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Morning After

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When you woke up, even though it had felt like the first time you have slept that good in forever, you were still feeling sore for some reason. The first thing you saw when you woke up was the blinding sunlight that peaked through the half-opened curtains, overwhelming you for a second and you rolled over on your other side. The next thing you saw was someone else laying next to you, their bare back facing you as the sunlight also glowed on them, giving the person an almost angelic like glow. In any other situation you would have been in awe of the sight, it was calming in an odd way, the person being completely oblivious to how pretty their skin and blonde hair glowed and shined in the sunlight. But considering that you didn’t remember exactly where or who you were with right now, you were panicking. You closed your eyes, concentrating on what you did last night and who you were with, you let out a small gasp when you finally remembered.

Instant embarrassment filled you and you suddenly now knew why you were so sore this morning. You rolled back over towards the sun, keeping your eyes closed as you buried your face in the pillow and comforter, which you couldn’t help but note that they also smelled nice and kinda calming. You couldn’t believe what happened last night, especially since it was with Bakugou, of all people. However, right now you didn’t know if was just because you were wrapped around in his smell or because you were still in a hazed state from the lust of last night, but laying next to him in his bed didn’t seem like that bad of an idea, especially with how tired you suddenly felt. You were almost back asleep when you felt the bed next to you shift, the moving of the springs feeling faint under you, and you were then greeted with a warm arm being wrapped around your waist and pulling you towards the other side of the bed. You stiffened up and felt your cheeks burning, the movement next to you stopping only to be replaced by the sound of silence with the feeling of soft breathing on your exposed neck.

After a few minutes of just staring at the wall and the bed being completely still, you decided you were going to turn towards him since the combination of the blush that was still on your cheeks and the sunlight on your face was making you feel as if you were burning. You turned over slowly, trying to keep your movements as slow and quiet as possible so you weren’t going to accidentally wake him up and get yelled at, something you didn’t want to have to deal with, especially since it was this early in the morning.

Now that you were facing him, you opened your eyes and realized you were a lot closer to his face than you thought you were, pulling your head back slightly so you were able to see his whole face. He looked almost like he wasn’t angry for once, a peaceful expression written all over his face and this was the first time you saw him look this soft and this cute. You mentally cursed yourself for calling him cute, but god it was hard to deny it. Not only was his jawline sharp enough to cut itself, but his lips were now slightly parted as he slept. His eyelashes now looked surprisingly long, and his skin looked so soft and clear when you were this close up. You also noticed how almost perfect his nose was and how soft his hair actually was. You bit your lip, you couldn't actually believe you were finding him somewhat cute, you knew you had hated this guy and had many reasons to, but right now you couldn’t seem to focus or remember any of those reasons.

“Are you going to say something or just keep staring?”

The husky voice caused you to widen your eyes and stiffen up, his face staying still and calm looking, as if he was still asleep.

“Your awake?” You asked, now feeling embarrassed for being caught staring and admiring his beauty so close up.

“I am now since all I could feel was your fucking eyes staring at me,” He finally opened his eyes, the bright ruby red like color staring back at you. Even though he sounded like he was pissed, his face was still calm looking, so you took that as a good sign.

“Sorry,” You mumbled, looking away from him and down at your body, noticing how you were still in one of his hoodies and a pair of his black sweatpants.

“s’fine, besides my alarm clock didn’t even go off anyways,” He lied, he turned it off last night just so he would be able to have more time with you in bed this morning.

“Oh, well I guess I should get going then, since you’re probably busy today,” You said, almost sounding a bit sad, which he instantly picked up on.

You were about to sit up, but his grip on your waist tightened, making you pause and look at him again. “Just stay, I have nothing to do today, and you’re just going to be loud as hell if you leave now,”

You didn’t resist his request, even though it seemed like a demand, and just laid back down with him. He pulled you closer to him again, resting his chin on top of your head and let out a quiet sigh that was barely audible. Even though you were wrapped around his blankets and did have one of his arms wrapped around you, you did start to feel a bit cold.

“Katsuki?” The feeling of his first name coming out of your mouth felt foreign to you, but you knew that if you asked him this way, he would probably actually do what you were about to ask.

“What do you want now?” His tone sounded a lot harsher than how he intended it to, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty when he saw you flinch at it.

“I’m cold, can you use your quirk to warm me up?”

He paused, he wasn’t prepared for this question, but all he did was sigh and moved up so he was now flush against your body. “Fine, but if you tell anyone about this, I will beat your ass,” He threatened, even though both of you knew that he wouldn’t do it.

You felt the warmness hit you, which made you smile and close your eyes. The combination of his smell and warmth made you feel tired again, almost as if it was intoxicating. You nuzzled your head into his neck, which caused his body to tense up, but you just let out a small sigh as you smiled.

You pressed a light kiss to his neck before speaking again, “Thank you Katsuki.”