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Let the Bullets Rain

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Danny was glad to crawl into bed for the night. Well his body was, his mind kept wandering back to the sexy blonde in the bar. He growled rolling over and punching the pillow into a more comfortable shape. The arms dealer forced his brain to be silent, he needed the rest. He had a big deal to close tomorrow.

Julian watched as Amendola and his entourage left the hotel very early the next morning. The agent wasn’t one for silk shirts and shorts but he needed to blend in. A suit would be a dead giveaway and the arms dealer would recognize him in a second. He didn’t want anyone to recognize him till it was time.
He sipped his coffee and hid behind his newspaper glancing up occasionally and keeping tabs on the brunette man.
He certainly was his type and Julian was no stranger to bedding whoever he needed to get the job done. Be that male or female. But something about the other man called to him and he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Danny couldn’t believe the stupidity of some people. Who did this lowlife piece of shit think he was? He couldn’t just change the deal at the last second. He had the audacity to show up with only half the money. The weapons dealer laughed before sicking Max on the dumbass and his goons.

The Doberman seemed very pleased with himself, having managed to tackle the moron to the ground in a matter of seconds. His sharp teeth centimeters away from criminal’s throat. The other half of the money was brought immediately and Danny called Max back.

He ordered his usual morning black coffee leaning back against the bar debating whether to have a seat out here or head back to his room, when Max sniffed the air glancing around and taking off. Danny watched in fascination as Max made his way around the pool before stopping and hopping up on deck chair. It was still early in the morning and not many people were milling around the pool yet.

He thought about calling the Doberman back but his interest in what had caught Max’s attention won out. He grabbed his drink leaving a $20 on bar and heading in that direction. He missed the look of joy on the bartender’s face at the large tip.

Julian let out a small oomph as Max unceremoniously leapt onto his chair and stretched out next to him. “Hello again.” He stroked the pup’s head. “Where’s your handsome owner?” As if on cue Julian noticed Danny slowly approaching them. The agent grinned to himself lying back nonchalantly in the chair.

Danny did a double take as he approached and recognized who Max was cuddled up to in the chair. It was none other than the blonde business man he met yesterday. Coincidence? Danny thought not. He made a mental note to have Wilfork look into him. But in the meantime why not have a little fun?

He took his time to admire the agent’s physic in his tight black swim trunks as he lounged on the deck chair. His initial thought was correct the man was built, even more so than the arms healer had originally guessed. Dark ray bans fitting his face perfectly as the light breeze gently mussed up his hair. Danny hadn’t seen a sexier sight in a long time and apparently his dick agreed. He let his hips sway as he sauntered over.

“So are you following me now?” Danny asked a cocky grin crossing his face. “I could ask you the same question.” The blonde replied smoothly letting his eyes wander appreciatively over Danny’s body from head to toe. Even behind the dark shades it was obvious what he was doing.

“Like what you see?” Danny smirked taking a seat in the empty chair next to Julian. “What do you think?” Danny leaned forward grinning as he stripped off his shirt and then his pants, leaving him clad only his black boxer briefs. “I think you can’t take your eyes off me.” Damn it he was right, Julian couldn’t take his eyes off the other man even if he wanted to. Not that he wanted too, no he was enjoying the sexy beast in front of him.

The arms dealers stretched out in a similar pose to his dog letting Julian appreciate every curve and line of his body. Julian never imagined the man had abs that could cut steel and it only made the agent want him more. That was a dangerous line to cross. He was here to investigate the arms dealer not fuck him six ways to Sunday.

Julian’s mental war continued as Danny leaned closer and closer. By the time Julian realized what the other man was doing it was too late. The arms dealer’s lips grazed his and before he could stop himself Julian was surging forward and bringing their lips together.

The kiss was hungry and needy but stopped as quickly as it began. Julian’s phone buzzed next to him and he pulled away quickly bringing it to his ear. “This better be good!” “Jules we need to talk now!” Ryan’s voice sounded panicked on the other end of the line.

“Give me a second.” He rose from the chair mouthing “Rain check” as he slipped on his sandals and quickly moved towards the hotel. He glanced over his shoulder as Danny called “Count on it.” Max watched Julian go sprawling out on the chair and letting out a whine. “I know boy. I had plans for him too.” Danny replied, his eyes never leaving the younger man’s perfect ass he headed inside.

Julian made it to his room quickly scanning it for bugs before letting Ryan continue. “We found Agent Hoyer.” Julian swallowed hard “I take it’s not good news?” “No. They found his body washed up on shore. He was investigating some large shipments of drugs when he disappeared. These drugs hae been linked to numerous dead politicians in multiple countries. We don’t have any leads on who killed him.”

Julian ran a hand through his hair watching out the window. His eyes immediately landed on a raven haired arms dealer and his dog still lazing near the pool. “Be careful Jules. We don’t know who killed Agent 2. Keep on alert please.” Ryan paused clearing his throat “I can’t lose any more friends Jules.”

The agent turned away from the window his voice softening a fraction “I know Ryan. I will be careful I promise.” “Ok. I’ll contact you soon.” The line went dead and Julian wondered exactly what he had walked into. His body was yearning to go back to and finish what he started with Dola but his brain knew better. He flopped down on the bed trying to keep thoughts of the arms dealer from running a muck through his head.

“You’re blocking my sun.” Danny complained as Gronk stood over him. “Do you really think bedding that guy is such a good idea Dola? You don’t know much about him.” Danny scoffed “Has that ever stopped me before?” The arms dealer scoffed. But his guard was right, he could be walking into a trap.

He pulled out his phone placing a quick call. “Happy now?” Gronk smiled “Always happy boss!” Danny rolled his eyes sitting up and slipping on his shoes. “We should probably get going.” Gronk nodded “I’ll call the pilot and have him ready the plane.”

They were thousands of feet in the air when Danny's phone rang. “Well Amendola you sure know how to pick em.” “What do you got for me Wilfork?”
“Let's not be too hasty there is still is the matter of payment.” Danny cut him off “I already wired the money to your account.” “Well then. Let’s dive into then shall we? You picked a dozey this time Dola. His name is Julian Edelman and he is one of the CIA's top agents. He has completed more successful missions than any other agent they’ve sent after you before. I’d watch your back, this one is clever.”

“So what is he investigating me for?” He could feel Wilfork's grin through the phone “Well that’s the interesting part. Apparently the CIA has some internal issues going on. Two agents gave been killed in the last month and another is missing presumed dead.”

“Again what does that have to do with me?” Danny sighed. “Patience Dola.” Wilfork chuckled before continuing. “Apparently all these agents have been investigating a certain pair of arms dealers.” Danny growled “The Manning brothers?”

“The very same. Anyway the investigation into them came to a dead stop last week and suddenly they are sending Edelman to investigate you. Sound suspicious to you?” There was a slight pause before Danny answered “Very.”

“I thought the same. Seems this mission was handed down to your boy from the top, the director himself which is highly unusual. There seems to be some sort of unrest going on in the CIA, I’d watch my back around your handsome agent if I were you. The CIA suddenly seems particularly interested in you for some reason. If I find out anything else I’ll let you know.”

“Thank you.” Danny hung up the phone sliding back into his breast pocket. “What’s the news?” Chris Long asked stretching himself out across the couch. “Seems our mystery business man is CIA, apparently he one of their top agents as well.”

“No surprise there.” Rob snorted before catching Danny’s eye “You’re going to stay away from him now aren’t you?” Danny smirked “Worried about me Rob?” Gronk crossed him arms and glaring at his“I’m always worried about you it’s what you pay me for.”

Danny rolled his eyes “I’m a big boy Rob I can myself and him.” Gronk slapped a palm to his face “Somehow I’d knew you’d say that. You’ve had a thing for the man since you first laid eyes on him.” Danny scoffed rising from his seat and wandering to the back bar.

“I have a feeling that agent is going to be nothing but trouble.” Chris muttered as Gronk shook his head in agreement. Danny tossed back a shot of whiskey fuming as Rob’s words replayed though his head. He did not have a thing for Edelman. He’s a CIA agent for crying out loud; a very good looking, sexually attractive CIA agent mind you but an agent nonetheless. No he most certainly didn’t have a thing for the man!

The arms dealer followed his two loyal men off the plane his thoughts still occupied by a blonde CIA agent. He made his way to his hotel room on auto pilot shucking off his suit coat. He rolled up the sleeves on his dark dress shirt as he contemplated his next move, ultimately deciding on heading down to the bar. He wanted to test the agent. How long would it take him to find them? The game was on.

Julian rested his head against the window watching the clouds go by as the plane climbed higher and higher into the sky. Apparently Mexico was Amendola’s next destination or so Ryan had informed him. He knew he shouldn’t let himself get too close to Dola, the man was dangerous and it would ultimately end in disaster. But he couldn’t help himself, no matter how hard he tried his thought’s drifted back the arms dealer. The man was like a magnet always drawing him in.

It was just lust, he told himself. He had sex with dangerous people before and never gotten attached. He just needed to fuck the man and get him out of his system. It seemed like an easy solution but why then did it feel so much more complicated than that?

His thoughts drifted to his other agents, three experienced field agents all dead in a months’ time. Three hadn’t been killed in the last year alone and no one seemed to know why. His insticts told him something was off.

Things weren’t adding up. Garopollo, Gotskowski, and Hoyer were all seasoned agents; whoever killed them was extremely cunning and was familiar with the inner workings of the CIA. Perhaps a rouge or retired agent? They had all been killed on mission similar to his; investigating drug dealers. How long till his time was up and he was just a memory?

Julian was still lost in his own mortality as the plane landed and he made his way to the hotel. He was deep in thought as he checked into the hotel and tossed his belongings in the room. He headed down to the bar; he needed a stiff drink and he needed it now!

He was so deep in thought he didn’t notice Danny and his crew in the corner finishing up dinner. It was a dangerous mistake for a spy; you were always to be on alert. He ordered a drink nodding to the bar tender as he loosed his tie, slipping him a $50 “Keep em coming.”

Max stiffened, nudging against Danny’s leg causing him to pause and look up from his meal. His eyes tracked the blonde man’s movements as he entered the room and strode over to the bar. The agent seemed to not notice his presence; he looked distressed as arms dealer slide onto the bar stool.

Chris and Rob shared a glance as Danny excused himself rising to feet. “Fifty bucks says a hot blonde CIA Agent just walked in.” Rob snickered “Too easy. I’m not taking that bet.” Long replied watching as his boss strode across the room.

Danny approached the agent slowly; his back was turned and he didn’t seem aware of the arms dealer’s approach. “You’re only a few hours behind this time.” Danny chuckled placing a hand on the agent’s shoulder. He was caught off guard as the other man spun around pressing a gun to his abdomen.

A voice from behind him sent shiver’s up Julian’s spine. He should have been paying more attention; that’s the way you get killed. He whipped around his hand gun hidden inside his coat pocket as he pressed it up against the stranger’s stomach.

Danny glanced around the bar, they were alone except for Chris and Rob, who hadn’t seemed to notice his predicament yet. The bartender had disappeared behind the counter somewhere. Rob met his eyes standing and in an instant the guard was moving towards them forward followed by Chris. Danny shook his head stopping the two guards in their tracks. “Julian.”

Wild blue eyes met his own as Danny gently wrapped his fingers around Julian’s wrist pushing the weapon lower and away from him. The movement seemed to snap Julian out of it and he quickly re-sheathed his gun. “Sorry wasn’t expecting company.” The agent muttered turning back to his drink.

Danny watched Chris and Rob retreated back to the table. “It’s not the first time someone had pointed a gun at me and probably won’t be the last.” He chuckled. “Which begs the question; what business are you in that you need to carry a weapon?” Danny asked leaning against the bar. “Imports and Exports.” Julian mumbled taking another sip of his drink.

He was fighting to keep his hands, lips, and all other body parts away from the arms dealer. He could feel the older e man’s body heat close to his as kept his eyes averted in a pathetic attempt to get the other man to leave. It was not working, not in the least, if anything it was making Danny more curious.

The more Julian tried to deflect Danny’s questioning glances the more persistent the man became. “Imports and exports huh? That’s bullshit and you know it.” Julian stiffened attempting to think up a clever reply and coming up with none. His body betrayed him as he turned to face the other man “Would it matter to you what I did?”

“No.” Danny’s reply was whispered as his fingers traced Julian’s cheek softly. The agent’s eyes searched his finding nothing but honesty. “You’ve escaped me twice already, I won’t let it happen a third time.” Then his lips were grazing over Julian’s and his body was set ablaze.

Whatever thought’s he’d entertained of not staying away from the arms dealer were out the window the second Danny’s tongue entered in his mouth. It made him forget everything else; all the agent knew was he was in deep trouble.