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The Kitsune and The Sika

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Despite research debunking the theory that spring was the optimal time for mating omegas, the tradition of staging mating runs between March and May had never really disappeared. While there were multiple runs scheduled throughout each year for civilians of age, the majority of mating for heroes occurred during their time in high school, before they’d even received their licenses. Most teens elected to join the run in their first year to secure a mate and thus regulate their heats and ruts moving forward.


Without a partner, it wasn’t uncommon for students to lag behind or even be forced to take remedial courses because the unpredictable schedule and frequency of their heats and ruts cut into valuable learning time. So, while it wasn’t completely unheard of for students to wait until their second or third years to participate in the runs offered by their schools, the most popular mating runs occurred during the first year when hormones were high and the scents of hundreds of available partners filled the campus air. UA was certainly no exception to this phenomenon.


During the first week of classes, forms were given out to all unmated students to fill out regarding their interest in the annual mating run. Unmated betas also received a secondary form which allowed them to choose whether they wanted to be chased or participate in the run alongside the alphas.


Generally speaking, several betas opt out of runs entirely as they didn’t experience a heat or rut but many enjoy the thrill of securing a mate. Though betas cannot fully satiate heats as they do not produce knots, their natural ability to mimic the scents most agreeable to their mated partners can help soothe omegas until their alpha or a suitable knotted supplement can be found. The imitation also helps to calm rutting alphas, who are often prone to rage and confrontation, while the beta takes their knot.


All unmated secondary genders alike chose whether or not to participate or postpone until a later year. The paperwork is filled out by the student, signed by their parent or guardian, and then submitted to the school board to keep on file. A lottery is then conducted to determine which training grounds each group of students would hold their run in, the most coveted being the forest grounds as it tapped into some primal instincts within all parties to chase or be chased.


The run was always scheduled in mid-May, just long enough after the sakura had bloomed for the air to be clean and fresh in order for all the natural fragrances of the omegas and alphas to be properly appreciated. This year, Hitoshi had been looking forward to running with the other first-year students and—though he was open to whomever his instincts drove him towards—he was hopeful that the one whose scent appealed to him most would be a part of the hero course. His plan was to secure his own position in either 1-A or 1-B by proving himself in the Sports Festival and having a mate already in the hero course might offer him an advantage.


Of course, he wasn’t so callous as to view his potential mate as nothing more than a convenient hole and a decent partner during training should they share the same classes; Hitoshi truly wanted to find a mate that could be his equal with whom he could form a loving relationship. But whether he was just a cynic at heart or as the result of being so vilified and isolated for years thanks to his so-called “villain” Quirk, Hitoshi was reluctant to believe that just because he ran, he’d be guaranteed a good mate. A compatible scent and a reliable partner in bed didn’t necessarily equate to genuine love and companionship. But maybe he’d luck out.


He didn’t want to get his hopes up too much when May rolled around but he was excited learned that the first-years had won the lottery to hold their run in the forest (the second-years had Ground Beta and the third-years had Ground Gamma; no one envied them, that labyrinth of pipes and machinery was not ideal for the chase.) When he made it to the forest, bracketed on all sides by other alphas and a few handfuls of betas from all the courses in his year, Hitoshi felt the thrill of competitiveness rise within him.


Quirks weren’t permitted to use against other runners or the potential mates they sought out—tradition dictated mates be brought down and claimed by will and natural strength alone, just as they had in the years that predated Quirks—so the playing field was a bit more level between him and the others. Of course, he noted, the hulking forms of some of the other students and that one alpha girl from general education that had multiple legs did have a bit of an advantage on him and everyone else. Regardless, he was going to give it his all.


Hundreds of first-years lined up at the edge of the forest with a little less than half of them further in nestled in the trees; the omegas and betas who were to be chased. They wore blockers but even from a distance of a good ten yards, Hitoshi could definitely tell which ones were omegas. All of them had their heat induced for the occasion (if they hadn’t been in heat already from the anticipation of being chased) and he could see it clearly in the telltale flush and the light sheen of sweat on some of their faces.


A couple already had their hair plastered to their temples and forehead from the rush of warmth and lust coursing through their bodies. A few swayed in the direction of the runners before blinking and shaking their heads to clear them. Hitoshi could also make out the blockers stuck on the necks of ones closest to him. The small blue-gray patches prevented their scents from reaching the runners. The betas’ blockers were a bit smaller, as their natural scents were weaker.


Each patch also served to provide both omegas and the female betas alike with birth control hormones throughout the week leading to today. As much as everyone loved the idea of pumping omegas and betas full of pups, it wouldn’t be ideal to have all so many students carrying at the same time (especially the ones who were trying to be heroes of all things, running into danger and beating each other black and blue during basic training exercises on the regular.)


Hundreds of teenagers caring for an even large number of newborns wouldn’t be ideal either. Nor would it make sense to give paternity leave for most of the school’s population when the pups were born, to allow for proper physical contact with their children in their nests. The school year had already adapted to provide every student with a designated four-day break following the mating run. Generally speaking, that was enough time for most ruts and heats to end as the mate bonds settled the rampant hormonal imbalances in the teens. So, though everyone’s instincts were convincing them that this run would end in pregnancies, they were thankfully protected from the harsh reality of dozens upon dozens of knocked up teens.


At Midnight’s order, the as-of-yet unclaimed omegas and betas in the forest were told to remove those blockers and at the sharp crack of her whip into the air above her head, they were fleeing into the woods. Though it was clear they weren’t running at her signal, but because of the onslaught of interested pheromones and eager growls directed at them from the betas and alphas lined up and ready for the chase.


The fleeing teens didn’t have much of an advantage with their head start because the runners wasted no time in pursuing the delicious scents that filled the air. Instincts drove everyone to run at their fastest speed—omegas stumbling forward and looking over their shoulders in a mixture of fear and excitement, betas on both sides of the chase longing for someone to call theirs, alphas aching with the hunger to claim. Hitoshi hardly noticed the blur of other students and foliage around him as his world narrowed down to one scent and one alone, tunnel vision blocking out everything else as his alpha canines burst out almost painfully from his mouth.


In the chaos of those first few seconds, he’d been assaulted by all sorts of fragrances from floral to woody to baked goods to sharpened steel and everything else under the sun. But as his feet propelled his body forward in a dead sprint just like all the others around him, his senses gradually shuttered to focus in on a particular scent: something delicious and thrilling. Rooted in a mix of moss and amber with a clear vein of lemon and lavender running through it all blended together to create the most appealing scent Hitoshi had ever encountered.


It was as soothing as it was intensely arousing, the idea of that unique, complex scent merging with his own—clove and caramel—and their combined musk as he fucked into them until he knocked them up. Fuck, he didn’t even care if they were a male beta, he’d find a way to impregnate them and if it meant knotting them each day until Hitoshi was blue in the face then that was what he would do. He couldn’t imagine that scent belonging to anyone but an omega though. He never thought of himself as particularly sexist when it came to secondary genders but someone who smelled that good was designed to be breed hard and often .


Hitoshi was barely cognizant of the sounds of alphas and betas like himself stampeding the forest grounds and he hardly noticed that he’d leaped over a fallen tree with far more finesse than he could claim when not driven by the incessant need to locate the owner of that delicious scent and shove them to ground to take his knot. There was a sting in his hand from scraping his palm against the rough bark of the tree trunk as he launched himself over it, but it did little more than excite him further. This was something he’d be unknowingly craving.


The thrill of a genuine chase, of falling back into the primal urge to hunt and capture and fuck that all alphas felt but few could act on outside of the context of mating runs. Legally anyway; there was no accounting for the kind of depravity rampant in the seedy underground of the criminals’ world. But here, here in this forest, the air was thick with tension and desire and need. Here, everyone was more or less equal and all that mattered was the chase and earning a good mate.


Between the trees, twigs and leaves crunching with each heavy footfall as people pushed themselves faster and faster until their blood churned hot and rapid in their veins and their hearts pounded loud in their chests like thunder...this was where Hitoshi and the others lost all inhibitions and gave in to their inner selves. It was a wonder he hadn’t started galloping on all fours like a beast; he certainly salivated like one as the scent of that beautiful creature he sought with all the intent of a bloodhound grew stronger and heavier.


Either his prey, his prize , had slowed down or Hitoshi was gaining on him. The prideful part of Hitoshi wanted it to be latter, not just because he wanted to feel impressive as an alpha on the hunt. Call him greedy, but he wanted the satisfaction of knowing his future mate had fought through the haze of heat and pushed themselves as far and as fast as their body could take them before Hitoshi caught up.


He wanted a strong mate, not a weak waif who fell to the ground after a handful of paces and waited in the dirt to be taken. Hitoshi wanted to earn his partner and vice versa. To know that his mate didn’t give up on a fight just because it was hard, but still had the sense to know when they’d been caught fair and square. Someone feisty but sensible.


Hitoshi felt a deep growl rumble up out of his chest and into the air when he caught sight of a blond head in front of him. That was the one he was after. That was the source of the delicious smell Hitoshi wanted to wake up to in the mornings, still knot-deep and ready to pump them full before he got up to make his pregnant mate breakfast. Not that Hitoshi knew a thing about making anything that wasn’t rice, coffee, or stirfry. Though he could learn in order to be a good provider for his mate.


The growl alerted his target and they turned their head just enough for Hitoshi to see a flash of slate blue eyes widen and then narrow. The omega released a growl of his own, not as deep as Hitoshi’s, and pushed himself to run even faster. He definitely had some fight in him. Perfect. Hitoshi felt his mouth curve into a huge grin, canines practically dripping from the thought of sinking his teeth into that bare neck and claiming him.


Despite the burning in his lungs and throbbing in his legs from running at a dead sprint for...however long he’d been running, he spurred himself on to catch up. The omega moved with effortless agility despite being in heat, looking almost at home in the forest as he ran, covering ground quickly with long strides like a graceful deer and Hitoshi couldn’t wait to hunt him and claim his as his own.


It might have been three minutes or ten (or half an hour with how much his muscles were protesting) but Hitoshi didn’t have a way of knowing and certainly didn’t care about it. All that mattered was getting that blond under him and knotting him until the omega swelled up all pretty with Hitoshi’s cum and bore the alpha’s bond mark proudly on that lithe neck.


Hitoshi was gaining on his soon-to-be mate and even though the blond was firmly in his sights despite how he tried to weave through the trees that seemed to get more and more dense around them as they ran, there was nothing to stop Hitoshi from getting him. The knowledge that he’d claim a mate—and a good-looking one with a clever mind, at that—filled the alpha with enough energy and determination that he almost felt like he could drive his body straight through the branches and bark obscuring his path.


As it stood, he used them to push himself past his limits as his need to see that omega face-to-face properly made him grit his teeth and dig his hands into the side of the trees. He shoved himself forward with animalistic grunts and the omega in front of him didn’t falter but he could see how the blond’s shoulders lifted up defensively. Not afraid, but cautious. The omega wanted him, or at the very least wanted an alpha to satiate his heat but his competitive nature prevented him from just rolling over and presenting his hole. Hitoshi admired that.


He couldn’t focus much on that admiration though when he noticed how dark the blue UA jumpsuit had gotten on the omegas legs and ass. It clung to the curve of that perky little ass and the stuck tight to the back of his thighs. Fuck, he was so wet. No wonder his scent was so strong; it wasn’t just their proximity, it was the intensity of the omega’s heat. Gods, he wanted to—


“Rip that fabric off with my fucking teeth , omega,” Hitoshi stumbled a bit at the sound his own voice so low and dark with promise but he wasn’t going to let himself slow down and lose these little cat and mouse game, not with the owner of that scent on the line. If Hitoshi let him escape, he’d hate himself and whatever lucky bastard got the blond for the rest of his life and then some. The omega in question didn’t stop moving but he slowed just the slightest bit to look over his shoulder and scoff. “Like to see you try—shit!”


The boy suddenly tipped forward, his left foot snagging on something and he did a little awkward (cute) series of hops while arms came up for balance. His stumbling prompted a vicious snarl from what he tripped over and Hitoshi realized with a burst of adrenaline to get to his target even more quickly that the omega had tripped over another alpha’s ankle. The only reassuring part of it was that the alpha was focused much less on Hitoshi’s prey and more on pummeling a redheaded omega hard into the forest floor.


“Fuck off, shitty omega, I’m making a goddamn brat over here,” the alpha growled, bearing down on his mate and not even glancing in the other’s direction. Hitoshi noted that the alpha gripped his partner a little tighter, though, likely as a possessive action from sensing another alpha so close to him.


The teen didn’t acknowledge Hitoshi verbally though, an obvious snub to show that he didn’t see Hitoshi as a legitimate threat. What an egotistical asshole. He was correct in that assumption, seeing as Hitoshi sought the fairer omega struggling to get away as his heat made him a bit more sluggish on the uptake. Not to mention the anger in the omega’s voice as he berated the terrible timing and positioning of the mated pair.


Both males were mostly naked and covered in what Hitoshi had first thought was dirt from rolling around but noting the tendrils of dark gray smoke rising off of the two (concentrated mostly on the charred remains of their clothes and the alpha’s hands which pinned the redhead’s wrists up above his head) he understood that the mess on their skins was likely soot. Clearly, the alpha with spiky pale blond hair hadn’t cared much for the rule about not using Quirks once he’d captured his target.


And honestly, it was a testament to how focused Hitoshi was on his own prize that he hadn’t heard the mating couple’s loud moans and growls nor noted the mess of red hair splayed out against the green ground like a pool of blood. The actual blood was covering the omega’s oddly jagged-looking fingers as they dragged themselves all over his mate’s back, shoulders, and upper arms while he squirmed underneath his partner. Some of it was smeared over his mouth like lipstick and when he threw his head back with a loud scream of “Bakugou,” Hitoshi noticed the omega had unnaturally sharp teeth like a wolverine.


Hitoshi didn’t exactly believe in divine intervention but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t capitalize on such a fortuitous turn of events. Fate obviously wanted him to knot that sweet ass almost as much as the alpha himself did. Besides, his motto throughout life had been to dig his heels in and scrape his way towards his goals by any means necessary. Even if it meant playing dirty. And he was definitely going to capitalize on convenient positioning of the aggressive mates to get on top of his own.


Like a knight in shining armor—minus the armor, with way more sweat and what was likely a half-manic, half-predatory grin—Hitoshi sped up and fit himself up against the omega’s body, hands coming up to press the blond firmly against his chest as he stumbled and cursed at the “1-A bastards sabotaging him.” A loud but small explosion off to the side made the boy jump in place and the alpha currently slamming his knot into the redhead snarled again, louder this time, either from taking offense or from locking himself into his mate, Hitoshi couldn’t tell.


The boy was just a few inches shorter than Hitoshi and he fits perfectly in the cradle of the alpha’s arms. His breath hitched and he relaxed back against the heat of Hitoshi’s form and the swell of his cock before straightening up and tensing as he remembered he was being caught and only seconds away from bearing an alpha’s mark. They both were breathing pretty heavy, from the physical exertion and in an effort to breath in each other’s scent as deeply as possible. “What...the hell do you’re doing?”  


“You heard me before...Fabric, teeth, the unspoken but clear implication of knotting.”


“Oh, right,” the blond snarked, head rising higher as he looked into the distance, haughtily avoiding the obvious desire both of them shared to make eye contact. “You wanted to shove me face-first into the ground and impregnate me like a wild beast. How could I forget the basic drive of all alphas?” the boy drawled sarcastically, gesturing to the students copulating nearby.


Hitoshi let himself laugh and the sound of it blended seamlessly with a more animalistic rumble of pleasure that he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to when the omega in his arms released a fresh wave of slick along with a tantalizing burst of sexual interest in his scent. The alpha could feel the hot dampness of it against the front of his own pants and he damn near popped his knot from that alone.


Without any more hesitation, Hitoshi spun the boy around and brought them both down on the ground, one hand cradling the omega’s head from hitting the ground too hard and the other hitching a thigh up over his own hip to make it easier to grind against the boy’s small cocklet through the layers between them. The gasp the impact and the touch caused was delightful and even more so was the sight of wide eyes colored like the reflection of a storm on a still lake—being this close to an omega in heat was tapping into some weird poetic side of Hitoshi too, apparently.


“I’m willing to be a gentleman for a handsome omega like yourself and ask your name first,” he said, voice dripping desire and a bit of honeyed sweetness. He did want to get on the omega’s good side, after all. Couldn’t be too much of a dick. Had to warm the guy up to it first. Of course, he was thinking this while hovering over the omega with the intent to fuck him until one of them passed out so maybe his expression didn’t exactly convey more than that desire.


Nonetheless, he received a breathy, “Neito. Monoma...Monoma Neito.” Hitoshi smirked at the blown out pupils and the wet lips as Neito licked them. “Neito. I like it. I’m Shinsou Hitoshi, pleasure to meet you.” And with no further ado, Hitoshi slipped down the omega’s form and shoved his thighs up until the boy’s legs pressed to his stomach and made good on his promise.


He shoved himself face-first into the damp cloth and breathed in deep. That lovely scent making him heady and drunken with unrepressed and unrepentant desire, his mouth immediately trying to suck as much of the slick from the material as he could. And that made the omega release a startled, choked noise and Hitoshi’s eyes rolled a bit from the taste. Even with the odd texture of the jumpsuit, nothing could distract him from just how delicious Neito’s slick was. Rich and the slightest bit tangy, a hint of musk and sweetness. Hitoshi wanted to swallow it down like water.


It wasn’t enough to just suck it out from the fabric, though, and Hitoshi bit down into the material and wrenched it back with a sharp tug of his mouth, repeating the action again and again while keeping a tight grip on Neito’s hips to prevent him from trying to flee. It’d be poor sportsmanship for the omega to do so and incredibly unlikely given how aroused he smelled, but Hitoshi liked keeping a possessive hold on what was soon to be rightfully his.


The frayed pants were ripped off in a few more gnashes of his teeth and some tugs with his hands as he snarled at the obstruction and then buried his face right back in the ass that practically drowned him as soon as his tongue lapped at the skin of Neito’s taint, flicking down until he was sucking the decadent treat directly from his hole.


“Oh, ohh shit, fuck, Shinsou!” Hitoshi released a warning growl, pressing his teeth hard to Neito’s flesh and fucking his tongue in and out in sharp, quick movements. The vibration of his growl must have felt good to the omega because he canted his hips, hands burying themselves in the alpha’s hair. “Hitoooshhhi, then! Fuck, fuck, a-alpha!” Hitoshi hummed his approval and with a great deal of reluctance, pulled himself away. Neito smothered down a pathetic plea for more but couldn’t hide the annoyance and yearning on his face.


Hitoshi just licked his lips and pressed his mouth to Neito’s, who opened easily despite his irritation at not getting to cum from being eaten out. It had been a near thing, considering how hard and twitchy his little cocklet was. Hitoshi devoured Neito’s mouth with his tongue, carefully avoiding damaging the boy’s lips with his sharp canines, and Neito groaned at his own taste. Hitoshi wanted to ask him if he’d tried it before, if Neito spent his first heat alternating between shoving his own fingers in his ass and his mouth. The alpha could picture it. So fucking beautiful.


When Hitoshi’s tongue slid back out, Neito’s followed, the omega determined to taste more himself and the alpha but Hitoshi had a goal in mind. Shifting, he brought his mouth down to the left side of Neito’s neck to suck at his scent gland, feeling the slightly raised flesh warm up in his mouth as the omega’s pheromones went into hyperdrive. It was as good an indicator of enthusiastic consent as any other and Hitoshi humped the omega’s form like a dog while he bit down hard enough to flood his mouth with fresh blood.


Neito arched up underneath him with a cry of pleasure and pain, cumming just from the bond bite alone and Hitoshi lapped at the blood of his now claimed mate in quick long strokes of his tongue, adding a couple soft kissed to the spot just under the boy’s ear. Partly as an apology for the pain he had to inflict in order to bond them together and partly as a show of gratitude for the omega’s acceptance of his claim.


It was one thing for him to not protest the bond mark and another thing entirely for him to cum from the sensation of being irrevocably tied to the alpha; it showed Hitoshi that Neito was ready and willing to be Hitoshi’s completely—mind, body, and soul owned by the alpha just as assuredly as the reverse could be stated. Neito didn’t just want a fuck buddy to take care of his heats, he wanted a genuine loving relationship with a proper mate. And even without really knowing him, the omega wanted Hitoshi to be that mate. It filled the alpha with pride and affection.


There wasn’t time for thoughts of anything else but mating now, though. After all, that was the purpose of this entire event and if Hitoshi didn’t slide his cock into Neito’s ass he might just pass out from the amount of blood diverted away from his brain and into to his lower half. The only upside to not receiving nearly enough oxygen to his head, was that he no longer acknowledged the ache in his sore muscles or the rawness he felt in his lungs from gathering as much air he could after the race to catch the boy underneath him and he continued to rip apart more of Neito’s clothes.


His actions prompted an irritated little snap of the omega’s teeth, nowhere near as sharp or impressive as his own canines before he moaned as Hitoshi’s hand swiped up the cum on his mate’s exposed, pale, trim waist and his cute pink cocklet. Hitoshi licked it off of his fingers, noting it was nearly as mouthwatering as the boy’s slick. He was looking forward to worshipping this body for a long, long time. He locked eyes with Neito as he sucked up the last bit of sweetness from his fingertips and winked at him. Neito rolled his eyes but his cheeks were pink.


“The whole package,” Hitoshi murmured to himself.




“Nothing,” the alpha said, “you just look as good as you taste.”


“Then why aren’t you doing anything about it, alpha ?” Neito countered and Hitoshi pushed his thighs apart wide and unzipped himself from his own jumpsuit with a surprising dexterity considering how his cock was pressed up and ready to burst it open through sheer force of will. As soon as he was freed from the confines of his uniform, his dick dripped precum onto the perfectly round little balls of his omega and Hitoshi rumbled appreciatively, pushing the head of his cock into the same spot to smear it more deeply into his skin to scent him.


He wasn’t willing to cum properly anywhere but in Neito’s ass today, but he looked forward to a time in the near future when he could spread the omega out on a soft bed and mark him all over with his scent, rub the evidence of his claim into the silky smooth skin of his thighs and chest until the omega couldn’t take a single breath without a reminder of exactly who he belonged to.


Hitoshi gripped himself and dragged the tip of his dick further down to dip in between Neito’s wet cheeks and nudge against his hole, which leaked fresh slick in his eagerness. The blond hardly got out a “hurry up” before Hitoshi was planting his hands firmly on the ground on either side of the boy, the scent glands of his wrists pressed against ones on Neito’s neck (a little gently on the side bearing the mark) and shoved his cock inside.


The possessive growl that came out of him at the feel of Neito’s deliciously wet body accepting him easily with hardly any prep, gripping him so firmly that he was sucked halfway in before his mind even considered thrusting. Hitoshi had dreamed often enough of just how good an omega would feel around his cock especially during his ruts but none of his fantasies came close to how tight and hot and wet Neito was.


And the way he sounded, looked—Hitoshi was deafened and blinded to anything but the boy underneath him, the softness of his thin pink lips curved in a perfect o-shape as he moaned lewdly at being split open, the dark pupils and watery glaze of desire and pleasure and need clouding his pretty eyes, the way his straight hair curled just slightly at the temples from the amount of sweat he produced. Not to mention how his hands dug and twisted themselves into the ground, left arm up behind his head and right thrown off to the side.


“Alpha, fuck me, want it! Deeper, more!”


Hitoshi didn’t want to deny him and there was no feasible scenario in which he pulled out without knotting his mate at least as many times as the number of years he’d seen on earth, so he wasted no time in pushing himself further into Neito’s waiting hole. His movements held both speed and strength as the omega’s legs spread wide to allow for the alpha’s hips to smack against his own ass while he fucked him in the traditional mating press.


Hitoshi shifted to press his chest flush to Neito’s own so he could slide his tongue back into Neito’s mouth and let their moans blend into a loud harmony of hot air and lust in the limited space between them. Hitoshi’s fists were clenched tight and the back of his forearms were flush with the ground; he used them to bear down and rut into his mate with powerful motions that rocked Neito forward on the forest floor, no doubt making him filthy.


The alpha was going to enjoy bathing with him after all of this, watching the dirt roll off his body just so Hitoshi could dirty him up again as they lost themselves in each other. Sweat glistening off of Neito’s freshly cleaned body, his scent untainted by anything and filling the air of the omega’s nest, their nest. The place where they’d spend the rest of the omega’s heat and Hitoshi’s own rut until they were confident Neito was pregnant with their first litter.


Neito was so perfect under him, pushing up to grind his cocklet against Hitoshi’s lower abdomen and coating it in his precum while the alpha drove inside him again and again, moving faster and harder each time. The omega’s dirty hands came up to dig into Hitoshi’s back as he stretched his neck up like he was showing off how lovely he looked with sweat sliding down the length of his jaw and falling onto the ground below. Or maybe in a silent demand for more attention to his bond mark from his mate’s lips and teeth and tongue.


Hitoshi assumed the latter, sucking hickeys and nipping lightly at the delicate skin over his sharp clavicle and under his jaw affectionately. The soft touches were a direct juxtaposition with the way he pounded his cock into Neito, each thrust making the slightly softer skin around the alpha’s knot become taut as it began to swell with every slap of his balls to the blond’s ass. It stretched out Neito’s hole a little further each time and the moans and cries of pleasure, demands for Hitoshi to keep going but move harder , faster , fill the omega up like he promised.


“Knot me, knot me, cock, cock, need it, need all of it!!” Neito screamed out, clawing at Hitoshi’s shoulders as he tried to mold himself to his mate with all his strength, cocklet releasing the second of several orgasms as he tried to get his own teeth clamped down around Hitoshi’s scent glands. The alpha groaned and tilted his head to make the reach easier on the omega, the sharp pain of the reciprocated bite with duller teeth making him fuck him faster.


They’d be connected forever now and that knowledge seemed to be what prompted the omega release a little purr. Neito was incapable of stopping the pleased submissive noise, drunk on the pleasure of being taken roughly against the ground, a hot cock throbbing inside him and a knot getting big enough that it required a bit more force to push into him and the alpha switched from long thrusts to shallower one, angling right against the omega’s prostate with every other motion.


“Fuck, so tight . I’ll knot you real nice, beautiful. You want it?” he goaded between heavy pants, grinding his cock against Neito’s good spots to make the omega scream for him. Hitoshi wanted the whole forest, the entire campus, to hear how thoroughly he was fucking his mate into the ground.


“Yes, alpha, ALPHAAA!”


“You want to be mine? Mine and mine alone? Want me to fill you with pups, Neito?”


“Fuck ME, yesss. Alpha, Hitoshi, please . Gods, fill me, I want it so bad. Yours, only yours. Always, mate, my mate. Mine!”


“Mine!” Hitoshi growled in agreement, snapping his jaw around Neito’s neck to give him yet another bond mark on the opposite side of his neck, ensuring that the omega could never be claimed by another. He was Hitoshi’s and no other would take him away from the teen. Ever.


“All mine,” he grunted into the scent gland held between his teeth as Neito keened loudly and sharply, cumming yet again. The clamping of his hole around Hitoshi’s dick was pushing him quickly toward the edge and he was intent on switching their position to ensure his omega took his seed well. A little help from gravity couldn’t hurt.


Hitoshi pulled away just far enough to get his arms under Neito’s lower back and the top of his spine to flip him around to his hands and knees. His knot had gotten so large, the shift in position was easy, Neito incapable of being tugged off his cock. The omega teared up and yelled at the deliciously unique sensation of that thick cock and hard full knot rubbing along his walls as he was spun. His mind was already hazy from his heat and being fucked so well but the added confusing mixture of dizziness and pain at his hole being stretched to its limits.


Neito could hardly hold himself up for more than a few seconds and when Hitoshi draped himself over his omega’s back, the added weight brought his face down into the grass and he moaned out while he was fucked senseless. His calls and cries began to be more and more incomprehensible and were replaced by whines and soft keens as he sobbed through another orgasm, dry and shaky, the noises almost drowned out by the steady growls and grunts of the alpha.


With a final deep howl that reverberated in the space around them, Hitoshi finally came inside his mate and released what felt like a year’s worth of cum in a series of hot thick waves. He kept grinding softly into the blond, one hand coming up to rub across the small smooth expanse of Neito’s stomach and the other moving across his chest to fondle a nipple, perked up from arousal.


“Can you feel it? Feel my cum settling inside you, omega? You’ll get pregnant for sure. You want that don’t you? Hmm? I knew you’d be the perfect mate as soon as I scented you.”


The omega whimpered, trying to push back on the cock even now. “Hitoshiiii. Alpha, hnngh, pups. W-want more...Got to be sure. Cum in me more, more, more !” Hitoshi grinned, nuzzling the back of his mate’s neck.


He started thrusting again shallowing, knot locking them together so he could barely shift himself and it felt agonizingly good to push himself past his limits, fucking before his knot had the time to deflate. It’d take another twenty minutes at least to get it back down to its original size and Hitoshi planned on fulfilling his omega’s desires and fucking him through the entire process until Hitoshi was ready to knot again.


Or rather that was the plan assuming Midnight and a slew of conveyor-bots didn’t come to collect everyone with her Quirk and drag their slumbering bodies to the proper facilities to ride out the rest of their biological cycles somewhere that wasn’t full of pine needles and the buzzing of cicadas irritated by all the noise the first year students were causing. Hitoshi kissed at Neito’s neck, mumbling into his skin until the boy turned his head and connected their lips. “Mmm, you’re going to look even better pregnant, Neito.”


“...heavy, alphaa.” Hitoshi laughed a bit, winding his sore arms tiredly around his mate and tilting them both backward so he was the one flat on the ground and Neito was flush with his chest, whining needily with his face angled up. The sky above them was bright orange with tendrils of reddish-purple flowing through it as the afternoon sun began to dip further under the horizon.


“I’ve got you, you can be on top now, sweetheart,” the alpha crooned appeasingly, grinding his knot and cock up into his mate until the boy twitched and tightened around him again. Hitoshi hissed at the clenching walls milking his cock of more cum as he coaxed Neito through another with gentle shushing and soothing rubs at his stomach, pleased that it was already slightly distended from the alpha’s thick cock and the amount of cum he’d already released.


The sight of it reenergized Hitoshi, a new vitality flowing through his veins as he fucked up into Neito with a wild series of jerks. Neito bounced on him, head lolling to the side as he whimpered from the pleasure. Hitoshi was going to impregnate him for sure by the end of the day. The vision he had of Neito’s stomach swelling more and more, first as thick cum sloshed around inside him with each thrust today and later with the weight of children. Their pups would be beautiful, Hitoshi knew it, pretty blue-gray eyes and soft skin.


“Ahhhhn, T-t-toshi, mnn, fuck. Fuck me, haah, just like that. Yesyesyesyes yesssss , alpha!!”


“So pretty for me, Neito. Taking my knot so well in this tight ass. You were made for me, omega, made for me to fuck just like this. Gods, wanna see you ride me, pretty boy. You want that? Want to be good and show just how much you— fuck , nggh—love this knot, love being filled with me?”


“I do, I do! Fuck me so good, alpha. Wanna...wanna be good too. Ride you. So thick, so big, so good!!”


“Going to cum for me again, Neito?” Hitoshi’s free hand came up to cup that cute little cocklet and he hardly got his hand to cover the shaft glistening with cum before his mate was writhing in place, hips shying away from the gentle touch as he was pushed to oversensitivity with yet another orgasm, the stimulation just too much. It was paired with another wave of slick leaving him and it slid down cover Hitoshi’s own balls and ass before soaking into the ground underneath him.


“Alphaaaaa!” the blond cried out. Neito’s hands came up behind him to clumsily pet down the sides of his alpha’s face and Hitoshi grabbed at one with the hand that had brought his omega off just seconds before, linking their arms in a slightly painful and awkward fashion so that the scent glands on their wrists would rub together. A gentle little thank you mixed with unspoken praise for cumming again.


The twinge in his muscles was worth it when Neito nodded and pressed his face into their joined hands, nuzzling at them sweetly. The alpha wasn’t one to believe in love at first sight and he knew rationally that they were both high on pheromones and the joys of sex, but the sheer amount of affection he felt for the soon-to-be bearer of his children made him positive that he already loved Neito.


Hitoshi sucked at Neito’s neck and thrust up harder, knot deflating just enough to make the sounds of the alpha slipping in and out a few extra centimeters from the added space all the more louder in the alpha’s ears. Neito was so wonderfully, beautifully, impossibly wet and the mixture of slick and cum slapped and squelched as the omega’s stretched out hole tried to clamp down tighter and keep his alpha inside.


He breathed in copious amounts of Neito’s delicious scent, already daydreaming of when it would take on a milkier undertone as his body prepared to carry, birth, and feed their first litter—however small or large it might be. Hitoshi would have to ask Neito what his family situation was like to get a better idea of the average number of pups they’d have. Hitoshi was an only child, and if the same could be said for his mate, it was unlikely the omega would be having triplets.


Hitoshi’s fingers danced lightly over Neito’s stomach, the boy relaxing and snuggling as best he could into the teen behind him with a contented sigh. There would be a lot to go over once they were coherent enough after their rut and heat had receded and they were capable of intelligent thought again. He was going to enjoy getting to know Neito, he thought to himself, before he took another large inhale just as a pinkish-purple cloud drifted over them. His eyes slid shut as he tightened his grip on his omega and thrust up one final time before he passed out. Looks like Midnight was on clean-up duty to wrangle the students back after all.