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“Darling, shouldn’t you be leaving for the theatre?” I called out to upstairs. Bobby didn’t even stir, he just left his soft head snuggled on my lap, contented from his long walk and food I had given him earlier.

“Yes” called down Tom “I just need to find....”

“Your phone?” I answered for him, picking up the slightly cracked mobile from the table next to me “it's down here.”

Tom thundered down the stairs into the living room and took his mobile from my outstretched hand “what would I do without you Darling?” he said, giving me a kiss on the forehead. “What are your plans for this evening?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably finish the third series of Queer Eye on Netflix.” Suddenly Bobby gave out a loud snore that attracted both our attentions “I know this little one won’t want walking later” I joked. Even in his sleep, Bobby’s ears twitched as if he could hear the magic word whilst unconscious. I tilted my face upwards and kissed Tom’s lips “Have a good show.”

“Thank you, y/n, see you later.” Returned Tom. He gave Bobby a quick stroke and then left in the black car which had just pulled up outside the house. Bobby took this opportunity to finally wake up. He jumped off the sofa and onto the arm chair that was in front of the window. He placed his front paws on the back of the chair and watched his master get driven away.

“Daddy’s gone to work Bobby and I’m going to surprise him later.”

When Tom had been cast in Betrayal, I was extremely excited. Harold Pinter was my favourite playwriter, having studied his plays in college and I had performed Pinter’s play One for the Road during my drama degree in Uni. Tom had naturally invited me to the press night but I had to go out of town for work and I was gutted that I couldn’t come back in time. Tom was disappointed but understood. That’s why we worked so well as a couple, both of us were married to our jobs but we still managed to find time to see each other. I was also grateful that he had got this job in London. It meant that we could actually spend some proper time together with Bobby.

Whilst I was up in Edinburgh for work, I had secretly bought a ticket to see Betrayal, Front Stalls, Row K, Seat 3. It was close enough that I would get a good view but not close enough that Tom, Charlie and Zawe would spot me in the audience and ruin the surprise.

The play would start at 7.30pm and it was currently 5.30 so I had a bit of time to get ready. I rushed upstairs into our bedroom and dived into my wardrobe to try and decide what to wear. Eventually I decided on a long, blue patterned silky dress with a plunging neckline. I washed my hair, dried it and put it half up in an updo and curled the bottom half. I applied a subtle 1920s inspired makeup look on my face and slipped on my favourite pair of heels.

I returned to the living room and got out my ticket from the side drawer, cleverly concealed in a leaflet I had picked up a while ago. I turned to Bobby “what do you think?”

He gave a sharp yap of approval and I gave him a treat in response. I threw on a light jacket, made sure I had my Oyster card and left for the train station.

Eventually I got into Central London and was face to face with the Harold Pinter Theatre where my other half, Tom Hiddleston was currently getting ready for his performance. Suddenly I heard my name being called at the side of the theatre, I whirled around to see Zawe’s face poking out from the other side.

“Zawe, Hi! You should be backstage, shouldn’t you?”

“Just stepped outside for some air” Zawe embraced me “Tom didn’t say you were coming tonight”

I shook my head “he doesn’t know. Don’t tell him please, it’s a surprise” Zawe nodded and put her finger to her lips. “I won’t breath a word, enjoy the show!”

I watched her leave and then dived into the foyer in case I saw anyone else. I took my seat and just listened to the conversations around me whist reading the programme I had bought. They varied from the posh twats who were attending the theatre because they had seen the amazing reviews in the Guardian or the Telegraph “oh you really must come Yoga Skiing with me, we do a yoga class and then hit the slopes.” said women directly behind me. To the mid twenty-year olds on a night out with their friends who may have studied Pinter in school like me. “Oh, I don’t know if he likes me or whether he’s just being a typical guy who just wants to fuck” whined my neighbour to her red-haired friend. To those who just bought a ticket to see Tom, the Hiddlestoners “I don’t know if Tom gets naked in this, but we live in hope” Giggled the teenagers in front of me, I nearly laughed out loud at that one.

Eventually, the house lights went down and I saw the Betrayal projection come up on the black curtain, then the curtain rose and there Tom sat on a chair with Zawe and Charlie in a tableaux. The play began and I was captivated with Tom’s movements, they were fluid and almost predatory. I found myself straying from the scene with Zawe and Charlie to just stare at Tom who was leaning up against the far wall. So still, so sexual, Jesus I was going to need a cold shower when I get home.

The hour and a half went by really quickly and in no time at all the lights had gone black signifying the end of the show. I found myself rising to my feet as others did, joining in with the building standing ovation. I felt a slight dampness on my cheek and realised I had been crying towards the end of the performance. I remembered what had set me off. It was seeing Tom be so gentle with the little girl who played his daughter. She had fallen asleep in his lap and he had carried her off the stage. For the first time I found myself wondering if we were ready to start trying for a child.

My thoughts ebbed away whist the trio took their bows once more. I watched as they left the stage and then considered what to do. Originally, I was going to find the duty manager and tell him to tell Tom that I was here but then I had another idea. I followed the Hiddlestoners around the building and joined the queue for stage door. I started to regret choosing such a light weight jacket. I was shivering all over, or was it from nervous excitement?

Once Tom had emerged from stage door it didn’t take long for the line to go down, however my surprise was slightly ruined when he clocked me from three people away. His blue eyes sparkled and I saw surprise flicker through and then amusement. He clearly had come up with his own mischievous plan. The Chinese girl in front of me had her picture taken and finally it was my turn.

“Well, hello there miss” said Tom, clearly, he was playing the I don’t know you game we played every now and again, it gave us a bit of a thrill, it was like meeting for the first time all over again.

“The play was amazing” I blurted out, suddenly feeling nervous.

“Why thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it” he winked at me and took hold of my phone. He smirked at my phone background, it was a picture of him and Bobby I had taken one Sunday when they had both fallen asleep together after lunch. “Oh, look it’s me!" He muttered. I sniggered; I really wasn't doing very well at this game. He held out my phone and we took a picture together.

“I'll see you in a minute, wait for me at home.” Tom whispered in my ear. His voice never failed to give me Goosebumps. I nodded and left Tom to the rest of his adoring fans.

It wasn’t long after I got home and greeted Bobby did I hear the doorbell go. I opened the front door to see Tom standing there looking as alluring as ever. “Forgot your keys again Mr Hiddleston?” I asked cheekily.

“Ehehe, something like that. There was a beautiful girl at stage door tonight, wearing the exact same dress as you.” He crept towards me and I stepped away to allow him to come inside the house “in fact, she looked exactly like you.”

“Oh really?” Was all I could say; Tom was giving me the look. The look that made my insides squirm in delight. His voice would go low and dangerous and he knew there was nothing I could do to resist him, not that I wanted to. He did the same look in Crimson Peak and still can’t get all the way through that film without having to stop, it's even worse if he’s actually in the house at the same time.

He kissed me passionately and we found ourselves in the kitchen. I hoisted myself up onto the breakfast bar and locked my legs around his waist. I worked off his jacket and shirt and he hitched up my dress and worked his hand up underneath it.

We made love on top of the counter, not for the first time and once we had finished, we lay on the floor of the living room, holding onto each other. “So, you enjoyed the show then?” Tom asked again.

“Meh! It was alright” I joked making Tom chortle and he held me closer.