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Let the Bullets Rain

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Somehow they managed to stumble upstairs and into the agent’s room. Danny slipped his hands inside Julian’s tailored suit coat sliding it down his shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Julian’s hands meanwhile found their way to the buttons of Danny’s shirt as he worked to undo them.

Soon Danny’s shirt was sliding to the floor followed by Julian’s where it joined the other articles of discarded clothing. Danny pulled the agent by the waist holding him close. And good Lord the man smelled delicious. Julian was sure normal men did not smell that naturally good. He knew he should turn tail and run, but his body was screaming to know Danny’s touch and he couldn’t fight it anymore.

Before he had a chance to talk himself out of it, Danny had pushed him back on the bed and was crawling on top of him, pressing their bare chests together. Danny’s warm tanned skin felt so good next to his, so good in fact it almost drowned out the sound of Ryan Allen screaming in his ear.

“JULES! Julian Edelman what the fuck are you doing? This is a bad idea for all we know Amendola’s killed those other agents!” Julian’s eyes snapped open and he went stiff the the weapons dealer’s arms. Danny took notice, the agent’s hand still gripping his hip while the other encircled his neck.

“I think I know what may help.” Danny purred reaching up and pulling out Julian’s ear piece. He tossed it over his shoulder with a wicked grin. The blonde’s eyes widened in surprise and Danny chuckled. “Did you think I didn’t notice?” He didn’t allow the agent a chance to reply, crashing hips lips against the other man’s.
Danny let his lips trail down, roughly sucking hickeys along the agent’s throat. Julian’s moaned letting his head fall back, looking up at Danny through half lidded eyes. The arms dealer almost couldn’t control himself at the sight; growling and sucking another mark on the porcelain skin.

Julian squirmed underneath him bucking his hips up as a hand dug into the dark hair. Julian yanked Danny’s head back up, biting at the other’s bottom lip. A groan escaped Danny as the blonde’s nails raked down his back. He liked a partner with spunk; one was wasn't afraid to give back.

Julian definitely wasn’t afraid to give back. The agent was biting and clawing any inch of the weapons dealer’s exposed skin. He was thrusting his hips up and grinding his cloth covered cock into Danny's furiously. He bit down roughly on Danny's shoulder and the brunette hissed. It gave the agent the perfect opportunity to get the upper hand.
He quickly threw his hips up, knocking the older man off balance. He rolled them both reversing their positions. He smirked down at Danny for a second before the older man roughly gripped the back of his neck and pulled him down for a searing kiss.

Danny was impressed by the younger man’s tenacity but he wasn’t going to bottom. He never was the bottoming type and today would be no exception. However, the smoking hot agent, whose lips were currently attached to his was proving to be a challenge. Danny was always up for a challenge.

He palmed Julian's cock through his dress pants, skillfully popping the button before sliding them down and grabbing a handful of the blonde’s plump backside. Julian moaned into his mouth as he returned the favor. Danny lifted his hips up allowing the other man to slide them his down his thighs before kicking them the rest of the way off.

With both men stripped down to their underwear, the fight for dominance continued. Hands wound around silky locks tugging harshly as teeth nipped soft flesh leaving swollen welts behind. Danny snuck a hand down Julian's boxer briefs, grasping his dick roughly.

The agent cried out burying his face in Danny's neck as fingers expertly danced around his cock. The arms dealer smirked; he was slowly gaining the upper hand. He inhaled a sharp breath as one of Julian's hands roughly palmed over a sensitive nipple and he responded by tugging on the younger man’s cock earning a gasp of pleasure.
Keeping his hand wrapped around Julian he reversed their position again. The blonde rolled onto his backside letting his head fall back onto the pillow. He traced his fingers down Danny's smooth mucular sides feeling every curve and crevice as he arrived at his goal. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of Danny's boxer briefs and yanked them down.

Danny groaned as his erect cock was finally free as he pressed it down against Julian's still trapped one. The agent moaned loudly against his lips and Danny took the hint. He pulled Julian's briefs down in one quick swoop before grabbing ahold of Julian's thighs.

He parted them roughly, forcing them upwards as his nails dug in. He couldn’t wait a second longer to be inside the other man! Julian however seemed to have other plans. The second Danny's calloused hands spread his legs he growled and began to thrash in the arms dealer’s grip. He twisted away until Danny relaxed his hold, leaning down and placing kisses down Julian's jawline.

He felt the tension in the agent’s body slowly subside as he continued raining kissing down to his chest. A split second later and his mouth was encircling Julian's manhood. He wasn’t going to bottom and if it took a bit longer to relax the man beneath him he would do it, besides Julian tasted delicious. A sweet and salty combo he couldn’t get enough of.

Julian let his legs fall open distracted by the sinful way Danny's velvety tongue swirled around his cock. Danny smirked as best he could with his mouth full, slowly lubing up one finger and circling Julian's rim. He felt the blonde tense slightly as he eased it inside slowly exploring.

Julian wasn't one to bottom typically but he was a spy and damn good one at that. He was nothing if not adaptable; if the need arose he could be persuaded to receive instead of give. It didn't take much persuading at all when Danny found his prostate fingering it repeatedly.

The older man slowly inserted a third finger taking care to stretch Julian properly. It was obvious by how tight he was that the spy hadn't been on the receiving end of sex in a while. But if the moans and groans spilling from the blonde’s lips was any indication he didn't mind at all.

Once he was certain he had stretched younger man properly he moved up to hungrily claim his lips once more. He swallowed the whimper that escaped Julian as the pressure on his cock disappeared. This time Julian didn't fight as Danny lifted his thighs spreading them wide.

The brunette kept a firm grip on Julian's thighs just in case, but to his surprise the spy relaxed in his hold, allowing Danny to kneel between his legs. He quickly slipped a condom on and lubed himself before sliding into the tight heat.

Julian hissed out a breath at the unfamiliar but not unpleasant sensation of being filled. He let out a soft moan as Danny bottomed out; the man was fucking hung! Danny watched Julian's face, making sure pleasure was overriding pain. While he liked it rough, he wasn’t a sadist he wanted to give pleasure to his partner as well as receive it.

Julian wrapped his legs around Danny's trim waist allowing the other man deeper inside him. Somehow the older man was managing to drill his prostate with every thrust, causing stars to explode behind his eyes. He tossed his head back lost in pleasure as he was pounded into the luxury mattress.

The smooth creamy skin of Julian's neck called to arms dealer and he had to mark it. He nuzzled the crook of Julian's neck softly before biting down roughly. He followed up by running his tongue over the already forming bruise and soothing the sting away.

Julian shivered as Danny's teeth scraped against his throat. The sharp sting causing his cock to twitch; something Danny did not fail to notice. He smirked down at the blonde before marking his other shoulder.

Julian squeezed his eyes shut crying out softly as he gripped Danny's hair by the roots. The hair pulling only encouraged Danny; he pulled out almost completely before slamming back in. Over and over again.

Julian writhed under him, bucking his hips back against Danny's own as a chorus of low throaty moans tumbled from his lips. Julian's lustful sounds were music to his ears and he couldn't get enough of the sinful melody.

Danny was almost embarrassed at how close he already was. His cock was achingly swollen and each sexy moan brought him closer to the edge. Julian's half lidded lust filled eyes met his own and he was done for.

But he would be damned if he came first. Quickly he wrapped a hand around Julian’s cock stroking it while his thumb rubbed over the tip. Blue eyes squeezed shut and a cry escaped his swollen lips as he arched upwards, hugging Danny's neck tightly.

Danny bit down on Julian's exposed throat groaning and shuddering through his release. He felt arms unlock from around his neck as Julian flopped boneless under him. He carefully slid out of the other man collapsing beside him.

“That was good. Really good.” Julian panted as Danny rolled over to discard the condom and retrieve something from his discarded pants. He turned back to Julian capturing his lips with his own. “It was great. We should repeat it again sometime.” The arms dealer paused with a smirk “Agent Edelman.”

Julian's eyes snapped open in surprise and before he had a chance to register what was happening Danny pounced. The arms dealer pinned him down snapping a set of handcuffs around his wrists. He jerked away but found he was effectively cuffed to the headboard.

“I'd love to stay for round two but I am due to meet a client.” Danny smirked crawling off the younger man and reaching for his pants. “By the time you manage to free yourself I'll be long gone.” He grinned over his shoulder as he pulled up his pants.

“Until next time sweetheart.” The weapons dealer finished buttoning up his shirt. He leaned forward slapping Julian's bare thigh and giving the agents a quick peck on the lips before he disappeared out the door.

Julian sighed in frustration yanking on his cuffs one more time. It was of no use; he was fucked literally. He sighed titling his head back, how could he have been so stupid?

True to his word, Danny was long gone by the time Julian got himself out of the industrial strength cuffs. The GPS showed he was hundreds of mile south and back in Guatemala. Luckily for him, the CIA provided him with the speediest means to get there.

Ryan had a car already waiting for him in the parking lot. Good ole Ryan always there when Julian needed him. He hopped into the silver Porsche 911 and sped off towards the southern border. Around midnight he finally arrived outside the luxurious hotel the GPS tracker led him to.

He made his way inside; the lobby was empty except for a young woman behind the counter. “Good evening. You don’t happen to have a dark haired well-dressed man staying here do you? He’d be in his late twenties, early thirties.” The young woman bit her lip “Sir. I can’t confirm anyone staying at the hotel.”
Julian smiled, her face giving her away. He slid a fifty dollar bill across the counter, giving her his best smile “He would be accompanied by his Doberman and two other men.” She looked down at the money before her eyes searched her computer screen.

“He may be staying here sir.” Julian pulled another fifty from his wallet “It would imperative if my room could be close to his.” Her eyes glanced to his as he slid the money across the counter to her. “Your room is 306. Have a good night.” She smiled handing him his card.

Danny stood by watching as the truckload of weapons was unloaded and delivered to his client. Most gun runners didn’t bother actually showing up to the hand off, but Danny was no slouch. He was there to ensure everything went smoothly and his client got his merchandise.

There was a reason Danny was one of the top arms dealers in the world. His clients paid handsomely to ensure their product was of the highest quality and was delivered discreetly and on time. The last of the weapons were loaded in and the truck door swung shut.

“As always a pleasure working with you Dola.” The large man stuck his hand out in offering and Danny took it without hesitation. “You as well Eduardo.” The bigger man nodded stepping back “I’ll be in touch next month.”

“I look forward to it.” Danny gave a two fingered salute as he climbed into the back of black range rover. “Glad that’s over. I’m in need of a shower.” Gronk said from the driver’s seat. Chris leaned over sniffing him from the passenger seat “Yea you do.” “Fuck off Long!” Danny chuckled from the backseat running his fingers over Max’s silky coat.

Once they returned to the hotel, Danny looked for the signs of CIA agent and was surprised to find none. He wasn’t in the bar nor had anyone fitting his description checked in. Danny would never admit he was disappointed by the news. Perhaps he was still handcuffed to the bed in Mexico? Or maybe the CIA called him back?

Neither guard was surprised when Danny stopped by the front desk asking if anyone with Julian’s description had checked in. Both men were surprised however, by the brief flicker of disappointment that flickered across their bosses’ face. “No luck?” Gronk whispered as they stepped into the elevator.

Danny side eyed Gronk as he crossed his arms “What do you mean?” Chris chimed in “He means your CIA agent hasn’t checked in?” Danny sent both of men a death glare “Why would I care?” “No reason.” Chris replied quickly as the doors opened.

He nodded towards Danny as they followed him down the hallway mouthing “He’s got it bad.” Gronk nodded in agreement. He hadn’t seen his boss pay anyone this much attention before. “Idiots.” Danny muttered under his breath as he shut his door.

Max hopped up on the bed stretching out like a cat. “I don’t have a thing for agent.” Danny snapped to no one in particular. Max let out a low yip. “What? You agree? I don’t have a thing for him!” Max yipped again rolling over on his back and giving Danny his best cute look.

“You’re all nuts!” He shouted throwing his hands up and heading for the bathroom. Maybe a shower would relax him enough to keep thoughts of a certain blonde from running through his head. It was of no use, the moans spilling from Julian’s lips as the younger man writhed under him was playing on an endless loop in his brain.

Julian waited till he heard the shower turn on. He quickly and quietly slipped onto the balcony and slid open the glass doors. He heard Max growl and peer around the curtains. As soon as the dog saw Julian he barked happily his whole behind wiggling from side to side.

Julian shushed the Doberman as he crept into the room; he wasn’t exactly sure what he was looking for but he was determined to find something. He found Danny’s phone on the nightstand, he reached into his pocket retrieving a small flash drive looking device.

Not a minute later Julian heard the shower shut off; he glanced down at the phone in his hand the download wasn’t complete yet. He cursed under his breath willing it to go faster. Max whined nudging at him hand. He let his fingers wander stroking Max’s coat to keep the dog calm.

He heard the bathroom door open and he quickly jerked the downloader from Danny’s phone sliding into his pants pocket. He hopped up on the bed and Max followed making himself comfortable. Julian puffed out a breath, that was a close one!

Danny stepped out of the shower releasing a small sigh. He was looking forward to heading down to the bar and ordering a whiskey. He emerged from the bathroom reaching to pull clothes out of his suitcase when he heard a voice “How did your deal go?”

Danny snatched his gun out of his bag whipping around. Being an arms dealer one could never be too careful. He pointed the weapon at whoever was foolish or ballsy enough to break into his room. He never imagined he would find his blonde bombshell CIA lounging on his California king bed and scratching Max lazily behind the ears.

“I suppose that’s only fair. I did point a gun at you yesterday.” Julian teased raising an eyebrow “Its not loaded by the way.” Julian held up the magazine before tossing it to him. Danny lowered the gun slowly keeping his eyes on the intruder “How did you get in here?”

“You should really lock your balcony doors.” The blonde man replied reclining back onto the bed. Danny tried to deny the feeling of relief that shot through his veins. Julian was alive and well and looking at him with an expression of lust that should be illegal.

He should be mad at the asshole, he broke into his hotel room after all! Instead he cocked his head smirking at the other man “So how long did it take you to get out of those cuffs?”

“These cuffs?” Julian replied twirling the said pair of cuffs around his finger “I appreciate your taste in handcuffs. I was hoping to try them out on you this time.” Danny was on him a second later; digging his nails into the spy’s neck and pulling him in for a demanding kiss.