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The Honeymoon

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This was becoming bothersome. Sully needed to be with Michaela before they left the hotel, but he shrugged it off. The way he was feeling was the same way he felt about her when he first saw her fall face first into a mud puddle; the way he felt when they slept together the night they were searching for Brian; when he kissed her on the lips the first time after giving her her birthday gift; the way he felt every time he looked at her or thought about her, so he figured he could wait. What he wasn’t expecting was for it to become this bothersome. He figured the case was that he could finally have her, all of her. Whatever the reason, he needed a release because what started as a regular erection was now becoming painful, too painful if you were to ask him. And seeing her in that dress was making matters worse.
“Michaela,” Sully started as the play took intermission.

“Yes?” Michaela replied.

“How long more do ya think this play’s gonna be?”

“About an hour or so.”

“Do ya mind if we leave now? I’m kinda in pain.”

“Is it a megrim?”


“Well, what seems to be the matter?” Michaela asked.

Michaela gasped as Sully whispered in her ear what was wrong.

“Well, I guess we have no choice if it’s bothering you that much.”

Leaving the theater, they boarded the first carriage they saw for hire and headed back to the hotel.
“I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish watchin’ the play.”, Sully said as they rode back to the hotel.

“I had never seen a more dull performance of Romeo and Juliet.” Michaela replied.

“Well, why didn’t ya say somethin’? We could have left sooner. “

“It would have been impolite.” Michaela responded.

Sully grinned, “Just like ya ta think leavin’ in the middle of somethin’ horrible would be bad manners.”

“But you’re in need of my medical attention and denying you that would go against my oath as a doctor.”

“I like the way ya think.” Sully said, and they sat in silence for the rest of the ride.

Sully knew that he would have probably finished quick. Quicker than he or Michaela would have liked, but given the circumstances it was better than taking himself in hand (at least he didn’t have to take himself in hand, he thought). When he finished, no longer than five minutes after entering her he collapsed on top of her and apologized.

“There’s no need for an apology.” Michaela told him.

Still trying to regain a lucid train of thought, Sully laid still on top of Michaela until his breathing slowed and he was soft enough to slip out of her.

“That was selfish of me.”, Sully apologized once more. “Here, let me make it up to ya.”

“Sully, you don’t have-.” Sully cut her off by passionately kissing her while he kneaded her breasts. His mouth then left hers and was soon where his left hand had been. He began feverishly sucking her nipple like he was a newborn, enjoying its first meal as his right hand slowly made its way between her thighs. As he began rubbing her, she cried out.

“Sully!”, Michaela cried, which caused him to go faster. Once he felt her hips buck, he slowed down, and her body relaxed as much as it could. He repeated his actions until he began craving a taste. After one more feverish kiss, he headed down south.

As he sucked on what was now his favorite treat, he began thinking, “How could something be so sweet?” His thinking trailed off in the back of his mind, and in the forefront was pleasing her. His thinking ceased as he felt Michaela’s legs tighten around his neck.

Suddenly Michaela’s legs relaxed, which prompted Sully to stop, thinking she had finished.

“Don’t stop.” Michaela whispered, and as Sully picked up where he left off she felt what appeared to be a damn bursting. A gush of liquid expelled from her body as she began convulsing. Too overwhelmed with pleasure to feel embarrassed, Michaela sobbed through the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Realizing that she had had enough Sully became eye level with her and held her until she calmed herself into a deep sleep.

An hour later Michaela woke with a smile.

“Whatcha smilin for?”, Sully grinned.

“That was- I-”, Michaela said, unable to verbalize the cause for such a restful nap.

“I know that was somethin’, wasn’t it?.”, Sully replied.

“Thank you.” she said.

“No need ta thank me. I was just takin’ care of my husbandly duty.”, Sully said.

Getting a little red in the face, she noticed the wet sheets and questioned Sully about it.

“I don’t know, but it sure was amazin’ to see. It was sorta like me when I finish the way it spurted outta of ya.” he started. “It also happened to Abigail a few times, and each time after she fell into a deep sleep like you did. When she woke up afterwards, she said it was the best finish she ever had.”

“Oh, so I’m thinking it’s normal.”

“I would think so. How’d ya feel afterwards?”

“The same way Abigail said that she felt. It was by far the best finish that I’ve had. And the nap afterwards made it even better. But don’t you think we should get some fresh sheets?”

“I already did when ya was sleepin’ and I ordered some hot water for a bath.”

With that, they heard a knock on the door. “Room Service!” the voice on the other side said.

After the tub was filled and they had settled in, Michaela broke the silence.


“Yes.” he replied.

“You remembered when you told me it can get painful sometimes when you’re excited?”


“What do you do then?” she innocently continued, not knowing what his response would be.

“Well…”, Sully trailed off, knowing it was now or never. “I take myself in hand.”

“You mean you masturbate?!”, Michaela asked as her cheeks flushed.

“Is that what it’s called, masturbatin’?” Sully asked.

“Yes, and it’s very sinful to do.,” she lightly scolded him.

“Well, the Cheyenne think it’s normal. And besides when was touchin yaself or wantin’ to make yaself feel good wrong?”, he pleaded his case.

“But-” he cut her off.

“Listen, I haven’t done that in years.”

“Oh.”, Michaela said, almost relieved. “Do you mind me asking when was the last time?”
“A coupla years ago.” Sully replied.

Michaela’s eyes widened. “What made you get like that?”

“Remember when ya had the grippe?”

Michaela’s face became red as she nodded yes.

“I know it was wrong to think of ya that way with ya bein’ sick an all, but I couldn’t help myself. I knew ya were sick, but you had looked so beautiful in ya underdress that it was makin’ me feel things I hadn’t felt since Abigail. And kissin’ ya didn’t make it any better.”

“You kissed me?!” Michaela asked, shocked at the news.

“Yeah, but it was a little kiss on ya forehead.” By the time I had gotten back to my lean-to, the pressure had become too much for me to bear. I tried everything I could to take my mind off it, but nothin’ worked, so I figured that the only way for me to get any kind of relief was takin’ myself in hand. But that was the last time. When I was done, I felt like I had mistreated you in someway by thinkin’ of ya like that. So I told myself that was the last time that I would do that. That I’d wait for ya. I didn’t care how long it took.”

“So you’re saying I made you feel that way tonight?” Michaela asked.

“You make me feel that way every time I look at cha. Every time I think of ya. I guess me knowin’ that I could finally have you in every sense of the word just got the best of me. Besides, I would much rather have you tend to it than me doin’ so myself.”

A little while after they got out of the tub and dried off they discussed their plans for the last two days of their honeymoon. As much as they loved staying in bed with each other all day they figured it would be best for them to get some fresh air and take in the sights they had yet to see. Once they made their plans, they spent the rest of the evening loving each other until they both fell asleep.