expect?

Also, this is a lot coming from the person who dragged me out of my comfort zone (the woods) into a broken-down old van that didn’t even have a toilet just so that you could go on an “artistic excursion.” I’m genuinely shocked that clunker managed to get us there and back. As much as I enjoy spending time with you, I did not enjoy spending time in that van.


Re: New Year’s Eve

I have a confession to make. I knew where you were leading me as soon as I saw the coffee-shop-turned-taqueria. They were excellent tacos. Even better with good company.

I’m sorry I didn’t wait until later to tell you about Africa. I just felt like I had to. I couldn’t keep it from you any longer. And I was so glad you were happy for me, that you supported my wish to go. Not everyone would do that.

I missed you the whole time I was in Africa. It gave me comfort, looking up at the moon, knowing that you would be looking up at the same one.


PS. please, never buy a van older than you are ever again

Re: Coming home

I know. As much as I loved seeing you all the time, and being able to go places with you, and spend time together, I think we both knew we weren’t meant to stay in the same place for very long. Wanderers, you and I. You, a wanderer of vast cityscapes, while I a wanderer of nature.

I still think back to those days, and imagine the two of us, sitting on a bench, watching the sun roll by. There are so many things, Casey, so many things I wish I said. But we can’t have regrets. We just have to look forward to the future, and hope it brings us together again.



I remember when you first said you were going to London. For once, it was you travelling a great distance away instead of me. I yearned for you to stay, but knew you had to go on doing what you love.

It’s as if the universe wants us to be apart.

No. I can’t blame it on the universe. Really, there’s no blame involved. Our lives just diverged.

I knew you were doing what you loved, and it made you happy, so it made me happy. But it didn’t stop me from missing you.


Life is different now

Haha, I think you should be the one to write that song. A forlorn-sounding love song, about a couple separated by a gap in time and space. That can’t be too hard to come up with, can it?

Ultimately, I am happier on the Far, Far Range than I ever was on earth. I don’t have to feel… trapped by society. No one treats you like you’re some lesser being just because you’re different. Probably because there’s no one else here.

It’s just me, my slimes, and my starmail.

You’re the one thing I miss. You were my closest friend on earth. My closest confidant. I miss your warm smiles, and your beautiful music, and your goofy laugh. Goofy, but utterly adorable.

I miss you, Casey.


Re: Another tour


I have a feeling that this tour is going to be the one that skyrockets you into stardom. You’re such a fantastic musician, how could it not?

I am glad, in a way, that my leaving got easier. I’m happy out here, and I want you to be happy back at home. Maybe someday, I can visit you, or you can visit me. Maybe we’ll run into each other somewhere, and can catch up face-to-face instead of in email.

Even though I’m not there, you should still sing that song for me. I’ll be there in spirit. In my heart. I’ll always be with you, just as you’ll always be with me.

I wish I could see you again. I wish I could show you the ranch, to show you my new life here. And most of all, I wish you could stay.

I love you, Casey. See you again someday.