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Dianzer - Alt Love Interest for Our Gentle Giant

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"Lady Diane! That was amazing! I'm so happy you won!" shouted Elizabeth from her shrunken stature. She was tucked into the Captain's vest pocket. After their encounter with the mystical mushroom, Diane and Princess Elizabeth had found themselves a fraction of their original height, Elizabeth now standing only a few inches tall, and Diane was reduced to human size. Being of the Giant clan, it had definitely made her woozy to be so low to the ground. But she recovered well enough. She wanted to fight in the festival after all, and her full size would count as "cheating".

"Thanks Elizabeth. Are you doing okay?" Diane asked, concern etched on her face.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me. Sir Meliodas' pocket is warm. And I fit pretty well in here," Elizabeth replied. She wiggled back and forth to show her comfort.

"Yep, she's perfect right here." Meliodas chimed in. He placed his hand over his vest pocket and lightly tickled Elizabeth. She giggled and swatted at his fingers.

"Right... Not to mention the princess is naked and Cap'n needs to keep an eye on her," Ban scoffed. "And the other eye, and his hands and his face an-."

"That's enough." King said. He hit Ban in the face with Chastiefol. In pillow configuration, it wasn't harmful, but he always hated when Ban talked for too long. He turned to Diane "That was brilliant, Diane! You were incredible."

"Thanks King! I had a lot of fun! And actually had to use my powers. I didn't think I would have to." Diane shrugged. "The announcer said his name was Howzer, right? Maybe I can go talk to him before the finals."

"Why?!" King jumped up from Chastiefol.

"Well I wanted to thank him for telling me a button came undone from my top. It was sweet of him. But also, 'cause I didn't think I'd have to go Heavy Metal on him, it's strange." Diane blushed at the memory of her cleavage present for all to see at the beginning of their fight.

"Howzer is a Holy Knight, he's one of the best," stated Elizabeth. Diane nodded and smiled. He seemed like it, she thought. She turned to go look for him, nearly missing Hawk, even with the barrel full of ale strapped to his back. "Sorry Hawk!!!"

"Ahhh! Geez, even shrunk down, you almost killed me!" he squealed. Ban laughed.

"Master, give me some!" Ban stepped towards Hawk, and he began to trot away.

"This is for paying customers only, Ban! You don't get any!" Hawk dashed off, the Fox Sin of Greed hot on his tail.

Diane walked the town, weaving through all of the villagers slowly getting drunk off of Vanye ale from The Boar Hat. One patron had smacked her on the ass and laughed. "HEY!"

"HEY!" Her opponent, Howzer, had the man by the arm, and a stern look on his face when she had turned to deck the guy who touched her. "Did you really just do that? She beat me in a fight, what the hell do you think she'd do to you? Now apologize."

The man stammered. "I'm s-sorry, miss." And he walked away, Howzer kicking him in the pants as he went.

"Th-thank you." Diane smiled at him. The only other boy that's defended me like that was The Captain...

"Not a problem. That guy was a jerk. Didn't he see you out there?" Howzer smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. Is he nervous or something?

"I was looking for you, actually. You were great!"

"Not great enough. You earned that win." He chuckled. "I still can't believe I went up against a Sin..." he breathed. "Thanks for not killing me, by the way."

"Oh! Uhm... you're welcome? I wouldn't have killed you. You saved me from humiliation." She looked away, and pointed at her chest. But Howzer had already been staring that direction. When she noticed, he looked away and threw his hands in front of him.

"Psh, that's no problem. I couldn't have fought you like that. It's uhm a bit distracting."

Diane laughed. "Well thank you! I had to wear different clothes when I shrunk, and I guess these are a little small. I wonder if the Captain has a bigger uniform for me?" She tapped her chin.

"That's why I came looking for you too. Obviously, to congratulate you on the fight. But aren't you a... Giant?"

"Yeah! But I wa-"


Diane folded her right arm over her left. "I gotta go. It was nice talking with you." She smiled at him.

"Wait! Could uh... Could I see you after the finals?" He looked to her. He really wanted her to say yes. He was so taken with her, and so quickly.

"Sure! But we have to head back to the Tavern. A lot of these people will want a place to drink, especially after the festival. You can come too," she said with a bright smile.

"Okay! Great! I'll see you there!" Howzer watched her turn and walk toward the battle platform. His eyes were glued to her perfectly sculpted legs, climbing to her round ass. His cock twitched. "Woah. Get a grip, Howzer." He went to the edge of the town and sat with Griamore to watch the final fight.

A Few Hours Later

The Boar Hat was packed. It seemed like everyone from the festival was there. With Elizabeth the size of a tankard, Diane had to take over her waitressing duties. At least the Captain found her a uniform that was a little bigger... for her chest. Her skirt, on the other hand, was still short. She felt a breeze every time the front door opened and it tickled her intimate area. Each time, she blushed and the tavern-goers chalked it up as flirting - like she would even consider that. Yuck! She giggled to herself. Her mind drifted to Howzer. He seemed eager to see her before her fight with the Captain. So why isn't he here?

Howzer had been back and forth with Griamore. "We can look for her there! C'monnnnn man!"

"Why in the world would Princess Elizabeth go to a stuffy, old Tavern? Have you ever seen her have a drop of mead?" Griamore threw his hands up. He wanted them to return to the village, even though they've looked for the princess for far long enough with no success. Howzer wanted to see Diane.

"No. I haven't. But maybe she's with the Sins! We go to the Sins, Elizabeth is with them. They run the Boar Hat, man," begged Howzer.

"That's bullshit, Howzer. You just want to see Diane. What if she is a giant again?" Howzer pondered that. It would definitely be... more difficult. I could just climb up i- NO NO NO! She's still the sexiest girl he's ever seen, but she is so sweet. He remembered how her cheeks pinkened, and pointed at her perfect tits. I wonder what else I can make pink on her. He caught himself quick enough before the drool dripped from his mouth.

"It doesn't matter, Griamore. Forget it, I'll go by myself. I'll look for Elizabeth and congratule Diane for beating Meliodas," even if he did let her win. "I'll cross the tavern off the list of places to look." Howzer looked away from his friend and started in the opposite direction.

"Fine, I'll go," he grumbled, and they stalked off into the forest, following the howls of villagers drinking themselves silly.

Ban and Meliodas sat at the bar. Dressed in an apron with the Boar Hat scrawled on it, Ban punched the Captain in the face and said "Your turn!" Meliodas laughed so hard he spilled some of his ale, but then downed the whole of it, slammed it on the polished wood of the bar, and punched him back in the stomach. "Your turn!" Ban downed his drink.

"What the hell?! Why are you guys hitting each other?! And stop SPILLING!" Diane yelled.

"Relax, Diane, I'll clean it up," Ban laughed.

"No... the fuck... you won't," she deadpanned.

Meliodas and Ban laughed even harder. Elizabeth, now dressed in a table napkin that King fashioned for her, was in the window of the kitchen waving for Diane to "come here".

"What's wrong, Elizabeth?"

"I'm afraid something might have happened to Sir King. He has been stirring that pot of roast stew since Sir Ban closed the kitchen. I heard him mumbling a little bit too but could not decipher what he said." Elizabeth looked worried, so Diane took her seriously, nodded and walked towards King.

"Hi King." She approached him slowly. "You okay?"

"Oh! Diane! Hi! Yes, I'm fine!" He exclaimed. Why is he acting like this?

"You seem upset though, is there anything I can do to help?"

"No really, I'm fine. Promise." King flew out of the room, and Diane was confused why he was acting so weird. She looked to Elizabeth and shrugged. Then what sounded like another splash of ale on the floor made her snap back to what she was doing. She stomped out of the back towards the Captain and the Fox Sin.

"Seriously?!" They looked at her and pointed at each other.

"He did it!" they said in unison.

"Ughhhh, go," she said and bent over to pick up the spilled beverage. At that moment the tavern's door swung open and she got a swift wind to her backside. She giggled and turned to take the cup to the kitchen. She looked to the door and saw Howzer, jaw dropped and staring right at her. She blushed, and saw the large man behind him, pushing him to take a seat at the closest table. He seemed to have gotten a hold of himself enough to go there and sit.

"Looks like Howzer is all about our little Diane, huh Ban?" Meliodas winked and Ban smirked at her.

"He must've liked how she kicked your ass at the festival, Cap'n," he said, leaning back in his stool. He nearly fell off causing Meliodas to spit out some of his drink.

"Shut up! You guys are so stupid," Diane said. She left the mug on the bar and walked over to Howzer and Griamore. "Hey! Can I get you anything?"

"Two ales. Thank you," Griamore said dismissively. Diane was still looking at Howzer, and they smiled at each other.

"You got it." Something compelled Diane to put a little more swish in her hips when she went to get the drinks. She thought of what Howzer might be thinking. When she returned, Howzer was by himself and Griamore was talking to the Captain and Ban. He looked like he was on a mission. Howzer smiled at her.

"Hey, thanks. Griamore can be a little... intense," Howzer said.

"Oh, he's okay. It seems like everyone is taken care of for now, mind if I sit with you?" Diane asked.

"Yeah, sure! Great job on beating Meliodas by the way. You are a fantastic fighter. No one has a chance, huh?"

"Oh," she laughed. "The Captain let me win. The prize belonged to me from before, but I lost it. He said I deserved to win it back. But I did still get to put some effort in it. Just sparring though."

"THAT was sparring? Never let me get on either of your bad sides," Howzer laughed and looked over to Meliodas, Ban and Griamore, assessing how much more time he had with Diane alone. "Hey, would you like to go for a walk? It seems like this place is winding down, and I'm sure they could handle it without you for a few minutes."

"Uhmm..." she said looking to the Captain. "Yeah, I think so. Let's go." Howzer and Diane walked outside. The trees swayed in the early summer breeze, and they rounded the path to a clearing lakeside. Diane went over and sat on a large rock and looked to the sky. All of the stars were out, and she pushed her power to make a rock for Howzer to sit on next to her.

"Wow. Is that an extension of what your power is?" Howzer gazed at her.

"Yeah. As a Giant, I can manipulate the earth to an extent. It's a part of who we are." She smiled at him.

"That's an amazing gift. I can make wind go berserk. I mean, not always. I've learned to wield it well enough." Howzer spun his finger slowly in a circle and Diane felt the air swirl around her. Dozens of flowers pulled from the grass and became apart of her very own vortex.

"That is amazing!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess it is. When I was a kid though, I sneezed in a field of dandelions, and our family pet had been swept up in a tree. My mom was terrified for the pup but she forgave me... I think." He thought on that for a moment and Diane covered her mouth to stifle a laugh.

"I'm sure she did. Especially since the puppy was okay."

"He was, but he didn't get too close to me again." They laughed together.

"So you are a Holy Knight?" she asked.

"Yeah. Me and Griamore are trying to find Princess Elizabeth. The King wants her to return home."

"Oh. I figured you were out here to see me."

"And I most certainly did," he said under his breath. Her eyes went wide and she blushed. He ran his fingers through his hair and looked toward the Boar Hat. Awkward.

"I'm glad you came out. I wanted you too. TO SEE YOU. I wanted to see you too," she said slower. Oh man. Diane mentally slapped her palm to her face. Howzer just laughed.

"Well you never finished telling me why you aren't a giant anymore." So she told him the story of the mushroom, and how she was small because of it. She didn't want to alert him to Elizabeth though, so she kept that part to herself. She liked Elizabeth, and hoped they were becoming friends, if not already. "Do you know how long you'll be this size?"

"No idea. But I'll milk it while it lasts. I love being big but this is so new and fun. I want to explore the places I couldn't go before. Like the market," she giggled.

"How about I take you into the market tomorrow?" Howzer touched her hand, but quickly retracted it. He felt warmth pool in his stomach. Did she feel that too?

She hesitated. Woah, did he feel that?

"That sounds amazing, Howzer." His smile was so big.

"Great! Meet me at the front of the market tomorrow at midday." She nodded. He stood up and presented his hand to her. She tentatively put her's in his, and they walked back to the bar. As they approached, their hands fell away and Griamore walked out of the door.

"There you are. Let's go. The princess isn't here." He smacked Howzer on the back and walked off.

"He had a bit too much," Howzer told her, laughing. She smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Absolutely. Goodnight Howzer."

"Goodnight Diane."

The Next Day

Diane slept outside in case the mushroom's effects wore off in the middle of the night. When she woke up, she was smiling, but immediately rolled her eyes as she remembered the Captain and Ban teasing her about going off with Howzer.

"Diane and Howzer sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Hahahaha," they sang in unison.

"Nothing happened!" she retorted. But wondered what it would be like to kiss Howzer.

The thought stuck to her mind while she tried to wake up. It might have even been what she was smiling about. She looked up to the sky, the sun at midmorning, and saw King on a balcony of the tavern. She waved and he floated back inside. What is with him these days?

She went to the lake that she and Howzer visited last night, stripped down to her bare self, and jumped in. The water was so clear and warm. Perfect for a swim. She slid her hands over her arms, down her hair, and across her stomach. She thought about her dreams last night, and her hands lowered, sliding between her legs. She felt what was left behind from the images that blazed through her mind. Her stomach dipped, and she pressed on her already sensitive nub, a small, heady moan escaping her lips. She heard a rustle in the trees and immediately ducked her head under water. So not the time, Diane. She emerged from the water, clothed herself, and headed to the tavern.

Meliodas and Elizabeth were the only ones awake, other than King she supposed.

"Good morning, Lady Diane," said Elizabeth, smiling. She was the happiest little princess, and adorable at only 5" tall.

"Good morning, Elizabeth. Do you have any other clothes that I could wear today? I was going to meet Howzer at the market, and would rather not wear the uniform." She clapped her hands together, begging Elizabeth.

"Yes, I do! Take me with and I'll help you dress!" Elizabeth exclaimed. She was so excited to help. Diane layed her hand down for Elizabeth to climb on and they made their way up the stairs to her and Meliodas' room.

After much deliberation, Diane settled on a sleevless, thigh length, pale yellow dress and white sandles. She looked like a beautiful child of the Earth. As always, her hair was strung up in pigtails and naturally, her curvy figure fit the dress perfectly, and her well-endowed bust was... present. Elizabeth, who hadn't peaked, per Diane's request, had squealed as soon as she saw the outfit.

"Lady Diane! You are beautiful!"

"Yeah? You mean it?"

"Of course! I hope you have a wonderful time in the market! Howzer is a sweet man," Elizabeth said, she laid her hands over her heart, hoping the best for her childhood friend and her new one.

"Thank you, Elizabeth. I should probably get going soon. Hop on." She walked down to the bar with Elizabeth in hand, set her on Meliodas' shoulder, and started to leave.

"Have fun Diane! Don't let Howzer get too handsy! I haven't killed anything in a while!"

"Captain! You are not killing Howzer! Shut up!" She looked up and saw King on the balcony again. "Bye King! I'll see you later!" King turned back into the tavern with a low ringing in his ear.

Midday at the Market

Diane sat upon a tall rock, magic made, and stared at the bundle of daisies she gathered on her way. Howzer walked toward her but stopped to admire her for a moment before she noticed him. Wow. So beautiful. So...

"Hey!" Diane jumped up and waved at him. Her flawless tits bounced up and down, causing his cock to ache. Screwed, so screwed. Yup. That's what I was gonna say. He smiled while shifting his pants ever so subtly and walked toward his little Giant.

"Hey. You... you look beautiful, Diane," Howzer said gently. He ran his hand down her arm without even thinking. Diane's eyes widened, feeling the tingles following his touch, and Howzer immediately took his hand back. "I-I'm sorry... I don-"

"It's okay, Howzer. It was... nice." Tentatively, he placed his hand back on her arm, and rubbed over the goosebumps she had. What she might not have noticed was that he had them all over his body. His heavy vest hid his nipples, standing so far out from his chest it almost hurt. Surprisingly, little Howzer hasn't tented... completely. He took her hand in his and tucked it in the crook of his elbow.

"Let's go," he said and pulled her into the market.

They walked through the streets, stopping at various stands. She didn't want to buy any food at first, fearing it would spoil by the time they left. So she looked at jewels and cloths of every color. She was particularly distracted by a man playing a game with a child, where a small flower hidden under a cup was moved around from side to side, switching with other cups. She followed the flower so she could win the game. Howzer had stepped away to return to one of the booths they had looked at earlier. A jewel stand, one of which had stood out to him. He bought the small purple jewel on a silver chain, and the man dropped it in a velvet pouch for him to keep. When he returned to get Diane, she had been waving her finger at the man with the flower, saying he was a cheater. "You keep the flower in your hand!" She yelled, and the man smirked. He looked like a cheat too but Howzer quickly stepped to her side, and pointed at the hole in the table that he used to get rid of the flower. He pressed his finger to his lips to possibly keep her quiet about it but...

"There's a hole in the table, you cheating bastard!" Howzer could not stop trembling with laughter but pulled her away from the fake before she too was covered in rotten food.

"Hahaha Diane, you are truly the most intimidating woman I've ever met," Howzer stated, trying not to double over.

"He shouldn't lie to those children!" She said.

"I know, I know... Watch it!" He pulled her to him in a narrow alley behind the stands. A man shouted at them from the carriage that rolled by. "Same to you, old fucker!" He exhaled sharply and turned to see Diane pressed against him, looking at his face. Her breasts so soft on his chest. He looked at her deep purple eyes with his own. Heart racing, he placed both hands on her sides and asked if she was okay.

"I'm oka-" He pressed his mouth to hers, gripped her hips tightly. She let out the most erotic moan he'd ever heard. Her lips were two pillows that he parted with his. He pushed her up against the opposite wall, and lifting her slightly off the ground. She let out another chest-vibrating moan. Please let me hear that sound forever. He thought. He let his tongue taste her lips, her tongue, and if she allows it, her desperately pulsing channel below her waist. He slid his thigh between her legs and could feel the damp panties she wore. Howzer growled, low. And forced himself to back up. He smacked his back to the wall, and he saw the shy look on Diane's face.

"Diane, was that... I mean, are you... I'm sorry," he exhaled, looking at his feet. A soft hand cupped the side if his face and forced him to look at her amethyst eyes once more.

"Howzer," she said, the softest breath, but paired with a devilish grin that made his stomach drop, blood drained to his penis like it was in a race. Diane pulled his face to her's quickly and he put both hands on her ass, pulling her into him. He moaned on her mouth and she caught his bottom lip between her teeth, his knees buckled. Fuck! He pulled her ass cheeks apart, picked her up and returned her to the opposite wall, tasting her ear, neck shoulder, then he heard her gasp and push his arm.

"Diane, I'm s-"

"Shh, stop, don't be, look!" She spun his shoulders so they both looked at a little boy and girl, brother and sister seemingly. She slapped his arm to put her down and she fixed her dress. The children's mother, perhaps, had hollered for them to come to her. Diane and Howzer looked at each other before she started laughing, heartily. "That was amazing." Thank the Goddesses she thought so.

"I honestly don't think that's ever happened to me," he was a bit stunned. They couldn't quite make eye contact. Each of them was afraid and had no idea what to do.

"Howzer?" She looked expectedly to him and took his hand in her's. "Maybe we could go look at the fruits and vegetables now? I want to bring some back to the tavern for dinner."

"Yeah, sure," he smiled at her, and they walked back into the market, after a quick shift of pants and adjustment to her dress. They were good to go.

So they both picked out the best food they could find, although, it was slim pickings by the afternoon. With two baskets full, they exited the market and started walking towards the Boar Hat.

That Evening

Diane returned to the tavern by herself. She saw Ban and Meliodas drinking at one of the tables, tiny Elizabeth sitting between them. She went to put the fresh food she got in the kitchen.

"Heyyyyyyyy Dianeeeeeee," Ban called after her.

"Hi Ban," she said shortly.

"How was your date with Hoze boy?"

"His name is Howzer! And it wasn't a date!" She thought for a moment. It was kind of a date.

"Whatever. Seemed like a date. Why is your face so red?" Ban got up and put his face to her's, analyzing it. "Looks like your mouth was stung by a Hozer." He threw his head back laughing. Diane grabbed one of her pigtails and pulled it in front of her face, blushing.

"Ban, leave her alone. You can be a real dick sometimes," Meliodas said, pushing him.

"Yeah yeah, I'm right though." They both looked at her and smirked.

"Stop it!" Elizabeth shouted. Ban and Meliodas turned back to their steins and drank. "Will Howzer be coming to the Boar Hat tonight?"

"He said he would try, but I'll be working so it's not like we could hang out if he did." Diane looked at her feet.

"I'm sure we could figure it out," said the Captain. He had his chin on the table, blowing under Elizabeth's napkin-dress making it fly up.

"Ooh yay!" She squealed. She hugged Meliodas. "Thanks Captain! Elizabeth, will you help me get dressed again for tonight?"

"Absolutely, I'd love to," Elizabeth jumped up and down on the table. Diane took off upstairs, Elizabeth in hand.

This time, Diane opted for a short pink dress with white puffs down the middle, tails pigged, and just to make it clear that she is working, she put on a Boar Hat apron around her waist. She could just take it off for when Howzer arrives.

He showed up a couple of hours after she started working. The crowd was steady, but not nearly as packed as it was after the fighting festival. Howzer walked in with his muscled arms on proud display, a blue tank top and his yellow sleevless vest, and tan pants. He's so freakin' cute, she thought and wondered how many other girls he had been with. Her cheeks grew red, both with envy and heat to the thought of how he is in that capacity.

Finally, she went to Meliodas and threw her apron next to him. "So is it still okay for me to go with Howzer?" He surveyed the room.

"Yeah, should be fine." He picked up the apron and threw it at King, who kept to himself up until now. He looked surprised at the Captain. "C'mon King, you're up!"

"W-what? You want me to serve?" He looked down at the apron.

"Sure! Why not?"

King dropped it, and floated away saying "No." Diane and Meliodas both looked a little shocked. What is up with him? The Captain turned to her and grinned. "We'll be fine."

"Thanks Captain!" Diane waved and walked towards Howzer. He was looking at her legs, her Sins mark.

"Hey you!" she said, and poked his arm.

"Hey you," he said back. "Thought you would be working tonight." She shrugged.

"The Captain is letting me off for a little bit. I figured we could walk out to the lake again?" she asked through one of her pigtails.

"That sounds great! Mind if I grab a pint on our way out? My mouth is completely dry..." He looked uneasy.

"Of course! M-mine is too actually." So they both grabbed a mug and left to walk to the lake side. Howzer had tried to walk and drink at the same time but spilled all over his front. Diane had brought a cloth with her by happy accident and started dabbing his hard chest and abdomen. Wow. He is built! I hadn't noticed. She looked up into his eyes, he was already looking at her face. "Uhm-uh your body is really hard," she stuttered.

"Thank you. I-uh it should be. I train all the time." Are my pants too tight? ...What the hell?! She's just...! Fuck! He grabbed her wrist and smiled. "Thank you, you got me."

"Oh okay. Maybe we should sit. That way you'll actually make it to your mouth."

"Your mouth?"

"No, I said YOUR mouth."

"So you're thinking about my mouth."

"I am not!" She was. "Clearly, you're thinking about MY mouth!"

"That's insane!" He was. They both swallowed, looked away blushing and generally fiddling with their mugs, and anything else they could touch. When they made it to the lake side, they sat on the grass on the bank.

"I had a really great time with you at the market today, Diane," Howzer looked at her.

"I did too! It was so much fun!"

"Oh! I almost forgot!" He pulled out the velvet pouch from the jewel stand, slipped the necklace out and showed it to her.

"I-is that for m-me?" She asked.

"It is. It reminded me of you, your eyes. And mine," he laughed. "But I swear I only thought of your's."

"Oh, Howzer. It's beautiful."

"May I?" She nodded and he slid the necklace over her head, and helped the gem face forward over her chest. "It looks great."

She looked down at it, and looked up at him. Once again, he was already looking at her face. He was drawn to it, it was hard enough for him to look away. He layed a hand on her cheek and leaned forward. Diane leaned in as well and met him in the middle. Their kiss was deep. The feeling it left had spread through both of their bodies like vines. It left heat traced on their skin. Diane pushed into him, wanting to be closer. Howzer pulled her on to his lap, spilling both of their mugs. She ran her fingers through his hair and moaned into his mouth. His hands grazed down her back, resting on her plush ass. He pulled her into his hardening cock and groaned at the feeling. She inhaled sharply, and slid her tongue in his mouth. She'd stop me if she didn't want this, right? Because... fuck, I don't think I could stop myself. His left hand slid up her thigh, her side and cupped her breast. Her hand was on his chest as well, nails grazing down it. Their tongues were intertwined, tasting the essence of each other.

She broke the kiss and put her forehead against his. "You're really good at that." They were breathing heavily.

"Good at what?" He smirked.

"Your hands. They're rough when they need to be, and soft when they need to be." She shook her head. "It's amazing."

"Yeah? Well you're not so bad yourself. I can show you something else but... you have to trust me." Her belly pooled with heat and felt herself become wet at the thought.

"I trust you." He took her hands and helped her stand. She helped him up as well. Facing each other, he leaned in to her ear and silently said, "Whirlwind Whisper." Immediately, a gentle and warm wind danced across her entire body. Her nipples puckered, hair flew away from her neck, and chill bumps flooded her skin. Between her legs, she felt a surprisingly firm gust, sliding between her crevice, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her already stimulated self. She let out guttural moan. Her legs gave out beneath her, and she fell into Howzer. His dick was at attention to her pleasurable sounds, and he was proudly grinning at her. For the first time using that, I'd say it went very well. He straightened her out. "Are you okay?" She stared at him.

"What the hell was that?!" She yelled, and he laughed nervously.

"I uh... started working on something. Figured I could make it work to my, and your, advantage," he said, rubbing the back of his neck. She felt her knees buckle a bit again, and she held onto him. He sat her back on the ground. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"I've never felt anything like that in my life. And Giants live a long time!" She stared out at the lake. Howzer thought about that.

"So is that good or bad?" he asked. She turned to him.

"It was amazing," she said, pecking him on the cheek. "In my culture, everyone is very open about their sexual lives. There are typically no shy giants. Our clothes barely cover much, let alone having a button undone." She giggled at him. "I was always one of the few that kept to myself. I had been with a man that had agreed to not speak openly about our time together. And other than that, I didn't want much from anyone. I could always take care of myself." Howzer's stomach tightened at the thought of Diane strumming herself. Would the earth shake as she did? His pants were growing tighter once again.

"Diane, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I-" he seemed worried. She put her finger to his lips.

"You didn't. It was amazing. It was something I... didn't realize I wanted," she giggled again.

"Well that's good then," he grinned. "C'mon, let's head back. But Diane, I think I should tell you. I don't know if I can stop myself anymore. I really like you. I mean, ever since the festival, I think about you a lot. I hope that's okay..." he hesitated, worried that he may have overshared.

"Howzer, I think about you too. I've been so excited to spend time with you these past couple of days. We'll play the rest by ear. The truth is, I'm not sure how long I'll be this size. King said it probably should've worn off by now. I'm quite plus sized," she smiled.

"Ya know, I really don't think I'd care," Howzer rubbed his neck. "When the Seven Deadly Sins were assumed to be resurfacing, you guys were still legends to me. It didn't matter what bullshit happened 10 years ago. I just feel like there's a huge misunderstanding about you, all of you. At this point, I'd do anything with you, I mean, for you." Diane smiled at him. She grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him to her. She kissed him, firmly, wanting to show him somehow that what he said meant everything to her. She pressed her body to his and noticed his erection. Pulling back, she smirked at him, making him look away. For a human, he was pretty well endowed. Thick. She couldn't stop herself from running her palm down it. She then pulled her hand back, realizing what just happened.

"It's okay," he breathed. "Here. Sit with me." He sat down, patted the grass beside him and leaned back on his hand. She sat too, resting her head on his shoulder. "This has been the best day that I've had in a while." He turned to her. "Thanks to you."

She blushed. "Me too. I haven't had so much fun with anyone other than my team in... well, ever."

"Yeah, when you become a Holy Knight, there's no time to just hang out. Especially with the allegedly impending Holy War."

"Do you think it will really happen?"

"Yes," he said looking at her. He placed a hand on her cheek. "But I don't think you guys are on my opposing end, like the others believe."

Diane smiled. She layed her head across his lap and looked toward the lake. Her eyes were sliding closed. "I would never hurt you." He pet her hair softly. Let me hold you, and I'll never leave your side, he thought. After about 30 minutes of gazing at the most alluring woman he's ever met, Howzer picked her up, cradling her in his arms, and walked back to the tavern. King was the only one awake, and he was sitting at the front door.

"Oh, hey," said Howzer.

"What'd you do to her?" King accused.

"What? Nothing. She fell asleep. I wanted to make sure she was close to home. I know she sleeps outside." He gently placed her on what he deemed the most fluffy looking grass, right in front of a group of flowers.

"We don't know when she'll go back to normal, that's why!"

Howzer put his hands up in defense. "Easy! I get it, okay?" King scowled at him, looked at Diane. Apparently, deciding she was safe, he flew up to the window of his and Ban's room, and stared down at Howzer from inside. What the hell? He turned to head back to his home in Liones, glancing back at his Little Giant.

The Last Day

Diane slowly lifted her head, realizing she was back at the tavern. She noticed a bushel of daisies in front of her and smiled. Howzer. She missed him, ached for him. There was a lingering tickle in her lower belly. She took advantage of the early morning to slip into the lake and wash herself, not wanting the rest of her comrades to wake yet. She stripped, and dove in to the warm, clear water. Running her hands over her body, she slipped a finger between her delicate folds, and rubbed the swollen nub. She let out a low moan. Her finger swirled around the pleasure point, and slid inside her. She thought back to Howzer's power, how it caressed her body entirely, how it whipped through her legs. Pushing a second finger inside her, she let out a sharp breath. She hadn't touched herself in so long, it was frightening how tight she had become. She hooked her fingers and continued. Slowly in and out. Her body became tense at her approaching climax, her toes curled into the lake bottom, her breasts heaved as it was closing in. She let out a struggled moan. Howzerrr! Her spent body floated across the top of the water.


The bushes close by ruffled. "Lady Diane?" The small voice of Elizabeth came from the edge.

"Good morning, Elizabeth!"

"Good morning! May I join you? Sir Meliodas is still asleep and I can't reach the wash basin..."

Diane laughed. "Of course!" She swam closer to the bank so that Elizabeth didn't have to swim so far out.

"So how has your time with Howzer been?"

"Ya know, it has been incredible. I want to be around him all the time. He makes me feel so happy. It's kinda scary."

"I understand. Sometimes love can be scary."

"Well it's not quite love. We've only known each other for a few days. But I like him a lot."

"That's wonderful to hear, Diane. You deserve to be with someone that makes you happy. Someone who will go the distance to protect you." Elizabeth gazes across the lake.

"Liiiike... Meliodas?" Diane teased.

"W-what?! Uhm... No. I mean, yes! I suppose!" Diane laughed and flicked water in Elizabeth's direction. They exited the lake and dressed.

By noon, the Sins had gathered to discuss where they'll head next. The Vaizel festival was over and the hype had otherwise died down.

"So what's our next move, cap'n?" Ban drawled.

"Well, we've got Diane's sacred treasure. So I guess we can try going after ours," Meliodas shrugged, filling a mug of ale.

"Or we could continue looking for the other's. I'm sure Gowther or Escanor can't be too hard to find," King floated around the tavern bar room. Diane was looking out the window. She didn't want to go, but there was a mission to be complete. "What do you think, Diane?" asked King. She thought about it.

"Well... we have about as much luck at finding the others as we do at finding your sacred treasures... So Idk!" She stuck her tongue out, smiling.

"Woah!" Everyone shouted.

"What?!" Diane and Elizabeth cried in unison.

"You guys are..." Meliodas started. "Diane outside!" Diane looked down at herself and saw her hands getting bigger, and then at Elizabeth as her clothes seemed to shrink.

"Oh no!" She sprinted outside, tripping at the entrance. Her body was filling out to it's full height, her clothes tearing off. She was butt. Ass. Nekkid. King brought her clothes out to her, nose bleeding. "Pervert." She said and walked for the tree line.

"Diane! No! I just wanted to help!" King back peddled.

As she dressed, Diane suddenly noticed Howzer, he was completely still, eyes turned hard with hunger. She didn't move, or say a word. They just looked at each other. She finished putting her clothes on, and he gained some composure. He started walking towards her. At least he's not afraid of me. She saw his erection through his pants, and smirked.

"Wow, I feel like I should've taken advantage of you while you were still shorter than me!" Howzer let out a nervous laugh. Diane smiled at him.

She tossed her hands out to the side. "So? What do you think now?" She looked worried. He couldn't understand why.

"You're the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen." Her cheeks reddened.

"Th-thank you, Howzer." They both stood there looking at each other. "We're leaving soon..." she finally said.

"Oh, I-"

"Lady Diane!" She heard Elizabeth call out her name, and the rest of her friends followed, coming into view.

"Princess Elizabeth!"

"Hello, Howzer!" she said sweetly. "Lady Diane, we're back to normal!" Diane looked at her companions, and then to her short lived lover.

"Captain? When will we be leaving?" Diane asked quietly.

"We should probably head out here soon. Whenever you're ready." He smiled, because he knew she didn't want to go but that they needed her with them. She nodded.

"Howzer, I want you to protect the kingdom. The other Holy Knights, they can't all be trusted," Diane said sternly. She bent low so her face was right in front of him. He placed a hand on her cheek.

"I promise to do my duty as a Holy Knight." He leaned in close, "By the way, your ass is absolutely divine. My soul be damned if I never see it again." She giggled.

"See you later, Howzer." Standing up, she looked to her companions. "Alright, Captain! I'm ready!"

The tavern began to rise, and the Sins boarded their vessel for their next journey. Diane, walking beside Hawk's Mom, looked back at Howzer and waved. He waved back and said under his breath "Whirlwind Whisper". The gust of wind had enveloped Diane's body once more, sliding across her chest, around her nipples and between her legs. A stiff breeze tickled her now pulsing nub. Stifling a moan, she stopped, whipped around and heard Howzer laughing, even from a mile away. I'll get you for that, little Howzer.

I'll be ready for you when you get back... My Diane.