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Let the Bullets Rain

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Danny stared Belichick down as he raised his weapon, he would not die a coward! A loud growling sound echoed throughout the room; Belichick whipped around to find a very large, very angry dog charging full speed at him! Before he could defend himself sharp teeth sunk into his hand and he dropped his gun. It clattered to the ground as bullets began to rain down upon them.

Max crouched protectively in front of Julian snarling loudly daring anyone to come close the agent. Danny nodded to Gronk and they were on the move. Gronk elbowed one man in the face, snatching his rifle out of his hands. He used the butt of the gun to smack another man in the cheek, knocking him out.

Danny punched the nearest guard across the face knocking him down and taking his weapon. Both men were now free, turning their guns on the remaining few guards and Belichick. Chris reloaded before firing down upon Belichick and his crew. “Let’s get the fuck out of here.” Belichick shouted retreating backwards and signaling for his men to do the same.

Danny moved quickly putting himself between Belichick and Julian and opened fire. A few moments later everything was silent except the sound of Julian’s labored breathing and Max’s quiet growl. Danny dropped the weapon, crouching down and gathering Julian in his arms. The man hissed at the movement clutching at the gun runner's shirt.

“It’s alright Julian.” Danny tried to keep his voice steady and low as he slipped the other man out of his coat and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Rob get Branch on the phone now!” Gronk nodded whipping out his phone and dialing. Once he got Julian’s shirt open he could see the extent of the wound. There was so much blood.

“There’s no exit wound.” Danny informed Gronk and Julian chuckled weakly. “I could have told you that.” “Hush.” Danny admonished “Save your strength.” Julian's eyes met Danny’s “For what? I’m dying Danny.” The arms dealer shrugged off his jacket pressing it to wound. “No you’re not. You’re going to be fine.” Danny insisted fiercely.

Chris arrived at Danny’s side with a first aid kit in tow. “I need to see if I can find the bullet.” He made eye contact with Julian “This is going to hurt. A lot.” Julian nodded burying his face in Danny’s neck and letting his spicy scent calm him.

Danny held tight as Chris poured rubbing alcohol on a pair of tweezers before searching for bullet. Julian wailed in agony clawing at the arms dealer's chest. Chris shook his head. "I can't find it."

He tore open gauze pads piling them over the wound. “We need to move him now.” Danny nodded scooping Julian up in his arms. “Tell Branch we have a gunshot wound to the abdomen with no exit wound. And I can't find the bullet.” Gronk side eyed Chris before handing him the phone. He rolled his eyes ripping it from Gronk and placing the large man’s hand over the wound. “Gronk keep pressure on that.”

“He’s meeting us at the airport.” Chris informed as Danny slid in the car with Julian in his arms. “We need to lay him down.” Chris laid Julian’s legs across his lap as he kept applying pressure. The blonde’s head rested in Danny’s lap, his eyes were closed and he was growing paler by the second. Danny smoothed the hair off Julian’s forehead as Max nuzzled his hand.

Julian smiled faintly letting his fingers rest in the silky hair on the dog’s head. This wasn’t such a bad way to go, at least he wasn’t alone. He felt Danny’s fingertips lightly dance across his forehead. Not a bad way to go indeed. It was the last conscious thought he had.

Danny felt he second Julian went limp in his lap. His heart was pounding out of his chest as he tapped Julian’s cheek. “Julian. Hey come on.” Julian’s lack of response causing the panic in his chest to swell further as he raised his hand slapping the blonde’s face.

“Danny stop!” Chris’s sharp tone startled the arms dealer who turned wide eyed to his friend. “I know you’re scared but its better if he’s unconscious.” Chris lowered his voice as the panicked look on his employer’s face. “He isn’t feeling any pain now. It’s going to alright.”

Danny ran a hand down his face calming himself. This was no time to panic. He needed to focus and keep his emotions in check. Chris eyed his boss warily, he had never seen Danny so out of sorts before, not even when the man had been shot a few years back! He had called it weeks ago; his boss had fallen for the blonde agent.

Gronk was trying to field questions from Branch while driving in an unfamiliar place, all while his boss was snapping at him from the backseat to drive faster. He growled in annoyance and hanging up with Branch. “He just made it to the airport boss.” He could see Danny’s eyes in the rear view mirror glaring at him. “Good. Now how about we get the hell there too!”

“Yes boss.” Gronk replied pushing the gas pedal to the floor. He was cutting Danny some slack, after all the man he loved was bleeding out in backseat. Branch was going to give them all hell for that one.

Gronk came barreling up to the plane, tires squealing. Branch was already inside as Danny tore up the ramp with the agent cradled to his chest. The doctor raised an eyebrow “I hope you don’t mind but I set up in your bedroom.” Danny nodded pushing past him and gingerly laying Julian on the bed.

Chris followed behind him as Branch started to give orders. “Long you have some medical background I need you to start an IV. And get some oxygen on him.” Chris nodded grabbing the supplies and setting to work. Branch turned towards Danny “Dola I need you to leave.”

Danny’s eyes barely flicked up before returning to Julian “No.” Branch sucked in a breath loudly. “Dola I won’t ask nicely again! It’s bad enough I’m going to have to cut this man open on a plane without the proper equipment or sterilization. And I’ll be damned if you hover over me and contaminate everything!”

Danny stared Branch down moving closer till he was practically nose to nose with the man. “He needs to live.” The doctor nodded “You know I will do my damnest Dola.” Danny nodded breaking eye contact and leaving the room. “And take your dog with you!” He called after Danny. Max snorted at the doctor before curling up next to the bed.

“Maximillon!” The dog raised his ears hearing his master’s angry voice. He whined quietly looking to Chris. “He’ll be alright boy. Go before he gets pissed!” Max drug himself off the floor and slunk out of the room. He hopped up on the couch next to Danny, whose hands were buried in his hair, and laid his head on the man’s thigh in some attempt at comfort.

Seconds ticked by turning into minutes. Minutes blurred together to form hours. The longer it took, the more agitated Danny became. What was happening in that room? Was Julian going to make it? Either way he would hunt that Belichick character down if it took his last breath. He would make the bastard suffer for what he did to his own agent.

After what seemed like forever the bedroom creaked open. Danny was off the couch in flash and moving towards it. “Easy Dola.” Branch held up his hands “He’s going to make it. Luckily the bullet was lodged in his liver. It takes some time but the liver is great at repairing itself. We had to give him two units of blood, the last one is almost gone and then you can come in.”

Danny sighed in relief sinking down into a chair. He was going to make. Thank God! He looked down at his hands, they were covered in blood. Julian’s blood. And so were his clothes, he was soaked in it. He went to the sink behind the bar, stripping off his shirt and jacket. He grabbed a bar of soap scrubbing furiously at his hands.

The gun runner glanced at the bar, he wasn’t even interested in a drink. All he wanted to was to check on Julian. Max’s ears perked up from where he was parked in front of the door. The door had barely swung open before Max was pushing his was inside. “Well excuse you!” Branch snipped “Dola you can.”

Before he could finish his sentence Danny was darting in the door. Max was up on his hind legs peering over the edge of the bed. He sniffed Julian’s hand before hopping down and trotting to the other side of the bed where Danny stood. The arms dealer was silent as he watched Julian’s chest rise and fall with each breath.

He reached out a hand tentatively to touch Julian’s. “He looks pale.” “That’s normal. Blood loss does that. His color will come back in a few days.” Chris assured him quietly “It’s ok boss. He is going to fine.” Danny nodded gently sitting on the bed. Julian’s hair was a mess, something Danny was quite certain would irritate the younger man to no end if he was awake. The thought brought a faint smile to his face.

“We are keeping him sedated until we get to your place. It will be easier on everyone.” Branch patted Chris on the shoulder “I’m going to clean up. You’ll stay with him?” Chris nodded as the doctor left. “Thank you Chris.” Chris looked up to catch Danny’s eye. “I mean it. You saved him.”

“Of course I did. Are you going to admit you love him now?” Chris grinned as Danny snorted. “Love? Are you and Gronkoswki reading romance novels again?” And there he was; Dola the cool tough guy. Chris shook his head chucking “Actions speak louder than words boss. Whether you admit it or not boss, you love him. I’ve never seen you so scared in your life.”

Danny rolled his eyes waving Chris off. Love? Did he really love Julian? Danny didn’t think he had truly loved anyone in his life. He would do anything for the man before him, was that love? He would take a bullet for him, but he would for Chris or Rob too. Although he would never admit that two either of the idiots.

But love? That was new and scary. Danny was a physical guy, he always had been. Whether it was hand to hand combat or sex, his emotions were easily expressed through physical acts. But words? Danny had never used those three little words in his life and he didn’t plan on starting now.

He gave Julian another look over before heading to the shower. When he emerged later that evening he found everyone in the commons of the plane except Max. The Doberman refused to leave Julian’s side for even a second. “That dog is too much like you Dola.” Branch quipped taking a swig of beer.

“Excuse me?” Danny raised an eyebrow at the doctor. Branch laughed “Isn’t it obvious? I’m not sure which of you loves the man in that room more,” He gestured towards the bedroom “You or that dog?”

Danny growled reaching for a bottle of whiskey “I don’t love him.” “Really? Then why did you go to all the trouble of saving him?” Danny tore the lid off the bottle, he was quickly becoming annoyed with this line of questioning. “Because I owed him. He saved us a few days back.”

“Bullshit.” Danny slammed the bottle on the counter and snarling at the doctor. “Dola in all the years that I have known you, you have never saved anyone unless you personally gained from it. You owe this agent nothing.” Danny swallowed hard not coming up with an answer. Instead he brought the glass up to his lips savoring the full flavor of the whiskey.

Miles away Tom and Hogan arrived at the weapons storehouse. There were a few bullet casings left behind otherwise the place was empty except for Julian’s bloodied blazer. “Is that Edelman’s?” Hogan asked kneeling down to inspect the jacket beside Tom. Tom nodded solemnly, retrieving Julian’s cell phone from the breast pocket. There was something else in there too.

Tom fished further down and pulled out the recording device he gave Julian earlier. Smart man! Maybe he got something on it. Tom pocketed both items following the blood trail across the warehouse. It lead outside and stopped abruptly by a set of tire imprints. It begged the question, where the hell was Edelman? Was he still alive?

Ryan was busy hunched over his desk, attempting to look nonchalant when Belichick entered and a hush came over the room. “I have an announcement.” Bill raised his hands to silence the crowd that had begun to gather. Ryan almost choked on his spit, quickly texting Tom. Flavia standing a few feet away immediately noticing his reaction.

Bill continued “I’m saddened to have to deliver this news but Agent Edelman was found dead earlier today.” Flavia gasped a hand flying to her mouth as Ryan attempted to hide his surprise. “He fought bravely fighting for his country when he was gunned down by a weapons dealer he was investigating. The funeral will be held tomorrow.” Bill nodded to the crowd plastering a mask of sadness across his face.

Flavia was tearing up next to Ryan’s desk. He snatched his laptop and her wrist pulling her along behind him. “Come on we need to go someplace safe.” “What?” she sniffled. “Trust me.” She nodded following along side him. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere where we aren’t being watched.” He replied eyes darting around. “Come on. I know the perfect place.” She stepped in front leading him out the doors and down the street. “A pizza place?” Ryan asked skeptically.

“Got a better idea?” Flavia snapped sliding into the booth. Ryan eyes widen and he shook his head. She smirked at him while he dialed Tom. “Brady.” “Belichick just announced Julian is dead.” “What?” Tom hissed.

“He claims the CIA have declared him dead as of this morning. The funeral is tomorrow.” “Ryan are you someplace safe?” “Yes.” “Are you alone?” “No with Flavia.” “I don’t think Jules is dead.”

“What?” He cried. “We found his jacket and blood trail but no body. I retrieved his phone and the other device. Tell Flavia I need her to take a look when I get back.” “Of course.” “What is going on?” Flavia whispered poking at Ryan’s arms. He pulled away glaring at her.

“Tom found his jacket and phone but no body. He doesn’t think Jules is dead?” Flavia let out a whoop of joy and startling the man behind the counter. Ryan glared at her as she happily shrugged. “Wait. If he’s not dead then why did Belichick announce he was?”

“Ryan. You and Flavia need to act as natural as possible. Something is off, this feels all very wrong. We're headed back now. Take care.” Tom hung up leaving a flustered Ryan to fill in a confused Flavia.