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Lingering on Lingerie

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Yomi sighed for the third time in the last half an hour. She was sitting in a little hole-in-the-wall burger restaurant with her friends, eating her favorite bean sprout burger. There wasn't such a thing, but that was why she always brought some bean sprouts with her to put on her meals. Normally this would make her happy, but she was too worried to truly enjoy the moment. Even watching Homura wolf down her burger like it was her last meal didn't make her as both amused and concerned as it usually would.

"What's the matter, Yomi? You're usually all smiles when we get together." It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize something was wrong. For Haruka, she'd been able to tell that something was up with Yomi for a couple weeks now. It'd been subtle, but this was more obvious. She was just sitting there and sighing unhappily, so something had to be up. Now it was time to find out what was going on. "Is something bothering you?"

"It's nothing." She didn't want her friends to worry about her, so she deflected Haruka's concern with what she thought was relative ease. However, Haruka wasn't so easily dissuaded, and her deep sigh immediately after her words instantly gave her away. Smirking, she pushed her chair closer to Yomi's, reaching out and cheekily grabbing her breasts. "H-Haruka!" She squeaked and dropped her burger, scooting away with a screech of her chair legs against the ground. Her arms came up protectively over her chest. "What are you doing?!"

"I know you're hiding something from us, Yomi, and that's not good. Friends don't hide things from each other, especially if they're making that friend sad." Yomi looked around the table, realizing all her friends were staring at them. Both Homura and Mirai nodded in agreement, while Hikage stared blankly like usual. "We want to know what's going on so we can help you." Her smirk widened as her fingers flexed dangerously in front of Yomi's chest. "Or do I have to resort to different methods to extract the information out of you?"

"That won't be necessary!" Yomi's chair squeaked as she scooted back farther, eyes wide and red on her cheeks. Seeing that she had been properly dealt with, Haruka moved back, her chair angled slightly so she could give Yomi her full attention. It was obvious that there was nowhere to run. All her friends were watching her, curiosity and concern in their eyes. With yet another sigh, she pulled her chair back to the table and began to spill the beans.

"Well, the thing is... business is picking up at the Phoenix Corporation, and my darling Ikaruga has been swamped with work. As the company's vice president, there's so much that's put on her plate, and she almost never refuses the work." Sometimes it was frustrating how Ikaruga wouldn't think about her own health before taking on all that work, but at the same time, she knew it was part of her wife's pride. It was something that she found admirable about Ikaruga: even though she grew up rich and wanting for nothing, she worked harder than anyone. She refused to slack off no matter what, which was incredible. At the same time, though... "I feel so grateful for the work she does to keep us fed, clothed, and with a roof over our heads, but..."

"But?" The other girls leaned in closer, knowing that they were about to hear what was bothering Yomi. It was surprising to hear that it involved Ikaruga. Though they had always been on opposite sides of the prim and proper ninja, there was a mutual respect between them brought on by her ultimate victory: winning Yomi's heart. That was no easy feat, especially with how rocky their first meetings were. In the end, the two of them had grown from enemies to friends, and then to something much more. She had always shown respect and no shortage of love to their favorite bean sprout lover, so to hear that something wasn't right between them was concerning.

"Due to how busy she's been, most nights she comes home exhausted. Because of that, we haven't..." She tapped her fingers together, heat rushing to her cheeks. "We haven't had relations as much as we used to." Though she had always trusted her friends with her life, it embarrassed her to mention topics of a more intimate nature with them. It was worse to admit that things weren't going so great in the bedroom. "It's been over two weeks since we last were intimate, and that was the only time in the last month. I don't want to push the issue, because she's doing so much for us. She's working herself to the bone, and I want her to be able to rest as much as she can, but I..." Her cheeks darkened further, and she stared at the table to avoid looking at any of them. "I have needs that I still want fulfilled..."

"Oh, is that all?" Haruka laughed, wiping her brow in relief. "I thought it was something that would tear your relationship apart. That's no biggie, Yomi. As your resident sexpert, I know exactly how to get Ikaruga wanting your body no matter how tired she is." She gave Yomi a thumbs up, which seemed to put the rest of the table at ease. Homura shot Yomi a matching thumbs up before resuming her attack on her burger, with Hikage and Mirai following suit. However, Yomi was still a bit unsure.

"You're not going to use one of your potions on her again, are you?" She shuddered at the memory of the last time Haruka had used one of her chemical concoctions on Ikaruga. Two weeks later and she'd still been finding grains of sand between her breasts.

"Oh no, that won't be necessary. Unless you're interested?" There was a dangerous glint in her eyes that made Yomi quickly shake her head. As much personal enjoyment as she'd previously had from those potions, she didn't want her desire for sex to accidentally cause a local incident. "It's simple, Yomi. All you need to do is wear some very enticing lingerie. When Ikaruga comes home and sees you wearing it, she won't be able to keep her eyes or her hands off of you. It's foolproof!"

"Are you sure? That doesn't sound like it'll be enough..." Yomi frowned slightly, thinking about wearing her lingerie in the bedroom. She could imagine that it would at least turn Ikaruga on, but would it really be enough to make her forget about her exhaustion and only think about her? It didn't seem likely. She had a feeling that Haruka was putting too much stock in sexy outfits.

"It will be when you're wearing the lingerie I'm going to pick out for you. Just trust me: you're going to be going to bed very satisfied." She smiled very convincingly, and all Yomi could do was hope this would work. Haruka always had a trick or two up her sleeve, and it tended to be successful. At this point, she was willing to try anything. She had to wonder just how outlandish this lingerie would be, though...

That evening, Ikaruga came home from work exhausted as usual. She set her briefcase down for a moment, leaning against the door and shutting her eyes. Work was never easy, but the past month had been especially tiring. She seemed to always be moving from one project to another without much of a break in between. Her father was working just as hard as she was, though, if not harder. There was no way she could slack off when he was still giving his all for the company. It might lead her to come home with sore feet and a clouded head every day, but she had to do this for her company. Most importantly, she had to do it for Yomi too.

Speaking of her wife, where was she? Her shoes were on the rack, but Ikaruga couldn't hear her bustling about the kitchen like she usually was at this time of the day. Picking up her suitcase, she went into the kitchen to make sure. Just as she'd suspected, it was empty. She frowned slightly with worry, wondering where Yomi was. It wasn't like her to up and disappear without mentioning where she'd be. Maybe she had gone to their bedroom to take a nap. She usually didn't take naps this late in the day, but it was possible.

Her mind was full of worry as she headed for the bedroom. She didn't think anything bad had happened, but she wouldn't be satisfied until she went in and saw that Yomi was there. Opening the door, she took one step into the bedroom and stopped dead in her tracks. Eyes widening, she dropped her suitcase, letting it hit the ground and fall over. Yomi was indeed in the bedroom, but she wasn't napping. She was just lying there, perking up at the sound of the door opening. Her eyes immediately screamed seduction when she realized that it was Ikaruga at the door. That was barely noticed by the woman in question, however. There was something else that had drawn her attention: her outfit.

It appeared that Yomi had gone shopping, as Ikaruga didn't recognize the lingerie she had on. While it was a peaceful mint green color, how it looked on her had Ikaruga's heart anything but peaceful. There were two different styles of mesh in her lingerie: the part covering her voluminous breasts was a lighter mint color, with what she could only describe as a flower-like pattern covering her nipples. Otherwise, she could see the rest of that delicious, heavenly skin beneath the see-through nature of the fabric. The mere sight of it had her salivating already.

Covering her stomach was a tighter, darker mint mesh. It was just as see-through as the rest of the outfit, allowing her to see her wife's beautifully squeezable stomach. Nestled right beneath it was a tiny pair of green panties, covering all it needed to and nothing more. She couldn't see what they looked like from behind, but in that moment, she really wished that she could. Finally, finishing off the enticing ensemble were matching mint stockings. The same flower pattern adorned the top of the stockings right beneath her thick thighs, tailing off into the darker, tighter style that similarly covered her stomach. They went down all the way to her feet, covering them up. At least half of her curvaceous body was covered by the lingerie, yet with how see-through it was, she was practically naked!

"See something you like?" Smiling, Yomi pushed herself off the bed and onto her feet. She stretched her arms as high up as she could, giving her breasts an extra lift. With her eyes half-lidded, she could see Ikaruga's eyes on them, her body visibly tense even from her position by the bed. It looked like Haruka had been right about the lingerie. She sauntered over towards her wife, a sway in her wide hips as she made her way to their bedroom door. When she stood right in front of Ikaruga, she smiled serenely as she started fiddling with her tie, loosening it from her neck. She could see Ikaruga's beautiful blue eyes staring directly at her chest, so riddled with undisguised lust. It sent a pleasant shiver down her spine, her panties becoming wet from her rapidly-growing arousal.

She pulled on Ikaruga's tie, pulling her down into a deep kiss. Their lips were warm against each other, and it didn't take long for Ikaruga to reciprocate. She put her arms around Yomi's back, reaching down to grab her ass and pull her in as close as possible. They kissed each other with an intense, hungry passion, like they had been deprived of each other's lips for months. Their large breasts were squished against each other, grinding against each other's bodies and holding them tightly. Ikaruga's pressed gray suit was in stark contrast to the lingerie Yomi was wearing, but in that moment it didn't matter. It had never mattered that they were opposites. When they were together, everything else could be easily pushed to the wayside.

Yomi was the first one to pull back, out of breath and giddy at the expression on Ikaruga's face. She could sense the desire clearer than at any point this month. There was no way she was going to waste this opportunity now. Getting a good grip on Ikaruga's tie, she turned around and started leading her to the bed. Now with her back to Ikaruga, her ass was finally on full display. Ikaruga's heart nearly burst from her chest at seeing her wife's plump, spankable ass right in front of her. Those panties she was wearing were specifically a thong, with that tiny string in the back covering absolutely nothing. Like the two thin straps around Yomi's shoulders that held the top up, there were two thicker straps that connected that top to the stockings. They sat on the sides of her ass, pushed out by her curves but otherwise covering little. There was nothing keeping Ikaruga's eyes off her bare butt.

It was too good a sight to leave unappreciated. Before they could reach the bed, Ikaruga had already reached down and grabbed onto Yomi's hips, making her stop moving. Looking over her shoulder, she couldn't help but grin when she saw where Ikaruga was looking. "You can touch it if you want." That was all she needed. Right away her hands went from Yomi's hips to her ass, caressing and squeezing the ample amount of skin she could touch. Yomi moaned pleasantly in front of her, which was music to Ikaruga's ears.

"After another hard day at work, I could really use a break..." Ikaruga knew that she hadn't been as attentive of her wife's needs as she should have been, and she felt guilty about that. It'd just been so hard to summon the enthusiasm to do things like this when she barely had the energy to walk from one side of the house to the other. Tonight, however, she felt a surprising burst of energy. Well, not so much surprising: the answer to why it was happening was hugging Yomi's curves extra tightly. Breathing heavily, she moved her hands so she could grind her crotch against Yomi's plush ass. She'd missed having the energy for this, and she was sure that Yomi had as well.

After she had gotten her fill of Yomi's ass, Yomi turned around and started working on removing her suit. She unbuttoned each button from Ikaruga's shirt, pulling it open as Ikaruga moved her arms to help take it all the way off. Each simple action was made arousing by the sexual tension in the room, and Ikaruga felt like the room was spinning as Yomi tugged down her knee-length skirt. Now standing there in her matching black bra and panties, she could hardly contain herself. It took all her willpower not to jump her wife before she had crawled into bed, waving her over with a 'come get me' smile.

Ikaruga didn't make her wait long. She got onto the bed and pounced her wife, hands caressing and touching every spot on her lingerie-clad body that she could as they kissed hot and heavy. Both of their panties were practically soaked now, and it was about time to get rid of those unnecessary garments. They temporarily separated so that they could remove them, with Ikaruga lying on her back to pull them off and toss them off the side of the bed. When she sat back up, she could see that Yomi's panties were still on her, technically. They hung from her ankle teasingly, her glistening slit fully revealed as a glorious centerpiece amongst all the remaining lingerie and smooth skin that combined to create her darling wife. She wanted it - and her - more than anything else in the world.

Getting back on top of Yomi, Ikaruga seized her lips once again. Being unable to kiss her for too long was now akin to torture, and she refused to let too much time pass by without that sweet sensation. Their bodies pressed together again, their chests squished together in a wonderfully lewd display. Now unclothed, there was nothing keeping their pussies apart. Ikaruga pressed her crotch down on Yomi's, slowly starting to grind on it. The moans that drew from her wife were incredible: a symphony that she never wanted to stop hearing. She kept pressing down and grinding in order to continue hearing those sounds, their wetness mixing together between their legs.

Ikaruga's hands made their way to Yomi's breasts, squeezing them as she quickened her grinding pace. She loved seeing the expressions of pleasure on Yomi's face, something that'd she been missing for weeks now. Now that she had it, she was ravenous, holding herself back to avoid tearing apart her wife's new lingerie. It was tempting to just tear at the mesh to get to her breasts fully unencumbered, but she didn't want to destroy the material. This was something she wanted to see Yomi wearing again, so it had to survive. Instead, she had to take the patient route. She started to lift Yomi's arms, getting help there so she could slip the straps off her arms and gently pull down the soft mesh. That left her huge, heaving breasts completely exposed, and Ikaruga wasted no time in dropping her head to kiss and suck on them like a woman possessed.

"Ohh Ikaruga, that feels so good!" Yomi moaned and grabbed onto the back of her head, pushing it down and trapping her against her breasts. Not that Ikaruga minded very much, as she had no plans of leaving the softness of her wife's chest anytime soon. All the while, her grinding became faster, and Yomi was grinding right back. Their pussies were thoroughly soaked now, allowing for easy movement against each other. The pleasure was increasing steadily between them, and neither of them could hold back their sounds of desire, though Ikaruga's sounds were muffled against mounds of flesh. Yomi, on the other hand, had no such impediment, and she allowed herself to moan and squeal to the Heavens above.

She loosened her grip so that Ikaruga could come back up to breathe, but after a few gulps of air, she captured her lips again. They kissed and rubbed against each other, their hands refusing to stay in one place for longer than a minute. While Ikaruga's hands moved down Yomi's sides, Yomi's hands found purchase on Ikaruga's ass. She'd been so upset that she'd had to go all this time without being able to grab and squeeze her wife's amazing, shapely rear. All she'd gotten to do was the occasional teasing slap, but it hadn't led to much as previously stated. Now she got to be as handsy as she wanted, and it made her happier than she could've possibly imagined.

The room had heated up from their passions, and they both were close to cumming. "I-I'm gonna cum, Ikaruga..." Yomi whimpered out, lifting her legs and wrapping them around Ikaruga's hips. Her panties barely hung onto her foot, dangling in the air as her body shook beneath her wife's. Ikaruga was moving faster, her own body showing signs of nearing the edge as well. Her fingers were digging into the pliable flesh of Yomi's hips, holding on tight as she stared right into her eyes.

"I am too..." They kissed one more time, putting all of their love and passion into their expression of desire as the two of them came together. Moaning into each other's mouths, their bodies shook with the magnitudes of the pleasure they were experiencing. Yomi could see stars when she opened her eyes, circling around her lover. Ikaruga's grip was strong and it left little marks on her hips, but she never minded having those love markings. She would wear them with pride, knowing that it was her wife who had marked her as her own. Of course, the true mark that Ikaruga had left on her, the one that showed the world that the two of them were together, was around her finger.

They were both tired but satisfied after they came down from their orgasms. Ikaruga remained lying on top of Yomi, softly kissing her lips as she caressed her sides. This had been an absolutely wonderful evening: so wonderful that neither of them had even thought about dinner, which they usually would've eaten already. Their focus had been exclusively on each other and their mutual pleasure, leaving everything else as secondary players. Dinner hadn't been cooked, and Ikaruga's work remained with her briefcase on the floor, but neither of them cared about that. They only had eyes for each other in that moment.

"I'm sorry we haven't had time to do this lately." Ikaruga looked away remorsefully, focusing on a specific spot on the carpet. "Work's been so busy and I've been neglecting you. That isn't what a good wife does." This hadn't only been mind-blowing sex, but a wake up call too. Her wife had needs that she clearly hadn't been fulfilling, and she couldn't let work take up every ounce of her energy anymore. Work was important, yes, but her wife was the most important person in the world to her.

"It's okay, darling. I know work's been running you ragged." She gently stroked Ikaruga's cheek, smiling warmly up at her. "I've just missed your touch so much. You work so hard, and I respect and appreciate that more than I could possibly say, but I wish you wouldn't take on so much work by yourself. You deserve a break more than anyone, and I'm sure there are other employees who could take on at least some of your workload."

"Well, I suppose they could..." Admittedly, Ikaruga had been worried about passing off some of her work to other employees. She trusted herself to do the job right, and it was tough for her to let go of that control. This was for her marriage, though, and if that's what she needed to do, then she would. With a smile, she nodded and kissed Yomi again. "You're right. I need to delegate more work. It's not good for me to come home exhausted every night, and I don't want to go any more weeks without having you in bed like this." A faint blush crossed her cheeks as she eyed what Yomi was wearing. "Nor do I want to go so long without seeing you in this lingerie..."

"Then I'll make sure you won't." Yomi giggled and wrapped her arms around Ikaruga, holding her close. They kissed each other, warm and sweet, and laid together in peaceful bliss on their marriage bed. This had been exactly what she had wanted, and it went better than she could've expected. She trusted Ikaruga to slow down at her job, which would mean a more energetic wife at home. Everything was going to be just fine, she was sure of it. "You know, I think we should get you some new, sexy lingerie too..."