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It Kills Me How Much I Want You

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Their afternoon had went to shit immediately after they had walked past an alley and gotten into a fight with some idiots who had been stupid enough to ridicule Josuke’s hair.

The fight had been easy to win, really. Nothing new there. And it had felt kind of good to get some of that built up stress off their chests via fists, but it had been short-lived.

A Stand user had apparently been the idiots’ gang leader.

And he had been tough.

Nothing that they couldn’t have handled, though, since everything seemed like a piece of cake after the Kira incident. But things hadn’t gone the way they would’ve liked. The Stand had injured Josuke, giving him small cuts by throwing needless off its armor.

They were thankfully shallow, nothing serious, but its till pissed Okuyasu off that he hadn’t figured to use The Hand to get Josuke out of the attack’s way early enough.

They hadn’t either thought of the possibility that the Stand would have a hidden ability. And that it’d start working its way through Josuke’s bloodstream half an hour later.






They were trying to work on homework when Josuke started to fidget in his spot, suddenly looking like he couldn’t decide how to sit on the floor.

It was weird because Josuke never did that.

Okuyasu gave him a perplexed look as Josuke let out a groan, finally standing up and starting to move around the room, pacing back and forth restlessly. It made Okuyasu’s head hurt, looking at him moving so fast from one end to the other.

“What’re you doing?”

Josuke stopped in the middle of the room and bit at his lip, stifling another sound that sounded a lot like a whimper.

“I don’t know, dude. But I feel super weird. It’s- I feel like it’s boiling all over me, my skin and my insides,” Josuke groaned and started to pace again.

Okuyasu watched him with a frown. He had no idea what he was talking about.

“It’s too hot in here,” the other muttered under his breath, coming to a halt again.

Okuyasu cursed under his breath as Josuke started to unbutton his jacket. He threw it on Okuyasu’s bed and pulled off his shirt as well, exposing his toned chest and arms, moaning at the heat and dropping the garment on the floor.

Okuyasu swallowed.

It wasn’t even hot.

It was usually more chilly in his house than Josuke’s, and even though it was starting to get already warmer, it was nowhere warm enough to start throwing clothes all over the place.

“Aren’t you melting in your uniform?! It’s damn sweltering here!” Josuke gave him a baffled look and Okuyasu blinked.

“No. It’s not hot, man. You’re bein’ weird.”

Josuke stared at him in silence.

Then he dropped back on the floor and moved to lie on it, his face pressed to the cool surface of it. Okuyasu watched him, not really knowing what to say. This was Josuke behaving like he did last summer when it actually was too hot.

It was bizarre.

“I don’t know what the hell’s going on, bro. I feel so hot all over it’s killing me,” the other moaned then, and Okuyasu sighed. They wouldn’t get any homework done anymore today.

Instead he decided to go get Josuke a cold drink and told him to wait for a second. Josuke gave him a smile.

“You’re a life saver.”






Okuyasu sighed as he poured juice into a tall glass he had stuffed with ice cubes. Hopefully it would help even a bit and Josuke would stop the whining.

He wondered what was going on, the other suddenly acting like it was a stifling summer day. It was still spring! Nowhere near those degrees that left them lazy and phlegmatic for days.

He sighed and started to make his way back to where he knew the other was still lying on the floor, trying to absorb the coolness of the floorboards into himself.

He didn’t feel like he was even that long away, but the moment he opened the door to his room, his vision was obscured by a mass of hair that smelled like Josuke. And then he was tackled, his back hitting the floor and the glass shattering, the ice and juice making a mess on the floor.

“Fuck! What’re you doin’, Josuke?!” He sputtered, the hair getting into his mouth.

He felt the other’s weight on top of his, his whole body so warm it made him shiver in turn.

“I wanted to feel you,” Josuke’s voice made his stomach flip and his eyes widen. He almost choked on his own spit.

“Oku, you feel really nice. Cool,” Josuke nuzzled against his neck, and Okuyasu was sure that his heart was going to stop any minute now.


Yeah, he had been having a crush on his bro for a damn long while now, and no, he hadn’t done anything about it.

And this situation right now was going to kill him.

“O…kay. Can you like, move? It’s gettin’ hot, your skin’s burning, dude,” he groaned, feeling Josuke’s soft lips on his neck.

Josuke let out a displeased noise but eventually moved off him, his blue eyes startling him. They were… different. The pupil of his eyes looked somehow different, and before Okuyasu knew what he was doing, he had gripped the other’s chin and brought his face closer to his, looking at him better in the eye.

He could feel Josuke shivering at his touch.

“Bro…” Okuyasu started then, confused and a bit frightened, “I think you got hit by some weird Stand thing by that asshole.”

Josuke blinked at him.

“There’s- Josuke, there’s literal hearts in your eyes right now. What the fuck.”






The knowledge of this being a Stand thing wasn’t any reassuring.

Josuke wasn’t just hot anymore, he was starting to get really needy. Physically. And Okuyasu had no idea how to deal with him.

Josuke was looking at him with such a heated look it was making his throat dry. He’d never seen the other like this and it was just as alarming as it was thrilling. He didn’t know if it was even alright to feel this way about his bro – especially right now as this was just Josuke being under a Stand user’s ability.

Yet the look in his eyes made it hard to breathe properly. And his pants uncomfortably tight.

“Oku, please,” Josuke whined at him, his voice so hot like that, all desperate. It made his head spin. He’d been like that for fifteen minutes now.

The way Josuke was leaning into his space, his hands fisting his pants, it was a miracle he hadn’t just told him to go for it.

But how could he?

Josuke wasn’t in his right mind. After the effects wore off, he would be terrified and disgusted. Their friendship would be over and Josuke would never talk to him again.

“I can’t,” he breathed out eventually, seeing the desperate look in the other’s blue eyes and feeling it piercing him with such force his heart hurt.

Please. I need it, Oku,” Josuke groaned, “Oku please I need you.

Okuyasu grit his teeth together.

Yeah, he’d imagined it sometimes. How it’d be like, having Josuke on his knees in front of him. His soft-looking lips wrapped around something else than a lollipop he liked to suck on a lunch break after eating his lunch.

But right now, as it was a possibility of what could happen, it made his stomach twist instead. Because this wasn’t really what Josuke wanted. It was the Stand’s doing.

And even though Josuke was saying things that he was, they weren’t really his real feelings.

“I wanna suck you, Oku. Please.”

Yet the words made his blood travel south and his cock twitch. He wanted to punch a wall.

Josuke was peering at him through his thick lashes with a look that could very likely kill him soon, and he had started to rub himself against his leg too. The whole situation was madness.

“Josuke,” his voice cracked at the last syllable and the other kept looking at him with those damn pretty eyes, his pupils dilated but still unmistakably shaped like hearts. “You don’t actually wanna do nothin’, it’s just the Stand that’s fucked you up.”

The other blinked at him, looking suddenly annoyed for a second. It made Okuyasu blink in turn.

“I wanna make you feel good,” Josuke purred then, his voice so sultry it made his face burn. “C’mon, I wanna do it. If- if you don’t like it, I’ll stop. Okay? I just wanna make you feel good, Oku. Please. Let me do it for you.”

The look Josuke was giving him was so earnest yet still both needy and shy at the same time it made him curse out loud. Josuke’s hands were massaging his thighs and they were killing him, his touch so warm and gentle.

Okuyasu closed his eyes. And breathed deeply.

The moment he opened them again, Josuke was giving him a look that made his breath catch. And then he was nuzzling his hard cock through his pants.


Josuke gazed up at him, his cheeks a really nice rosy color. There was a glint in his eyes.


“I can’t take it anymore, Oku,” he breathed, his voice trembling, “you’re a saint. And damn hot. I love it and it’s killing me,” there was a whine in his voice, and Okuyasu let out a shaky breath himself. He could feel the other’s breath on his cock and it was torture. The way Josuke moved against his leg lazily, trying to get some friction himself.

“Give me this, just this once, please.”

Okuyasu cursed and crumbled, giving the other finally a small, shy nod. It made Josuke’s heated gaze increase tenfold. Okuyasu traced with his eyes how the other licked at his lips slowly and started to work open his belts.

He shivered as Josuke’s hands touched him, his skin still hot against him, and then he absently thought of his mouth. It surely was even warmer.

He felt his ears burn in embarrassment and shame as Josuke lowered his pants and underwear enough to get a good look at him. Okuyasu shuddered when Josuke took a hold of his cock, his hand damn warm and soft.

“You’re so thick…” Josuke whispered to him, lifting his eyes up to his and giving him a smile that made his heart skip a beat. “I can’t wait to taste you,” the words made Okuyasu groan.

And then he saw Josuke lowering his head, his tongue darting out to lick a long stripe of his length like a damn popsicle. It felt amazing, and he shivered at how hot that tongue had been, the air feeling cool on his skin now. Josuke let out a hum and opened his mouth to suck the head of his cock in.

Okuyasu moaned at the same time Josuke did, the heat and velvety softness of Josuke’s mouth making him see stars. And oh god, his mouth was wet, too.

He felt more than saw Josuke taking more of him in, not having noticed that he’d closed his eyes on his own accord. Josuke’s mouth was feeling so good he couldn’t help but bite his lip as he started to move more, the wetness of his mouth increasing and saliva dripping down his chin.

And if he was enjoying this, then damn, Josuke looked like he was in heaven. He was moaning around his dick and the slurping and sucking sounds he made were driving Okuyasu mad with lust. He could feel himself twitching in the other’s mouth, Josuke letting out a groan and taking him in even deeper.

Okuyasu wanted to take a hold of his hair and mess it up even more yet he didn’t. There were already stray locks dropping down to Josuke’s face, and it looked somehow very good, especially when he peered up at him through his lashes and moaned with his mouth full of his cock.

The sight made him almost come right then, but then Josuke was pulling off him and panting, saliva still connecting his soft lips to his cock.

Oku,” Josuke’s voice was again needy, making him curse inwardly. “I want you to come on my face,” he whispered then, leaning forward again to lick at the vein on his shaft. Those blue eyes looked straight at him with so much adoration and desire that he couldn’t stop the first shivers until he was climaxing, Josuke stroking him through it.

Okuyasu watched with horrified fascination how Josuke opened his mouth to catch some of his seed with his tongue, the rest painting his face and even getting in his hair.

He was breathing heavily when the other looked at him with a satisfied smile, Okuyasu’s heart stuttering at the sight of him and how his eyelashes were garnished with pearls of his semen.

“I wanna do that again,” Josuke licked at his lips and gave him a mischievous look.

Okuyasu swallowed, not knowing what to say.

Then he noticed that the other’s eyes were back to normal.

“…Josuke, I-“

Josuke pushed a finger against his lips, his touch soft.

“Don’t apologize. It wasn’t all just the Stand, y’know,” he averted his gaze and smiled softly, “and besides, you were amazing. I… loved it how attentive you were of me, too, dude. I don’t deserve you.”

Okuyasu wrapped his hand around Josuke’s wrist and pulled his hand to his. “Shut up. You drove me almost mad, you asshole,” he muttered, and Josuke let out a chuckle.


“’S fine. I kinda liked it.”