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I'm Still Hungry

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“Nngh. Ha- Daddy. Ple- stwop! Dada. Hn. Hu-hurts.”


“Hush now, Daddy's not done.”


You wriggled and shrieked as his nails dug into your hips to keep you in place. His words were slightly muffled as the vibrations of his voice sent shudders of overwhelming pleasure through you, rendering you speechless.


Yoongi finally removed his lips from your sensitive clit.


“How many times?”


Your mind was too muddled to make sense of his question, drool leaking down your chin.


It was the sharp and precise hit on your inner thigh that jolted you awake.




“You're such a messy baby aren't you? Such a messy little slut for Daddy. I asked you a question, love. How many times did you come?”


Your breath quickened and your eyebrows furrowed as you tried to make sense of the numbers in your head. You remembered to count. But where were you? Six? Seven?


“N-nine. Da-daddy ‘ade baby come nine.” Your words were jumbled and slurred heavily, tongue tired and weighing heavy in your mouth.


“ not that much. You're already complaining? Do I have to train my sweet naughty bitch all over again? Do I need to teach her how to take it?”


You shook your head in an instant, it slowly lulling to the side from how tired you were.


“Good. Because I'm still hungry. I want more.”


He let out a tiny “tch” when he realised how dehydrated and wrecked you were. You had just come from practice and had spent the night before in the studio. There wasn't much stamina left in you at this point.


While he was a literal demon, he still wanted his plaything to have some form of nourishment and care before resuming the torment that he knew you enjoyed way too much.


Overstimulation was something you loved, no matter how much it could hurt sometimes. You liked how it hurt.


Yoongi would sometimes make it a pain. Pushing way past your limit because he was always so hungry and in need of it. It would never be enough. Not until you would pass out from exhaustion and overexertion. And even then, sometimes, he would continue.


Pulling you up and against the bed frame, Gluttony made sure you didn't fall sideways as he picked up a water bottle and unscrewed the cap.


His lips and chin were coated with a thin layer of your arousal, his tongue poking out and licking himself clean as his eyes fluttered shut and he let out a groan.


You tasted like heaven. You tasted so fucking good and it always made him go a little crazy. Always made him want more.


Your eyes were out of focus, hands shaking as you tried to hold the bottle. Yoongi let out a sound of mild annoyance and pressed the mouth of it against your lips.


You drank it greedily, eyes closing in relief as your parched mouth finally got what it wanted. Small noises escaped your lips as you gulped more and more, some of the water slipping down your heated chest. It's coolness felt good against your sticky skin, you felt a bit more refreshed and more like yourself.


Yoongi couldn't help it, when he bent down and pressed his tongue against the water trail on your chest, he lapped it up eagerly and smirked when you whined in response. The wet muscle left a fire trail up your chest, his teeth nipping against the skin before latching onto it and sucking hard.


You never went a day without the bruises the seven demons left you, and there was never a time where you didn't moan lewdly because of them.


“Ahh.” With your back arching, you let yourself get lost in the moment as wetness spread between your legs.


The rest of the water was spilt over your head. It seemed to be intentional as the sin chuckled darkly.


“You fucking came nine times and you're ready to be fucked up and ruined even more? I hope the water cooled you down and reminded you how much of a whore you are. That's what you are, right? A dirty little whore for my mouth. What else, huh? What else of Daddy's are you a whore of? Hm? Answer me, babe.” He ended his words by lightly slapping the side of your head.


You stuttered but answered, finally submitting fully and wanting nothing but to please your Dom.


“‘m whore for Daddy's to-tongue. And….Daddy's hands. And...whore for D-Daddy's co-cock.” The last word came out in a whisper, cheeks flushed from the filth you were spilling.


“Heh. Yes baby. I know how much of a slut you are for Daddy's cock. You love being filled with it. With having it fuck your tiny little mouth, you love gagging on it, don't you? You love crying and slobbering up my cock like the little bitch that you are. Yeah?”


You nodded vigorously, thighs pressed against each other as a knot inside you formed and started to tighten.


“But it's not just my cock. I know that much. I know what a slutty little cumsleave you are. I've seen you be filled to the brim, till you're practically bursting. You love taking in all of our dicks, huh? You love being the only one to be fucked with them. The only one to be a toy for us to use and abuse and throw away.”


You nodded even more, whining and panting because fuck, everything he was saying was the truth and nothing but the truth. But he was saying it in such a condescending way, in a way that was pure mockery.


This only caused you to feel even more arousal as humiliation set in. You were so easily embarrassed and it was one of the things that made you feel things that you're not supposed to feel. Perhaps that's what adds to the embarrassment and fuels the arousal even more.


Once the bottle was finished, he threw it away and pulled you by the legs so that your back returned to where it originally was.


This time, you tried to refuse as you wriggled around and let out tiny “no”s. His response was to slap your cunt harshly, causing you to scream and cry silent tears.


“Don't push your luck. Now stay still and let your Daddy eat you out. You know I don't like staying hungry for long, kitten .”


He spread your legs apart and growled as the scent of your slick hit his nose. It was so sweet, not something anyone would expect from a girl being fucked by the deadliest of sins personified.


He didn't really care as his nose buried itself into you and took a deep breath in.


You squealed in surprise, burning even redder as this only caused you to become even wetter. Of course, Gluttony would notice as he moaned in satisfaction before leaving a long slow trail up your labia as you whimper from the way your body hadn't recovered from his previous ministrations.


He didn't care, he only smiled softly because it was the best thing in the world. Your pussy was the best thing for him to eat whenever he wanted to satiate his hunger for the world.


Once his lips met your swollen clit, he captured it into his mouth and gave it a harsh suck. Your whole body was lifted from the bed as a silent scream shuddered from you. The knot grew tight very quickly and so suddenly but before you could have your release, the man pulled away and licked his lips with a grin.


“Not yet.”


That was all he said before he sucked on one of the lips before his mouth completely enveloped you.


His tongue prodded inside of your pussy, slow and hot as he swallowed and licked you clean as the water never stopped gushing out of you.


If you had any energy at all, you would be squirming and screaming at how it felt. How intense the pleasure was, how laced it was with pain and fire.


Whimpers and shy moans escaped your lips, hard to formulate thoughts.


The next orgasm was caused by the snap of the sin's fingers as if he was giving your body a silent order for it to come.


And you did. Without even thinking of it, without even understanding why he snapped his fingers. It came as a surprise to you, a large tidal waves that shook your bones. You squirted into his mouth, him taking it all in and not wasting a single drop.


Yoongi, unsurprisingly, did not stop and the orgasm lasted longer which made you shake and try to pull away which caused him to give your thigh another slap.


He gave you ten seconds to breathe, which was a big wait considering what he was like, before burying his head back into his favourite place and licking you clean.


This went on for quite some time, every orgasm being more intense than the one before it. It ripped through you and caused you to see nothing but white.


You were very close to passing out one or two times, startling awake with a jolt because of the immense pleasure he was giving.


With one more release, your whole body throbbing and you being in complete shambles, there was a knock on the door as Namjoon came in.


Yoongi pulled his head up from between you and looked dazedly at him.


He was having too much fun to remember that he had responsibilities.


“We have to go to the studio. Boss called. He wants you there.”


Yoongi had grown to be rather fond of music, so had Namjoon and Hoseok. The trio would often produce multiple songs for a company they worked under.


They didn't need the money, far from it.


It was a fun past time.


And to the other four sins, something that can lead to them singing and dancing as well.


A crazy idea, really.


But all seven of them loved performance arts in different ways and wanted to be more than just seven of Hell's most powerful demons.


Yoongi grumbled and sighed in annoyance, Namjoon smiling lazily at the almost unconscious human girl on the large bed in the middle of the room.


You were sweaty and sticky, hair mangled with your eyes glassed over as your chest heaved. Your body was covered in hickeys, your legs were spread apart and shaking. You were a mess. The messiest.


“You two seem to be busy. Still have to go though.”


Yoongi nodded, wiping his mouth after Namjoon pointed at his own to show that the older man had something over there.


Before they left, Gluttony grabbed your chin tight and watched as you tried to open your eyes properly. Your mind had stopped working, your head full of cotton and body completely wrecked.


“How many times did my little baby come, hm? Can you even remember? Or is there nothing left in your pretty little head to use?”


His voice had grown soft, feeling like it would be a douchey move not to act even a bit gentle towards the overly exhausted girl.


He was one of the sins that provided aftercare the most.


Your head lulled to the side as you started to fall asleep but he lightly slapped your cheek to keep you awake enough to answer.


To his delight, you answered. It took some effort and you slurred a lot while doing so, but you said the right words.


“F-fifteen? Think? Hmm. Thank you, Daddy.”


Bending down and giving you a small kiss on the forehead, Yoongi smirked and murmured out a


“Good girl.”


Which caused you to giggle softly as your heart fluttered and you became all giddy.


Them calling you that was the best present you could ever ask for.


Putting a blanket over you while tucking a pillow under your head, Yoongi gives you one last kiss on your lips causing you the taste yourself.


“I really hope the others don't come in and decide to play with you, if that happens then you're fucked.”


He said this and left.


Thirty Minutes Later


You were in deep sleep, not hearing the door open as light, delicate footsteps padding against the floorboards. The bed dipped oh so slightly, your eyes still closed as you rested.


A soft giggle was heard and a hand reached down and pulled the blanket off of your bare body.


He located all of the hickeys he had given you, they were darker and more than others.


His fingers lightly traced your skin before pinching your right nipple and giving it a small tug. It hardened quickly and your unconscious self let out a lewd moan at his actions.


“Baby~~ Let's play.” Lust looked down at you with dark eyes, pupils blown out in want.


He didn't care if you were not awake, skimming down your body and caressing you everywhere before he leaned in to capture your lips in his plump ones.


He swallowed them whole, tongue slipping inside with ease as he dominated you completely.


When you had run out of oxygen, your eyes flew open and the first thing you did was let out a loud groan and arched your back to push yourself against him.


The touch had reignited the flames in your stomach, your body thoroughly fucked out and done but still wanting more.


When he pulled away, a long trail of saliva was between the two of you.


When your eyes focused and realised who it was, you mentally cursed the universe because you were definitely not going to get any sleep. Not when Lust himself had paid you a visit and had more stamina than anyone in the world.


A Few Hours Later


Taehyung sat on the couch in the living room, lazing around with Jungkook's head on his lap. The boy was very deep in sleep, his hand holding Tae's sweetly. Sometimes, he would place the man's thumb into his mouth and suck on it.


It was a habit that had stayed with him for a whole millennia and Tae adored the cute bunny looking sin for it.


His phone started to ring, Kook not stirring or seeming one bit bothered.


If the continuous moans and screams that had been emitting from the walls for over three hours were not enough to wake the demon up, nothing really could.


It was Yoongi, the man still being stuck in his studio.


He didn't even say a hello, simply asked what he called for.


“Is she being fucked right now?”


Tae chuckled and played with Jungkook's hair while replying in his deep voice.


“Yup. She has pretty bad luck since its Jiminie who's doing it. Not even half an hour after you guys had stopped.”


Yoongi let out a curse.


“We're literally going to kill her with our dicks one day.”


“Best way to die, bro, best way to die.”

“Guys? Anyone home?” You speak in a soft tone, entering one of the many apartments the seven men owned across the whole human realm.


They had a few Mansions here and there as well, nothing compared to the one they had back home.


In Hell.


This particular one was in Seoul, Korea. A place that the demons fancied and preferred over all other places on earth.


It was also rather close to your University and you often wondered if perhaps, they moved and stayed here for you.


It's not like you'll ever know, most of them don't show you pure affection very often because why would they?


You're only a mere human for them to fuck and use until you're sobbing.


At least, that's what they love to portray the most.


They've said I love you before, some did it more than others. They've given you soft kisses before. They've hugged and cuddled with you, even the one who was known as “Wrath” and shouldn't even be soft.


It may partly be because of you being so small in subspace. One of the most submissive humans they could find, even if there were quite a handful of bratty moments because why the fuck not?


It would be a lie if they said that none of them felt an unnatural affection towards you when your eyes become doe like and you started to babble. Or when you become ten times more timid than you already were.


Or how you would call them Daddy or Dada or Master and make grabby hands for them.


They loved every second of it. Every second of seeing their small babygirl become shy and fidgety. Every second of seeing their little girl cry from what they would do to her.


The apartment was quiet and it saddened you a bit because there were fucking seven of them.




And none of them were there.


Sure..they had shit to do. Like mundane hobbies they picked up as a way to make their damned life a bit more colourful . Maybe they were corrupting souls and torturing humans and answering to the Devil that rarely ever called cause you're pretty sure he doesn't really gives a fuck about humanity and the sins.


You were still a bit bummed, trudging towards your room as you grumble at the day's events.


You were a dancer, from ballet to contemporary to whatever the fuck you wanted to do now because your whole life before was spent in a religious household that only let you do delicate and lady like activities.


And dancing was the only real fun thing they let you do. Of course, the more “unladylike” dances were done behind locked doors and with a group of friends that weren't from your super soulful, almost cult like, Catholic school.


It was a blessing, which was ironic, for the men to come into your life just before you were supposed to go to university.


Because they took you in and were the ones to pay for your tuition so that you wouldn't have to go through the headache of studying something that you didn't want to just because your parents would disapprove of anything else.


You lay in bed, not having the strength to take a shower just yet.


You Idly look through your phone before sending the message on the groupchat you had with them.


7 deadly Sins + smol human



Are you guys out somewhere?

Without me?

Where have my babygirl privileges gone?






Discussing with a friend why Fifty Shades of Grey is shit.

Also at the dance studio cause of that showcase that's coming up.

And you never had any privileges.



You're acting as if we don't own you and do with you as we please.

I'm shopping.

Got bored waiting for you.

Just quit Uni and stay with me please?



At the park. Thought I could watch a cross roads demon make a deal with the human.

The guy apparently wanted to have a big dick cause he was sick of being bullied for having a micro one.



Can't relate.



@ park 2. Gt drged here. Takin nap.



Out to eat. I'll bring you back some food. Leaving the restaurant soon.


After a few minutes, you wait for the last of the seven to type up a reply but it never comes. And you didn't really wanna ask them just yet so you act casual.



Hmm...I miss all of you!

And know I can't just leave my education, I'll cuddle with you when you get back?

Maybe we can all cuddle each other today? 🦄



Stop acting as if you're a princess for us to please.

You don't get to demand any of this from us.



And if I get to cuddle you, it'll only be me and no one else cause I want you to be all mine. Don't call me Tae. You're in no place to say it.



Cuddling ain't that bad bros.




We're not your boyfriends, love~

We're the ones who you obey and worship.

Do you want us to remind you of that?


It was one of those days then.


You gulped.



No, Sir.

I'm sorry.



Who's coming home first?


You stopped breathing for a sec, holding your phone with both hands as you waited for someone to reply. Hoping that the one man who hadn't spoken a word wouldn't because then you would be beyond fucked.


He never went easy on you. None of them did. But his punishments were brutal simply because that was his nature.


He was Wrath after all, a sin so terrifying that it would leave the whole world blackened.


Into Ash.


You let out a sigh when it wasn't him that replied.



Me...I'm already out the place. Go to my room, darling. Now.


You got up and obediently walked towards his room, feeling small and insignificant and fearful because you were in for a mess.


He always made everything messy.


And most of you loved it.


You knew what he would do to you. And it was something that excited but also exhausted you beyond belief.


And all of them knew it.


All of them knew what a whore you were for them. For the punishments. How bratty you could become. And how pretty you looked when there were tears staining your cheeks as you almost lose consciousness.


Plopping down onto the larger than life bed, you felt rather lonely. You missed them all. Loved them all. And sometimes you wondered if they did.


But then were a toy for them to use and how perfectly content you were from that.


There were more texts that followed.



I need an answer.



Yes, Sir. I'll be good.



You seem to be a bit disappointed, hun.

Is it because your favourite Master isn't giving you any attention? 🙃



I don't have any favourites,Sir

I love all of you equally.



We can tell when you're lying, sweetheart.


This frustrated you. Because there really were no favourites. Wrath was just a man you always found so intimidating, so terrifyingly intimidating that it made you feel things more intensely. His roughness was beyond what you could handle but it was so so good. It hurt so so good.


But each of the other sins had their own qualities that were adored and worshipped.


And perhaps it was the fact that Wrath really didn't seem to care about you, didn't really seem to give you any attention unlike the rest, that drew you to him. He wouldn't even fuck you that often.


Which was great because your body would have collapsed if he was more regular.


Sloth himself, the one who was literally the personification of idleness and not giving a fuck, gave you attention even if it was him simply cuddling with you as he sleeps. Or him hugging you so a sense of calmness and indifference would lull into you whenever a panic attack due to school would start to ensue.



But I'm NOT!!

Why would you guys think that?

Why are you making me guilty over something that's so stupid and wrong?


Your fingers worked on their own, speaking in a casual and rather irritated tone. You pressed send without even thinking.


And of course.


That was your doom.


You could have done far worse things. You haven't yet. You were almost always their good girl. Their sweet obedient slut.


But it had been a long day and the week prior was all very casual as you slept in their arms and danced and watched movies with all of them.


It was just a week where they liked having you as someone who may or may not be the closest thing they could get to a girlfriend.


That clearly ended today.


You're probably getting your ass whooped.


In the literal sense.


There was a sudden burn in your chest, your body being pushed back into the soft plush of the bed as the sins enter themselves into your mind.


It was a lot. It was too much. Too much of everything and nothing and fuck, your eyes began to water and you quietly whimpered.


You began feeling wetness build between your legs, growing till you felt it dripping down onto the silk bed sheets. You felt yourself throb, dissatisfaction filling you to the brim.


Then you felt the need to fill yourself with something. With something materialistic, something that'll make you less empty. Hunger. So much of it. The need to be full and sated and going beyond the limit of consumption was wrecking your soul. To indulge until it all came out, until it was sickening. Until it was far past sickening, till it was life threatening.


Your mind was then pulled away, left to float in your subconscious as your body became like water. This made the lust filling inside you worse. Made it more prominent and that was when you started to squirm but it was only a second before you were pinned down.


Deep in subspace, you were turned into mush as dirty, filthy and harsh words were whispered into your ear. Humiliation filling your veins as Pride himself made you feel beneath him. Made you feel insignificant because he was the sin that took all of your royalties away.


The need to hold everything in the world was given to you, pressed against your heart as you were left uneasy and dissatisfied because no amount of jewelry and love and fame would be enough. You would never be enough.


And your mind held pictures up to you, of the seven gorgeous men in your life that were like gods before you. And how you were nothing. How, in comparison, you would never be anything. And the craving to be it. To be something, everything and more. To be like them. To be like everyone who was better than you. To have what they did.


It was too much.


And in a strange sense, you loved it. You were so close to coming. So close to being wrecked. It felt like you were full, your soul and mind were buzzing and stuffed.


You were so full of them. Of the unholiest of sins, the originals, one of the darkest beings in hell.


They were corrupting you, plaguing you, feeding off of you and it felt good. It felt good to be used and to fear and love men you shouldn't love.


The knot inside you became tighter and tighter, thighs not able to meet because of the invisible force keeping them apart.


The laughter was what caused the humiliation to pile up and spill in tears as you wriggle around in an attempt to not feel so good.


But that failed ten times over when fear clogged your veins as anger burned around you. It was like boiling lava, like nightmares and gore.


He was here. And he was mad. At you.


Because of course he was.


The terror you felt only added to the building of your arousal. The feeling of helplessness and being nothing more than a rag doll was what always got to you.


The string was so close to breaking, a millisecond away from releasing you from the tension that was starting to hurt.


One of them had pressed his finger against your abdomen, stopping you from coming.


Hoseok growled in your ear, “think we'll let you come, my dirty little slut? Who the fuck gave you the permission to be a brat? Want me to remind of you how broken you are? Hmm? How broken you are for your Master.”


The pressure against your abdomen only increased and a scream was ready to rip out of your throat. But it was almost as if your lips had be sewn shut and you were left muffled and disoriented.


There was even more laughter and ugly words whispered into your ear. Growing louder and louder, your orgasm not edging away as it sat there in discomfort.


Tears started to form and and your vision turned blurry as your cheeks became wet.


Some coos were heard, they snickered at you.


You wanted it to end. Even when the pleasure for ripping through you, even when them laughing and defiling you with their words felt good.


You wanted it to stop. You wanted to come.


You at least wanted to say sorry. Because you hated it when Hoseok was mad at you. That all seven of them were disappointed and annoyed at you. You were supposed to be a good girl, someone who obeyed their every command and pleased them.


One of them opened your mouth, most likely to hear the whines, pants and whimpers that tumbled out one after the other.


“Ow. Please. Daddies. Please, plea-ah! 'm sorry. Ow. Baby…baby so-sorry. N-no. N'more please. Plea-ow. Hu-hurts. Baby hurt.” Your body began to overheat, mind turning into mush as it was filled with sin and glory. The pain was from the overexertion, it sizzling under your skin.


Another growl vibrated through your bones, beast like and raw with power. It would have demons crumbling under his feet.


You quietened, remembering how tears and begging made it worse.


There was silence for a few seconds, your body still thrumming with pleasure and white heat.


Then, the tension in your bones faded away as your body laxed and fell deeper into the bed.


“Don't move a muscle. I'll be there soon.” Yoongi's gravelly voice mumbled into your mind, before you were left empty and very very horny.


You whimpered and growled under your breath, hitting your legs against the black sheets of his bed as you let yourself have a mini temper tantrum before the inevitable punishment you're about to receive.


“Why?” You murmured, wanting to press your thighs against each other but stopping yourself because you wanted to be at least a tiny bit of a good girl.


It was another fifteen minutes before the front door opened, light footsteps thumped against the wooden floors as your body grew tense.


You stayed silent, heart racing. He could probably hear it.


Yoongi entered his bedroom and simply leaned against the door frame while staring at the pretty human on his sheets.


“You could've just not said anything and we wouldn't be in this mess.” He murmured before unbuckling his belt slowly. The sound of the metal clicking and slapping against his thigh made you wince. But at the same time, it caused arousal to stir within you. The swoosh of his belt leaving the loops of his jeans, the leather rubbing against the denim, caused your body to react even more, you shuddering in anticipation.


He ordered you to sit up and you obliged. Your eyes steered clear from his as you stared at the belt in his hand.


Climbing up, the bed dipped down and creaked as he kneeled over you.


His nimble fingers played with the metal part of the belt, tracing the leather lightly.


“What did you do wrong?” He asked in a low voice, looping the belt around your neck, pulling from both ends to straighten it out.


You mumbled softly, eyes trained to his collar bone until he tugged at it and you moved forward.


“Look me in the eye and tell me what you did wrong.”


Turning your head upwards, your cheeks became flushed and you began to tremor.


You've been in this position a few times, only ever getting in trouble for speaking out, so now you simply wanted it done and over with.


“I talked to my Masters casually and snapped at them. I was being disrespectful. I'm sorry, Sir.” Your voice was still very tiny and timid.


“You know that's bad? You know you're below us? You know you belong to us? That you're our slutty pet?” He said as he put the belt in the buckle and tightened it until it was wrapped snuggly around your neck.


He tugged at it once and that elicited a tiny choking sound as your eyes prickled. He smiled in satisfaction.


“I was bad. I belong to you, Master. I shouldn't have done it. Please forgive me.” Your voice began to slur and become sultry as arousal burst through you.


The masochist in you loved this.


Yoongi pulled the makeshift leash upward before grabbing a handful of your hair and pulling hard.


You let out a scream.


“We've been too nice to you. Spoiling you too much. I guess you really need to be trained again, huh my slut? Need to teach you how to stop whoring around.”


With whimpers and pants, you shook your head softly. It hurt. It hurt and you loved it. And he knew that. He knew how much you loved it.


Letting go of the belt, he let you fall down like a rag doll before ripping off your clothes.


Underneath them were a nice pair of matching white laced underwear and bra.


It made him scoff, his hand grabbing one of your breast and squeezing it.


He leaned down and lightly bit the hardened nipple, laughing at the squeal you let out.


He played with your body for a bit, wanting to have his own fun as he covered you in dark bruises.


Your breathing turned heavy, tiny moans erupting from your lips.


“You know….I've been contemplating on whether or not I should give you a spanking, but I heard Hoseok wanted to do it. Wouldn't wanna be too cruel.”


Your eyes flew open with terror, body shaking in what was to come because Fuck, his hand was harsh on you and there was no way you were going to be able to sit at all after him.


Your expression of fear irked Yoongi, wanting to have the same effect as Hoseok had on you. Even though he believed you when you said there were no favourites, he couldn't help feeling jealousy bubble in his veins.


“Yah!” He grabbed the leash and pulled at it, before using his one free hand to turn you around and give you a slap on the ass.


“I'm someone you should be afraid of.”




“You listen to me, whore.”




“Don't take me lightly.”




“Don't think I won't ruin that pussy of yours.”




“You belong to me and answer to me. Take whatever is given to you like the masochistic sub that you are.”


Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!


You had begun to cry now, the pain so much and yet so little. Your panties were soaked through and the wetness was dripping down your thighs and onto the sheets.


There was nothing left to the imagination as the whiteness turned transparent from your arousal.


Your ass throbbed and was a pretty shade of red that Yoongi took a second to admire before growling deeply.


“Say something, pet.”


It took you a second to form the words but you let out a quiet, “yes sir” before he turned you around and got rid of your ruined underwear.


He stared at the damp spot for a moment, smiling at you.


“You turned out to be even more of a disgusting little slut. Fucking wet from your punishment. Guess we have to be extra harsh for you to learn how to behave.”


You let out a whine, fear crawling up your spine at the thought of it.


This satisfied him as he licked a stripe up on your panties before tossing it away.


He made dark bruises on your inner thighs, inching closer and closer until his tongue was pressed against your entrance. The rough muscle moved up until it reacted your clit before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it.


You let out a deep moan, choking as he tugged on your leash again.


“The more you moan, the worse it's going to get. So stay silent.”


You had grown to be quite good at that, breathing become heavy as your chest moved up and down. Sweat began to form over your temple, your hands grabbed at the sheets tightly so that they wouldn't go and take a hold of your Master's hair.


The orgasm began building up inside of you, hot and tight as Yoongi ate you out ferociously.


It took one snap of his fingers for you to let go and there was only two seconds of a scream before you held it in and shook under his mercy.


He didn't stop. He never stopped. You continued to count each orgasm in your head, your brain slowly turning into mush as the pain and pleasure drove you practically insane.


After a fifth one, you let out a loud scream that caused him to stop, turn you around, give your ass a few smacks, before continuing the abuse on your ruined cunt.


When you let out a noise again, he decided to lay a harsh hand on your very sensitive pussy, cause you to let out a sob as the pain became so much but it also caused a wave of white hot pleasure to take over you.


“What a little bitch. You're enjoying this, are you? Hm? Are you?” He used the leash again, pulling you up and close to him as your eyes moved to the back of your head.


You had no choice but to murmur out a yes before you were dropped and he continued the torment.


Soon your orgasms became dry and even more heart wrenching and painful. Somehow you were still awake, tears not coming out and your voice muted from exhaustion.


He was being harsher and harsher, punishing you for making a sound. Making sure you made more sounds, sucking you dry and still continuing.


And then there was nothing but silence and movement on his part, you were too tired to look at him and see what he was up to.


You heard the sound of him pulling down his zipper, of the denim gliding down his skin and you really didn't think much of it.


He was back, between your legs and before you could even put the pieces together, something hot and thick filled your over sensitive and throbbing pussy.


Your whole body reacted, back arching, toes curling up as a new type of pain and pleasure filled your senses.


And it was after five seconds that he took it out and put it back in. His movements were sharp and precise, hips slapping against your swollen clit. He was fast from the beginning, not slowing down. He groaned in ecstasy, panting hard.


Your legs were over his shoulders in seconds, this causing his cock to hit right on your g spot, making you see stars and blinding light behind your eyes.


He didn't miss it even once, hitting that same place each and every time.


The coil in you tightened quickly,ready to have a another release.


“No one. And I mean, no one will ever make you feel this way. No one will ever use you like we do. No one will ever own you.”


He pulled out and thrusted in with inhuman speed that a large “slap!” echoed in the room. As he did so, he growled out:


“You belong to us.”




“You're ours.”




“You will-”




“-respect us.”










The last word was where he thrusted in so deeply that your orgasm came crashing down and you passed out then and there, just after Yoongi filled you up with his own cum.


You felt your body, you did. Perhaps it was your real one or maybe not. You weren't sure. You were too fucked to even think.


Yoongi's deep growly voice filled your head.


“Have you learned your lesson?”


“Yes, sir.”


Even the voice inside your head sounded tired.


“How many times?”


“Tw-twenty.” You felt yourself blush, feeling like a filthy whore.

“Look at you, being a fucking ragdoll for your Daddy. Thank me.” You felt his hand squeeze your thigh to elicit an answer and you obliged.


“Thank you, Daddy. I love you, Daddy.”




“I love you too, baby. Just...don't do anything stupid. I'll have to do this often. I only just want to feed you. And...don't tell anyone else I said this...but we all care about you in our own weird fucked up sinful way. We like tormenting you but...sometimes it can affect us. Be good, okay?”


“Yes Daddy.”


Your felt a kiss on your lips and then your forehead, a soft promise of feeding you when you woke up.


And you had slept for a long time, fitted into a dreamless cocoon as Yoongi handled Hoseok who was very close to throwing a rampage.


“I gave her a proper punishment, Seok-ah. There's no need for you to do anything. If you want to fuck her, go for it. Just don't have those kind of intentions.”


The man was fuming, glaring at the shorter sin before pushing past him and checking at the human that slept comfortably on the king size bed.


His veins were popping and eyebrows were furrowed but when he pulled the blanket down and saw how red your ass was and how utterly exhausted you were, he backed away.


He was Wrath, pure fury that had no reason, but over the years he learned how to give his anger reason. And for times when he simply wanted to rip people apart, he would go on a rampage that wouldn't cause any harm to people of importance.


He didn't want to admit, he probably never will, but you were a person of importance and seeing how completely wrecked you were, Hoseok was left satisfied.


But the man still had a built up pressure in him and rather than directing it at you, he turned and grabbed Yoongi's arm before walking away.


Once they were in his bedroom, Hoseok didn't waste his time in throwing his fellow sin on the bed.


“Do we seriously have to do this?” Gluttony was rather nonchalant about it, knowing he can handle whatever aggressive behaviour Wrath threw at him.


Without wasting a second, Hoseok pulled his pants and boxers down and sent Yoongi a death glare before gritting out the word




And Yoongi did as he was told, the two spending the rest of the evening satisfying each other.


In the morning, you were left paralysed, starving and very dehydrated.


Jungkook was laying next to you, curled up in a little ball as he slept peacefully. You grimaced at the weird taste in your mouth and let out a tiny whine that actually made him stir.


A lot of the times he chooses to go into deep sleep, he doesn't need it but prefers it because there are very few things that interest him and he's often left bored.


He purposely took a nap besides you so that when you woke up, he could provide you with water and transport you to the kitchen where Yoongi had started making food.


“Hello sweetheart, heard you had some fun last night.” You let out a grumpy sound, showing that you did not in fact have fun.


“Yeah, yeah. We all know what a masochistic ass you are. You can't fool anyone.”


He got up (still very groggy and tired) and unscrewed the cap of the water before setting that down and pulling you up so that your back was against the headboard. You weighed practically nothing to him so he was moving you around as if you were a dummy.


He placed the water against your lips and sleepily giggled as you gulped it down, moaning at the feeling of the cool liquid sliding down your parched tongue.


Running a hand through his messy hair, Jungkook let out a whistle as you downed the bottle completely.


“That thirsty huh? Can you talk?”


When he asked, you tried to. But your voice was scratchy and it ached to do so, taking a lot of effort.


“You screamed so much. I could hear you from the front door. No wonder your voice barely exists.” He wiped your mouth before standing up and stretching.


Groaning and cracking his bones, Jungkook pulled his sweatpants up before putting his hand in your armpits and helping your legs to wrap around his waist.


Your body was too tired to even keep your legs one way so he opted for carrying you on his back instead


“Oof. The things I do for you.” He muttered out, scoffing when you softly kissed the nape of his neck. He tried his hardest not to smile.


He placed you on the couch, you whimpering at the soreness of your butt and the way your body seemed to stop working completely as you sunk into the cushion.


Yoongi was in the kitchen, making some pancakes while he hummed a soft tune and shook his hips.


He told Jungkook to place you on the couch because there were times where you would make a fuss about eating and he knew space was needed.


You grew up with eating little since your mother wanted you thin and having only bland foods because something about your parents not wanting you to enjoy the good things in life lest it causes temptation blah blah blah.


It never really made sense. You still followed it, because they were the ones paying for you. Your mind and body just never liked good food.  They hadn't been used to it. Now you were. And eating had become fun and easy to do. Sometimes, you felt insecure about your body and that's when Yoongi would force a whole meal and a half down your throat.


Over the years, the need to put you on his lap and hand feed you decreased but it still happened whenever you were too exhausted.


And you were practically dying of lethargy.


Yoongi comes in and looks at you, asking a silent question of whether or not you were going to cooperate.


With a head shake, he sighed and gave Jungkook another look. The boy was splayed, with his legs spread apart. He groaned but didn't complain as he very easily takes you by the hips and puts you on his lap.


You wriggled around a bit, hissing at the soreness of your butt.


The pancakes looked beyond delicious, having a helping of strawberries on the side. But it still made you grimace, moving back when Yoongi brought a mouthful near you.


Jungkook squeezed you from behind as Yoongi gave you a warning look, pushing the sticky piece of breakfast against your pursed lip. You knew it was dangerous for you to refuse, but you did, feeling on edge and too fat to eat.


After the third try, Yoongi picks up a sliced strawberry and offered it to you, knowing that that would be easier to handle. But you had become stubborn and this only aggravated him more.


So he calmly and quietly, placed the strawberry in his mouth and you felt victory in your heart because you much preferred it when they ate instead of you.


You didn't expect the iron grip that Jungkook had as he held your chin and pushed it down so your mouth would open, nor did you expect Yoongi's mouth against yours, him pushing the strawberry into you. You wriggled but failed to get away as Jungkook held on tight, kissing your neck and nibbling on it softly.


It should be wrong. So, so wrong. But every second of it made you feel good, soft moans escaping you as the strawberry exploded in your mouth.


He pulled away, an eyebrow raised at the dazed expression, sneakily putting some pancake in your agape mouth, before pushing your chin up so it wouldn't fall out.


“I'm not feeding you like that each and every time.” He murmured, narrowing his eyes as you contemplated on what to do with the food in your mouth, before realising that you were famished and too tired to be stubborn.


So you chewed it and swallowed, heart fluttering when Yoongi's gummy smile made an appearance.


Even though you were cooperating, as a way of positive reinforcement, Jungkook would kiss your cheek each time you took a bite.


It was fun, you starting to feel your body again, feet wiggling around causing the two sins to chuckle.


“Baby.” Jungkook murmured, taking a bite of your cheek.


“Kyaaah~~” You squealed, quietening down when Hoseok walked into the room. He was relatively calmer that morning, hair a tangled mess with a grey tank top and sweatpants on, showing off his toned muscles and tanned skin.


He didn't really say much,  kneeling down behind Yoongi as he nosed the vein that went down the older man's neck.


That was when you noticed the dark blue and red spots.


There were hickeys on Yoongi's neck, most likely in other places as well, and for some reason it put you in a trance as you stared at them. They were just so pretty. He looked good in them.


But who….


It was made obvious when Hoseok bit into the junction between the beck and the shoulder.


All Yoongi did was clear his throat, catching your attention as you ate what he gave to you.


“Are you surprised?” Jungkook said, Yoongi and Hoseok now very aware on how red your cheeks were and how confused you looked.


Wrath raised his eyebrows, as if to ask “you really think the two of us would never fuck? You're not the only one we use for pleasure, hun.” But that wasn't what went through your mind.


“Yeah, I know. No one would ever imagine Yoongi Hyung as a Sub.”


Yoongi stilled, his ears turning a light pink as he looked at the ground. Hoseok only smirked, a large hand on his partner's waist as he continued to kiss and suck on the skin of his neck.


Your eyes went down to your lap, where yours and Kookie's hands were interlocked into each other.


The boy had started to bite and kiss your earlobe, his chuckle causing you to shiver.


“It's only ever been Hobi Hyung that's ever been his Dom. No one else. Our Hobi is the only one that can make Min Yoongi kneel and beg.” He whispered into your ear as you took the last bite.


Yoongi's eyes were on fire, glaring at the younger with such intense anger that you could feel it without it being directed at you.


Ironically, he calmed within seconds as Hoseok lay a hand on his thigh.


“It's true though, baby. That's a rule. No one can dominate me except for you. And no one can dominate you except for me.” Yoongi's legs came to a close as Hoseok rubbed him slowly.


The man then made eye contact with you. He was calm, collected and had no rage in his eyes, but he was still intimidating so you began to shake.


“I'll have my way with you soon, fucktoy. I won't be gentle like Yoongi was. Your legs will forget how to walk after I'm done with you.”


And you really didn't mean it, or maybe you did, but Jungkook had sucked on a very sensitive spot and your mouth couldn't help let out a breathy whimper that turned into a moan.


All three of the men in that room snickered.


Jimin was off to the side, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed and hair in a mess as he pushed it back.


A cheeky smirk played on his lips, the tip of his tongue poking out from the sides before he licked his lips in want.