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Nel cielo la notte è romantica, Venere bacia Orione senza sapere dove, senza sapere come

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Apollo’s knuckles brushed lightly against his cheek, following an imaginary line toward his lower jaw—they were pleasantly warm, and Phoenix felt the urge to press his face more against them. He didn’t “What?” he asked instead, keeping his voice low as if he was asking Apollo to share a secret.

Apollo was staring—really, Phoenix couldn’t wrap his mind about those piercing brown eyes, wondering what was hidden behind them most of the time. But that was a secret Apollo wasn’t going to share so easily. Phoenix watched him blink a couple of times before averting his gaze, focusing it on the older man “Mh?” his hair were still wet from the shower, a towel resting on his shoulders. They were broader than anyone would think looking at him in his usual clothes, and Phoenix would pretty much have liked to bury his face between them. Again, he didn’t.

“What is it with all the cuddles now?” he chuckled, allowing himself to touch Apollo’s hand on his cheek. Apollo’s fingers twitched just barely, but stayed there, his thumb stroking Phoenix’s skin soothingly. He huffed, smiling, his face a little more pink than usual “Mmm, it’s your beard.” he muttered, tilting his head on the side and wrinkling his nose as if there was something he could not quite understand.

“Uh?” Phoenix raised his chin just a little—he didn’t want Apollo to stop, and scratched his jaw “I thought I shaved all of it.” He mumbled.

Apollo’s strokes stopped. “Yeah, you did.” he breathed. He paused. His cheeks were definitely a darker shade of pink now, and it wasn’t because of the shower “I… uh, kinda miss it.” he blurted out. Then he squeaked, covering his face with his free hand. Phoenix could see his ears reddening under his hair and bit his lip to hide a smile. He stared, waiting for what the other had to say.

“I mean—" Apollo coughed, looking away “It’s not like you’re ugly without it or something—you are very handsome either way, I was just—" he raised his hand "It’s that I like it—a lot—” then he opened his eyes wide “Ah, but, I’m not asking you to grow a beard just because of that, it was just a thought, I’m not trying to impose—" he ceased his speech all of a sudden, then sighed “I’m making a fool of myself, am I not?” he shook his head, puffing.

The hand he was resting on Phoenix’s cheek was slipping now. Phoenix grabbed it with his just in time, pressing it on his skin again. His eyes on the younger attorney, he brushed his lips on their palm in a light kiss. He could hear—he could feel Apollo holding his breath. He lost some of his, too, and his stomach dropped. Ah, that guy was unbelievable.

He cleared his throat “You know, Mr. Justice,” he stated, laughing softly and pulling at the other’s hand to draw him just a little closer. Apollo let out a low mmm, his face a pink mess. Phoenix’s legs felt like jelly “I get it.” Their noses were inches from each other “You’re soo into me with a three days’ growth,” he chanted, pleased at the thought. Apollo rolled his eyes, but chuckled anyway as Phoenix went on “and who am I to disagree? I have to admit I am pretty good looking even in my shabby attire. It’s not a surprise that you’re totally weak for that.” He pretty much felt like the worst of liars. He was the one utterly and hopelessly weak for the other there, and still he was bluffing his way out of it. Oh well, he had to use his experience some way or another out of court, didn’t he?

Apollo, though, didn’t seem to have noticed, too focused in avoiding spontaneous combustion “That’s highly incorrect.” he stuttered, his mouth faintly pouting. Some of his wet locks brushed against Phoenix’s forehead, who shivered. They sighed at the same time, their breaths very much close. Phoenix felt the urge to kiss him. He didn’t. “Ooh, care to explain why?” he asked instead, and Apollo, unexpectedly, smirked—that same smirk he used to make in court whenever he found exactly what he needed to crack the case and win. Phoenix thought, at the back of his head, that he would have very much liked Apollo to win him over—his brain retaining the information concerning how.

Apollo’s hand trailed from his cheek to his hair and Phoenix really had to make an effort not to abandon his head at the gentle touch. He failed, anyway “It is indeed correct that I have… a thing for your stubble, but!” stalled Apollo, scratching lightly the other’s scalp as Phoenix pressed against his hand “it isn’t a necessary information in asserting that I’m into you.” his smile widened “I am very much into you, Mr. Wright, beard or not. Period.”

There was a pause, in which Phoenix could clearly feel his stomach melt like he was a high schooler all over again “And!” Apollo radiated heat as he laughed, his embarrassment so beautiful Phoenix wasn’t sure he deserved it “Not only I am weak, but I also am a total loser for you, sir.” he concluded, half lidded eyes staring victoriously at Phoenix, who could only let out a soft groan, his face burning hot.

Apollo laughed once again to hide his blushing cheeks, so warm Phoenix felt dizzy. He really couldn’t think of anything as the other made fun of him, his hand still caressing his hair— Did I break you, Mr. Wright?, so he just moved and kissed him. To be honest, Apollo didn’t seem surprised, as if that was all he was waiting for. And it really wasn’t so hard for him getting the upper hand and lead the kiss. Phoenix surrendered readily.

Their breaths were heavy as they broke the kiss, Apollo smiling proudly as if he had just won some important trial. Phoenix, sure, felt like he did.

It was plainly stupid holding himself back anymore, he thought. So he leaned against Apollo, wrapped his arms around his waist and buried his face in his chest between those broad shoulders.

Apollo fell on his back on the couch, returning the hug, his grip strong and steady. Phoenix felt his chest shake under his cheek as he laughed again. Then they stood in silence for some time. “So,” Apollo’s voice was unusually low, and it vibrated in Phoenix’s ears “For how long are you planning on hiding the fact that you are as much of a loser for me as I am for you?” he asked, a faint trace of bashfulness (or was it delight?) in his tone “’Cause, and lemme be honest Mr. Wright, it is quite clear, you know?” he stuttered, suddenly tense, wary, as if he wasn’t really so sure and was searching for proof.

Phoenix snorted and raised his head, a smart smile on his lips. He held Apollo a little tighter as he said “Apollo, you literally just made me feel like I was a fifteen year old boy with his first crush. I hate to admit it, but you’re pretty good at this.” his smile softened. Damn, he was blushing again.

Apollo’s look was of pure bliss as he placed his hands on Phoenix cheeks, biting his lips to stop what Phoenix suspected was the biggest of smiles “Ah—! I knew it!” he gloated, now at his usual voice volume, before leaning towards Phoenix and kissing him again, with even more enthusiasm than before.

Phoenix’s brain just stopped working for a second there. Then he smiled on Apollo’s lips and kissed him back with the same intensity.

Unbeliavable. That guy truly was unbelievable.