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“And then P’No was all mad and made us run five laps more around the field. Can you believe the nerve of him, Tin?” Can huffs as he explains how bad his football practice went and how much his legs were hurting after having annoyed his P’. Tin is looking at him in concentration, just taking small bites from the sandwich he’s having for lunch.  “I just think he should be more relaxed and not get so bothered so soon.”


Tin rolled his eyes fondly at his boyfriend but still smiled a tiny private smile he only dedicates to his Can. “Maybe should stop asking for food, Cantaloupe, he’ll end up being even poorer if you keep on being so high maintenance.”


Can gasps at Tin and hits him softly on his arm. Tin rolls his eyes and decides to shut his boyfriend with food, so he puts the half eaten sandwich in front of his boyfriend’s lips and Can takes a big bite and Tin snorts at Can’s full cheeks and round eyes.


“Cantaloupe is so greedy…”Tin whispers and Can almost chokes on his food when he sees Tin’s eyes do that when they turn all hooded and heavy. Can knows Tin is about to try and molest him in front of all the people in the cafeteria.


“Ti – Tin!” Can manages to gulp down his food and squeal, when indeed Tin has taken his face in his large hands and is planning to steal a kiss. Tin is about to connect their lips when suddenly they’re interrupted by a loud voice calling from behind Tin.


Tin Medthanan? Is that you?” Can manages to free himself from his handsy boyfriend because Tin is just as startled as he is. The voice was soft and it was calling Tin in what Can knows it’s English. Tin suddenly looks behind him and Can sees the murdering look taking over his friends features. Who dares to even bother him as he’s having a moment with his boyfriend?


Piper?” Can frowns when instead of flipping the girl off, Tin stands up and looks at the girl in what he guesses is a surprised face. Few times he has seen his boyfriend be really surprised and Can frowned. Who was this girl and how does she know him?




Piper McLeanis the girl’s name and Can scoffs and how difficult it is for him to properly get to pronounce Tin’s pretty friend name.


Ah yeah, Can scoffs again, Piper is a pretty –really pretty – British girl that Tin apparently knows from his days at the boarding school in Great Britain. Can knows he shouldn’t be fuming. Why should he be jealous at Piper’s platinum blonde hair? Or be mad at Piper’s grey deep grey eyes? Or be jealous at the girl’s thick full lips? Can shouldn’t be jealous… and he wasn’t, until few days ago. Can can’t stop thinking about their meeting. Why was Tin so cordial with her? Were they really friends back then? Or just one of his exes? He kept on repeating the rest of the meeting on his head.


“Yeah, Tin, it’s me,” the girl looks excited as she stares at Tin in disbelief. Tin stands up from his chair and Can doesn't know how to act or say because this Piper girl is speaking in English (let’s be real, people, Can doesn’t know square about English) and Tin is too surprised to translate what she is saying.


“What… what are you doing here? I mean, why are you at my university?” Tin then asks and the Piper girl smiles a big boxy smile. Can blinks, wow, he has to admit she is quite the sight, even if he doesn't understand what they are saying.


“My parents got a divorce and mother re-married some rich man, ends up he is Thai and here I am, moved all the way from Manchester,” the last word is the only one Can understands and he looks between the girl and Tin, who now looks less surprised than some seconds ago. “I am now a student at the International College.” Piper says and he gets something about her studying at the IC, the same one Tin studies at. “It’s so relieving to see a familiar face. I was so afraid when I first got here, but now that I know you attend in here…”


“Wow, I never thought I’d see you again, Piper,” Can sees how Tin’s face looks neutral but not angry at all. He actually looks like he’s happy to see the girl. Wow, what? Tin, happy to see someone that is not his boyfriend? “Just…” Tin even looks lost for a second. “If you need anything let me know, okay? I’ll help you.” What? What did Tin say to her? The girl smiles brightly at Tin and then, taking Can and Tin out of guard, leans to hug the hell out of his boyfriend. A big frown forms on his face. Oh no she didn’t just lean and hug THE Tin Medthanan. She clearly is a foreign because a thai person wouldn’t pull such spontaneous act on someone they hadn’t seen in some time.


“Thank you so much, Tin,” That Can can understand. Why is she thanking Tin?


The girl lets go of Tin with another big smile and Can notices how tense his boyfriend is after being freed from the hug. Can want to stand up and go to ask Tin if he’s okay, but Tin beats him to it, saying something else to the girl and he kind of knows what he told her. Yep, he was introducing him to her.


“Piper, this is my boyfriend Can,” Tin gestures at Can to where he’s still sitting and she turns to look at Can for the first time since she made her appearance. Can waves at her and she waves back at him shyly, suddenly looking embarrassed at what Tin had just said, making her feel rude for intruding.


Hello, Can, I’m Piper.” she incredibly salutes him in Thai – she has an accent – and Can raises his eyebrows. Should he introduce himself in Thai or English? He decides he’ll just say it in Thai and just not make a fool out of himself.


Hmm, hello. I’m Can. Nice to meet you?” he greets, but at the end it ends up sounding like a question.


I’m so sorry for being rude and not saying hi to you first, it’s just that I can’t believe I’m meeting Tin again after two years.” Okay… she is really good at Thai, Can concludes. She has an accent, yeah, but he can understand her perfectly. “Oh dear, did I mess up again? Sorry, my Thai is not perfect.” she apologizes when Can hadn’t said a thing after she had introduced herself.


No! You didn’t mess up, Khun Piper, it’s just that I was surprised, your Thai is really good,” he complimented, but he stopped himself. The curiosity was killing him.“but, Khun Piper, are you friends with Ai’Tin? He never mentioned you.” He asks her and it might have sounded rude, but he managed to not make it sound like he was.


Oh, Tin and I met at a boarding school in Manchester! We were classmates and even though Tin wasn’t a social person, we got along pretty well.” Piper smiles and just answers the question, not concerned at all by his straightforward question. Can is about to ask her some more questions (he swears he’s just trying to be nice and not question them about how deep they friendship was) but she excuses herself to pick up a call she’s getting.


Can turns to look at Tin as soon as she’s off talking in rapid English, because he knows he’s mess up, and indeed, Tin’s looking at Can with a little cheeky smile, after seeing the little scene develop in front of him. Little shit knows he’s getting jealous! Tin knows him better than anyone else. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? Can doesn’t know but he’ll sure never hear the end of Tin’s teasing at him for acting jealous.


Sorry Tin, Can, but I have to go now, some project running late. But, it was nice meeting you Can.” she returns and starts saying her goodbyes. Can wais at her and she does too. She then smiles at Tin, and she dares to ask for his phone number so she can message him and make plans the two of them. Can is fuming. Help him God!


Piper is off to wherever she’s going and Can can feel Tin’s boring holes on his back.


“- Taloupe… Cantaloupe,” Can is brought out from his memories by his boyfriend’s annoyed voice. He shakes his head and looks at his boyfriend who’s on top of him, in between his legs and probably had just been kissing his neck until few seconds ago.


“Hm, you said something?”


“You’re not concentrated.” Tin states and he frowns as if it was a crime Can not enjoying when he was kissing his neck.


“I don’t need to concentrate when you’re kissing me, Ai’Tin.” He sassily replies but Tin knows better than that. So, he keeps on questioning Can.


“What I mean is that is not normal for you to be huffing and murmuring cursing words as I’m kissing you.” Tin raises his left eyebrow and Can huffs at Tin. Stupid know it all Tin. “Are you mad at me for something?” Tin then asks and it’s then when he knows Tin knows he’s mad at the Piper situation.

He sighs in defeat and stands from where he’s resting on Tin’s bed. Tin gets off him and sits next to him, willing to talk. There’s not point of lying to Tin when the other one already knows what’s bothering him.


“If you already know what’s wrong then why you bother me?”


“Because I don’t like you being mad at me for such things,” Tin explains and Can frowns.


“Such things? Tin, you’ve been hanging with her a lot! You have not had lunch with me for the last five days so you can have lunch with her at the IC. I’m jealous!” Can doesn’t care to bat around the bush and is honest with what is bothering him to no end. “You actually are friends with her and you have so much in common!” he continues his rant before Tin can interrupt. “She’s so perfect and pretty.”


Tin looks at Can with a mix of fondness and love and Can wants to hit him. Why is Tin looking at him like that when he’s trying to be mad at him?


“You know I don’t like her more than a friend, right?”


And the worst part is that Can certainly knows it’s true, because he has gotten to meet Piper in some other occasions and the girl had been nothing but nice and accepting about them. She also had a lot of things in common with Can and she seemed like a likeable girl. He really wouldn’t have a problem with Piper if she, for the past week, hadn’t insisted on meeting with just Tin and no one else. It disturbed Can’s nerves because he knows she knows they’re a couple and that she shouldn’t be requesting Tin’s attention for such long periods of time. Why was Tin being so nice to her when he hadn’t seen her in so long?


Can knows Tin only loves him, and that his jealousy is not really based on substantial evidence, but when your boyfriend is Tin Medthanan, you can’t help but feel jealous from time to time when there are tons of girls trying to get a piece of your man’s ass.


“I know you don’t” Can asnwers in a low voice sounding ashamed. Tin softly sighs but takes his Cantaloupe’s hand on his.


“Piper’s dad is sick, Cantaloupe.” Tin explains and Can’s eyes open wide at what Tin’s saying. “Her mother refuses to let her go back to England because she’s not much of a nice woman and she has a nasty relationship with her ex-husband. You know how problematic these rich families can get, Ai’Can. I was just trying to be a nice person for once in my life and help her. She’s not that used to these kind of shitty situations, so I thought I could help her get some documents in order and leave as soon as she could. She loves her father and she wants to be there for him and get far away from her mother.”


And Can immediately gets it. Tin is trying to help his friend to get out of that toxic family and help her be happy. He’s helping Piper do what he’s not been able to so far: get away from some parents that don’t deserve them.


Can feels like shit, feeling jealous when his boyfriend was just helping a friend in need.


“Don’t feel bad, Cantaloupe, I should have told you before you started doubting and feeling bad about this.” Tin says and Can feels it’s not fair, it’s not Tin’s fault either.


“No…” in a sudden movement, he cups Tin’s face on his hands, looking straight at Tin’s wide surprised eyes. “I shouldn’t have doubted you. You’ve proven that you’re more than perfect to me, Tin. Never think you’re less than perfect. And if you didn’t tell me it was because you had your reasons and Piper needed your help and silent. I’m happy my boyfriend is such a nice person…” he murmurs and Tin’s eyes soften, feeling like he is about to shed some few tears but he’d not cry in front of Can for such thing.


“I love you, Can,” Tin says and Can feels his heart beat faster in his chest. Why was he so mad about?


“I love you more, Ai’Tin.” He says and decides to lean and seal the moment with a deep kiss.