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Let the Bullets Rain

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Julian swung his leg over the side of the bike to dismount, a small smile for the fact that it would be returned in one piece. He was about to head back into the hotel when he noticed an all-black SVU out of the corner of his eye. It was the same one he observed tailing him earlier.

The windows were tinted so he couldn’t make out who was inside. He pretended not to notice casually walking back towards the hotel. The SUV started to speed up and go around him as he drew his weapon.

The vehicle pulled up in front of him barely coming to a step as men in black suits emerged. Their entire screamed government and Julian cocked his weapon. “Who are you?” Another SUV came zooming down the parking lot and came to a screeching halt; effectively blocking the agent in.

“Agent 11 you need to come with us.” One of the suits said. Julian backed away keeping his gun steadily aimed at the other. “I wouldn’t do that.” The suit warned as multiple men piled out of the SUV their hands flying to their guns. Julian’s eyes darted around, there had to be at least a half a dozen armed men plus who knows how many more insides the vehicles.

“Agent Edelman this is not a choice. You need to come with us immediately.” Julian slowly lowered his hands to the ground placing his gun on the pavement. “Let’s go.” The suit motioned him forward but the agent froze. “Come on.” He gripped the spy’s arm only to wind up on his knees with his arm pinned behind his back.

“Don’t touch me.” Julian warned as the man in the suit hissed. “That’s enough Edelman.” The leader of group ordered stepping towards the agent. Julian dropped the man’s arm slowly approaching the vehicle. “Get in.” The agent stepped inside as he was ordered and was swept away.

Danny would not be deterred, despite numerous protests from Chris and Rob about how they should lay low for a while. Danny would not be scared off by the competition. Besides he had Wilfork already working on the dead mystery buyer. The weapons dealer had other clients to see, trustworthy ones, and he would not let them down. He had a reputation to uphold.

Chris and Gronk boarded the plane silently following after their angry boss. Even Max hung back between the guards, he knew what Danny was like when pushed. He was usually calm, level headed, and in control but piss him off and pay the price.

It was a long time since Gronk had seen Danny so angry. The man was practically shaking with rage, between the set up and then the sudden disappearance of the CIA Agent lover, the man was on edge. He didn’t have any feelings for Edelman or so he claimed and Chris snorted at the thought.

No they just fucked each and every time they laid eyes on each other. Chris was no expert in romance or love but the way Danny brooded over the other man spoke volumes. Danny may not admit it even to himself, but it was obviously to him and Gronkowski some type of feelings had emerged.

The SUV finally came to a stop and Julian was escorted into some type of run down local bar. He was ushered inside to a table in the corner where none other than CIA Deputy Director Tom Brady sat sipping on a beer. Julian was less than pleased “What the fuck Brady?”

Tom looked unimpressed “Take a seat Edelman.” Julian glared daggers at Tom but sat nonetheless. “I know this wasn’t the ideal way to meet but I couldn’t take any chances.” Julian raised an eyebrow as Tom motioned the other men away and pushed a beer towards him. “Things at the CIA are not as they seem. Too many agents are dying and Belichick, well something’s off.”

“Off? What’s going on Tom?” The director leaned closer “He’s overstepping his boundaries every chance he gets. This mission was a perfect example. He knew I didn’t want you anywhere near this mess of a mission so what did he do? Assigned you the case personally. That’s not done Jules and you know it. When’s the last time Belichick gave you an assignment?”

“Never.” Julian replied softly. “Exactly. Agents are dying and we don’t know by whose hands but we do know it’s tied in with these arms dealers somehow. Belichick is playing with fire sending you after Amendola and I want you pulled off this case. I made my intentions known and he threatened to demote me. He wants you on this case Jules and I have no idea why. Nothing about this seems right.”

Julian was silent, Tom’s words replaying over and over in his head. “This is why I came down here. I need to know without any other ears listening what have you found on Amendola’s deals.” Julian’s throat went dry and he swallowed glancing towards his beer “He didn’t kill any of those other agents I’m sure of it.”

“And what makes you say that?” Tom asked leaning back and folding his arms over his chest. “Because he hasn’t killed you yet or because he confessed it to you in one of your late night fuck sessions.” Julian hissed “Excuse me?” Tom’s eyes narrowed “Don’t play dumb with me Jules I know you’re sleeping with him, otherwise why would you have gone to all the trouble of saving his ass when that last deal went south.”

Julian clenched his jaw painfully “Ryan told you what he found didn’t he?” “Of course he did. That’s my job Jules to oversee my agents! I knew the minute he told you that it was the Manning brother’s attempting to take out the competition you would swoop in to save the day. And why? Because you did the very thing you were warned about since the beginning; do not fall for targets. Ever.”

Julian’s hands were clenched into fists as they shook under the table “If he died then so does his client list. Don’t you want to know who he is selling to?” Tom shrugged “Another arms dealer dead would have made the world a better place in my eyes.”

Julian growled his eye ablaze with fire as he stared Tom down. “If you want me to solve this mission I need him alive.” “No Jules, you need him alive and not for the mission.” Agent 11 had enough, he stood up slamming his hands down on the table “You don’t know shit.”

“Really? If bedding Amendola was strictly for this mission then why are you getting so defensive? If he was merely a means to an end you wouldn’t care whether he lived or died.” Julian swallowed hard breaking eye contact, Tom was right. He slowly sank back down into his chair, what had he done? He never should have slept the man in the first place. It was becoming a bad habit he needed to break.

Tom’s expression softened “Julian I know this hard, which is why I never wanted his mission in the first place for you. It’s dangerous and you’re in over your head. We all are. Here.” Tom slid a small penny sized object across the table. “Take this. It can record for hours at a time. No one expect Ryan and I know you have it. It will transmit to a special account on we have access too. Use it whenever you need to.”

Julian nodded slipping the small device into his pocket. “Watch your back Jules and be careful who you trust. Something is not right.” Tom rose from his seat and Julian did the same. “I was never here.” Tom said softly pulling Julian into a hug. “Understood.”

“Be safe. I’ve lost too many agents already Jules I can’t lose you too.” Julian nodded against the taller man’s shoulder. “I know. I’ll be careful I promise.” Tom pulled away turning to leave and he paused. “Oh by the way Jules if you don’t want your boss and your handler to know your sleeping with the target best to turn off you wire.” Julian’s eyes widen as Tom winked tossing him a set of keys and disappearing out the door.

Julian motioned to the bartender who brought him another beer and shot of what Julian supposed was tequila. “Look like you could use it.” Julian couldn’t disagree downing the shot before starting in on the beer. He lost track of how much time he sat there pondering Tom’s words over and over.

He was right, whether Danny lived or died didn’t matter so much to his mission as it did to him. He had been denying his budding feelings for a while and they caught up to him, as they always seemed to do. What was he going to do now? How was he supposed to keep tabs on Dola and not sleep with him?

And now Tom was losing faith in the CIA. It scared him more than anything else. Julian never thought he live to see the day that happened. What was happening to the CIA? Why did Director Belichick want him on this assignment so badly?

Julian sighed loudly finishing the last of his beer. Time to get going, he had wallowed enough and he wasn’t going to find any answers here. He nodded to the bar tender placing a twenty on the table and heading outside, time to go to work! He found his Porsche waiting in the parking lot all ready to roll with a brand new set of tires.

There was a note stuck to the windshield ‘Reinforced tires. Please don’t feel the need to try them out.’ Julian chuckled sliding into the driver’s seat glancing over to find his suitcase in the front seat along with an extra one. He opened the glove compartment to find a new weapon and extra ammo. Bless Brady and Allen they always took care of him!

He bluetoothed Amedola’s coordinates to his phone. Danny of course was on the move again but this time on a plane. “Ryan I need a flight plan for Amendola’s plane. It’s headed overseas right now.” “Hang on. Plane is routed to Croatia. I’ll book you a ticket.”

“You’re the best Ryan.” And the agent hung up the phone. The best indeed Ryan huffed. The man could at least say goodbye. What happened to common courtesy? Ryan shook his head, booking Julian a flight on the first plane headed to Croatia.

A text came through from Ryan: Ticket booked. Flight 197 leaves for Britain in a couple of hours. 2 hour layover and from there you fly to Croatia. Good luck Jules.

Danny was still brooding when Max jumped up in the seat next to his. He absentmindedly reached out scratching the dog’s head and neck. Max leaned in closer, enjoying the attention he was being paid. The weapon’s dealer paused when he felt something small and round on the underside of his collar. He reached over unbuckling Doberman’s collar and inspecting the foreign object.

A grin spread across his face, the clever little minx put a GPS tracker on Max. So that’s how he was able to find them so quickly. He contemplated destroying the offending little device but something stopped him. If he destroyed it would Julian ever find them again?

Danny growled at having such sentimental thoughts but left the tracker in place refastening Max’s collar. He told himself it was because it had come in handy. Without it they might not have escaped that last deal alive.

“This is your fault.” He murmured to the dog “If you hadn’t been so friendly to him up front he wouldn’t have been able to slip it on you.” Max tilted his head in confusion before flopping down and hanging his head and front legs over the seat into Danny’s lap.

Danny shook his head fondly “He’s making you soft. He’s making us both soft.” He whispered stroking Max under the chin. Max closed his eyes content to lean into his owners touch.

Julian was pleased to discover he got to fly in first class with only one other passenger. He leaned back opening his laptop, time to do some research on the Manning brothers. He knew Ryan wouldn’t be pleased he was looking into them but if they were behind Danny’s assignation attempt he needed more information.

Finding the file he clicked on it. Access denied. What? He tried again. Access denied. Higher clearance needed. Higher clearance needed? What the fuck was this? Julian sent a text to Ryan: Why can’t I access the Manning file.

Ryan: I don’t know. Let me try.

Ryan: I can’t either. I’ll check with Tom.

Ryan: He can’t open it either.

What the fuck? If the deputy director couldn’t open the file, it was time to call in some outside help. He sent a text message to an ex CIA agent. He received a reply almost instantly.

Welker: Agent 11 long time no see. Still grinding away at the CIA I hear. So you want the Manning file. It’s going to cost you.

Edelman: Name your price.

Welker: $10,000 cash unless you would like to make other arrangements?

Edelman: I’ll have your cash ready.

Welker: Are you sure? I’d be happy to settle up another way.

Edelman: Cash or nothing.

Welker: Fine I’ll settle for cash and dinner.

Edelman: Dinner?

Welker: On you of course.

Edelman: I’ll text you my hotel info and you can drop it there.

Welker: You’re inviting me up to your room. Are you sure you don’t want something besides the Manning file?

Julian rolled his eyes setting his phone aside, not bothering to respond. Wes was a hell of an agent back in the day and a bit of a horn dog. He had been making eyes at Julian for years. As much as the thought of entertaining Welker disgusted him, the man was clever and was somehow able to access information even Tom seemed unable to. The agent sighed relaxing into the seat; he might as well get some rest while he could.

Danny greeted the morning with frustration. He headed down to the hotel’s gym to take his anger out on the various pieces of equipment. He stopped a couple of hours later feeling physically and emotionally exhausted. He headed back up to his room to get ready to meet his client.

He pulled out his best suit and much to his chagrin a tie as well. This client was fussy billionaire. He made his fortune in technology and always wanted the latest weapons on the market for home security. The man insisted on nothing but the best and Danny could relate. Which is why he was the only client he wore a tie for.

The restaurant in Danny’s four star hotel barely met the man’s expectations. With nothing else close by he agreed to meet there. Danny snickered as he met Chris and Gronk in the hallway. Both men looked extremely uncomfortable in their ties as well. At least he wasn’t the only one.

His client was pleased with the new weapons and ordered a few and then a few more. Danny grinned, it was an easy sell and he was just about to close the deal when a familiar blonde man walked in. His heart started to pound in his rib cage at the sight.

He was alive! Julian was fucking alive and walking into the restaurant. He watched as the waiter lead him to the bar section of the restaurant. “Dola. I would like these delivered as soon as possible.”

Danny tore his eyes away as the agent disappeared around the corner, giving his attention back to the client. “Of course. I’ll let you know as soon as they are delivered to me.” He was a tad embarrassed to be caught with his mind wandering during a business meeting. The man nodded “As always a pleasure Dola. I look forward to your call.”

Danny nodded, rising and bidding the man farewell. As soon as his client was out of sight he was on the move. Chris leaned back in his chair loosening his tie and taking a swig of bourbon. “Look at him go. Tell me that’s not the face of a man who is in love.” Gronk rolled his eyes with laugh of disbelief “Love?”

“Oh you can count on it.” Chris smirked and taking another gulp of bourbon “I bet they will be banging each other’s brains out in less than thirty minutes.” “Thirty minutes? I’ll take that bet. I’d wager fifty bucks it will take at least an hour. I’m sure they will drink first.”

“Deal. Easiest bet I ever made.” Chris chirped reclining back and popping a shrimp in his mouth. Gronk chuckled leaning back in his chair and downing his remaining whiskey in one gulp. “You really think its love?” “No doubt about it my friend. Our boss is in love with a CIA agent.”