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A Little More Conversation

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He manages to get back to lab faster than he’d thought; the heat of flames and the scent of chemicals are all but forgotten over the sound of his heart beating rapidly.


Is Lou ok?


Are his creations ok?


Please don’t let him be hurt please not him


He can’t let his work go to waste.


He busts into the lab and see’s Lou picking up and holding his 4 creations closer, he’s panting and shaking.


The procedure had taken too much out of him. 


He wants to grab his champion, his husband.


He needs to make sure he’s ok the procedure had been too much, he should have stopped it when he heard him scream and


It was fine he could handle it.


This is what he was for anyway.


He sees as soon as Lou notices him approaching.


He watches his husbands eyes narrow in pure anger, in hatred.


He feels himself flinch backwards.




This isn’t right.



Lou shouldn’t look at him like that, he should be smiling that stupid cocky smile or laughing or

The look of pure betrayal as e strapped him in to the machine


Not that!

Draxum shakes himself out of it noticing as Lous’s body tenses to move


He’s going to leave with his creations, his warrior


He’s trying to leave him


It’s more instinct than through that has him launch himself at Lou pinning him down on floor.


The fire and chemicals and falling building don’t matter right now,


He has to keep his creations here


He has to keep his husband here


Lou's arms are still wrapped proactively around the turtles so holding him down in easier than it should be, Draxum ignores the memories that flash through his mind of when they were last like this.


He glares down at Lou “what are you doing?” he asks

Why are you taking my creations?

Why are you destroying my work?

Why are you leaving me?


Lou’s anger slips away to disbelief and then it shifts to pure hatred.

“why?” he hisses back coldly, and it sounds wrong everything about Lou had been warm and bright he’d been burning fire not biting cold “why the hell do you think?” he spits it out “AFTER WHAT YOU DID WHAT YOUR DOING WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOST TO DO?”


Stay with me, stay by my side your mine. 

We’re each others.

You can’t leave me


Draxum can’t answer because whatever dam Lou had on his emotions are gone and he hits Draxum with every one of them “YOU FUCKING USED ME! YOU LIED TO ME AND USED ME AS A GODDAMN TOOL!”


Yes…he did


No he didn’t he meant more than that he meant everything means everything


“AND THESE” he looks down at his creations, Draxum’s masterpieces and holds them close to him protectively “THESE KIDS YOU WERE JUST GOING TO TURN THEM INTO WHAT? WARRIORS? MINDLESS SOILDERS?”


“THESE KIDS WITH MY DNA, THAT YOU MADE” Lou’s voice almost breaks “OUR KIDS?”


Draxum feels his heart miss a beat



… What?






He’d never




They were




It didn’t matter; they had that DNA to make them stronger! 





But they were theirs, his and Lou’s.



They we’re theirs



It meant nothing!



Draxum still couldn't speak;



Lou is still holding his creation their children close.



His anger seems to dim, and numb as he asks “you had it all planned from beginning right?”


Yes he had



Everything except falling so deeply in love with him



Making him his husband.



Loving him so deeply.



He hadn’t planned that



“Was I…was I just a game to you? Did you mean any of it at all?” Lou is looking up at him tears in his eyes “was any of it real?”


All of it



All of it was



Lou please



Don't leave


They just stare at each other for what feels like an eternity.


As Draxum battles to get words out.



He hadn’t planned this he doesn’t know what to say.


What to do.


How to fix this.



He doesn’t even know what he wants anymore. 


He wants Lou by his side. 


His champion and his creations. 


His husband and his children.



Before he finds the words he hears noises outside of the small world created by the 2 of them in their moments together, more Youkai trying to get in alarms blaring.



Lou hears it to he stares at him for a long moment before closing his eyes letting a few more tears fall before opening his eyes now handed in determination.



The kick to his gut knocks him off and into a wall.



When he blinks his eyes open he sees Lou standing tall through the fire clutching their children his creations close, his husband gives him one last indecipherable look before disappearing through the flames.



Draxum doesn’t move for a long time.


Even though he wants to run, to find them to bring them back here bring them back to him.


But right now his mind and heart, everything is a jumbled mess.


He brushes off the other Youkai who try to talk to him. Its hours later, when the lab is burnt up, all the work and progress he made lost that he finally rises and gives the orders to find them, scour everywhere they can and bring them back here.




Bring them back to him He stares off in the direction Lou ran. He’ll get them back; his husband and his children belong at his side.




They are his.



He’ll get them back And then make sure they never leave again.