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No broom beatings tonight

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Getting Majima to talk about his feelings is hard. You have to practically beat it out of him with a broom, and even then he’d rather take the beating and go than talk about what’s bothering him. He's too cryptic, vague - he likes to hide it, though he has many feelings. Many at once, usually.

Now, Kiryu. He’s about the same, though some would say much easier - but that’s wrong. It’s just as hard to try and get him to talk as it is Majima, if not more. Kiryu won’t take a beating, he’ll let you try but he’ll shove you down before you can really try and then leave. There’s no chance of getting Kiryu to spill his feelings unless you can get him drunk enough. And even then it’s difficult to get him to just let go and be so open around you like that if you don’t know him. He solves his problems with his fists, anyway, so why bother talking about his feelings? Even a beating won't make him feel better.

But Majima knows him. And Haruka mentioned she was worried about her foster father, saying how he’s acting different and it’s making her worry more so than usual. She already has enough to deal with, so Majima said he’d handle it himself. Majima’s never been good at comforting people, especially when they start crying. It’s so difficult for him to really try and help, usually opting instead to try and give advice to help the person through whatever they’re going through. He knows, or he thinks he does, that Kiryu isn't the type to cry, so he should be just fine.

Seeing Kiryu hunched over and sitting on his bed in the dark was interesting, but seeing the way his eyes looked glassy and how he.. Refused to even look up when Majima walked in was something else. It’s a look he knows all too well, from his own personal experience. He steps lightly, the door clicking closed behind him as he comes closer. He sits next to him on the bed, ever so careful of his own weight and how he shifts the bed, eye sliding over to look at Kiryu.


He understands.

Kiryu isn’t the most open person, he knows how it is. Subtle guilt slips in as he watches him, watching Kiryu’s adam's apple bob as he swallows.

“Yo, Kiryu,” His voice is soft, making sure to be careful of how he goes about this. Kiryu lets out a soft hum of acknowledgement, which lets Majima know at least he might not have to talk to a brick wall the whole time. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy, though. He scratches at his own chin, face pinched in thought. What the hell is he gonna say? When their positions are switched, Kiryu just holds his hand while he cries, or he makes him make eye contact to keep him grounded - oh, he'll try touching him, first.

Gently, oh so carefully, he reaches a scarred hand closer, moving slow enough as to not have him lash out. Not at a snail's pace, but enough that he knows it's coming.

“Hey.” He starts, now placing his hand to Kiryu's thigh. “Haruka's worried.”

His jaw twitches.

At least he's there.

“Ya talked to her about whatever's got ya like this?” Kiryu hasn't shoved his hand away, so he figures it safe to scoot closer, the side of his thigh pressed flush to Kiryu's own. If this was the other way around, Majima would be soaking it up like a sunbathing cat, but Kiryu still seems distant.


Majima almost sighs at how short and blunt he's being. Understandable, of course…

He lifts his hand from his leg and Kiryu looks to where his hand previously was, brows furrowed. Majima moves his hand to squeeze at the farthest shoulder, chest to his other, closer shoulder.

“C'mon, Kiryu. Don'cha know it's bad fer a lil girl like her ta worry?” He gives a strained smile, moving around yet again and pressing his face to the shoulder he isn't holding. “‘n y've got me worried, too. I hate seein’ ya like this, but I know how it is.” He looks up to him with a big eye, puppy-like.

Kiryu seems thoughtful for a moment, then letting out a soft sigh. His face softens a bit more, leaning his head against Majima's. He sits like that for a bit, then he's speaking.

“Sorry. I just have a lot on my mind, and it's.. almost too much, you know? I want a break. And I don't mean to make the two of you worry, I just….” He pauses, squeezing his eyes shut. At that moment, Majima reaches his other hand to hold onto Kiryu's, holding him firmly and close.

“‘s alright, take yer time.” Was awful easy. Easier than he thought it would be.

“.. I just don't know what to do. It's too much sometimes, and I wish I'd just stop existing sometimes.”

That definitely catches Majima's attention, his head almost jerking up and smacking into Kiryu's chin. He keeps himself still despite it, eye wide and hand squeezing him a little tighter.

“Naw. Naw, don't say that. Ya just need a break, I understand. Get it off y - Off your chest, alright? You know I'm always around. Always here for you.”

Kiryu is bad at explaining how he's feeling, all of it locked up deep in him and he feels a tight feeling in his chest every time he tries to elaborate, or even think a little too hard on his own damn feelings. He hates that. Why can't he just express normally? Is something wrong with him? No - no. Nothing is wrong with him. He can't think like that.

His jaw clenches, pulling his head away from Majima's. He hesitates, thinking on if he wants to stand and pull away from the comfortable presence of the other, almost tugging back and forth between his choices before he turns to his side. He reaches for Majima, forcing him to straighten up before he's pulled into a hug.

“Uh. Ain't it suppose to be the other way around?” Majima asks, muffled into Kiryu's shoulder.

“Yes. But this feels right.”

Majima nods, kinda dumb, then slowly moves his arms to lift and wrap around Kiryu's back, holding and tightening his grip around him.

“Ya know, Kiryu… Yer not the best at this, but that's alright. I know ya don't have bad intentions about a lot of the shit ya do. You're… Yer a good guy deep down, and I know it - so does Haruka.” He pauses, pressing his nose right into Kiryu's shirt. He smells nice. He pulls away to continue, chin propped against him.

“All that stuff that happened in the past wasn't your fault. You were a decent kid, as far as I know, and what… happened with your brother, that's…” He feels Kiryu stiffen under him, Majima slowly stroking a hand against his back. “It wasn't your fault - and he wasn't a bad guy either. It happened, I know, and I know it hurts ya.. But it's alright now..” He swears he hears a sniffle, and then Kiryu is squeezing almost too hard, making Majima huff out a strained breath.

“H-Hey.. Yer gettin’ kinda tight there; too much?”

It's almost missed, but Kiryu shakes his head, sighing against Majima's neck. His face is definitely wet. He was crying -

“No, it's what I needed, I think.” His head tilts back, eyes closed. Even in the dark room, the moonlight filters in and smudges white light across Kiryu's face, his features sharp. He even looks nice when he's crying, and Majima isn't sure he's seen Kiryu cry before. But it doesn't seem to be a sad cry, more like.. letting out a lot of pent up tension that he's been holding in for too long.

Majima nods again, this time a little more eased. Kiryu seems okay now, now dragging Majima into his lap and pushing his face into his bare chest. He personally wouldn't enjoy the wet tears on his skin but it's fine, Kiryu is finally expressing and letting it out in a healthy way. He trembles under Majima's careful fingers, threading through his hair and caressing over his shoulders.

“Thank you for being here for me, Majima.”

“‘s no big deal, Kazuma. Ya know I'm always around fer ya. Gotta make sure yer gonna beat my ass, y'know?” Making light of a heavy time is what Majima does best, and it seeks to work, a faint smile crossing over Kiryu's lips as he looks up at the man on his lap with watery eyes, his nose tinted red. Whether it was the joke or his name, he'll never know.

“Yeah. I'll be sure to beat your ass later. For now, just.. keep holding me, please.” He tucks his face right back into Majima's chest, puffy eyes closed. He complies easily, going right back to holding him and stroking his hair, heartbeat lulling Kiryu into a new calm state. Kiryu feels a static go through him, but it's comfortable and new. He doesn't mind it, too focused on being close to Majima and listening to his words - and his heartbeat.

“I love you, Goro.”

He almost doesn't catch it, his head turned up and away from him as he feels tears pricking his own eye.

A kiss is place to the top of his head, hair pressed flat against Majima's face. Who knew hearing him say that at a time like this would make him emotional too.

“I love ya too, Kazuma.”