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  • Jonsa Spring Blossoms (jonsaspringblossoms) by sansaswildlinglover

    25 May 2019


    In the week leading up to the official start of spring, we would like to celebrate the Jonsa love with the Jonsa Spring Blossoms event.

    The theme of this fan fiction event is, of course, spring! You can interpret this whichever way you like.

    Would you like to write a future fic depicting Jon and Sansa’s dream of spring? Do you want to give Jonsa a modern setting spring wedding? How about a fairytale or mythology AU? Perhaps spring makes you think of rebirth, new life, hope and dreams coming true?

    Let’s dream of spring together and share the Jonsa love!

    Header and icon by @ragekitn on Tumblr

    (Open, Unmoderated)