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City Lights

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Yoongi didn’t look surprised as he pulled open his studio door. Merely rolled his eyes and jutted his chin in. “I was wondering when you would show,” he commented, leaving the door open as he walked back to his desk and settle into the chair that groaned loudly in protest.

Not bothering to comment, Jimin hesitantly stepped inside the room and jumped at the sound of the door clicking closed and locking. His eyes widened, the breathe in his lungs halting as the plastic bag in his hands rumpled.

Instantly, Yoongi leapt to his feet. He dashed for the door where he unclicked the lock and swung the door open. The feeling of fresh air brushing over his body. A shuddering exhale sounded as Yoongi casually walked back over to his chair and lowered himself back in.

Taking a slow breathe, he forced a smile and shoved away the moments beforehand and held up the bag. “Food?”

“Depends- what did you bring?” the other questioned. Jimin chuckled weakly, stepping a bit further inside and glancing at the door as he handed the bag over. Yoongi dug through it, pulling out his favorite snacks and even a cup of spicy rice cakes. “Wow, you must really feel guilty.”

Jimin plopped himself on the single chair that was in the back of his studio, leg bouncing up and down to a silent beat as he hummed absently. “Is Tae-ah really mad?”

Yoongi shoved a treat in his mouth, turning back to his computer. “Upset. Not mad. Confused, hell yeah,” he deadpanned. Jimin groaned as the bag rattled. “And I’m pissed because he kept on rumbling about messed up “aura” or “chai” or whatever. You owe me for that.”

Jimin glared. “You started dated him! You know how he is,” he rebuked firmly, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring towards the carpeted ground. Yoongi shrugged, a rice cake disappearing between thin lips.

“So- you have still avoided him from for, what, two days? The hell, Min?” Yoongi asked, head looking over his shoulder to look back at the younger man with raised brows and his beanie covering his hair to make him look more like a grandfather.

Jimin sighed. “I just… I feel bad. I shouldn’t have snapped at him like that.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I know that my track record isn’t great but I just… I am a grown man, you guys do know that right?”

“Yes, Min, we know that, but the last time you got so drunk you made a move on Taehyung,” Yoongi replied hastily, somewhat tersely. Jimin flinched at the reminder, recoiling in on himself as shame bite into his gut. “You haven’t done that in a while.”

“Hyung, I’m-”

“-Sorry,” he interjected. “Yes. I know you are. But do you at least understand where we are coming from? Taehyungie worries about you a lot, you know? Constantly wondering if you are going to overdrink one day or just, shit, don’t know, end up in a ditch.”

Jimin looked down at his lap, where his hands were tucked between his legs. “I won’t do that, hyung,” he replied firmly, but the slight shake in his voice gave away the emotion that he was trying to rein in. “I am just so tired of you both treating me like I am some fragile glass, or some alcoholic that they constantly have to watch over. I got over it.”

Yoongi sighed, the chair groaning louder as he jerked his body around and leaned forward so that his elbows were resting on his knees. “Min-ah, listen to me good and well,” he growled lowly, “yes, you have moved on. Yes, you have been doing better. Yes, you aren’t fragile. Obviously, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but there are something that you will not ever fully get over.”

Jimin glared. “But I am! I’m fine.”

“So, if I get up, right now, close the door, and lock it, you’re going to be fine? You won’t almost break down like you just did nearly ten minutes ago?” Yoongi retorted harshly, hand waving manically towards the door.

Jimin flinched, recoiling in on himself as his eyes flickered towards the door and back towards Yoongi’s burning gaze that stared at him in challenge, as if daring him. “I… that isn’t fair.”

“This is a yes or no question, Jimin.”

Yoongi stood, now standing by the door with his hand hovering over the lock. He remained unmoving as he stared at the older man in shock and determination.

Yoongi swung the door closed, then clicked the lock.

Jimin’s hands clenched around the couch chairs, his breathe slowing through his lungs. He stared at the door, his mind screaming at him that he was fine, nothing was going to happen, but the air scorched his lungs. His vision tunneled.

He squeezed his eyes shut, sweat prickling his brow and his breathing picking up as the overwhelming panic that was swimming in his veins became too much. His breathe wheezed through his throat.

Sounds danced in his ear, grinding against his head, and he hated the way he almost mewled until he heard the door unlock and swing open. Yoongi was back by his side in seconds, laying a large, veiny hand on his shoulder.

Sucking in a heavy breathe, Jimin felt his body shudder as he squeezed his eyes shut and let himself slowly settle back into the chair as his eyes fluttered open and landed on Yoongi’s cat-eyes that were too knowing.

Yoongi sighed, slight guilt appearing in his darkened eyes. “I’m sorry, Min-ah. I shouldn’t have done that. That was cruel.”

Jimin shook his head firmly. His breathing had evened out and his vision flickering back to normal so that he could focus on the bright eyes that watched him wearily. A shaky smile was offered.

Yoongi sighed, pushing himself back to his feet so that he could walk back over towards his groaning chair. “Taehyungie has the right to be worried about you. Hell, I worry about getting a call from the hospital one day too.” Jimin flinched. “You may be over whatever happened, maybe even able to admit it, but there are some things you just won’t forget.”

Jimin heaved a tired sigh, body now exhausted from the earlier panic that was seizing through his veins. He leaned back against the couch and cast Yoongi a saddened look.

“”I haven’t been drinking because of that, hyung.”

Yoongi cocked his head, reaching over to grab one of his lollipops and popping it into his mouth. He suckled on it a moment, leaning a bit further back in his own chair.

“You were drinking because of a person. Someone from your past right?” Yoongi wondered, head tilting and the lollipop now pulled from his mouth. Wringing his hands, Jimin nodded slowly. “How does that help your case?”

“Because… he’s here. In, uh, Seoul?” he admitted. Yoongi’s eyes went round, eyebrows disappearing under his hair as he stared in slight disbelief.  “I was with him, erm, the other night. He found my studio by accident and he’’s a stubborn asshole so… we reconnected?”

“The man you love?” he asked dubiously, swallowing thickly. Jimin inhaled sharply at the words. He had forgotten how perceptive the older man could be, and that he could read Jimin like an open book. “He’s here in Seoul?”

“Yes, hyung.”

Silence trickled between them a moment. Yoongi has returned the lollipop to his lips, eyes a bit darker as he watched Jimin shift a bit uneasily in his seat. He wasn’t originally planning on sharing that information, but it felt right.

“Does he know?”

Jimin frowned. “Know about what?”

“About Busan. About why you left. About, really, anything? That you love him?” Yoongi questioned, his guttural tone snipped at the ends as he watched Jimin’s reactions carefully.The frown broadened on Jimin’s face. “Don’t deny that you’re secretive. I still don’t know anything about your life before Seoul. Only Taehyungie does, and even then, I am not sure how much he does.”

Stunned, Jimin sat still as his hands clenched in his lap. Yoongi didn’t seem to bothered, sagged easily in his chair and sucking contently on his lollipop. But Jimin knew better- the man wasn’t expressive as much in the face, but his voice, his eyes, gave enough away.

“Do you hate that?” Jimin murmured after a moment. Yoongi slid his eyes back over, a nonchalant shrug touching his shoulders before they dropped back down.

“At first? Yeah. I’ve known you longer. Lived with you. Fed you. I figured you out long before anyone else dare to try.” A bitter laugh touched the air as he leaned forward and the chair squealed again as he rested his elbows on his legs. Guilt slithered over his skin. “But then I kinda got it. Taehyungie has a way about him.”

The guilt was burning now. “Hyung… I’m sorry.”

He knew that his words were true. Yoongi had found him wandering the streets, starving, desperate, and alone. He had made into college by a scholarship and that was it but it didn’t mean he could afford dorms.

Yoongi had been walking home and saw him. Instead of being like everyone else, he let him come with him. Fed him, cared for him, and had become his first real friend in Seoul where he didn’t know anyone.

“You’re sorry about a lot of things you don’t need to be,” he remarked cooly. Jimin bit his lip, hard enough that he felt the sting and yet made no move to remove it. Yoongi waved it away. “Anyways, it doesn’t matter now. You still come to me. For things that you don’t go to Taehyungie for, and I am grateful for that.”

“How come you never said anything?” Jimin whined. The guilt felt harsher. Carving within his veins because Yoongi never deserved that, but for some reason he could never find it in himself to tell him.

Yoongi laughed easily, the way his raspy voice made it sound nearly velvety. It was one of his favorite things about the older- his voice that always had something soothing about it.

“It’s not my place,” he answered simply, offering a smile that revealed pink gums and gleaming white teeth. Taehyung still had the habit of referring to it as “his gummy smile that could cure cancer”. “Taehyungie… I love that man. You know I do- and he is close with you. It’s just not my right to intervene.”

Carefully, Jimin reached over and grasped at Yoongi’s hand. It felt familiar- a little rough from working away with a pencil and cool. Yoongi looked up through his fringe, a little smile twitching delicately at his pouty lips.

The older man lowered his head a fraction, shielding his eyes from Jimin’s searching eyes as the larger hand shifted and soon covered Jimin’s in a soft attempt to reassure him that everything was alright.

“I take it that you haven’t told Taehyungie about uh… the man you love? Your Serendipity if you will,” Yoongi grunted, leaning back but didn’t let go of Jimin’s hand. The brunet felt his cheeks heat, hand tightening.

“No, I haven’t.” He shook his head once, tongue darting out to wet his dry lips. “I’m not exactly sure how to tell him. He knows about him- the boy from Busan. I called him JK. But how do I tell him he’s here?”

Yoongi arched a amused brow. “You just tell him? Like a normal, grown adult.”

Jimin scoffed in the back of throat, the sound reverberating through his throat as he leaned back and tugged at his hand. “He’s kinda upset at me right now,” he snarked. Yoongi rolled his eyes, the amusement still twinkling in his cat-eyes.

“Please, Taehyungie is a big softie. He’ll be fine- plus, you’re spilling some big “gossip” for his “destiny” or whatever. He’ll forgive you for that.” Yoongi pushed Jimin’s hand away, turning back towards his computer with a grunt as the lollipop between his lips wiggled.

Jimin whined loudly, leaning back over and throwing his arms around Yoongi’s neck in a awkward back hug. The older man sighed heavily, not seeming bothered by the added weight- even with the awkward weight placement.

Taehyung when he was upset was never fun to be around. Moody and tended to be slightly intimidating  with the blank expression. He was sure he could handle going to see him and then later meeting up with Jeongguk.

Yoongi caught the look.

“Oh my god- get it over with. Just go to him and explain yourself, you big baby. Stop hiding away already.”

Jimin grunted, untangling his limbs from the other as he stood ad stretched. His muscles groaned, screaming almost, and cracked. One of the few reminders of his age. He moved for the door, only to pause and glance back.

“You still make it seem like I don’t accept anything, you know?” Jimin huffed, and gripping the cool copper handle of the door to pull it a bit more open. His eyes narrowed into slits. Yoongi hummed under his breath. “Hyung, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you. It’s just been ten years. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“If it doesn’t matter, why just say it?”

“Because it’s in the past,” Jimin huffed. “Why spill something that I put a lot of effort into working out and healing? Why scratch at a scar when it means nothing anymore? Telling the story won’t change anything.”

Yoongi’s brow dropped, his fingers stilling over the keys. Mouth turning slightly downwards, he looked thoughtful and weary. “I guess I can understand that, but a part of me is still wondering.” He craned his head. “How, or really, why does Taehyung know?”

Jimin snorted. “Timing. All timing. He happened to be there when I was drunk. Grabbed my wrists. I spilled.”

Yoongi looks bewildered. “You mean when you were drunk?”

“Yes.” He sheepishly ran his fingers through his tangled brown hair. “Not my proudest moment. But I avoided him like the plague for like a week until he found me again. I didn’t plan on him knowing, originally.”

“I mean… fair enough. He’s kinda out there,” Yoongi agreed, clicking his tongue. The gleam in his eye was sweet, fond, and loving as the half-smile that presented itself there. Seeming to be content, he waved him away. “Get lost already.”

“Rude. Catch ya later hyung!” he called, then close the door in his wake.




Taehyung was exactly where he thought he would be.Nestled amongst the modern style apartment of grey and sleek white that suited the odd couple. It was no penthouse, but it was located on the eighth floor, two bedroom apartment.

It was odd how the place seemed to be so normal compared to the two that lived in it. The only way you could tell Taehyung even lived here was the incense smell that was constantly within the apartment and the teas that were stocked within the cabinets.

Otherwise, the walls were a soft eggshell white and the furniture either a sleek leather black or white. When you first walk in, the kitchen is directly on the right. It was well used, since Yoongi was quite a good cook when he wanted, and the sterling silver appliances glistened.

On the left was the second bedroom that was changed into a office for Taehyung, who only used it when he was working from home when he saw sick, but Yoongi’s piano was also hidden within the room.

Past the kitchen, the walls covered in sweet pictures of the odd couple (no doubt Taehyung’s idea and Yoongi thought it was cute so he went with it) that were framed and hung up. The dining table was a simple black, styled nicely, and made for up to four people.

The dining room was cut off by a long leather couch, black in color, as if coming out of some magazine. In front of it, a glass table was littered with papers, documents, folders, designs, and more.

A TV was on mute, playing some Idol show, and the rest of the room quiet. Jimin absently wondered where their two dogs were- Holly, who was Yoongi’s dog- and Yeontan- Taehyung’s dog.

The bedroom was near the TV stand, the door closed, and he wondered if they were in there, but usually they would bark as soon as they caught Jimin’s scent since he loved to play with them.

Taehyung was placed exactly where Jimin knew he would be- settled amongst his couch, his silver hair tied off with a bandana, dressed in simple silk blue pajamas and his legs tucked underneath him. A tea was off to the side, his face buried within his work.

There was a delicate frown that was pulling at his features. A draw to his brows and his lips a little too white from pressing too hard together. He looked so small in that moment, something Taehyung hardly ever looked.

“Babe, I told you to not come home early for lunch,” Taehyung had called, deep voice thick from not speaking much, and yet somehow sweet. He didn’t bother to look up, eyes squinting behind his glasses perched on his nose. “I’m just finishing some documents.”

“It’s not Yoongi hyung,” Jimin murmured, pausing by the dining table as he wrung his hands anxiously. Taehyung froze, his shoulders seeming to become bigger from under the blue silk, his hand freezing over the paper he was moments ago scribbling on.

His eyes slowly raised.

Taehyung was a lot of things. Usually goofy and bouncing around, spouting something about aura’s or what teas to drink when stressed, but there was times when the more serious side could be seen and it was unsettling.

The way his chocolate orbs turned to frigid ice, and the tick to his lips that had them set in stone to a look that gave nothing away to what the man could possibly be thinking. It made him shudder- but now that it was directed at him, the desire to run was suddenly tickling the back of his mind.

“Oh,’ he monotoned, eyes darting back to his work. Jimin felt himself cursing internally, screaming at Yoongi that he had been wrong. Taehyung was definitely mad. “What are you doing here?”

“To apologize.”

Taehyung sucked his teeth. “It’s been two days.”

“I know,” he answered carefully. Taehyung hummed lowly, scribbling something on his paper but otherwise remained silent. Jimin ran his fingers through his hair, yanking a bit at the strands. “Tae-ah… I am really sorry. I’m sorry- I shouldn’t have snapped at you when you were just worried about me.”

The silver haired man groaned, tossing down his pen and shoving the notebook off his lap. Jimin watched as his head turned around so that his silver hair fell a bit from his bandana as he sighed heavily.

“You really hurt me yesterday, Min-ah. I just…” he huffed and tugged at his longer strands. “I’m just scared for you. Always alone and I just… I know I am overprotective but Min-ah you are my best friend and I love you so…”

“No. You’re right,” Jimin interjected quickly, waving his hands in front of him. “You have a right to worry about me. Considering I don’t exactly make it easy on you.”

Taehyung gave a breathless smile. His fingers, which were devoid of any rings or jewelry, slipped from his hair and fell back to his lap. “But you are right about how I think about you. You don’t always drink like that and it was childish of me to just jump to conclusions like that. You generally care for yourself.”

Jimin nodded slowly, mouth feeling a bit more dry. “Tae-ah, you know I love you a lot. You are the only person who really knows almost anything about me, But you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’m not alone.”

Taehyung straightened, head cocking to the side in a similar way that Yeontan does, though he was never sure who got that trait from who. The frown had returned to his face as he sat up.

Carefully, he lowered himself on the couch nearby with a shaky smile as Taehyung leaned forward, eyes searching. “What do you mean?” he arched a perfect brow that Jimin still hated him for.

“Do you remember that person from Busan? The one I was really close to?” he asked quickly. Taehyung nodded slowly. “JK, he is… well, he is here in Seoul. And the other night I was with him.”

Taehyung blanched, mouth falling open as the words rebounded in his head. “Wait, really? JK? The one you always told me about?” he asked in a rush of words. Jimin gave a awkward smile.

“The one and the same.”

Taehyung eyes splintered into slits, suddenly leaning forward so that his face was inches from his own. Startled, he nearly jerked back, but Taehyung grabbed his bicep and kept him steady as he licked his lips.

“Your aura is all over. Is this the one who you were kinda having a thing, but not really a thing?” he pressed, hot breathe darting over his features. Jimin chuckled weakly, but nodded his head anyways. Taehyung’s eyes blew wide. “Holy shit- wait, how in the world?”

Jimin gave a anxious chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck as he recalled the feelings of shock and surprise at seeing Jeongguk standing within his office. Color hinted at his cheeks at the excited gleam that was now bouncing in his best friends eyes.

“Well this hyung has a daughter now and she apparently likes to dance. Didn’t realize that it was my studio when he showed up in my office,” he explained quickly, hand dropping back into his lap. “Coincidence.”

Taehyung snickered, leaning back and throwing his arm over the couch as he shook his head firmly. “I don’t believe in “coincidence”. Everything is settled within the stars, a path for you. Obviously, he is in your path. My tarot cards agree.”

Jimin hummed, rolling his eyes slightly, before he let them fall to his lap. Taehyung pulled his work stuff off of the couch. He shifted his body closer as his arms wrapped around Jimin’s shoulders and pulled him in for a tight hug.

The scent of strawberries assaulted his nose, instantly calming him as he settled into his hold. Taehyung smiled as his arms rested around his waist, nuzzling into the hug as if they were twenty-two again.

When he pulled away, Taehyung brushed away his brown bangs from his eyes. “So, you were with him the other night? Bowling?”

Jimin chuckled at the incredulous tone. “Yeah. Back in Busan there was a bowling alley, so we use to go bowling.”

Taehyung chuckled, seeming to be amused by the idea of a younger Jimin playing around in a bowling alley. His arms tightened as his square shaped smile was prominent as he cocked his head and became a bit more serious.

“So… does he know about…?”

Jimin shook his head firmly. “Taehyung,” he quickly interjected. “No. He doesn’t. He knows I left and we talked about it. But I never told him why.”

He remained quiet for a few heartbeats. His eyes searching Jimin’s features as he leaned back down and into the hug as the smell of strawberries continued to tickle at the edges of his nose.

“Are you going to tell him?” he wondered. Jimin shook his head again, sighing lowly through his nose as he remembered the conversation with Yoongi earlier.

“No. I don’t plan to. There is no reason to now,” he confirmed. Taehyung nodded briefly his acknowledgement, fingers brushing through the light brown strands with a little sigh of his own.

Suddenly, he licked his lips, smacked them a little that he only does when he is anxious, and then adjusted their bodies so that he could see him better. “Can I ask something?”


Chocolate orbs fluttered over his almond ones, unease clear as his fingers fluttering to his silver strands and then grasping at Jimin’s much smaller hand that grasped onto tightly. Jimin frowned.

“Is it like it was? Something, but not labeled? Something not official?” he worded slowly, carefully, as if the words would cause Jimin to become a snake and strike and the ill placed words. Jimin bit his lips, eyes widening a fraction, then darting to look away. That was all he needed for an answer. “Jimin-ah, you can’t do that again. Do you still love him? Does he still love you?”

“I- yes,” he breathed, the words beginning to fall out of his mouth before he could think about them. “I love him and he says that he still loves me. I just- what if I am not good enough? Just friends is one thing, it’s safe but if it’s more then… then a label makes it more real.”

“Park Jimin,” Taehyung scolded, hands tightening over his skin to the point it ached but Jimin didn’t mind as he lowered his head like a scolded pup. “That man has loved you for probably longer than ten, almost eleven now, years. Remember what I always tell you? Everything has a purpose. And I believe in soulmates.”

Jimin felt his breathe catch as Taehyung leaned over, his hand reaching behind to grasp at the back of his neck and pull him closer so that their foreheads are pressed together sweetly. His eyes are calm, sparkling like the stars, and his smile soft and warm.

“Soulmates will always end up together. No matter how much time is lost, no matter the distance there was. You may lose your soulmate for a little while, but soulmates always find each other again. If they leave… they will return and stay forever,” he concluded warmly.

Tears pricked at Jimin’s eyes, and for the moment all he wanted was to smell vanilla and see a bunny smile, but the words implanted deep within his mind. Reminding him of everything that he had lost, and now regained.


Taehyung giggled sweetly, leaning over and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. It wasn’t romantic, nor would it ever be, but Jimin didn’t mind as he smiled and raked his fingers into the silver strands as a silent “thank you”.

“Do what you need to do. At your own pace. At your own time. It’s time to stop running from who you are, Min-ah.”

“Whoever calls you crazy is fucking stupid,” Jimin groaned, throwing his arms around his shoulders. Taehyung laughed fully, arms slithering back around his waist.

“No, I’m still crazy, but at least I got my head on my shoulders- sometimes,” he teased. Jimin rolled his eyes and pulled off Taehyung to leap to his feet. Taehyung settled back onto the couch with an amused grin. “Oh, and you’re forgiven. But only because you followed my advice.”

Jimin glanced over his shoulder. “No- I followed the tea leaves advice.”

“Smart ass- you're lucky you’re already forgiven,” Taehyung grumbled, waving him off. Jimin laughed as he kissed his forehead, dodging the swat, and scurried out of the apartment with maniacal laughter.




Jeongguk couldn’t stop smiling as he glanced around the small, pristine apartment that screamed Park Jimin. It was small, like Jimin had warned him, but it felt nice. It smelled of something faintly fruity, and now tangled with cooked Korean beef that he was whipping up in the small kitchen.

His eyes wandered the walls, landing on the desk scattered with papers- the only thing that could really be labeled “unorganized” out of the whole room. The bed beneath his fingers felt nice, soft, and a little Shiba stuffed animal was resting against the pillow- fur worn and loved.

It shouldn’t have been surprising. A twenty eight year old man having a stuffed Shiba Inu dog toy on his bed, it was something that the past Jimin would boast about, but this Jimin was always unpredictable.

Sometimes, he was so similar to the eighteen year old that sixteen year old Jeongguk looked up to and admired, for his playful, mirth-filled nature while other times he was darker- thoughtful and untrusting. Watching his words so carefully.

Despite that, Jeongguk didn’t care because he still saw fragments of the old Jimin in there. In the twinkle of the almond shaped eye, the way his body would still throw himself during laughter, and the way his smile would still outshine the moonlight.

He was humming as his cooked. His voice wasn’t the same- it wasn’t as high as before. It was a bit more full, a little bit huskier, as if the age had refined it instead of ruining it. He didn’t really notice.

His almond eyes were crescent shaped, watching the meat cook as he wore his jeans and tee shirt that was a little too big around his frame, but otherwise he looked perfect. Standing there with his messy brown hair and sweet smile.

Jeongguk felt content to just watch him, to see the way he bustled about to gather two plates and set the food on the table as if he had forgotten all about Jeongguk’s presence.

“You know, you’re staring is starting to get creepy,” Jimin spoke up, head turning over his shoulder with a wicked smirk twitching at his lips. Jeongguk didn’t even have the decency to blush or pretend that he wasn’t. “Take a picture. It lasts longer.”

“Is that a invitation?” he wondered, his own wicked smile touching the corner of his thinner lips. His hand was already grasping at his phone, head cocking to the side. Jimin snorted, turning back around to face the food.

“You are such a shit in your older age,” he commented dryly. Jeongguk chuckled, the bed creaking a little as he stood and padded on his socked feet towards the older man who promptly ignored him.

He didn’t even jump when Jeongguk suddenly wrapped his arms around Jimin’s waist and pulled his body flush against his own. His breath caught in his throat at the feeling of Jeongguk’s body heat, taut muscles that rippled under his shirt, but he kept cooking.

“What are you doing?”

Jeongguk hummed, burying his nose within Jimin’s neck and breathing in his smell. A faint smile returned to Jimin’s lips, secretly loving the domestic feeling and almost wondering if this is what his life could have been like. If he had stayed.

“Admiring you,” he murmured, exchanging from rubbing his nose to pressed soft kisses along his milky skin that was exposed from his too large shirt. Jimin made a noise in the back of his throat at the feeling of rough lips scraping over the soft flesh of the conjecture between his neck and collarbone.

“I am trying to cook, you know?” Jimin breathed, hand tightening around his cooking chopsticks. Jeongguk hummed his acknowledgement, hands shifting underneath the tee and darting over the soft curves and dips of his hips.

The kisses were hot, tongue swiping over the salty flesh that had his knees shake a moment before he swatted at his arm. Jeongguk whined, teeth replacing the tongue in a light teasing.

“Hey! Do you want this meal to be burned?”

“I rather eat you,” he muttered, but pulled his mouth away. Jimin huffed, smacking his arm again, before he returned to cooking the meat and vegetables that sizzled away. Jeongguk didn’t move, kept his hands on his hips and swayed with him.

Giggling, he grabbed a piece of cooked meat and turned around. He held it up for Jeongguk, eyes twinkling as the younger man stepped back before opening his mouth and accepting the meat.

He chewed slowly, the flavors bursting as he grinned. “It tastes good- maybe I do want this meat after all,” he said, grinning. Jimin laughed, leaning over and pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Told you. Now, go sit at the table so I can bring this over,” he ordered, pointing towards the table. The younger man grinned so big that he was sure his face split in half, but happily kissed him once more before he untangled himself.

He tried to not miss the feeling of Jimin’s body against his own as he wandered over and settled himself down. He watched as Jimin brought all the food over, putting equal share on both of their plates before returning the pot to the sink and sitting down himself.

He grinned brightly at the food, chopsticks already in hand. “Eat up, Gukkie!” he said kindly before he shoved a piece of meat into his mouth. Jeongguk laughed but did as ordered and nibbled another piece of the meat.

“So, how was your day?” Jeongguk asked, leaning back in his chair as he took another bite of his food. Jimin chewed quickly, swallowing, before offering a shy smile.

“Well, Tae-ah and I… we had a small fight since the bowling alley thing? So I went to Yoongi hyung.” He poked at his meat, looking a bit shy, but Jeongguk was curious. He had only heard fragments of his life since Busan, so whenever he spoke about it he felt as if he was getting a inside look of the past ten years. “I always go to him when I feel a bit lost with Tae-ah.”

“Those are the two dating right?” Jeongguk questioned, brow furrowing as he tried to keep track of who was who, but Jimin hardly spoke of “Yoongi”. He wasn’t really sure what he looked like other than he was dating Tea Leave guy. Or “Tae Leaves” as Jeongguk dubbed him.

Jimin made a agreement noise. “Yes. Few years now.” He put another piece of meat in his mouth. “Despite the fact I grew up a lot, I still have a temper sometimes, and whenever Tae-ah brings certain things up…” He flushed. “I don’t always control my mouth.”

Jeongguk snickered. “You always were kind of a hot head. Not always easy to anger, but when pissed, you’re quite terrifying,” he admitted, thinking about to when they were kids. Jimin is usually pretty patient, quite gentle, but piss him off and he’s something completely different.

The brunet sent a small glare at the words, but there was no heat behind it. “So I chatted with hyung, then went to apologize to Tae-ah. We’re alright now.”

Jeongguk smiled. “I am glad you’re alright now.”

“Thanks. Me too. Having those two mad at me isn’t one of my favorite things,” he admitted with another little laugh. There was less in humor in this one as he paused, face softening as he examined Jeongguk’s features moments before he reached over and touched his cheek. “You really have grown up, Gukkie… do you know that?”

Everytime Jimin looked at him, he kept on seeing that little kid with raven black hair, lanky body, and large nose that twitched too much. That sweet, goofy smile when he comfortable, and that shy smile when he wasn’t. The way he would hover by Jimin’s side.

Jeongguk felt himself blush a little. “Yeah. I know.”

Jimin stood from the table, leaving his half-eaten food as he came over and pushed Jeongguk’s chair away. The younger man let him, watching as he settled himself in his lap and let him rest his hands on his hips.

For a moment, the lycrist was stunned. Jimin wasn’t usually this bold, nor did he look at him with his almond eyes burning with such intensity. A determination that he hadn’t seen in such a long time as his stubby fingers locked within the short strands of his hair from the back of his neck.

The older man leaned forward, pressing their foreheads together and his eyes fluttering closed. His nose flared, inhaling the sweet vanilla that he had been craving, then exhaled shakily. Jeongguk frowned, his hands tightening on his waist.


“Today… Tae-ah told me something. And maybe I realized something too,” he murmured quietly, his breathe lukewarm over his face as he sat still and just let Jimin talk despite the fact he was distracted by the feeling of his hands in his hair. “I’m a coward. I’m so scared of everything. I was scared to return home, I was scared to look for you, and I am scared to let you into my life in Seoul because it means I am reconnecting with Busan.”

He took a shuddering breath, ragged and strained, while tears leaked through his squeezed shut eyes and trickle down his face. He inhaled sharply, as if fighting the urge to cry, and it broke something within Jeongguk’s body.

“I kept on shutting out fragments of my life and they keep coming back to haunt me,” he breathed out, a sob catching in the back of his throat. “I’m so sorry, Guk. I know that means nothing. But I am done running. I’m ready now. To move forward and stop shutting you out. If you’ll let me.”

Jimin raised his head, eyes pulling open to stare into his own. Jeongguk exhaled in a whoosh of words as he grasped at Jimin’s cheeks and pulled their lips together. Unlike before at the beach, this wasn’t messy, or a clash of teeth.

Jeongguk wouldn’t call it magic either. He wasn’t a romantic in that way, but he felt as if the world had been righted. He felt safe, he felt found, with the way the lips moved along with his own and the warm hands trailed down his arms and grasped at his hoodie to pull him closer.

Their lips tangled together, carefully, softly, and yet hard enough to know that Jimin meant it. His hands were gripping tightly, his neck tilted up, and yet he didn’t fight against Jeongguk’s dominance. He let the younger rule over him.

When Jimin pulled back, his eyes fluttered open and he looked relieved, and a little frightened. “Does that mean… it’s okay?”

“More than okay,” Jeongguk promised. “Does this mean you’ll accept me as your boyfriend? Are you alright with taking that step?”

He nodded slowly. “Yes. Tae-ah told me to get my head out of my ass and man up, so…” he chuckled as he shifted his body closer. “I know that… we can’t ever get married or anything because we live in Korea, nor is what we are common, but I’m tired of a lot. I just want to be happy.”

“Me too,” Jeongguk whispered. “After waiting so long, I think we both deserve it.” Jimin broke out into a large smile, eagerly leaning forward and reconnecting their lips. Jeongguk happily returned it, hands shifting back to Jimin’s hips that rolled carefully as their lips molded.

A mewl left Jimin’s throat as Jeongguk trailed his lips down from the now swollen ones of the other, trailing hot, open mouthed kisses down his jawline and suckling at his neck. He gasped louder when teeth raked harder over his flesh, pleasure tingling over his skin and making him feel hot.

He raised his body, adjusting so that he was hovering over Jeongguk’s groin. His hands slipped under Jeongguk’s shirt, his nails scratching lightly over the thick, tawny flesh as his head tilted back to give him more excess to his weak point.

Jeongguk grinned when he felt Jimin’s body shudder as he sucked hard enough to leave a mark of black and blue, his breathing fast and eyes hooded and clouded with lust and love as he peered through his squinted eyes.

“I love you so much, hyung. You don’t know how much I thought about you,” Jeongguk whispered huskily as he leaned back and kissed the hickey that he had just formed. Jimin moaned low.

His whole body was burning, hot, and needy to feel him. Feel wanted and loved. This already felt different than at the beach, which was nothing more a rush of hormones and regret. Of a want to belong.

This was soft, heated touches that scorched at his skin and ignited a flame within his gut as he wiggled his hips and ran his fingers over the soft skin of the other. He craved this. To feel desirable and forgiven.

And that was what Jeongguk did. The way his hands lingered over every dip and curve, the way his lips placed hot, little kisses along his jawline and neck. Everything he did sent Jimin alive again.

A mewl was caught within the confines of his throat as he grasped a bit tighter at Jeongguk, startled when suddenly his body was hoisted up easily as if he truly weight nothing but the arm was like iron around his waist.

Squealing, he remained locked around Jeongguk when suddenly the bed was pressed against his back and the heat of Jeongguk’s body returned to lay on top of him, trapping him against the mattress and the firm chest.

Jeongguk adjusted his weight so that he wasn’t crushing the older man, holding himself up by his hands on either side of Jimin’s slim shoulders as he stared down at the panting man beneath him. He watched Jeongguk through half-lidded eyes, looking content at what was unfolding.

“Are you sure about this? Do you want to continue?”

Jimin chuckled breathlessly. It was just so otherworldly of a question at their current position that they were in. But it made something inside Jimin croon at the slight hesitation and unsurety that was glistening back at the dark orbs that peered back at him.

“Yes. I want to continue.”

A bright bunny smile followed. Jimin laughed before he reached up and tugged Jeongguk’s head back down to press their lips together in a firm kiss. Jimin surged as he felt Jeongguk tug at the hem of his shirt, yanking with a whine at the offending article of clothing.

Laughing, he broke the kiss and pulled it off to toss it aside just as Jeongguk did the same. A smile was splitting his face as they went back down to the bed in a flurry of languid kisses, flushed with heat and desire as Jeongguk grasped at every piece of open skin he could touch.

Everything felt so different compared to the time on the beach. Everything was slower, everything felt more heated and needy. Jimin soaked up every slow, heated kiss and the way that Jeongguk slipped off his clothing before he sat back and admired.

Skin heated and body trembling at the way Jeongguk was hovering over him, trapped beneath thick sinew and tawny skin that stretched well over the beauty of a man, Jimin nearly moaned breathlessly.

Jeongguk was  devouring him already with his eyes. The way that they traced over his collarbones, the dip between his breast plate and down to the smooth sinew of his trembling stomach muscles that flushed with the attention.

A tent had already formed within his pants, obviously desiring attention, and a slow smirk curled at the younger man’s lips at the whine that could barely be heard from the older as he remained still.

He took the chance to admire Jeongguk back. Admiring the curve of his cheek that matched the sharp angle of his jaw. The way his hair fell in loose, messy tendrils around his dark earthy eyes, and the set look of lust and love that flickered over his features.

Stunning. It was the only word that floated throughout Jimin’s head as he ran his fingers over every flash of skin that he could touch and felt himself tremble at the idea of being taken. But first, he placed his hand on Jeongguk’s chest and met his eyes evenly.

Sensing the sudden seriousness, Jeongguk froze, eyes widening a mere fraction. Licking his lips, Jimin closed his eyes a brief moment. “I… I want this happen, but first, I need to get something straight, alright?”

“Hyung?” he murmured back, concern oozing like warm milk from his tone. Jimin offered a nervous smile as he smiled back encouragingly.

“I just have a couple of requests, okay? If you’ll listen,” he murmured back, feeling somewhat exposed. Taehyung was aware of his quirks and needs, the way things need to happen or otherwise suffer through something he rather not- but Jeongguk didn’t, and that was a problem.

Instantly, Jeongguk sat up. He started crawling to move himself off of Jimin but the older reached out and grasped at his hand. The younger froze again, seeming to be more of a frightened rabbit as he watched carefully.

“What is it, hyung?”

“Before, I didn’t have to worry about this,” Jimin rushed quickly, “because we were, well, out in the open, but please, just listen real fast. Don’t… don’t touch my wrists and pin me to the headboard. I also… I request that you also… maybe tell me before you place yourself in me, okay?”

There was a imploring look in his eyes, a desperation that was shimmering just beneath the surface. It was a odd request, but something else was pleading within Jimin’s tightened grip and parted lips that he couldn’t refuse or question.

Offering a soft smile, his thumb brushed over the top of Jimin’s hand, nodding away. “Of course, love. In fact…” he trailed off, carefully pulling his body back on the bed and lying down. Jimin gave him a bewildered stare as he laid on his back and then tugged at his hand so that Jimin was straddling him. “You take control, alright? You lead. Okay?”

There was another moment of stunned silence. Jeongguk looked a bit smaller, as if he was unsure of his own request reaction but his hands trailed sweetly over Jimin’s thighs as the older stared down at him.

Jimin’s heart felt so heavy, so full of warmth and affection that he actually wondered how he hadn’t melted into nothing but goo as he stared into those brown eyes. Tears stung in his eyes as he leaned down and crashed his lips against his.

Jeongguk squeaked in surprise but happily kissed back, his hands slowly reaching for his waist, a silent question and a way to stop him if he so desired with no question, and it only caused Jimin’s hunger to rise as he nipped at his lips.

“Thank you,” he breathed. Jeongguk smiled, looking pleased before they returned to loving on one another’s bodies. Jimin gasped as Jeongguk raised so that he could take Jimin’s taunt nipple in his mouth and suckled.

Head thrown back, Jimin moaned and tangled his fingers within his hair and tugged. jeongguk groaned low and tightened his hold around the other’s waist as he panted out a quick question. His cock was burning, dripping precum and demanding the same attention that Jimin’s seem to be having.

“Where’s the lube and condoms?”

“Drawer,” Jimin hissed, back arching as he shifted his weight forward to rub himself directly with Jeongguk’s cock. The younger released a throaty moan at the sudden friction, surges of pleasure nearly curling his toes, reaching over and shuffling through the drawer where he pulled out the said items.

Jimin was panting already, his body shaking with heat and sweat glistening over his skin. He was craving the heated flesh of the other as he whimpered at the pain his groin was giving in the neglect.

Jeongguk easily undid the lube, his bottom lip between his teeth as he slid it over his cock and then grasped the lube. He squirted some on his hand, rubbing them together, then lathered up his cock.

Looking up through hooded eyes, he reached over so that Jimin was closer. They adjusted briefly, trying to find a comfortable position, and settled as they were both panting. Jeongguk pressed chaste kisses over Jimin’s face as he reached behind to place his fingers near the fluttering pink hole.

“I’m gonna stretch you, alright, baby?” he murmured lowly, voice thick and husky. Jimin shivered, the pressure of his fingers adding extra heat and pleasure to race like electricity over his skin as he nodded his head and whimpered.

Carefully, Jeongguk slid the first digit in. Jimin hissed at the pressure, the pleasure skipping away to be replaced with brief pain. Sensing the discomfort, Jeongguk leaned forward and suckled sweetly at his neck, drawing his attention to the feeling of his lips.

Sagging, Jimin craned his head and instead captured his lips in a slow, languid kiss. He loved the way he had control, able to do what he wished with Jeongguk beneath him. The way his abs fluttered from under his thighs as he licked like a kitten at his lips.

Jeongguk growled low. “Fuck, baby- you taste good,” he moaned lowly.  Jimin giggled, feeling high at the feeling of his hands and the way he chased after his lips. Carefully, he added a second finger and watched as Jimin keened and moaned, ass shifting so that his fingers went deeper.

Jeongguk scissored and worked, stretching and panting at the pressure from his stomach rose at the noises that were falling unperturbed from the older man on top of him that was wiggling in time with his fingers.

Adding a third one, he nearly felt like he was going to kneel over at the way Jimin jolted when his fingers brushed over his sweet spot, a cry erupting from his lips. A slow grin curled at Jeongguk’s features.

“That’s it, Petal. I found it,” he murmured. Jimin whined loudly, beginning to bounce on his fingers in a desperate attempt to try and feel more. He wanted more. Chuckling, Jeongguk paused. “Easy. I wanna take this slow. Feel you fully.”

“Guk, please,” Jimin groaned, hands grasping desperately at the sheets beneath him as he panted and whined. Jeongguk chuckled before he slipped out his fingers quickly. Jimin hissed, head throwing back to expose his throat.

Eagerly the younger man attached his lips to his neck as he guided Jimin’s hips so that his fluttering, hungry hole was directly over his cock and nipped at the soft skin teasingly. Jimin grasped at his shoulders, eyes widening.

“Okay, Petal, I’m going to lower you down now,” he murmured against his skin. Jimin nodded, lost to the feeling of the love and care that wrapped around their sweat ridden bodies as he cried out at the feeling of something thick and familiar pushing into him.

“Oh, God, Jeongguk,” Jimin panted, body trembling as pleasure curled at every corner of his body. Jeongguk hissed low under his breath at the feeling Jimin’s tight heat that flooded every one of his senses, and the way his blunt nails raked at his skin.

The sound of his cries were like music to his ears as he tilted his head back, pushing himself in all the way to the hilt that had Jimin a mess on top of him. Jeongguk did everything in him to stay still and let Jimin start- he would follow Jimin’s odd request to the fullest.

And sure enough, Jimin started to move. First, he started slow. He rolled his hips, as if testing the waters, and it took everything Jeongguk had to remain still but the sound was less than muffled.

Encouraged and breathing laboured, Jimin planted himself more firmly before he began a steady rhythm of lifting and lowering himself, practically bouncing a motion of water along his cock that had Jeongguk nearly losing his sanity.

Slick heat and the scent of Jimin’s sweat mixed with the feeling of him nearly through Jeongguk over the edge as he rose to meet with Jimin’s thrusts, aligning himself so that he was hitting his prostate with each perfectly timed meet.

Jeongguk could feel himself drawing closer to his orgasm. Felt the way his stomach tightened and his hips started to stutter at the building pressure. Jimin’s own thrusts were becoming more messy, less predictable.

“Fuck, Petal, I’m close,” he breathed out, a moan following at one of Jimin’s aggressive thrusts that nearly had him seeing white. Jimin mewled, arms seeming to give out but Jeongguk easily grasped at his body and took a bit more of the lead.

“Jeongguk,” Jimin screamed, body shaking as splashes of white landed across Jeongguk’s chest and some on his belly. The sound of his raw scream of his name was enough to throw him over the edge as he closed his eyes just as the orgasm slammed into his gut.

The pleasure was overwhelming. It traveled throughout his body as he carefully rode it out. Jimin collapsed on top of him, body still trembling as he carefully shifted so that he pulled out. Jimin yelped a bit at the over stimulation, then settled again with a happy sigh.

For a moment, the only sound that was echoing throughout the room was their ragged breathing. It was peaceful almost. The slick feeling of sweaty skin on skin and the stench of their sweat as they hovered amongst the blankets.

Jeongguk shifted, adjusting himself so that he was on his side and facing Jimin whose breathing was quickly evening out. His brown hair was tossed and messy, fanning out over the sheets and his eyes wide and still dazed while a pleasured smile was adorning his lips.

He looked the most peaceful than Jeongguk had ever seen. He was usually wound tight, his muscles taunt and ready for something that he could never understand, but now, laying beside him, he looked relaxed and sated.

A cat who had too much catnip almost.

There was almost a shy smile on his face as he buried it within the blankets, a little whine erupting on his throat that caused Jeongguk to chuckle. “You can’t just look at me like that,” he muttered. “It’s not fair.”

Amused, the dark haired offered a playful smile. His fingers reached out and brushed over damp brown tendrils. Jimin smiled, almost lazily, before he peeked out and cast a little look towards the other.

“What isn’t fair?” Jeongguk wondered quietly, shifting so that his body was flush against the others. Jimin didn’t seem to mind, even adjusted his own body so that it was easier to feel each other. Jeongguk draped a arm over his waist easily.

Jimin exhaled lightly through his nose, eyes searching. “You. You’re not fair.”

Jeongguk arched a brow at the soft words, but Jimin seemed content to leave it at that because he closed his eyes and snuggled closer until his head was tucked under Jeongguk’s chin and his breathe hot over his collarbones.

And for the first time in a long time, Jeongguk swore he felt those Busan shores and moonlight brush over his skin as the scent he knew better than his own filter through his nose. Everything felt like it was going to be okay.