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Let the Bullets Rain

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Danny’s skin was on fire from Julian’s touches. He knew he should stay away from the CIA agent but there was no way he could. Not with the hot, needy kisses Julian was showering him with.

Julian’s mind began screaming how wrong this was the second their lips met. You don’t make it a habit to sleep with targets. Ever! His body on the other hand was reacting to Danny’s rough touches. Every caress of his calloused fingers, every scrap of teeth against his skin sent pleasure zinging down his spine.

The agent had tried to stay away from Danny he really did! Besides he wasn’t the first agent to have a fuck buddy and certainly wouldn’t be the last. But how many of those said agents developed some sort of feeling for their targets?

Julian knew he lost the will to fight his body the second Danny undid his belt and wrapped a hand around his cock. Later that night, Julian was sitting up in bed downloading the data he accessed from Danny’s phone. Something caught his eye, a strange number, it set his instincts haywire.

He was sure he’d seen it before but for the life of him couldn’t remember where. The rest of the numbers made sense, they were all linked to people Danny had sold fire arms too. But this number was new, apparently a new client reaching out? Julian didn’t buy it, something felt off.

He ran the number by Ryan who promised to do some investigating in the morning. “For fucks sake Jules is 2:00AM here!” He also seemed pleased that Julian was alone in his room. Julian could not hold back the eye roll not that Allen would be able to see it anyway.

With not much else to go on, the agent turned in for the night. A spy needed his beauty rest after all. Morning came and the chase was on. Danny had taken off yet again for some new destination with Julian hot on his tail.

It was the little dance they did; one Danny enjoyed immensely but it would was just lust. Sure the sex was fantastic and he would do in again and again. But that’s all it was sex. Nothing more and nothing less.

The blonde took good care of his body and Danny could appreciate that. The agent’s body felt great writhing under his; to be honest it was probably the best sex he’d ever had. And he was no stranger to bedding any man or woman who caught his fancy.

However; his mind wouldn’t let him forget that Julian was more than just a pretty face. The man was smart, cunning, and witty as hell. All of these traits Danny admired but they still didn’t explain the connection. He couldn’t stay away from the other man; it was like the universe wanted them together.

But it wasn’t meant to be, Danny was sure of that. Julian was a CIA agent; the man was sent to bring him down not become his lover. Wait! Not lover, fuck buddy. Yes fuck better sounded way better to his ears no matter what his heart told him.

Besides when the CIA got nowhere they would call Julian back and he would go. Danny knew he would; the man was as loyal as they come. Then their little fling would be over. But that didn’t stop Danny from appreciating it for as long as he could.

Speaking of the blonde sex of legs, he just entered the hotel. Their eyes met from across the lobby, both men giving up fighting their attraction. One look and Danny was pushing Julian against the back of the elevator. “I told you he was trouble.” Rob said watching as the elevator doors shut on the two men who wasted no time getting hot and heavy.

They barely made it into the room before clothing went flying in every direction. They were both naked as Julian perched on the edge of the bed, Danny coming to stand behind him. “Who are you meeting today?” Danny paused from trailing kisses down agent's neck. He chuckled softly “You know I'm not going to answer that.”

Julian groaned as teeth sank into collarbone “Danny something isn't right. You sure your client is trustworthy?” A tongue soothed over the teeth marks before replying. “How do I know I can trust you?” Julian looked over his shoulder, meeting the weapon’s dealer’s gaze.

“You don't.” There was a hint of sadness in those blue depths and it took Danny by surprise. He didn’t like the melancholy he saw in those orbs, they didn’t suit the younger man and he was determined to change that.

Silence passed between the two men for a few moments before Danny whispered in his ear “Keep up this line of questioning and I'll handcuff you again.” Julian smirked, the somber look in his eyes turning to a mischievous twinkle. “Is that a promise?”

“Kinky bastard.” Lips brushed up against Danny's ear “You have no idea.” The older man growled as his dick tightened against his pants. He smacked Julian's ass hard and pushing the man down on all fours. Rough hands were quickly unbuckling and sliding down Julian’s pants.

Danny’s followed suit, stripping down quickly and leaving them both naked. Danny quickly slipped on a condom reaching for some lube as he grasped the blonde’s hip firmly. He paused glancing up and the sight almost took his breathe away.

Julian naked on all fours with his legs spread wide with his ass hoisted up in the air may have been the sexiest thing he had ever seen! But what Danny noticed next scared him even more than having a gun pointed at his head. Julian was looking back over his shoulder a perfect expression of trust.

Danny swallowed hard, things were becoming complicated now and he didn’t appreciate it. “Are you gonna fuck me or not?” the agent growled impatiently and pulling him from his thoughts. Thoughts, the arms dealer vowed to lock up tight and throw away the key. He recovered quickly smirking as he slapped the perfect ass in front of him “Patience sweetheart.”

He spent little time stretching the agent, just enough to make him comfortable. He pulled out his fingers and replacing them a second later with his cock. The arms dealer groaned as he thrusted inside that tight heat. He paused just a moment to let the other man adjust before sliding back and in harder this time. Fuck it felt so good and he was quickly becoming addicted to the sensation.

His body craved it like a drug as he slammed into the younger man relentlessly. The agent meanwhile was biting his lip so hard it was drawing blood. He was desperately trying to keep the screams of pleasure in. Danny rubbed a thumb over the back of Julian’s neck before gripping tightly and pulling the agent up against his chest, all the while he continued to pound into younger man.

Julian was pushing his hips down, letting Danny deeper inside as he frantically trying to keep up with brutal pace the weapons dealer set. He weaved his fingers into Danny’s hair and tugged. He felt like he was going to snap; every muscle in his body tense and aching with the need to release.

Danny was completely encompassing him in every way; his spicy scent filling his nostrils, his rough touch eliciting pleasure everywhere his hands roamed, and his larger than life cock that was filling him completely. He pulled one of Danny’s hands from his hip, guiding it down to his cock. He needed more; more kisses, more bites, more touches, more scents, more everything!

“More.” He heard Julian plead as his hand was guided down to the man’s crotch. Danny bit down on Julian’s ear lobe as he wrapped his fingers around the other’s man cock. The agent moaned loudly, panting in his ear as he arched up tossing his head back “More.”

Danny obliged roughly palming the younger man’s cock as his knees began to shake. He was so close! He could feel Danny’s muscular chest heaving against his back as he arched up again a scream escaping his throat. He released; burying his face in Danny’s neck panting.

Danny followed suit, pressing his sweaty cheek against Julian’s before biting down on his throat and moaning loudly into his shoulder as he came. Danny slid out carefully, letting Julian drop to the bed on all fours. He bend forward, not able to resist smacking Julian’s plump ass one more time.

The blonde moaned rolling to his side and rising to his feet. “I need a shower. You coming?” Danny sighed pulling on his clothes “I wish I could but I have a meeting. Please don’t follow me.” Julian’s eyes softened “You know I can’t do that Dola.”

“I know.” Danny replied slipping out the door. He knew better; Julian had a job to do just like he did. So why did it hurt? Danny growled pushing his feelings aside; they did nothing to help him anyway. A man like him couldn’t afford feelings, they only got you killed.

He also couldn’t afford a CIA agent snooping around, no matter how hot he was or how great the sex was. Especially considering this was a new client; they couldn’t afford to have anything go wrong. He slipped the chair under Julian’s door handle before heading to the car. It wouldn’t stop him but hopefully it would slow the other man down enough that he could complete the deal. But just in case; he flipped open his knife as he headed across the parking lot.

Julian stumbled out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist as he heard his phone ring. “Julian I figured out that number you inquired about. It’s a burner phone no surprise but it has been linked to Ben.” “Ben who?” Julian was getting impatient. “Ben Roethlisberger.” “Big Ben? The one who works for the Manning’s?” “That’s the one. Stay away from him Jules he’s nothing but trouble.”

“Gotta go.” He hung up before Ryan could complain, pulling on some clothes and not bothering with a tie or a jacket. He grabbed his gun and a few extra magazine heading out the door. He jiggled the door handle to no avail; something on the other side was blocking it. “Fuckin Dola.” He growled going over to sliding glass door and stepping out onto the balcony.

It was only three floors he thought as he leapt down onto the fire escape. He had to hurry before the arms dealer got too far ahead. He jumped down the last set of stair landing gracefully on his feet. He ran around the building to the parking lot a few moments later.

He sighed when he found all four of his Porsche’s tires slashed. Danny had really gone to some extra trouble to keep him away this time. But Julian wasn’t chosen to be a CIA agent for no reason; he spied a motorcycle down the way. Perfect.

He slid open the glove compartment in his car and retrieving another gun. He glances around the parking lot checking for civilians. Finding none, he nonchalantly made his way to the motorcycle, taking a knee and pretending to tie his shoe as he quickly hot-wired it. He hopped on the “borrowed” motorcycle as it roared to life and he sped off down the road. He needed to get to Danny before it was too late.

“So this is what I want. Can you get it for me?” The big bearded man demanded. He was quite a bit taller than Danny and even a fraction taller than Chris. Rob however was just a hair taller and doing his best to let everyone know as he crossed his arms and stood as straight as possible.

Danny eyed the new client’s wish list with suspicion. These weren’t the typical firearms that were requested; these were military grade weapons. Weapons used to start a war. “Can you get these or not?” Sure he could get his hands on them. It might be tricky but he could do it. Except he wouldn’t, his conscious would never allow it. Something about this man didn’t sit right with him.

“What was your name again?” Danny asked glancing up in time to see the barrel of a gun pointed between his eyes. “That doesn’t really matter much now does it?” The man chuckled. Rob and Chris had their guns pulled an instant later “Drop the weapon.” Chris Long warned keeping his eyes on the client.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Unless you want your boss here to end up with a bullet in his head.” The man chuckled. Max growled in warning as they were surrounded by men all pointing guns in their direction. “I’d lower your weapons if you all want to live.” Big Ben instructed.

Chris and Rob exchanged a glance keeping their weapons trained on the leader of the group. “Do it.” He pressed the gun the Danny’s forehead as the two guards slowly lowering their weapons and placing them on the ground. “Kick them over here.” Both did as instructed as Ben pulled out a cell phone. “Yea boss I got em. Which ones do you want alive?”

He smirked, hanging up the phone. “Well it seems the boss has no need for either of you two.” He gestured towards Chris and Gronk. “He only needs this one alive.” Danny swallowed hard; he would rather be dead than tortured for whoever this asshole’s boss was. All he knew was he wasn’t going down without a fight!
Danny clicked with the side of his mouth and Max jumped forward knocking Ben backwards and suddenly gunfire filled the air. Gronk threw himself over Danny knocking them both to the ground. “Keep an eye on them.” Ben screamed throwing Max off of him and heading for an SVU as bullets rained down.
Julian used his last few bullets to put holes in all four tires of Big Ben’s vehicle. The man screamed in frustration whipping around and shooting recklessly in the agent’s general direction. Julian ducked down behind a tree and reloading. He clicked the new magazine in place, twisting around and firing on the last remaining henchmen.
Chris managed to retrieve one of their stolen guns and dropped two henchmen like flies. Danny pulled his gun from his jacket and fired hitting Big Ben right in the calf as the man fled. The Roethlisberger dropped like a stone. The arms dealer stood up dusting off his jacket, this is why he couldn’t have nice things.

He shook his head in disgust, perfectly good suit ruined. He glanced around noticing Chris had the last few men at gunpoint with Rob backing him up. Max trotted to his side and nudged his hand persistently. Danny turned looking for where the other gun man was and there he was, his very own CIA agent unloading his weapon and climbing back on a motorcycle. One Danny was sure he has stolen from the hotel.

Danny wondered how many CIA protocols and rules he’s broken saving them and he grinned. The grin was short lived as he heard Ben moan in pain attempting to drag himself to waiting SVU. Danny took his time slowly striding over and drawing his gun. “Who do you work for?”

“You know I can’t tell you that. They would kill me.” Danny tightened his grip on the handgun “And you think I can’t?” The man laughed bitterly “Nothing you do to me can compare to what they would do to me if I told.” Danny growled finger sliding to the trigger, he wanted nothing more than to shoot this piece of shit between the eyes. But then he would never get answers to who was behind this.

And apparently he wouldn’t as a bullet came flying out of nowhere and blew a hole right through the man’s chest. He was dead before his body ever hit the ground. Danny cursed loudly spinning around attempting to locate the mysterious gunman only to find he or she disappeared.

Danny was pissed as he stormed into the hotel. He needed to find Julian and get some answers. The man had to know something after all he had warned Danny this new client was bad news. How had he known that? Had he set Danny up? No. Julian wouldn’t do that would he? Did the CIA set him up or was some other player involved now?

Danny was fuming as he stepped into the SVU and slamming the doors. “Get me back to the hotel now!” He demanded as Gronk nodded stepping on the gas. He stormed in the hotel, he needed answers and he needed them now!

He knocked furiously on Julian’s door with no answer. Max scratched at the heavy wooden door, whining loudly before jumping at it. Still no answer but Danny would not be deterred. He used a specialty pick to bypass the lock, entering the agent’s room only to discover it empty.

Everything Julian about the place was gone, no suitcase, no clothes, no laptop, nothing. Max ran around the room frantically sniffing everywhere before returning to Danny side. He lay down at arms dealer’s feet letting out a depressing sound.

What the hell had happened? It was like he never existed? Danny swallowed down his anxiety as the pit in his stomach grew larger; he did not have a good feeling about this. He raced over to the window to find Julian’s car was gone as well. What the hell had happened to him? It was like the agent never existed.