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Reno and Kadaj were both apprentices under the tutelage of Merlin. Reno was an up and coming fire mage, just like his cousin Lea. Kadaj on the other hand was a rare dark mage; the only other known dark mage was Riku, who lived on Destiny Islands. The two had known each other since they had been little, especially since Lea and Reno hung around Riku’s group of friends which consisted of a bubbly brunet called Sora, a fiery redhead named Kairi, and two identical blond twins, Roxas and Ventus. Kadaj had eventually joined their squad when he had come to live in Hollow Bastion with Sephiroth, a lone non-mage who rarely interacted with other people. Sephiroth was said to somehow be related to Kadaj, but no one knew how. And well, with Sephiroth gone most of the time, Kadaj was free to roam Hollow Bastion as he saw fit.

He eventually saw the group and forced himself into their fold, becoming a part of their group. Sora, Riku and Kairi had eventually returned to Destiny Islands and Ventus and Roxas had returned to Twilight Town once their summer vacation had ended. Lea and Reno lived in Hollow Bastion so they were able to hang out with Kadaj once school let out.

It became even more fun when it was discovered that the three had a knack for magic and took mage classes nearly every day after school. Lea finished before the two which Reno blamed on the fact that Lea had always had a knack for fire.

Even though Reno and Kadaj were the only ones left to be tutored by Merlin, it wasn’t too bad. They walked each other home after class each day since they didn’t live too far away from each other so it wasn’t a bother.

Kadaj didn’t really want to bother Reno with having to walk him home, but he didn’t mention it to the redhead. In secret, he liked the fact that they walked together. Reno and the others didn’t know it, but Kadaj had been picked on for a few years by some local bullies. They apparently had chosen Kadaj as their target because Kadaj was somehow related to Sephiroth and Kadaj had bright green eyes; an unusual color for Hollow Bastion citizens.

Kadaj hadn’t told anyone about the bullies, not even Sephiroth. He didn’t want to be a burden. So it was nice that Reno walked him home every day.

“See you tomorrow,” Reno said as he and Kadaj stopped in front of Kadaj’s house.

Kadaj gave a nod with a smile, opening his front door. “See you.”

“I’m always here if you need me,” Reno said with a grin before he headed off towards his house.

Kadaj watched him leave. He wasn’t sure what prompted the redhead to say that, but he was appreciative of the sentiment. Maybe some day he would tell him. About the bullies and their magic and the possible crush he had on the redhead.