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The Duality of a Demon

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Everyone in the three realms knows that Hua Cheng isn’t unassertive, or abject and surely would never kneel or bow to someone. The Ghost King exudes dominance, sharp and dangerous like his scimitar E-Ming.

It’s known that Crimson Rain Sought Flower is ruthless and cold. Also one of the feared Four Great Calamities. Anyone would be a fool if they let themselves be seduced by his handsome appearance either, it is all part of a terrifying enchantment only leading to death and suffering.

That’s what the tales going from mouth to mouth proclaimed.

However, Hua Cheng’s lover saw him entirely different as his heart pounded with fierce passion. No other man could make Xie Lian’s legs weak as he did, or his senses hazy drunk with love like Hua Cheng. It was maddening, to want someone that much.

There was something in the way that Hua Cheng stared back at Xie Lian. Something so profound, so filled with love, hunger and adoration that sometimes Xie Lian found himself too shy to meet the other’s eye. They say that someone’s eyes are the mirror to their soul, and Xie Lian didn’t doubt that it was Hua Cheng’s most deep emotions that he caught any time he stared at that black iris.

Sometimes, what Xie Lian found in the other’s stare, was something far from the dominant personality in the tales, possibly submission. An expression not used in a way that meant a role reversal of what they were doing away from prying eyes. They had done it, obviously, yet they both shared their preferences and felt happy with how their bodies were compatible with those preferences. Instead, the expression that came to Xie Lian’s mind was emotional submission. After all, the crown prince knew how he was, even if indirectly, a kindle to most of Hua Cheng’s moods.

However, from that emotional submission and that complete devotion, an uncontrollable hunger had been born. That yearning could only find rest on the unmitigated Xie Lian’s burning heart, with the taste of his flesh and a breath of his soul. So, Xie Lian could say that he was presented every day with both submissive and dominant sides of Hua Cheng, and all he could say was that he liked them both, a lot.

A moment like the one they were currently, was one of those occasions of duality. On the silky bedsheets of their divan, Xie Lian was laid back down, and his legs were spread to accommodate the Ghost King who moved above him. Away from the terrifying tales, was a man which his only purpose at that moment was tasting and touching a body that he knew so well as the palm of his hand.

The way that Hua Cheng made sure that nothing was left untouched made his hole twitch with the need of being filled.

“I have been waiting for this moment all day.” Hua Cheng said possessively, placing a hand over Xie Lian’s ribs to pull him closer.

A short moan escaped from Xie Lian’s mouth as Hua Cheng’s mouth explored his pale torso with his tongue. Reaching with one of his arms, the god encircled Hua Cheng’s neck as the other moved head over his chest. His mouth began teasing one of the pink buds, sucking it and provoking it until it became reddish and erect. Satisfied with the result, Hua Cheng turned to the other nipple to give the same attention.

“San Lang-ah-please, kiss me.” Xie Lian pleaded, watching with a flustered expression his lover nip the already swollen bud.

Turning his attention away from the two reddened nipples, Hua Cheng moved to Xie Lian’s collarbones, pressing his mouth over one side to suck the delicate flesh hard between his lips.

Raising his eye, the Ghost King met Xie Lian’s stare, observing his disheveled state with satisfaction. Grasping Xie Lian’s chin, Hua Cheng tilted it into his direction to capture at last the other’s lips.

A plethora of emotions overflowed Xie Lian in the moment their lips touched, feathery-light and involving.

Hua Cheng ran his hand on the ribs, caressing the hip as he moved down and reached the muscular thigh. He stroked the skin, squeezing the muscle with a possessive gripe, then he dipped his fingers to grab the curve of his bottom.

“What does Your Highness want me to do tonight?” Hua Cheng murmured over Xie Lian’s swollen and spit wet lips.  

Between his black lacquer eyelashes, even with eyes fogged by pleasure, Xie Lian could read through that piercing gaze.

Mine. Mine. Mine.

“Anything. Everything.” Xie Lian answered breathily, then he hooked his legs around Hua Cheng’s waist and rolled his hips slowly against the other. His hands lowered from the Ghost King’s back, settling over the round mounds, as if mirroring his lover’s hand on himself.

They were so close that Xie Lian could see and admire all the beautiful details on Hua Cheng’s face – his long and curled black eyelids; his soft pale lips; and of course, his impossibly black eye that was staring hungrily back at him. There wasn’t the perfect word to describe how stunning the Ghost King was. Hua Cheng’s pretty mouth curved into a smile, giving a clear message to Xie Lian - "Anything Your Highness wishes."  Then, he descended over the god’s mouth and kissed him hard. Their kissing was a sweet torment, overwhelming and intoxicating as their hips rolled in search of contact.

While letting his hands roam over the other's body, Hua Cheng sucked Xie Lian’s bottom lip into his mouth, giving it a bite before running his tongue over it. “I was thinking, how about we play a bit with gege?”

The god sucked a breath as he heard the other’s words, yet seeing the way Hua Cheng seemed to be teasing him, he decided to indulge himself a bit and tease back, “I have played a bit while San Lang was gone from the temple yesterday.”

The Ghost King raised an eyebrow as he heard his beloved’s words, moving backward so that he could settle on his knees between the other’s legs.

“What was Your Highness thinking at such a moment?” Hua Cheng asked darkly, running his hand slowly over one of Xie Lian’s legs all the way to his groin.

“My head was filled with inappropriate thoughts with one of my devotees.” Xie Lian teased, caressing the interior of his thigh under Hua Cheng’s watch, pushing the other further by spreading his legs and flexing his knees toward his chest to show him exactly where he wanted to be touched.

Hua Cheng smirked and turned over the bed, and after picking up the vial of oil he made sure to coat his fingers well with the liquid. Shortly after, Hua Cheng brought his index finger to his lover’s entry, taking his time caressing the sensitive skin of the rim before pushing it inside without resistance.

Xie Lian gasped, wetting his dry lips with his tongue as he felt his lover’s finger entering him easily. By now, Xie Lian’s body was used to Hua Cheng’s intimate caresses, perhaps also a bit thanks to his own constant playing. Reveling in that sweet torment, Xie Lian leaned his head back, breathing hard as Hua Cheng began moving his finger in and out of him.

Always attentive to Xie Lian’s expressions, Hua Cheng moved his finger inside, curling the fingertip toward the navel. It didn’t take Hua Cheng long to find what he was looking for, and with a smirk adorning his lips, he gently pressed the firm and raised area, which remind him of a round and ripe fruit.

“A-ah-!” Xie Lian gasped, arching his back due to the uncontrollable pleasure such act made him feel.

“Seems I found it.” Hua Cheng said heatedly, working his finger slowly.

The Ghost King rotated his wrist, massing the small bump with his finger, teasing it and pressing it while he took in every detail of Xie Lian’s reactions.

Never had Xie Lian in all his mortal and immortal life thought that touching in such place would feel good, yet he had never had the luxury of thinking about such thing since he had to maintain his body pure. That type of stimulation was beyond pleasuring, and Xie Lian felt his body surrender every time he and Hua Cheng indulged in those caresses. Having that area massaged sometimes felt too much like Xie Lian was at the brink of that “point of no return” that was so common before the culmination of ecstasy.

“Does it feel good, gege?” Hua Cheng asked as he unexpectedly inserted another finger and started moving them with more vigor.

“Ah-yes-so good!” Xie Lian said, panting hard with his mouth open as he stared at the tattooed characters in Hua Cheng’s forearm. The tiny tattoos, already in drawn in a strange style were now blurring and becoming unreadable with how fast his fingers were pumping into him. Knowing that it was his own name in his lover’s arm made him clench his entry around the fingers.

On one side there was that helplessness, that surrender caused by that type of stimulation, which was becoming ruthless due to Hua Cheng's dominant behavior. On the other hand, looking at his beloved, Xie Lian could see how his stare seemed to be craving every aspect of him, every reaction and need for approval.

“Gege looks so beautiful like this.” Hua Cheng praised. Seeing the crown prince lost like that, with his disheveled hair crowning his head like a black halo, only made Hua Cheng want to keep going with his ministrations. Staring at the small milky droplets that had already accumulated over the tip of Xie Lian’s sex, Hua Cheng leaned down to lap them before taking his sex inside his mouth. His head started bobbing, sucking Xie Lian’s erection, tasting and lapping it at the same time he massaged the sensitive bundle of nerves inside him.

“Heavens, San Lang, that’s too much.” Xie Lian whimpered, wringing over the bed, arching his back as he began feeling the imminent need of orgasming. "Not so fast." the crown prince pleaded, tightening his fingers over Hua Cheng’s scalp. Suddenly, Hua Cheng stopped what he was doing with his mouth, removing the other’s cock from his mouth to stare at him with a heated smile on his face, however his fingers kept moving in an endless tease.

“I want you to give it to me, to give it all.” Hua Cheng murmured, pressing the fingers over and over Xie Lian’s sensitive spot.

There it was that unexplainable devotion and uncontrollable hunger that Hua Cheng had with everything that was Xie Lian. Dominance and Submission. No one in the three realms would believe that Crimson Rain Sought Flower was an avid fan of such practice, yet the fact was that he was and that he enjoyed it to the point of asking for it frequently.

Feeling the first waves of his ecstasy, Xie Lian grabbed his erection to rub it vigorously and fisted Hua Cheng’s black locks to bring his face closer. Splashes of come hit Hua Cheng’s cheeks, parted lips and chin, showing the crown prince possibly the lewdest image of the Ghost King. That was until Hua Cheng swallowed everything that had entered his mouth and his tongue darted outside to lick anything it could.

“Delicious,” Hua Cheng said as he tasted Xie Lian’s seed. Then removing his fingers from inside his beloved, the demon took them between his lips savoring them before bringing the remains of the crown prince’s fluid into his mouth.

If Xie Lian wasn't still shaking from his mind-blowing orgasm, he would hide under the bedsheets with embarrassment, yet he could only stare unabashedly at his lover’s muscled bottom now that he had left their bed.  

Xie Lian let his body rest over the silky bedsheets, luxuriating in the moment which Hua Cheng came back with his face cleaned and a cup of water for his thirsty prince. After seeing that Xie Lian had drunk everything, Hua Cheng took the empty cup away from the god and then returned to the bed.

“Now, where were we?” Hua Cheng asked, placing his hands under Xie Lian’s knees to drag him over the divan.

Between Hua Cheng’s legs stood a very thick and hard erection, making Xie Lian realize that their little play had been just the beginning. With a heavy gasp, Xie Lian accepted Hua Cheng into him again, this time entering him with something much more significant and with his playful attitude replaced with something feral, demoniac.

Without question or doubt, Xie Lian surely loved, very much, Hua Cheng’s duality.