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The Silent Hero: Deku The Mime

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"I'll kill you Deku!"

A green haired boy merely held up a sign with a question mark, and a sad face.

A blonde-haired boy stopped his assault on a greenete, choosing to take a breath before he made his next move, already annoyed with this conversation.

"Deku, you have a quirk. And while not as awesome as mine I'll admit it's got potential. Yet your dumbass is wasting it on being a goddamn MIME!" Bakugou yelled.

The green mime switched his sign from a question mark to an angry face while dodging an explosion.

"Are you serious, you're wasting so much potential! And enough with the silence I've heard you talking before so speak!"

"No!" Izuku yelled teasingly.

No one at school cared to intervene as this was a common occurrence for the two. Every day the two would see each other, Bakugou would ask Midoriya if he was going to be a hero, then the other boy would shake his head, then mime a wall that Bakugou would run into right before he could get an explosion to the face and then a fist fight for a good ten minutes would go on until the two got hungry.

To be honest the teachers and other students aren't entirely sure if those kids are friends, or enemies. They wanna say Bakugou is a bully but after school the two are usually seen parting ways on amicable terms. It's really confusing for everyone.

Those watching turn to see Midoriya point to his outfit underneath his uniform and the black and white make up he has in his backpack, before throwing Bakugou across the yard with his telekinesis or as Izuku identifies it as his Mime quirk, which grants him the ability to construct whatever he can think of.

"That right there, you just tossed me like nothing and you wanna waste it on party tricks!" Bakugou seethed.

Everyone held their breath in anticipation to see what Midoriya would do next.

The bushy haired boy merely gasped and glared at the blonde, "How dare you! I haven't ventured out to parties yet and you know that! he yelled looking very insulted.

"Is anyone gonna stop them?" a girl asked.

"Do you wanna get caught in the middle of that?" another girl asked pointing to Midoriya pretending to toss a lasso onto Bakugou and tying him up, while the other boy writhes on the ground.

"I'm not getting trapped in a box again like last week" another boy says walking off.

"Izu-honey how was school?" a tall and skinny greenete asked from the kitchen.

Getting no response, the mother of one merely giggle, finding it adorable how dedicated her son is at being the number one mime in the world.

"I blame letting him watch all those prequirk videos of mimes, for this hobby." She laughed.

Walking into the dining room Inko Midoriya sees her son in a black and white striped outfit with similar colored face paint. Smiling fondly at her son Inko asks him if he needs any help with anything before, he goes out.

"Well, Izuku? Anything I can do to help you prepare for you performance this evening?" Inko says trying to hide back her laughter at the fact her 14-year-old son was going to go out a street perform.

Izuku looked back at his mom with a smile on his face, giving her a thumbs up indicating he was all set up and ready to go.

"Alright then but remember if you need anything don't hesitate to call or text whichever you prefer."

"If I'm in trouble I'll call. If it's anything else I'll text" Izuku says happily, not at all minding he was breaking his oath of silence to speak with his mom.

"Thank you Izuku. I know how much you hate speaking because its beaks that mime code, but really it lets me know you're safe" Inko said smiling.

"I know mom, but I'd break any code for you!" Izuku says grinning before his mother shoos him off.

"Too pure!" Inko gushes as her son leaves the apartment.

Izuku was at the shopping district in his mime outfit preparing for his show. Well he couldn't really call it a show since he just randomly performs and hopes people will stop what they're doing to watch him. He's yet to garner a full following but that might be because Mimes aren't that popular.

Izuku was busy getting himself out of a box when he saw a cute girl about to pass him by, she had orange hair and nice blue eyes, and while most people would think being a mime is all he cares about they would be dead wrong.

So Izuku doing the only thing he could think of to catch the girls attention decided to rope her in and bring her back to him…hopefully she didn't find that weird.

While he prepares his rope, he saw a small crowd begin to gather interested in seeing why a boy dressed up weird was messing with his hands. Izuku saw the girl was getting closer, but in his haste to unwrap the rope got everything knotted up at least he acted like he did.


Laughter rung around the crowd at seeing the mime panic at the invisible rope get messed up.

Itsuka Kendo wasn't sure why she was hanging around the shopping district when she wasn't in much of a shopping mood, but she figured taking a break from her martial arts practice was needed. Looking back now she regrets not being so vigilant.

As soon as Izuku heard the laughter around him he realized that his antics towards trying to get the girls attention was getting him noticed, which was perfect. Also perfect was the girl about to pass his crowd.

Izuku pointed to the crowd stopping their laughter making them look at who he was a pointing at. As everyone turned to see who he was pointing to they saw a girl about his age in a brown motorcycle jacket mindlessly walking about.

When the crowd looked back, they saw Izuku on the ground performing CPR on himself. The crowd couldn't help but laugh at the boy's antics towards this random girl, when Izuku finally got up he put on binoculars, to search for the girl again hoping he hadn't missed his chance with her.

"What's the kid doing?" a random crowd watcher asked.

"I don't know but I think he's supposed to be looking out of binoculars or something like that?"

"This kid's a riot!"

When Izuku put his self-made binoculars down and threw back an imaginary fishing pole, or at least to everyone around him it was imaginary, he was illegally using his quirk, his face lit up when he sensed he caught something.

Izuku looked to everyone with a thumbs up, his grin causing smiles on everyone else's face. Then the boy began to reel back his fishing pole fighting back every once and awhile.

Kendo continued to walk around hoping something would catch her eye when she felt something pull at her jacket. Looking around she couldn't see the culprit which caused slight panic and anger. As she got pulled away to a crowd of people unwillingly her anger grew.

"Whoa this kid looks like he actually caught something?"

"Nah, I call bull, he's just doing that and then he's gonna act like he lost- "

"OH MY GOD IT'S THAT GIRL!" another crowd watcher yelled surprised by the boy's skill.

"Hey, let me go, what the hell!?" Itsuka yelled as she struggled to get out of an invisible grip.

The entire crowd watching Izuku finish reeling in the orange haired girl was baffled at this boy's skill.

"Who the hell are you and why can't I get free!?" Itsuka yelled.

Izuku ever the gentlemen gave the girl his card after letting her go, and with a bow revealed to her a flower.

"Ooh this guy is smooth."

"Izuku Midoriya, The Greatest Mime to Live" Kendo read aloud trying to hold back her laughter at the boy's card, her anger dissipating once she saw who had literally caught her attention.

"Are you being serious, you're a mime?"

Izuku smiled at the pretty girl nodding, pointing to his ensemble then pretending to be stuck behind a wall.

Well he sure is dedicated.

The girl looked at him with a small smile as he continued to perform other tricks, once he seemed to finally finish with getting himself out of a box, she walked up to him.

"So, can I ask why you wrangled me over here...literally?" she deadpanned.

Izuku smiled nodding vehemently.

Itsuka waited for his answer realizing she wasn't going to get one because he was a mime and watched as he acted it out.

Izuku knew if he was going to score a date with this girl, he had to be smooth, and so began Izuku the mime's hardest performance ever.

The crowd surrounding the two waited with baited breath for the boy to act.

"You think the mime's got a chance?"

"Nah, he can't even talk"

Little did they know.

Itsuka watched as the boy put a hand on her shoulder and quickly withdraw it as if he had been burned, confused she looked to the boy watching as he silently blew on it.

Why did he pretend to burn himself on me, I'm not…oh.

Kendo blushed lightly at the mime's advances.

The crowd oohing, at such a smooth act.

Izuku seeing that his actions were getting a reaction continued and quickly looked at the girl and began fanning himself, while pulling at his collar. He then pretended to pour himself a few drinks and gulp it down.

Kendo watched as the boy acted out drinking while getting hot being around her, her blush intensifying.

So obviously, he's thirsty.

The crowd clapping at the boy's skills to flirt while seemingly being silent.

Izuku smiled as he saw the girl in front of him begin to cover her face as he continued his actions, deciding to be blunter Izuku pulls out a sign with a giant heart on it and points to the girl.

"Excellently executed" a man said.

"Well done."

"Did not expect a mime to be so smooth."

"How the hell are you so smooth? You're a mime, you can't even talk!" Kendo yells.

Izuku merely grins before shooting finger guns at the girl. Then looking to the crowd who had begun to disperse collecting the tips they left for him.

"Wow, okay so I was just hit on by a mime and fell for it. What even is life now?" Kendo said going to walk off before realizing she can't move.

Slowly she realizes she's being pulled back by an invisible pull and as she turns her head, she sees Izuku pretending to pull a rope wiping his forehead as he pretended to struggle to do so...

"Okay, what now?" the girl asked, visibly exhausted.

Smiling at the girl Izuku pulls a card out of nowhere thrusting it in her face. Two words and a slew of digits were the only thing on it, but really that was all that was needed to cause the girl to blush heavily.

"You want me to call you? Would you even be able to talk to me?" Kendo asked.

Izuku frowned, before grinning again and nodding. Pointing to the girl he gave a thumbs up.

"So, if I called you, you'd answer?"

Again, Izuku shot finger guns.

"Alright then. I'll think about it" Kendo said before walking off, only to hit an invisible wall.

"What the fuck Midoriya!"

The mime at least had the decency to blush while shrugging, as if he forgot about the invisible wall that was there.

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When Izuku got home he told his mother everything that had happened, the squeal of happiness that came from Inko Midoriya was heard all down their block.

Itsuka was at her father's dojo looking at the card the weird mime boy gave her when it was snatched out of her hand by the last person, she wanted to see it.

"Who the hell is Izuku Midoriya the greatest Mime to live" and why does this card say call me?"

"Well, if it wasn't already obvious, he's a mime. And he asked me out." Kendo said cringing at how weird that sounded.

"Kendo how does a mime ask you out…they don't speak."

"He acted out a bunch of gestures and somehow I ended up accepting his number." Kendo said.

"Kendo I want you to know that I love you, but you've got some weird taste in boys." The dojo master/ father said before walking off.

Kendo could only stand with her mouth agape at her father's remark.

The next day happened to be a weekend the best time for Izuku to scout out potential performance spots. While he was almost done getting dressed Izuku heard his phone begin to ring and while usually he would ignore it given this was his dress up time, he had been waiting for a call from a certain orange haired girl.

"Hello?" a soft-spoken voice called.

"Izuku the great speaking, how may I help you."

Kendo couldn't help but snort at the boy's response. "Oh, hi this is Kendo the girl you caught during one of your performances, you said I could call you?" she said.

"Indeed, and you have. And I'm really surprised?" Izuku, no bothering to hide how shock he was.

"Oh, and why's that?" she retorted.

"A mime gave you his number after hitting on you through random actions, if I were you, I'd probably have chucked my card."

"Well your actions said a lot, even if you didn't speak at all to me."

"Well I am dedicated to my work", he joked.

"Oh, I see, so if I were to ask you out would I see you dressed up as a mime or a regular person?" Kendo asked.

"Well that depends."

"On what" she asked curious.

"Does the face paint turn you on oooor…"

"Oh my god, I'm starting to regret this phone call" she chuckled.

"I never heard a no, Ken-do" Izuku sung.

"Just meet me at the shopping center tomorrow same place you were doing your weird mime thing" she sighed.

"Of course. But you still never told me if you wanted me in my mime attire or not?"

"What do you think?"

"Surprise you got it" Izuku quickly answered before hanging up.

"I'm gonna regret this date, I can already feel it" Kendo sighed.

The next day Izuku was a mess deciding on what to wear to his date with the pretty girl he had met. He had wanted his moms help, but she had already gone out for breakfast with Aunt Mitsuki. So now Izuku was left alone to find an outfit that was nice but not too nice.

"Maybe this would work?" he thought.

Kendo wasn't sure what to expect when she said yes to a date with a mime. His only outstanding features were green hair and green eyes. His face paint kinda distracted you from noticing any outstanding facial features so she wasn't sure how he looked underneath all that.

That's why when a rather cute looking boy with freckles walked up to her rather flustered, she was, well the only word she could think of was shocked. The mime who hit on her was bold, the boy she talked to on the phone was suave, her date in front of her was meek and adorable and if anyone were to ever hurt him, she'd probably kill everyone around her then herself.

"Midoriya?" Kendo asked.

"Oo-oh he-hey Ke-kendo. Ho-how's it going?" Midoriya said once able to make eye contact with the girl.

"Hold on a sec, what happened to the boy on the phone who thought I liked him better with the face paint on, or the mime who literally pulled me over to him?" she said shocked.

Midoriya couldn't help but blush as she brought hat up looking anywhere else but at her.

"Uh, well, you see wh-when I'm performing I kinda get into a different persona, you know like an actor, so I per-perform bet-better around cro-crowds. And on the phone, it's eas-easier to talk to you because I can't see you." He explained.

"How is that easier talking to me?" she asked.

"You're really pretty and I've ne-never really ta-talked to such a pre-pretty girl be-before. It's ki-kinda intimidating. I didn't really think you'd call me." Izuku chuckles.

Kendo's face turned red at the boy's admission. She still couldn't believe that the mime she met just the day before was this meek boy but some part of her found it sweet.

"Uh, I un-understand if you don't want to go out anymore" Izuku says looking away.

Kendo can't help but giggle at the awkward boy in front of her, sighing when she thinks to herself that "yes, she is still going to go on a date with this weirdo mime boy".

"As weird as this whole thing is, I'd love to still go on a date with you."

"Really!" Izuku says shocked.

"Yes. Really" Kendo says shocked herself.

As the two eat their food they begin discussing what they plan to do after middle school. It took a bit of time but Izuku finally began to get comfortable around Kendo enough to stop stuttering.

"So, you still haven't decided on what high school to go to?" Kendo asked surprised.

"No, my focus is miming so I'm probably going to go to the one near my apartment." Izuku explained, "How about you?"

"Well I plan on going to U.A to be a hero." Kendo says, happily.

"That's so cool. What's your quirk?"

"I call it Big Fist. I can enlarge my fists which also strengthens them." Kendo explains, "It's not that impressive but it should be enough to get me in the hero course."

Izuku smiled wide at the girl, causing a slight blush on Kendo. "No way that's amazing, you could do all sorts of stuff with that. If you need to swipe away any type of residue or say poison gas, you could use your hands as fans, or lift debris easily, depending on how well you're training you could probably take down villains twice your size. If you do martial arts, your close combat would be amazing!"

Kendo stared at the boy in front of her wide eyed. IN a matter of seconds, he had analyzed her quirk and even guessed that she could double the advantage by doing martial arts.

"Wow that's exactly right. I'm currently doing karate to help me with my close combat. How did you do that? Kendo asked.

Izuku rubbed the back of his head embarrassed. "Well, when I was younger I used to analyze hero quirks, but then I kinda stopped once I started learning how to be a mime. I really want to be the best mime in the world so I devoted all my time to the arts." Izuku said with his eyes shining.

"Really, huh, I just assumed miming was some sort of secondary thing you did with your quirk. That was your quirk you used on me, right?"

Izuku scratched his cheek embarrassed at being caught. "Yeah, I call it mime since I can create invisible constructs, hence the rope. It's also kinda an ode to my what I plan to be. And I did want to be a hero when I was younger but then I saw these pre quirk videos of this famous mime Charlie Chaplain and my entire dream changed. Now I want to make people smile with my performances!"

Kendo smiled fondly at the boy's declaration, although she couldn't help but think of something. "Well if you wanted to be a hero when you were younger, why don't you just do both? I mean a lot of other heroes have side jobs alongside heroing?"

Izuku stared at the girl speechless. He never really thought about doing dual professions, but then again after all this time, does he even want to do both?

"I don't know, I guess I never really thought how heroing and Miming could go together. For me I've always been a one-track mind." He said smiling.

"So that means U.A is a no-go huh?" Kendo said smiling sadly.

At first Izuku wasn't sure why Kendo looked so sad, but then he realized that if he and Kendo were pursuing different passions then they wouldn't be able to see each other that much and he was having a lot of fun wiht the girl in front of him. So he'd be stupid to let the girl who was okay with him being a mime go.

"Would you believe me if I told you I just decided on applying for the Gen. Ed course at U.A?" he said sheepishly.

"No, but I would find it flattering if you decided to make that choice just so we could see each other more." Kendo said smiling.

"Pfft, what no. I mean yeah I'd love to go out with you more and possibly be your boyfriend, but Kendo your moving too fast for me. I mean even though I want to put my all into miming I still need a good education so I can get into a good college and what better school than U.A!" Izuku tried to say.

Kendo merely looked at Izuku's blushing face and began laughing.

""So, you don't want a second date?" Kendo joked eyebrow raised.

"Yes, please!" Izuku said.

"I have a martial arts competition next weekend , if you want to come watch me" Kendo said smiling, hoping the boys answer would be yes.

"I'd love to see you kick butt! And maybe you can come see more of my shows!" Izuku says happily.

Kendo giggles at his enthusiasm happy with his answer. "Sure, just promise you won't rope me into being a part of them."

"No promises." He winks.

Rolling her eyes, she waves goodbye leaving behind the greenette who was mentally slapping himself for what he said earlier.

"Bakugou's gonna kill me."

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Now it was morning and Izuku was back to his silent persona hoping to go by unnoticed. Of course, he knew that wasn't going to happen since his childhood friend constantly nagged him to be a hero, and now that he was planning on applying to U.A., mainly to see Kendo, well he knew today was not going to be a good day. He wasn't sure how he was going to explain that he was just going for the Gen ed course and not the hero course but...well he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it. His dream is to still be a mime of course.

As of right now he was sitting in class, all the way in the back thankfully going unnoticed and listening to the teacher drone on about things he already knew. Thankfully everyone just ignored him since they found him weird for not wanting to use his quirk for hero work. No one wants to be associated with a weirdo mime.

"Since you're all third years, it's time for you to think seriously about your futures," the teacher began one morning. "I'd pass out handouts for your future plans, but…" He grabbed the stack of papers on his desk, and with a flourish, tossed them up into the air.

"You're all pretty much planning to go into the hero course, right!?"

The classroom erupted into noise, with kids showing of their Quirks. Izuku on the other hand was writing things in his Mime Analysis for the future book, ignoring everyone around him.

"Yes, yes, you all have wonderful Quirks!" the teacher cried, "But using them at school is against the rules."

"Yo, teach " Bakugou called, cutting through the noise. "Don't lump me in the same group as these extras! I'm not gonna be stuck at the bottom with the rest of these rejects!"

The room once more exploded into sound, but this time it was with his classmates yelling at the blond for being rude.

"You should all shut up like the extras you are!" Bakugou shouted back, seeming to take pleasure in the way his peers got even more riled up.

"Ah," the teacher drawled, everybody stopping their yelling to give him their attention. The man was looking at one of the pieces of paper now scattered on his desk. "It seems that you want to go to U.A High, right, Bakugou?"

"Eh!? That national school!?"

"It was in the top 0.2% of high schools this year!"

"Isn't their acceptance rate always really low!?"

"Exactly!" Bakugou shouted, putting a stop to the chatter. "That's why you guys are just a bunch of extras!" He leaned back further in his chair, then pushed himself into the air with just his arms alone, landing on the desk to tower above the rest of the class.

"I aced the mock exam! I'm the only one at this school that could possibly get into U.A! I'll surpass All Might and become the top hero! My name will be the highest on the list of top earners!" Bakugou cried with passion, steadily getting louder and using explosive movements to match his tone.

Izuku couldn't help but smile at his frenemy, while he saw him as cocky, he also knew he had immense potential to be a great hero. If only he got off his high horse.

The teacher, used to his student's antics, spent a moment shuffling through some other papers, before something caught his eye.

"Oh, Midoriya, I'm honestly surprised by what you wrote, but it seems like you're aiming for U.A too aren't you? Guess you decided to give up on your mime dream and put that quirk of yours to good use".

Izuku put his hands on his stomach to bellow, he didn't, a laugh. When he was finished, he pointed to the paper in his teachers' hand so he would check again. The teacher ignoring the boy's theatrics too a look to see he had applied for the general course. "Ah, I see you just want to go in the Gen Ed course. Miming still your dream, eh?"

Before Midoriya could give a thumbs up to the elder an explosion hit his desk.

"DEKU!" Bakugou slammed his hands on the wannabe mime's desk causing the boy to fall back in response to the explosion he had caused.


"Why the hell does Bakugou want Midoriya to go to U.A with him so bad?" someone whispered.

"Hell, if I know."

Izuku eyes widened in fear. Seeing the other boys face redden in anger he began waving his hands for Bakugou to back off.


"Who is Bakugou even kidding, Midoriya is too determined to be a mime, he'd never bother even trying to be a hero. He'll never quit being a lame mime."

"Seriously, I doubt anyone could change his mind."

"Alright that's enough! If Izuku wants to be ... a mime, then let the boy be Bakugou!" The Teacher finally spoke silencing him.

Izuku rolled his eyes at the side comments and let out a sigh of breath when he saw Bakugou finally back off. He knew the other boy wanted him to be a hero, but why he can't understand.

Izuku's end goal was being a mime, and he'd be damned if anyone stopped him. He just wanted to attend U.A. so he could see Kendo and that was it.

The end of the day came without any more explosions to the face which Izuku was all too thankful for. He went to leave happy the day was finally ending only to be confronted by Katsuki and his goons.

"Well well well, if it isn't Deku the mime."

The mime in training merely saluted, annoying the blonde.

Bakugou grit his teeth, replacing his expressionless face with a very pissed of one.

"Deku, you need to look at things realistically, being a mime is a waste of your time and those who you try to make watch you. Go to U.A., join me in the hero course, be a damn hero you annoying fuck, stop this nonsense."

Izuku merely glared at the boy crossing his arms pulling out a sign, "?"

Bakugou eye twitched in annoyance. "If you don't know why then fine, be a damn mime see if I care."

After the confrontation with Bakugou, Izuku was walking through a tunnel making his way home with a frown on his face.

"Bakugou wants to be the number one hero in the world, so why does he want me competing against him" he thought. Even though Izuku had never really cared for heroics, he still thought All Might was one of the greats and agreed with Bakugou that being the number one hero was an admirable goal, but so was becoming the number one mime.

"Whatever it doesn't matter, I'll just keep on smiling and making others laugh!" Doing a silent laugh cheering himself up.

Thankfully due to Izuku's silence he was able to hear the slushing coming from the behind him from the sewer. Once he fully turned around, he was able to see a giant sludge monster, his face changing to an expression of horror.

"Oh no!"

"Hmm a medium-sized skin suit, yes you'll do just fine." The thing said, its voice just as grotesque as it's face.

Izuku paled realizing its choice of words and tried running away only for it to send a tendril of sludge towards him and reel him back.

"It's ok kid it'll be over soon so how about you stop fighting it, I need to get out of here before he arrives."

Izuku was clawing at the slime on his face trying to get it of him without luck.

'Is this... Is this how I die' Izuku thought he started to suffocate.

'Is this how it ends' The world getting blurry as he slowly gave up-

"You're going to be the best mime ever, Izuku-honey"

Izuku's eyes widened as he remembered those words his mom said to him.


He had just finished watching a black and white silent film made from the prequirk era. The movie had a man dressed in a tuxedo and bowler hat running from cops into a mirror room constantly bumping into himself. To others it'd probably be boring but to Izuku it was hilarious.

"Mom, do you think I could be like charwie Chaplan!"

"I thought you wanted to be a hero like All Might?" Inko asked.

"Heroes are cool but that guy's funny and he makes people smile too just look!" a six-year-old Izuku said as he showed his mom videos of the famous Charlie Chaplain performing causing uproars of laughter.

"I wanna do that, I wanna make people smile with my performances!"

Inko smiled softly at her son nodding, "I know you will. You're going to be the best mime ever, Izuku-honey."

Flashback ends

Izuku's eyes widened.

'That's right.' As he clenched his hand on the slime.

' Mom believes in me, So I need to show her I can be the best mime in the world.'

Slowly Izuku worked up the energy to use his miming quirk and draw out the sludge monster, shocking the villain himself.


Right as he was about to fully get the sludge villain fully out of his body, the hero he never expected to show up did.


Izuku immediately felt his body get tired and let All Might take over.

" TEXAS SMAAAAAAAAASH!" Was the last thing he heard before knocking out.

"Yo, Wake Up!"

Izuku woke up, startled by his face getting slapped and the loud sound. Letting his eyes adjust took some time but once he could see clearly, he almost fainted in seeing the number one hero in front of him.

"Oh, thank goodness I was getting worried."

"!' Izuku forgetting he was in character merely brought a sign out with exclamations points, as he jumped to his feet.

"Err, yes well thanks for the assist, but I should get going." All Might said turning around.

Izuku shook himself out of a trance realizing he was in mime mode. Calling out for All Might he picked up his Mime Analysis for the future book only to see it already signed.

"Wait a second could you give an auto-"

"HE ALREADY DID!" Wow Bakugou is gonna love this!

"Oh, so you can speak, that's good. Anyway, I really should be going after all I have to put this guy away." Holding two soda bottles filled with the sludge villain.

Izuku froze.

"Oh yeah, need to take that guy to jail."

All Might started to stretch.


"Midoriya, My name's Izuku Midoriya! And thanks for the help!"

"Hmm. See ya Midoriya." All might say before shooting off.

Oh my gosh I can't believe I talked to all might and got his autograph! Bakugou is gonna be so jealous, Izuku thought.

While Izuku continued his endless train of thought he failed to notice where his legs were taking him.

"I can't believe Deku doesn't want to be a hero, he's got a pretty cool quirk and to just let it waste away." The winged minion says.

"I know it's pathetic right." The other one said.

Katsuki didn't say anything still pissed off his former friend didn't want to be a hero.

"What happened to our promise you stupid Deku! We were supposed to be the best heroes the world would ever see!"

"Hey, Bakugou you ok." The other minion said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

Katsuki turned around in anger and swatted the cigarette away with an explosion.

"What the hell did I tell you about smoking that shit around me!"

"N-not T-to."

"If I get a mark like that my chances at U.A are gone"

"Hey, why don't we head to the arcade that'll be fun." the winged minion said trying to placate him.

Katsuki took a few deep breaths before grunting.


However, before they could get far a chilling voice stopped the three boys.

"Ooh, a medium sized skin suit with a powerful quirk, excellent." A disgusting voice said accompanied by the sound of slush.

"I can't wait to show mom my autograph!" Izuku said to himself unaware of the area he was walking to.


"Whoa, what's happening!"

"A villain attack that's what."

'A villain attack?' Looking up he realized he was in a crowd. Man, this would be the perfect crowd for a mime performance, too bad a villain is here.

"Hey, isn't it that sludge villain from before!"

"Yeah wasn't All Might chasing him!"

Izuku froze.

'But how did he get out if he was with All Might?'

"Damn it, I can't get to him can anyone else!" Death Arms said.

"I'm too busy with this fire!" Backdraft shouted

"Wood and Fire don't mix!" Kamui woods running, carrying citizens to safety.

"A one-way street my only weakness!" Mt. Lady said.

"No heroes around to save the hostage? But there's heroes all over?" Izuku said looking around.

"Why aren't the heroes doing anything." A random crowd watcher asks.

"Because he keeps letting off explosions." Another answered.

Izuku froze when he heard that and slowly looked at the sludge villain.

He has a hostage...who is letting explosions off.

The hostage is Kacchan... he needs help...


"KID! STOP, GET BACK HERE." Death arms yelled at Izuku as he ran past the brigade towards Katsuki.

" WAIT WHAT!" Izuku's' eyes widened when he realized what was happening, why am I running, he thought.

'I... I CAN'T STOP, I CAN'T STOP MY LEGS!' Izuku thought, immediately pulling out a sign with an Exclamation point on it.

"How could I have let those bottles slip from my pants! If only I was stronger." All might growl.

Looking away from the scene a tall skinny blonde clenched his fists agonizing over his failure of fully capturing the sludge monster. That is until he sees the young boy he ran into and helped him, catch the villain the first time.

"What is that young man thinking!" All Might thought.

"YOOUUU!" The villain said shooting slime tentacles at Izuku only for him to dodge just barely and continue running to Kacchan.

"What's that kid doing!"

"What can I do!"' Izuku thought running, before remembering one of his moves he could use.

Mid run the boy stopped where he was, shocking everyone that he would be so bold to be an easy target for the sludge target, that is until they see him grab something off his pants then begin tossing an invisible rope at the sludge monster confusing everyone but the hostage himself.

"What the hell does that kid think throwing nothing is gonna do?" Kamui woods says.

"Hell, if I kn-holy shit he caught the boy!"

Everyone in the crowd was in shock as they witnessed the boy lasso Bakugou and slowly pull him from the sludge monsters grip.

"DEKU WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" he screamed, finally able to breathe with the help of Izuku's stupid mimery.

"How the hell are you doing that!" It screamed dropping its guard allowing Izuku to get to Katsuki and fully pull him out.


"I COULDNT JUST SIT THERE AND WATCH YOU DIE! " His face one of determination as he did continue his tug of war with the slime monster.

"IVE HAD IT WITH YOU!" the sludge monster yelled.

'What the hell Deku! Just leave and be a mime!"

"I really am pathetic aren't I" All Might said as he grabbed Izuku and Katsuki free.

"Letting you boys do all the work while I sit back and relax. Some hero I am."

"DAMN YOU ALL MIGHT!" The villain said while sending an attack in a last-ditch effort.

"DETROIT SMAAAAAAAAAAASH!" Blasting the slime apart before changing the direction of the punch upwards, causing a rain cloud over head to form.

"It's raining."

"Holy crap he changed the weather with a punch!"

The crowd cheered for All Might with him giving them a victory pose before looking back at Izuku, who was dizzy from all the sudden movement.

Once Izuku was finally able to go home he was visibly exhausted. Not only did Kacchan get praised for his quirk but he got chastised for his help.


'So much for a nice walk home' Izuku thought before turning around to see a very red Katsuki.

Katsuki was breathing heavily, stomping his way all the way to the greenette's face.


'That was... strange.' Izuku sweat dropped before turning and going to walk home.

"I AM HERE!" All Might said as he slid into Midoriya way.

"All Might what are you doing here!" Izuku shouted, shocked to see his hero again so soon.


"Oh my god, are you alright! You don't look like All Might, you're an imposter aren't you. I'm gonna get sold because I'm cute aren't I! My mom told me about people like you!" Izuku yelled.

"What no, I assure you I'm the real deal this form is because of an injury that occurred five years ago."

"Five years ago, that was the Toxic chainsaw fight?"

"Pfft, please that guy couldn't hold a candle to me, no this was something else. Due to that I can only hold my form for three hours to the day." All might explain.

Izuku was horrified from this information but kept it hidden not wanting to worry the Symbol of Peace.

"Well, this is nice that you're telling me, but why?" Izuku asked confused.

All Might nodded glad to be back on track of his originally mission for meeting the boy.

"Tell me young Midoriya, when you ran to save that boy, your legs, they moved on their own didn't they?"

Izuku tapped his chin trying to remember the feeling, a rush of how fast he was running yet not being able to stop himself coming back.

"Uh, yeah that's exactly what happened."

All Might smiled wide before saying his next words.

"You see young man, the best heroes fight for what's right, they rescue without a second thought, but what a lot of them have in common is that when someone was in danger... their legs moved on their own, including myself."

Izuku started to look confused as he told him these things.

"You ran headfirst into danger when no one else would."

Izuku nodded, remembering all the heroes who said there was no way they could help.

"Young man, you can become a hero!"

Chapter Text

Izuku froze at those words said from his hero, feeling a bit awkward.


All Might raised his arms in the air.

"I deem you worthy of inheriting my quirk."

"But I don't want to be a hero."


All Might look at Izuku curiously, unsure if he heard right, the younger boys next words causing the man to choke.

"I wanna be a mime, the world's greatest mime to be exact!"

"Ack! Are you serious my boy? You have such great potential to be a hero and you seem to already have a good grasp on how to use your quirk."

Izuku began to sweat, "Uh it's just I really want to be a mime and put smiles on people faces with my performances. They say laughter is the best form of medicine and I want to make people laugh."

All Might sweat dropped at his hopeful successor. "My boy have you ever thought that perhaps you could do both?" All might asks.

Izuku stood frozen at All Might's suggestion.

"Just a thought young Midoriya. You could make people smile with your miming and with saving people. That's what heroes do, they save people with a smile on their face which in turn makes the people smile."

Izuku looked at the tall man before giving his answer.

"I mean that's really tempting but I have a lot of work cut out for me in miming and stuff."

"Ack. Are you serious, I'm giving you an offer of a lifetime and you're still hesitant?" All might choked.

"Then again if I got to U.A. for the hero course I could see Kendo more and I mean making double the amount of people smile…." Izuku started mumbling, ignoring All Might.

All might sweat dropped at his successor.

"Alright I'll do it, but you have to promise this hero stuff won't get in the way of my miming!" Izuku said with a smile on his face.

"HAHAHA, You're weird but I glad you said yes. I promise you'll have time for your mime stuff young Midoriya, now meet me a Dagobah beach tomorrow at 8:00 am!"

Izuku laid in his room thinking over All Might's words unable to get over them. Heroes make people smile too.

Izuku already knew this from seeing All Might save people. It's just the way Charlie Chaplain did it was so different that Izuku wanted to see if he could do the same. Now here's the number one hero telling him exactly what Kendo told him...that he could do the same as a hero and a mime.

"Well, looks like I'm gonna see if it's possible after all…at least Bakugou's gonna be happy..I think?"

Dinner was a silent affair as Inko Midoriya was still slightly worried over her son's actions. He hadn't mentioned wanting to be a hero since he was 6. So, it was a shock when she saw him go to save Bakugou.

Then again, I always knew deep down he still had a heroic heart.


Inko was brought out of her stupor when she heard her son's voice.

"Yes, honey."

"Do you think I could be a hero…and still be a mime?" Izuku asked hesitantly.

Inko was unsure where this was coming from, but she knew she had to answer this carefully.

"Honey why are you asking this now? You've been trying to be a mime, the number one mime for years. I thought you gave up being a hero?"

"I did, I had. But...I met someone, two someone's' who said I could do both and it just made me think why I never thought about that you know. All these years I could've aimed for both, but instead I only focused on one."

"Izuku, honey. It's okay that you did. Being dedicated to one thing over another isn't bad, it just proves how determined you are to reach that goal" Inko said smiling. "But if you feel like being a hero is still important to you then I think you should go for it".

Izuku smiled nodding. His mom was right, as always, just because he focused on one thing doesn't mean he can't focus on another. As of tomorrow, Izuku was going to go for being the number one hero/mime in the world.

The next day Izuku woke up prepared to meet All Might.

"So why are we here at Dagobah beach, All Might?"

"Well! we have some training to do! You're not worthy of OFA just yet!"

"But you said I was earlier?" Midoriya said.

"Your body, your body isn't. My quirk OFA, binds the physical strength of many people into one! Your limp noodle body isn't ready for it! Your limbs would pop right off.!" All Might explained.

"Now that's not true at all" Izuku said, as he ripped off his shirt, mildly insulted.

"For a mime you are actually quite fit" All Might said surprised. "Nevertheless, you still are not prepared for OFA. You need to make your body into a proper vessel, and I have just the way to do that! Here is my Aim to Pass: American Dream Plan!" All might said.

Passing the papers off to Izuku the new hero in training looked through the exercise schedule grimacing.

Once All might deflated, he began speaking again. "You'll follow this plan for the next 10 months, as the entrance exam will be taken place in 10 months! You've trained your body well, but you still need some training. As for why I chose this place for your training, well not only will you train your body, but you'll also clean up this beach!"

"Oh yeah, this spot was a tourist attraction and pretty popular in the past, but ever since then, it's been deserted and trashed. Midoriya said as he looked at the massive amount of garbage stacked up on top of each other.

"It used to be Heroes were about civil service, but now it's all about being a celebrity". All Might said.

"Anyways, let's begin your training!" All-Might bellowed as he fist-pumped the air. Midoriya mimicked his mentor's actions and just like that, they began the training.

Training with the best hero in the world was rather grueling as Midoriya panted, carrying his mentor in the morning with the sun basking them in warm sunlight.

While Midoriya was at home he made sure to go over the Aim to Pass work out plan, only for him to focus on one part.

"All Might kept his promise" Izuku thought as he read the hour and half hour allotted time for Izuku to practice his miming. It wasn't much but he understood that he needed the training more than the miming right now. Izuku felt his heart soar at the number one hero consideration.

It was nearing the end of the week when Izuku looked at his calendar and saw what was coming up, Kendo's martial art's competition.

He looked at his training schedule and saw he had Saturday free to do as he pleased.

"Awesome and Kendo's competition isn't until the evening so I can squeeze in a performance before I have to meet her. I'm sure she won't mind if I show up in my mime attire!" Izuku said happily.

Chapter Text

Izuku prepared himself for this performance. He not only got his face paint on, his mom pressed his shirt, shined his shoes, and even packed all his signs. Today was a good day to be a mime. As he headed to the park where apparently Pop Step was also said to be performing, he was filled with excitement. If he was right, then the crowd that would be there would be huge seeing as Pop Step was well-known all-around Japan. With this type of exposure, he could start to get his name around.

Izuku had just gotten to the park when he saw a huge crowd awaiting Pop Step. He knew this since no one was around yet and he heard a stranger say that Pop Step had yet to show up. It was with this information he hurried to the opposite corner, street performer etiquette says you never take their spot even if they're a few minutes late, and started to set up. With the case set, his sign which stated his name up, Izuku began to perform.

"Okay first trick walking up the stairs" Izuku thought, as he began to carry himself with his quirk, however to the crowd it seemed like he was walking on invisible stairs.

"Holy crap look at that kid over there he's walking on air!" someone shout garnering the attention of the awaiting crowd for pop step. Then they saw Izuku walking on what they assumed was a tight rope as he pretended to wobble back and forth.

A second person noticing this began laughing as the boy went to walk through a door to greet them but walked face first into it then as he tried to open it found it "locked". As he tried to pull it open the crowd found the boy in midair hanging onto nothing trying to pull open a door. Then he went to lifting an invisible hammer and banging it on the door when it broke through, he flew into the crowd.


Izuku merely pulled a sign out as he flew to them the crowd doing their best to not manhandle him and put him down gently.

Laughter rang around as Izuku began to bow to them in apology for such a short show, enjoying the applause and chant of his name.

Kendo was warming up for her turn against the other green belt student when she looked to the stands again to see if the boy, she had lunch with last week was there. When she saw the green hair missing, she frowned to herself, thinking of course he wouldn't come he's probably more focused on being a mime.

There was only one more round until it was her turn and it was as she was readying herself to go up that the Dojo doors slammed open. The entire dojo looked to see who would cause a ruckus, Kendo included only for her to turn bright red and turn back around.

Laughter rang as the crowd saw a boy in mime attire and a sign with their very own Kendo's face walk in smiling.

Kendo's father couldn't help keeping the shit eating grin off his face as he grabbed his daughter from the floor dragging her to where the boy stood.

"Dad, dad, what the hell are you doing I'm up next I should be warming up!" Kendo yelled, as everyone began to put two and two together.

The older kids not even trying to hold back their laughter as they see the mime waving to Kendo then pointing to his sign.

The dojo master only shook his head enjoying this too much as he looked to his daughter who was covering her beat red face.

"Kendo, you sure do know how to pick' em. You know at first, I was worried I was gonna have to give him the ol' shovel talk, but this guy looks like a nerd and you most likely would break his heart before he does yours", he laughs.

"Shut up dad!" Kendo hissed, as they reached Izuku who was taking pictures with the little kids of the dojo.

"Hey you, are you Izuku the great?" Kendo's father asked, thrilled to meet the mime.

"Midoriya, this is my dad, Kenta. Dad. Izuku." Kendo said with a sigh.

Although Izuku wanted to speak, given he was in the presence of the father of the girl he liked, Izuku was still in mime attire therefore he couldn't speak, not yet. Instead he mimed and gave the man a thumbs up.

The dojo master nodded, "Don't you speak when in the presence of your elders, Midoriya?"

Izuku shook his head, pointing to his attire.

"You're pretty dedicated to your mime get up huh?" the sensei asked.

Izuki gave him a thumbs up then winked.

"Gotta ask Midoriya what are your intentions with my daughter? Cause she plans on being a hero and I can't have anyone being an obstacle stopping her from her dream" the man says with a glare.

Izuku begins to sweat at the bulky man. Waving his hands Izuku points to himself then begins to punch the air and do karate chops to the air. Once finished he gives a big smile and bellows a silent laugh. While most everyone looks confused, the man in front of him smiles in approval.

"So, you plan on being a hero too huh, alright then I'll allow you to date my daughter, if that's the case" he says walking off.

The entire dojo all began to think the same thing, "How'd did you get that from him punching the air and laughing!"

Kendo merely looks at the boy before going "We're having a talk after this."

Izuku winks and blows a kiss, causing the girl to blush.

"Stupid mime".

Izuku watched as the girl he liked flipped the green belt on his back with ease. She was aiming to move to the next bracket in the dojo and honestly at this rate she was going to get it. At least that's what Izuku thought as he saw her kick the guy down in one fell swoop.

The other dojo members

"Pfft look at the mime holding that picture of Kendo" a blue belt said laughing, as he saw Izuku silently cheer towards the orange haired beauty. "What a nerd, can't believe Kendo actually likes that weirdo".

"I'm not gonna lie, I think it's cool that the kid isn't embarrassed to go out in public like that and just perform" an older student said to the blue belt who was trying to make fun of Izuku, younger student looking down in embarrassment at no one going along with his jibes against the greenette.

"Takes guts to be able to put on that face paint and even pretend to hit an invisible wall. I may be able to judo flip people twice my size, but I could never do what that kid does" another older student says with a laugh as they watch Izuku pull out a random sign with a heart and point to Kendo as she waits for the next round to be called.

"I really have to talk to him about coming to my competitions in his mime attire" Kendo says blushing.

"Aww come on Kendo even I gotta admit your boyfriend is adorable as heck" he laughed before she tripped him pinning him down.

"Oomph, no fair" he says.

Blowing her hair out of her face she merely mumbles, "He's not my boyfriend.' Before walking off to receive her blue belt. After bowing to her father, the dojo master, she switched out the belts happily showing off the belts to her friend's face dropping when she felt something pin her arms around her alarming her friends.

"Yo Kendo, what's wrong you just froze up on us?" one of the older students asked, seeing the younger student face pale frightened him. Seeing her get dragged backwards scared the shit out of him. Seeing this prompted all the students to jump on the girl to not let her get dragged any further.


Their sensei however merely cackled at his students dogpile his daughter who was just being dragged to the mime boy who was now struggling to pull the rope with fifteen students holding onto his daughter. But apparently the little string bean was stronger than he looked because slowly his entire class slowly slinked towards him.


Kendo wanted to cry of embarrassment, she honestly wasn't sure whether Izuku was worth this, but then she looked back and saw him pulling the invisible lasso, his red face visible beneath his face paint with a small smile on his face and she thought, "God damn it, the nerd's worth it."

"Sensei the dojo is haunted-oh wait it's just the weird mime kid trying to drag Kendo to him" the black belt who defended him earlier said laughing.

Izuku merely gave a two-finger salute as he paused in his pulling letting all the students get off Kendo. When every student was off, they saw Kendo practically fly towards Izuku who, caught the girl easily.

Although she was angry the girl merely laughed at the mime who then decided now would be a nice time to kiss Kendo…how wrong he was.

Because of how sweaty he had gotten from trying to pull Kendo along with her friends towards him his face paint was slowly coming off. Mix that with Kendo's sweat that she forgot to wipe off and well once the kiss was done neither would ever live down what their faces looked like because of it.

"Does this mean you're my boyfriend?" Kendo said smiling, looking ridiculous with his face paint all over her lips.

Izuku nodded happily trying to hide his laughter at what he saw. However, the rest of the dojo did not and the flashes from their camera phones did nothing to hide Kendo's concern. When she went to the bathroom to see why everyone was looking at her, a scream was heard and laughter outside was bellowed, Izuku's included.

Chapter Text

"Okay Mr. Midoriya no funny business while you and my daughter are out on your date" Kendo's father said arms crossed. Behind him his students stood in the same pose so to intimidate the young mime who for some reason had yet to change his attire.

"Well to be fair he's a mime so there's bound to be some funny business" an older student points out, before the dojo master glares at him to shut up.

"Uh, I mean, yeah mime boy be good to our Kendo or we'll make you regret it" the black belt threatens.

"Guys, can you stop trying to scare away Izuku" Kendo whined.

Kendo's father looked back to his daughter, "yeah doubt that's gonna happen your mime boyfriend doesn't look the least intimidated by a third-degree black belt, and twenty other martial art students" he deadpans.

Kendo confused looks behind her to see what he's talking about to see Izuku shooting finger guns with a big grin.

"Of course he wouldn't take their threat serious" she thought.

Unknown to any of them Izuku was scared shitless but was merely hiding it behind his mime persona.

"Oh my god, oh my god, please god don't let me do anything to make Kendo cry" he thought as he continued to smile happily.

"Mr. Ayato, Sensei, UH, no offense to you or Kendo but…"

"Spit it out" the dojo master sighs.

"Your daughter has interesting taste in boys."

The older man shakes his head chuckling, "Hey don't look at me, I met Kendo's mother in high school and last I check she wasn't a mime" he said.

"So, Kendo just has a mime fetish" the blue belt who insulted Izuku earlier says.

"My daughter does not have a fetish, Kensei, she has a type." The dojo master says glaring at the younger boy, "Understand."

"Yes master, sorry master!" the boy says bowing, the black belt joining in feeling he was overstepping as well.

"Very well. Now go back to your exercises and never mention my daughters' weird taste in boys again got it" he claps.

"Yes sensei!"

Meanwhile at a All Might themed café two teens were discussing their choices for high schools.

"So, you decided to join the hero course after all?" Kendo says with a smile.

Izuku still in his mime attire gives a thumbs up, silently laughing at the girls exasperated look.

"You really can't talk to me, even now that you're not performing" she questions.

Izuku looks apologetic as he pulls out a sign with the word no on it. His girlfriend giving him a certain look he can't decipher. That is until he sees her lips twitch up and she begins to smile at his silliness.

"Fine but promise when you're not miming, we'll have a talk about you changing your mind about which course you're going to attend at U.A." Kendo says with the, in Izuku's opinion, cutest puppy dog eyes he's ever seen.

Deep inside Izuku he has an internal battle. He knows he has a mime code which forbids him from speaking while wearing his mime attire but at the same time seeing Kendo look sad makes him want to break it.

"Izuku are you okay, you look like you're in pa-and he's gone" Kendo says shaking her head.

"Weirdest boyfriend ever" she thinks as she looks at the empty chair in front of her.

Ten minutes later and Kendo watched as a regular dressed Izuku walked back to their table smiling with a small blush.

"Hey Kendo."

"Oh, hey Izuku, you changed…I honestly didn't expect you too. Not that it isn't nice to see your face" she said with a smile.

"Yeah, I mean as much as I love being a mime, I like talking to you too, and it's only fair I tell you about why I changed my mind in courses for U.A." he said sheepishly.

Kendo looked at Izuku for a moment before taking his hand, "Izuku I wasn't pressuring you to tell me or even change back to your regular clothes, I already said I don't mind your miming. I didn't mind waiting to hear how you decided to choose the hero course and miming" she said hoping she wasn't offending Izuku.

Izuku looked at Kendo his eyes wide at the girl's confession. Clenching his fist, he smiled, "Too pure!"

"I love you"


"I mean, I really like that you're so accepting of me being a mime. A lot of people at my school think it's weird and well it's really cool that you're okay with me picking you up in my mime attire and you're not embarrassed at all by it or bothered", he said blushing.

Kendo blushed at Izuku's confession shaking her head, This nerd.

"Well, I won't lie. It is weird having a mime boyfriend, but we then again we live in a world where it's normal to have super powers, so thinking about it having a mime for a boyfriend isn't that weird." Kendo reasoned.

Izuku smiled at his girlfriends reasoning nodding his head, "Yeah and plus when I'm super famous for being the best mime in the world you can say that you were by my side the whole time cheering me on!" Izuku said pumping his fist.

Kendo bit her lip holding back her laughter at Izuku's announcement, utterly failing. "Well I can't wait for that day Izuku."

"Now that we have your mime business out of the way, why don't you tell me how you decided to also be a hero?" Kendo asked.

Izuku sat up remembering that the whole point of their date was so he could explain how he changed his mind.

"Oh, well to be honest, it was a mixture of you and someone else saying I could do miming, and hero work together" Izuku said rubbing his head.

"I made you change your mind?" Kendo said blushing.

"Well yeah, and someone else, who I looked up to. They told me that it's not entirely impossible to be a hero and an entertainer like I want to. If I'm truly dedicated to it then I can do both. And well I figured I want to be with you, and I want to make people smile so why not do both?" he said smiling.

Kendo covered her face at hearing one of the reasons Izuku was choosing to be a hero was to be with her. He's so cheesy, yet so smooth.

"They said I could make double the amount of people smile by helping them as a hero and a mime which is my true objective Kendo. I wanna be the number one mime in the world, being the best hero would just be a bonus" Izuku said with a smile.

Kendo smiled back at Izuku happy to hear about his plans on not only attending the same school as her but choosing the same course in the next few months.


"I am putting my back into you monster, it'd probably be easier to move if there wasn't an extra 300 pounds atop this thing!" he yells back.

"Hey now, I lost a couple pounds" All Might defends.

"Doesn't feel like it" Izuku mutters.

"For a mime you sure are sassy" All might remarks.

"I'm not a mime right now" Izuku says sticking his tongue out.

All might sweat drops at his successors reply before jumping off the fridge, so he'll have an easier time moving on to the next pile of junk.

"Well, young Midoriya by my calculations if you keep working at the rate you are, you'll be finished in no time!"

"That's not a calculation, that's an opinion" Izuku deadpans.

"Same difference" All might smile.

Chapter Text

"What's up with you Kendo, haven't seen you this mad since…well can't say I've ever actually seen you mad" Ikari, the older black belt chuckles.

Kendo huffs at the older boy as she crosses her arms and looks away. Already changed Kendo picks up her gym bag and walks over to one of the benches inside of her father's dojo. Sighing she looks to the boy who looks like he is genuinely interested in what is bothering her and decides to tell him.

"Izuku was supposed to pick me up half an hour ago and hasn't shown up. He hasn't texted to let me know where he was either so I can only assume he was held up by one of his street performances" she sighs.

The older boy holds back a laugh still in disbelief his friend is dating a mime. Trying to find the right words to soothe her worries that her boyfriend didn't ditch her over his mimery, or whatever you would call it.

"Look Kendo, I can't speak for your mime boyfriend, but maybe he has a legitimate excuse for why he was late, I mean for all we know he was in the middle of a performance when all the sudden a pro hero saw him using his quirk illegally and went to stop him so then Midoriya had to run away and has been on the run since. And can you just imagine how that just looks!" Ikari finished cackling.

Kendo began imaging a pro hero chasing a mime and couldn't help but laugh. It was then her phone began to ring. "Hold that really funny thought."

Looking to see who it was she saw that it was her boyfriend's mother, which was unusual since she rarely, if ever called.

"Uh, hi Ms. Midoriya. How can I help you?"

Ikari watched the girls face go through a mirid of emotions.

"Uh yeah I'm near one right now, why? Oh, he did, did he?" Kendo said slowly rubbing her forehead in irritation at the news she is hearing from her boyfriend's mother. "No, Yeah I'll put it on right now. Thank you for telling me" she sighs. Once hanging up, Kendo finally looks up to the older boy who can't help but sweat drop at his friend's conversation.

"What was that about?"

"Izuku's mom called."


Kendo merely shook her head before going and changing to the news channel in her father's dojo.

"And that is why Izuku couldn't pick me up" she says pointing upwards.

Within seconds of both watching the news live feed, Ikari falls on the floor laughing not having expected his words to ring so close to the truth.

"And here we are live everyone in the middle of Hosu where three pro heroes, Eraser head, Miruko, and even Best Jeanist are currently in a high pursuit chase after what looks to be a mime who has been evading arrest for illegal quirk use and harming a pro hero. So far reports say he has trapped rising pro-heroes Kamui Woods and Mount Lady in some type of invisible box, created some type of invisible wall for Ingenium to crash into and, oh from what we've heard All Might has captured the boy and left the scene, with no further explanation."

"Oh god Kendo, turn it off, turn it off I'm dying!"

Kendo merely ignored the boy to hide in a corner away, trying but failing to ignore the fact her boyfriend was currently on the news for evading arrest from two top ten heroes as well as 4 other well-known heroes. She also was trying to ignore the fact her boyfriend was doing it while dressed as a mime.

"Why? I just don't get it, why am I into such an idiot?" she laughed hysterically, tears of frustration running down her face.

"It's the face paint isn't?" Ikari said, before getting knocked out by Kendo's big fist.

"!" Izuku technically didn't yell, but he did use one of his signs while tied up since he was still in his mime attire.

"I know my boy, but the staff deemed it appropriate for someone who was able to evade six heroes, one who could erase quirks" All might laughs.

"?" Izuku signed.

"Look I know you're not a threat, but the others are just being…. rather cautious since you did technically, I guess you could say capture two pro heroes incapacitate one and outrun three others." All Might chuckles.

The next sign is a sad face which causes All Might to pat the boy on the head.

"Nonsense my boy even despite all that has happened I would never let them stop you from continuing your street performances! Just be a bit more discreet with them, like Pop Step, you know."

In a flash Izuku's expression changed from saddened to happy n a second, as he nodded his head.

Meanwhile behind the mirrorless window stood six heroes baffled at the current interactions occurring between the number one hero and the mime who wreaked havoc throughout Hosu.

"What the hell is going on?" Miruko asked.

"I don't know, but it looks to me if the Symbol of Peace is actually able to understand the mime" Best Jeanist said.

"Leave it to the meat head to be the only one to understand someone who doesn't even speak" Eraser head said.

The other heroes nodding their head in agreement as they continued to watch the two people in front of them continue to converse.

All the while a bear, mouse, dog smiled at the interesting human who was able to outmaneuver some of the best heroes with a quirk that even he wasn't sure to label.

"Well then, I guess we have no other choice but to greet our guest of honor, yes?" the bear, mouse, dog said smiling creepily.

Leaving the room to see just who this boy was the heroes followed hoping to get answers on just who this mysterious mime was.

"Well my boy looks like some people are here to see you about all the trouble you caused them," All might announced with a small laugh as the door to the room Izuku was currently locked in opened.

Turning to the door Izuku's eyes widened to see all the heroes he outran as well as the principal of U.A. standing before him, if he wasn't tied up right now, he's sure he'd have fallen from fainting.

"Yes, a bit surprising how much trouble you caused for someone so young", Nezu said as he walked in with six other heroes.

"You got some nice moves kid, but a wall really?" Ingenium said rubbing his broken nose.

"Sorry?" Izuku signed.

"I don't know how you were able to evade us all, but you are very lucky we found your act entertaining otherwise we'd ban you from applying to U.A" Best Jeanist said with a flourish.

"!" Izuku signed with shiny eyes.


All Might butted in quickly with a thumbs up to them, "He's glad you liked it." Then quickly went back to his corner.

"I mean I could've gone without the part where you trapped us in an invisible box so I couldn't grow, but that aside everything else was pretty good" Mount Lady said begrudgingly.

"!" Izuku signed before shaking everyone's hands, shocking everyone since he was just tied up.

"'d you get untied?" Aizawa said.

Izuku raises his hands holding nothing, before closing two fingers.

"He made scissors" All Might answers while sipping juice.

A grin appears on all the heroes faces, "I like this kid."

"But don't do anything like that again got it?"

A quick thumbs up and Izuku was let go.

"Go on home, and we hope to see you at U.A this year." Nezu says.

Izuku quickly nodded before walking out of the window of U.A causing all the heroes to scream before they see the boy somehow walk down what they can only guess is a set of invisible stairs.

"What the hell was that!" Miruko yelled.

"He made a flight of stairs" All might says as he eats an apple.

"What did that kid say his quirk was again?" Best Jeanist asks, still curious as to how he was able to make stairs out nothing.

"He didn't" Miruko says slapping herself for not asking.

"Well regardless of what it's called, or is, that kid has a weirdly strong quirk, that was unbreakable for me and Mount Lady" Kamui woods says, Mount Lady nodding along with him.

"I agree, I was running high speed and crashed into his invisible wall and nothing happened to it even after the crash."

"I'll admit he's got potential" Aizawa grunted.

"Yes, I believe he will grow to do great things when he comes here, don't you think All Might?"

Everyone turned to see All might replaying their failed apprehension of the mime boy, snickering quietly.

"Oooh, that's gotta hurt" All Might chuckles when he sees Ingenium run into an invisible wall Izuku made while running from the speedster.

The hero looked away rubbing his face, "It did."

The other heroes looked away just as an embarrassed.

It was the next day and Izuku had decided to take a break on his street performances, mainly to avoid almost getting arrested by anymore pro heroes. Which reminded him, he missed out on getting all those pro heroes' signatures!

Well at least I wasn't arrested or banned from applying to U.A. That would've sucked.

As he walked to his destination his mood started to take a turn for the worst as he suddenly remembered how he needed to apologize to Kendo for not picking her up yesterday for their date.

"Oh crap, I can't believe me getting caught sidetracked me" he said slapping himself.

Imagine that 6 heroes chasing after me and nothing, a mad Itsuka and I'm reduced to wanting to hide away forever. Sighing the boy began his walk to his doom Kendo's dojo to hopefully ask for his girlfriend's forgiveness.


"I'm sorry!"

"You got chased after heroes, forgot to call, and then you didn't even think to have the courtesy to call me and let me know you were okay after all things were said and done!" Kendo yelled after flipping Izuku on his back again, much to the amusement of the entire Dojo.

"I didn't mean too! Forgive me!" Izuku said running around trying to get away from his girlfriend's wrath and failing.


"Hehe, hell hath no fury like a girlfriend mad at you" Kenta chuckled, while watching his daughter kick her mime boyfriend's ass.

"I'm sorry!"

"Apologize one more time and maybe I'll forgive you" Kendo mumbles with her arms crossed.



That night

"Aw, honey are you okay, you don't look that good?" Inko asked. Little did Izuku know, his mother knew very well why he looked like a car ran over him repeatedly. Kendo and she had a very long talk while he was out being chased by the heroes and they discussed how he should be punished but since she was his mother, she could never punish her little Izu-zu. Instead she had Kendo do it.

"Well, I kinda made Kendo made yesterday because I forgot about a date, which is totally understandable I mean I would eb mad to if Kendo forgot about one of our dates for something like her practices or something like that, so she kinda, maybe used me as one of her practices dummies" Izuku said wincing.

"Oh, my little Izu-zu. Do you need anything?" she asked.

"No, I'll be okay by tomorrow, I'm just glad Kendo forgave me after she finally mastered some move, she needed to advance to the next belt" Izuku said smiling as he limped to bed.

Inko stifled her laugh shaking her head at her son, "Kendo you're a lucky, lucky girl."

A few days later

"HUP, HUP, HUP! Come on my boy, do you want to be ready for OFA or do you want to be a little mime boy forever!" All Might chanted as he jogs alongside him, until he notices Izuku beginning to slow down behind him.

"Well I mean that was my original plan but you and my girlfriend did manage to change my mind so I might as well try- "

"Okay, okay I get it mimey, mcmimey. How about this do you want to be the best mime hero ever or do you want to be an average mime hero?" All Might said.

Izuku looked at All might scandalized he would even ask him such a question. "You know I want to be the best Mime hero ever."


Izuku looked to his mentor with a steely look in his eye, in that moment All Might saw a fire begin to burn in his successors body giving him the motivation to become more motivated in his goal in cleaning up the beach.



"YEAH!" Izuku yelled, scaring a few civilians as they continued their jog.


"AHHHHH! To being the best mime hero in the world" Izuku yelled.

Slowly the pile All Might had assigned Midoriya was dwindling down to nothing, the beach becoming noticeably cleaner over time, while Izuku began to become the vessel needed for OFA.

In just three months the beach became over halfway clean and his body far more pronounced. It was to the point even Kendo began noticing her mime boyfriend was becoming fitter, not that she was complaining.

"Stop drooling over your mime Kendo and get to training" Kendo's father lectured bopping the girl on the head as he noticed her watching the boy practice his miming rather than do her warm ups.

"Shut up, I'm not drooling" she mumbled.

"Izuku, honey I have to ask what you are doing?"

Izuku looked to his mom confused. Usually she left him to his own devices, knowing he would never intentionally get into any trouble given he was doing illegal street performances.

"What do you mean mom?"

"I mean all the working out, the new dieting, and even the intensive mime training?" she asked, then pausing she shook her head. "Okay well not the mime training, I already know about that but about the working out and dieting, you never seemed so worried about that before, not that you never did that much before."

Izuku looked to his mother weirdly, until he facepalmed realizing his mistake. I never told her I was going to try and be a hero again...I mean I mentioned it, but I never actually told her I was going for it.

Inko waited patiently for her son to tell her what was going on with him. While she knew her son was a good boy, she also knew something was going on, something new. Aside from him getting a beautiful girlfriend who somehow put up with his eccentric personality, I might get grandbabies after all!, he was also disappearing for hours on end, not showing up until late at night, tired and beat up.

Inko shook herself free of her thoughts when she felt her son grab her hand, who was smiling up at her. He gets his tallness from his father, she smiled.

"Mom, I'm sorry I've been worrying you, but I'm not in any trouble if that's what you think" Izuku placates.

"I know you would never do anything like that Izuku, but when you disappear for almost an entire day and not for any of your usual street performances, then you have to understand why I worry."

Izuku nodded at his mother, "Sorry ma, I only realized now that I didn't tell you but I'm training to attend the hero course at U.A."

Inko stared blankly at her son, waiting for him to continue. "What."

"Yeah...I had a talk with Kendo and... a hero of mine and they said I could do both while still making people smile. You know be a hero and a mime and I just thought, why not give it a try."

Inko couldn't help the smile that erupted on her face. While Izuku couldn't decipher the look his mom was giving, Inko was happy her son was going to work on his dream of being a hero again. Although it was up to him, she knew deep down his heroic spirit was still there waiting to be brought out again.

"Oh, honey, don't apologize, I'm just happy you're working on your dream of being a hero again. Katsuki's going to be so happy you know. I remember when you two promised to show everyone who the best heroes in the world were going to be" Inko smiled.

Izuku rubbed the back of his head, blushing. "Yeah, I guess I forgot about that...I'll have to apologize about breaking our promise."

So that's why Bakugou is always so mad at me for not wanting to be a hero…I just thought it was an ego thing. Well now I feel bad. I guess I'll surprise him about me wanting to be a hero later.

Inko hugged her son rubbing his back, "You two are best friends, he'll forgive you if you apologize."

Chapter Text

"Yo Mina! Look it's Deku the Mime!" Kirishima yelled quickly running to where a crowd was forming. Mina, not really caring for the street performer, but always happy to show an interest in whatever her best friend liked, followed him to where the crowd was...

"Oh man I can't believe we're actually gonna see the guy live! I've only ever seen him online in videos" Kirishima said excitedly to Mina.

Mina looked at Kirishima his excitement beginning to become contagious. "I don't get it what's so cool about this guy. He's just a mime right, what's so cool about that? Anyone can pretend to get stuck in a box" she joked.

Surprisingly half the crowd around her gasped at the girls question as if they were the one, she insulted.

"I guess you must be new to Deku, but this guy is the real deal."

Another person speaking, "Yeah, his performances are crazy. Last week a pro hero wasn't watching where they were going during one of his performances so dude mimed stairs so the hero wouldn't interrupt him, and the hero just started walking up the stairs as if it was normal. Guy didn't even notice until Deku was finished with his act and he made the stairs disappear causing him to fall like 50 feet" he laughed, a few others joining him.

"Whoa, I thought that was just some rumor" Kirishima said in awe.

Mina looked at the black and white face painted boy curiously. Now she wanted to see what he had to showcase if everyone here was so excited to have found one of the boy's shows.

Another one chuckled entering their conversation while watching the boy in front of them pretend to climb a wall.

"Nah, kid's as real as they come. He's gonna go places."

"Holy crap, that's amazing." Mina said, watching the boy box in a man until he was on scrunched up, while everyone around them laughed.

"You're telling us. Although most people think his best show by far is the one where he was able to outrun 6 pro heroes. He only got captured because All might intervened."

"Oh yeah, I heard about that!" Kirishima said, still watching the show intensely. "But I couldn't find any video of it anywhere.

"That's because from what I heard a hero with a tech quirk was told to take every video down so the heroes reps didn't take a hit for not being able to take a mime down" he chuckled.

"Whoa." Mina said as she went back to watching the boy put someone in a box.

It was nearing the end of the show that Kirishima quickly dashed towards the mime in hopes of getting a picture of him with Deku. Quickly pushing through the departing crowd with Mina Kirishima made his way towards his Deku.

Seeing Deku begin to pack up nothing in his bag caused Kirishima to quickly yell out for the boy before he could disappear.

"Hey, Deku sir, hold up!"

Izuku looked around to see who would call him sir, before silently laughing. Kirishima seeing this blushed with Mina laughing on the side.

"UH, hey I'm Kirishima and this is Mina."

Izuku waved but did nothing else. Since he was still in costume, he had no choice to abide by his mime code.

Kirishima looked at Mina before she encouraged him to do what he came to do. "Oh right, uh well I saw your performance and thought it was awesome! I'm a huge fan!"

Izuku smiled at the black-haired boy appreciative of his praise, giving him a thumbs up in thanks. While Kirishima and Mina looked at him weirdly he merely looked at them expectantly as if waiting for what they were originally coming to ask.

"Oh, well I was wondering if I could get a picture with you."

Right after Kirishima asked that question Izuku's eyes welled up enjoying the thought of having his first photo op. It was at this moment Deku knew he was finally getting somewhere.

Clenching his fist in his shirt, Deku nodded his head accepting their request for a picture, exciting both Mina and Kirishima. The latter who couldn't help the giant grin from showing on his face.

From there Izuku smiled wider and began rummaging through his backpack looking for something, once found he began to set nothing up in front of Mina and Kirishima confusing the two who were trying to get the camera feature up on their phone. Ignoring their faces Deku then went back to the two settling himself in between them before putting a peace sign up and pressing his thumb down on nothing.

When all was said and done the two looked at each other than at Izuku even more confused.

"Uh, wh-what just happened?" Mina asked.

Kirishima stayed in place rubbing the back of his head, unsure if Deku was just a jerk and didn't like taking pictures or if he was just that weird. That is until Deku went back to where he set nothing up and handed back both teens a very bad looking picture of the two with a happy looking mime in the middle.

Shock was written all over the two friends face while Deku couldn't help covering his mouth while holding back his "laughter".

"Wh-how-it's physically impossible for you to actually take a picture of us with nothing!" How did you do that?" Mina yelled. "And I want a redo, this is a horrible looking picture of me!"

"Really I like it" Kirishima said, at first a bit skeptical but then enjoying the comedic of the mime.

Izuku threw a thumbs up to them until he saw what time it was, which then a "shit, I forgot about Kendo!" was yelled and he gathered all his things, including the camera and began running down the street towards his girlfriend's dojo.

"Holy crap I just spoke to Deku the Mime" Kirishima said shocked but also excited.

"No, you didn't. He just yelled about forgetting his girlfriend then ran off." Mina said still miffed about her horrid picture.

"Same difference! Besides we got a picture with him!" Kirishima said excitedly.

"Really Kirishima?" Mina deadpanned.

"Yeah, seriously, He never takes pictures! It's talked about all over forums. I'm gonna frame mine" Kirishima said with a smile.

Mina grumbled before saying she was going to do the same with hers, then perking up after she thought of something.


Kirishima looked at his best friend wondering why she was laughing. "What up, Mina?"

"Deku said he was picking up his girlfriend right…"

"Yeah?" Kirishima found nothing wrong with this and was still unsure where Mina was going, that is until the pink skinned girl spoke again.

"I'm just thinking about how the person Deku is dating probably has a thing for mimes, or maybe she's a mime too!" she said still laughing, Kirishima joining her when he begins to think the same thing.

Izuku had just dropped Kendo off at her house after their date, luckily after he had explained why he was late Kendo had forgiven him citing it was sweet he would take pictures. Unfortunately, since their date had been after he finished a performance, he had taken her to dinner with everyone staring at the two since both were dressed in vastly different attire. Itsuka was, while still a bit casual, better dressed then her boyfriend who still donned his mime attire and face paint.

While any normal girl would've been mad at their boyfriend for picking them up in such a way and taking them out like that, Kendo realized her taste in boys was apparently far from normal and enjoyed having a one-sided conversation with Izuku in black and white face paint making amusing facial expressions.

The end of the night make-out session wasn't too bad either, she thought.

Overall Kendo's night was great, that is until she saw her face and neck in her bathroom mirror.

"Motherfu- "

"So Itsuka."

"Not a word dad."

"You can't expect me not to say something, when you walk in like that" the dojo master says, trying to hold back his laughter. Any other father would be mad at finding their daughter in such a state but then again just imagining how long she was like this is too amusing.

Kendo glared at her father half-heartedly before going back to her task of getting rid of the black and white make up on her neck and lips. So far, the makeup was proving harder to get rid of than last time.

"Yes, I can dad. At least try not to laugh while you stare me down and lecture me" Itsuka said while she scrubbed her neck having just finished her face.

The dojo master/father merely laughed at his daughter sounding so frustrated, while trying to get rid of the makeup which only emphasized the fact her mime boyfriend had given his only daughter a hickey.

"You know if you and that boy are going to do stuff you could at least do it when he's not wearing his face paint. Unless you like him better when he has that stuff on Kendo" Kendo's father cackled.

"Go away!" Kendo yelled while throwing a wet towel at her dad who walked away from the bathroom still laughing.

"Fine fine, but for the record when you wanna cover up hickeys you usually use make up that's the color of your skin tone not the total opposite" he yells, laughing even louder.

"Stupid mime boyfriend" Kendo mumbled, unable to hold back a smile at her dads joke.

At Izuku's place

Izuku was in the middle of washing his face paint off in his bathroom when he began to sneeze. His mother, ever the mother bear walked in with cold medicine, only to have to put it away when Izuku stated he was alright.

"Someone was thinking about me", Izuku thought.

With that moment over Izuku went to bed after a successful date and performance.

Chapter Text

"Wow Kendo, gotta admit for a mime your boyfriend is pretty ripped" Jin said nodding appreciatively at Midoriya.

Kendo merely nodded, just as surprised as her friend of Izuku's transformation. I mean, he was fit before, but now his outfits are practically embedded on his body.

"KENDO! What did I say about drooling over mimey mcmimertim over there" her dad yells, playfully glaring as he point over to Midoriya who was now shooting finger guns to an embarrassed Kendo.

"And what did I say about constantly calling me out like that" she hissed.

"You said to stop, but you're in my domain kiddo, I do what I want" he said smugly.

Kendo stared at her father who smirked back at her, unable to think of a comeback she stomped off to spar with Kaito.

The dojo master feeling a tinge of guilt reaches out to the younger girl asking her to come back.

"Aww, come on Kendo you know I'm just jok-Midoriya I swear to god if you are mimicking me again I will end you" the dojo master threatened when noticing his students who were watching him began to snicker, some outright laughing at him.

Izuku quickly pulled out his sign with a sad face, hoping his girlfriends' father would accept that as an apology.

"Oh no you don't. I'm not falling for that sad face this time. Go and give me a hundred push ups right now mime boy".


"You're in my dojo, so you follow my rules. You mimic me, you face the consequences, and-oh no don't even think about faking having a performance right now" he lectured watching as Izuku feigned being in a hurry and checking a planner he pulled out of nowhere, "I checked with Kendo and you're free for the day" Kenta said, glaring at the mime who tried sneak out of the dojo when he saw none of his tricks were working.

"Go on then, give me some pushups."

Relenting to the dojo masters demand, Izuku began his push ups deciding he would just count this as part of his training towards U.A.

On another note, don't mimic Kendo's dad.

"Just a little more, Arrghhhh!"

All Might had just walked up to Dagobah beach expecting to see his mime protégé still lugging around trash, only to see the entire beach clean.

To say he was surprised would be an understatement.

"Well I'll be damned," breathed All Might as he watched Mime mcmimey scream from atop a large pile of trash, "he did the entire beach."

As it turns out not only did Izuku clean the specified area beach within the six months he had left, but he had been able to clear the rest of the shore as well, with two weeks to spare. Not bad all things considered.

"All Might," said Midoriya weakly, "I…did it…"

Those were the only words spoken by Izuku before he lost consciousness and fell

from the mound, prompting All Might to muscle up and speed forward to catch him.

"This mime boy" mused All Might, "he's special indeed. Not many could not only finish the training in this short of time, but the entire rest of the beach as well, "MY BOY YOU'VE ONLY FURTHER PROVEN TO ME YOU'RE GOING TO GO FAR AS A MIME HERO!"

"huh, wha?" Izuku mumbled slightly exhausted from his training.

"All Might, how long have you been here?"

"Not that long my boy, but might I say you have gone above and beyond my expectations."

After righting himself the mime hero bowed in thanks, none of it possible if not for his help.

"Thank you All Might but it's also thanks to you that I was able to even do this."

"Nonsense my boy, all I did was stoke the fire in you. Everything you've accomplished was of your own merit."

Izuku practically glowed with happiness. Hearing that from the symbol of peace only furthered Izuku's drive to be the best hero ever.

"Now then, pleasantries aside, it is with great honor that I say Midoriya Izuku, you are more than ready to take in my Quirk."

The smile that erupted on Izuku's face was blinding. One could even say it could be on par to the symbol of peace's smiles before he goes into a fight with a villain.

The Pro Hero then plucked a strand of his blond hair from his head and handed it to Izuku, "Eat this."

"Excuse me?" exclaimed Izuku in surprise.

"To inherit One for All, you must be fed some of my DNA," said All Might, "I thought this would be easier than spit or blood."

Izuku grimaced at the hair follicle he held in his hand. Looking All Might who stared at him, he swallowed nervously and forced himself to eat the strand of hair.

"You wouldn't happen to have any water, would you?"

"Oh uh, no I don't." All Might said, sheepishly.

Rolling his eyes Izuku waited for something to happen now that he had swallowed the hair.

Looking at himself he saw nothing change, "I don't feel much different."

"Give it time to digest," said Toshinori with a chuckle, "Come back tomorrow and we will begin training. We may only have two weeks, but we will use them wisely."

"Oh, uh I can't' Izuku said looking away awkwardly.

"Wh-what why?" All Might asked incredulous.

Izuku looked at his sensei, "You know about my designated mime time, and tomorrow I have another show, in fact it's for a birthday party" he said giddy. "My first birthday party" he sighed wistfully.

All might sweat dropped at the boy in front of him but accepted this was what he had gotten himself into when he had chosen a mime as his successor.

All might sighed "All right fine, come here on Sunday, uh bup bup, no excuses. Once you get here, I will begin to teach you as much as I can about how to use One for All."


"Yes. Midoriya Izuku, I promise you will become a great mime hero."

That night

"So Izuku tell me again how you manage to nab this birthday party event" Inko Midoriya questioned happy for her son.

"Well I kinda overheard-

"You were eavesdropping?" she snickered.


The mother of one looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Okay, maybe, but I swear, it wasn't my intention, mom!"

Inko tried, she really did, but failed to hold back the laughter at her son who was trying to convince her that his eavesdropping was unintentional.

"Wasn't your intention to run from 6 pro heroes either was it?"

"Well, no, not exactly. But I mean- I thought you wanted to know how I got the birthday gig!"

"Okay, okay, for a mime honey, you sure are sassy" she giggled.

Izuku wasn't sure whether he should continue his story or pull his hair. However, when he saw his mom look at him with that smile that says, "I'm sorry go on", he decided to go with the latter.

"As I was saying, I overheard this lady telling her daughter how they were having trouble finding some sort of live entertainment for her siblings birthday party on the walk home through the shopping district, and amazing networking skills I have, I slyly dropped my card as I passed by her."

Inko nodded her head impressed at her son. "While I don't condone the eavesdropping, I must say I am impressed at your execution. But that doesn't tell me how you got the job."

"That's the best part as I was walking away the woman called me over to tell me about the card I dropped. After she looked it over and saw what it was, she asked me if Deku the Mime was any good, and of course I kinda played him up then showed him the video of him outrunning the pro heroes, then a few older performances and then 10 minutes later I have a birthday to attend for a 6 and 10 year old.

"Well bravo Izuku, you're first birthday party and you got it with deceit and lies" Inko chuckled.

Izuku stared at his mother in disbelief, until he saw the mirth in her eyes.

"Why do I even talk to you?" he sighed.

"Because you love me, and you have too" she laughed walking off.

The next day

Izuku had just waved goodbye to his mother after they had finish making sure he had all he needed for the birthday party today.

"Good Luck Izuku, don't choke!"


Izuku turned back jaw agape at his mother who had already closed their door cackling.

Devil woman.

At the Asui's

There was no one Tsuyu Asui cared about more in the world then her siblings. It's why she was aiming to be a hero, she wanted to protect them with all her being. That's why when a random boy happened to pass by her and her mother dropping a card for some mime while they spoke about needing live entertainment for her siblings, she'll admit she was skeptical about and reliable this guy was.

Now as she sees the mime in action making her siblings smile, eyes wide in awe at the entertainer climbing literally nothing and surpassing even their houses height, she decides that maybe Deku the great isn't all bad.

After the performance

"Wow! You were awesome Deku the Great, ribbit." Satsuki praised.

"Yeah, it was so funny when you caught Tsuyu with your invisible lasso right before she jumped in the pool!" Samidare added.

"'Yeah and then you pulled her back, so she fell on her butt!"the younger girl said.

"I mean it wasn't that funny, ribbit" Tsuyu deadpanned.

Satsuki and Samidare received a thumbs up from Deku, with a blinding smile. The two siblings were confused as to why the mime didn't reply to them until their big sis spoke up.

"He's a mime you guys, he can't speak,ribbit."

" does that mean you have no friends,ribbit?" Satsuki asked innocently.

"Yeah, it's gotta be hard to interact with other people right, ribbit?" Samidare said.

Deku shook his head, giving other thumbs up and a wink. The two children looking even more confused at the mime, unlike their eldest who replied to the mime.

"It's actually pretty easy understanding your signing once people get to know you. I find that hard to believe, but I guess you would know better than us since you're the mime, ribbit."

Deku chuckled at the girl who had just been able to understand him but didn't believe his signing. Nodding his head in agreement with the girls' words he decided he began to overstay his welcome and bowed to the family who was nice enough to hire him for their party. Just before departing though, he made sure to double check they had his card and left excited for what would come of his training with All Might tomorrow.


Chapter Text

Ready mime boy!"


"I can't hear you!"


"I said I can't hear you!"


All Might smacked his face as he stared at the boy in front of him waving a sign with an exclamation point.

"No seriously my boy, I can't hear you, you're speaking in mime."

Izuku looked at the sign in his hand before blushing profusely. "Sorry All Might, I'm just really excited to find out what I can do with ONE FOR ALL."

All Might chuckled. "As am I. Now than when using ONE FOR ALL you just sort of feel it. Once that happens there'll be a pressure in your stomach and when it gets to that point you just let it loose with a smash!"

Izuku stared at his mentor dumbfounded at how he thought that was helpful advice in activating his quirk. When he realized he was getting no other advice Izuku rolled his shoulders taking a deep breath and followed All might's advice. Squatting down Izuku threw his arms out to his sides and began to yell.

"Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh."

"Pfft. Young Midoriya, what are you doing?" All might said, behind a smile.

Izuku frowned, shifting his stance, "Well you said I had to feel it. I thought maybe I should take a page out of dragon ball and go super Saiyan like Goku."

All Might liked to think he had achieved a good poker face over the years of his hero career but hearing those words from his successors and he couldn't help but fall on his butt laughing.


"I know right, but I don't think it's working. Maybe I need to try something else?"

All might stared at the boy still in his super Saiyan pose. "No, I don't think so. Why don't you try again but imagine yourself like Vegeta."

"Will that make a difference?"

"Probably not but Vegeta's kinda cooler in my opinion." All might said.

"Alright I'll do it!" Izuku said getting back in his Saiyan stance. "Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh."

All Might's eyes widened as he saw the black and white lightning arcs coming off his protégé. He couldn't believe that worked.

"Well I'll be damned…I knew Vegeta was cooler!" All might shouted.

"IT'S OVER 9,000!" Izuku fell to his knees sweating, smiling at his mentor. "Cool it worked!"

"Indeed, it did, now we just have to see how you can utilize it with your quirk."

Izuku rubbed his chin in thought. While he assumed, he might be using One for All in the same way as All Might he immediately went and rid himself of that thought, after realizing that given the nature of his quirk it would look suspicious if suddenly, he started throwing in punches with his makeshift objects. Well, not too farfetched I guess I could just say mimed some sort of strength enhancer and that's how it gave a boost….eh I'll put it on the back burner for now.

It wasn't until he snapped his fingers that Izuku figured out how he could apply his quirk with One for All.

"I've got it All Might!"

"Oh, well don't keep me waiting what is it?" All Might smiled.

"First, I'll need to trap you in a box, but a regular one without One for All applied."

All Might wondering where this was heading, consented to the boy boxing him up.

"Alright now try to break out of it."

It took a minute, to All Might's surprise, but after using a weak Detroit smash, he was able to break out.

"My boy that was quite the box you had me in. You'd be a formidable foe even without One for All."

Izuku blushed at the praise. He never really saw his quirk as something for hero work but hearing from ALL Might such praise was a big ego boost.

"Thanks. That really means a lot" and looked over to All Might smiling.

"Well now what?" All Might inquired.

Izuku remembering what they were here for blushed before getting back into position. "Right, this time when I box you in, I'll infuse One for All along with my quirk, then when I give the signal punch it." Izuku explained.

"Got it!"

Izuku began summoning one for all while watching a black and white lightning arc surround his body. Sweat dropping as he wondered how he would begin to explain that to his friends. Well that seems like a problem for future me, he chuckled.

Walking towards All might he began miming another giant box, boxing in All might.

"All right give it your best shot!" stepping away from his creation.

All Might smiled at his protégé preparing a weak Detroit smash expecting the same result. As he walked forward to leave his confined quarters, he immediate fell back, his punch having done nothing to the mime boys' box.

"My boy." He slightly gasped.

Izuku stared back at All Might, no pushback was felt from the punch.

"Harder this time All Might." Izuku said, he needed to know how much his mime creations could take.

All Might nodded, interested in finding out how much power the mime boys' creations could take from him.


He put a quarter power into this punch expecting better results, face dropping when he realized he was still stuck in the invisible box.

A smile slowly crept onto Izuku's face as he saw how much stronger his mime creation was. He stared into All Might's eyes in awe at what One for All had done to his, apparently already powerful quirk. He felt the pushback that time, and a slight sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead from concentrating on the form but otherwise there was no sign of his box breaking.

"Again, All Might!"

"Are you sure?"

"All Might you haven't even cracked my box, I can tell. Please." He pleaded.

Seeing his successors determination to master one for all put a smile on his face and upping the power to at least half of One for All, All Might prepared himself for another smash. Thrusting his body towards the box All might shouts at the top of his lungs.



Already prepared for the blast with the wall covering him Izuku smiled at finally knowing how much power his creations could take.

"How much power was that, All Might?" Izuku smiled.

"Almost half my power young Midoriya." All Might grinned at Izuku, "My boy you are going to be one formidable foe at U.A."

Izuku grinned at his mentors' words before agreeing on a few more tests to see how strong his quirk was with One for All. After the tests both decided to take a break having had enough with testing the mimes quirk. Or rather All Might was having had enough. Despite having such a unique quirk All might realized that it was not one to be underestimated, which he knew many would just because of the boys' unique name for it. Pfftpoor saps are going to be demolished in the hero course.

After feeling like the break was long enough Izuku decided to toss a lasso on All Might surprising the hero. All might was unsure what the boy was doing and began squirming trying to shake the boy off, or at least break off the rope. Izuku for his part was trying his best to hang onto the rope that was keeping All Might tied together which was not as easy as he thought it would be.

"Young Midoriya, what exactly are you doing? Please let me go!"

Izuku shook his head, still holding on tightly. "I'm sorry All Might, but I need to know how strong my lasso is!"

All Might stopped his struggling and stared at Izuku sweat dropping. "Izuku, why did you not just tell me that. I would have happily just let you capture me instead of going through all this trouble."

Izuku sheepishly rubbed his head, shrugging. "I don't know. I thought it'd be funnier to do it like this besides I wouldn't get as accurate results if you weren't actually trying to escape while I lassoed you. Also, on a scale of 1-10 how much were you actually struggling to get out of the rope?"

All Might chucked at his successors thinking, unable to get mad at the kid. Letting it slide he decided to think over his question before answer. "Well this rope is pretty tight, so I'd say about an 8. I don't want to hurt you so I'm using half power to try and break through but it seems like no matter how much strength I use I can't, but then again I'm not struggling too much because I know you're not an actual threat."

"Hmm so given all the data I'd say my miming quirk has the ability to possibly stop someone with strength not exactly on par but with about half your power. Would that be correct All Might?"

All Might thought about all they did, eyes going wide. "I... Yes, I would have to agree with that assessment my boy possibly even higher than that though if you continue to improve on the input of One for All."

Izuku's jaw dropped at All might's words surprised that he could maybe even go head to head with someone on par with All might. All of this seemed like a dream but after pinching himself and seeing All Might's smiling face Izuku decided that no, all of this was real, and he was going to make the best of it and be the greatest mime hero ever.

Izuku was exiting school late having changed into his mime attire for a late performance when he ran into his old friend.

"So, you finally did a birthday party Deku?"

"?" Izuku raised a sign up confused on how he found out. While he was gaining a following, he didn't alert Bakugou of his miming activities. He doubted Bakugou also kept up on his tags or the forums about his career either.

"I overheard your mom telling the hag during their evening brunch. Tch, congrats."

Izuku raised a thumbs up to the boy in front of him, ignoring the eye roll.

"Uh, can't you talk. You're not even in cost-, oh yeah you are. What got another show to go to or something?"

Izuku nodded his head before walking away, the boy deciding he wasn't finishing talking to him. He didn't know why, but he felt he needed to still talk to him. Uh stupid mime.

"Listen Deku, I overheard a few things from your mom, and I just want to know if it's true, so will you please stop for five seconds." Bakugou grunted.

Izuku paused his walking wondering what Bakugou could want to talk to him about, until his eyes widened, mouth dropping. The talk he had with his mom last week about Bakugou, the apology, and the promise, he had forgotten all about it with his training and the birthday party. Izuku practically slapped his face realizing how screwed he was, there was no way his mom didn't mention to Auntie Mitsuki that he was aiming to be a hero again. Oh man this is not gonna be good.

Bakugou took a deep breath, grinding his teeth. "I heard your mom tell the old hag you were aiming for the hero course now. That True?"

Izuku nodded, wincing at the boys' blank face. "You really only joining because your girlfriend and some hero said you could make more people smile?"

Izuku nodded again.

Bakugou nodded scowling. "So that it, you're not joining for any other reason?"

Izuku shook his head, a smirk appearing on his face. He realized he needed to make things right, right now was the time to tell Bakugou he remembered their promise. Clasping Bakugou hand he pointed to the other boy then himself and pumped his fist. After releasing he pulled a sign out with the number one on it.

To anyone else it would seem like Izuku just made a bunch of random gestures but to Bakugou his rival/enemy/best friend, he knew exactly what Izuku was saying. The same exact glint, which was in Midoriya eye appeared in his eye, as well as a matching smirk.

Clasping the mime boys' hand, he nodded back, "Hell yeah we're gonna be the number one heroes ya stupid Deku! You better train your ass if you want to stand by my side got it, ya damn mime! You gotta make up for lost time!"

Izuku smiled nodding his head then pointed in the other direction waving his hand, a clear invitation for Bakugou to come with him to his performance. Rolling his eyes, the blonde followed Izuku reluctantly, although secretly he was interested in seeing one of his frenemy's show for the first time.

Bakugou was in complete awe as he watched the damn nerd perform his heart out in front of the huge crowd. He never knew he could do all these things given all he ever did was trap him in a box or hog tie him.

"Nerd's actually pretty good" he mutters.

"Yeah, Deku's pretty manly right!" a black-haired boy yells to his right, eyes shining as he stares at the boy break dancing above them on nothing.

"Get the hell away from me extra!"

The boy simply smiles at him still talking about how awesome Deku is ignoring Bakugou's eye roll. "I got a picture with him a couple months ago with my best friend it was awesome!" the boy says.

Bakugou is still staring at the extra beside him confused as to who the hell this is before grunting. "That's cause Deku's not a shitty extra like everyone else!"

The boy stared wide eyed at Bakugou before grinning, "I know right! Oh, I almost forgot, I'm Kirishima!"

"I don't care Bland hair!"

After his performance Izuku decided it was time Bakugou met his girlfriend. Bakugou almost choked when he found out that his girlfriend was real.

"You found a girl to date you even though you're a fucking mime!"

Izuku shot him a thumbs up and smirked. Bakugou scoffed at the green haired boy.

"Oh, shut up, this girl's probably not even hot. Probably has a weird mime fetish!" Bakugou cackled, before hitting an invisible wall. "Fuck you Deku!"

As the two walked up to the coffee shop where Kendo said she would meet them, excited to meet someone close to her boyfriend, Bakugou immediately tripped on his own feet, and began to choke on his own spit. Deku's girlfriend was hotter than he expected. And way out of his nerdy league.

"Uh, hi I'm Kendo Itsuka." Kendo said a bit nervous now that she sees the angry looking boy in person.

"Holy shit you're hot!" Bakugou yelled, as he pointed to Kendo then looking to Izuku still in his mime attire. Izuku unfazed by his words was smirking shooting finger guns at Kendo and Bakugou.

Kendo for her part tried, she really did try to stop the red blush appearing on her face but knew by the heat she felt on her face and the chuckles she heard around her that she failed.

Izuku apparently didn't care that Bakugou thought that of Kendo because all he did was shoot a thumbs up and wink at Kendo.

"I don't understand why, how? This nerd?" he continued to yell pointing at the mime boy. "Do you have some sort of mime fetish? Is that how the nerd scored? You're like a 9 and him, look at him he's not even on the scale, so how?!"

Kendo at this point tried to hide behind her jacket but forgot she didn't bring one given it was the middle of spring and with the attention the loud blonde was bringing knew she would never be able to come back to this coffee shop again.

"Tell me nerd, how did you bag a hottie like her!"

Izuku smiled before lassoing Kendo and tossing an arm around her and shot a wink, embarrassing her further in the coffee shop. By now most occupants brought their phones out and were filming the debacle laughing at the teens finding it hilarious.

"You're telling me you just lassoed this chick while miming a few gestures and that's how you got her?"

Izuku shook his head, looking for something in his pocket and pulling it out then reenacted exactly what he did to win Kendo over, he then gave the card to the Bakugou who gawked at the mime.

"You gave her this lame card and she actually called you".

Izuku smiled at the blonde nodding, pulling his blushing girlfriend even closer to him.

Bakugou was speechless, he couldn't believe the nerd got a girlfriend before him and a hot one at that. She must have a mime fetish.

"Please stop you guys, they're watching" Kendo begged.

Bakugou and Midoriya looked around them finally noticing everyone filming their conversation laughing. Grunting Bakugou got up and paid for their drinks while flipping off the phones and dragging his friends out. "Come on losers were leaving this place."

"Thank god" Kendo whispered.

Deciding they wanted to just relax after such an embarrassing moment they headed to Dagobah beach, comparing quirks along the way. Once they were at their destination, they found a spot to sit at and finally got to getting to know each other.

"Bakugou Katsuki."


"Bakugou Katsuki. I'm the nerd's best friend." Bakugou grunted.

Izuku shooting a thumbs up.

"Oh, I'm Kendo Itsuka, his girlfriend."

"Yeah, I got that, man hands. Just don't know how." He mumbled.

Kendo rolled her eyes at the nickname he dubbed her after finding out her quirk revolved around enlarging her fists.


"Watch it ya damn Pomeranian" Kendo grunted, after judo flipping the boy onto his back.

"So, you talked this damn mime into actually applying himself instead of just doing some lame ass- fine okay, they aren't that bad" Bakugou relented when he saw Izuku glare at him. "I just mean you actually convinced him to actually use his quirk for hero work, instead of just miming." Bakugou said.

Kendo looked at the blonde boy who looked like an angry Pomeranian at first sight. Now that she's heard him talk, he seems kinda okay, aside from calling her an extra. Nodding her head, she reveals she was.

"Well, Izuku said a hero also had a part in that."

Ignoring the second part Bakugou begins to grumble. "Hmm, never listened to me but get a pretty girl with a mime fetish and all the sudden he wants to start saving people. Tch, whatever so long as he wants to be a hero i'm fine with it I guess."

"Hey, I already said I do not have a mime fetish!" Kendo yelled.

"Damn it Deku let me go, I swear to god I will end you!"

Kendo turned back to her boyfriend and his friend only to see the boy on the ground his arms and leg bound together. She couldn't help but giggle at the sight of the angry blonde wiggling on the floor while Izuku pointed to Kendo and pulled a sign with a peace sign.

"I don't need to make peace with her! I just said she had a mime fetish, nerd. Man hands, tell your boyfriend to let me go!"

Kendo pouts at the blondes' insult looking away and crossing her arms allowing her boyfriend to continue to mess with Bakugou.

"Oh, I'm sorry I can't hear you." Walking off Kendo ventured off to get another drink while Bakugou shouted curse words at the orange haired girl. Glancing at her hands she puts them in her pants before walking off.

"I'll get you fetish girl!"

At Kendo's Dojo

"Itsuka, had I known you had a mime fetish I'm not sure I would've let you go out with Deku." Kenta said with a small smile on his face. "Fetishes usually lead to some weird stuff, that I don't think I want my daughter to be a-


"Don't worry Kendo based on online polls you two make a cute couple. You, being the hot one, balance out him, the nerdy one." Ikari joked, while the dojo master cackled at the comment.

"Actually, there are forums debating who could be the hotter one based off Deku's physique and smooth moves. Many believe that title belongs to you Kendo, while some are calling Deku nerdy and hot. A twofer which is rare for some relationships." Jin added, enjoying her friends blushing face.

Kendo slapped her face, embarrassed that her father and her friends had seen the video which was filmed yesterday and now were making jokes at her expense.

"I can't believe people actually put that up." She moaned.

"Oh yeah, but don't worry people are rooting for you two to become a couples hero duo when you become heroes." Her father soothed, not that it really helped.

"Thanks dad, I guess."

"Happy to help."

"Young Midoriya, your girlfriend is quite pretty, however did you land such a girl?" All Might says after seeing the video online.

"Beats me. I didn't think she would call me when I gave her my number, but she did. I thought she was just gonna toss my card after I hit on her."

"Well you are quite lucky to find a girl who appreciates the arts and is also going to be a hero" All Might said chuckling.

"Actually, can I be honest with you All Might" Izuku asked while looking around for anyone watching them.

All Might turned serious before nodding his head yes, "Of course my boy, I'd like to think we've grown close enough for you to be able to tell me anything on your mind."

Izuku grins nodding. "Yeah, yeah we have." Then chuckling he turns back to All might and jokingly speaks, "I'm not gonna lie I think Itsuka really does have a Mime fetish."

"PFFFFT. MY BOY YOU KILL ME!" All Might yells before deflating.


Before Izuku, Bakugou and Kendo knew it the entrance exam was upon them. Despite all his training Izuku was still nervous and was worried he might not make it in, disappointing All Might and proving that he wasn't a worthy successor.

"Don't worry Izuku, just mime your heart out and you'll be training to be a hero right beside Katsuki and your pretty girlfriend!" I still have no idea how you managed to get a girl like Kendo to be your girlfriend, but so long as I get grandbabies out of this relationship, then I don't really care if the rumors of Kendo having a mime fetish are true or not.

With words of encouragement from his mother Izuku went from a sorrowful mime to happy.

"Thanks mom! I'll do my best!"

"Oh, and don't forget your special mime track suit!" she yelled at Izuku who gave a thumbs up, showing he already had it packed.

Bakugou was confident he was gonna kick everyone's ass today. There was no one with a quirk who could match his, well maybe one, but that nerd never took him seriously, so he put him on the back burner. Today was about him and showing all those other extras who was boss.

Deku, you better fucking get in today.





Itsuka wasn't afraid to say she was nervous about today. Her whole future was riding on whether she passed today and well, despite having a fitting quirk for combat she still wasn't sure if it was enough.

"Don't worry Kendo, you and mimey are gonna get into U.A no problem, I believe in you." Kendo's dad said while wearing a number 1 Kendo and Mimey fan shirt.

"YEAH AND SO DO WE, KENDO!" a few of the other students yelled, wearing replica shirts.

"WHERE DID YOU GUYS EVEN GET THOSE!" Itsuka yelled, only to realize she was being ignored.

Ignoring their friend, they began to chant for her in hopes to boost her spirits, instead only embarrassing her, their real objective.

"Why me?" she whispered.





Itsuka glared at her father knowing he had a hand in this but also knew she would be unable to stop them.


"He's here in spirit" Ikari responded while holding a picture of Midoriya in his mime outfit, before chanting again.

"Ahhhhhhh, I hate you all!" Kendo yelled before stomping out of the dojo on her way to meet up with Izuku and Bakugou so they could head to the entrance exam.

"Bye, love you too!" Kenta yelled to his daughter. "You're all evil for actually going through with the chant and wearing the shirts…enjoy your free day." The dojo master said still laughing at his daughters' dramatic exit and his students chant.

Chapter Text


Izuku, Bakugou and Kendo had just reached the train station, their meeting point, and were stepping on board to go to U.A for the entrance exam.

"Sup man hands" Bakugou grunted towards Kendo.

"Pomeranian" Kendo mumbled, having become used to the explosive boy nickname for her.

"?" Izuku pouted at not being greeted by his two-favorite people.

"Oh, sorry Deku, what's up." Bakugou said, feeling slightly bad, although he'd never admit it, for forgetting to greet Deku.

Izuku shot him a thumb up and grinned.


"You guys got everything you need?" Kendo asked happily, showing her gym bag.

"The fuck kinda question is that man hands, course I do! You should worry about if your stupid mime boyfriend does, I wouldn't be surprised if Deku forgot something because he was practicing some dumb trick!" Bakugou yelled.

Kendo rolled her eyes at the explosive user, not disagreeing with him because he had a point. So, turning to her boyfriend, who was blushing at Bakugou's accurate assumption, he wasn't going to admit he needed his mom's help packing his bag this morning because he had stayed up practicing a routine, she asked him if he had everything for the exam.

"Izuku, you remembered everything right?"

The boy gasped, looking away insulted. Thrusting a sign up with a frowning face the boy crosses his arms and walks ahead.

"Oh no, don't even shit head, you know I'm right! I bet you had your mom pack for you!" Bakugou shouts. "And another thing why the hell aren't you speaking, you're not in costume?"

"Sorry guys, when I get nervous, I tend to go in mime mode." Izuku chuckled. "Oh, and Bakugou was right, my mom did help me pack everything. You can still check though" he admitted sheepishly as he handed his bag over to Kendo so she could check he had everything.

Taking him up on his offer, she decides to double check his bag, holding back her laughter at the sight of his track suit. Where does one even purchase that?

"What's so funny?" Bakugou grunted.

Kendo still holding back her laughter, hands the bag over to Bakugou who doesn't even try holding back his laughter. "Where the fuck did you find a mime track suit, you fucking nerd!" Bakugou cackled, turning to Kendo who began to grimace knowing he was going to say something regarding her choice in boys.

"You sure know how to pick'em, extra!"

"Why did I think it was a good idea showing you his bag?" she sighed slapping her face.

"Ha, bet you like Izuku in his mime costume!"

"Shut it Pomeranian" she growled, not denying his claim.

Finally reaching U. A's front gates the three friends went to enter the auditorium. Neither of them showing any sign of nervousness, rather excitement rushing through their blood. Once they entered, they went their separate ways realizing they were being organized by schools.

"See ya extra, fucking pass got it. I'm not letting Deku quit heroing because the chick he liked couldn't get in!"

Kendo stood speechless at Bakugou's good luck speech. The boy was never the sentimental type, but she was pretty sure he had kinda, sorta wished her luck. Snapping out of it she went to wish Izuku good luck.

"Good luck babe" she said smiling, giving him a chaste kiss on the lips for good luck.

"Th-thanks. I'll do my best to get in. I mean even if I don't, I'll be fine since I can just go for the general course then transfer, but I wanna be with you so I'll do my best to pass" he smiles waving at her while walking to his seat, blushing from the kiss he had just received.

"How is he so smooth without even trying!" Kendo groans, while walking to her seat. "He's a mime for christ sake."

After the written portion had ended our two examinees were even more excited for the upcoming part of the exam. The third just wanted to get things over with and head over to Tokyo's shopping district for his 5 o'clock street performance.

Bakugou had a vicious glint in his eye raring to go against whatever the practical was while Kendo was excited to show off her quirk and all the work she's done to get where she is. Izuku just wanted to move on and focus on his street performance.

Izuku had just zoned back in when the next pro hero came in to begin taking about the practical portion of his exam.

"What's up, UA candidates? Thanks for tuning in to me, your school DJ. Come on and let me hear you!"

Present Mic took the stage with an amount of flash and style that could be expected from the DJ/Hero. Expecting a shout of cheer from the crowd but coming up with nothing. Instead he saw a weird green haired kid holding a sign with an exclamation point on it.


"Shit head I swear to god put that sign down." Bakugou hissed.

Izuku looked to his best friend confused, then looking to himself he realized he had pulled out a sign in reply to Present Mic's request for a cheer.


The voice hero shifted a bit, confused at the kid but liking it nonetheless. "YOU'RE WEIRD KID BUT I LIKE IT, I'M ROOTING FOR YA! Now let's talk about this practical exam, yeah?" He turned his ear to the crowd, "ARE YOU READY!?"

Izuku excited for the hero in front of him was not aware he had pulled another sign out this time with a thumbs up.

"Deku, I swear to god."

The silence was deafening. But still Present Mic was not deterred by this. Seeing the weird kid pulling out signs in reply to his screaming was laugh worthy. Can't wait to tell Shota about this.

Getting over the weird kid's action, Present Mic continued "Like your application said, today, you rocking boys and girls will be out there conducting ten-minute mock battles in different centers city's against robots!" The large screen behind the hero shifted from the UA logo to a map of campus with different battle centers listed. "Ready yourself for some action because after this rocking speech, you'll head to your specified battle centers! Sound good?"

Izuku, and Katsuki examined the cards that sat on their desk in front of them.

"Okay!?" Present Mic called out to more silence.

"I get it," Katsuki commented as he glanced at Izuku's cards. "They're splitting us up so we can't work with any of our friends. I guess it's smart given we'd kick everybody's ass together."

"Heck yeah we would." Izuku smirked.

"Man hands won't do so bad herself either." Bakugou joked.

"Yeah, she's gonna do great," Izuku smiled, reading their cards to see where their battle center was. On Katsuki's card he read 'Battle Center A' written on it, whilst his said 'B'.

"Our examinee numbers are listed one after another, but we all have different battle centers."

Izu started explaining to Katsuki how he thought the exam was meant to be immediately. "So, I guess if we're fighting robots, the smallest ones would be one pointer, -

"the bigger ones are two pointers and three pointers" Bakugou smirked understanding where his friend was going with the reference.

"Exactly. But who knows what the passing score is" he sighed. "Uh, I'll have to actually try."

"Of course, you'll have to try Baka! Get your head on straight and remember that so you pass!"

Izuku waved him off and continued speaking, "Yeah, yeah you know I will."


Izuku and Bakugou both looked at the blue haired boy who they had already determined was most likely an elitist. Most of the auditorium had decided to start laughing at the two, only to stop when they see the boy freeze up and begin to stutter.

"WH-what is happening, why can't I move?"

"Look here elitists prick, no one noticed us talking until you decided to point it out. And another thing you were the one who decided to be a loud dick and interrupt the proctor before he could even answer your question, just because you were born privileged doesn't mean you can use that to look down on everyone else." Bakugou lectured. Then looking to Izuku who had lassoed the boy, nodded, "Release elitist."

The auditorium rang silent, until Present mic decided to finish his instructions. "Uh, right well, to answer your question examinee number 7111! The fourth robot you will fight will be more of a gimmick to avoid, an arena trap if you will. The best advice for this is to just run away."

"Now everybody do your best, PLUS ULTRA!" With that, everyone loaded onto the buses towards their designated fake city.

"Don't fail, shit head" Bakugou smirked.

"As if I would." Midoriya chuckled.

They parted ways towards the locker rooms to changed into the attire they would be wearing in the mock city's. Once finished everyone headed toward their designated buses. Izuku's outfit garnering plenty of weird looks and laughter.

Once they got off the bus at testing sight B Izuku looked around checking out his competition. He began chuckling at the fact none of them looked very impressive and that maybe this exam wouldn't be so hard to pass after all.

Oh god Kacchan is really rubbing off on me.

A few minutes into scoping out the other competitors he felt a hand land on his shoulder. Once he saw who was clutching his shoulder, Izuku couldn't help but roll his eyes at the stuck up blue haired boy. Wondering what he could have done this time to make him the target of his lecture he finally tuned into the boy's speech, finally acknowledging that the boy was speaking.


Izuku glared at the boy and those pointing and laughing at him. He figured that they all saw him as a joke, a weak link who was probably the least of their worries. Izuku couldn't help but smirk at how wrong they were.

I was gonna go easy on you all and go for the bare minimum to pass, but as Kacchan would say, FUCK THESE EXTRAS!


After hearing the loud heroes voice Izuku quickly activated One for All and immediately dashed into the city to get away from the unlucky saps, silently laughing at the hero screaming to the examinees "What are you doing?! There are no countdowns in real life! Follow the weird mime kids' example and run!"

Realizing they were already behind they went to start running only to run into an invisible barrier which blocked them from entering into the city.

"What the hell?"

"Is this part of the exam?"

"Why can't we get pass this?"

"If it is how'd that weird kid get pass?"

"I thought I told you guys to start already what's going on?!" Present Mic yelled.


"Invisible barrier?" Present Mic mouthed confused.

Izuku continued to run thrusting a sign behind him with a peace sign, the only one to notice him was a girl with a bob haircut, frowning.

"Back in the judge's lounge"


All those in the lounge watched City B confused. None of them could comprehend what was happening now. From what they could see the entire group of examinees, bar one, were unable to enter the city.

"What just happened, why isn't city B starting?" Snipe asked.

"Present Mic said there's some sort of invisible wall stopping them from starting" Thirteen answered.

"Did you just say invisible wall?" Aizawa growled.

"Uh, yeah why?" Thirteen said.

"So, the kid actually came, swear to god if he passes, I'm gonna make his life hell in my class." Aizawa grumbled, confusing everyone in the room.

"Uh, Wanna share with the class what you're talking about?" Power Loader drawled.

"That kid there in the middle of the city that's practically destroying every robot with ease, is the one who I had trouble catching a few months ago."

"No shit, that's the mime kid!" Midnight yelled.

"Yeah, it is. Never got his name though."

"It says here his name is Izuku Midoriya. Quirk...what the hell? It says here he calls it mime, gives him the ability to create any construct he can imagine." Cementoss explained.

Every person in the room looked at the lone student in the mock city in awe as he destroyed another robot with an invisible construct and continued his way happily.

"Nezu, what the hell are we going to do, that kid is in there destroying every single robot while those other examinees are stuck out there?" Thirteen yelled.

"That's gotta be cheating?" Midnight said incredulous.

Nezu stared at the screen in awe. Without turning back at the others, he shook his head in disbelief. "This is by far the craziest loophole I've ever encountered" Nezu grinned crazily.

Snapping out of his trance he looked to the other teachers. "He's not doing anything wrong, persay…but how is he able to maintain that wall, and still fight?"

"Young Midoriya you little jerk!" All might cackled. He didn't care that they were all looking at him while he laughed at the others misfortune, he expected this in fact. The kid walked into the examination dressed as a mime, of course everyone was going to count him out, and what was he going to do? Make them pay for it.

"Well, as much as I hate to admit it, he's got a lot of potential, but is selfish at the same time…I want him in my class Nezu" Aizawa sighed.

"Hmm, very well. You're the only one who could probably handle him anyways." Nezu answered.

Izuku had entered the city alone when he saw three two pointer robots surrounding him. They weren't as big as he imagined they would be nor did they look that strong. When he saw it about to blast him, he activated OFA and with his quirk mimed a wall. Blocking the blast, he put his archery skills to use and shot three arrows at each robot destroying them in no time.

"Six points. Not enough to be with Kendo and Bakugou."

"Look I just don't get it. Like he's a mime, so how is he actually able to make stuff and destroy the robots!" Snipe yelled.

"Look over there, he literally just made two three pointer robots blow up with some type of, I guess cannon. I mean come on! There must be a limit to what the hell the mime kid can do. Or he's making his quirk up!"

The teachers looked to each other then back to the screen. "Do we even need to use the Zero pointer?" they all sweat dropped.

"Doubtful" Cementoss said.

"Very well, but what about the rest of the examinees?" Power loader asked.

Nezu was still frowning at the video displaying city B, face shifting to resignation when he saw all the examinees still struggling to get through the invisible wall and into the mock city. Looking into the city he saw the lone examinee sitting among a building watching as the rest of the examinees tried to break through his wall.

He shrugged, "we'll have to make another examination for the poor souls who underestimated such a strong opponent."

"Are you serious? You're gonna pass him even after doing such a dirty tactic." Midnight asked.

Nezu looking her dead in the eye. "Indeed. Look at the screen. Midoriya has destroyed every single robot in the city and yet he still refuses to let the other examinees in. My guess is to punish them for underestimating him, laughing at him. I don't even think he really cares that he's probably crushed all those out there dreams of being a hero."

"THEN WHY LET HIM COME HERE!" they all yelled.

"Because I want to learn more about him. He was able to outrun 6 pro heroes, hold back over a hundred examinees while still fight off robots attacking him. This boy is more than meets the eye." Nezu said staring at the boy who finally began walking down the building to leave the exam site.

Pfft, if only you knew! All Might thought.

Izuku just lassoed a three pointer and was currently swinging it around crashing it into several other one and two pointers. He was sweating heavily by now and knew his face paint was coming down his face. He knew he looked ridiculous, but if he was being honest, he didn't really care. Right now, all he cared about was making it into U.A for Kendo and Kacchan.

Good thing I don't have any competition.

Back with the rest of the examinees

"Has anyone had any luck with getting through!"

"No! I don't get it no one mentioned there being a barrier being an obstacle for the exam" another yelled panicking.

"How the hell did that weird kid get through and we didn't!" a girl with long ear lobes yelled.

The examinees all looked at each other after hearing the girl's words. It finally dawned on them what was really happening to them. This wasn't the work of Yuuei, no this had to be that green haired kid they all laughed at who bolted at Present Mic's voice.


"HOW DARE HE SULLY THE EXAMINATION WITH HIS CHEATING. HE SHOULD BE DISWAULIFIED FOR SUCH DIRTY TACTICS. I DEMAND HE BE STOPPED!" the boy with glasses yells to the pro hero who had come down and check out the invisible wall himself.

Present Mic looked back to the blue haired kid, recognizing him as the one who scolded the green haired kid and laughed at his outfit. Everything clicking together, causing Present Mic to chuckle. This is payback for laughing at his costume, probably. Well alright then.

"Sorry kid, I already talked to Nezu, and green bean didn't technically do anything wrong. You guys are on your own for now…so I recommend you keep on trying to break down this wall. You do only have two minutes left of the exam, and that kid is a powerhouse", he said walking off.

All the kids looked at the pro hero in horror. Their dream of training to be pro hero's broken in a matter of seconds and the pros weren't even trying to do anything about it.

"But this is so unfair, he shouldn't be able to do that!" a round faced girl cried.

A tired looking man deciding enough was enough decided to reveal himself and speak to the downtrodden individuals. "Life isn't fair when you're a pro hero, same goes for training to be one. Let this be a life lesson. Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how ridiculous they look."

Those words hit everyone like a ton of bricks. Thinking back to laughing at the boy who was dressed weird and underestimating how powerful he was.

Pausing his steps, the man looked back, "Luckily for you, the judges felt pity for how brutal you were being destroyed by a kid in a mime outfit and decided to make a second exam for you."

This was met with cheers, but soon stopped when they saw the man's creepy grin. "Don't cheer now, this will be even harder than fighting robots…see you in an hour."

After the exam

"AHAHAHAHA, Deku you fucking nerd, only you would keep everyone from taking the exam!"

Izuku had wiped his paint face off, no longer dressed as a mime, laughing alongside Bakugou and Kendo who couldn't help but laugh alongside them as well.

"Kacchan, they laughed at my mime suit, NO ONE laughs at my mime suit."

Bakugou and Kendo both looked at Izuku surprised at how serious he had become when speaking about his outfit. His sweet and laughable demeanor turned slightly mad, was a dizzy 180 from what they usually saw form their best friend.

"Whoa, ser-

"HAHAHA, just kidding, nah, I just wanted to show them who was boss, Kacchan. They called me weak, and that blue haired kid kept yelling at me, so I figured show em who's boss, right guys?"

Bakugou and Kendo were slack jawed at Izuku. His demeanor changing again, giving them whiplash.

"Babe, can you maybe chill it with the 180 emotion changes. Kinda feel like your pmsing." Kendo joked.

Izuku laughed at his girlfriend's words, "Sorry, sorry. I'll stop. So how do you think you did?"

Both friends smiled smugly before answering. "Awesome of course." Turning to each other and glaring.

"He asked me Pomeranian/man hands!"

"Stop copying me!"

"You stop!"


Both walked off for a break, five minutes later coming back with food for Izuku as an apology for leaving him alone and not realizing it.

"Sorry babe/Deku." Both looking away guiltily, while handing their best friend an ice cream and soda as an apology.

Izuku laughed at their antics, smiling, unable to get mad at them when they both acted the same. They're too alike sometimes.

Izuku was in the middle of a performance at the Tokyo Shopping District the crowd getting bigger and bigger as he performed bringing a smile on his face.

The person standing next to him, being used as his assistance not so much.

Why the hell did I agree to this? He said we were going out, not that I was being used as his mime assistance. I swear to god when I get out of this box you are so dead.

At the end of the performance he had received a roar of applause bowing. Then pointing to his girlfriend who was still tied up red faced, received a louder applause.

"Woo, go Deku's assistance!"

"No way, remember that's his girlfriend!"

"Oh, no shit! Are they gonna be a performing duo!"

Izuku smiling was about to nod his head yes, before Kendo cut him off. "NO! I was just pulled into his act unaware, literally. I thought this was gonna be a date." She sighed.

"Well…can't it still be? You spent time with him doing what he loves so, shouldn't it count?" someone shouted.

Kendo stared at the crowd in disbelief, those beginning to murmur in agreement. Izuku joining them.

"No, no way. No. I am not... No, I am not taking relationship advice from my boyfriend's fans."

"A normal date is out for lunch, or movies, or...wait what am I doing, I don't need to explain my self to you! Deku untie me!"

"Suit yourself mime girl." The crowd shrugged as they began to disperse.

Kendo slapped her face in frustration, glaring at her boyfriend who looked away innocently. "Oh, don't even when we get back to the dojo, you are so dead.


"Oh yeah, be scared." Kendo threatened.


Kenta walked up to see his daughter brutally tossing her boyfriend on the mats. Sipping juice, he looked to one of his older students who winced.

"What'd he do now?"

Passing his phone over to his sensei, the older student kept his eyes on the younger girl who kept beating on the mime. Never letting up in time for the boy to escape her wrath.

Izuku looked to his left fear in his eyes. Those in the dojo guiltily looking away so as not to feel Itsuka Kendo's wrath.

"Oh no, don't even think about asking for help. You told me we were going out then you used me as your assistant for a performance. You could've at least told me before surprising me like that!" Kendo said exasperated at her eccentric boyfriend.

"I'm sorry!" Izuku yelled, before slapping his mouth.

Everyone turned to look at the pair in shock. Not once had they ever heard Izuku speak while in his mime suit. "Yeah, he's taken a few punishments in stride because of his moronic antics, but even then, he never spoke. Wow, he must've realized how much he messed up.

"Izuku...did you just speak?" Kendo spoke.

Izuku nodded, smiling sadly. Raising a sign back up with a sad face in apology he hugs the girl hoping it conveys how sorry he is. Sighing because she already knows she would accept his apology she hugs him back.

"Yeah, yeah, I accept your apology. How could I not after you broke you mime vow to apologize" Kendo sighed, smiling.

Izuku was at his house trying to figure out what to do for his next show when his mom ran into his room yelling for him.


"Izuku, honey!" Inko yelled again, panting out of breath with an envelope in her hand, " It's here, your letter, it's here!"

After a week of waiting and no word from All Might, his results from U.A were finally here.

Izuku put away his lasso, and reached out for the letter smiling. For some reason a shiver went coursing through his spine when he touched the envelope. Both mother and son stared at the letter neither wanting to open it just yet, then when they realized how dramatic they were being they tore it open finding a metal cylinder inside of it.

Both Midoriya's were confused as to what it was, until a bright light shined from it. THEY'RE SO EXTRA!"

As the light dimmed both mother and son opened their eyes to see a small bear, mouse dog thing projecting in front of them.

"Hello, Izuku Midoriya. Let me be the first to say you were quite the examinee. To stop all others from even entering the mock city was a very interesting thing to watch. And while a bit unorthodox it was outstanding. You scored one hundred and fifty points passing the practical and the written with a 95 percent. Congratulations Midoriya, you've made it into Yuuei. I look forward to seeing you this term. Please do stay out of trouble.

Inko Midoriya looked at her son with a deadpanned expression after finding out what he had done to the examinees.

"Izuku…did you...did you seriously keep the other children from completing the exam."


"Oh my god, you're so stupid, but god is that funny. My little boy is gonna be the coolest hero ever." Inko said tears of laughter rolling down her face as she hugged her son.

Izuku hugged his mom back smiling at the words on the letter.

"Class 1-A"

"So, you got in class 1-A too huh, yeah figured they'd put the two strongest people in the best class." Bakugou scoffed.

Turning to man hands he looks asking with his eyes for her class. Unaware of her downcasted look.

"Oh, uh, actually I got put in 1-B." she said a bit sad, and embarrassed that she was put in the lower hero class.

"Wait seriously. You're not gonna be in my class?" Izuku asked, disappointed since the only reason he's going to Yuuei was to study literally with Kacchan and Kendo. Oh, and to be All might's successor, but that's a whole other thing.

"So, what man hands! You still got in, just because you're in 1-B doesn't mean your lesser than 1-A or anything we'll have joint classes and stuff. You just won't be able to sit by your mime boyfriend" Bakugou scoffed.

A small smile formed on Kendo's face. "Yeah guess your right. Still sucks I won't see you guys, but still, being in the hero course is better than nothing."

"Yeah…better than nothing" Izuku murmured.

"God damn it, what the fuck is the nerd thinking of doing now?" Bakugou groaned.

Kendo sighed. "I don't know, but can we really stop it?"

" we can't." Bakugou relented.

Chapter Text

Izuku never really cared for the hero profession. Anyone who had known him knew this. His mom, his classmates, Kacchan. They all knew his focus was to become a mime, the best mime in the world, in fact. But people change, their plans, which they had mapped out since childhood, sometimes change.

Sometimes, people see a pretty girl during one of their mime performances and ask them out, which in turn leads them to finding out they're applying for the hero course at U.A. and from there everything in your life just sort of derails from its original plan.

Still Izuku's dream stayed the same and he continued wanting to be the best mime in the world. Nothing could change that or so he thought. Somehow snagging a hot girlfriend and deciding to join U.A to be with her, caused the thought of being a hero become slightly more appealing, slightly not much. His end goal to make people smile with his performances as a mime never changed, despite her advice of also becoming a part time hero.

However, as he said before life has a way of taking your original plans and tossing them in the trash. Once meeting the symbol of peace who saw his "potential", albeit unintentionally, Izuku knew that he might as well try, if not for the sake of being closer to Kendo and keeping the promise he made with his best friend, but to make twice as many people smile like he's always planned.

"HAHAHAHAHA, Midoriya-Shonen I thought you wanted to be a hero not a murderer!"

Midoriya had the decency to look embarrass after discussing with All Might his performance at the entrance exam. Although the symbol of peace thoroughly enjoyed how his successor had performed, he admitted that the mime boy went a little overboard.

"Sorry, but that kid with glasses made fun of my outfit and everyone laughed with him, I couldn't help but-

All might held his hand up to the broccoli haired boy smiling, "Say no more mime-doriya, I along with the Nezu already figured that was the exact reason you annihilated the other examinees. It was quite enjoyable to watch."

Izuku was happy that he didn't get in trouble for how he had acted at the entrance exam, "Thanks All might, you know I'm actually excited to start U.A tomorrow."

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear from my successor!" All might yelled, wondering how many times the mime boy would be called into the principal office.

"UA starts today, honey aren't you excited!" Mama-doriya said to her son.

Izuku, thought about it for a moment. He wasn't lying when he said he was happy about going to U.A, especially since he'll be able to study with his girlfriend and best friend, but then again-


"Ow what the heck mom!"

"Stop moping and go have fun at U.A with Kendo and Bakugo" she scolded the young boy.

"I've already come to terms that you're gonna cause a lot of mischief there and I'll be called up there a lot so just hurry on to school and do whatever you were planning on doing so I can meet your principal already." Inko says with an eye roll.

"Wait seriously?" Izuku said.

"Just don't get expelled so you can't be with Kendo, alright." She adds.

Izuku stared at his mom in awe. He was surprised she was being so lenient with his mischievous behavior, a smile stretching across his face. He knew she always dealt with it in middle school since they never really reported it, but this was U.A.

"Seriously stop, the only reason I'm allowing this is because I highly doubt, and I mean it when I say I highly doubt you'll be able to find anyone else with a mime fetish any time soon and I want grandbabies." She glared.

"Do not screw this up for me Izuku", She growled.

Izuku blushed bright red at his moms' words, laughing. Deciding she was right, and it was better to get ready he grabbed his signature red shoes, yellow backpack, foregoing the tie since didn't even know how to tie it and headed out.

"Bye mom, thanks for the advice!"

"Bye you little nerd, don't screw up!"

Izuku never imagined he would end up here, walking to the entrance of this school. U.A to be exact. For the hero course that he applied to. Where he got in. Class 1-A, not 1-B.

"Man, why'd that dumb nerd have to make me mad so I'd get such a good score, now I can't be with Kendo." Izuku grumbled, finally entering the school. Deciding moping was going to get him no where he decided to get over it and search for his class.

"1-A. 1-A. 1-A. Ah ha." Up ahead the mime boy spotted the label of his classroom and headed straight for it. Psyching himself up he stepped forward to the entrance of the class, before turning around.

"Well, 1-A…time to search for 1-B."

Izuku was just about to walk off when a hand quickly grabbed the back of his uniform jacket.

"Oh no you don't babe, get your ass in there and find your seat." A voice that Izuku had become very smitten with said annoyed.

Izuku turned around to see and smile at the only person who could ever possibly stop his shenanigans.

"Itsuka, what are you doing here?!" Izuku said smiling.

Itsuka rolled her eyes at the "innocent" looking boy. "Don't give me that look. I know you were gonna ditch to find my class. And as flattered as I am, I really rather we both just get through the day with no problems." She pleaded.

Izuku kicked his shoe at the ground, looking away. "But I don't wanna. I wanna be with you." He whined.

Itsuka had to look away from the boy's puppy eyes, annoyed that he could be so smooth, without even trying. "Izuku. Get through the day without any problems and I'll be your assistant for your next performance."

Immediately Izuku went from pouting to excitable, already planning what to do for his next show with his girlfriend along his side.

"Well what do you know babe? This is my stop", slapping his forehead. "Guess I'll see you after school to talk about what we should do for our performance." Izuku said before blowing a kiss to his girlfriend.

"Why do I feel like I'm going to regret those words?" Itsuka mumbled, walking towards her class.

Once the doors opened Izuku was met with the blue haired boy, who made fun of his mime costume, and Kacchan arguing.

Izuku smirked, "Heh, and Kendo thought I was gonna be trouble."

"Who are you to boss me around?" The blonde yelled.

"My name is Iida Tenya. I'm from Soumei Private Academy." The boy explained.

"An elite huh?! I'll have fun blowing you to a crisp!" The blond yelled.

"Is that really how you talk to your fellow classmates?!" Iida yelled.

"Yo, Kacchan!" Izuku said, garnering the attention of numerous classmates. Many looked at boy curiously, trying to figure out where they had seen him before and others outright glaring at him.

Of course, oblivious as he was, Izuku ignored them all, going to meet with Bakugou for a fist bump. The atmosphere surrounding them turning hostile, as he was finally recognized as the green haired boy from the entrance exam.

"Hey! You're that asshole who stopped us from doing the entrance exam!" A boy with blonde hair and a lightning streak said angrily.

"Indeed, you did not sparkle at all!" a French boy said.

Those in the class stared at the freckled face boy shocked.

"Oh yeah, I knew your green hair looked familiar! Blocking the entrance to the mock city so you could take all the points for yourself was a real jerk thing to do. You're lucky the principal let us do a make-up exam!" a girl with round cheeks complained.

Izuku looked at the teens confused. "How am I the lucky one? I did the exam, so technically you're the lucky ones for being able to have a make-up. And besides if that kid with the glasses hadn't made fun of my outfit I wouldn't have gone all out." He said going back to his conversation with Kacchan who began cackling at his best friend's actions.

"Fucking Deku, I thought you were lying when you said all that!"

"Why would I lie about that, Kacchan?"

"I must say, your actions were very unprofessional of someone wanting to join the prestigious school that is U.A!" Iida said with his robotic arms.

"Not really." Izuku deadpanned. "If anything, it only shows how much more qualified I am to enter this school than you are." Izuku jokes. "Besides the principal seemed to think they were fine."

Bakugo laughing even louder as teens who had been in his exam group stayed silent at his admission.

"Yeah, so what'd you guys have to do to make up for failing the regular exam?" Izuku asked.

"We had to do this insane obstacle course!" a girl with long earlobes seethed. "I almost didn't pass!"

"Sounds easy." Bakugo shrugged.

Izuku stared at the girl blankly, turning back to Bakugo, "So what rank did you get?"

"He's so rude!"

In the far back a two-toned hair boy glared at the, in his opinion, unimpressive boy. He couldn't understand how someone so plain could have been the one to cause an entire group of students to have to retake an exam.

"No matter, I'll just prove I'm stronger than him." He thought.

Izuku was about to say something in response to the kids who were still complaining about their retake exam when in the corner of his eye he saw a yellow caterpillar thing creep through the door.

"Um, guys? What is that?" He asked, prompting the class, now all here, to see the thing slither further into the room. It apparently had the face of a human man, who hadn't seen sleep in forever

"It took you all eight seconds to shut up. I want that time to lessen as we progress." The man-caterpillar thing said.

"My name is Aizawa Shouta, and I am your homeroom teacher!" He said, dropping the bag to reveal a man with long hair and a black outfit, a large white scarf wrapped around his neck, along with some yellow slit goggles. He pulled out a set of tracksuits and threw them to the students.

"Put these on and meet me at the training grounds in the back." Aizawa Shouta said.

Izuku couldn't help but light up at the person in front of him, Bakugo noticing this but not bringing it up since they needed to change.

"Come on nerd we gotta change."

Izuku followed wordlessly, as did the rest of the class. A few moments later and the entire class was outside.

"We teachers at UA have the freedom to guide our students however we choose. So, we'll skip initiation and start off with Quirk assessment. Izuku Midoriya… as unorthodox as it was you scored highest during the exam. Get in the circle." The broccoli haired walked into the circle and held the ball in his hand.

"Unorthodox, he cheated!" someone yelled, however as soon as they yelled it, they shut up once seeing their homeroom glare at them.

"What was your farthest throw?" Aizawa asked.

Izuku shrugged, turning to Bakugo.

Bakugo scoffed, shrugging back. "Don't look at me, damn nerd! I don't even remember ever seeing you at P.E."

Aizawa didn't even try to hold back his face palm. "Why the hell did I ever accept this kid into my class.

Izuku turned to the man with a sly smile. "You know why...Eraser head."

The homeroom teacher sent his wraps faster than the class could blink but it seemed that was no problem for Izuku who quickly mimed a wall.

"Bahahaha, doesn't this bring back memories!"

"I swear to god Midoriya, if you don't throw that ball, I will expel you so fast, you will end up miming on the streets!"

"Jokes on you that's exactly what I've already been doing!" he yelled.


"Ow...Kacchan what was that for?!" Izuku whined trying to rub the pain of Bakugos' explosion from his head away.

"Nerd if you don't throw that ball right now, I will tell Kendo you're misbehavi-

Before Bakugo could even finish that sentence Izuku quickly summoned One for All and combined it with his quirk. Once he tossed the ball up in the air, he hurriedly mimed a bat hitting the ball outside the fences of U.A.

"Oh my god, Mina I think that's Deku the great!" Kirishima, whispered excitedly.

"Holy crap Kirishima, we're going to class with Deku!" Mina said just as excited.

", Satsuki and Samidare are going to be excited about this. Kero." Tsuyu said, overhearing her class-mates' conversations.


"Uh...what the hell did Midoriya just do?"

"Yeah, one second he's tossing the ball in the air and swinging his arm back-

"and the next the ball is being sent outside U.A?"

Aizawa ignored all his kids' questions to read the radar, eyes widening at the reading. "850.5, not bad problem child."

Izuku ignored everyone else, including Aizawa and turned to Bakugo. "There I did it, please don't tell Kendo I was being bad!"

The explosion user smirked, "Whipped."

"Wow, we get to use our quirks! This will be fun!" Mina said, ignoring the intense atmosphere between the green haired boy, the blonde and their homeroom teacher.

However, after speaking she realizes it would have probably been better to keep her mouth shut from the glare, she was receiving from Aizawa.

"Fun, you say. How about we make it more fun? Last place gets expelled." The class gawked at this. "Izuku, you're on thin ice so take this serious or I'll expel you regardless of ranking."


"But that isn't fair!" Uraraka Ochako said.

"Not fair? Natural disasters, villains, and Quirk-themed incidents are 'not fair'. This is simply weeding out those who can be heroes from those who can't." He said.

"Now, let's do the rest of the tests." For the next two hours or so, the students were scheduled to do multiple sets of tests. He looked over most of the tests and saw that his mime quirk would be of no use and relied mainly on One for All.

The first test put Izuku against the candy caned hair boy. Both rivals lined up against each other, the boy turning his face to Izuku to quickly speak to him.

"I just thought you should know you don't look like anything special, and I'm going to show that to everyone."

Izuku smiled at the boy not speaking. Then slowly he raised one hand, then another in front of the boy confusing him and everyone else looking at the two about to race. Only one knew what was about to happen and he couldn't help but laugh.


"Go!" Aizawa shouted.


Izuku shot forward like a bullet meeting the finish line in less than 4 seconds, his opponent had no such luck.

"Todoroki, what are you doing?"

I can't go forward, there's a wall blocking me!"

Aizawa face palmed. "Midoriya, let Todoroki out of the box and go back to the starting you know what, just go away you're excused from the apprehension test."

Izuku shot finger guns at his teacher and Bakugo, who flipped him off smiling. It didn't really faze the boy who was already used to this behavior.

"Those two have a really weird relationship." Uraraka said, everyone around her agreeing.

Meanwhile Todoroki was recovering from having slammed face first into Izukus' wall, hating the green haired boy more than he already did.

"Alright now that that nightmare is over, I'll list the rankings up here." Aizawa announced tiredly. "It's overall ranking, to be easier."

"On the note of expulsion, it was a tactical ruse!" Aizawa said, causing panic from some of the students. "Not really. I was so very tempted to expel Midoriya but even I'll admit he has potential and as long as Bakugo is here to keep him in check I guess I'll keep him."

"I'm not his babysitter!" Bakugo yelled but was ignored by the teacher.

After finishing his speech to the class, he looked to see Izuku shooting him finger guns, making him second guess his expulsion. "No, don't do it Aizawa, he can change."

"There are copies of the syllabus in the classroom. Grab one before you leave." He sighed, already feeling an oncoming headache from the mime boy. The group dispersed to collect said object before leaving. After grabbing his syllabus, Izuku left the building, to see Itsuka walking up to him a smile on her face.

"Babe! How was your first day in class?!" she asked.

"Totally great! I was so good. No problems at all" He said, sweat dripping down his face.

Quickly grabbing his girlfriends' hand, he began dragging her out of class, away from his best friend who he saw was coming towards the two with a smirk on his face.

"Izuku, what's the hurry? I thought we were waiting for Bakugo?" the orange haired girl asked.

"Bakugo? Who's that, never heard of him?" He chuckled nervously, before hearing a call for him. The two turned around to see Bakugo jog up to them.


"THAT'S A LIE I WAS SUPER GOOD!" he yelled back nervously.

"Why am I even dating you?" Itsuka laughed, tears running down her face.

"So how was class, Shouta?" Nezu asks with a smile.

"I'm not strong enough Nezu…I'm just not strong enough." Shouta said slipping into his sleeping bag, zipping it up.

"That's a bit unnerving" All Might chuckled.