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Questions That Lead To Love

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Set Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA


Name: Min Yoongi

Age: 26

Occupation: Music Producer Likes: Music, Solitude, And Hand Holding (a huge softie).

Dislikes: Nosey People, Noisy People, and just most people. Side Note: Not to worry, Cute People are the exception.

Min Yoongi hates that he has friends. If he could live without him, he would, but he lives with them and they pay for two-thirds of the rent. For some reason, they got this idea that Yoongi is lonely and should get out more. In reality, Yoongi just wants to be alone in his studio. He could possibly live in his studio twenty-four seven. He’s thought about it before; ordering delivery food is easier than going out for food. Sure, he doesn’t mind cooking, but it takes too much time away from his music. He’s striving to become a producer one day. His friends know this, yet his friends don’t understand this. It’s even more unfortunate that this misunderstanding, this so called ‘it’s for your own good Yoongi,’ will be uploaded onto YouTube. Yes, his so-called friends, his roommates, Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin, signed him up to be in a Jubilee video, their series “Tea for Two.” Apparently, he’ll get some shout out in the bio, which will hopefully connect people to his music—his Soundcloud. However, he has to be filmed while he goes on a blind date.

Yoongi’s trying to keep it together. He’s not nervous about meeting this other person. He’s just not looking forward to participating in this dumb video. Obviously, he knows the whole idea of falling in love with someone after answering thirty-six questions is unrealistic. At best, they’ll exchange snapchats, Yoongi will probably leave the guy on read because he’s busy, and that’s that.

In the meantime, Yoongi is on the set, sitting on a thin cushion in the center of the room. A make-up artist is touching up his face because of the lighting, she claimed. Normally, he doesn’t care what he looks like on a day-to-day basis, but he hopes he looks decent on camera. If this whole thing becomes a sinking ship at least he’ll look good and maybe get some viewers to check out his music.

Once the make-up artist finishes, the lighting is adjusted and the cameras are pointing at Yoongi. A guy, in a causal black and white striped shirt with khaki pants, takes his seat behind the camera. His name might be Ken, but Yoongi isn’t sure and honestly doesn’t care since he’ll never see anyone on this set EVER again.

“Alright Yoongi, we’re going to ask you a couple of questions just about how you’re feeling and some basic information about your relationship status. Are you ready?”

Hell no. But he can pretend.

“Sure,” he shrugs.

The man flicks his hand in an odd way. Yoongi guesses it’s a signal for the cameras to start rolling. Everyone is quiet. Yoongi takes a deep breath in and exhales out.

“What is your relationship status?”



“For how long?”


“A while.”

“How long is “a while?””

He’s screwed.

“It’s been five years.”

“Have you been on any dates?”

“A few.”

“How come they didn’t work out?”

People suck.

“There wasn’t any compatibility.”

“What type of person do you think you would be compatible with?”

Yoongi has no fucking clue. It’s been so long since he’s really thought about relationships, or pretty much anything outside of his music.

“I think the best person for me is someone that’s willing to let me be myself. I guess things normally don’t work out because I’m focused on my career. I don’t really like going out, so someone who doesn’t mind staying in sometimes would be best for me.”

“Do you have any personality traits in mind?”

Not really.

“Honestly, they just need to be a nice person. Empathy is a quality I admire a lot in a person, as well as being hardworking and driven.”

“What do you hope to gain from this experience today?”

A bigger following.

“I hope that I get to meet a person that’s different from anyone I’ve met before.”

“What do you think will make this person different?”

Maybe someone with six toes or rainbow hair. Perhaps an actual personality, one like a unicorn. Min Yoongi could go on with sarcastic answers for days, possibly years. Maybe he needed someone who could understand that he’s just going to be himself. His grumpy, sarcastic, ‘doesn’t-give-a-fuck attitude’ self.

“Someone that makes me feel comfortable. Few people rarely make me feel comfortable enough to open up to them. And someone that understands me—I try to avoid being misunderstood.”

This Ken, or perhaps Kevin, nods his head. He looks back down at a clipboard, probably a list of questions and an outline of directions for the video. He looks up from the clipboard and asks Yoongi a question that Yoongi didn’t think the guy would care to ask. “How are you feeling?”

Tired. Exhausted. Spiteful towards my so-called friends.

“I feel calm. I don’t think anything bad will come out of this experience.”

The only bad part so far is that he obviously needs to make new friends and get his own apartment.

“So, no nerves?”

Yoongi shrugged, “Should I be nervous?”

This time the interviewer shrugged, “Most people are, you seem to have a different mindset.”

That could be a compliment in some world. Yoongi knows it’s natural to be nervous and it’s not like he’s never been nervous in his life, but in this moment, he doesn’t feel anxious to meet this person. It’s not like this experiment works. He’s seen some of the videos from the last season because Namjoon and Seokjin were obsessed, plugging the laptop up to the television with their HDMI cord, and cuddling on the couch as they answered the questions themselves instead of actually watching. Yoongi just so happened to walk by when they watched, even stopped what he was doing to watch some of the videos. Each time he made fun of it, saying it was pretty scripted and that those people were just being overly nice to one another for the cameras.

Namjoon and Seokjin would shake their heads and Seokjin would particularly make a big deal out of it, saying Yoongi wouldn’t know how to make a human connection if it slapped him in the face. Yoongi argued that the set-ups were just set-ups, you wine and dine and done—never see each other again. Yoongi even took a step farther to show proof that validated his argument by pulling up a video from an individual who was a YouTuber that clearly did not have a successful experience. Jin claimed that didn’t count because she was not set-up properly. Apparently, if a guest sends in an application, they also answer questions on their ideal type. Since his so-called best friends were the ones to make him do the show, they filled out the application.

This was clearly karma and Yoongi has regrets.

Never mess with Kim Seokjin and his love for reality shows—and chaos. Yoongi shakes his head of thoughts as he formulates a response to the interviewer’s comment.

“I guess I just don’t see the point in nerves right now.”

He can almost feel his roommates enjoying these individualized questions, which are getting Yoongi to open up more than he would expect. The interviewer doesn’t need to look at the clipboard as he follows up on Yoongi’s answer.

“Have you ever been in love?”

The question is expected, but Yoongi didn’t quite expect it to come out so bluntly.


There’s not much for him to contemplate. “Not really. I think I’m someone who thinks of love as this idea. It almost doesn’t feel real, but in comes in many forms, I guess.” He takes a small breath, trying to really think of a concise answer. “I just don’t think romantic love has been in my cards.”

The man—director he assumes—looks up from his clipboard, seemingly intrigued by what Min Yoongi has to say. “Do you believe in romantic love?”

My mom thinks I look like a dumpling, so highly doubtful, or so Yoongi thought.

“I believe romantic love exists. I should know since it’s pretty much rubbed in my face all the time. It happens under the same roof where I lay my head down to sleep 24/7.” He shudders, “Let’s just say my roommates are sickeningly sweet.”

Kev, Ken, whoever, nods, taking into consideration what this could mean.

“What do you want out of a relationship?”

Well, Min Yoongi has mulled that over a little bit. Relationships have never been a priority for him. The last one he was in happened during his college days. Honestly, his relationships never lasted more than three months. He just wasn’t interested in dedicating his time to people who were never going to understand why music was so important to him. Romantically speaking, he’s never been quite sure what he wants. Physically, looks mattered little to him and sexually, he was never the needy type. He didn’t care whether he was with someone or alone.

“I have never been the romantic type. I think it would take a special person to bring that out in me, if I have that in me—I guess?”

Above him, the lights brighten, shining directly down on him. He can tell his butt will be sore by the end of this interview. Great.

Yoongi tacks on more. More and more of what he wants out of a relationship comes to mind. “I just want a respectful and understanding relationship. I have personal goals that I’m determined to accomplish and sometimes having another person has sidetracked me from that. I’m usually the type who puts my full effort into one thing, and that’s been music.”

“So, clearly, you’ve never been in love,” Kev/ Ken states, like it’s a fact (and it is).

Yoongi nods along halfway through the statement. He wonders if that’s a bad thing—to be over halfway to fifty and never in love.

“Yeah, never.”

And he’s starting to realize maybe he’ll never find love, like the kind of love that’s written in the stars, or some bullshit like that, which Namjoon rambles on about whenever he talks to him about Seokjin.

Yoongi doesn’t believe in destiny nor fate.

All of his preconceived notions, unbeknownst to him, would change within the next two hours.




Pre-Interview Pt. II

Park Jimin

Age: 24

Occupation: Dance Instructor

Likes: Dancing, Reading, and Sweet Things (people and food alike).

Dislikes: Meanies, just leave them out of the pickings. Side Note: I’m serious. Leave them out.

Jimin expected something like this to happen sooner or later. His friend—his platonic soulmate who could also fit the title of ‘evil genius’—Kim Taehyung, wanted Jimin to find love more than Jimin’s mother and Jimin’s mother consistently asks if he’s met anyone every time they have their weekly phone call to catch up.

Because of his ‘evil genius’ friend, Jimin is going to appear on Jubilee’s “Tea for Two,” which is a show he and Tae watch when they go down a YouTube rabbit hole. He can’t help but gush when he watches the show because it’s undeniably romantic and adorable. It’s easy to tell which couples have immediate chemistry and which ones are probably going to end up as friends. Jimin has a good feeling in the pit of his stomach, might be nerves or disillusion. No matter. It’s not like anything disastrous has come about in any of the episodes. Worse case scenario is that the other person turns out to be a total prick. Although Jimin doubts it, he can’t help these mixed emotions that flood his mind.

He’s sitting in a director’s chair while a make-up artist does minor touches on his eyes. The girl is so nice, she squealed happily when Jimin said it was okay for her to put eyeliner on him, as long as it wasn’t too dark. Sometimes, he donned a smoky eye if he ever went to the club. Truthfully, he hadn’t gone out in a while. The last experience put him in a bad situation and that’s when he decided to spend more time working on dance routines for the studio he teaches at and reading more books.

Tae claims Jimin became a hermit crab, and actually made a PowerPoint presentation on how Jimin devolved into one. He titled the presentation “Why You Should Get the Tea, Sis” as a way to convince Jimin to go on the show. A ‘real classy title’ is what Tae called it when Jimin asked why he titled the presentation that during the questions portion (Jimin knew there was no point in asking why Tae even made the presentation. You just have to roll with it). Tae answered, saying Jimin needed to become better acquainted with meme culture and that it provided relevancy for his argument. Yes, this was the actual response, no paraphrasing from this third-party narrator.

Of course, Jimin wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of being filmed while on a blind date. However, he couldn’t help his desire to potentially meet someone. He stopped going out as much because all around him he saw couples. Couples in restaurants. Couples in stores, Couples in the park. Couples in the movies (actually in them and actually watching them: a concept). Jimin wasn’t built to be alone. He hated feeling lonely. It’s not surprising that he can be a bit needy at times. Don’t misunderstand, he is a strong, independent individual, but he just wants to be with someone that he can trust and rely on. Is that too much to ask for?

As the makeup artist finishes up, Jimin sees a figure approaching within his peripheral. The makeup artist steps back when the person stands by Jimin’s side, and places her hands on his shoulders, gleaming at his reflection in the mirror.

“Hey, I’m Kaelynn and I’m one of the set managers. It’s so nice to meet you.” Since he’s sitting in the chair, he can’t give her a proper handshake—like the Americans typically do. Nevertheless, Jimin makes the attempt, but it falls short (sorry Jimin) and he ends up reaching across himself to fast, causing the chair to wobble a bit. Kaelynn gets her hands on the chairs before he falls over. “Oh my gosh! You’re like a cute, clumsy cherub.”

Jimin was shocked to be spoken to in this way. He’s a 24-year-old man for Christ sakes. Fucking cherub? Although, he low-key doesn’t mind. Not one bit. He knows he’s cute and owns it, sort of.

“Ah, thank you,” he feels a bit meek. All in all, he’s not quite sure if he’s ready for his blind date, especially after almost falling out of his chair for trying to execute a regular handshake. He just hopes this person he’s about to meet will be comforting and kind. He needs all of the comfort and kindness he can get.

“Oh it’s no problem,” she gushes at him and turns to the make-up artist. “Is he good to go?” The artist nods and gives Jimin a cute wave and thumbs up. As she leaves, she mouths, “You got this.” Jimin appreciates the gesture and pockets it away as a good memory he can keep from this experience thus far.

He faces Kaelynn while he continues to sit in front of the vanity mirror. He’ll probably have to get up and go soon, but he’s ok. Well, maybe he’s anything but ok—Jimin will certainly not admit that, even in his internal monologue.

“So, are you ready to meet the love of your life?” she asks.

Jimin’s eyes widened. Well, that’s one way to ask if he’s nervous. However, the way she asks the question all too cheerfully makes him laugh, exuding all nervous energy from his body—he has to catch himself from falling off his chair, again.

Kaelynn tries to help him back up into a proper sitting position, making sure he’s sitting properly with his back up against the chair. The star of the show can’t risk injury from being too giggly.

“Gosh, you are so adorable,” Kaelynn gushes. “I think the person you’re about to meet won’t be able to resist you.”

Jimin almost wants to laugh again, because that seems like an actual joke, but he’ll go along with it.

“Um, thanks I guess.”

“Boy, take that compliment and run with it. I can tell you’re the kind of person that likes such praise.” She winks.

Well, it’s not like she just peered into Jimin’s soul or anything. “Ok, well, I’ll take that theory into consideration.”

Kaelynn smiles and gives the slightest shake of her head, “Good. So I’ll ask again. You ready to meet the loyl?”

Jimin can’t help but giggle, “Did you really just use an acronym?”

“Of course, how else is the plot of this story gonna get moving?”

Jimin’s not quite sure how to respond to that; she almost reminds him of Tae, especially with how she’s speaking like she’s from another dimension or planet. He decides to just finally get to the question.

“I’d say so. I’m ready to meet anyone honestly,” he shrugs and then thinks for a moment. “Well, when I say anyone, I want to at least meet a nice and passionate person.”

“What?” she gasps. “You don’t even list hot as one of the qualities your looking for?”

Jimin’s eye smile almost obstructs his vision, “Well, I mean, that’s obviously a given.”

The set manager smirks, “Well, I think you’re in for a treat then. C’mon, let’s get you to the set.”

Unbeknownst to Jimin, he truly was in for a treat and the third-party narrator is not just talking about the peppermint tea.




Turns out the guy’s name was Keith. It’s not like Min Yoongi will need to know it after today (unless it’s for potential wedding invitations, which Yoongi highly doubts). It took a while for Keith to finish those annoyingly ambiguous questions. Like this is just a date, he thinks, not a deep philosophical discussion similar to the ones he tends to have with Namjoon. Yoongi doesn’t mind existential questions, it’s just when it gets personal and too much about mushy love stuff that makes him want to throw himself away.

Wow, mushy is such a weird word. But is it as weird as moist? That’s the kind of question he doesn’t mind, simply because it’s an absolutely ridiculous question. If these are the kind of questions he can ask his blind date then it’ll be easy, perhaps even a fun time. It’ll be what the producers want and then he can go back to his studio to live out his days, maybe get a dog to keep him company.

Keith saunters over with two stapled packets of paper. “Here are the questions you two will be asking each other. We show a select few of your answers in the video, but we really want you and your date to answer all of these authentically. Think you got it?”

I couldn’t possibly imagine being allowed to do this video if I didn’t say anything but the full, unsolicited truth.

“Yeah, I guess having these questions makes it easier. Wouldn’t want to ask anything precarious.”

Keith laughs, but it’s a clearly a laugh at Yoongi’s expense, especially since Yoongi doesn’t find any part of this conversation funny.

Once Keith stops, he clears his throat a bit, “That’s sort of the point of this video. These questions come from a New York Times article. Have you ever seen one of our videos?”

Ok, so maybe Yoongi knows how this works; he knows this show is about asking a lot of questions that somehow lead to love, but Yoongi is going to keep acting clueless just ‘cause he can and because he doesn’t give a fuck.

“Oh wow. This is quite umm… extensive.” His eyes widened at the pages. Seokjin and Namjoon said these videos were only 8 minutes long; turns out, that’s after it’s edited. So whoever he’s about to meet will have to sit across from him on a lowly cushion and talk for almost two hours. You can spell exciting without the word fun.

He flips through the pages as Keith leaves him to talk with the rest of the crew. Some of these questions seem like a mundane attempt to be philosophical, but who’s he to judge. Maybe this works for some people. He doubts it’ll work for him. He knows he’s meant to be alone in his studio and hopefully work his way up to becoming a big producer. He’ll at least have a dog to keep him company.

“Are you ready man?” Keith asks.

I can’t wait… to leave. 


Keith shakes his head, “C’mon, I need a bit more excitement.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes. “Would you like me to jump up and down as the person walks in?”

With an exasperated sigh, Keith runs a hand down his face, “Just be your normal self then, alright. Cool. Places everyone!”

A perk to this whole endeavor is that Min Yoongi has been at his “place” the whole time he’s been on this set. This cushion isn’t so bad. He only wishes for a bit more back support. Seokjin won’t stop getting on him for slouching so much and claims that’s one of the reasons he can’t find anybody. Well, that and the whole anti-social walnut trait. Whatever.

However, once everyone goes quiet and the cameras start rolling, Yoongi realizes that what he’s about to experience is far from a causal “whatever.”

He hears the double doors creak open on the far side of the set. The moment his date enters his heart rate picks up like he’s about to engage in physical activity—something he rarely does. For a moment, he anticipated seeing a girl. Seokjin and Namjoon are the only people who know he’s bisexual. Apparently, they must’ve made that clear when they filled out his application.

The guy walks in, he takes small steps, walking at a brisk pace. He looks at Yoongi the whole time he approaches. 

He appears to be about the same size as Yoongi, maybe even smaller. He has more of a muscular frame than Yoongi, with toned arms that look good in the short-sleeve button down shirt he’s donning, tucked into a pair of jean shorts. The guy’s lacking a couple colors to have rainbow hair. Instead, he has the fluffiest head of bright pink hair that Yoongi’s ever seen; he almost wants to touch it to check if it’s real.

“Hi,” he says in a bright, cheery voice. “My name’s Jimin.”

Min Yoongi is mentally not available. Please leave a message.




When Jimin enters the set he did not expect his date to be so… catlike?

As Jimin makes his way to sit down on the cushion, he introduces himself. He expects his date to respond, a simple hello and a name, maybe even a ‘it’s nice to meet you.’ But Jimin doesn’t get any response. The guy just stares with his catlike eyes, which are honed in on Jimin’s face. Jimin feels this underlying sense of relief, this guy must be nervous too. Admittedly, Jimin didn’t really think or try to assume what his date would be like. For one, he’s glad this guy is absolutely adorable; he looks like a kitten and Jimin has wanted an actual kitten for so long, but he’s allergic.

Is this my kitten loophole? Oh my god Park Jimin, you’re a mess.

Jimin tries to get comfortable in this silence.  He almost brings his hands up to cup his face to bring himself out of his thoughts. Instead he just glances back up at his date who has yet to say anything.

Is he silently judging me? Could he already hate me? Does he think I’m unattractive?

Someone amongst the crowd behind the camera coughs, bringing Jimin out of his negative spiral of thoughts. His date seems to be drawn out of this blank state too—he blinks and takes a deep breath. His facial features shift into a tiny smile. Jimin can’t help but wonder what his date’s face would look like with a full-on real smile. Does he even have one? Somehow, his soft smile somehow relaxes Jimin.

Cat Eyes bows his head in greeting. “I’m Yoongi.”

Wow, he’s quite the traditional man. Lovely.

Jimin bows his head in return and reaches out his hand. He can’t help that he’s a touchy person and just a big fan of a good handshake ever since he came to America. Yoongi reaches out his hand to meet his hand, with an unexpected gentle hold. Jimin can’t help but think that Yoongi’s hands are so pretty—with prominently blue veins on porcelain skin. His delicate, long fingers almost cover his entire hand, which quickly diminishes any sort of guard Jimin planned to keep up.

Yoongi lets go first and Jimin’s a little disappointed.

Would it be weird to want to hold his hand throughout the whole date?

“It’s nice to meet you Yoongi,” Jimin can feel his cheeks slightly heating up.

“Likewise,” Yoongi stiffly nods. He grabs some papers by his side. “Are you ready to answer some questions?”

Jimin wants to break up this nervous tension, usually the people that have been in these videos before say cute, albeit cringey, things.

“I think the real question is are you ready to fall in love with me.” Jimin says it as more of a statement than question, and even looks Yoongi in the eyes, while smirking.

Yoongi doesn’t try to escape the direct eye contact; he maintains it like a strong-willed house cat entering a lion’s den.

“Is this a challenge Jimin?” His catlike eyes are now scanning him. Jimin almost squirms, instead he adjusts his sitting position on the cushion, and pours himself a cup of tea, taking a small sip. Jimin feels extra dramatic today, and he is totally turned on by Yoongi’s challenging tone.

“I don’t think it will be much of a challenge. I’m quite lovable.” Jimin brings a hand to his chest, while the over sets his tea cup down.

“I don’t doubt it Jimin,” Yoongi gives him the soft smile™ again.

Maybe the real challenge is getting him to full-on smile.





Yoongi picks up the packet of questions. He darts his eyes back up to Jimin’s face, who’s seemingly still a bit flustered by the “don’t doubt it” comment mixed with determination; his eyes unwavering from Yoongi’s own. Jimin on the whole shatters Yoongi’s preconception of what he believed would happen today. He assumed he’d end up talking to a girl—the kind that is in college probably, or already working a ‘real world’ job. Hypothetically, it would’ve been easy to answer the questions, leave, and then never see each other again. Now, he’s not sure. He hasn’t been out with a guy since high school—and he only went on a few dates with that guy. Hence, he only felt the need to mention his interest in guys in a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Seokjin and Namjoon. He trusted them, but he would never be able to keep a secret from them if he tried.

With that in mind, Yoongi proceeds with caution, ready to begin. “Alright, first question. Would you like to be famous? And in what way?”

Jimin peers into his tea cup. “I’m not sure if I want to be famous.”

“Really?” With a face like that? I’m surprised you aren’t. “How come?”

“I just want to be happy. I don’t think fame would necessarily bring me that. If I was famous for something, then I hope it would be because of my dancing. I hope I can be good enough to make others happy.”

For a moment, Yoongi wonders what a heart murmur feels like and if he just experienced it. Of all possible answers, few could come close to being as honest and sweet---Yoongi’s sure of it. Before a trace of pink can creep on his cheeks, he tries to stay focused on the conversation. “What kind of dance?”

“I grew up learning ballet, and then in middle school I got into contemporary. That’s my favorite style of dance, but I’ve also taken some hip pop lessons from a friend.”

“You must be talented.” Yoongi can’t help but notice that Jimin brings his hands to his cheeks when he starts to blush.

“I’m alright,” he shrugs while cupping his face, “How about you? What would you be famous for?”

The answer to this is about as obvious as brightly colored underwear that can be seen when a man’s fly is down. “I hope I can become famous for my music. I work on producing tracks every now and then and I want it to become my full-time job.”

Jimin’s eyes widen in adoration. “You must be talented.”

This time, Yoongi can feel heat flaming up on his cheeks. He attempts to will it away by rambling on. “I’m just an amateur, honestly. I hope to work in a better studio one day with more equipment.”

Jimin shakes his head, “I can tell you’re selling yourself short. Do you write songs and sing?”

The chuckle that escapes Yoongi’s lips resounds throughout the small apartment set. “Yeah, I write and produce music. I can’t sing for my life though.”

“Ah Hyung,” Jimin clicks his tongue. “I bet you can kind of sing. You’ve got a deep voice.”

Is this real life? If it is, Yoongi is pretty sure this is all a simulation. Just to be sure, he willingly questions it, “Hyung?”

Jimin brings his hands back up to his face and squish his cheeks. “I’m sorry.”

Yoongi can’t help but stay frozen and observe Jimin’s reaction, yet he manages to shake himself out of his daydreams. “No, please. Call me Hyung.”

Jimin rubs his cheeks and settles his hands down on his lap. “Did I even ask if you were my Hyung?”

“No, but I’m 26. You?”

“24. Thank god, that would’ve been so awkward.” Jimin seems to let out a shaky laugh. Yoongi doesn’t want him to feel like he did anything wrong, because he didn’t. Quite frankly, he hasn’t heard that word in a long time. Namjoon will use it every now and then as a joke from their childhood.

“Jimin,” Yoongi gives him a questioning look, but it easily shifts into a smile. “We are in America and it’s 2019.”

Jimin shrugs, “Yeah, but I think calling you Hyungie feels right.”

Oh my god.

“At least buy me dinner first,” Yoongi adamantly says.

Jimin falls over from laughing, his eyes are squeezing shut. Yoongi covers his mouth with both hands as he snickers at the sight before him. Once they settle down and straighten up, Jimin asks, “So what was the question?”

“Jimin, we’ve barely made it past the first one.”

“Then ask me the next one,” he daringly raises his eyebrows. “Hyung.”

Yoongi shakes his head. “I have a feeling you’re a brat.”

An audible gasp of mock pain resounds through the room. “Hyung! You can’t say that when we’ve only done one question.”

“Then let me ask it Jimin. Alright.” Yoongi tries to cover up his chuckles: challenge failed. “The next one question is; take four minutes and tell your partner your life story in as much detail as possible.”

Jimin sighs, “God, that’s so hard.”

“You don’t have enough to say in four minutes?”

“I think your jokes are getting worse Yoongi-hyung,” Jimin says with a contradictory smile.

“Who said I was joking?” Yoongi fails to contain his smile too.

“Whatever. I’ll go first. My name is Jimin Park—”

“What a nice name—”

Jimin claps his hands, “Let me finish.” Yoongi muffles a laugh, but let’s Jimin continue.

“I grew up in South Korea. I’m actually from Busan, so the majority of my childhood memories involve the beach and school. I was top of my class. I honestly loved every subject and just really liked school in general. I started taking dance classes when I was 7 years old. My mom says that I could dance before I could walk, but she is my biggest supporter and I miss her a lot. I miss my dad and younger brother too. I came to LA looking for opportunities in dance. My parents accepted that dance was what I wanted to do, even though I did well in chemistry and math and could’ve done something that would give me a sure income. When I first arrived, I met my best friend, who I only communicated with online. Now we’re roommates and a friend of his, who’s also my friend, owns a dance studio and that’s where I work full-time as a dance instructor. I teach the classes for younger people and I actually enjoy it. Learning English took a while, but luckily the kids just followed along as I taught the steps.”

Yoongi glances down at his watch. “I think that barely made for two minutes.”


Yoongi looks back up and sees Jimin’s holding his hand in front of his mouth, trying to stop his giggles. “I’m kidding. It was probably two minutes and thirty seconds.”

Jimin removes his hand from his mouth and grabs the edges of the small “If this table wasn’t in the way, I’d smack you.”

A small smirk on breaks Yoongi’s stoic façade. “You are so easy to rile up.  Anyways, I think you’ve got a great life story Jimin—real riveting.”

The pink-haired man adamantly shakes his head. “You don’t even know the half of it, Yoongi.”

“You dropped the Hyung?”

“You have to earn it back.” What a brat. “Now it’s your turn. Life story. Go.”

“Alright, well, I was born in Daegu, but moved to the states when I was 5 because my dad got a job in LA. I have an older brother; he’s a business man, like my dad. My mom has worked the same retail job for 20 years, she’s a huge fan of that Dillard’s discount. As for me, my childhood memories consist of music. I remember this wooden piano that my parents bought for me at a pawn shop because I just sat there the whole time, touching the keys, but not actually playing them. Before they bought the piano, I had failed miserably at sports, so when they saw my interest in piano, they decided to give it to me for my eighth birthday. Ever since then, I kept a journal for lyrics and began learning how to read sheet music. Around the age of 13, I learned how to write my own compositions, then two years later I got into sound mixing because there was a club at school for music production. I majored in Music Composition at UC Berkeley and minored in Business to please my dad. I must say, I’m a bit of a broke fuck right now, but I’m working on my music and that’s all I could ask for.”

Jimin lets out a small gasp, “I don’t think you can curse.”

Confusion etches Yoongi’s features. “What?”

“You do realize we’re being filmed.”

The people around Yoongi had slipped away. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember the name of the guy he spoke to—the director, again.

“Right, well they can bleep it out,” Yoongi nods at the camera. “I really don’t give a fuck.”

A single laugh reverberates through the small set. “You’re on a roll Hyung.”

The small smirk on Yoongi’s face grows into a gummy smile. “Say it like you mean it Jimin.”

“You’re on a fucking roll Hyung,” Jimin tried to say it with a straight face, but his eyes crinkled and his smile broke his serious façade.

“Ok, I didn’t expect that,” Yoongi takes a sip of tea, “but I’m fucking here for it. You want to ask the next question Jiminie.”


Yoongi felt like his cheeks were going to be permanently stained red once this date was over. “You get to call me Hyungie, I’m only going along with the theme we’ve established.”

A lot more would be established that day and they were only getting started.




Jimin couldn’t help himself, flustering at the cute nickname. He adores having a unique nickname and he’s beginning to adore the man with cat eyes.

“Okay, next question, if you were able to live to the age of 90 and retain either the mind or body of a 30-year-old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?” Jimin asks.

“Don’t laugh at this.” Yoongi sees Jimin’s eyes closing, his mouth slightly opening. “No, don’t you dare Jimin Park.”

Truthfully, Jimin couldn’t help it, couldn’t help the giggles that overtake his body. He manages to stay seated on his cushion. “Tell me.”

“Well,” Yoongi drawls. “My friends already call me a grandpa.”

For a moment, Jimin is silent, his eyes consider this statement. He nods. “I can totally see it, hyung.”

“What do you mean, brat? Wait, did I earn my hyung back?”

Jimin shakes his head, “Well, based on what you just said, should I call you Yoongi-ssi instead?”

Yoongi is taken aback, “I’ll pretend you didn’t say that and answer the question. I want my mind to grow, so I think that means I get to take the body of a 30-year-old at 90. Right?”

Jimin glimpses down at the papers, “I think that’s a way to answer, seems like the options mean that either you have the mind or body of a 30-year-old. So mind means you’ll think the same way you did at 30, but then body means you can be 90, but look hot af. That’s no competition, definitely the body.”

“Did you just say af?”

“Yeah, I cursed once, it doesn’t mean I should do it again.”

Yoongi smirks, “Fair enough.”

He gets back to the question, “I agree, because what’s the benefit of having the mind of a 30-year-old at 90? Doesn’t that imply that you don’t learn anything from your experiences as you grow older?”

“Yeah, that’s how I see it to. Although, it might just mean maintaining youthful thoughts.”

“Can you imagine, you’re 90 years old with the mind of a 30-year-old, so you go through a mid-life crisis even though to others it’s an end life crisis.”

Jimin scrunches his eyes, “Hyung, this is just weird, let’s get to the next question.”

“Well Jimin Park, you have the paper.”

“You have one too.”

“Well,” Yoongi continues. “I’m going to keep having this hypothetical discussion about being 90 years old if you don’t ask me a question.”

“Whatever Hyung,” Jimin huffs. “So, if you could wake up tomorrow having gained any singular quality or ability, what would it be?”

“I’m not sure,” Yoongi says. “I think my friends would say that quality-wise, I should be more sociable. However, I think I would want the ability to recognize and understand foreign languages. I think knowing more words would help with my song writing, but also, I want to get in touch with my culture. My parents spoke Korean in the house until I was in third grade. They stopped because they felt like they needed to practice their English. I just think it would be refreshing and mind-opening to explore language as well as culture, I guess.”

“Woah,” Jimin’s eyes go round, “that’s a really good answer. I would’ve never thought of that and trust me, my ass struggled with learning English.”

“Jimin, I think it’s too soon to be talking about your ass. Also, you just cursed again. What happened to you Jiminie? Did my bad influence rub off on you?”

“Oh my god Hyung,” Jimin says in an exasperated tone. “It’s just an expression, not a curse word. It’s actually one of the first English words I got the hang of.”

“Why am I not surprised that you think ass is not a curse word?”

“Whatever, since you asked, I think if I were to gain an ability, I would want to teleport. That way I could go see my family whenever I want and come back to LA in the blink of an eye. Imagine getting to avoid airports,” Jimin sighs, picturing how much easier life would be avoiding such monstrous public spaces. “Also, I’d want to travel the world. I could save so much money on airports and hotels and just go wherever, whenever I have the desire.”

Yoongi’s impressed. “That sounds dangerous and amazing at the same time. I think you could do it though, but you definitely need to bring someone with you that knows the mother tongue of each country.”

“Then I’ll bring you along with me. Happy?”

“For a hypothetical situation,” Yoongi grins, “immensely satisfied.”

Jimin feels like his smile is permanently etched on his face. Talking to Yoongi is so easy and Jimin doesn’t want their date to end anytime soon. Yes, he’s counting this as a date.




Yoongi watches Jimin carefully, wanting to remember this moment and the way he’s smiling at him. He can’t remember the last time anyone gave him such an expressive look of happiness. He’s never craved such a response and he didn’t want to let that go anytime soon.

He picks the packet of questions back up and finds one he thinks will be fun. “Next question Jimin. You must be honest.”

“Hyung,” Jimin laments. “I have been honest the whole time.”

“Yes, but now you have to be really honest.”

“I think you’re hyping this up too much, just ask the question.”

“Jimin, it’s called tension.”

“You’re such a drama queen.” Jimin is following along in his own packet. “This next question isn’t that hard.”

“Really?” Yoongi glances at the page and then tilts his head at Jimin, “You think you can name 3 things that you and your partner have in common?”

“Yes. We’re both Korean. That’s one.”

“That’s too obvious though and c’mon, we can do better than that.”

“We’re both gay,” Jimin says gleefully.

“Again, obvious, but I’m actually bisexual and now I realize we’re being filmed.”

Concern reaches Jimin eyes. “Hyung, are you out?” he asks.




“Well, only my friends know. I actually haven’t been out with a guy since high school,” Yoongi answers.

“Oh,” Jimin seems to be contemplating this for a moment. He wonders if Yoongi likes him. Of course, he probably doesn’t hate him. Right?

We have been flirting right? He isn’t just acting this way for the video. Is he?

“Do your parents know?” Jimin questions; he knows it’s hard, coming out. He’s lucky his parents were naturally accepting of Jimin. His mother always said she could never stop him from following his heart. She said if Jimin wants to dance, then he should dance to his heart’s content. If Jimin prefers loving men, then love is love is love. They let Jimin go to America to fulfill his dreams of dance, but also for a better chance at love—a chance to be himself with no limitations.

“Sort of,” Yoongi shrugs, a solemn look adorns his face. “I think that’s a story for a different day though. I promise.”

Jimin gushes at the mention of making promises for the future. Yoongi means it, he already feels comfortable enough to talk to Jimin for countless hours.




“Thank you Hyung.” Although Jimin isn’t specifying what he’s thankful for, Yoongi understands what he means. Yoongi’s thankful Jimin’s so accepting and patient and not pushing for answers. It makes Yoongi feel comfortable—and very few people make him feel that.

“You’re welcome,” Yoongi smiles. “Now, answer this question right.”

Jimin looks back down at the paper, as if he forgot the question altogether.

“Ok,” he looks back up at Yoongi. “We both are hardworking people. We are passionate about our dreams and aspirations and I think we have a different, yet compatible sense of humor.”

“That last one doesn’t count then.”

“What do you mean?” Jimin asks.

“If we don’t have the same sense of humor, then that’s not a commonality. It doesn’t answer the question completely.”

“Hyung, what is this? A test?”

“Well, if it was, you just got two out of three.”




Something twists in Jimin’s gut, wanting to do better. The try-hard, perfectionist wants to do better than even a three out of three—and his gay ass is willing to risk it all on camera.

“Alright, then I’d say we’re both cute.”

Jimin watches Yoongi’s face. A flash of a small smile graces his features, but tarnishes into a scrunched-up nose and furrowed eyebrows.

“You’re wrong again Jimin.”

“I don’t understand. How—”

“Because I’m not that cute. You’re obviously the cute one.”

Jimin has the urge to bring his hands up to his face to rub away his oncoming blush. How dare a guy he just met make him a flustered mess. “You’re joking.”

“Why would I joke about that Jimin?” Yoongi asks with an utmost, serious tone.

Jimin decides to continually make big risks. “Because you’re obviously cute too. Maybe even better than cute.”

God dammit it. Is this flirting? Am I good at this? I sure hope so…




Is Jimin flirting with me?

Yoongi can’t take this. Jimin is probably one of the easiest people he’s talked to in a long time and he lives with Kim Seokjin, who talks more about himself than Kim Namjoon talks about crabs. He also can’t help but think that Jimin is the most adorable human, and Yoongi has only ever used the word adorable to describe his family dog, Min Holly.

Now Yoongi doesn’t know what to say back. He rarely is the type to get easily flustered and here he is—in a tiny studio apartment, cheeks as pink as the overhanging peonies. Only people that have known him for a long time know his weak spots. Jimin’s only known him for about thirty minutes or so and he’s calling him cute when clearly Jimin is the cute one. Instead of letting it get to him, he keeps going along with the conversation.

“I can’t believe you’re saying this for the internet.”

Jimin shakes his head, “No, I’m saying it for you.”

God Dammit Park Jimin.




Jimin doesn’t get why Yoongi won’t let him compliment him; he hopes he’s not making Yoongi uncomfortable by his bold attempts. For now, he’ll just try to get them back on track with these questions.

Honestly, Jimin’s not sure if the whole, “Questions That Lead to Love” is a full proof science. He finds some of the questions funny and ridiculous and others to be a bit too close to home. Yoongi answers everything earnestly and honestly. He’s so genuine and authentic. Jimin thinks that even if they had to answer simplistic questions about favorite colors, tv shows, or movies to complex ones about their hardships and how they overcame it, or maybe still working through it—Yoongi wouldn’t shy from the truth.

Jimin hopes his answers are viable. He knows that with the crew behind the camera, that other people will watch this—watch him and Yoongi. He wonders what viewers will think. Will they think Yoongi and Jimin are compatible? Jimin is sometimes prone to caring about what others think; he can’t help it, but he hopes that the people on the other side of the screen want them to end up together.

After all of this is done, he can see himself opening up more to Yoongi. He can see himself going out with him, doing mundane things like cooking together, watching tv, or just walking through the streets—holding hands.

Jimin hasn’t had the desire to be this close to anyone in a long time. Him and Tae are just naturally platonic soulmates. Tae has been his rock; he reminds him of home. The strange feeling he gets with Yoongi, after knowing him for as little as an hour, is that Yoongi feels like home.

“So,” Yoongi moves on to the next question, “If you knew that in one year you would die suddenly, would you change anything about the way you are now living? Why?”

“Wow,” Jimin breathes, “That’s a lot to think about.”

Yoongi reaches over and takes hold of Jimin’s hand, “Take your time.”

This question, by far, has not been the most emotionally taxing. There have been questions about terrible memories and embarrassing moments. (For Jimin, all things embarrassing were induced by Taehyung aka the time when Tae told him to wear his tightest pants to the club and one thing lead to another and those pants tore open when he did a spilt drop).

Jimin thinks Yoongi is finally making an excuse to hold his hand and he doesn’t mind one bit. As he thinks of an answer, he starts playing with Yoongi’s fingers.

“I would want to travel, but I would want to travel with the people that I care about, like maybe my friend. And I would also want to spend more time with my family. I’d continue to dance too. It’d be nice if I could get more inspired, maybe even film my choreography and post it on YouTube, or at least make the videos for my family and friends. They say that when I dance—that’s when I am happiest and just let go of myself.”

Yoongi rubs circles into the back of Jimin’s hand, “I like that a lot. I hope I’d get to see you dance.” He pauses, his gummy smile graces his lips. “It sounds like the eighth wonder of the world.”

Jimin squeezes his hand, his face is as pink as his hair. “Hyung, that’s so cringey. You just ruined the mood.”

“Jiminie, let’s get one thing straight—”

Jimin can’t help but snort.

“Jimin, now’s not the time for that,” Yoongi tries to maintain a serious demeanor, “I think you’re the kind of person that doesn’t realize how amazing they are.”

Jimin looks him in the eyes. “I could say the same about you Hyung.”

For a brief moment, a grimace flashes across Yoongi’s features, then transforms into a small smile.

“Well, if I knew I would hypothetically die in a year I don’t know if I would have the desire to go out more than I already do. I think I would continue to write and produce songs, because that’s what I like to do, and probably when I’m happiest.”

“What about your friends or family?”

Yoongi seems to ponder, but Jimin knows Yoongi will say the truth.

“Well, I live with my friends, so it’s not like I don’t spend enough time with them. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but if you think I’m cringey, then you haven’t seen the epitome of cringey—aka my friends who’ve been dating for almost three 3 years and pining after one another for about 7 or more years before they became official.”

Jimin smiles at the thought of people being together for a long time. He can’t imagine what it’s like to know someone for more than a decade and to love them all that time. He wants something like that and more. He’s not sure if he deserves it. He’s doubtful he’ll find that, but after today, Yoongi lessens his doubts little by little, more and more as they talk.

“That’s cute,” Jimin glances at their hands. He likes how even though Yoongi has longer fingers and a slimmer hand compared to his short, stubby fingers, they go together like a power plug to an outlet—oddly shaped but meant to fit.

“You’re cute,” Yoongi says, with the same calm, genuine tone he’s used for the questions.

I swear to God or whatever deity is up there that I won’t blush. My cheeks hurt so much. Wait, does he mean it?

Jimin uses his one hand that’s not entangled with Yoongi’s to lean his head against it, “Aish hyung, that was too easy.”

Yoongi’s grip slightly tightens around his fingers, “Too easy?”

Jimin gives one nod, “Like a freebie.”

An eyebrow is raised in question, “A freebie? What?”

Even his eyebrow quirk is making me flustered. I swear—

“Hyung, stop.”

“Stop what Jiminie?” Yoongi’s smile turns into a full one, exposing his gums.

Jimin is so done, beyond it even. “You are trying to make me blush and I’m putting my foot down.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes, still maintaining a goofy smirk. “Jimin, you’re sitting—your feet are already down.”

“This is an expression Hyung. I know my English.”

“It’s your English now?” Yoongi quirks that dang eyebrow again. “Do you rule the world or something?”

“Of course, I do. Isn’t it obvious?”

A cough from somewhere behind the camera reels them back in. A reminder that this is all being filmed.




Yoongi grabs the paper and reads the next question. He definitely wants to continue this conversation with Jimin. Heck, he wants to talk to him about everything and anything. “What do you value most in a friendship?”

Jimin’s facial expression shifts to a nostalgic type of happiness at the mention of friends (his friends matter so much to him—especially when he first came to LA). “I value trust and loyalty. If I didn’t have my good friends to rely on, then I don’t know if I would like living in America. Tae, my best friend, he’s the one who helped me get adjusted. He might be the craziest person I know, but I love him as much as I love my family.”

Yoongi’s smile widens, showing his soft pink gums. “That’s actually precious.”

The incessant blush on Jimin’s cheeks glows, he asks, “What about your friends Hyung?

It’s a good question. Yoongi does value his friends, but he legitimately considered slapping some sense into Seokjin for putting in an application for this video and Namjoon too—since he went along with Jin’s antics.

Despite that, Yoongi has to admit he wouldn’t want any other people to be his friends. “Truthfully, they get on my nerves. It’d be nice if one of them was less loud and obnoxious and if the other wasn’t so clumsy, but when it comes down to it—I wouldn’t change those qualities about them.”

“Hyung, you’re a talking contradiction. I really can’t tell if you like your friends or not.”

“I know,” Yoongi agrees. “It’s an odd relationship, but I love them more than I could possibly hate them. They are some of the few people who I know care about me and I care about them. Even if I don’t openly show it.”

“AWW,” Jimin coos. “That’s adorable. I bet you’re a huge softie.”

Jimin’s not wrong. He’s the type of person that prefers avoiding confrontation. He’d rather hold hands than put up his fists if he disagreed with someone. “If you tell anyone that Jimin, they won’t believe you.”

Jimin shakes his head, smiling, “But there’s evidence.”

Yoongi scrunches his nose, minorly confused. “What evidence?”

Jimin points to the camera and even waves at it like it’s a good ‘ole friend.

The small smile that blossoms on Yoongi’s face is solely because of Jimin’s cuteness.




After Yoongi and Jimin have gone back and forth, answering all the questions. They made it—they made it to the end. They can either go their separate ways or continue this—talking, mayhaps, even a new friendship. Admittedly, Jimin could see more; he definitely wants to try for more.

“Here’s the final question,” Yoongi says. “Do you think you’re ready for this Jimin Park?”

Jimin can’t help but think that his new Hyung is a real goofball. A real dork. A real friend. “If it’s another question about regrets or death or looming future then no.”

Yoongi acts like he’s double checking the question on the paper. There are no more questions on the paper; this is all Yoongi. “Well, this could fit into the “looming future category.”

“What do you mean? What is it?” Jimin’s not sure what he could anticipate here, but he may have a wild guess.

“This is a big deal Jimin. I—”

“Get on with it Yoongi Min.”

“I thought I was Hyung.”

“Not if you keep stalling”

“Fine,” Yoongi grabs the paper. Jimin knows his Hyung probably knows the question without having to look at the paper and is just being overly dramatic.

The air in the room felt heavy to begin with. The way the sun filters through adds weight on top of the nerves of how this blind date could go. Jimin is grateful that his date turned out to be Yoongi. He’s not what Jimin would’ve expected to find out here in LA. He’s not someone he ever expected to find anywhere.

It’s funny how Jimin could picture himself meeting Yoongi someway, somehow. Maybe they could’ve met on the street, boarding a plane, or in some alternate dimension perhaps. He feels drawn to Yoongi in ways he can’t describe. There’s not only this desire to be close to the man, but a need to be around him. He thinks that even though Yoongi’s overall demeanor felt cool and collect, maybe even a bit stand-offish, he’s come to find that Yoongi Min is a softie and an honest man.

“Would you go on a second date with me?” Yoongi nervously asks.

Why does he even have the nerve to be nervous?

Jimin decides to have some fun (he’s really living up to his title as a brat). He keeps a neutral expression on his face, looking straight into his Hyung’s eyes, “I’m going to be quite honest with you Yoongi Min.”

Yoongi’s face drops.

Jimin can’t stand it. He never wants to see such a sad expression on Yoongi’s face ever again. He grabs Yoongi’s hand again as he asks:

“Why didn’t we start off with that question?” 

Yoongi immediately shifts his downward face to Jimin. Jimin notices how his catlike eyes contain a mixture of confusion and relief. “Jimin, that’s not a straight answer.”

“Well, this might surprise you, but I’m not straight.

“Jimin, this is becoming ridicu—”

“Of course, I want to go out with you again, Hyung.”

Yoongi brings a hand up to his chest. He breathes in, “God Jimin.” He breathes out, “you’re a real brat.”

Jimin’s eyes crinkle in the corners, trying not to laugh. “You shouldn’t say that to your date.”

“You shouldn’t give me a heart attack. You know I’m a feeble old man in a young body.”

“Did you think I would say no?”

Yoongi shrugs, “You can never know for sure.”

With full adoration and affection Jimin says, “Hyung, you’re absolutely ridiculous.”

Someone in the background started waving, signaling to wrap it up.

Yoongi stood up, containing to hold Jimin’s hand, using their clasped hands to get up from this—by now—flat cushions. Jimin didn’t realize they were about the same height while sitting down. Yoongi’s frame seemed smaller than his and it definitely is, but his height or body isn’t what really matters to Jimin. Although he finds Yoongi to be one of the most attractive people he’s ever met, he has never met anyone that he could easily fall into conversation with, and that means a lot to Jimin. Especially because moving to LA hasn’t been the easiest experience.

“Yoongi, I would love to go on another date with you?”

“What happened to the Hyung?”

“I think I can switch it up if I want to, either way I respect you.”




Yoongi doesn’t know why his cheeks feel like they’re burning from Jimin’s confident statement, but to receive such open kindness has left him feeling breathless. They’ve built a connection that Yoongi has never had with anyone else. He’s excited and scared all at once, almost like he’s on a roller coaster that he was too scared to get on, but took the chance and never regretted it.

“I respect you too Jiminie.”

Jimin giggles, “You know that one song Hyungie?”

Yoongi just stares, unsure where Jimin is going with this. Then Jimin starts to hum a bit and then belts out, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me.”

Yoongi continues to stare, but his jaw falls open. Jimin can actually carry a tune—the best tunes. Yoongi’s predicts that this is all just the start of learning about all there is to know on Jimin.

Jimin shyly glances up at him—a smile still plastered on his face. “Was I that bad Hyung?”

Yoongi audibly gulps. “No, what? Of course not. I didn’t know you could sing.”

A small laugh escapes from Jimin, “Well, there’s a lot you can learn about me on our second date.”

Before Yoongi can respond a loud, “CUT!” dissolves their atmosphere.

There’s lots of shuffling around them. Before Yoongi knows it, this Kev, Ken, whoever, shows back up. “Alright guys, good stuff—”

Another person approaches, a girl with a long brown ponytail. She gushes, “S’cute.”

Jimin bows his head, “Thank you, Kaelynn.”

The director shakes his head, “Anyways, we just have a couple follow-up questions for each of you guys and then you’re free to go.”

Yoongi never thought he’d think this, but he doesn’t want to leave this set just yet. He wishes he could spend more time talking to Jimin, getting to know him. Yes, they have their date, but they haven’t even exchanged numbers yet and he’s supposed to walk away? Fat chance.

Jimin’s about to follow Kaelynn, but Yoongi grabs his wrist. “Jimin.”

Jimin’s eyes glimmer with a glassy sheen; Yoongi is so close he can see that Jimin has a crooked front tooth.

How is a tooth adorable?

“Yeah, Yoongi-Hyung?”

Yoongi slips his hand into his back pocket and hands Jimin his phone. “I’m not letting you get away too easily.”

Pinky tones burst on Jimin’s face, “Hyung, I wouldn’t get away if I could.” Jimin hurriedly types in his contact. “Yoongi, you do realize I was going to come back right after, right?”

Yoongi knows. “I know, but better safe than sorry. I expect you to take me out on a good second date.”

A punch that’s borderline knockout worthy lands on Yoongi’s shoulders. “Excuse me? When did we agree to me taking you out? Why won’t you treat your dongsaeng? Mmmh?”


“Don’t worry, I’ll treat you Jiminie. Let’s go get some food because I don’t know about you, but I definitely need more than tea on my stomach.”

Kaelynn is waiting for Jimin, but she doesn’t appear to mind. Jimin fully turns himself around to face Yoongi. “You want to go on a second date when we just had our first?”

“Umm…” Yoongi starts to feel like he’s losing his confident edge a bit. “I—”

“Yoongi, I’d love to. I’m glad you asked.”

Yoongi lets go of Jimin’s wrist so he can finish the interview. “I’m glad I met you.”

Before Jimin leaves, he kisses Yoongi’s cheek. The press of his plump lips makes Yoongi wonder what it would be like if they actually kissed. “Me too. I’ll see you soon.”

With that, Jimin walks off with Kaelynn, leaving Yoongi to reacquaint himself with Kev/Ken.

What a time.




Yoongi and Jimin go on their second date on the same day as their first. They have a good laugh over the fact that Yoongi could never quite figure out the director’s name. They continued to talk about everything and nothing—growing closer all thanks to some mischievous friends and tea for two.